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Too much dressing, not enough dressing, plastic-y cheese, cotton-dry chicken breast and cardboard croutons are just a few of the missteps that can turn your simple, healthy salad into a disaster. If you want to make sure your salad is fresh, nutritious and tasty. According to the IRS, these are the 9 mistakes people often make when filing their federal income tax returns.

9 Tax Filing Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them) | Edward Jones Continuing to serve you in a. Just avoid these common mistakes—and remember a few simple tricks for a well-made match. Avoiding #9 is essential for perfect food and wine pairings. Skip links. Hayduchok shared the nine mistakes everyone should avoid before retirement: Not downsizing or paying off your mortgage Reducing your cash outflow when living in retirement is critical.

Here are 9 retirement mistakes you should avoid at all costs. Retirement should be viewed as a lengthy process, not just something that happens when you turn 65. Ideally, you’re either building. How to avoid 9 huge mistakes people make when moving We have some great advice that will help your moving experience. 07/28/2020 Paige McQueen.

Photo (c) monkeybusinessimages 9. Not Admitting Mistakes. This is it, the big one: If you’ve made mistakes in your restoration, admit them, learn from them, fix them, and move back to your goals. Don’t get hung up on why you made the mistake. Get hung up on how to get back on track with the lesson you learned.

You’ll be wiser and happier for it. The most common I-9 mistakes result from improper completion and organization of the document. Now the ICE is cracking down on employers that neglect to use the I-9 properly or deliberately misuse it. Don’t leave your business up to chance.

File the I-9 correctly to avoid costly penalties. To help you avoid a potential costly mistake, and get the most out of your BI software investment, CIO.com has put together a list of nine most common mistakes organizations make in regard to. 9 Tax Filing Mistakes to Avoid.

February 1, 2013 Via LearnVest By Alden Wicker We know why you’re here. It’s OK–fearing tax season is perfectly reasonable because when it comes to deductions, credits and filing status, there’s a lot to learn–and mess up. (Don’t shoot the messenger!

List of related literature:

Sevens’ “perfectionism” may lead them to become frustrated because the seafood salad the Sevens ordered in a restaurant was not exactly the way they wanted it.

“Understanding the Enneagram: The Practical Guide to Personality Types” by Don Richard Riso, Russ Hudson
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5 You toss food if you mix it gently to make sure all of it is covered with the liquid it is to be served in: You should toss the salad just before you serve it.

“Harrap's essential English Dictionary”
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I learned the finer points of dressing salads: when to add the salt, how to pile the lettuces on the plate.

“Flour, Too: Indispensable Recipes for the Cafe's Most Loved Sweets & Savories” by Joanne Chang, Michael Harlan Turkell
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Making a salad is no big deal, especially if you invest in a salad spinner.

“The New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great” by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, Dr. Jeff S. Volek
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For instance, garnishes can be prepared along with salads at one time.

“Catering Management: An Integrated Approach” by M. Sethi
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As noted, the salad’s ingredients are never mixed together; again as noted, slightly green and firm tomatoes are favored over ripe ones, vegetables should be dressed with oil and salt only, except for the onion, on which a bit of vinegar may be used (but never, say Cata

“Catalan Cuisine, Revised Edition: Vivid Flavors From Spain's Mediterranean Coast” by Colman Andrews
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ADVANCE PREPARATION: You can assemble the salad hours before adding the seasonings, vinegar, and olive oil.

“Mediterranean Harvest: Vegetarian Recipes from the World's Healthiest Cuisine” by Martha Rose Shulman
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Where salads are much in request, it is a good plan to bottle off sufficient dressing for a few days’ consumption, as, thereby, much time and trouble are saved.

“Mrs Beeton's Household Management” by Isabella Beeton, Mrs. Beeton (Isabella Mary)
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When faced with hungry diners, Caesar did a quick inventory: he had romaine lettuce, eggs, olive oil, lemons, croutons.

“Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership” by Edward Morrison, Scott Hutcheson, Elizabeth Nilsen, Janyce Fadden, Nancy Franklin
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Some basic rules should be followed in preparing all salad ingredients.

“Foodservice Manual for Health Care Institutions” by Ruby Parker Puckett
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Thank you so much for this video. You are amazing. Me and my husband have been on Keto now going on 3 1/2 years. I weighed in the beginning 300 pounds, my weight now 140 pounds. I no longer have Obstructive Sleep Apnea and my Lymphedema is in remission, they will be stopping my visits every 6 months this year, of 2019, very excited bout this. I hope you all the best of luck, and please give this Keto way of living a try please. This Dr. knows what he is talking about. Also keep learning every day about the Keto way of life, and don’t ever look back. There are recipes out there for you as well the internet is filled to the brim, and you will not ever go hungry. Godspeed everyone

    This has HELPED a lot. You are what YOU put in Your month.

  • What is the best product or brand to lost a ton of weight? I read a lot of superb reviews on the internet about how Custokebon Secrets can help you lost a lot of fat. Has any one tried this popular lose weight methods?

  • Your resource list is excellent. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m focusing on perennial flower seeds first as an attempt to save money. We’ll see how that goes.

  • Great video. One correction. Carbs are NOT essential for survival. There are essential amino acids and essential fatty acids, but no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. Will life be very fun without carbs and would you have optimal fuel for workouts to get buff? Probably not, but doesn’t change the fact that carbs are not actually necessary, and there are buff keto dudes.

  • Hello there, have you thought about this diet plan called the Custokebon Secrets? My friend says it helps people lost crazy amounts of weight. Is that possible? I also read numerous excellent review about this diet plan. Thoughts?

  • Hey, Mashed how about a vid on Flintstones vitamins. also, Unfortunately, soybeans. I think they’re going to be next in the ‘no-no’ list.
    Soybean oil too.

