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Dietary supplements include such ingredients as vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and enzymes. Dietary supplements are marketed in forms. 11 Powerful Antiaging Skin-Care Ingredients You Should Know. And why derms love them.

However, as these medications are more potent than over-the-counter options, they can also cause more. B12 is found in practically every energy supplement in the world for very good reason – it is absolutely vital for proper energy metabolism! Everything is always as it should be – potent ingredients, large doses, and everything backed by real science. Learn more about Performance Another popular option is a potent B6 supplement. The main ingredients include D-Aspartic acid (lots of it!), oyster extract (which contains large concentrations of zinc), ZMA (a combo of zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6) and other potent ingredients such as fenugreek, Vitamin D and K, and Panax Ginseng.

4. Sanitizing technique matters. Hand sanitizer works best when used correctly. Apply the recommended amount to the palm of your hand (make sure it’s enough to cover the entire surface of both hands) and distribute the sanitizer all over, paying special attention to the fingertips, “because that’s where you touch most other things,” Larson says.

Fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, and dairy products contain it as well, Jessica Cording, a registered dietitian in New York City, tells Allure, and so do some vegetables like sweet potatoes, spinach. 2. Upsides. Active against a wide range of bacteria including some gram negative and positive bacteria, anaerobes, and some parasites (such as Balantidium coli and Entamoeba species).; May be used in the treatment of various infections such as those occurring in the respiratory tract, genitourinary area, sinuses, and on the skin; some examples includ. Supplements may seem like cutting-edge science, but they have been around for centuries. promising “pure and potent bioavailability” which sounds pretty damn cool. There were so many more.

1. How it works. Prednisone is a corticosteroid that is used to reduce inflammation and calm down an overactive immune system. Its glucocorticoid activity is greater than its mineralocorticoid activity, which means that it has more effects on the immune response and inflammation than it does on electrolytes and fluid.

(Note: This form of vitamin D is considered okay for vegetarians because the animals are not killed, but vegans should find alternative sources of vitamin D — more on that below.) What it does: We call it a vitamin, but vitamin D is actually a hormone that influences more than 3,000 different genes in your body and almost every type of human.

List of related literature:

And one review concluded, for instance, that for blood pressure control “a very large body of evidence supports the use of potassium, L-arginine, vitamins C and D, cocoa flavonoids, beetroot juice, some probiotics, coenzyme Q10, controlled-release melatonin, aged garlic extract.”44 5.

“Alternative Medicine: A Critical Assessment of 150 Modalities” by Edzard Ernst
from Alternative Medicine: A Critical Assessment of 150 Modalities
by Edzard Ernst
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For example, the common term “dietary supplement” may refer to a large range of ingredients including vitamins, minerals, botanical and/or herbal products (concentrates, metabolites, constituents, and extracts), fish oils, amino acids, glucosamine, creatine, and essential fatty acids [6].

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
from Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices
by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
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Typically, supplements are substances, or analogs of substances, commonly found in foods and/or made in the human body such as amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, lecithin, creatine, carnitine, and ascorbic acid.

“Advanced Human Nutrition” by Robert E.C. Wildman, Denis M. Medeiros
from Advanced Human Nutrition
by Robert E.C. Wildman, Denis M. Medeiros
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While the majority of these products are not supported by robust evidence, there are five (caffeine, creatine, nitrate/beetroot juice, beta-alanine and bicarbonate) which may contribute to performance gains, according to the event, the specific scenario of use and the individual athlete’s response [74].

“Triathlon Medicine” by Sergio Migliorini
from Triathlon Medicine
by Sergio Migliorini
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The legislation created a new category of food by specifically defining dietary supplements to include the following dietary ingredients: vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, or other “dietary substance[s] for use by man to supplement the diet by increasing the total dietary intake.”

