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The ones that are most often sold pre-frozen include peas, spinach, broccoli, carrots, and corn, and these tend to retain their original crisp texture. The ones that are most often sold pre-frozen include peas, spinach, broccoli, carrots, and corn, and these tend to retain their original crisp texture. “Keep a lemon, orange, and lime in the freezer,” says Immer. “When recipes call for citrus zest, you’ll always have a fruit handy, plus it’s super easy to grate when it’s frozen. The freezer is an amazing appliance, and it’s not just made for housing store-bought freezer meals and pizzas either.

When used to it’s full potential, the freezer can mean the difference between eating homemade, healthy, affordable meals from ordering take out, again.It’s basically the best tool available to you in your kitchen there’s a lot you can freezeand we’re going to show you how. Five healthy foods you should always keep in your freezer. Five frozen foods to keep on hand. (straight from the freezer) to a vegetable stir-fry or a soup near the end of cooking.

is constantly monitoring the latest foods news as it relates to COVID-19 in order to keep you healthy, safe, and informed (and answer your most urgent questions). Here are the precautions you should be taking at the grocery store, the foods you should have on hand, meal delivery services and restaurant chains offering takeout, and ways you can. The easiest freezer meals of all are the ones you just heat and eat or toss with pasta. Don’t forget to make extra the next time you cook a big batch of soup, stew, chili, or pasta sauce so your freezer has the best frozen food possible — delicious ready-to-eat things you made yourself. As you know already, this appliance allows you to preserve leftover cooked food and also extend the life of the foods you buy in grocery stores and markets.

The problem is that not all foods are suitable for this type of preservation, and even fewer should go in your freezer. Find out exactly which foods you shouldn’t store in your freezer. 7 Ingredients You Should Always Have in Your Freezer for Fast Healthy Meals 7 Ingredients You Should Always Have in Your Freezer for Fast Healthy Meals Stock your freezer with healthy foods like whole-wheat pizza dough, frozen fish and frozen fruit and vegetables, so that you can always cook up a healthy dinner in minutes.

You should defrost your freezer every once in a while to keep it working well. Remember to move things around and away from the back wall where it is the coldest to keep your.

List of related literature:

Freezer veggies are frozen within hours of harvest, sealing in the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and flavor.

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Even the freezer should be organized, with frozen fruit in one section and frozen veggies in another section.

“The Yoga Plate: Bring Your Practice into the Kitchen with 108 Simple & Nourishing Vegan Recipes” by Tamal Dodge, Victoria Dodge
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For added crispness, celery and cucumbers can be kept in ice water in the refrigerator until needed.

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Frozen vegetables in bags save money because small amounts can be used and the rest can be kept frozen.

“Introduction to Aging: A Positive, Interdisciplinary Approach” by Judith A. Sugar, PhD
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29 The freezing experts out there strongly suggest blanching vegetables before freezing them to retain the maximum freshness.

“Life Without Plastic: The Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Avoiding Plastic to Keep Your Family and the Planet Healthy” by Jay Sinha, Chantal Plamondon
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But fruits and vegetables cannot be frozen without spoiling their flavor.

“A Civic Biology: Presented in Problems” by George William Hunter
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These short but safe time limits will help keep refrigerated food (40°F) from spoiling or becoming dangerous.

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There are also a few tricks to know when freezing foods: blanch greens before storing them, never freeze anything creamy, and freezing food with a high water content is a no-no.

“The Magickal Family: Pagan Living in Harmony with Nature” by Monica Crosson
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Frozen vegetables are underrated; they should be a staple in every busy person’s freezer.

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Therefore, only vegetables or other foods of highest quality are suggested for freezing and frozen storage.

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  • Would LOVE those types of videos! For those of us who are just learning what to keep in our kitchens for healthy eating, these are ESSENTIAL videos. Thanks so much. So helpful!!

