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Thanksgiving? More like, “Thanks for giving me these 4 amazing leftover hacks!”

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Hacks to Make Your Thanksgiving Feast Healthier Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all kinds of things in your life–– great friends, a supportive family, a rewarding job or a clean bill of health. Thanksgiving is a day for family, friends, and great food–not a time to stress over what you’re eating. That said, having a plan of attack before you walk into your relative’s house could put your mind at ease.

Here are seven healthy food tips for navigating the Thanksgiving feast. Don’t starve yourself beforehand. This Thanksgiving though, we’re happy to share that you won’t have to make any tough calls.

How’s that even possible? With these 20 healthy hacks, of course! Covering everything from appetizers to desserts, your feast will be every bit as satisfying the day of as it is the next time you hop on the scale. Thanksgiving is a day for family, friends, and great food-not a time to stress over what you’re eating. That said, having a plan of attack before you walk into your relative’s house could put your mind at ease.

Here are seven healthy food tips for navigating the Thanksgiving feast. Don’t starve yourself beforehand. 1. Say yes to breakfast and lunch. Most of the festivities kick off in the afternoon, with many Americans dishing up their Thanksgiving meal between 1-3:00 p.m. 1 While it might be tempting to put off breakfast and lunch to get the most out of your dinner, skipping meals will likely leave you feeling tired, cranky and hungry.

2 Waiting all day to eat may also make you more likely to overeat. Include your guests, utilize your resources, and enjoy the holiday! For a list of some veg-friendly recipes to bring to dinner or offer your guests, check out 22 Recipes for a healthier Approach to Thanksgiving.

One of the glorious parts on Thanksgiving in Miami, great weather for an dinner “Alfresco”. 7 Healthy Thanksgiving Hacks To Keep You From Falling Into A Food Coma. By Lindsay E. Mack. November 23, 2015. These healthier dishes are still flavorful and feast.

Make this year your best Thanksgiving yet! Think roasted turkey, healthy green bean casserole and decadent pies that the holiday wouldn’t be complete without. Following a special diet? We’ve got you covered with gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and diabetic-friendly recipes that will shine on your. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for the bounty produce and what better way to celebrate than enjoying the home cooked delicious and healthy food, and eating them with your loved ones.

These simple hacks will ensure healthy eating on Thanksgiving. But if you still exceed the calorie count slightly, it is okay! You don’t have to fret.

Whether you’re following a special diet or you want to eat healthy on turkey day, try these lighter takes on classic Thanksgiving recipes from Food Network.

List of related literature:

Caesar salad dressing made with raw eggs and homemade eggnog are particularly risky.

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Divide the remaining turkey into two equal portions to use in Turkey Avocado Collard Wraps (page 166) and Turkey-Sweet Potato Hash (page 168).

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• Stage 3: continue with previous stages and then gradually add ripened avocado, pancakes (made with squash, nut butter [optional], eggs, and a small amount of honey), almond butter, eggs, fully cooked vegetables (celeriac, asparagus, and cabbage), probiotics, fermented vegetables, and sautéed onion in animal fat.

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Mode-Cut some nice slices from the remains of a cold turkey, and put the bones and trimmings into a stewpan, with the lemon-peel, herbs, onion, pepper, salt, add the water; stew for an hour, strain the gravy, and lay in the pieces of turkey.

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Mode.-Cut some nice slices from the reinains of a cold turkey, and put the bones and trimmings into a stewpan, with the lemon-peel, herbs, onion, pepper, salt, and the water; stew for an hour, strain the gravy, and lay in the pieces of turkey.

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  • I Want to use the cheese cloth this year. do you cover it at all in the oven? and do you baste on top of the cheese cloth? I ❤❤❤ your channel, thanks for all the amazing recipes and great tips!

  • Heyy Nice tips……can u also post the thanksgiving gravy recipe. Or maybe the entire turkey and the potatoes and whatever u make on thanksgiving……i really wd love loce to try out stuff the way u do them!! pls pls plsssssss!!

