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8 Ways To Use Cauliflower To Cut Carbs Turn it into some killer tater tots. Cauliflower Tots from SkinnyTaste. These tots are just as satisfying without Or crunchy and satisfying hamburger buns.

Cauliflower Crust Hamburgers from The Iron You. Try these crunchy buns out at Make it. 8 Ways To Use Cauliflower To Cut Carbs 1. Turn it into some killer tater tots.

Cauliflower Tots from SkinnyTaste Gina Homolka via skinnytaste.com These tots 2. Or crunchy and satisfying hamburger buns. Cauliflower Crust Hamburgers from The. Cauliflower is the cool veggie on the block.

What was once served strictly on crudité platters, is now turning up in all of the hippest dishes round. Pizza, fried rice, buffalo ‘wings’—it could appear that no recipe is proof against cauliflower’s charms. And that is not shocking: Cauliflower has a superb delicate taste that pairs effectively with so many different [ ]. 8 Ways To Use Cauliflower To Cut Carbs.

1. Turn it into some killer tater tots. 2. Or crunchy and satisfying hamburger buns. 3. Make it into your new favorite tortilla. 4. Or toss it into the blender for some easy rice. 15 Surprising Ways to Cut Carbs with Cauliflower.

Carrie Madormo, RN. Have you caught cauliflower fever yet? This all-purpose vegetable is taking over as the go-to sub for all kinds of carbs. These little swaps make for big health boosts. 1 / 15.

Taste of Home. Make a Creamy Soup. 8. Cauliflower Tortillas. Similar to the pizza crust and the toast for grilled cheese, cauliflower can also be made into a tortilla for some amazing grain-free Mexican dinners! While corn is often a substitute for those on a gluten free diet seeking.

But the snack has guilt written all over it. This easy recipe is a perfect swap, however. These cauliflower bites are crispy pieces of perfection browned to a golden use. Rather than ketchup, kick it up a notch by making this delicious sriracha dipping sauce. Instead of fried rice; Try: Low Carb Cauliflower Fried “Rice” by Slender Kitchen.

If you’re trying to cut back on carbs, bread is likely to go first—but with this cauliflower cheesy bread recipe, you can enjoy an updated Italian meal (next to some zoodles with marinara, of. Cauliflower steak! Cut a thick slice of cauliflower from the whole head. Usually you can get 2 from the middle (use the rest as rice or in other dishes). Lay them flat into a baking dish, oil with olive oil or mayonnaise on the top.

I like the latter. Sprinkle with any spice or cheese you prefer. Among the interesting things to do with cauliflower, pizza crust must rank among the most outrageous.

Now, the texture isn’t identical to pizza crust. But this crust is delicious in its own right, and a healthier delivery system for pizza toppings. The key is to squeeze out all the moisture from the cooked cauliflower before baking.

List of related literature:

Blanch cauliflower florets in salted, boiling water for about two minutes; drain and shock in ice water to stop the cooking.

“Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express: 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less” by Mark Bittman
from Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express: 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less
by Mark Bittman
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Season the boiling water with 1 tablespoon of salt and boil the cauliflower florets along with the garlic for 7–10 minutes or until you can mash the cauliflower with a fork.

“Keto Meal Prep by FlavCity: 125+ Low Carb Recipes That Actually Taste Good” by Bobby & Dessi Parrish
from Keto Meal Prep by FlavCity: 125+ Low Carb Recipes That Actually Taste Good
by Bobby & Dessi Parrish
Mango Media, 2019

Cook the cauliflower: Place 2 tablespoons of the avocado oil, the cauliflower, water, and ¼ teaspoon of the salt in a large microwave-safe bowl and stir until the cauliflower is coated.

“Keto for Life: Look Better, Feel Better, and Watch the Weight Fall off with 160+ Delicious High-Fat Recipes” by Mellissa Sevigny
from Keto for Life: Look Better, Feel Better, and Watch the Weight Fall off with 160+ Delicious High-Fat Recipes
by Mellissa Sevigny
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Add several dashes ofkosher salt to the boiling water and then add the cauliflower.

“The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer
by Natasha Turner
Rodale Books, 2013

Start the onion sautéing in a tablespoon of the oil, and after a minute or so, add the garlic and oregano, cook another minute or so and add the cauliflower, a couple pinches of salt, a dose of pepper, and 1 cup of water or stock.

“The Complete Tassajara Cookbook: Recipes, Techniques, and Reflections from the Famed Zen Kitchen” by Edward Espe Brown
from The Complete Tassajara Cookbook: Recipes, Techniques, and Reflections from the Famed Zen Kitchen
by Edward Espe Brown
Shambhala, 2011

Place the chopped cauliflower in the center of a clean kitchen towel and twist the towel tightly to squeeze all the water out of the cauliflower.

“Air Fry Genius” by Meredith Laurence, Jessica Walker
from Air Fry Genius
by Meredith Laurence, Jessica Walker
Walah! LLC, 2017

Meanwhile, put the cauliflower florets into the mixing bowl, add 1 teaspoon of the olive oil and toss to mix – the cauliflower will pick up a little of the seasoning left in the bowl.