  • issue is the human body needs carbs, it is what your body turns into fuel for energy so unless you are diabetic and have to watch how many carbs are in your food on a daily basis, there is no reason not to eat them. Just eat complex carbs like whole grain bread and pasta, brown rice, oatmeal and avoid simple carbs like sugary treats, white pasta and bread and white rice. Your body digests complex carbs more slowly and releases energy at a much slower rate then simple carbs do, they will also keep you feeling full for longer so you will eat less. In fact fruit and vegetables are considered complex carbs because they have naturally occuring sugars in them.

  • Great video. I would love to know if you guys have tips for healthy eating while traveling. I live in a remote rural area where fast food and greasy diners are plentiful and i find it very difficult to be gluten and dairy free while on the road.

  • Haha.. think your passion is in flowers…..��…
    But you are BRILLIANT in flowers, so just keep up your energy and passion in flowers….your videos are gems in our lives…
    To me…flowers one of reasons for living..
    Thanks for sharing….❤����.

  • I hear you about dairy. I have none of those and one thing I noticed. No one talks about raw, farm fresh milk. “No! It has lactose, a sugar, too many carbs.” Hold your horses. Raw milk has probiotic bacteria, lactobacillus digests the lactose so what are the chances that the bacteria consumes the lactose before the body can absorb it?

  • I like the tip about using a salad spinner and paper towels. I like adding roasted spicy sweet nuts to a salad or roasted pumpkin seeds.

  • Thank you for this timely advice! I’ve recently decided to make the vegetable garden my focus this summer rather than my flower borders. I’ve ordered asparagus crowns and strawberries, and have already sown peas, radish, and lettuce. Last summer I did have great success with Malabar spinach, which is a vining crop from Asia and Africa so it doesn’t mind the heat. It grew very well in my part shade garden and tastes like something between spinach and chard.

  • Hello. I am a fed ex driver. I burn a lot of weight throughout the day, however I am not sure what I can take with me to work that will work in my favor to help the fat burning process. I make my own lunch which usually has either white rice or a potato, for the carb benefit. I have stope eating bread and have reduce my intake of cheese. I’ve lost weight up under my arms and around my chest but the area below that” the tire around the middle syndrome,” still remains. any suggestions please? thank you also any energy foods u suggest?

  • As expert, I do believe Custokebon Secrets can be great way to lost tons of fat. Why don’t you give it a chance? maybe it’s going to work for you too.

  • Thank you Autumn. I started IF because I found your channel. I like to know what to eat or not to eat and the reasons behind them. You are inspirational!

  • I love how you explain each process and how it helps, I think it is very important to understand all these processes, and as I study a career in which I see biochemistry I like to understand these processes and you explained it wonderfully. ����

  • Thanks Dr Jude I really enjoyed your tips for learning and found them very helpful. I wish you all the very best with your career.

  • Pause at 4:39 fast forward 10 seconds while still paused then rewind it play it and you’ll hear Brandon say d**ks. Pause right when he’s about to say mistakes

  • She’s an idiot, knows nothing about nutrition. Wtf. Where did u get your degree from???? Stop misleading people… according to u carbs are bad wrf. Bodybuilders eat carbs all the time

  • Im confused where does she get this information. Many of the foods on the list are the most fattening foods on planet, backed by research. Interested to get references to studies she have researched.

  • Umm, No! Long, long ago I stopped eating ultra processed foods and eat only fresh organic vegetables, meats, clean wild caught fish. Just look at people today and see how fat they are.

  • Salt is the most important ingredient period. This is close to a Fattoush salad:). Try adding sumac also, it adds a beautiful acidity to your salads. Awesome video as always Helen.

  • Harvesting = Dead-heading!! Suddenly I understand the whole concept! I am so glad to have found you, Alexandra all the way from about a 40 minute drive from Stephen Ryan at Dicksonia, in regional Australia (to whom you also introduced me ��). Thank you ��

  • Carbs spike insulin sensitivity not resistance. High fatty foods spike insulin resistance. You won’t gain wait off of starches, white rice, sugar, fruit juice etc.

  • Thank you for your tips which are top notch and which I mostly follow. I started growing fruit and veggies for the first time ten years ago and I haven’t let up since! Their flavour has such a depth, an incomparable pleasure. Here are a few more tips from my experience:

    Choose the veggies and fruits you and others like. Chez nous, that’s carrots, potatoes, beets, green beans, turnips, kale, arugula, peas, and berries like black, blue, straw, and raspberries.

    Variety is good, but not if you are growing a bit of everything. I would say limit to about 8-10 choices.

    Veggies that can be recut are great, but so are veggies that can give different types of crops. Beets, radishes (grows in a month!), and turnips will give roots and DELICIOUS leaves. Beet foliage now is preferred by me, and no longer my former love, spinach. If onions are planted thickly, thinning will give you spring onions in about a month, leaving the rest to mature.

    Perennial veggies are wonderful, like asparagus (our 7 year old bed is still growing strong, we already have harvested and processed enough soup for next winter!). Rhubarb and globe artichokes are some more perennials.

  • Very useful Alexandra, some very useful hard earned tips and great resources… interesting point about the time veg gardens take… I enjoy the potager way of growing veg among my flower borders, works very well for me. Take care there, Hugh

  • Perfect timing for this…we are getting beautiful lettuce varieties from our local farm markets. Your earlier video about washing and storing leafy greens is a lifesaver. Thank you, Helen.

  • Thank you for your time and effort in creating this video, its been especially informative and helpful for me. May I ask what you might suggest is an ideal protein portion for a meal in terms of gram weight? Best wishes to everyone on the Keto diet!

  • hoy i am new to youre channel, i am a beginner and knowed alraedy charles dowding and others,
    my problem in te beginning was too much watering and sometimes giving not enough space,
    in autumn when my plants were done with giving fruit i saw on the plants at the bottom no roots a littele 10 cm long on cucumbers and tomatos because of all that water.
    sharles dowding explaned in his videos ; i gardening in pure compost and in that case i had to use less water ; this year better ;;; i hope to here more about you jp from belgium,
    have a nice day ;

  • By the way an apple has a shit load of sugar in it so it should be eaten as part of a meal not a snack, even though it’s natural sugar, but that sugar still adds up and you can still eat too much of it even if it’s an apple.
    Plus it’s sprayed with tons of pesticides which really isn’t good for you either, unless you eat organic and it still is going to have some.

