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That oh-so necessary protein count. Experts recommend squeezing in between 15 and 30 grams of protein per meal, and all too often salads can fall a. An easy way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to simply use a larger ratio of oil, vinegar, or citrus juice to the protein-packed ingredients. 4. Don’t be afraid to use beans. Adding beans to salads might sound kind of weird if you’ve never done it, but once you start, you’ll never go back.

Add fish, the top-ranked food on the satiety index, to your salad for an easy way to eat more protein. Even more, you’ll treat your body to benefits that come from the omega-3 fatty acids in fish, which are beneficial for your blood pressure, bone, and joint health, brain, and eyes. Adding chicken to a salad is one of the easiest ways to pack in a quick protein punch. Round out a nutritious and highly satisfying meal by adding avocado, seeds, fruits, and a.

10 Easy Ways to Add More Plant-Based Protein to Your Salad. 1. Chickpeas. Approximately 6 grams of protein per ½ cup serving. I love adding chickpeas to my salad. They require very little effort and can easily be thrown into any salad for an instant boost of protein. You can use canned chickpeas, or you can cook them yourself if you have. Try some seafood.

Seafood is typically high in protein but low in fat. Most fish and shellfish are a great source of protein, as well as all of the essential amino acids our bodies require. Shrimp (20 grams of protein in three ounces) are low in calories and contain key nutrients like vitamin B12 and antioxidants.

Scallops (17 grams of protein in three ounces) are low fat and a good source of. It’s easy to make salads that are healthy, filling, and delicious. With ingredients that add protein, a salad can be a satisfying meal that will fuel you for your longest day. Meat, take a back seat. Today, we’re packing in the protein thanks to vegetarian sources, like beans, grains, nuts and seeds.

Not only are these protein sources good for the body, but they’re good for our environment, too. So check yourself, Kermit. ‘Cause it’s easier being green than you’ve been leading on. Need proof?

We’ve got it in these 20 protein-packed veggie salads. Salads aren’t always known for being the most filling meal. However, these 20 salad recipes will change that stereotype, and they are sure to make their way into your weekly rotation. With 20 grams (or more) of protein each, you’ll stay full until dinnertime thanks to hearty ingredients like chicken, pork tenderloin, whole grains, salmon, and. To boost the protein content even more, use more protein powder or add peanut butter, almond butter, flaxseeds or chia seeds.

Whey Protein Shake. 8 oz (225 grams) unsweetened almond milk.

List of related literature:

More impressive salads have bases of spinach, arugula, spring mix, or other greens, and incorporate fruits, toasted nuts, raw nuts, creative dressings, choice meats, and every cheese you can name.

“Acid Reflux Diet & Cookbook For Dummies” by Patricia Raymond, Michelle Beaver
from Acid Reflux Diet & Cookbook For Dummies
by Patricia Raymond, Michelle Beaver
Wiley, 2014

For this salad, use two to three chopped, hard-boiled, pastured eggs, a half to a whole avocado, two to three strips cooked and crumbled bacon (organic and pastured), one small tomato, one scallion, a half tablespoon diced almonds or walnuts, half a red onion, and romaine or butter leaf lettuce.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Fortunately, even at a salad’s most basic level, you can take ordinary supermarket ingredients—iceberg lettuce or cabbage, packaged carrots and celery, a few radishes—and with the help of a little extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice or decent vinegar, turn them into something delicious.

“How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Completely Revised Tenth Anniversary Edition” by Mark Bittman
from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Completely Revised Tenth Anniversary Edition
by Mark Bittman
HMH Books, 2017

Shake this mixture up and use as a salad topping; mix with olive oil or hemp oil and fresh lemon or apple cider vinegar for a delicious salad dressing; or eat it straight out of the bag with a spoon for a high-protein snack.

“Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future” by David Wolfe
from Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future
by David Wolfe
North Atlantic Books, 2009

These recipes are perfect for anyone you’d like to help make a smooth transition from salad hater to spinach lover.

“Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body” by Jen Hansard, Jadah Sellner
from Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body
by Jen Hansard, Jadah Sellner
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2015

■ To get extra protein, spread nut butter on fruit, vegetables, or toast; add cheese to sauces, soups, potatoes, or steamed vegetables; and add canned tuna to salads or casseroles.