“Cordially Invited: A seasonal guide to celebrations and hosting, perfect for festive planning, crafting and baking in the run up to Christmas!” by Zoe Sugg
from Cordially Invited: A seasonal guide to celebrations and hosting, perfect for festive planning, crafting and baking in the run up to Christmas!
by Zoe Sugg
Hodder & Stoughton, 2018

3 Transfer the steamed cauliflower to a cutting board.

“Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking: Traditional and Modern Recipes to Savor and Share” by Paula Wolfert
from Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking: Traditional and Modern Recipes to Savor and Share
by Paula Wolfert
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Repeat once until cauliflower is slightly moist and clumping.

“The Dental Diet: The Surprising Link between Your Teeth, Real Food, and Life-Changing Natural Health” by Steven Lin
from The Dental Diet: The Surprising Link between Your Teeth, Real Food, and Life-Changing Natural Health
by Steven Lin
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Store cauliflower in a perforated plastic bag or wrap to allow carbon dioxide to escape and prevent the vegetable from developing an unpleasant taste and color.

“Cooking with the Bible: Biblical Food, Feasts, and Lore” by Anthony F. Chiffolo, Rayner W. Hesse
from Cooking with the Bible: Biblical Food, Feasts, and Lore
by Anthony F. Chiffolo, Rayner W. Hesse
Greenwood Press, 2006

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  • What a lovely story. I have so far lost 22 pounds on a low carb and intermittent fasting diet. Been 4 months now and going strong. Glad I started this journey. Any inspiration helps me to keep going.

  • Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping from diet plan to others as well, I do believe that I must have tested every fat loss method that was available, however in the end not one of them made it easier for me to reduce and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time with the Custokebon Secrets because my cousin who told me unbelivable things about it and so far to date I have successfully lost 18 lbs in 3 weeks!

  • I had cancer too. I am beating it by staying away from sugar in all forms and drinking baking soda. Anyone can beat cancer no matter where it is. Kids and adults can beat cancer. No matter who you are. Please everyone do your research. Its so easy. (BAKING SODA KILLS CANCER). St jude is filled with children that all they have to do is start taking baking soda and staying away from sugar that feeds the cancer. No radiation, no chemo no nothing accept changing your diet and sticking with it. Chemo and radiation makes money for the doctors. Baking soda makes no money. My prostate cancer has been wiped out thanks to research I did about baking soda. My mother is cured completely of breast cancer also. I challenge anyone to research and keep an open mind. It sounds ridiculous even insane, BUT IT WORKS!

  • I am 68 tears old, over 300 pounds, and also depress, I really needed to hear testimony like this, thank so much for shared with us. After so many health problems, I decided like a month and half to start a diet to lose wait, NO CARBS AT ALL!! and I think I have lost some weight, BUT my confusion started when I did KETO for sometime and I found out the food has TOO MUCH CALORIES!! a cup of coco flower over 570 calories?? what about keto bread made out almond flower? so at this point I am very dissapointed BUT it won’t to stop me doing the process of eliminating the carb. (so sorry for my english)

  • You can eat certain veggies on ketogenic diet because the carbs that they have are fiber so your carbs stay low and you stay in keto. Broccoli. Asparagus. Bell peppers, cucumbers tomatoes, cauliflower, mushrooms and fruits that u can have in small amounts is blueberries, raspberries, strawberries

  • Did you still keep it off??? I saw a video where you look big again and I just wanted help to know what happened so I can help myself. Thank you so much.

  • I’ have just discovered your channel and will be following your recipes. I’ve been living Paleo for nearly a decade now and recently have been tweaking it to incorporate more healthy fats and a bit less protein. I’ve never had issues with my weight am 57 and weigh 139 pounds, former athlete, swimmer, who still rides her bike and go for long walks. But I lost my dad to diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer and there’s no frigging way I’m going down that path in life. Please keep up the good work!

  • 🙂 You can call any words this receipt, but this one is faraway from Healthy meaning, because consist with pasteurised hard cheese and eggs.

  • I relate to everything…. I have been blessed not to have cancer. You are amazing….I get so much from your videos! So grateful for you.

  • After my wife passed away with cancer 1.5 year ago after 26 years of marriage, and i was looking after my mum who had dementia.and working 12 hours a day. i found my self eating when ever i could find a few spare minuets, this meant sandwiches and sausage rolls off the food van, microwave meals after work and ice creams. Sit down exhausted and depressed cracking open a few cans of beer, bottle of wine at the weekend may be a bottle of gin or malt whisky. week in week out..the last few weeks i have felt my body change: tingling in my arm and leg like pins and needles, dizzy, this weekend my eye is all red and blood shot.. This is the first time in my life i had felt a little frightened about my health, i’m on my own and if i take ill how will i cope. i’m 58, 5 foot 8 and would say about 17 stone now, i was shocked when i saw my self in a mirror. i need to change my life style from now this day!!!, stop drinking in the house on my own and cook fresh healthy meals, more veg and good things.. i looked at getting food boxes but that’s not the answer..i will follow these video’s, cook and eat the recipes, take up walking again… little steps may change my life around for the better ( i hope ):)

  • I make spaghetti with ground Turkey, and add mashed cauliflower into the spaghetti sauce with chopped mushrooms then serve on spaghetti squash. I think that’s a lot healthier option than cheese!