  • Animal products are Carcinogens causing animals are just the middle men all the animals you mention are for the most part vegan �� you need to look up doctor Michael Greger from nutritional facts.org animal products = free radicals and carcinogens. Look up doctor essestyn MD Look up Doctor John McDougall.

  • My biggest vice are liquid calories. I’ve cut back a lot, but even though I drink most fruit juices I can drink them by the gallons. Even though they contain vitamins and minerals, juices also contain a lot of sugar. And sugar is sugar.

  • I have watched keto recipe vids & one lady loved her bacon. She even saved the bacon grease & cooked other things in it. I thought, this can’t be right. Also ppl making everything with tons of cheese. Also, can’t be right.

  • One of the biggest mistake I’ve ever made was growing on top of coffee ☕️ ground waste without any compost, plant�� doesn’t grow at all ��

  • how can we calculate our macros??? and the percentage of the macros have to apply to every meal or we just add them all together? I mean, in every meal there HAS to be an analogy between the macros? Please I am feeling lost

  • Tokyo Bekana is a lovely asian green. I also lovely red mizuna. I use both raw in salads. Many lettuce leaves are beautiful and colorful.

  • Thanks for the Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you tried Tabblarny Belly Principle (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for discovering a 2 minute trick to lose 1 pound of belly fat every 72 hours minus the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my coo-worker after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical success with it.

  • I have a gallbladder problem from eating keto. I have reduced the amount of fats I intake. But I am still having the same problems, I burb a lot. which is a sign of gall bladder issues. I can’t eat nuts the way I like to. I really like eating nuts. But I know they have a lot of fat in them. What to do!?
    How does one treat a gall bladder problem with keto??

  • point number 2 really sticks, I’ve been on a “diet” for a long time, and I still eat pizza, donuts, cookies and cake. but in moderation, barely any, and when I do I make sure to account for it, maybe if I’m gonna make pizza I’ll make it on my workout day, where I’ll almost definitely binge eat from hunger. or I’ll eat less earlier. or only have a tiny piece.

  • I loved that your miss heard “prepare your soul” that exactly the kind of thing a hear, and these days I think it was probably more appropriate and especially when it come to raising a garden, thank you so much for a wonderful post. Take care.

  • You talk about the importance of eating right and of working out, but what about the importance of test and recovery. Sleep/rest is the 3rd and most over looked leg in getting fit

  • Thanks to the keto diet, lose more than 70 pounds. For me it is a lifestyle. I feel very

    energetic and happy! If I crave bread or sticky raisin, there are many delicious recipes

    that can be used. This has been my lifestyle for over a year and I love it… I love Keto


  • I am tuning in, at this time in our lives it’s imperative to gain this knowledge! thank you!
    ps. i think i will try my luck on herbs because my sage, lemon verbana and thyme, rosemary and lavender has survived hurrah, i just wish i could get to grips with oregano and other thyme variants. Amazing helpful, honest tips, love your channel!

  • “If you don’t want people touching your food, don’t eat out” thank you, from someone who worked in a cafe with an exposed kitchen.

  • Imagine having everything you need for successfull body transformation in one place?! Yeah, it’s possible, the website called Next Level Diet leaves you full-packed and ready for melting off those extra pounds.

  • I’ve never been able to drink diet drinks. They have always made me vomit, like as soon as it hits my stomach. I did it on accident a couple of times during my childhood and while I was a teen. Got sick both times. As an adult I tried one to see if it was still the same…it is lol. Oh btw, I love pretzels from Auntie Annies so that won’t be stopping any time soon lol.

  • Thanks so much. Leaving vegetables on the plant was the mistake I did. Actually, I had no idea this was a faux pas, until you mentioned it. Again, thank you

  • Thank you So much Doc, its helping me… almost keto recipes is eating whipped cream, cheese and dairy milk… the fact its to much protein n carb ����
    #indonesianketo june,2020 ��

  • Well, don’t take this badly, but I now feel better about not trying vegetables this season! That was a pre-virus decision which I’ve been second guessing the last week or two. And I may still get a couple of tomato plants (the nurseries here are still open), but I’m not feeling as bad now that I didn’t devote my precious full sun areas to vegetable. I’ve only had some full sun since last season after taking down a huge oak. Maybe, as you say, if I get the courage one year to make a spot in the middle of the (ever-shrinking) lawn.

  • If you’re considering start a veg garden do a survey of the local cat population. I grew veg for 10 years but stopped due the increasing car population (over a dozen) using the soil as their litter tray. Not healthy to eat veg grown in cat urine/feces infested soil.

  • This came just at the right time. I have not grown veggies for many years but having now been in my new home for nearly a year (and with the time off work) I decided to get everything going. Seeds have been sowed and somebody is making me large planters for which I will have to order 1m3 of soil in about 3 weeks. All very exciting. I feel very grateful for this extra time whilst others are struggling. Gardens are so good for the soul (or did I mean soil)��Thank you for all the tips!

  • Thanks for this timely, helpful advice! Thought I’d add that for vegetable growing success, highly recommended is Patrick Dolan’s YouTube channel, One Yard Revolution. He consistently achieves a substantial harvest with realistic, proven methods in a smallish, challenging garden space which he’s also expanded to his front yard. No green thumb required.

  • I don’t understand how we are supposed to consume all this fat and still stay within the calorie limits that allow you to lose weight!

  • I make vinaigrette with three parts oil one part soy sauce and one part pommegrant molasses two parts mayonnaise and it’s just the best

  • Congratulations on a wonderful series of videos. You really put a lot of thought and explication into each one.

    FYI, as I understand it, the root for the word “salary” comes from the word “salt.” In the Roman Empire, one portion of a soldier’s wages (salary) enabled him to buy salt.

