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Dietary supplements include such ingredients as vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and enzymes. Dietary supplements are marketed in forms. 11 Powerful Antiaging Skin-Care Ingredients You Should Know. And why derms love them.

However, as these medications are more potent than over-the-counter options, they can also cause more. B12 is found in practically every energy supplement in the world for very good reason – it is absolutely vital for proper energy metabolism! Everything is always as it should be – potent ingredients, large doses, and everything backed by real science. Learn more about Performance Another popular option is a potent B6 supplement. The main ingredients include D-Aspartic acid (lots of it!), oyster extract (which contains large concentrations of zinc), ZMA (a combo of zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6) and other potent ingredients such as fenugreek, Vitamin D and K, and Panax Ginseng.

4. Sanitizing technique matters. Hand sanitizer works best when used correctly. Apply the recommended amount to the palm of your hand (make sure it’s enough to cover the entire surface of both hands) and distribute the sanitizer all over, paying special attention to the fingertips, “because that’s where you touch most other things,” Larson says.

Fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, and dairy products contain it as well, Jessica Cording, a registered dietitian in New York City, tells Allure, and so do some vegetables like sweet potatoes, spinach. 2. Upsides. Active against a wide range of bacteria including some gram negative and positive bacteria, anaerobes, and some parasites (such as Balantidium coli and Entamoeba species).; May be used in the treatment of various infections such as those occurring in the respiratory tract, genitourinary area, sinuses, and on the skin; some examples includ. Supplements may seem like cutting-edge science, but they have been around for centuries. promising “pure and potent bioavailability” which sounds pretty damn cool. There were so many more.

1. How it works. Prednisone is a corticosteroid that is used to reduce inflammation and calm down an overactive immune system. Its glucocorticoid activity is greater than its mineralocorticoid activity, which means that it has more effects on the immune response and inflammation than it does on electrolytes and fluid.

(Note: This form of vitamin D is considered okay for vegetarians because the animals are not killed, but vegans should find alternative sources of vitamin D — more on that below.) What it does: We call it a vitamin, but vitamin D is actually a hormone that influences more than 3,000 different genes in your body and almost every type of human.

List of related literature:

And one review concluded, for instance, that for blood pressure control “a very large body of evidence supports the use of potassium, L-arginine, vitamins C and D, cocoa flavonoids, beetroot juice, some probiotics, coenzyme Q10, controlled-release melatonin, aged garlic extract.”44 5.

“Alternative Medicine: A Critical Assessment of 150 Modalities” by Edzard Ernst
from Alternative Medicine: A Critical Assessment of 150 Modalities
by Edzard Ernst
Springer International Publishing, 2019

For example, the common term “dietary supplement” may refer to a large range of ingredients including vitamins, minerals, botanical and/or herbal products (concentrates, metabolites, constituents, and extracts), fish oils, amino acids, glucosamine, creatine, and essential fatty acids [6].

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
from Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices
by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
Springer International Publishing, 2020

Typically, supplements are substances, or analogs of substances, commonly found in foods and/or made in the human body such as amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, lecithin, creatine, carnitine, and ascorbic acid.

“Advanced Human Nutrition” by Robert E.C. Wildman, Denis M. Medeiros
from Advanced Human Nutrition
by Robert E.C. Wildman, Denis M. Medeiros
CRC Press, 2014

While the majority of these products are not supported by robust evidence, there are five (caffeine, creatine, nitrate/beetroot juice, beta-alanine and bicarbonate) which may contribute to performance gains, according to the event, the specific scenario of use and the individual athlete’s response [74].

“Triathlon Medicine” by Sergio Migliorini
from Triathlon Medicine
by Sergio Migliorini
Springer International Publishing, 2019

The legislation created a new category of food by specifically defining dietary supplements to include the following dietary ingredients: vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, or other “dietary substance[s] for use by man to supplement the diet by increasing the total dietary intake.”

“Hayes' Principles and Methods of Toxicology” by A. Wallace Hayes, Claire L. Kruger
from Hayes’ Principles and Methods of Toxicology
by A. Wallace Hayes, Claire L. Kruger
CRC Press, 2014

Supplements generally are composed of one or more of the following: a vitamin, a mineral, an herb or other botanical, an amino acid, a dietary supplement that raises the total daily intake; a concentrate, metabolite, constituent, or extract; or a combination of the last four ingredients.

“Burns' Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, Nancy Barber Starr, Margaret A. Brady, Nan M. Gaylord, Martha Driessnack, Karen Duderstadt
from Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care E-Book
by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, Nancy Barber Starr, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

These include certain phytochemicals (page 260); the minerals selenium, manganese, copper, and zinc (chapter 6) as part of specific enzymes; vitamins C and E; and the carotenoids that the body coverts to vitamin A (page 233).

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
from Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition
by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
Book Publishing Company, 2014

The ULS for vitamin E, niacin, and folate apply to synthetic forms obtained from supplements, fortified foods, or a combination of the two.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
from Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition
by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006

More than 50% of the multiple supplement users took a multivitamin, B complex, vitamin C, carotenoids, vitamin E, calcium/vitamin D, fish oil, flavonoids, lecithin, with resveratrol, glucosamine, alfalfa, and a CoQ herbal 10 immune supplement.

“A Guide to Evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine” by Vicki Kotsirilos, Luis Vitetta, Avni Sali
from A Guide to Evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine
by Vicki Kotsirilos, Luis Vitetta, Avni Sali
Elsevier Health Sciences APAC, 2011

Supplement information is primarily for botanicals.)

“Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book” by Robert E. Rakel
from Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book
by Robert E. Rakel
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2007

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  • Thank you for this really interesting information. I want to buy her book now:)
    I have been following the PP life style since January and also read the Longevity Paradox. It has been a game changer for me, thank you so much!

    Could you let me know what you think about eating pumpkin flowers? Thanks


    The study and its analysis is ongoing, but key results of the study retrieved in 2008 are:

    • Lowered sodium from salt intake, high potassium from fruit and vegetable consumption promote healthy blood pressure levels

    • High physical activity, involving some high impact activities is a good indicator of longevity and low risk of bone fractures

    • High dietary fibre protects against bowel cancer

    • Obesity increases a number of cancer risks

    • High levels of sex hormones increase risk of breast cancer

    • Increased fat intake increases the risk of breast cancer

    • Increases in eating fruit and vegetables reduces the risk from all causes of an early death

    • High blood glucose levels are associated with increased risk of heart disease

    • The combined impact of four behaviours – not smoking, being physically active, moderate alcohol intake and the consumption of at least five fruit and vegetable servings a day – was estimated to amount to 14 additional years of life (Khaw et al. 2008)

    Subsequent findings from 2012 and 2013 are:

    • Dietary flavonoid intake is associated with reduced gastric carcinoma risk in women but not men[2]

    • Regular consumption of processed meat increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and death from cancer[3]

  • I noticed her well-manicured nails. Ladies, DON’T get those gel nails or any of those other nails provided in manicure salons. Especially those that require lights to “cure”. Consistent exposure to this process will affect your autoimmune disease negatively, but you won’t necessarily realize it, and when you give it up you will find at least one or more of your nails will be permanently damaged. Give it up as soon as you can.