  • I’ve struggled all my life with my weight I dont drink sugar drinks do ALOT in home and outside my home cause I got 1 baby and 2 kids I’m always so damned tired at the end of the day that idk how the hell I cant loose a pound whilest I dont even eat in between meals and REALLY watch out for carbs. I just gave up on my self stopped looking at the scale and just live. It is what it is in not sick in anyways so I’m happy for that..34 yrs

  • You are talking about me. I am 69 now. I wasn’t fat until 55. I am subscribing to you I believe you can help me. I am sorry what you’ve been through. Thank you

  • I am 64 and 18 months ago I started Keto and Intermittent Fasting, lost 82 lbs, came off the 2 meds for high blood pressure, the cholesterol medication and the CPAP for sleep apnea. I take no meds for anything.

  • Dr. Jacob Wo;spm says “THE KETO//UP is a healthy alternative that improves all of your functions, but gets you going right now, so it’s a great Lifestyle drink… Marlene Anderson marlene.anderson.737

  • I cried after your video. You opened my eyes to see myself! I’m following your videos now thank you for taking time to post them. I’m almost 45… everything you said made sense, thank you ❤️

  • Going to try this but to save some time I will use Mashed Cauliflower sold in the stores now. Hopefully it doesn’t have too much water lol.

  • Dot…when you say “low carb” what amount of carbs did you eat as opposed to keto which is higher (good fats), eating 20 g carbs/day and easy protein?

  • I just discovered your channel a few days ago, by accident really. Just showed up after watching another video on Keto/Low carb. I’ve saved a few recipes already to try. I have all 5 of those symptoms as well, and I’m taking medication for them. I too have tried all the diets. Starving myself, low fat diets, staring at the scale, and I always have had the same problem. Always hungry, and just never felt full. Plus eating things I didn’t really care for, because they are “diet” food. Something obviously needs to change. Now I doubt I’ll be able to go full Keto, as I do enjoy pasta, potatoes, bread. I’m hoping that if I limit how often I eat those items, I’ll still be able to enjoy them on occasion. Plus I’m on a tight budget and can’t just get rid of the stuff I have in my pantry. I also really like casseroles, and plan to try some of the recipes I saved really soon. Wish me luck!

  • I’m vegan but I can’t eat this way for a meal. I need a little more protein unless it’s a snack being diabetic. Cauliflower cheese was one of my favorite dishes when I lived in England for 15 years and they’ve been making it here.

  • I’m on day three. I had snap beans, St Louis ribs( w hot sauce no BBQ) and a cup of watermelon. Very filling and tasty but I am really feeling that Keto flu.

  • This is great info. For the meal plan end ketodietcustom4u.com is a really good site to get custom meal plans for the Keto diet. Help this site helps:).

  • OK, so I’m not saying anything bad about this one. But you know there’s too many people complaining about the cheese. They jes need to know it’s about the CONCEPT. Use any sort of cheese you like n stfu

  • I love cauliflower rice and in fact I make for my kids too and they love it.
    I add eggs, meat, or bacons too.
    My favorite fried rice ��

  • Hi and thank you for the information i always wanted and needed a list like this the information were so helpful that you give how can i receive one of your list thank you and take care��

  • Dear Dot, This channel is exactly what I need. I am desperate. Type II Diabetic age 70. Want so very much to be there for my grandchildren. Suffer from osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If I can incorporate even a few of your ideas it would change my world. I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have just subscribed. Sincerely, Debbie and Dexter-Dog my rescued chihuahua companion in S. California. P. S. You look FABULOUS and congratulations on all your hard work.❤��������

  • Just found your channel, loved it and sub. Cauliflower rice is awesome. I have been making it for a few years now, with lots of garlic as well. I make it the same way, only difference is that I add more spices. I also have been following Dr Eric Berg, Dr Mercola, Thomas De Laurer and now your channel!

  • Hey Doc! You looked like Bruce Willis in his prime �� I’m a fan of Die Hard movies.

    Bruce Willis aside, love this cauliflower rice. Will make it tomorrow so I can enjoy them with my Kimchi Stew and other side dishes ��

  • Wow we have very similar stories, except I’m older and slower at taking action to improve my health. I am struggling to stay away from the carbs. Carbs have been my “drug of choice” for the last 30+ years. I admire your success and look forward to checking out your recipes. I’m really tired of salads. Thanks for sharing! It is great to see someone who has experienced success and share their journey. God Bless!

  • I read many superb reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets will help you lost tons of weight. Has anyone tried using this popular lose weight methods?