  • Your freezer organization is spectacular! So inspiring! Avocado tip��: I freeze avocado pieces in the same way you freeze your bananas. Great for when they are on the verge of becoming overripe, but you’re not ready use them for something else. They are amazing in smoothies especially for a dairy free person. They add a creamy richness similar to dairy. Also, I would definitely be interested in a scallop recipe! Thanks for all your fabulous videos!��

  • I freeze milk and cheese and it’s just fine as well as cream cheese however I tried freezing some heavy cream during this quarantine and it was an epic fail

  • Thank you!! The only items from your list missing from my fridge were heavy cream, cream cheese & Swiss chard. Adding these 2 my groceries this wk.

    This is 1st time I’ve seen one pf your videos & I LOVED it!! So I subscribed�� thanks again��

  • Ok… I heard crudité so many times I had stop the video to look up what the heck it means!!! ��

    You & I make very similar snacks & lunches! Love it!
    My kids love love love their fruits n veggies & for the most part, love to try new foods & flavors! I’m lucky yes, but we started them early so it’s easy! Now, cleaning up, different story! ��

    Thanks for the video; I love it

  • Omg, love your breakfast sandwiches! Your breakfast sandwiches were my shot when I was pregnant. I would make them with some homemade gluten-free chapati for a yummy sandwich and freeze them. Yuuuum! This video was great, btw. Love the helpful tips. Can you do more videos focused on easy tips for using specific ingredients like this? Super helpful! Thank you!

    My staples are oat banana blender pancakes with carrots and corn; homemade peanut butter granola; bananas, fresh and frozen, tons of rolled oats for breakfast and gluten-free baking; always have frozen corn and fresh carrots to put into almost anything.

  • Thanks so much fot sharing this! Im a new subscriber and really loving what im seeing. Would love to see a snack and spice draw! ����

  • I have been watching your videos back to back, sorry I forgot to like… I looove them(going back and liking them:-) why I’m I seeing you in 2020… what have I been doing with myself.. thank you so much.. yes freezer and pantry please

  • I do enjoy some of your videos and recipes. I do think your freezer looks wonderfully organized, however you condone torturing and killing living beings to stock your freezer and put them into your body. Shame on you. The livestock contribute to a great % of greenhouse emissions and the poor animals want to live not feed you. Eat plants!!!!

  • Just came across your channel while searching for different ways to use my garden veggies etc. I quickly subscribed. This video as well as your similar freezer one that I watched first are excellent. I LOVED seeing and hearing about how you take the very basics and make so many different things with them. Perfect and just the inspiration I was looking for! I especially loved how you use the crudite in so many ways. BIG thumbs up! Keep these kind of videos coming:)

  • We had our fridge & freezer n kitchen break within a month of purchasing it & we went through heck trying to get the company to fix or replace the refrigerator tho they sent repairmen multiple times to fix over 3-5months n which sucked so while we were waiting for them to figure something out we went & bought a used just a regular fridge & put it in our garage also a tall freezer which we didn’t pay much for them both because they were used! After it all was said & done the company after we threatened to get ahold of attorney general they refunded our money so we went & purchased a new fridge for our kitchen & thankfully the used fridge & freezer still works that’s in our garage so whenever we find meat & other stuff on sale we purchase it & put in our freezer in garage & if we purchase excessive food that won’t fit in fridge in kitchen we store in fridge in garage so we have a lot stored in all our freezers & fridges altho we’ve been eating up stuff we had in freezers & fridges for past couple months so we don’t have to shop so often! Don’t get me wrong we don’t have lots of money to buy lots of food but when I’m shopping & I see stuff on sale knowing I’ll b purchasing it during months to come I go ahead and purchase the food instead of waiting to pay full price! I’m just glad to learn of things I didn’t know could be froze I hate wasting food & there’s times when we don’t eat it fast enough especially produce & fruits & lunch meat I love knowing I can freeze it so I won’t have to waste it from now on! So learning this stuff is a great thing to know about! Thank you for educating us on what you can freeze! Everyone stay safe!

  • Great info! THX��
    BTW I’ve been dicing and freezing different fruits/veggies during pandemic… bananas, onions and celery. They taste great too!

  • Can you post about your weekly meal planning? I just started packing lunch for me and my fiance to try to eat healthier. Thank you! <3

  • Avocados can be kept in the fridge for quite a while, so you can stock up while they ‘e on sale. Buy them firm and as long as you keep them under 45 F they will not continue to ripen. Take out what you plan to eat 2 or 3 days ahead of time to continue ripening at room temperature.