  • Dr. Gundry I’m a pesto vegetarian. I’ve read your book the ‘plant paradox’ and I tried to the 3days program of the first step but I don’t feel that good. my heart rate was so fast the next morning of the first day. but I didn’t give up and did it continue. but today in the morning, I couldn’t getup my heart rate was faster than the first day and no energy, bigger belly also stool was not pretty (Yesterday was the first day of the 2 weeks program). so I ate rice and kimchi and dessert bread with kiwi and ramen ( these are all lectin food). and then I feel got better.
    My husband is going good but I’m not.
    I don’t know how to do.
    I want your opinion, please.

  • This is so informative! I’ve been so confused and overwhelmed trying to figure out just how to take care of my skin and reverse damage so thank you! But there’s one thing that I’m not able to understand or wrap my head around.

    Why do you want to keep your skin guessing by switching different brands for products once it’s gone (based off of the ingredients that you’re looking for) vs. buying products again once it runs out?

    Also if you’re not wearing any makeup in this video how are you able to look like you have eye makeup it looks great!

    Thanks Dr. Kappal!

  • WATCH ��: Eating Celery Every Day For A Week Will Do This To Your Body https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nGJ6sd2rxk&list=PL_fl96m7OLQWTg82q3ImUs2xVqdBNsjwL&index=6

  • Thank-you so much Dr. Gundry for all your podcasts and this quite special one with Liana Werner-Gray! I’m going to purchase her book.

  • My mom is brca1 triple negative and had breast cancer. All her cousins and mother had it as well, and did chemo and radiation and all of them came back two and three times and most didn’t live through it. My mom didn’t not do chemo or radiation which the doctors highly recommended and tried scare tactics in an attempt to get her to do it but she prevailed and did not. She is now 8 years cancer free and thriving for natural methods.

  • Dr Gundry, when you do a revision or write a new recipe book would you please give baking and cooking instructions for oven use? I agree with your guest about microwaves and won’t even be caught down wind of one, let alone allow one in my kitchen. On the tomatoes and quinoa, and your whole lectin awareness message, I agree with you 100%! You’re the best!  
    Lovely and fun guest! Thanks a million…..

  • Hi Stefani! Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I can’t afford to see a dermatologist so this really helped me develop my skin care routine.

    I have a question. Will a sunscreen be as effective if the titanium and zinc oxide combined makes up atleast 8%? I’m looking for a cheaper alternative to Elta MD, but I’m having issues finding another transparent sunscreen where just one of the values is high enough.

  • I learned a lot on this video about aha & glycolic acid. I have age spots on my face and more on my hands. I have never used anything to lighten the spots because I thought it would lighten all my skin not just the age spots. Thanks so much for this video. ☺

  • I hate fish! I can’t find a supplement that doesn’t taste like it. What to do? Also, can we just take a multivitamin? I know that doesn’t include Omega 3, Green Tea, Probiotics, and collagen, but it does have a, c, d, and others? I just want to feel healthier and even though I cook, I found out the my vitamin d levels were so low ( literally 4.6 where it should have been anywhere from 20,000-100,000) and now am taking d3 supplements. At first at high doses, but now at 1000 IU. Also, what about CoQ-10? I get so confused with what I’m supposed to take that I have a cocktail of vitamins that made me sick from the amount of intake I once was using. Not even sure if I need Biotin, but it’s in my daily pile. I’m so concerned about my skin, I didn’t realize that I’m actually causing more problems. I avoid the sun for this reason!

  • I stopped taking statins eventually after a number of years following heart bypass. My LDL has risen to 4.66 my HDL 1.49 and triglycerides are 1.29 ( mmol/L.). I take D3 and Omega 3 fish oil. Should I include K2

  • K2 is found in pretty decent amounts in cheese (the older and fatter, the better, from cows milk) and fermented meats like prosciutto. Just have a serving of something like this every day and you’re good to go. The reason people used to be able to get enough K2 is because they used to eat fermented (aged) meat in between hunting periods.

  • I’m an avid gardener and honestly I am SO thrilled that Dr Youn is making the connection between how the fruits and vegetables we eat today are much less nutrient-dense and how it correlates to the supplements we need to stay healthy. Well done.

  • Great content, ultra informative without being to technical. Could you do a video on when to take your vitamins and supplements, especially when fasting so as not to break a fast?

  • Have You ever used Guar gum? What did you use it for? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ��

  • At 12:30, she suggests that microwaved foods are risky due to radiation. In that case, if you can receive a broadcast signal of AM or FM radio or a TV signal, or shortwave or ham radio. Or Wi-Fi, or have a wireless mouse, or keyboard or blue tooth, or walk within a few kilometres of a cell tower, or use a cell phone, you and your food are bathed in non-ionizing radiation. The sun emits radiation. Every light bulb of any type emits electromagnetic radiation yet we turn them on and let the light touch us and our food. Even oven or stove elements emit black body radiation to heat things. We live in electromagnetic pollution with powerlines and house wiring and electronics that emit incidental electromagnetic radiation. There are many things to fear but a microwave oven exciting water molecules is very low on my list. People who throw out the term radiation without context and without understanding that a probable majority of viewers will conflate ionizing radioactivity with electromatic radiation should probably keep their mouths clamped firmly shut. She clearly thinks that a microwave has some kind of ionizing radioactive affect on foods and that simply isn’t true.

  • I am 68 and have no wrinkles or spots on my face. My photo with no makeup except lip gloss is this year. For 35 years, I have taken fish oil capsules (that stay in my refrigerator). I am also a big advocate of exercise to make the skin glow. Only in the past couple years have I began drinking green tea daily. I also eat no sugar or processed foods or fast foods. I do fasting for autophagy as well. I also never use any topical solutions on my face and exfoliate a few times each week with my clarisonic. Very interesting video.

  • Recognized you from Brianna’s channel. Congrats on having your own. What would you recommend for someone with dermatosis papulosa nigra?

  • I bought them all! Been taking them for almost a week now. I feel great! Been doing keto for two months also. Down 22 pounds:) 30 more to go.

  • Sunscreen is very important to ward off freckles, spots, and wrinkles. Since using sunscreen daily I no longer get darkened spots and freckles.

  • If you have any social life at all, it’s next to impossible to eat right. Most of my friends don’t seem to care, so they eat out at restaurants and and have me over for dinner, only to be fed crap (but tasty) food. It’s been a real challenge.

  • Hi Dr. What about Lypo-Sphwric Vitamin C
    It has 1000 mg Vit. C
    1000mg Essential Phospholiplds. I take this once a day. Is this enough Vit C???? Ty

  • Good for Dr. Gundry for biting his tongue when she said she fried the chicken in olive oil… not the best oil for frying. Great episode nonetheless!:)

  • Hey Thomas, love you’re channel! I love that you go in depth with the science of it all in all your videos.

    I take a multivitamin (Pure Encapsulations Nutrient 950). The serving size is 3 capsules. For those 3 capsules you get most of your vitamins and minerals at different amounts. Some well over your RDA and some just under. I always wondered whether I should take all 3 at the same time or just take 1 at every meal to spread out the vitamins & minerals since I know that certain minerals cancel out the other due to transoort site competition. Any thoughts on this?

  • U should talk about fillers and Botox u can tell u use them doc!! It will be more interesting to hear about this and how they work and if there safe!! Thank u

  • ….Dr. G., my bottle of Lectin Shield has Date Of Manufacture of ; March 2018. Is that okay to use within ONE year……..or TWO year after that date?