  • Keto snacks https://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=as_li_qf_sp_sr_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=quentinc456-20&keywords=Keto food&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=ur2&linkId=0b4912e98a6cbd83c9441899b23ff6b1

  • Thanks to the keto diet I lost more than 70 pounds and I no longer have type 2 diabetes. For me it is

    A lifestyle. I feel very energetic and happy! If I want to eat a craving, there is

    many delicious recipes that can be used. This has been my lifestyle for over a year and

    I like…I love the Keto diet<3

  • ok..this was fricking delicious. I didn’t add the eggs, therefore added extra cheese to get the base together. and instead of chicken, I added paneer(farmer’s cheese) and marinated soy

  • I’ve tried them all and I haven’t had a single low carb pizza crust I can stomach.
    They’re all nasty.
    I just don’t eat pizza anymore.

  • I’m definitely going to make this delicious meal!
    Before the Keto diet, I used to love eating lots of Shrimp Fried rice. Now, I can eat lots of Shrimp Cauliflower rice. ��

  • it doesn’t work for everyone only for partic body types that take to it also absol NO carbs is not healthy you need to have some.

  • use a mandolin. makes the cauliflower small really fast…if you fry it on wok hai in coconut oil is delicious too. n My attempts at cauliflower pizza and other things were gross.. might try it again.. want to try a whey base with psyllium…or am i dreaming?

  • https://ketodiet.dealgoo.com/ best plan for the keto diet, I have tried this amazing plan and I am very happy for the results, I lose so much weight in a short time (50lbs).it amazing for me.i advise anyone who wants to lost weight to try this plan.don’t forget the first step is the most important step ever

  • Bruh, I spent the last week just non stop looking up and testing recipes but this one seems the best by far. And for once, I can actually get every single one of the ingredients. Sucks to live in a small city.

  • This video helped me a tremendous deal i just recently got into the keto diet and i posted a little educational video on it as well on page i most definitely appreciate this video https://youtu.be/gdEOpLLir54

  • you are doing it wrong with powders and shit. are u stupid???????? eat fucking protien so your body need to brake the fucker down!!! stupid stupid stupid

  • Keto isn’t working for me. I even do intermittent fasting (2 years on that) I have only lost 5 lbs, one inch in measurements. I just don’t get it. I am in a few groups on facebook about both keto and fasting. Why doesn’t it work for everyone? I’m ready to give up because I am dong without all the food I love and I miss it.

  • I wish you guys would give steroid advice!!! You never talk about tren or stacking. Ya diet and lifting are a key component of getting ripped but it’s impossible with out roids. Come on. What do you guys like and use?

  • pee strips are not a good indicator. that shows the amount of ketones that goes out of your body via urine and that happens in the beginning phases when your body is not using those ketones. dont think you can be in ketosis if you drink gatorade even if you train immediately after

  • So interesting! Have you ever experimented with making them into a “chip”? Wondering if you just baked them further to make them crispy—or would it burn?

  • You describe so much of how I feel and my ups and down with trying to lose weight. I have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto I am hoping to follow your advice and loose some of the fat.

  • Nick quick question. I’ve used frozen riced cauliflower and each time it comes out wet and mushy. Any suggestions? I’m a rockstar in the kitchen but this has me baffled. TIA

  • I lost an insane amount of weight very fast when I started low carb. I lost 10 kg (22 lbs) in 5 weeks, and I wasn’t even overweight. I weighed 82 kg (180 lbs) and I’m 189 cm (6’2”) tall.
    I started the keto diet because I have type 1 diabetes and wanted better control of my blood sugar, and more predictability with regards to dosing insulin.
    I became pretty ill after those 5 weeks, because I started producing abnormally large quantities of ketones. I was at 5.6 mmol/L in my blood at one point, and was hardly able to do my job.
    Then I just decided “screw it, I’m done” and went and ate a small tub of ice cream. The next day I was out of ketosis and felt so much better.

    This is mostly a type 1 diabetic problem, and not something healthy people need to worry about. I’m doing low carb again, but don’t focus on fats anymore. I focus on specific amounts of carbs (6g morning, 12g lunch and 12g dinner) and fill up on protein instead. The amount of fat is just what comes naturally with the protein or preparation of the food. I’m still in ketosis, but I don’t go into ketoacidosis like I did before.

    Tbh, I do think the effect protein has on knocking one out of ketosis is overstated by many keto fans. I could be wrong, because I don’t know anyone else on a low carb diet, but for me, I’m still in ketosis, even though the majority of my calories come from protein.
    I think they might experience that effect because they already are eating a pretty high amount of carbs to begin with, and adding a lot of protein on top of that might kick them out of ketosis. I only eat 30 grams of carbs a day, and I stay in ketosis the whole time.

  • I lost 17 pounds because of this keto diet plan, i want to share it with the world! https://www.customketodiet.com/?hop=dylanmaste

  • Search for “Food for weight loss” on google groups, Click “Food for weight loss” group, Click on “join group” button, click “25 ebooks”, Then click “Download Now” AND GET 25 ebooks FOR NO MONEY.