  • wow! thanks Dr. Nick, it is so helpful. For me to watch out if Im really in a proper keto diet cause I’m on a keto and from 67kgs Im now in 57 kgs, doin’ it for 3 months. Its actually slow, I know now the reason why! I’ve learn from this video!
    I just have a question Dr. Nick, in a keto, it is allowed to drink fresh milk? and what about onions, which i love to mix it when cooking?

  • You are the reason my salad dressing was perfect….it seems I wasn’t putting enough salt but had no idea that alone would fix the problem…..seriously I’ve been making dressings for years….thank you so much..it was THE most delicious EVER

  • I love land sake Farm in Weston. On another note always pick through and pick out the less than fresh parts. I had salad in a restaurant last year and it had a bunch of no-good pieces in it and when I brought it up to the manager her answer was we can’t do anything about it that’s how it is received. What a stupid answer. Needless to say I will not go back

  • Hey Dr Nick, I recently subscribed and want to get that 15% off for the keto mojo device but your link is not working, could you direct me to a link that did work?

  • wonderful commentary. I do love gardening, eating my own home grown vegatables. I would say the best way to save money and to feel like you are more a part of the whole thing is to compost yourself. Once you get going on composting it’s really very easy and doens’t have to take a lot of room.

  • There’s definitely some truth in here, but there’s also a LOT of sensationalist reporting. It’s very irresponsible, honestly. “Everyone knows sugar is bad for you.” No. No it’s not. Sugar in excess is bad for you. ANYTHING in excess is bad for you! In fact, they even go on to say later that you CAN enjoy this ‘tasty treat’ in moderation.
    Okay, fine, then just tout the benefits of moderation, then! This literally had nothing to do with how food is made, just what ingredients go into them.
    And can we please stop bashing ‘chemicals’ when even your own narration states that we really don’t know what the long term effects are? You don’t list out the chemicals in fact. You just flatly state, “Well, this has chemicals, which are bad for you!” Very irresponsible.
    I really enjoy your histories into food chains, but this is not your best output. Not by a long shot. You’re better than this, BabbleTop.

  • My top tips are: (1) in MARCH, do your digging over and prep, seed buying, get some compost delivered-but put off sowing until end of APRIL (2) If you’re a beginner start with COURGETTES-it’s an attractive plant and 1 knee high sized pot with 1 plant in it will feed a couple practically daily for months. The courgettes will be like your babies, the cutest things ever. (3) Put in a row of CALENDULA or grow some in a pot-it’s a cheery orange flower where the petals are edible and it is dead easy to grow flower (4) Beginner HERBS: CHIVES from seed (you can also eat the flowers), MINT from seed and buy a little ROSEMARY plant from the supermarket and stick it in a bigger pot or ground.

  • In the state I work in it is against health code to touch food. We have to wear rubber gloves for anything that will directly be eaten by guests.

  • I can’t grow broccoli or cauliflower for the life of me. I’d recommend incorporating some perennial food plants into your landscape. Fruit trees, blueberry bushes, strawberry plants, rhubarb, asparagus, grapes, raspberries, and many herbs can be tucked here and there in the garden and will survive the winter and provide you with more food each year without having to replant everything every spring. Also, I’d recommend Vivi Gregory’s channel. She’s nearly self-sufficient in vegetables with a half allotment plot, and know which veg works best in the London climate. She also goes step by step in real time, so you can follow along with her episodes as she sows seeds indoors, pots them on, and transplants them to the allotment. She uses chicken manure pellets and “wee” as fertilizer…if you know what I mean. 😉 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDuUDhR83LaUgakiJBscRXw

  • This is not a practical tip, but I would add that one should just trust the seed/plant to do what it naturally does. Everything the seed/plant needs to know is in its dna, so to speak. If you’ve followed the sowing/planting directions then keep following the directions and nature will do the rest. Don’t overthink it. Great video, Alexandra.

  • Yay! Finally someone with cred has said that the typical oil to acid ratio is not written in stone! Thank you. I hate oily salads.

  • Hi, Thanks for your videos. I’m learning so much. I’m a 34 year old female who used to weigh 215lbs just obese & lost fat by simply bicycling and restricting calories to 1,000 before I knew any better. 2 years and 80 lbs later I had fallen head over heels in love with weight lifting and learning about iifym and micros too. Now I weigh 145lbs and only have 1 rest day a week. I incorporate cardio via hiit and still cycle some but mainly weights. I also carb cycle eating healthy & my highest carb day/highest calorie day is 1,518 lowest at 1,200. I feel satiated and wonder why fat loss has stopped. I’m afraid to drop anymore calories so as not to lose muscle mass. Thinking of 1 refeed day every 12 weeks? I also cycle with lo/hi reps/sets with the weights to constantly progress over a period of 12 weeks and keep building. Thanks again for any input. Consistency isnt my problem, I love the structure-I just need to know I’m doing it right. I wont ever walk on a stage, but I’d like to lose this extra fat and see the muscle that IS under it lol.

  • I can feel the change. Hey Comments! I remember watching a BabbleTop video about W #F moments that I surley enjoyed. Especially the man making himself a Wendy’s Hamburger �� while escaping his way out. Hey! The man was hungry okay! He just wanted a quick meal! ��

  • Hello! I recently started watching your videos and have found them extremely helpful and enjoyable. Thank you so much for posting them. They really help keep me going. I am considering starting to grow veg this season, but I will need raised beds as I have bind weed in my only spot that gets full sun. I liked the look of your beds. Did you make them yourself? And do you have any tips for what to build them from, perhaps something I could recycle without having to make a huge investment?

  • Sorry but chicken breasts or salads without condiments for taste makes it bland and tasteless. Yes, moderation is key but adding flavor to your meals makes them more enjoyable.