  • Thomas, it seems everybody has a vitamin line and you can buy them everywhere. I am surprised you don’t have a keto vita pack with someone that I can just click a link and get these vitamins. It seems I have been searching different sites to compare price and amounts along with days worth. I would love to get you a kickback and make it easy for me. Love the videos.

  • The advantage of being a famous MD: you get lovely and smart young ladies as guests… �� interesting experience, solution and video overall! ��

  • Thank you for another informative and interesting video. I especially appreciate. learning about growth factors. I’m still a bit on the fence there but I like how well you’ve explained it. xx

  • What are you faves in the Skin Better line for your beauties over 60? Would like to purchase 1-2 products to begin with. Thanks ❤️

  • What about occlusives like beeswax balms or petroleum jelly to barrier seal all the good stuff onto your skin? I’ve heard such conflicting advice about petroleum jelly. It’s either rated as great or deadly. What’s your opinion and had you done a video on this subject already maybe?:)

  • Great thorough info from Dr. Youn. I strongly recommend taking high science supplements from Usana…a great way to stay young looking and healthy with an opportunity to build another income stream. FYI: Usana probiotics don’t need refrigeration. Visit me at upstreamdream.usana.com

  • On a continuum of 0-700 my testosterone was about 300 at 70 year old. Should it be higher? Would doing so put me at greater risk for disease. I started carnivore today.


  • Dr. B offers the advise I have not gotten from any doctor that has resulted in improved health for me. Just treating symptoms is inadequate when you can go for the cure.

  • Please don’t apologize for giving us the scientific jargon of how these ingredients work. It’s good to know there’s actual science between skincare because I’ve had so many ridicule my skincare efforts. I need the science behind it all to defend my skincare products to them. They think it’s just “snake oil”.
    Thank you! ��

  • I am 36 years old and I wanted to know if you recommend me taking any if not all of these supplements now. I currently do not take any. I did start a ketogenic lifestyle again and plan on staying on it. Thanks Dr.

  • I was diagnosed with Melanoma the beginning of February and endured 2 surgeries to remove it. I had a PET scan and blood work done in March which showed I am cancer-free. This was a huge shock to me as well as my family and I’ve been on your PP intensive phase since February. I feel good and even have reduced my A1C from 6.4 to 5.6. I’m also vegetarian and am finding the phase 2 becoming boring. I use Hemp protein powder as my main source of protein. Is it ok for me to ear some fruit in season now as I’ve been on the plan for about 5 weeks? After living without any fruit for 5 months I’m really enjoying cherries (10 per day)?

  • Dr I take about 10 different supplements per day, is it OK? I take Vitamin D and C, probiotics, spirulina, beta carotene, fish oil, mullein leaf, astragalus, turmeric, and hyaluronic acid, and marine collagen. Can I take them at the same time?

  • Guy on the right was brambeling a lot. Guy on left was much more clear+you too mindy. Still dont know what to use to support my electrolytes while in ketosis…..

  • 7 supplements every day? How do you take all of that? Do you take them all at the same time? Do you have to take them fasted or with food? I’d like to know that

  • Hello Dr. Gundry.
    I just received four of your books today. I just orders your guess book an hour ago.
    Were you at Loma Linda hospital around 1985 with baby Fae? I seen on one of your YouTubes that you said that you did a lot of babies and infant heart transplants baby Fae was my niece.
    I am currently going over your book on chapter 10 and trying to see about the cancer that I have just been diagnosed with.
    They want me to do chemo I’m not really enthused about taking those chemicals. the doctors refuse to talk to me about eating anything specific to help with the cancer Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I am currently at least stage 3.
    Is there anything you could tell me other than just reading the books?

  • When you live in Europe is a Tinosorb/Uvinal A Plus/Uvinul T150 sunscreen also fine? Physical sunscreens are quite limited here, and I don’t really like physical sunscreens, because they are often drying or have the wrong color.

  • Also quick question: how long to change up my ZoMelamix mix w RetinA.25 to use
    an AHA/BHA? Serummask etc. Drunk Elephant Sunday Riley etc. they seem to have a high concentrate… of course all Zo is my favorite. Growth factor serum is MY LIFE!! I treat myself 2ce a year…
    but back to AHA…. Some people are mixing the two �� doesn’t Ahas/Bhas cancel out RetinA?? and vice versa? Online people that don’t even speak of the combo of ingredients ever!!!! Or fragrance…

  • Thanks for explaining! I have melasma and have been using anhydrous vitamin C 12% and Alpha arbutin plus hydrators under sunscreen in the morning. At night, Adapalene and niacinamide with CeraVe dupe alternating with retinaldehyde to reduce sensitivity. In the shower I use salicylic acid to clear pores. The hyperpigmentation, acne, pore size are greatly reduced, however I’m wondering how to incorporate an aha. My skin is continually on the verge of irritation and sensitivity, but overall doing really well now after a few months of this routine. Any suggestions?

  • I know I’m late but I just watched 3 of you videos #1 perfect morning skin care routine #2 perfect night time skin care routine and this one. So my question is can I do skin care in the morning, nighttime skin care and take these supplements all in one day every day?

  • since you’ve taught me so much, I wanted to pay back a bit and tell you you should care very much about your bones, I was like you I never thought about them much either, then I fell and broke my hip,acrually I didn’t just break it, it shattered, it sounded like a chandelier hit the floor I never felt pain like that in my like before, and I’ve given birth twice!, it was amazing, I couldn’t breathe for a while afterwards, and the rehab was agony, please take care of your bones, I broke my shoulder and wrist at the same timeand didn’t even realize until I was told later the surgeon who put it back together said I had osteoporosis, so please get your calcium!!

  • Thank you for your professional information! It is very much appreciated by me! Could you please talk about what to use to improve the skin on the neck, chest and back of hands? I know that skin is different than the skin on our face. Thank you!

  • Hi..doctor Anthony I’m new subscribers on your channel.. by the way I would like to ask if I take vitamin c and vitamin D can I take together I mean same time…can i take always vitamins A at night please guide me about this supplements I don’t know how to take it…god bless and more power

  • Your thoughts on niacinamide? Can vitamin C be layered with niacinamide? Research shows conflicting opinions on this. Thank you in advance for your advice.

  • Do you recommend any particular brand (line) of supplements over another? Throughout my life I have always leaned towards “food based” supplements. Is there really a difference in absorption and utilization between “food based” supplements and synthetic?

  • According to Dr Davis of Wheat Belly
    Krill oil, while interesting for its astaxanthin content (a carotenoid like beta-carotene), provides only a trivial amount of EPA and DHA. Krill oil is often marketed as having a more highly absorbed phospholipid form of omega-3s, which is true, but it contains so little that you’d have to consume an entire bottle every day to yield a sufficient quantity of EPA and DHA.

  • So happy to say i take all of these already! Except my green tea i drink that. My friends give me crap because i take so many vitamins, hut food really isn’t as good as it used to be!

  • I have bunny lines on each side of my nose & I’ve had Botox 3 times on that area and they are still there. Do you have any other suggestions to get rid of those lines?

  • Thank you! Gosh, you help me understand what it is that I need to do to stay the course and to be successful while living a Keto lifestyle. I really do appreciate your commitment to helping all of us that visit your channel.