“Black's Medical-Surgical Nursing, First South Asia Edition” by Malarvizhi S., Renuka Gugan
from Black’s Medical-Surgical Nursing, First South Asia Edition
by Malarvizhi S., Renuka Gugan
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

• Our Latest Favorite: Kitchen scale ingredients are: 10 ounces tofu, 1/2 cup oil, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1172 tablespoons honey, 1/4 cup minced parsley, 2 tablespoons minced dill pickles, 1 tablespoon minced onion, 1/2 teaspoon prepared mustard, 1/2 teaspoon salt.

“Tofu & Soymilk Production: A Craft and Technical Manual” by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
from Tofu & Soymilk Production: A Craft and Technical Manual
by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
Soyfoods Center, 2000

For lunch I make a super seaweed salad (raw and enzyme rich!) with sprouted brown rice proteins, daikon, maca, and cilantro with a raw tahini Dijon-based mustard.

“Fitness Junkie: A Novel” by Lucy Sykes, Jo Piazza
from Fitness Junkie: A Novel
by Lucy Sykes, Jo Piazza
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2017

For example, blanched asparagus spears sliced into tiny rounds and added to a bowl of shredded romaine lettuce, with chopped tarragon and a little arugula for spiciness, make a great starting point for an appetizing and eye-catching salad.

“The Paleo Diet Cookbook: More Than 150 Recipes for Paleo Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks, and Beverages” by Nell Stephenson, Loren Cordain
from The Paleo Diet Cookbook: More Than 150 Recipes for Paleo Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks, and Beverages
by Nell Stephenson, Loren Cordain
HMH Books, 2010

You can mix your salad ingredients in advance, put the protein and the dressing in separate containers, and bring it all to work.

“The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet: Activate Your Body's Natural Ability to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast” by Dr. Mark Hyman
from The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet: Activate Your Body’s Natural Ability to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast
by Dr. Mark Hyman
Little, Brown, 2014

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  • I’ve read an article that says the amount of calories in a specific ingredient changes according to the cooking method you use.

    How do I know how many calories are in a food after cooking it?

    Just an example: let’s say I make a burger and melt some cheese on the top of it, I know how many calories are in the cheese raw, but how do i know the amount that it has after melted?

  • 5 dozen eggs costs 5$ where I live. Gallon of milk 2$. Reading all the comments makes me feel fortunate to be American? I guess! Besides all the racism and prejudice?

  • a little under 2 cents per protein?

    A little under 5 cents per protein…?

    It feels like your asking questions or about to say something else…

  • Thank you! I’m really struggling hitting my protein and for me it’s the most important. The closer I hit that macro every day, the better I feel!

  • I purchase 2 rotissiere chickens from my local grocery store and snack on chicken all week. $14 investment for a week’s worth of good and tasty protein!

  • can I suggest, when you make a video to make things visible, i cant see any of those proteins what they are without audio. some people watch these videos at work, or cannot use the sound, so we just watch, not even one of those cans is visible what it actually is.

  • I remember my mum always making various vinaigrette sauces for our salads but she never added the zests (let’s be honest, kids don’t like anything flowing in the sauce) but now, I am adding some pretty much every time:D Also, such a great concept to use dates as a sweetener! Will have to try it out next time!
    Also, lemon-tahini dressing is probably my go-to not only for salads ;D So delicious( I love tahini so much I sometimes just eat it with a spoon XD) and incredibly simple to make!

  • I’ve been vegan going on 8 years or so, and I think it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! But when I see some vegan recipe videos they’re either very bland, or super junk food. It’s nice to see someone making healthy food taste amazing! And I’m actually learning new tips and tricks!

  • yum yum..i loathe shop bought dressings… you dont know what they put in em but gross for sure n yes always think outside the box.keeps life interesting hee hee..i love my salads..i made one last night as warmer weather cant beat a fresh salad n i roasted butternut squash with chili flakes… garlic salt pepper n popped chic peas n greens etc.it was a deeeelight… never just have greens n raw…too many awesome veggies out there to play with…great video never thought of raw fennel…genius ����


  • Jahnes love Kristina. Wow!!! I gotta try this recipe. And I gotta get a Kuvings! OMG! Mufasa has grown soo much! Your hair is almost pass your butt! Blessed love.