  • mkay…. i love cauliflower when i toss 1/2 head with a packet of sazzon de goya(sorry if i spelled that wrong) and bake it for 30 minutes at 450 degrees…..but why they gotta be so extra��

  • I finally caught on to Keto and began May 21, 2020. So far I have lost 11 lbs in3 weeks but more importantly, I feel less fatigued, less achey, I sleep better and I am not dealing with sugar highs and lows. My blood sugar stays at a normal range (between 90 and 110). I have not kept track of my blood pressure yet but I will get to that. Thanks for the information and inspiration and I hope it goes well with your uterine cancer.

  • KETO, INTERMITTENT FASTING AND FASTING helped me lose 50 pounds. Here’s exactly what I did:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnmXsGvAZ7o&feature=youtu.be

  • Is the caulflower a strong flavour in these? If so, would this work with riced broccoli? I dont really like the taste of cauliflower but i love the idea of veggie based tortillas!

  • https://yourguidetoketo.com/products/28-day-keto-diet-plan-ebook

    Love this eBook. Easy and delicious meals and a great 4 week grocery list. Loved every recipe. It’s 60% off right now!!

  • I personally love using the Keto App, it adjusts your allowed calories/carbs/etc according to your:
    Activity Level

    I’ve lost at least 20 lb, I’m hoping to make that 30 someday ^^;

  • I liked the video and the information you gave is very complete and the diet it gives us if it works, I think I will continue doing it, thanks

  • Hi Dr Nick, I’m from Australia and you teach me so much. I’ve only been on y Keto journey for three days, day one gained 400g ��. Day 2 lost 800g. Day 3 lost 400g ��. Three days down 800g, not quite 2 pounds I believe. I’m making cloud bread tomorrow also cauliflower rice with seafood, thank you for the inspiration and information, luv ya heaps ������������

  • Any one tried the Custokebon Secrets (do a google search)? We’ve noticed several amazing things about this popular weight loss secrets.

  • Thank you for the wonderful recipe. I am making this tonight for the first time with some baked chicken. exactly one month and 2 days on Keto. 6lbs down in three weeks and i’ll be weighing myself in another week. I”m so excited about this Life change ( I won’t say “diet”) because it is not. I think of it as changing the way I value my own health and life so that I’m around for a long time. Please keep the recipes coming. I subscribed and am looking forward to your videos. Again, thank you. JoAnne, Long Island New York.

  • Following these methods I have already lost 32 pounds on February 29, 2020 starting with 270 pounds keto is not just a diet for me it is a life saving lifestyle I am going for the next 30 pounds I recommend my course if you want to have these great results I know you are going to love it, I guarantee it https://go.hotmart.com/E25558816V

  • the body repairs itself during sleep (a lot of maintainance is done), so if she had insomnia that was bad, one way it is easier for cancer to get a foothold.

  • God bless you for sharing and thanks for the wonderful lo carb recipes. Congratulations on your weight loss!! keep up the good work.

    DIET PLAN ����⁦��️⁩

    Would You Like to Know Exactly What to Eat to Lose Fat and Get Healthy Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods or Starving Yourself?

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  • Se ve muy buena tu receta y muchas pero no entiendo el inglés nos podrías poner tu receta me la podrías poner en español por favor

  • me and my partner started the Keto diet, even with the COVI-19 situation is a bit challenging. But keep your Ketosi under control is very important, so we bought a couple of Ketosi Meter here. I thinks is better not sharing to not spread bacteria. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164139441716 STAY SAFE

  • I’ll give you a better low carb recipe. Just steam cauliflower and just add a little seasoning, salt and tiny bit of cheese. Have this during mid day and add a little bit of physical activity. If you don’t drop the pounds I’ll pay for your liposuction

  • The physical version of the Essential Keto Cookbook with 100+ Keto recipes including breakfast, appetizers, entrees, desserts, drinks, and snacks.  Net-carb, fat, protein, and calorie count for every recipe.  Enjoy recipes like Creamy Breakfast Porridge, Fiery Buffalo Wings, Mini Burgers, Jalapeño Corn Bread, Fish Tacos, Popcorn Shrimp, and tons more.

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    Discounted Offer is waiting for you. Buy and start your Keto diet and it will work 100% if you follow it properly.

  • So just finished making it. Tastes delicious, but using califlower instead of flour for base, does take away from the experience. Me, being the idiot that I am, didn’t even stop to consider that perhap using flour wouldn’t be too bad. I did some calculations and I’d say, just make a flour base.
    P.S. I used spinach and mushrooms as additional toppings.

  • Looks yummy! Can’t wait for the cookbook. Is it ebook or hard copy? I prefer hard copy. If ebook, can you make it printer friendly?

  • Cashews are a questionable nut to advise for a keto diet as they are very high in carbs and low in fiber. Pecans, Macadamia or Brazil nuts are all typically better choices.

  • Wow just cauliflower and eggs, I have those ingredients. Just need to smoke some pork and add avocado tomato and be eating tacos once again..

  • This is amazing! Thank you for this great idea, I’ve been looking for an easy, healthy and gluten/grain free tortilla recipe, and this suits me perfectly.