  • Do you have advise for what kids should take? My four kids are all on the Keto diet. They are doing great. Ages 7, 10, 13,14 years old. I just want to make sure they are getting the right vitamins.

  • Dr. Gundry can you explain what to look for in a multivitamin. Preferably not huge horsepill size. Maybe powder or liquid.
    I made the mistake of buying a gummie multi and b/c they tasted good ate them rather than taking 2 as instructed. Also, the quality made my stomach feel not so healthy. Thank you.

  • PLEASE HELP! I’m on a Facebook keto group and someone posted the below and it’s freaking me out. Can you explain this? Is this possible? Do you now why this would happen to a person trying keto? SEE BELOW STORY

    I want to thank everyone for letting me be a part of this community. I will soon leave. I just want to warn anyone who is remotely diabetic to please be careful. I was non-insulin dependent and tried keto. It ended badly after a few weeks. I ended up with pancreatitis and my pancreas shut down. After 24 hours of vomiting, thinking it was the flu, the nausea subsided. 3 hours later it got real scary. I started breathing heavier and at 6 hours after last vomiting, I was gasping for air. I called my wife home only able to speak single words between gasps. When she arrived, my extremities were turning purple. I told her to call an ambulance. Paramedics loaded me up and put me on O2. I was still suffocating even though my blood O2 levels were 95-98. They were baffled. When I was brought in to ER, my body temp had dropped to 94.5°. What the doctors unveiled was that my pancreas shut down and I had ketoacidosis with a blood ph level of 6.98. Normal is 7.4. My body was rejecting my blood due to it’s acidity and was severely O2 deprived. After a day or so they got my blood ph back to where it’s suppose to be but I had had a heart attack in the process. I was discharged last night but my heart output is down to 40%, I have constant headaches, and every organ in my body has sustained damage.

    Don’t jump on me for downing the keto diet as that is not my intent. I just want anyone remotely insulin resistant to please please please be careful. This was life altering

  • Twenty three years ago, I went to Costco for an eye checkup. I thought I had been going every year or 18 months or so, turns out it had been three and a half years. In the interim, I had started taking Coq10 and Red Yeast Rice, for more than three years. I’d filled out the forms indicating no prescription drugs being taken. The doctor took a long look at the retinal photos from my last checkup and the current photos and asked me again to confirm I was not taking any drugs. I replied that I wasn’t taking any prescriptions, just Coq10 and Red Yeast Rice. She then showed me the before and after retinal photos. Even I, an untrained lay person could, easily see a significant reduction in the density of the blood vessels in my eyes. The doctor diagnosed the change as evidence of plaque reduction in my blood vessels, She also volunteered that she was also taking Coq10 and Red Yeast Rice. Blew me away. It’s the only personal empirical evidence, before and after comparison I’ve ever had that the various nutraceuticals I’m taking actually work.
    I take a multivitamin, d3, b12, C, Black Elderberry, Omega 3, Quercetin Phytosome, Zinc, baby aspirin, Lipitor and Red Yeast Rice daily. I only take Coq10 every other day now, and for the past 6 months. My infrequent, but at least daily, skipped heart beat, has completely stopped happening during this 6 month period.

  • Hi Stephani, thanks so much for these informative, honest videos! Have to askI have dry aging skin ( 60 yrs!) & I’ve using vit C, lactic acids, co-enzyme serums + tretonin. I’m about to try a at-home glycolic peel. Do I need to stop using these products for a few wks? Can I still use the Vit C serum? Confusing!

  • As always, great video Thomas!! I’ve been binge watching your videos. So much info which is backed up by evidence. Thank you so much for not only educating general public but also for opening the of many medical

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful teaching information on cancer����������������������������������������������������������������������

  • terrible interview
    she has no credentials on anything she’s talking about… she was just a fast food junkie and going to naturopaths to seek help which means she didn’t knew anything about nutrition, but now she rights books about how people should eat wtf… recommends tomatoes and juicing both of which are things Dr Gundry says you should avoid… she wanted to make healthy versions of cookies and chicken nuggets so basically she was looking for a way to keep indulging in her old eating habits.. plus she said the medical doctors were giving her all sorts of different diagnosis on the lump she supposedly had on her neck but she never shows any medical papers as evidence of the condition she claims she had before proclaiming herself a diet guru… so Dr Gundry asks her if she had a biopsy that proved it was cancer and she basically says she doesn’t know and that the doctors didn’t know either… so the title of the video should not imply that this person knows anything about the topic of food curing her “cancer” cause she doesn’t even know if she had any cancer to begin with

  • Hello younger bro thomas first and foremost thank you so much for posting another extremely useful video. I have been watching your videos for a while now and i like them, my humble request to you to post a video regarding what are the multivitamin minerals that shouldn’t be taken together since they might conflict in each other’s absorption

  • Think I’ll just not use the growth factors and stick to retin a and the other products and ingredients that you mentioned. Not enough long term studies on growth factors. I’d rather go with products that do have long term studies, that are proven to work, and err on the side of caution as well. Great video with a lot of information.:)

  • I was wondering what you would recomend for aged skin with rocea. I have been trying all kinds of products and it seems to be getting worse, even wrinkling faster. I would appreciate any suggestions ( help ) to stop this rapid aging process,

  • Sorry.. so this is why my Esthetician MAKES me ( well encourages me) to pls use the Zo Growth Factor or the Ossential serum when I’m off. The Zo GFS due to price.
    Do you know if s y w/o or very little fragrance? And no earthly scents? Thx so much. I love RX.. BiopelleTensage EltaMd-ZoSkin -Dermesee RetinA all if it. On and on. These are WORTH the mo ey. Chose 1 or 2! Make them last. Pretend they are rx.. never go back 2ce!! ❤️❤️

  • Interesting interview that can make you more curious about food, taste and health.
    And for me it was a funny discussion of tomatoes I love fresh tomatoes and tomatoes sauce cooked from whole fresh tomatoes and I find it so lacking if it is without the seeds and my grandmother lived in Napoli and She made delicious tomatoe sauce from whole fresh tomatoes I am pretty old and untill now according to the tests all my blood values are fine and I feel fine and am filled with joy and energy working with art and taking care of my old country house and the animals around me but interesting with all these different thoughts and experiences with food, feelings and cultures

  • I’m assuming all these supplements don’t have specific timing needs except for collagen+fish oil? Just wondering as an IF/OMAD dude.

  • I just started a week ago-a little overwhelmed, but hanging in there! I am a 55 year old breast cancer survivor (7 years) and a low distance runner-active everyday as I don’t sit much. My sons have been wanting me to add weights-which I plan to once I figure out the new way of eating. I don’t have much to lose-down 5 and maybe 5-10 more crazy high school weight) but have a soft body and lean muscle along with strength sounds promising! Thanks for the videos-I have never been so satiated! Headaches getting better-saw a video to add a little salt to my coffee and/or water, running has been more difficult but am trotting away in hopes that my body will adapt. I’ve been running for 20+ years and it’s getting a little old. I’m super pumped that I’m seeing results in one week and buying in to your information! As a runner I can’t believe I haven’t touched gluten or high carb foods! Trusting that my body will adapt and start to burn fat/protein so I am not so fatigued while running. Thank you!