  • If your family or yourself don’t have alot of money. So be it.
    My family when i was growing up
    We have meat & cheese & milk & coffee in the freezer.
    It wont kill u

  • Once again may I say thank you so much for sharing your great idea.so healthy I loved organic fresh fruits and vegetables..I enjoyed watching your channel ��God bless and peace grace to all of us ����������

  • I’m starting out on the clean eating lifestyle and so all of these videos are a great help. A pantry, snack cupboard would also be wonderful. Thank you so much for what you do

  • I have a question, the freezers in your basement do you have them in one plug? do any of them share the same plug? you never have a problem with needing to reset them. Do you keep them a a surge protector or straight into the wall plug

  • As a Type 2 Diabetic, I have to watch my carb intake anyway, so Keto sounds like something I should do. Berries are the best fruit along with MANGOS for diabetics, but are they too sweet on keto? When I did some research into Mangos, I found out they are one of the best fruits for diabetics. Crazy!

  • People are going to believe what they want of course but this information is really fake news.Vegetables are always good for you but thats about the only truth being preached here.Eggs bacon butter etc all increase cholesterol and risk of cardiovascular disease.Fact.Bacon is high in salt which increases blood pressure.Fact.Doesnt mean you cant eat these things but you have to be careful.
    She makes it sound like you can eat 4 eggs a day for the rest of your life..Completely nuts.One egg is 200mg cholesterol which is just right.Most diets are a con job,a way for false prophets to make money out of the unsuspecting by pushing false narratives. If you want to lose weight,eat less.Its that simple.Takes discipline and time.Thats all.
    I dont say that all keto is bad for you,I like some of the principles it espouses,just not the way it greenlights the unlimited consumption of saturated fats.And what about the unsuspecting kids of these keto parents who are brought up to believe this fake news is actually good for them.Very dangerous and unfair.So poached salmon with steamed veg is great.Avoiding intake of carbs followed by sugars is great advice.Have one or the other but not at the same time unless youre not overweight.But anyone who tells you you cant eat bread in moderation or an apple or banana is a nutcase with an agenda.Fake news.

  • Okay you had me until the milk part. I breastfeed and it’s recommended to freeze plus I freeze my 2% milk all the time and it tastes just as good as normal!

  • how about cleaning out those aluminum containers and either reuse or recycle them. much better idea than having them buried in a landfill.

  • MCT oil made me so extremly sick, I almost had to I call an ambulance,the only reason I did’nt, I was too sick to get up to get the phone! It said put one tbl..in your coffee but maybe only one tsp.at first until your tummy gets used to it….Are they kidding it was the worst pain I’ve had besides childbirth, I was finally starting to throw up that helped but then it was nothing but dry heaves and cold sweats I thought I was gonna die, all I could do was pray…..I paid $25 for that stuff, then a few weeks later I got some “slim fast ” KETO shakes I took a few sips and thank God I saw the ” cantains MCT oil ” before I drank anymore,but immediately the horrible cramps started,even with just that small sip it was horrible, not as bad as the first time, after about 20 min. I started to feel better then fell asleep, the first episode was over an hour if vomiting violently, I guess I’m alergic to MCT oil, but company’s need to put the ” contains MCT oil ” in large print please people be careful it was such a painful experience I wouldn’t wish it on my ex.husband!!

  • I love having frozen chicken tenderloins on hand as well as frozen cauliflower rice. I use Aldi for both of these items. I LOVE the convenience of cauliflower rice and I find Aldi to be the most affordable. It’s perfect for a low carb diet.

  • I would love to see a snack video! My kid has many extra curricular activities and I would love easier grab and go snacks.
    I really also want to know how to make scallops! I love scallops, but they’re so expensive I’m afraid of messing them up. Thank you!

  • All these stolen video bits you add for footage are distracting and have nothing to do with what you are saying if were being honest. Now where is that unsubscribe button?