  • Sarah, I’ve never done the cheese cloth with butter method. When do you remove it? In your video you show basting and it doesn’t appear that there is cheese cloth on the turkey? Just wondering if I should leave it on all throughout the cooking of the turkey?

    Thanks for all the great tips!

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  • Are the cashews spicy for people who can’t take spice? Also, did you do a kobocha squash soup recipe? It looks delicious. I haven’t yet celebrated Thanksgiving. It has changed every year for us, but this year we are cooking and having some family over. Very chill and low key.

  • We usually go to my mother in laws and have my family and his family together but this year we bought a house so we will be hosting thanks giving so nervous! I’m thankful for everything in my life family, job, and support!

  • If u have been watching inside edition for a while u will know that they literally copied/did the same almost 100% of the video that they did last year except they added the last 2 parts

  • I have learned over the years to prepare things early if possible. Even if we aren’t hosting and I take a dish somewhere, I still prefer to prepare it the day before and cook the morning of that way all I have to do the day of is get ready. A lot less stress. You and Matt did a nice job. Your house is so inviting. Everything looked yummy. I am from the states so our Thanksgiving is coming.

  • And this is why you’re the Domestic Goddess!! The butter soaked cheese cloth is genius. Can’t wait for what’s coming in December!!

  • I am Thankful for, Jesus Christ. The only one capable, of carrying out the atonement for our sins. So that we all can be saved eternally, through Christ. As long as we repent of our sins, and accept. Ever so greatly Thankful! ������

  • YESS!! I am SOOOO excited for your December videos!!! You have no idea!!! Last year I made both of my nephew’s teachers the cookies in a jar and they LOVED them and went over so well!! I cannot wait to see the holiday gift treat you have in store for this year!!!

  • You can be grateful for what you have without taking the life of someone else. There’s plenty of cruelty-free foods out there. Unsubscribed.

  • OMG! here in Mexico, we don’t have Thanksgiving, but for Christmas, we also get together with our family and it is crazy. I’ve never hosted one but I’ve hosted some other parties and it is a lot of work!! you both did great!! congratulations!! P.S. Everything looked so delicious!!

  • You shut the f$%k up you NEVER TELL A SEALS F#$%ING MA HOW TO F%$*ING EAT TURKEY YOU HO

    Some time later my comment gets reported 999999999999999+1 time

  • Ok I have to know where did you get the glass jars that you store your beans in that’s in the background of your videos and what size are they?

  • Beautiful thanksgiving blog. It is a blessing to have so many family members you can share this beautiful event with. The food looked delish, the house was decorated so nicely but minimalist at the same time, you guys were great hosts. I loved how you mentioned in the beginning that you meditated and wanted not to get carried away with the stress and stay present. I know that has been a struggle of mine in the past and is something that since I started working on I definitely have started to enjoy gatherings way more. Since you asked for a thing we are grateful for: I’m definitely grateful of the connections we can create online. Meeting (in a way) so many people (like you!), learning from them, sparking our creative outputs by watching others do the same, get some inspiration, etc IS SERIOUSLY AMAZING!!! Cannot wait to get my hands on your book. Those Sriracha Cashews (OMG!)

  • I love your videos so much. You give great details & everything I’ve tried from you comes out amazing. Keep up the wonder work. PSyou’re so close to a million subscribers. So exciting��

  • We went away (my husband and our kids) to a log cabin in northern New Hampshire. We’ve gone away the last few years and it’s been amazing, away from family drama lol

  • So had Canadian thanksgiving alone this year but it was a busy day because I worked a little and then I came home and made a really great meal and I wish I could send you the photo of what I had but I can’t. My mom and dad are trying to figure out who wants my brothers and I for thanksgiving this year. I might make butternut squash soup also and a big salad. My mom is really heathy and she would love some of your recipes. I might pick out some and see with her if any sound good to her. I might make vegan fudge because gosh I’m craving it and my brothers love it. It’s wicked simple, 1 bag of vegan chocolate, 1 can of sweetened condensed coconut milk melt them and then put it in a greased pan and pop it in to the fridge. If you want stuff on top unreal gems are so good on it. My brothers are going to be so happy when I tell them I’m making fudge. The last time I made it I got a small peace and they ate it all in under 24 hours! It’s that good!