  • Thanks Thomas for the educational videos. you mentioned that we have to take the collagen with vitamin C. do we squeeze some lemon with it? or we have to buy Vitamin c supplement? thanks

  • Hey! So I was looking into investing in a hydrator, since you mentioned one in a previous video, I believe…Specifically the HA5 from SkinMedica, but I was wondering whether or not this product in particular should be used as a serum or as a last step/moisturizer?

  • Dr. Berry I have hypothyroidism & I take 20mg. Of lisinopril, 10 mg. Amlodipine & 150 mg. Of levothyroxine daily. My doctor prescribed a statin for my triglycerides however, I have heard horror stories about them so I won’t take that. My question is this. What supplements are right for me? Thank you so much!

  • Awesome video. Lots of great information. This is a video I will save in probably go back to reference a few times. Love the science behind it all.

  • Farmers employ soil scientists. Gonna cal bullcrap on the depleted soil. Also roundoup isn’t worse than the the hundreds of pesticides approved for organic farming since farming with roundup is a precision method. Meanwhile organics need to be doused in pesticides. Remeber, the poison is in the dose.

    More quackery from the doctor here is that collagen ingestion helps you get collagen. The body breaks down collagen into amino acids and then uses the amino acids to make collagen, so better yet eat proteins or take ammino acid supplements.

  • Hi Stephani, I have a question. I have been using retin a for a few years. I use.5 % I like that perfect and find it really works for me. Do I need to bump up or can I just stay at that %

  • She’s really good and so energetic! I enjoyed how you both presented your information, even when it didn’t quite agree. The tomato info was very good!

  • Thanks for the great information, I have noticed my nails go yellow and tender after taking b vitamins for a few days, I also have psoriasis, just wondering if you have experienced this effect before. Thanks from the UK ����.

  • Does this mean the hydrolyzed collagen contained in IT cosmetics products are useless? Their marketing says “developed by plastic surgeons”….what’s your take?

  • Hello! I have a question regarding use of alcohol in products. I am new to your channel and notice your love of the ZO complexion rescue pads. I noted SD alcohol 40-b is the second ingredient. There is a lot of hype out there about the use of different types of alcohol in beauty products… and I know they can be beneficial to certain formulations too. However it’s #2 on this product. Comments? Is this drying for more mature skin? -45 yo. Thank you and have enjoyed catching up with the scientific skin world! Appreciate you!

  • Dr Berry ur videos r all very good and inspiring so I have also uploaded a video in my Dr. Bhavanis homeopathy channel please do watch

  • Would like to use vitamin C but I am hesitant to start or buy bc of the unstable factor. Could you recommend any that stay stable? I keep hearing about the C F ferulic.

  • hi everyone,if anyone else wants to discover natural remedy for younger looking skin try Jadonite Food Beauty Buddy (do a google search )? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my co-worker got excellent results with it.

  • Hi! I have a question about using Retin A and AHA’s. I thought it was too harsh for skin to use both at the same time. Can you clarify how to use them successfully?

  • Tiger nuts? Do the skin of the nut have lectin? I thot Dr Gundry said we should not eat beans & nuts except through heat & high pressure cooking to get rid of the lectin?

  • Dear Stefani, thank you for the very informative Videos. I would like the hear your opinion about the heliocare 360 oil free gel? It’s a combined sunscreen with titaniumdioxide an sounds like a very modern formulation which absorbs also UVA and Bluelight. What do you think about ist?

  • I’m fine until the sunscreen. If I use a mineral one, it sops up all the moisture from my skin and it feels terrible. Reapply? Can’t bring myself to do it since it’s so dry and dries out more as the day goes on Suggestions?

  • Dr. Berry, my 38 yr old husband takes rabeprazole for acid reflux, sertraline for anxiety, trazodone for sleep, & symbicort & ventolin for mild asthma. He’s pre-diabetic & his cholesterol is slightly elevated, but no meds currently for those. Should he take a higher dosage of CoQ10 than the 100-200 mg per day with the medications he’s currently taking?

  • I’d like to know if some ingredients in vitamins are likely to negatively affect my keto progress?
    Most thatI come across seem to have something non-keto (e.g rice starch/extract/flour, potato starch etc etc).
    In terms of affordable vitamins, those ingredients end up ruling most stuff out for me, so would be good to know for sure. Thanks!

  • Youre awesome!! I only subscribe to dermatologists on youtube when it comes to skincare and you are by far the one who educates your viewers the most. And do not ever apologize for being to scientific about your information because you explain it in lay mans terms and makes it so easy to digest and retain. Im an ingredient nazi so I love it. Im majoring in Nutrition in school (Im 50..youre never too old to learn right) and when i explain things to people I do the same thing. I do have a question..is there a substitute for retinol. Ive been having issues with anything containing it. Some of my customers do as well. Ive read about Bakuchiol. Can you give any recommendations for this?

  • Hello? I could not understand what you said… About the Peptides product name. Could you please reply? The one by Skin Medica. I’m not the only one who couldn’t understand it. I had to slow the video down to half speed to get that much.

  • Dr Gundry, Is Big Ed still alive? Can you please let me know exactly what his diet was and what brand of supplements he was taking? Thank you! PS. I cannot drink a full cup of black coffee anymore. The acid in it causes joint and body pain. I can only drink the taster cup size with cream that’s at Trader Joes and Whole Foods.

  • Hi! Can i ask you a question? I have a friend of family living in Japan, this year he sended to me as i told him that i want pills of collagen so he sended now i will give the name of the store because it is all writting japaneese are you agree for let me take them? Please can you tell us about this market store! DAISO JAPAN collagen peptide & chondroitin is that a good?

  • I was unable to understand the name of the peptide product you said that you & all your colleagues agree on using, so would you please list it. Thx for a great video!

  • What do you use for your night time sunscreen? I was thinking of trying the tizo am replenish because it’s more lotion like for night time

  • Great video, many thanks. When you say high levels of vitamin C, what doses are we talking about for example? I currently take 2000mg a day. More than that? I know excessive amounts could be harmful, just not sure what amounts would be considered excessive bc exactly.

  • I can’t keep up too much information. Can’t refer as nothing listed. I do feel the about me you have listed unfer every video should be on your about me page. It’s just hard work. But you are very attractive and sound like you know your stuff, just wish it was all a little more user friendly TY x

  • I need your help Doctor, I have tinnitus in my right ear now more than six months, I took medicine but no good result. What supplement or what shall I do to cure ringing in my ears. I have diabetes too, but now I left medicine because of your teaching. Thank you Doctor. God bless you

  • I’m trying to come back from hair loss, attributed to weight loss from Keto (at least I believe so). I’ve always had fine hair, however I used to have a lot more. Recommendations? I’m already taking Collgen for elasticity.

  • Was wondering about your opinion on Sheep Grease D3…you know, the Cholecalciferol lanolin D3 they put into all our industrial food. Just Google…rat poison D3

  • Retin A cream has been by far the number 1 most effective skin repairer that I’ve used. All the other ingredients/products have moisturizing effects with some with only short term effects but Retin A actually gives real visible long term results. Vitamin C with Ferulic acid and the alpha hydroxyl acids would be number 2 in order of effectiveness for topical skin products. That’s my experience.