  • Everything you said was perfect. I’d just like to add that it’s also wise to sow in waves. Do you say it like that in English? I mean you save half your seeds of every veg and then sow those two weeks later. This will prolong your harvest. That is, if your growing season is long enough in England.
    One mistake I’ve made is growing on raised rows in a very dry climate. Veggies are thirsty, and raised rows/beds speed up evaporation from the soil. Other than that, I’ve generally had good results, except with brassicas.
    Growing veg on your flower beds is a great idea. Some are very pretty plants, e.g. courgettes. Also, alternating ornamentals and veggies discourages some pests.
    If planned with care and creativity, veggies don’t need to be in an out-of-sight corner. They can be centre stage too. For instance, planted in the spaces between a knot garden. Or designing a star-shaped veg garden, with say eight diamond-shaped beds arranged radially, and maybe a circle in the centre. Just a thought.

  • Off work late? Hungry, but too tired to cook? Try 30 to 40 olives.
    30 to 40 olives: an easy weeknight dinner.
    Eat then directly out of the jar with your fingers.
    You will certainly not regret eating 30 to 40 olives.

  • You don’t have to use fat as energy to loose weight. The ONLY way to loose weight is to be in a calorie deficit and also carbs don’t make you fat, but eating too much does.

  • Another idea: sandwich mistakes.

    I personally love sandwiches, however, consuming them as often as I do, I sometime make a bad one stuffing too much ingredients.

    P. S.
    Great instructional video! ☺️

  • Ladies, be careful of cutting out fats. Our female hormone, estrogen, is stored in our fat. Notice how some really really thin women don’t have their menstrual periods? They don’t have enough fats in the body to produce estrogen. And estrogen isn’t just important for fertility. It’s also important for bone health etc.

  • This is a great nutritional video in general regardless if you’re going for buff or just plain healthier eating! Loved how simply everything is explained and all the tips are fairly basic but often forgotten. Great informative video.

  • Prepare you soul and your soil, best advice:) lovely video and calm lovely voice! I started mine today, very excited! I am going to record it…. Haha we will see how many mistakes u make as I do it now haha ��

  • 2 dislikes already?! I think you have some followers who dislike videos in general. Thanks for the “basic vinaigrette” looks (and sounds) really great:-)

  • 2:58

    I eat potato chips for the sodium and potassiun content (Also, carbs [but I’m not sure if it’s “good” carbs or “bad” carbs Is there such a thing as “bad” carbs? I wasn’t entirely sure. I’ve always thought that it was about how you use them.]. I just assume the former because potato chios are made out of potatos.). They also last longer (and taste better [in my opinion]) than bananas (As a side note, I still use bananas in my post workout protein shakes [to restore glycogen]). As a bonus, it’s pretty amusing when I “offhandedly” mention that I’m on a diet (which I define as “a system of eating”, so it, technically, works) while eating out of a huge bag of said potato chips. *I know that it’s a pretty unorthodox system, but it seems to work for me, so I can’t complain.:)

    And, yes, in case you were wondering, I also eat traditionally “healthy” food as well. 😉

    *Technically, the only restriction in my “diet” is food that I don’t like. However, certain foods (like soft drinks) are only allowed on occasion (because although it’s, technically, bottled water, the acid [and sugar, to a certain extent] content scares me [but, not enough for me to stop consuming it]). Some soft drinks (such as [flat] Mountain Dew) make for a halfway decent preworkout (in a pinch).

    closes eyes and braces self for negative replies

  • Just found YOU last week.
    Been cooking 35 yrs.
    It is nice to glean tidbits of other cooking styles.
    Can’t wait to explore your videos.

  • I love your channel. Hi always watch however I was just going to skip this episode because I don’t have any luck with vegetables as I have to go to the mall in containers or the deer eat them. And then they are ready and I am not. Or I am ready and they are not. It’s so much easier to go to the market or better yet to go to the farmers market and get your vegetables perfectly grown and ready when you want them. I love homegrown there’s nothing like the taste of a homegrown tomato potato or corn. But I believe in the saying if you don’t cultivate a garden cultivate your neighbor cultivate to garden because they always have extras they want to share and they love

  • I think when you get older, your palate changes. I used to eat canned fruit growing up because thats what school lunches serve. Occasionally mom packed it for us too. I haven’t eaten it in forever. Before quarantine happened, I went to a kids party and they passed out those mandarin oranges in a cup. It was just soaked in syrup and I couldn’t believe I used to love eating that.

  • Fun fact: do your mouth and lips sting when you eat pineapple?
    It’s because pineapples have meat-desolving enzymes and are technically eating you while you eat it

  • The results you get will depend on your genetics, also as you get older it gets harder too to keep the same shape. Once you get a serious injury and need major shoulder surgery for example you are never the same after. Its not just the food but how you metabolize it.

  • My brother brought stuff back from America last week and I noticed how they do the nutritional information by servings, here in Ireland they just do it by 100g and the full net weight of the package…. way easier to understand

  • The ‘moderation’ part is what most people don’t get. �� A good, healthy food habit is one that costs you little to none effort to maintain if you create solid habits with room for exceptions.

  • Interesting but 99% of people are not going to adhere to this bullshit with all the testing nonsense.
    If they can’t just eat sensibly and get healthier, people will not do it.
    Not everybody hangs around gyms admiring their muscles in the mirror. Most people have more important commitments in life.

  • Okay, you both make fun of truckers, but how do you workout being an OTR trucker without having a million memberships to every gym?

  • Thank you Alexandra, your videos just keep getting better & better & such a good range of gardening viewpoints. I had a giggle over breakfast as you mentioned “prepare your soul” good advice!

  • Eating healthy isn’t expensive.
    Eating junk is a rip off.
    Example… 90% ground sirloin is higher per pound than 70% lean ground round. But put both on a grill and watch what happens.
    You get what you pay for.

  • the thing is.: If your exercising is changing your lifestyle drastically and you cannot live a normal life, fuck it. You will be 70 year old remembering how many burgers and beers you missed and you will die soon but damn you were a beast back in the day. Just exercise and try not to go crazy with anything, socialize and enjoy life. Fuck anyone else telling you anything else.