  • Love these salad!! Would of love a close up view and less talking but i understand about letting us know the benefits of the foods..which is a win also! So thank you��

  • I’m interested to see more dishes, that incorporate soaked beans… Is that possible??? It would still be fully raw, correct??? So many questions ��

  • thank you for the recipes,but you did not name the liquid in the dark brwon bottle in the first salad recipe it looks like olive oil is that what it is? I always enjoy your channel you bring so much useful content! ( Judy )

  • Why do people keep talking about Greek yoghurt? I am not familiar with it, but I saw two-three packs in the supermarket here in Germany and the protein content wasn’t that much. I buy grained cheese (which I know isn’t yoghurt, but it is better in protein content than the available cottage cheese) and quark

  • If you’re living in western or north-western Europe, look up Quark in your local store, amazing source of casein and really cheap.

  • Have you tried dprioutjgn super seeds such as broccoli sprouts or alfalfa seeds? They are the MOST micronutrient rich and great to add to salads

  • Short, sweet, and to the pointyou’ve earned a like my friend.

    I’m surprised that you didn’t mention chicken breast though. It’s probably the best bang for your buck in terms of protein.

  • except I am now carb sensitive and can’t do very much in the way of carbs so no beans or lentils for me, I was doing a 90% vegan diet but had to give that up to get rid of the carbs because it’s very carby

  • I’m one year one two months a vegan yayyy!!! wish I have those super power blenders though ������ sending love and light from Miami Florida ������

  • Too Much Fish = Mercury Poisoning
    Dairy Products = Stomach Issues
    Eggs = Erectile Dysfunction

    Beans and lentils are fine. Anything else is questionable

  • I heard a few friends talking about the diet “loli special plan” and made the decision to Google it for myself. It has completely improved my life for the better. I lost 17.8 pounds.

  • Speaking of protein, have you had any experience with TVP? I’ve recently started using it as a meat substitute on days I want to go meatless but I feel a little apprehensive and don’t know why.

  • I’ve never considered topping my salads with dill, such a great idea!
    P.s. let’s take a minute to appreciate the colour of your jumpsuit, it looks SO good on you. Have you ever heard about colour analysis? I’m not an expert at all but I assume you are a “deep winter”… that turquoise is definitely included in your colour palette
    ( https://www.instagram.com/p/B7qWf76IE77/?igshid=1nhh0w4ab0u8o).
    Colour analysis is a huge trend here in Italy, hoping you will find it useful ❤️

  • Made all three dressings right now and they are all amazing!! Can’t pick a favorite cause they all have a different flavor. Seriously love them all!! Easy to make too.

  • I am starting intermittent fasting again. I had a rest from it. I came across this video and I must say the Host Ed Mylett and his guest Dr Ian Smith are both humble and gracious people. I appreciate your interview. fantastic!!

  • I made the salad with apple and Gorgonzola and poppy seed dressing last week. It was awesome and very filling… I can’t wait to try the other 2 soon!! Thanks for these great ideas!!!!

  • Girls should never ever use weights on their arms a lot.bulking up takes your boobs away.all gym nuts have fake boobs.look at their bony chests in the middle of their boobs.just do regular exercises.train the rest of your body not arms with weights.
    Fat moves from boobs to side then you look like a man.

  • incorrect 12 hours aint shit fat burning dont start till the 17th hour….i been on IF for 3 years in a row now…….if your rellly fat like the average american is than 12 wont do shit……

  • This is a blessing especially this one ( Don’t do things becouse it’s expected of you ) omg this is great message God bless you guys

  • It really works Iost over 40 lbs. Now I do eat pizza but only gluten free and with vegetables only. I was told that if you do not go to the bathroom within 2 to 4 hours then your body is having a hard time breaking it down. This rule has worked for me. I get a lot of compliments and ask me how I am getting younger.