  • I say all the time I know exactly what I would put in my Skin care regimen lol. But no chemist. Thank you for this. I never put anything on myselfmy daughter and family that I don’t check the ingredients. For our family’s skin… ❤️❤️❤️ love love this
    You don’t feel like stay on Zo for awhile? I have been on 3 years. But yes I run out — sometimes it feels I run out of all at once lol except me RetinA/ Trentinoin

  • Hello dr luv your knowledge I will be ordering both books soon and the post op pills need your help on scar repair dr having bilateral knee replacement sept 23,2020 still single 53 and want to still attract a man help me with the appearance of my scars thank u

  • Surprised you didn’t mention resveratrol or NAD. Is that because you find the science unconvincing or are you not familiar with it yet?

  • Thank you for your informative videos! I, like others would love to know the product brands that you use. Example, glycolic acid, antioxidants, Vit C, peptides, etc. And maybe do a get ready with me day/night videos. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated!:)

  • Obviously it wasn’t getting off the junk food and switching to super healthy food that saved her…. it was the fact that she prayed to God to help her. Now all we need to know is ‘ which one did you prey to ‘??? ( this is obviously a joke… so no religious comebacks please…Or I’ll prey that you go away )

  • Eh? This is a bit hard to take serious, don’t think I’ll bother watching it to the end.
    1. I am wearing no make up that’s a silly claim, we do have eyes.
    2. “The FDA did a study…” OK, I’m out. (Hint: FDA doesn’t “do studies”)

  • Question…what are your thoughts on Cacay oil for the aging neck? Many utubers swear by it. Trying to follow your skin care regimen. Could you possibly list your AM and PM products above? Thank you very much ☺️

  • Hi Dr. Berry
    I’ve been on keto for a month. Im not sure what supplements i need or how many milligrams to take? What do you suggest i do? Should i see a doctor to see if im low in any of these supplements?Also i don’t eat seafood so im probably missing something

  • I’m unsubscribing from your channel. I’ve asked you several questions on videos and you haven’t answered any. You’re not such a huge YouTuber that you can ignore the people that have been following you and have genuine questions.

  • I’d love it if you could do a whole video talking about your favourite retinols, how often you use them, and if you lake them with other serums.

  • Hopefully this video helps narrow down some Keto supplements you should take!! Thanks for watching the video and supporting the CHANNEL!! Don’t forget to LIKE ����the video!! Drop any ideas for future videos in the COMMENTS below!����

  • A few notes: Avoid junkfood, especially white sugar Drink chlorophyl every day, eat a big green salad, combine tumeric and Black peber, eat ginger, go in the sun, supplement with D3, C vitamin, chlorella, tigernuts (tubers) feed good gut bacteria, get the peeled tigernuts or soak them overnight and then you can eat them, or make tigermilk And get inspiration from the Earth Diet or Cancer free with food.

  • Is the TNS serum sufficient to cover growth factors, peptides, & antioxidants that my skin needs? Or should I get a separate Vitamin C serum?

  • Dr Kappel,
    Your skin is perfect. Retin a has always been my ride or die!!! Since getting perioral dermatitis I stopped using it and was able to maintain clear skin for 6months. Now the comedones and starting to turn to into painful zits and I’d like to start using retin-a again but I’m terrified of it triggering perioral derm. Any suggestions or other perception topical other than retin a that might be better? Thanks!

  • Very inspiring! I love you and how you’re always looking out for us!!! Its so amazing you bring other people on board. How open minded you are! love it!!!

  • Hi Thomas, I am on thyroid medication levothyroxine 100mcg can I take chlorella? And have recently checked magnesium levels which were fine so should i still consider taking it before I go to a Keto Diet?

  • Dr Berry. Do have a vitamin B12 supplement you recommend? Also do have any brain support supplements you like? Thanks much love your information

  • What about fish oils being oxidized and rancid on the shelf? How do. you ensure what your buying is stable? How much fish would you need to eat instead?

  • It is called gubara phali vegetable in punjab, it is widely consumed and delicious. Good to see exotic foods gaining international recognition

  • Doctor….can I take vitamin D with Magnesium? I read that too much vitamin d…over 2000 miligrams, can Wipeout magnesium from the body. Is this true? Please help me figure this out.

  • I take renew probiotics, garden of life 5000 I Us of vitamin D 3, garden of life vitamin code whole food multivitamin & mineral supplement,garlic+reishi garlicrich supplement,Dr.Mercola fermented Black Garlic,nature’s lab 1000 mg of super vitamin c, and I just added since last week Mycommunity host defense mushrooms complex to the list.I get paid this week and I will take your advice and add collagen to the list.

  • How is it better to take the supplements, for example Curcumin. With, or without the capsule? Is it better to pour the curcumin out from the capsule and take in with a spoonful of yoghurt or smt? Or is the capsule necessary for transporting it into the gut?

  • While I’m not sure if their supplements are Keto friendly or not I just got a trial package from STEEL supplements with a free t-shirt and shaker bottle. I was wondering if you could help though because a lot of their ingredients have weird names that I’m not entirely sure what all they do and when I google them some are saying they’re amino or something else that I don’t fully understand. Could you do a video please explaining if STEEL’s supplements are a good value or not? Thanks!

  • I noticed probiotics is listed on your written list but did not hear anything about probiotics. Should we we be talking probiotics? Thanks

  • Thank u for tour comments and insightful questions! I’ll try my best to get to these by the end of the day but am seeing patients all day everyday! Xo

  • Can you also please tell how to take all these 7 supplements daily. Is there any order I should follow? Should I take some copper too since zinc cuts the copper down? Are all these supplements safe to take with lime/lemon water mixture?

  • Thank you for this content! I’m so glad I found you because I trust your information and you seem very passionate about what you do.

  • How about Naturelo bone strength from Amazon, it’s plant based. In one of your videos you mentioned getting food based vitamins/ supplements because of added iron. Would this be a good option?
    NATURELO Bone Strength Plant-Based Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin D3, VIT C, K2 GMO, Soy, Gluten Free Ingredients Best Whole Food Supplement for Bone Health 120 Vegetarian Capsules
    4.6 out of 5 stars

  • Dr. Berry, you wrote down probiotics but you did not talk about them in your clip. I purchased the one you recommended, 50 Billion CFUs. Is this a good daily amount?

  • Inaccurate diagnosis….something very fishey in Denmark we’re at their mercy we CANT READ Xrays 3 different diagnisis???? Smh

  • I try to eat Keto, but I’m basically relying on intermittent fasting. I got a? Text with a “supplement” that was supposed to eliminate a fatty liver in 2 days, but they were pushing a 6 month supply. That seems odd to me. What do you think?

  • I am new to your channel and was glued to your explanation. Do you have a video on your AM and PM routine and which products you use. I am sooo confused with all the serums and skincare products out there. Thank you so much. You are wonderful!

  • i am 65 bone density test showed severe osteoporosis lumbar 1 to 4 and hip joints. i am having prolia shot every 6 months. Does taking Centrum Silver is enough or I should take d3 and K2? I do walk half a day and have sunshine I live in the Philippines.