  • Preparing nuts for maximum nutritional absorption:

    All nuts should be soaked in filtered water with 1 teaspoon of sea salt added to it over night, you may ask why? Like beans, all nuts have phytic acid on heir outer skin which is an enzyme inhibitor that prevents us from absorbing the good nutrients from the nuts. This is Mother Nature way of protecting the nuts until its ready to be planted in the ground to grow more nuts. In the morning wash the nuts and the towel dry them. Put in jar and keep in freg. If you keep them on the kitchen table then after three days molds start to grow on them. Eat the nut within three or four days.

  • Before you start bashing low fat/sugar free foods keep in mind some people can’t eat fat or sugar and still want to enjoy junk food. Also, msg? Yogurt? Yogurt has probiotics. Still a better option than ice cream.

  • I’d add to these great observations one of my own: brassicas (cabbage, kale, broccoli etc) are easy to grow, but you need to net them in order to keep cabbage moth caterpillars from infesting, eating and spoiling these beautiful vegetables.

  • Someone may have already mentioned this, but getting a food scale is something you guys should mention. Weighing out your portions exactly rather than eyeballing the portion sizes is a great way to track macros. The scale plus an app like MyFitnessPal for logging your foods helps ensure you are eating the right things and making the correct adjustments.

  • I almost fell for that “oh it only has 100 calorie thing” I found out some of the food I usually eat is actually better then I thought, I replaced my snack food “chips candy” with watermelon and berries, also I stopped drinking soda that helps alot too

  • Make it simple. Visit website NextLevelDiet, select food you like and thats it:D They give you complete 30 days meal plan which contains only food you have selected, training plan and fitness tips to boost your results. #NextLevelDiet

  • Anyone vegetarian out there!? How the hell is one supposed to eat vegies only!? I tried eating vegies only and I couldn’t shit without it been super painful.

    And the shit was green, pretty bad signs if you ask me, but I am not a doctor I wouldn’t know, all I know: vegetarian diet is not easy.

  • Guys. lost a lot of weight doesn’t need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for a popular fat loss system called Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google). Thanks to it I have lost a ton of weight. I shouldn’t even be speaking about it cause I do not want a lot of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I’m just in a excellent mood today and so I’ll share the wealth lol.

  • The hardest part for me is self control. If I get over that hump, i’ll be fine and dandy. I have a great workout routine and im consistent. But then I try a diet and next thing I know, its over in a few days

  • Thank you for all the linked resources, will be looking into all of these. I do enjoy having my veg garden, seed to plate is so gratifying.

  • Yeah cheese flavored snacks have a lot of chemicals in them… everything is chemicals ‘-‘ also msg isn’t that bad for you. Cheese part was misleading in my opinion

  • I just discovered your channel. It’s great you explain / breakdown the recipes, along with your tips & techniques. Thank you!! I’ll be subscribing!

  • Fun Fact.
    Artificial vanilla comes from a beaver’s ASS secretions from the Beavers ass that is
    Enjoy your next bowl of vanilla ice cream������

  • Being aware of macros is not the same as obsessing on them and being aware of the serving size of vegetables will help avoid overdosing on carbs.

  • Always nice to come here for a refresher I know what to do just need to be more consistent nutritional wise I find it easier staying consistent with the gym then keeping nutrition in check most of the time and buy that I mean I eat mostly healthy but run into a surplus not ideal on a cut ��

  • When it comes to canned fruit, believe me sugar syrup should be the LEAST of your worries. I’ve worked at two different fruit processing plants before and I’m never touching that shit again

  • When you see reports like this long enough you realise that the ultimate conclusion is ALL food is bad for you, even fresh fruits and water. Nothing is safe from these ” studies”

  • Oh no there’s SUGAR in canned fruits!!! Somebody go back in time 400 years and tell people what hell they unleashed on this earth by preserving fruits in sugar.

  • I quit everything processed, sugary, condiments… absolutely everything except raw fruits, vegetables and chicken breast four months ago. Worked fine until I reached 235 pounds. Now even if I eat no more than 500 calories per day for a week, which is like 50% of my maintenance calories, my body absolutely refuses to drop any more fat and I still have a huge gut, because I have absolutely no body mass below my waist on account of being paraplegic, all of my weight is on my torso. I keep watching these videos for new information, but they just keep repeating the same things. I work out every single day, when I’m not in the gym, at home with resistance bands and dumbbells, no further weight loss is happening, and I don’t understand why…


  • Most important target is the Blood Glucose level. Get that down to good levels, then worry about Ketosis. So if you eat a bit more protein, not such a big deal if you BS stays good. I probably eat more protein than stipulated, however my Blood Sugars never get over 5.5 and average out at 4.7 in the HbA1c. And I know that if blood glucose is 4.8 then I am bound to be in ketosis, without needing to check. Have worked that out of thousands of keto blood checks at the beginning.

  • I’m sure eating eggs and cheese in moderation would be ok for losing weight. But, I don’t see how anyone could realistically say they are healthy for you. Too much cholesterol and fat in them.

  • i am still gonna eat them but i will try not to eat them always cause i don’t want to have diabeties.i eat junk foods but also food that is sweet.

  • Shod have jest call this video 10 food that are not healthy for you and that a health nutt made this video and probably a vegetarian

  • Fat free salad dressings and baked goods like cakes and cookie are nasty.
    Eat real food in moderation.
    And try to stay away from fake sugars. It’s terrible on your organs, especially your liver.

  • Wow! I just found website Next Level Diet and read their fitness tips and recipes. I can’t wait to get my diet and training plan from that site and transform my body. Summer body, here I come!

  • I live on Mediterranean sea and my diet is based on it: olive oil, fruits and vegetables, fish 2-3 times a week. My problem was beer and then after few of them chips or junk like that. In past 4 months i have reduce drinking only to one day a week which is friday and with the combination of weights and jumping rope i’ve lost some 20 lbs.