  • This issue of water before and after meals is quite confusing for me, here dr Ian says you can have your water just before your meal, have heard from other sources that taking water shortly before meals dilutes the digestive juices!!!so now which is which?

  • Most of his “advice” is great. I am not sure about drinking water right before you eat because that dilutes your stomach acids. That’s why it’s best not to drink during meals. Best is to drink 20 minutes before and 20 minutes after, perhaps, if you want/need.

  • I loved this. I was looking for information on intermediate fasting and ended up getting more than what I originally came for. This conversation was so intriguing, I will definitely be adding this book to my reading list.
    Awesome segment, Thank you gentleman.

  • Clean eating and salads have been and are my lifestyle choice with green juice for almost 10years now…love all these options.. please do more cooking videos xxxx

  • I’m trying to add more plant based option to my diet, and I am binging your videos for tasty ideas!!! Thank you! Also where do you get your bowls from? They are so cute and I love the variety!

  • Awesome page we have your book. I like the instant pot you got me to like store bought greens. New friend. I subscribed.������

  • There are no essential carbs. I have never been healthier with more energy since ceasing carbs. You have no understanding of Keto. Some people can’t process carbs without becoming inflamed. You have a lot to learn.

  • Love these ideas. It is ready menu for vegans like me. I made a nice chart for my family and friends so they can pick and choose any dressing from three, choose any fresh veg, crunch and fresh herbs. Brilliant!

  • My second comment after watching / absorbing this info a few times 1. When knowledge speaks it comes across much clearer and concise as opposed to internet bros who think they know something. 2. Host genuinely interested in the point of view and didn’t get in the way. 3. Made me more motivated to chase a better lifestyle for myself. Great job

  • Wow!! what an interesting interview. This is my first time watching your program, but not my last. Got a lot of information. Keep it up!

  • Just came across your channel and I’m loving it! Finding easy and tasty ways to eat healthy is the hardest thing for me. Keep up the awesome content!

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  • i’m sorry but you talk way too much, i’d like to see the recipe and the video to be a bit shorter and cut off the useless stuff + pls film closer so we can see from a better angle

  • Excellent interview! I enjoyed every minute. Thank you Dr. Ian for all your knowledge on eating healthier. You life experience..going to College,,talking about your single mother raising 2sons( I have 3 ) I’m so glad to hear that you’re a God fearing Man! God Bless you mightily! You Guys conversation was on point. My sister and niece were trying to do keto…l knew it wasn’t the best for them to do. So I shared your interview just now. Thank you so much. You’ve truly inspired me to lose weight without feeling miserable about doing it. Take care! ����

  • Wonderful interview gentlemen! Full of golden nuggets; practical advice and precious anecdotes. ‘ll look forward to the next one:)

  • I just recently began my vegan journey, i don’t have my period for almost 5 years and i should take medication every single day and i don’t want to do drugs technically..will i ever getmy period back on vegan healthydiet?

  • You are such a lovely Nut! The chickpea episode cracked me up! And great at presenting yummy, nutritious food that’s not too complicated. Thank you!

  • Well, update. Dr. Smith is a shill. He has evidently signed a deal with the devil and now it’s come back to bite him. He sold his soul for ‘success’. Intelligent guy. Pizza in New York? Rainbow Cake Chicago Bulls? I knew something was out of place. Hope it was worth is Dr. Smith. IT. ALL. ENDS. SOON. THIS -> https://twitter.com/DrIanSmith/status/1288120209669152768

  • Mr. Mylett and Dr. Smith. I don’t know either one of you. Until now, I had never even seen either one of your faces. BRAVO! THIS video I just forwarded onto my three sons as a MUST WATCH (17, 14, 12) -> “Fellas,… a MUST WATCH… from start to finish… don’t miss the end!!” Thank you so much.

  • Dr. Smith I am over weight. I broke my back & lost 20% of my height.
    I am way older than U R so I have almost no hormones.
    My Leptin, insulin & cortisol R messed up.
    I can’t afford to see a Functional Doctor, so can’t get tested.
    I know about Dr. Westin Childs who isn’t covered by my insurance & is in Az.
    I am in Ca.
    The only way I ever lost the deep fat which is in my belly.
    I am in so much pain via AS,OA,FM COPD & the diabetes issues..
    So I can’t exercise due to excruciating pain.
    I do try to fast. have no problem not eating for hours, but I am not losing any weight.
    I do walk as best I can when the pain isn’t so bad I can’t take a step.
    So how can I ever lose a lb??