  • Hi Dani I’m new to your channel and love it! So many great ideas! Do you post your weekly dinner meal plans? If not, would love it if you did or even put your meals up on Instagram! ��

  • I’m so happy your still making videos! I started with your spaghetti squash videos (just found you a week ago) and I loved your video but was thrown off by the audio so I figured I should check if you had new videos AND YOU DID! WITH A NEW MIC TOO!!!
    Can’t miss out on that awesome accent because of bad audio lol. Keep making videos, they are great!

  • Love your channel & all the great tips & recipes for healthy eating! I def. wld like to see a video on pantry organization & best spices to keep on hand.

  • When I switched from chips, cookies, bread, beer and bread ice cream to these foods I actually saw my grocery bill go down. I am blessed to live where there are many grocery store options so I shop their prices too. Hoping you have good results and health on the diet you choose.

  • thank you sooooo much dani, thats cool my name is danielle and my friends call me dani im sooooo exited that I got in the healthy channels and im glad that you have a healthy youtube channel I want to eat healthy to lose my belly fat and gain a little weight. Thanks to Lord and you my dream is gonna come true.

  • Damn�� I watched 4 your videos ��and I knew ��I needed to subscribe☺️ how I stumbled across your channel I don’t know ����‍♀️ but you just gained a new subscriber ������Great videos

  • Eggs are not healthy. They cannot be referred to as healthy or nutritious in an advertisement according to law. They cause inflammation as do all other animal products.

  • Spinach is not a great keto food because it’s high in oxalates which cause stones which can be an issue for people that make stones easily.

  • While watching this video my son comes in who is like the most cuddly person ever (hes 1) starts watching with me and then says mwah! And gives the screen a bunch of kisses and hugs my phone. �� thats the first time hes ever done that too any one he doesn’t do that while facetiming or anything so i guess he likes watching you too

  • This is perfect! So helpful to make it easy to eat healthy. Yes Im interested in freezer and pantry! Im so glad I found your channel and your recipes are amazing.

  • Omg I’m so happy I found your video recipes. After I found your salad dressing video..I’m hooked. I’m looking forward to trying a few of your recipes this week ��

  • I like the weekend storage of vegetables. I usually meal prep for the week and the hassle of getting vegetables constantly so it’s near fresh is a hassle. That idea is much easier! Plus it would be nice to have options for meals in between like breakfast options. Thanks for the ideas. I also didn’t even know about the microwave steamer. That’s a huge time saver. I on a daily have to steam my vegetables.:/ I started eating healthier and it’s not tasteless or as bad as I use to say it was. It’s just timely because of prepping it. To anyone out there who wants to eat healthy. I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks just eating healthy. Granted my metabolism at 27 is somewhat still in its prime because of how active I am but it’s easy! And no gym required. It’s just an added bonus to go to the gym. Dieting is definitely the best way to go.

  • I stumbled across your channel.Your Awesome��Thank you so much again. Perfect menu so yummy n healthy I loved it��God bless and peace grace to all of us ����❤️

  • Hi I’m Terry then I’m a diabetic and I would like some suggestions how to eat healthy as a diabetic I’m only allowed 45 carbs per meal any ideas

  • Thank you for describing the foods you eat on keto. I will NOT be doing this. It’s obviously a summer diet as you don’t eat fruit in winter, autumn or spring. Where do you get calcium from if you don’t have milk? No, this isn’t healthy at all.

  • @jordan page: there is a way o compartmentalize a chest freezer,go to prepper David Armstrong on youtube & he’ll show you,it’s a roughly 5 minute video

  • A good pro tip for chest freezers is putting the food in bags, i used woven shopping bags (bag for life) each bag has its set item/items. Chicken in one, beef in another ect ect. Also good if u have boxed food. I was able to get 8 bags in my old one. Having 2 layers. Then just had a small whiteboard i made a 2×4 grid on then just put in what was in each bag. If i needed chicken it was the 2rd from the left on the bottom all u do it take the bag out thats on top of it. Defo worth doing, i got rid of the basket as it was angled wasting a small amount of space lol.

  • I love how simple your food is yet still seems full of flavor �� and may I ask how old your kids are I appreciate how you pack so many veggies into their diets and they seem to love it

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