  • Greek feta cheese & tomatoes or grilled chicken in my salads instead of table salt does the trick. I guess in a plain green salad it’s better than nothing but isnt it really about what ingredients you put in your salad which should decide the use of salt. I have a friend who eats anchovies in his salad,�� and that’s way saltier than my feta. I see salads as a blank canvas, just like bread and literally anything goes: raisins& walnuts, tuna, duck confit, onions & cucumbers & pepper, hummus/paprika/lemon, Caciocavallo semipicante.
    The one thing I rarely use is salad dressing (unless it’s a Caesar salad) to add flavours. Plain salad w/ commercial dressing is not a thing we do so thats why I think this is great video for people who are stuck in that paradigm… which is a lot of people.

  • Unfortunately the reason that Keto Mojo is the brand that you like to use is because it’s the only brand for testing ketones at home. I haven’t found another one. And that dollar a strip thing is not a good price, not when you have to check multiple times a day so that you can get an idea of what’s really going on. Seriously, it is the same technology as the glucose strips that they sell for MUCH less money. They need to get the price down or someone needs to compete with them.

    Also, isn’t it relevant what one means by “bacon?“ some bacon that you can buy is a step away from plastic. But I buy pastured organic unseasoned barely cured pork belly bacon from a local butcher and farmer.

  • Excellent Helen, do you concur with K J-L’s suggestion for taming the alliinase in onions by giving them, sliced, a brief soak in water? I like strong onion flavors and have never tried it as a technique.

  • Lovely video and sound solid advice from you and your friend. Excellent choice of links, I follow all the you tube channels already, I would also recommend Castle Hill Garden, Cliff is a wealth of information and also Kelly’s Kitchen Garden, she is only growing veg a few years I think and learned so much and has quite a few videos on container gardening. Lastly I would recommend My Garden and the dinosaurs who live there as she keeps a small flock of chickens and quail in her little back garden as well as growing veg in containers.

  • Updated science, 2020 tells us that to much protein does not put you into Gluconeogenesis. Fat can make more Gluconeogenesis than protein and it is not bad. You body will only do this if it is needed. You don’t need to worry. I have stayed in ketosis no matter how much protein I eat and I do check my blood levels daily.

  • Adapting to a ketogenic lifestyle can take some re-working of your habits and a new perspective on how you approach meals and snacks. But, no matter how you were eating before, most of the foods that are the pillars of a keto diet are things you’re already familiar with — we’re just helping you learn to use them in slightly different ways to promote ketosis in your body. Though there are hundreds of foods that fit into a keto diet, there are some that are the true rock stars of the bunch. Click here to make a keto diet plan that suits you: http://weightlossuccessplan.com/ketoplan

  • I love the trick of putting the onions in the dressing first! I will try that next time. Thank you so much for your videos! Hugs from Louisiana!

  • In other words no carbs at all?����‍♀️ I’m confused!! Here in west Africa, African foods here in mostly carbs so hard to resist yet when u add fat Nd protein it’s like weight gain in another level

  • I went all in, and been going strong for 4 weeks now. Granted i do miss pizza, but i put a limit to 2 “cheatdays” per month. Know this is an old video but i started working out 2 months ago and changed my diet 1 month ago. Appriciate your videos.

  • Another great video, Helen! Salads suck when the dressing slides off into a thin pool at the bottom of the salad plate.

    This happens for two reasons, the first of which you covered: a salad spinner. Most people will not believe just how much water is removed from their greens by a salad spinner until they try it the first time.

    The second reason is that they don’t use an emulsifier. I use Xanthan Gum, but the correct proportion is critical.

    I have found that weighing the dressing to the gram and then multiplying that gram weight by 0.0022 results in the number of grams of Xanthan Gum you will need to properly emulsify a vinaigrette to where it will stick to the leaves just enough to stay put.

    For example, a pint of my vinaigrette is 223.7 grams. Multiplied by 0.0022 yields 0.49214 grams let’s call it 0.5 grams. I add this last to the little blender jar on my Magic Bullet containing all ingredients except the olive oil, then immediately blitz it thoroughly, as sheering action is what causes the emulsification.

    I then pour and scrape this into a Mason jar containing 132 grams of olive oil, cap it, and shake like a hooker at the Pearly Gates. It will never separate from that point onward, and your salads will perhaps require a bit less dressing since none of it will be wasted.

  • I’ve been on keto for a while now, I’ve lost maybe around 70-80 pounds. It’s funny how people will treat you ‘diffrently’ when you are slimmer. I’m so glad I started this diet, but man it really makes you think.

  • I’m a newbie. What can I replace milk products with? Many KETO recipes use heavy whipping cream. Suggestions? Thank you. ��������

  • Keto is unsustainable long term. Avoiding complex carbs is not good for you at all. Anything that asks you to eliminate whole food groups unless you have a specific health issue is another fad! When you cant sustain it, you gain all your weight and more as people have their own set point limit. Not to mention if you have an eating disorder, you will binge binge binge

  • For the past couple of weeks, I’ve cut wheat, corn, rice, and starchy veggies. It isn’t difficult to do, but it does require real thought and work to accomplish. Measure schmeasure, that’s my motto. If people wanna measure this or that, they’re welcome to it; it’s a free country (so far). Just start KETO and work yourself through it. We learn by doing.

  • I recall spending a fortune in supplements, training hard, eating clean, looking a bit buff but still flabby and getting no real results, I see others in gym follow the same pattern and get lean and muscular in just months. I asked why and was told their hormones were off the chart, I rushed to the doctor and got a blood test too and found my test levels were at the bottom, also found the legal supplements were destroying my liver and kidneys, so I got Test replacement therapy, steroids and the gains started coming immediately, so its all about genetics. I seen some eat rubbish, train with terrible form and look like Mr universe In no time. So its not a level playing field like some would have you believe.

  • Great tips, Helen. Thanks. I’ve found a small splash of water can help soften a sharp vinaigrette. If you use a jar to shake all the dressing ingredients it emulsifies well.