  • Thank You for this video! I started to increase my Magnesium intake…also the doctor told me to take Vitamin D3 but neglected to tell me to also take K2 with it which is frustrating….because you can get bone spurs and the calcium can end up in your arteries because the K2 tells it where to go. I just started collagen because I am 66 and thought it would help. I have been on Keto for almost a year have lost 85lbs and am on NO meds!!!! Yayyy! I love the lifestyle and still learning as I go along. I was in the medical field for 30 years and could pronounce all those big words…ha ha You do so good!!! I take the Omega 3 and eat fatty fish 3-4 times a week. I put turmeric (and black pepper) in my daily green smoothie everyday which also contains 5-6 cups of greens, plus alot of herbs and spices…. Thanks again for all your work and commitment to keeping us informed!!!!

  • Thomas I want you to know that what you do is greatly appreciated and respected. I have lost 60lbs so far doing keto as best as I can and I have like 40lbs more I’m shooting to lose. I’m 52 and I have started working out 3 to 5 days a week and I walk at least 2 miles everyday. 4 yrs ago I was over 400lbs and got off opiates…I got sick from withdrawals and had so much pain in my legs I couldn’t stand up or walk. For 2 yrs I lay in bed with depression and other things. I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet and osteoarthritis in both knees. Thanks to keto I am no longer diabetic or taking any meds for it. My blood pressure has dropped to normal and as I said before I am walking now….all this actually has happened in the last 11 months.

  • hmm interesting, curcumin. we eat it almost everyday here. we put it on rice, we call it yellow rice. nasi kuning, it is one of the most popular and delicious food on Indonesia. it is served with boiled egg, chicken thigh, vegetable and of course with stir-fried chili sauce.

  • Dr. Berry, if I take the max doses of these vitamins because I am deficient, or believe myself to be deficient, how will I know when to decrease the dosage and to what amount each day? Also, I went back to double check, but I think you missed talking about the probiotics altogether.

  • Your videos are really very informative…it helped me alot in improving my skin…..

    If possible…can u also make a video on safe antioxidant serums that can be used in daily skin routine

  • In any event, she is an absolute sweetheart & speaks from the heart & truly likes helping people, love her, she is alot better than all those corporations & companies that spread disease on the populace for money, its obvious they dont really care about people.

  • Thanks for watching this video! Here’s a link to the FREE eGuide pdf “Dr. Youn’s Recommended Nutritional Supplements for Beautiful Skin”: https://www.dryounonline.com/recommended-supplements/

  • Great information for people looking to start a keto diet. Our show host fils wants to thank you for this information, as his body transformation is definitely going to use these tips.

  • Really grateful for all the research you pass along to us. Idea for future video: benefits of Chia seeds and how much we have to consume to make a difference.

  • Is collagen a fat-soluble supplement? Cannot metabolize fats, so I need go know before I waste money on the collagen powder. Also, is the Retin A that I have faithfully been using on my face for 30 years being absorbed, if it is fat-soluble substance?

  • I bought green tea extract pills than I heard they are bad for the liver so I stopped. I don’t know if this is true though. Now I just drink different teas and green tea sometimes

  • Thank you for another very helpful video, on December 20, 2019 I started my keto life long journey at, 6ft 1 and 267ibs today 2/14/20 I’m 229ibs ��

  • I’ve been taking beef collagen with vitamin C since February this year, and I’ve noticed changes in my nails, skin and hair. I’m now taking Marine collagen still waiting to see improvements.
    It takes time though, about 6 months to actually notice bigger changes.

  • I’m sorry, a biopsy and diagnosis by a pathologist would have revealed the composition of the tumor. This smells funny and I do not mean

  • Hi Dr. Gundry! Thank you for your work and so many interesting pod casts and just YouTube videos. So many mind blowing info!
    Could you please tell me why you prefer pressure cooker vs regular boiling/ baking? ����

  • Im new to this keto diet. I have tried many different plans and found out this one that has worked well for me. Just wanted to share this if it can work for you as well. Check it out: https://bit.ly/37a9RKh

  • What products do you recommend that contain growth factors.
    I used Biopelle for years, but looking for something new, to switch things up, like you recommend.
    I also am looking for a new fave wash, I have combo/ oily t zone, right now using Revision brightening wash. Will be running out soon, looking for recommendations

  • 3:23 “proof within the pudding”?? (Fun fact: the original expression is “The proof of the pudding is in the tasting.” Originally, the word “proof” meant “test.” This is a very old expression.)

  • CAVEAT #1: When taking K2, you must also be taking vitamins D3 and A, in order for the K2 to be “activated.” There is a symbiotic balancing act that they all perform together. Also, I believe that organ meats are a wonderful source of K2.
    CAVEAT #2: When taking turmeric (or curcumin), be 100% sure that you are taking the REAL THING and that it’s organic. There are lots of bogus products out there, labeled as turmeric, but are cut with yellow mystery powder. Then you must take it with the following, in order for it to offer true medicinal benefits for the long haul: an organic/healthy fat (i.e., ghee, coconut oil), an organic “cooling” herb for balancing the drying effects of the turmeric (i.e., coriander, fennel), organic cracked black pepper (amplifies the bioavailability of the curcumin). To take as Golden Milk, just warm with some grass fed milk and stevia to taste!
    CAVEAR #3: Turmeric is blood thinning, so be careful if you’re on any blood thinners. Stop taking it prior to surgery.

  • I thought collagen as supplement transforms into glucose in our stomach. Well, it’s cool if it’s not. Anyways I already take all these supplements! Thank you for the info, dr Youn!

  • I make fruit smoothies with almond milk n fruit n stevia n guar gum; its great stuff. but DONT add more than half proper baking tsp to 1 litre of milk/fruit mix or you wont get it out of the blender.

  • Hi Thomas! Have you heard of Keto Elevate made by the BioTrust company? They claim this supplement can be taken and give you keto results without fully eating the keto diet. Is this true? Can you give me your opinion on this? Thank you!

  • I love your medical perspective.
    I am a holistic master esthetician with over thirty years of practical knowledge with skin and skin products. I am 54 and I don’t do anything invasive to my skin and I don’t even wear foundation or concealer.
    I started my channel when I had to close my three holistic skin care salons in California.
    What are your thoughts on Hydroquinone? For Melasma?
    ��Lisa Peaches Skin Care

  • Thanks, Dr. G. and Liana. Interesting podcast. I remember the lessons taught in your book Dr. G concerning the tomatoes. Liana, I learned new things about tiger nuts. I like the tiger nut milk idea. Dr. G. has a ProPlant recipe that includes olive oil, pure vanilla, ice, and coconut milk. After viewing the podcast, I got the idea to swap the coconut milk out and replace with tiger nut milk to change it up on the ProPlant recipe. One last note: Dr. G. I like your shoes…they look comfortable. What brand are the shoes?

  • Hi Doc,
    I’m taking
    20mg of Simvastatin
    100 mg of Metoprolol

    I was thinking of starting to take 200mg of CoQ10.

    What are your thoughts?

    I’ll also ask my own doc after the weekend.

  • What are your thoughts on using retin a on the abdomen for loose skin and stretch marks? I love your videos! Thank you for providing such valuable information for free!!!!

  • Started Keto in Jan. Went from 327lb to 298lb. I am a believer. Thank you thank you thank you! When in doubt Thom helps figure it out!������

  • I like you & all your knowledge, but it’s just too much to sit through all this scientific talk! Why not just list the information at the top?!