  • Hello…thank you for this recipe, and the other Homemade Tortillas videos.

    Looking forward to making them…mmm healthy.

    Have a great day.

  • My buddy laughed when I told them I was planning to lose fat with just implementing Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed these people extraordinary results right after I used it they’re begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won’t tell them the detail about this diet plan, lol

  • Thank you, great video. No monkeying about ����. Four really delicious, great recipes even if you’re not looking to avoid starches/carbs! Yeah, obviously there’s some cheese in there. You can certainly tweak and adjust for whatever needs and tastes are. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing health-wise. if that were the case, most people would put no effort into it at all. Replacing any of these things in our diet is certainly good and A START for many. There’s nothing wrong with choosing not to give up all of your favorites, but instead trying to find ways to make them healthier while still being able to enjoy them.

  • Well what else did you expect from these comments, they have buzzfeed idiots that think fat is unhealthy and the wage gap exists lol.

  • classic BuzzFeed doesn’t tell me how much of each ingredient to put in to each recipe and also assumes my socioeconomic status of having a food processor

  • I’ve been eating a lot of cauliflower flower rice lately. That’s a good recipe. Your wife is so beautiful. You to make a beautiful couple.

  • Oh imma try those tots! What’s crazy I was just thinking yesterday how can I make falafel using cauliflower if staying away from beans? This is a GREAT idea I can’t wait to try! Will use Cashews instead of breadcrumbs tho…….

  • To those who say carbs are not the enemy: If you look at how many carbs we eat in Western culture (America for me), and the fact that it turns to sugar, with all the sugar we also eat (fruit included), that adds up to the diabetes and obesity epidemic. Also, you need to count net carbs (carbs minus the fiber) so cauliflower is actually pretty good. Check out Keto diet and science behind it.

  • Ummm if people still eat food with tons of cheese like that, just eat it with real bread then. The only healthy part is the cauliflower. Other are bad junk food ingredients.

  • Look, if you think carbohydrates are good for you and you don’t think cheese is healthy, then *don’t eat this way*. No one is forcing you. If your pancreas works right, HAVE AT IT. Mine does not. Please, eat all the starch and sugar so there is fat and protein left for me.


  • Judging by the comments, most everyone is wondering why there is so much cheese in these recipes. Not healthy at all. Makes me want a piece of bread as an alternative to this smh

  • 2 problems. 1. A medium head of cauliflower has as much if not more carbs than 2 slices of bread(depending on the brand). The spliced images in the thumbnail might as well be just be a picture of a regular whole grilled cheese, the carb count is probably almost the same. 2. How can you try to replace carbs by adding things that are not devoid of carbs to something full of carbs? Milk, bread crumbs? There are so many better low carb options. Spinach, asparagus, good god it’s a buzzfeed video and you didn’t pounce on the opportunity to use avocado? Maybe the video title is the misfire but I don’t see how you ‘replace’ carbs with something that in the end, may still give you a good amount of carbs. Maybe this would suit the average dieter, but anyone looking to do extremely low carb or the Keto diet that is all the rage right now, run far far away from these recipes. They are not your friends.

  • This was one of the videos that inspired Buzzfeed to create Tasty. It’s funny seeing old Tasty videos like this before Tasty was Tasty �� hehe

  • This is a banting video where its high fat, med protein, low carbs. Sliced cheese which is processed is a no no. But the cauliflower, cheese and eggs is on the green list for pure banting.

  • Those recipes look delish. I’ve made cauliflower crust pizza twice this week. Now, I’m eager to make the grilled cheese sandwich.

  • This comment section is just painful. For those who DO exercise, if you are looking to lose weight then a low-carb diet is the best. Carbs are made into glycogen, which is your bodies main source of energy. Now normally that’s good, but if you’re looking to burn fat then you want to have as little glycogenin as possible. When you exercise or basically live your body runs on glycogen. But when your body runs out of glycogen then you run off your secondary souce of energy, fat. If you truly want to lose fat at an accelerated rate then a low-carb or keto diet would be quite beneficial.

  • Thank you so much for sharing. I’m a nurse, and i know for a fact if you were my patient, i would probably spend half of my shift listening to you. Lol You have such positive, reassuring energy. Great job on your hard work!!

  • I am also a part of the keto community and have lost a lot of weight but I had trouble in the beginning transitioning from the diet that I was previously on and was looking for a good website to help me and found the keto blueprint @t this blueprint that gets sent directly to your email is the best keto program in America currently and it’s limited time only. So get it now and get recipes sent to your inbox right away and get a step by step blueprint to lose a lot of weight! it helped me a lot so I thought I would share it because it might help someone else out.

  • If you combine Keto with intermittent fasting you’ll really see the weight fly off. I’m already 8 lbs down. I’m sure it’s the water weight that carbs store but I know the fat will soon burn off.

  • New on here and did the old Keto but it never worked. Going to try fast keto and looking forward to your
    Recipes. Need to lose another 60 pounds!