“Hayes' Principles and Methods of Toxicology” by A. Wallace Hayes, Claire L. Kruger
from Hayes’ Principles and Methods of Toxicology
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Supplements generally are composed of one or more of the following: a vitamin, a mineral, an herb or other botanical, an amino acid, a dietary supplement that raises the total daily intake; a concentrate, metabolite, constituent, or extract; or a combination of the last four ingredients.

“Burns' Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, Nancy Barber Starr, Margaret A. Brady, Nan M. Gaylord, Martha Driessnack, Karen Duderstadt
from Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care E-Book
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These include certain phytochemicals (page 260); the minerals selenium, manganese, copper, and zinc (chapter 6) as part of specific enzymes; vitamins C and E; and the carotenoids that the body coverts to vitamin A (page 233).

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
from Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition
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The ULS for vitamin E, niacin, and folate apply to synthetic forms obtained from supplements, fortified foods, or a combination of the two.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
from Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition
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More than 50% of the multiple supplement users took a multivitamin, B complex, vitamin C, carotenoids, vitamin E, calcium/vitamin D, fish oil, flavonoids, lecithin, with resveratrol, glucosamine, alfalfa, and a CoQ herbal 10 immune supplement.

“A Guide to Evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine” by Vicki Kotsirilos, Luis Vitetta, Avni Sali
from A Guide to Evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine
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Supplement information is primarily for botanicals.)

“Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book” by Robert E. Rakel
from Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book
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  • Thank you for this really interesting information. I want to buy her book now:)
    I have been following the PP life style since January and also read the Longevity Paradox. It has been a game changer for me, thank you so much!

    Could you let me know what you think about eating pumpkin flowers? Thanks


    The study and its analysis is ongoing, but key results of the study retrieved in 2008 are:

    • Lowered sodium from salt intake, high potassium from fruit and vegetable consumption promote healthy blood pressure levels

    • High physical activity, involving some high impact activities is a good indicator of longevity and low risk of bone fractures

    • High dietary fibre protects against bowel cancer

    • Obesity increases a number of cancer risks

    • High levels of sex hormones increase risk of breast cancer

    • Increased fat intake increases the risk of breast cancer

    • Increases in eating fruit and vegetables reduces the risk from all causes of an early death

    • High blood glucose levels are associated with increased risk of heart disease

    • The combined impact of four behaviours – not smoking, being physically active, moderate alcohol intake and the consumption of at least five fruit and vegetable servings a day – was estimated to amount to 14 additional years of life (Khaw et al. 2008)

    Subsequent findings from 2012 and 2013 are:

    • Dietary flavonoid intake is associated with reduced gastric carcinoma risk in women but not men[2]

    • Regular consumption of processed meat increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and death from cancer[3]

  • I noticed her well-manicured nails. Ladies, DON’T get those gel nails or any of those other nails provided in manicure salons. Especially those that require lights to “cure”. Consistent exposure to this process will affect your autoimmune disease negatively, but you won’t necessarily realize it, and when you give it up you will find at least one or more of your nails will be permanently damaged. Give it up as soon as you can.

  • Dr. Gundry I’m a pesto vegetarian. I’ve read your book the ‘plant paradox’ and I tried to the 3days program of the first step but I don’t feel that good. my heart rate was so fast the next morning of the first day. but I didn’t give up and did it continue. but today in the morning, I couldn’t getup my heart rate was faster than the first day and no energy, bigger belly also stool was not pretty (Yesterday was the first day of the 2 weeks program). so I ate rice and kimchi and dessert bread with kiwi and ramen ( these are all lectin food). and then I feel got better.
    My husband is going good but I’m not.
    I don’t know how to do.
    I want your opinion, please.

  • This is so informative! I’ve been so confused and overwhelmed trying to figure out just how to take care of my skin and reverse damage so thank you! But there’s one thing that I’m not able to understand or wrap my head around.

    Why do you want to keep your skin guessing by switching different brands for products once it’s gone (based off of the ingredients that you’re looking for) vs. buying products again once it runs out?