    I’m really at the end of my rope.
    I eat pretty clean. I don’t eat much processed food.
    I eat some fresh fruit,some meat,fish, & veggies.
    Very little dairy. Some eggs & some lactose free cream or nut milks.
    I try to drink as much water as I can,but I have bladder issues meaning I must go to the bathroom every 10 mins.
    Anyhow hope U have some ideas for me…
    I am on my own in horrific pain 24/7 so doing most things R such a chore.
    I do take supplements.
    What has me confused is should I take bio identical hormones, NMN, HGH or other things to put my body back into my younger years?

  • Google “lyly amazing guide” to get the best diet plan in the world. It quickly delivers incredible results to users. I’ve already slipped 10 lbs in less than 7 days.

  • Finally, someone else touts the wonderful flavor of dill! I’ve been making DILLicious salads and soups for years and haven’t seen anyone else mention it.
    Woo hoo. Get your fill of dill!
    Thanks doc!

  • He is correct about the upper crust. They are very sly devious and cunning. Fueled by ego greed lust for power and control. Sone of the worst traits in a man.

  • Great interviewee authentic and informative. And a great interviewer brilliant to see such humility and courtesy towards the guest. Refreshing for YouTube!

  • I just found your channel the other day and I’m enjoying your videos so much. The recipes look delicious and aren’t just a repeat of what every vegan channel puts out. And your personality is lovely! Can’t wait to try some of your recipes to mix up my rotation. Especially some Indian ones, that always seems like an overwhelming genre of food to cook.

  • I made the second and third ones and they are SOOOO GOOODDDD. Thank you! This will help my weight loss journey. It’s so easy for salads to taste plain and gross but these are yummers!!!!

  • These look soooo good! I have been looking for recipe’s for salads… these are perfect.
    A really good salad I discovered is a romain, pear, pecan and goat cheese salad with poppy seed dressing. Really good!

  • Hi these look delicious, can’t wait to try them and thank you, thank you, thank you for including the ingredients! I didn’t have to stop and start the video multiple times to write them all down. Great tip to share with others. Thanks again:-)

  • Great Informative Video! Here’s a Suggestion Hey, I have been having good weight loss success on my new Shake meal program! Takeahealthjump.com I have been losing more inches however, lots of Brain Energy! All you need to do is try 1 bag to become a believer! I recommend the CORE (Whey) or VPro (Plant Based)! No Soy or Sucralose!

  • Kristina, eating some vegetables like peppers do not set me well, and if the vegetables are hard is difficult for me to chew, I cannot eat big portions. I have lost many pounds, not as strong as I would like to be. I feel very hungry sometimes. What about soups, I love soups. Any recipes. I am a senior aged person.

  • Hi Carah thank you so much for the information.
    Just wondering how you store your salads before making them. I’ve read so much about so many different ways.
    Also say if you prep your salad the night before will tomatoes and cucumber make it doggy. So perhaps I should put them in just before eating.
    Also I’ve read some people put Fritos in. Are they different that tortilla chips or Doritos? Thanking you in advance.
    Kindest regards

  • I was listening to your thoughts on Keto. Now I have studied Keto and I do it with intermittent fasting and do also have a cheat day where I do a larger amount of Carbs on that day. Now I try my best to avoid added sugars etc but do do some fruits as well I do 16-18 hours a day fasting and find that I have all the energy under the sun I need The body does not need high sugar and the brain needs Ketones more than Glucose as Ketones are a much cleaner source of energy. Further the Keto diet is not high protein it is moderate Protein high healthy fats and low Net Carbs. I do consume low carb veggies on my keto days but do not exceed 20 grams which is a lot of spinach for example and just avoid starchy veggies. The starchy veggies are for the cheat days.