  • Thanksgiving is nov 28th for us….I’m also grateful for my family they are amazing
    Your family is so helpful could I just have you cater for my thanksgiving dinner lol����‼️ I will be going to my moms she demand la on doing everything for us����
    The cashews looked so yummy actually everything did.
    Cashew definitely deserves ��

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  • I don’t know how you filmed while doing million things at the same time, thanks for sharing. Nice family, grandma is soo cute and your mom so funny ������

  • Wow… our thanksgivings almost always go past midnight �� kind of jealous you get to go to bed before ten, but I also love our parties so it balances itself out ��

    Btw what are the songs you used in this vlog? They’re so cheerful and upbeat!!

  • I was so touched by your potluck style family gathering. That is just awesome! You and Matt knocked it out of the park with your hosting skills!

  • Love this vlog Nicole! You did an amazing job hosting your family. I am from a huge family and it takes some serious prep and work! Felt a bit down today due to a cold but knew your video would cheer me up no end! Ps could cashew get any cuter? She is just the best:):)

  • Delicious food and family is the best! Y’all did a good job hosting!
    I might be hosting for my second time but my grandma helps me still. She is 82 so I’m trying to learn all her recipes to give her a break. But I cannot get her out of the kitchen. She loves to cook and bake still.

  • your thanksgiving reminded me of mine when i was a child and my grandma was alive, it brought back memories for me, thank you for sharing your family with us, blessings to you all;

  • Always great to learn more tips. We always add and onion, apple and celery in the roasting pan for flavor. I’d like to learn some new side dishes besides our usual. Thanks for sharing.

  • Id like to add a couple more tips to what she has already said that will take your meal over the top. When making your turkey if you want the best tasting, fall off the bone wonderful turkey then soften some butter and add some poultry seasoning to it then use your hand to lift the skin away from the bird all around the breast area and tuck that butter mixture under the skin everywhere you can get it and it will self baste while it cooks. You can also add what she said to do with the cheese cloth to make the skin brown. Next, when you are making mashed potatoes, instead of cooking them in water try cooking them in chicken broth. If your worried about the sodium the either use a low sodium variety or add half broth and half water. Your potatoes will turn out so good everyone will want to know what you did. Finally, try adding different things to your stuffing like apples, nuts, sausage, mushrooms, or add what you think sounds good. It will add texture and flavor to a boring mushy pan of stuffing. Since you only make a Thanksgiving meal once a year why shouldn’t it be the best, most memorable meal you’ve made, especially if your having guests. Speaking of guests, if you have people coming that have special diet concerns it’s always nice to come up with something special just for them. When you take the time to consider them, chances are they will really appreciate it and never forget you did it for them. Everyone gave a great Thanksgiving! Take care, Dee

  • Yall better season that turkey!!! Watchu mean salt n pepper lol mix up some peeled garlic,a little onion, a little green pepper, seasoned salt and/or bouillon, cayenne pepper, italian seasoning and let that marinate overnight!!! Lol

  • This all looks soo good! You can tell you are a really knowledgeable cook, since I could have never thought of one of these hacks. Great tips! Also what does stuffing consist of? (We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in my country) It looks delish. Can’t wait for the new series! xx

  • thank you sooooo much. I love your channel and this is going to help me with my first Thanksgiving cooking adventure? Quest? idk. But thank you.

  • We have two Thanksgivings (my family and my boyfriend’s family), and this year both gatherings need to incorporate vegan options so I will definitely be checking out your recipes for some autumnal vegan inspiration!

  • I’m at uni in France. All of us dorm kids are doing a Thanksgiving potluck because we all come from different countries. I’m looking forward to it

  • I look forward to hosting Thanksgiving some time, but our current house is tiny and doesn’t have a dining room area so maybe in the next house. So currently I just show up to another house and all the food is made which I guess is nice. I like turkey, but not a fan of other traditional Thanksgiving food like stuffing, cranberries and mashed potatoes. I try to add some sort of veggie dish in the mix.