    Also if you’re not wearing any makeup in this video how are you able to look like you have eye makeup it looks great!

    Thanks Dr. Kappal!

  • WATCH ��: Eating Celery Every Day For A Week Will Do This To Your Body https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nGJ6sd2rxk&list=PL_fl96m7OLQWTg82q3ImUs2xVqdBNsjwL&index=6

  • Thank-you so much Dr. Gundry for all your podcasts and this quite special one with Liana Werner-Gray! I’m going to purchase her book.

  • My mom is brca1 triple negative and had breast cancer. All her cousins and mother had it as well, and did chemo and radiation and all of them came back two and three times and most didn’t live through it. My mom didn’t not do chemo or radiation which the doctors highly recommended and tried scare tactics in an attempt to get her to do it but she prevailed and did not. She is now 8 years cancer free and thriving for natural methods.

  • Dr Gundry, when you do a revision or write a new recipe book would you please give baking and cooking instructions for oven use? I agree with your guest about microwaves and won’t even be caught down wind of one, let alone allow one in my kitchen. On the tomatoes and quinoa, and your whole lectin awareness message, I agree with you 100%! You’re the best!  
    Lovely and fun guest! Thanks a million…..

  • Hi Stefani! Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I can’t afford to see a dermatologist so this really helped me develop my skin care routine.

    I have a question. Will a sunscreen be as effective if the titanium and zinc oxide combined makes up atleast 8%? I’m looking for a cheaper alternative to Elta MD, but I’m having issues finding another transparent sunscreen where just one of the values is high enough.

  • I learned a lot on this video about aha & glycolic acid. I have age spots on my face and more on my hands. I have never used anything to lighten the spots because I thought it would lighten all my skin not just the age spots. Thanks so much for this video. ☺

  • I hate fish! I can’t find a supplement that doesn’t taste like it. What to do? Also, can we just take a multivitamin? I know that doesn’t include Omega 3, Green Tea, Probiotics, and collagen, but it does have a, c, d, and others? I just want to feel healthier and even though I cook, I found out the my vitamin d levels were so low ( literally 4.6 where it should have been anywhere from 20,000-100,000) and now am taking d3 supplements. At first at high doses, but now at 1000 IU. Also, what about CoQ-10? I get so confused with what I’m supposed to take that I have a cocktail of vitamins that made me sick from the amount of intake I once was using. Not even sure if I need Biotin, but it’s in my daily pile. I’m so concerned about my skin, I didn’t realize that I’m actually causing more problems. I avoid the sun for this reason!

  • I stopped taking statins eventually after a number of years following heart bypass. My LDL has risen to 4.66 my HDL 1.49 and triglycerides are 1.29 ( mmol/L.). I take D3 and Omega 3 fish oil. Should I include K2

  • K2 is found in pretty decent amounts in cheese (the older and fatter, the better, from cows milk) and fermented meats like prosciutto. Just have a serving of something like this every day and you’re good to go. The reason people used to be able to get enough K2 is because they used to eat fermented (aged) meat in between hunting periods.

  • I’m an avid gardener and honestly I am SO thrilled that Dr Youn is making the connection between how the fruits and vegetables we eat today are much less nutrient-dense and how it correlates to the supplements we need to stay healthy. Well done.

  • Great content, ultra informative without being to technical. Could you do a video on when to take your vitamins and supplements, especially when fasting so as not to break a fast?

  • Have You ever used Guar gum? What did you use it for? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ��

  • At 12:30, she suggests that microwaved foods are risky due to radiation. In that case, if you can receive a broadcast signal of AM or FM radio or a TV signal, or shortwave or ham radio. Or Wi-Fi, or have a wireless mouse, or keyboard or blue tooth, or walk within a few kilometres of a cell tower, or use a cell phone, you and your food are bathed in non-ionizing radiation. The sun emits radiation. Every light bulb of any type emits electromagnetic radiation yet we turn them on and let the light touch us and our food. Even oven or stove elements emit black body radiation to heat things. We live in electromagnetic pollution with powerlines and house wiring and electronics that emit incidental electromagnetic radiation. There are many things to fear but a microwave oven exciting water molecules is very low on my list. People who throw out the term radiation without context and without understanding that a probable majority of viewers will conflate ionizing radioactivity with electromatic radiation should probably keep their mouths clamped firmly shut. She clearly thinks that a microwave has some kind of ionizing radioactive affect on foods and that simply isn’t true.