  • I’m on a ketogenic diet. I supplement my source of carnitine, and ubiquinol given the Ketogenic diet requires optimum functioning mitochondria.
    To ensure proper carnitine shuttle of long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria matrix for beta-oxidation.
    functions in the mitochondria matrix electron transport chain to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
    I include other supplementations shown in your video.

  • How interesting is this video! This lady’s story is so interesting and I agree that nutrition is the key to every illness on the planet. Vitamin D is so important too ��

  • I know your new daddy busy!!!! Any thoughts on barley greens chocolate silk powder??? Been using it for a while & love it but some of the ingredients you have questioned in other videos! Any input w b greatly appreciated!!!

  • I take a blood thinner warfarin for atrial fibrillation and was told not to take vitamin k. Is the vitamin k2 you mentioned the same one?

  • So since you say there are bad or ineffective Vit C formulas, please tell us WHAT type of Vit C is best/recommended (Ascorbic Acid, Ester C., etc…)

  • Thomas could you please do a video on tips for fasting and keto when you’re sick? It’d be super helpful to know being its flu season around here in the Midwest!…Actual flu, not keto flu:) Thanks!

  • There is polish women on you tube channel she is nurse at hospital and she made videos about her breast cancer. She having chemotherapy and she was saying that she eat sweets and salty foods,because the chemo side effects make her taste diffrent-she was also eaten healthy foods,but never go off the “junk food”and today she is cancer free. I think the mental state play important role for healing,because this women stay always positive and I feel such a good energy from her every time I watch her.

    Peoples thinks that eating only nature based foods made them healthy,always young and immortal-but ages ago peoples dying much younger that now and they having clean water,not polluted air,all organic foods,the chicken,cows etc was on fresh air etc and they still dying at age 30 and catching diseases. All “junk” foods have they previous sources in nature-the key is moderation if we eat handful of grapes it may prevent us from cancer,but if we eat tons of grapes it will be bad for our insulin/pancreas due to high sugar content, the same is with junk food for example a one sweet can save someone life during hypoglicemia attack,but eating all packs of sweets can at least make you overweight

  • ty for this video,,i have bad melasma and my skin does not hydroqinone by my dermo, so i was recomede to use palmers anti-dark spot fade cream,,not working really,,,what step in your routine in the morning do you use your GA?

  • Tom, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, reduce in about 70% your use of dictionary and medical terms!!!!   That kills you!!  Yes, you gain the admiration of university millenials, ¨Scientific¨  Atheist (scientism fans) and some SJWs outthere….BUT you lost a lot of appreciation from average, normal, Middle class nutrition and sports fans!  We see you as OVERdoing it!   Talk NORMALLY!!!  You will NOT look dumb. You will look FRIENDLY!!!

  • Hi Dr. Berry….thank you for all your informative videos. What are your thoughts on Chromium Picolinate? I’ve read that it helps maintain insulin levels and staves off the sugar cravings. I am on keto but I have always had a sweet tooth, and rely on natural sweeteners (Monk Fruit, Stevia, Erythritol) to keep me sane. Would Chromium help me with my sweet tooth?

  • I know this is an older video, but are you sure about the amount of B12? At about 8:50 you mention taking 1000mcg of B12 per day. The B Complex you link to in your description contains 6mcg and says that’s 250% of the daily value. To get 1000mcg, I’d have to take 167 tablets per day. Am I missing something? Thank you for your videos. This part just confused me a bit.

  • Would love if you listed your products or tips and tricks in your description. Would also be great to attach links as well. Thank you in advance!

    P.S you’re super sweet and knowledgeable.. I appreciate you.:)

  • I’m taking most of your list (not K2, but will add). I also take ChromiumPicolinate, SambucusBlack Elderberry, and Areds 2. I was taking vitamin C, but stopped it after research on its high oxalate content. Tough thoughts on my vitamin intake is appreciated. I am 51 years old and have been obese for 30 years. This past year I’ve dropped 25 pounds through keto and IF, but weight loss has stalled t
    Since March.

  • I have osteoporosis and eat healthy. Want to treat this naturally, but don’t want to take a million supplements. What ones are most important to take?

  • Thanks TD!! Love your videos! Can you do a specific keto supplement video for women? That we should take on the diet? I am spending tons of $$$ on supplements right now because I am afraid to miss something haha. Thanks!

  • Thanks Dr. Berry. I’m on a OMAD / KETO / Fasting Cycle. Eating mostly Meat and Eggs. Live in the Tropics and get plenty of Sun daily. What do you recommend? What about a Multi-Vitamin (Like Centrum)? I take 1000 Vitamin C and CoQ-10 (150mg) daily. I’m 58 and don’t take any medications.

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  • Is Alive women energy multi vitamin.multi mineral a good one to take it has 80mcg of vitamin k an 1000iu of vitamin d 50mg of vitamin maginesium i also take a calcium.maginesium.zinc at night time with a vitamin d take alive in the mid morning hope its all good just started taking Alive today is the second day of taking alive thanks and God Bless you

  • Hello Dr, you talk about not consuming what grass for Chlorophyll. What about Dr. Berg’s wheat grass juice powder.?.. Curious to see what you think on this. Thank you

  • Thanks for this video. I know I found it very late. I am currently taking all that you mentioned except Vit. K2 which I will be purchasing. During Covid, I decided to take an immune booster which includes zinc. I also take Red Yeast Rice withe Co-Q 10 at the recommendation of my doctor a few years ago when I tried taking a statin (no one told me to take it at night back then) and it was causing some problems, so she recommended fish oil, co-q 10 and red yeast rice. I have been taking them for about 4-5 years. I now live a Ketogenic lifestyle since October, 2019 and have lost 30+ pounds since then. I want to drop another 10. What do you think about DHEA and Kelp? Should I be concerned about them. I started taking DHEA within the past 2 weeks because I thought it would help a few worrisome things, but I believe it is disrupting my sleep I am waking several times a night instead of just once a night like I normally do. I am 69 btw, so it has been a long time since I have slept through the night. I do think magnesium is a great sleep helper.

  • How to take all of these safety? Should they be taken all at 1 time or spread out through out the day? If through out the day, and I’m doing intermittent fasting can any of these b taking during the fast?

  • I agree with everything else Dr. Youn. Good videos! I love your videos they are the best and very informative. I learned a lot from you. Thank you

  • Wish you would do more on overall health and longevity rather than fad diets. Honestly i like your knowledge but your hitting popular diets for your videos. ��

  • I have collagen in powder form, but I’ve been afraid to take it because there’s a link between animal protein and cancer. I get omega 3 from hemp seeds which you can get at Costco. I choose this form because I’ve taken rancid fish oil capsules that made me sick.

  • Dr. Berry, I have had my blood tested for my CoQ10 levels. It came back very high. Because of this, I stopped taking them. I also have MTHFR defective genes from each parent. Do you know if this would have caused high levels? When I was taking it I was taking as directed and for only several months. My B12 was also very high, >2000. Any idea why?

  • I just found you and I’m totally in love. I’m so happy that you say you don’t have to be married to one line I have never liked an entire line and most of the time I only like 1 or 2 products, so thanks so much for giving me permission to change it up LOL
    Xoxo Lisa T

  • Is zink ok to take when I have prostate cancer as testosterone feed the cancer. I had the hormone treatment to lower my testosterone