  • Love your videos! Question for you! I am also pregnant and am a bit worried about cooking all this food while I have such bad morning sickness. Do you have any tips for helping nausea while constantly cooking?

  • White people can’t cook disgusting were is the seasoning they didn’t even wash the turkey if I was born again I would like to be black and proud ewww stop…. Comment nice stuff

  • I want to say thank you for helping me putting together my Thanksgiving dinner. I have Fibromyalgia and CF and by watching your videos you inspired me to prepare everything much easier. Thank you for your videos. Dinner was unbelievable delicious!!! Xoxo

  • wonderful keep up the great work i loved it thanks so much! i really enjoyed the video! i have a few ideas for you id love to see do some instructional and fun ideas, food shopping hauls, cook and eat a suckling pig in oven, turkey sandwich picnic, boiled lobster, honey baked ham,showing u making and eating a turkey sandwich on wheat bread and roasting a tom turkey the whole process and then a leftover sandwich version? thanks be well:)

  • Hello! Thanks for these great ideas!! In Spain I can’t find those bags of bread ready for stuffing. What kind of bread should I use? Should I toast a loaf of bread in the oven or maybe leave it for a couple of days so it gets hard? And also, in many videos they say that poultry seasoning is very typical, can I use other spices to get a similar effect? Thanksss again!!!

  • Thank you Nikole, you are such an inspiration. I just got your book and trying out your recipes, Leek potato soup Yuuuum.
    What is the brand of the pink sweater you are wearing in the beginning of the video. I want one too! This color looks so good on you!

  • I’m a Swiss student studying in Vancouver for a year as part as an exchange program! Thanksgiving was a first for me and I got to spend in Banff national park and it was magical! ��

  • Spatchcock the Domestic Geek recipe, that butter cheesecloth deal is Marth Stewart for 10 yrs. I just go to Taco Bell & forget about the stress

  • Big like.
    I would love have Thanksgiving here.
    “Os teus avós” are so cute.

    Love from Portugal ��������

    Your book will be available on Portugal?

  • Could you show how to cut/ break down the turkey into portions? The turkey looks beautiful on the table, but how do you make it easily accessible to ur guests?

  • Hi Sara Lynn, I followed your instructions to a ‘T’ including cooling the breast before applying the seasonings and butter soaked cheesecloth and my 26 pound turkey came out perfectly! TYFS X

  • Is the cheese cloth easy to remove after the turkey is done roasting? Like it won’t get stuck to the skin and pull off the skin when you remove the cheese cloth?

  • Love your dining room light over the table. Who is it by? Can you link info? And I want to come to your family’s next ThanksgivingOMG that food! YUM!!

  • I’m kind of wondering if you can re-use the cheese cloth later, I mean, does it clean easily? or should I just treat it as disposable in this case?

  • I am so glad you and Matt hosted Thanksgiving this year! It is so important to continue family traditions! I am sure it means a lot to your parents and grandparents. Despite the work it is very rewarding! You both looked great and did a great job.Thanks for sharing! I will be hosting my 25th Thanksgiving next month. A lot of work but so worth it!

  • I remember hosting my first Thanksgiving! It’s so special and meaningful to have people you love over for home cooked goodness! Looks like you had an epic spread too! ����

  • Wonderful Thanksgiving dinner! Beautiful family and reminded me of my family holiday dinners back home in Bermuda. We have a similar codfish dish in Bermuda too we make codfish cakes fried just like your codfish balls…so good to see your beautiful home, food and family��

  • The cheesecloth with butter is a great trick, I love it! I use bacon sometimes to keep it moist and tender. I do not discard anything as I make bone broth in a slow cooker with the leftovers bones, it’s so good for your skin and hair!

  • Doesn’t the turkey continue to cook after it comes out of the oven? Wouldn’t that affect the internal temperature? If it is right in the oven wouldn’t it be too drying to let it cook longer? I am confused. What do I know. I’m vegan!

  • Some how I doubt this video. We never have that much leftover gravy at my house! We also never use packaged gravy, so that might help!