  • I am 68 and have no wrinkles or spots on my face. My photo with no makeup except lip gloss is this year. For 35 years, I have taken fish oil capsules (that stay in my refrigerator). I am also a big advocate of exercise to make the skin glow. Only in the past couple years have I began drinking green tea daily. I also eat no sugar or processed foods or fast foods. I do fasting for autophagy as well. I also never use any topical solutions on my face and exfoliate a few times each week with my clarisonic. Very interesting video.

  • Recognized you from Brianna’s channel. Congrats on having your own. What would you recommend for someone with dermatosis papulosa nigra?

  • I bought them all! Been taking them for almost a week now. I feel great! Been doing keto for two months also. Down 22 pounds:) 30 more to go.

  • Sunscreen is very important to ward off freckles, spots, and wrinkles. Since using sunscreen daily I no longer get darkened spots and freckles.

  • If you have any social life at all, it’s next to impossible to eat right. Most of my friends don’t seem to care, so they eat out at restaurants and and have me over for dinner, only to be fed crap (but tasty) food. It’s been a real challenge.

  • Hi Dr. What about Lypo-Sphwric Vitamin C
    It has 1000 mg Vit. C
    1000mg Essential Phospholiplds. I take this once a day. Is this enough Vit C???? Ty

  • Good for Dr. Gundry for biting his tongue when she said she fried the chicken in olive oil… not the best oil for frying. Great episode nonetheless!:)

  • Hey Thomas, love you’re channel! I love that you go in depth with the science of it all in all your videos.

    I take a multivitamin (Pure Encapsulations Nutrient 950). The serving size is 3 capsules. For those 3 capsules you get most of your vitamins and minerals at different amounts. Some well over your RDA and some just under. I always wondered whether I should take all 3 at the same time or just take 1 at every meal to spread out the vitamins & minerals since I know that certain minerals cancel out the other due to transoort site competition. Any thoughts on this?

  • U should talk about fillers and Botox u can tell u use them doc!! It will be more interesting to hear about this and how they work and if there safe!! Thank u

  • ….Dr. G., my bottle of Lectin Shield has Date Of Manufacture of ; March 2018. Is that okay to use within ONE year……..or TWO year after that date?

  • Thomas, it seems everybody has a vitamin line and you can buy them everywhere. I am surprised you don’t have a keto vita pack with someone that I can just click a link and get these vitamins. It seems I have been searching different sites to compare price and amounts along with days worth. I would love to get you a kickback and make it easy for me. Love the videos.

  • The advantage of being a famous MD: you get lovely and smart young ladies as guests… �� interesting experience, solution and video overall! ��

  • Thank you for another informative and interesting video. I especially appreciate. learning about growth factors. I’m still a bit on the fence there but I like how well you’ve explained it. xx

  • What are you faves in the Skin Better line for your beauties over 60? Would like to purchase 1-2 products to begin with. Thanks ❤️

  • What about occlusives like beeswax balms or petroleum jelly to barrier seal all the good stuff onto your skin? I’ve heard such conflicting advice about petroleum jelly. It’s either rated as great or deadly. What’s your opinion and had you done a video on this subject already maybe?:)

  • Great thorough info from Dr. Youn. I strongly recommend taking high science supplements from Usana…a great way to stay young looking and healthy with an opportunity to build another income stream. FYI: Usana probiotics don’t need refrigeration. Visit me at upstreamdream.usana.com