  • Where do you get the balsamic reduction dressing? That is the best idea ever. Went to kroger and better health and couldnt find it. ❤���� Well what isle is it in then if its at any grocery store? I looked in the salad dressing isle.

  • Do you use the whole lemon on the southwest salad or just half I couldn’t tell.. and the poppy seed dressing they show on the next one is my favorite dressing in the whole world i eat carrots dipped in it all the time

  • I am making this for dinner tonight and for work tomorrow, along with some cilantro lime shrimp lettuce wraps. Thanks for sharing.

  • Salad season!!! (I know, salads year round but in season makes it better). We have made our own salad dressings for years. Thanks for sharing what many of us already do (and providing a few more tricks) and sharing it with the world. Excellent video to remind, inspire and entertain us. Viewers if you haven’t already tried any of these ideas or are just getting into salads this is a great time to start. All these tips take a salad from a side to a meal!!!

  • Hah, guy on the rights going on about eating a slice of pizza or a burger now and sign. WHAT ABOUT THE FUCKING ROIDS he’s PUMPING!!!!
    Fuck me……..why am I alone here?

  • This was EXACTLY the video I was looking for! Thankyou! these are REAL people salads. You saved my week. I’m so tired of the same lettuce-cucumber-tomato salad I eat every single day. God bless you!

  • What a fabulous video Nisha!! So much yumminess going on. I can’t get enough of well balanced salads, especially with all the flavours & textures combined. Thanks for sharing all these creative ideas. Loved the chickpea moment �� xx Julie

  • I just started to eat vegetables after 15 years. I started with a bowl of iceberg lettuce and carrots. Hopefully I can work my way up to this level soon lol.

  • I prep roasted vegetables or tabouli and add that to any kind of salad. If you have nothing prepped you can add a spoonfull of hummus, roasted peppers from a jar or beans to make it more filling.
    I used to eat those light salads and I hated it. It could never replace a meal until I starter adding things I liked.

  • I went to the grocery store and got the ingredients for these salads and some of your other recipes in other videos. I just made the Gorgonzola apple salad and my husband loved it, we can’t wait to try the others. Thank you!

  • I made the Gorgonzola and apple salad for lunch today. It’s awesome �� I used candied pecans and I did all your recommendations including the fini. That stuff is a game changer!!! Thanks for sharing:)

  • This is what I don’t understand, isn’t this not considered low fat? I want to build muscle on a 80/10/10 diet (big booty and a juicy man chest) But, to build muscle you will need more protein which = higher fat. Please help!

  • These look so yummy! I don’t know if I missed it or what, but you changed your wedding ring! Is it yellow gold? It looks pretty! Did something happen to your original one or did you just feel like changing it up? Just curious:)

  • As an aspiring vegan and weight losser (weight loser? is that a word?), I swear this is the most helpful video I’ve ever seen on the internet. Thank you! How long can I store the homemade dressing in the fridge?

  • Please do more cooking videos. I feel like you don’t make complicated recipes and your food is usually quicker to make which is perfect for a lazy cook like me.

  • For your dressing you use Apple Cider Vinegar and is it Olive Oil? If so, what is a good Olive Oil to use. I take a capful of Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning but if I can use it as a salad dressing that would be awesome!

  • I make 3 different healthy salad dressings on the weekend and they last me a month in the fridge (tahini dressing, a miso dressing, and a balsamic vinegarette). I don’t know why, but I feel like the salad dressing is the biggest pain in making salads for me. I also prepare quinoa and cut up veggies. I feel like toasted nuts on a salad is a game changer. Loved this video!!

  • I so agree! Put more thought into making salads. If you would spend $13 dollars for a salad when you are out, why would you not try something close to that at your home. (things I like in salads: bell peppers, orange or red, chick peas, pumpkin or sunflower seeds) I love Sweet Greens but I don’t go too often as they are expensive.

  • In Austria we always put pumpkin seed oil over everything especially salads u should try it too:

    To your organic salad with mixed veggies of choice(tomato, cucumber etc.)
    mix ASV with some olive oil or linseed oil and pumpkin seed oil with little bit of Himalayan salt and black pepper and pour it over the salad
    Ad some seeds like sunflower, chia or sesame seeds too

    It tastes amazing I promise!