  • It is not Reggiano Parmigiano but the other way around Parmigiano Reggiano! It is like saying Times New York instead of New York Times.

  • Thank you for the details. It seems like it is something so easy to do, but I didn’t even know the details regarding Avocado Oil, the Garlic rule about it being bitter if close to burned etc…. good stuff. thanks

  • I Tried it but it didn’t hold and the crust crumbled and fell apart, unable to handle the wight of the toppings I ended up eating it with a spoon: (

  • Dr Nick and family,
    Great teaching.
    I am also a Medical GP in Melbourne Australia.
    The Keto diet is great to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Fatty Liver, and for Weight Reduction.

    I am slowly converting patients to this now.
    It is a shame we did not know earlier these facts when we were at Medical School.

    Thanks again.

    Nick Sevdalis
    email: [email protected] hotmail.com

  • Love your video. I realized that I was cooking my cauli rice to death. My husband is doing the low carb diet to keep his sugar levels down…the doc scared him with talks of him being borderline diabetic. I would love to see some more flavored cauli rice dishes. Thank you.

  • it is the best-detiled video for the caurlirice, you dont know how many times I tried it and I failed cause I was doing it wrong
    I will try your tips and I am sure it will work

  • I am pretty new to Keto. I am 65, and finally I have found something that is sustainable and it works!! I started my journey August 30th 2019. Today is October 25th, and I’ve lost 25 pounds. At my heaviest when I started, 225, and my goal is attainable!!! I have learned to cook anew, and love it. I also love your vids. You give some really great information and recipes. Thank you

  • Love love love your Chanel, so glad to see your wife on here as well! I have been doing lazy keto for 10 months and have lost 35 pounds, 190lbs-155lbs, my 25th wedding anniversary is coming up in May and my husband and I are headed to Las Vegas, my goal from the beginning was to be able to wear a cute bathing suit and not feel embarrassed! This will be our first summer vacation in a longggg time that I’m so excited about, thanks so much to your Chanel for advice and recipes! I do have a question, what do you recommend naturally without spending a fortune on to add electrolytes to my day, at times I feel light headed and no energy, thinking my sodium is low, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Great video! Love fried cauliflower rice! I like to sprinkle coconut aminos on mine. Gives great flavor! Thanks for all you do to help us all get healthy! God bless you!

  • Hello Dot. I want to thank you for this valuable information. I am also in 45 yrs and 60 pounds over weight. I also was born with heart defects. I was thinking about weight lose surgery but I already have 2 heart surgeries, 2 pelvic surgeries, 1 hand surgery and a breast reduction. You you can see I don’t want another surgery. Please advice me?

  • Enjoyed this. I’ve been at it for about 6 weeks. Glad to see this tonight. I needed it. I’m on page 169 of Taubes’ book.Thank you for sharing.

  • I’ been doing keto for one month and lost 9 pounds, but I have 65 more to go to reach my goal. I love your recipes and I will be trying this one soon. We just bought cauliflower today and will pair it with chicken and flavor with coconut aminos. Your family is adorable and it would be fun to see them join you in the cooking shows.

  • Trying keto but confused were to start I want to lose weight but also build muscle after I get down to 15 percent body fat or better

  • Hey Dr. Nick! Just recently found your channel and I love it! I’m turning 65 next month and want to get healthier. I suffer from way too many gout attacks and hoping the keto lifestyle can change that. With the last attack last month, I had to get several cortisone shots before the pain subsided and I was able to walk again. Just completed my 1st week with keto and 3 pounds down! Your vids are helping me to understand keto and the powerful impact it can have on the body! Thank you so much!

  • How come some sites and macro apps say to avoid all onion and garlic? I love and normally use lots of both but has avoided it since we started keto.??

  • I remember when I first started looking at low carb I was looking for all these replacements, the more I eat animal foods and fat, the less I think of these things.
    I am probably closer to carnivore now, almost all just animal food.
    Just trying to make great sauces for them now.

  • I have another question for you how about coconut sugar better than sweeteners that have aftertaste and not healthy for you? is it lectin free? I have some Balsamic Vinegar �� would this have lectin in it? I really like it it’s good I marinated mushrooms in it after I Fried him for a while and olive oil it was so good. Thank you �� for your help ��

  • If this is a 6 servings recipe.. could I for example use one serving per day and eat it for lunch �� during 6 days???
    And then get another keto recipe for breakfast?
    I only trying eat twice a day, breakfast and lunch.

  • Low carb is amazing for me. I need to go back and stick to it. I was amazing. My body, my skin, my hair, my energy, my everything, I was soooo happy. Hard getting off a sugar addiction. That’s what killed my mojo.
    My boyfriend took me to Denny’s and I fucking ate pancakes. My boyfriend blames himself. He said he shouldn’t have taken me there knowing they have my weakness. But it’s whatever. I didn’t have to pick that but I regretfully did. That day turned into a full on carb day. Couldn’t let it go.
    Now it’s April 2020 and I failed at keto in November of 2019. So since then, I’ve gained all the weight back(duh), gained my acne back, gained my depression and anxiety back, and gained back my low self esteem and all the other shit.
    I’m trying so hard to turn around and get back on the keto wagon. I have a problem of letting people get in the way. I worry about them instead of me. I need to just stop and worrying about my own life and stop trying to make other people’s lives better while mine continues to slowly go down the drain.
    I’m 27 years old, 155 pounds, feel heavier, I feel so old, I’m in pain, I have such a bad mindset towards life all because I can’t worry about my own life. I’m legit everyone’s therapist around me. That keeps me from focusing on me.
    It’s time to change. It’s almost summer and I am NOT going through summer in yoga pants and baggy shirts.