  • One of the easiest things is pop a few things in your flower beds. Lettuce doesn’t need that much room if you are growing it for leaves (Not heads) it could go happily in front of the boarder with a little extra water (and fertilizer, if needed). I put a tomato plant mid boarder in my grandmothers flowerbed for her. Both Kale and Chard can be very decorative, pick the outer leaves so that it always looks good. I’ve also popped decorative pots with veg or herbs in my flowerbeds. There are lots of resources for “edible” gardening for the USA, since many places have restrictions about growing veg in the front yard and it has to be pretty to even get away with it!!!

  • Thank God for this information. I started keto a week ago and ive been feeling nauseous and heavy. I was adding cheese to all my meals also bacon. Thank you for this information… Starting K E T O again….

  • i am trying to get in shape and just doing push up and sit ups twice a day with 30min of cardio mixed in. what diet would you suggest for a beginner?

  • Brilliant video. I missed the first part, where you explained who Leslie was, and I thought you were talking about yourself in the third personlike Caesar.

  • Hi, I’ve got a problem. I have lost just on 50 kilos but the last 8months I havent lost any weight, I am intolerant to eggs, dairy, most green veggies.I can eat goats cheese I find this way of eating so boring
    I don’t know what to do anymore. Please help

  • Thank you for sharing this information. I’m currently trying the Keto diet. I am hoping to change my life style to be more active, lose weight, and just over all feel better. I am so glad I came across this video.

  • Hola doctor ami en lo personal
    Me cuesta bajar de peso me da mucha ambre e mirado 2 de sus videos y me gusta mucho su metodo ya que es saludable
    Si de casualidad lee mi comentario me prodria ayudar con darme una dieta que me redusca el apetito porfabor gracias discupe si le escribo español ��

  • Someone explain: why does the amount of protein affect whether or not a person goes into ketosis? If you starve your body of carbs, won’t you go into ketosis even if protein is, for instance, 50% of your macros, instead of 25% (too much protein)? Someone explain.

  • Another stupid, misleading click bait video. This has nothing to do with how it’s made rather what’s in the items. Carbs, sugar, msg… not terribly surprising.

  • I have been lifting weights 3-xs a week with cardio 2-3 for 10+ years. I’m in my 40s and have had a consistent weight of 140, 137 if I restrict calories/carbs.
    I have been out of the gym for 3 weeks with respiratory problems. BUT I am now 133lbs and lost the fat in my thighs, hips(love handles) and abdomen(pooch). I would say I have lost very little muscle tone, but the rest of me is more trim. I fit much better in my clothing, especially my waist and thighs.
    What am I doing in weight training or cardio that makes me heavier or bloated? Overtraining? Causing high hormone/cortisol levels?

  • Even top weight-loss experts were alarmed when they saw this…
    As the latest research from Italy and China reveals a very disturbing fact And also bulletproofs your immune system against any dangerous infections CLICK HERE TO SEE IT. https://tinyurl.com/yamngoej

  • Will still continue to eat all of these. Thank yu babbletop. Fav will still be the yogurt. Deliciousness!!! Mix fruit yogurt with white chocolate chips and put in the freezer. Its sooo good. So yep add more sugar to it it’s all good.

  • Hi Helen, that salad you made is called fattouch in Lebanese cuisine, it is delicious. Some people fry the pieces of bread as they stay crunchy with the dressing, but I prefer your version ( healthier). Thank you for all the tips ������

  • Ahh! Why these foods makes us seem like fools! Anyways, not anymore more according to some research in life!
    Pretty strange that we get to love cheese product snacks-not knowing that is not cheese! ����. I guess if people watched this then they would just say that they would just not care nonetheless.

  • My favorite “eating healthy is expensive!” Yeah, and how much do people spend a week on beer, cigarettes, sodium saturated throw-in-the-microwave frozen meals, and Mc-e-D’s?

  • Going through their videos you can see a clear improvement in not only quality but also confidence on their part. these vids are still informative but the journey im finding fasinating:) keep up the good work Buff Dudes!

  • I want to start Keto diet (not overweight or anything just for overall benefits), but first I want to research do’s and dont’s. We studied about risks of this diet if prolonged (Biochemist) so scientifically I know about cycles and synthesis and rest. I’m so glad I found this channel, I love it. It’s informative, it gives tips, recipes, basically all that I need to know. Thanks Doc ����

  • Hello there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Just simply do a google search engine search. On there you’ll discover a great guidelines about how exactly you can lost crazy amounts of fat. Why don’t you give it a chance? perhaps it will work for you too.

  • So I’m not trying to be a douche here. Your saying eat healthy but don’t over eat healthy. Can you go into a little more depth on that aspect please cuz I am so lost on what to eat how long to eat for lunch everything on nutrition. Please buff dudes

  • None of these foods help burn fat any more than any other food. You can only burn fat in a calorie deficit. And you can only store fat in a calorie surplus.

  • Many people today are working to find out the best method to lose weight. Then again, having the ability to find a diet plan that can work for you is tough to find. A very important thing you need to comprehend is that a diet is effective for one person may not work for another. And that means you must know what your getting into before you start one of these diets. Therefore we have decided to offer you a fantastic look in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. This may give you enough info to find out if this is something which is suitable to your needs. Read more here https://truehealthreport.com/xtreme-fat-loss-diet-review/

  • Stop claiming something is bad because it “contains chemicals.” ALL MATTER contains chemicals. YOU contain chemicals.

    You sound ignorant, uninformed, and uneducated when you say something is bad because it contains chemicals.

    Jesus fried chicken. (Which contains chemicals.)

  • I have psoriasis which I have had from 7 years old and I will always have. People with eczema can’t get rid of their disease either. Thanks for making me and others feel like crap about a disease we can’t control.

  • Hai I want to be a strong and take proper diet plz guide me properly and send complete diet plan with best exercise to lose weight,I don’t want to look bodybuilders I just want to fit inside and outside.
    My weight is 89kg and 5.2 height and I’m 35years old mother of 2 children.
    I waited your reply

  • Regarding fat, people need to understand that it’s the combination of fat and simple carbs that is really, really bad. That will pack on the fat faster than anything.