  • awesome vid man, more like these. a video on meal prep ideas for a weeks worth of food would be good. (sorry if youve already done one on that)

  • I totally agree. He looks ten years younger! I definitely look ten years younger when I am my skinniest and strongest too. Thank God for intermittent fasting. No more yo yo dieting.

  • I am assuming that the other bottle (you used it in the first salad) is olive oil correct? Great salad ideas I plan to make them all!!!

  • Love your channel! I’ve been loving arugula, very flavorful. This video inspired me to make more salads. Thank you! (Loved the chickpeas part, lol).

  • Sooo interesting. I practiced intermedient fasting for years. As soon as Co vid began, I was thrown out of whack. I panicked. Now, 20 lbs. overweight, I realize, duh go back to the basics again. I always maintained no eating after 7 pm., no refined sugar. Thank you so much for this interview. I was almost going to try Nutri System. Processed food, high sugar content.

  • I love your videos! Thanks for giving us salad options, But 7:29 Fats are the slowest source of energy but the most energy-efficient form of food. No the quickest source of energy like you said.

  • Do you massage your kale before eating it in salads? I prefer my kale in smoothies, steamed or cooked, I just dislike how tough it can be in raw form!

  • This is a colorful and beautiful salad!
    Appetite is inspired by colorful vegetables!
    Yummy. Very healthy:D
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  • Question about ACV, I’ve read and heard it’s too acidic to eat or drink (in shots alone or mixed in with water) is it really that bad for our teeth or body? I really love using it, but I try to limit my usage, just in case. Really great idea with different cuts of veggies, I do the same. For my salads sometimes I love to use salt-free seasonings (like Mrs. Dash) to give a little flavor either in my dressing or on the salad itself. I also love to put oregano or rosemary too!

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  • Hi Dr. Mona, like you I have mastered how to bulk out a salad to make it a nutritionally substantial meal, and one of my favorite little tips is I sometimes use a tablespoon of hummus (I vary up the flavor because it keeps it interesting) and I use that as a salad dressing base mixed well with lots of lemon or lime, and a little extra virgin olive oil. It add a ton of flavor and makes it more a creamy tasting dressing (without any dairy to get it to a creamy consistency). For those that include fish in their diet, when I’m in a rush and want a kick of protein I add a package of tuna in water to the top of a salad. It works nicely with pretty much any veggie and/or grain like brown rice and quinoa.

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  • Ed, you’re a wonderful interviewer! You listen more than speak, and when you do speak, you are sincere, eater to learn, you lift people up. Thank you for your enthusiasm to better yourself.


    Here are my fav salads:

    1. Strawberry spinach salad
    -sliced strawberries
    -sliced toasted almonds
    -2tsp balsamic vinegar
    -1tbsp maple syrup
    -1tbsp olive oil
    I sometimes add blueberries to this one too.

    2. Roasted sweet potato salad
    -roasted cubed sweet potato tossed in olive oil, salt and a bit of cinnamon
    -spinach or lettuce
    -toasted walnuts or pecans
    -pomegranate seeds
    -chopped basil
    -1tbsp olive oil
    -salt & pepper to taste
    You could add crumbles goat cheese to this.

    2. Broccoli or kale salad
    -broccoli or kale (or both)
    -sliced almonds
    -dried cranberries
    -diced red onion
    -3 tbsp mayo
    -2tbsp white vinegar
    -1 1/2 tbsp sugar
    -salt & pepper to taste
    If you use broccoli, this salad won’t wilt, even when converted in dressing!

    4. Mandarin salad (very similar to her asian salad)
    -purple cabbage
    -sugar snap peas
    -grated carrot
    -chow mein salad noodles
    -cashews or peanuts
    -1 strained can of mandarin slices or 1-2 fresh mandarins
    -1 1/2 tbsp olive oil
    -1/2tsp sesame oil
    -1 lime, juiced
    -1 grated garlic clove
    -1/2 inch grated ginger
    -salt & pepper to taste
    Sweet and sour and just delicious!

    These are my go-to salads.

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    Weight loss is best done with frequent heathy meals and exercise.

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