  • Wow…olther look so beautiful…congratilation,ix and olther wasy and all we lose kilos if you make click in the link.


  • That is a very grounded and real feeling video!

    That’s what we have to do! Show the A.I. that we HUMEN are not so bad, as it has shown in the past!

    We are more! You are great! Many Thanks!

    All good thoughts for you and your lovely ones!

  • Check this out: The Ketogenic Lifestyle: A Complete Guide Into The Keto Diet by… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08F3T7D13/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_t1_rMmkFbY3S89DW free for a couple more days!

  • You had me at cauliflower lol! you and your wifey are just so precious. Me and my husband are starting our Keto “lifestyle” diet when I came across your video looking forward to watching more and your recipes of course. So far I have done and watched a lot of your videos on Keto, making preparation and a lot of planning which I think is very important key for success. Is regular cauliflower good enough or buying the organic version is far better?

  • my granny used this>> Instant.Secured.Kim Best Weight loss pill… I highly recommend it everybody who wants to reduce weight without any side effects…

  • I have Hypothyroidism Fibromyalgia Hashimotos and Arthritis and IBS I’ve tried every diet out there I’m at my highest weight at 306 need to lose 150 I’ve done Keto and intermittent fasting low carb Weight watchers in the past with results I run on anxiety and I hardly eat at all and at this weight I don’t have high cholesterol or high blood pressure I don’t buy or eat fast food I have tried a personal trainer and because of my fibromyalgia I had to stop the pain was unbearable. I gained all my weight after my last and 7th child and was because of being on a certain contraceptive and in two years gained 100 pounds and I didn’t have a cycle now I’m in full menopause. After a couple times falling now I now I really had to stick with yoga and also had to do physical therapy.Last summer I tried to do Keto again and walked three miles a day and did it until I landed in the hospital with back issues and sick to my stomach. I still have 4 boys at home and I mostly cook meals that they like and it’s hard for me that I need I’m from Costa Rica and mostly cook from back home like black beans and rice meats and vegetables and my older boys eat really only mostly organic my youngest child has a bad diet of pizza and burgerd but yet he doesn’t eat alot and still really skinny. I usually skip breakfast and have a late lunch and a light dinner as of now with my anxiety it’s hard for me to eat 5 small meals a day and I do have a therapist have had one for years and I still have no appetite regardless can your diet help me I’m tired of my weight I’m 53 and don’t want to die so young I want to watch my kids grow up and grandkids

  • 10 days into this diet and I am so over cauliflower rice, cheese and cream. It is going to be hard going. Cauliflower rice is not rice, it is cauliflower. Being a vegetarian does not help. Glad everyone else is loving it.

  • Took alot of work making this its probably something i won’t make often. However it tasted so amazing! If you craving Pizza and want it to be healthy and have the time to make it this is worth it 100%.

  • Katy’s hair is so shiny and healthy looking it must be partly due to the awesome food that you cook, thank you for sharing the testimony and for this recipe!

  • Eating less + excercise + eating three meals a day and snacks in between meals + looking at the number on the scale = disaster
    Unfortunately, healthcare professionals tell you to do that, including stupid Dietitans.

  • This looks so easy and delicious. I was wondering if you could do some videos of quick and easy no/very low-carbohydrates, dairy-free Paleo recipes! Thank you!:)

  • I don’t like the cauliflower taste, does the rice tastes much of it? I tried to do cauliflower pizza crust and it tasted so much of cauliflower that I could not eat it at all!

  • The most difficult part is getting my husband on board. He keeps so much temptation around the house ����‍♀️����‍♀️ I am so grateful to have found this channel this is BY FAR the best recipe I’ve found. Might be because I love garlic too, but it is just such a flavorful recipe. Thank y’all so much. Blessings, you guys are amazing (BTW we live in Mexico and eating habits are mostly horrible here. I’m new to this lifestyle but after a pre-heart attack at 34 �� this new journey is inevitable. I wish I found a channel with keto friendly Mexican food �� but for now this channel has been a breath of fresh air for me) ������������

  • I love cauli rice and make it often! I will definitely try the Herbs de Provence sounds delicious! �� Definitely looking forward to the cookbook! Your wife is gorgeous! ����So nice to see the support of your beautiful family too. ��

  • Cauliflower now on the grocery list. Always looking for a tasty side to accompany my palm-size protein choice. Did I hear you suggest parmesan cheese in it? Oooh, that sounds so yummy! Thank you for this!!