6 Ways Vegetarians Can Master the med Diet


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A Vegetarian’s Guide to the Mediterranean Diet You Have to Eat A LOT of Produce. While Mediterranean-style eating includes having more meatless meals and plant-based Don’t Stress (Too Much) About Protein. The diet is low in red meat, but is big on eating fatty fish such as salmon, Pay. The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world and was recognized by U.S. News & World Report as 2019’s Best Diet Overall (for the second year in a row!), which means it is a diet that is relatively easy to follow, nutritious, safe, effective for weight loss and protects against chronic diseases, like diabetes and heart disease.. The vegan diet has some perks too, like.

Take advantage of the Mediterranean diet’s abundant vegetarian options by eating whole-grain breads and pasta, a wide variety of legumes and a colorful array of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. Season foods with fresh garlic, basil, oregano and grated Parmesan cheese. The mediterranean diet has so many healthy vegetarian recipes that youll love. Browse our collection of vegetarian and vegan mediterranean recipes brought to you by the editors of.

Well list out everything you need in this post to start the plan but if you want to jump straight to the pdf which has all the recipes shopping list and meal plan. The Mediterranean diet is less of a diet in the traditional sense and more of a series of dietary guidelines and principles meant to help you make healthy choices you can stick with for the long haul. While it encourages eating seafood a couple of times a week, the real driving force behind this increasingly popular way of eating is consuming whole, unprocessed plant-based. U.S. News & World Report rated the Mediterranean Diet not only #1 in Best Diets Overall category, but also #1 in the Best Plant-Based Diets category.

And since I’ve been vegan for many years, and the Mediterranean diet is mostly plant-based, for me the two lifestyles go hand-in-hand. Browse our collection of Mediterranean vegan recipes. The Mediterranean diet is a very vegan-friendly diet.

Vegans will have no problem finding a recipe. The Mediterranean Way 10 Week Diet & Lifestyle program teaches you everything you need to know to easily and deliciously get the benefits of the proven healthy Mediterranean diet. Meal Plans, Recipes, Shopping Lists, Weekly Challenges and Lessons, Private Facebook Support Group, Cooking Videos and more!The Mediterranean diet focuses on whole foods and includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Learn about the benefits and see a sample meal plan here. The Mediterranean diet — a plant-based diet that prioritizes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and unsaturated fats — was recently named the best diet for healthy eating for the third year in a row.

List of related literature:

So what exactly is the Mediterranean dietary pattern, and how can you adopt its lessons in your life?

“The Doctor Is In: 7 Easy, Positive Steps to Take Right Now to Transform Your Health” by Travis Stork M.D.
from The Doctor Is In: 7 Easy, Positive Steps to Take Right Now to Transform Your Health
by Travis Stork M.D.
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For example, instruction booklets for Byzantine monks prescribed a relatively ascetic diet, commonly two vegetarian meals per day plus water or wine.

“The Archaeology of Food: Identity, Politics, and Ideology in the Prehistoric and Historic Past” by Katheryn C. Twiss
from The Archaeology of Food: Identity, Politics, and Ideology in the Prehistoric and Historic Past
by Katheryn C. Twiss
Cambridge University Press, 2019

Abundant protein without meat: An arduous journey without meat (Guatemala), health and vitality in Africa’s Atlas Mountains [Berbers in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia], Arab vegetarians in the Sahara desert, India produces many strong people on a vegetarian diet (incl. Gandhi, yogis.

“History of Soy Sauce (160 CE To 2012)” by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
from History of Soy Sauce (160 CE To 2012)
by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
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Mediterranean Diet, Organic Food: New Challenges.

“Sustainable Diets: Linking Nutrition and Food Systems” by Barbara Burlingame, Sandro Dernini
from Sustainable Diets: Linking Nutrition and Food Systems
by Barbara Burlingame, Sandro Dernini
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Actually, there is no single ‘Mediterranean diet’.

“Olives and Olive Oil in Health and Disease Prevention” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson
from Olives and Olive Oil in Health and Disease Prevention
by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson
Elsevier Science, 2010

The Mediterranean diet will perhaps be healthy for people living in the Mediterranean region, like the Chinese diet would be healthy for those in China.

“The Great Indian Diet: Busting the big FAT MYTH” by Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Luke Coutinho
from The Great Indian Diet: Busting the big FAT MYTH
by Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Luke Coutinho
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

■ reduce their meat and fat intake; ■ eat oily fish at least twice a week; ■ eat bread, pasta and potatoes as sources of carbohydrate; ■ eat at least five portions a day of fruit or vegetables; ■ use olive oil and rape seed margarine instead of butter.

“Practical General Practice: Guidelines for Effective Clinical Management” by Alex Khot, Andrew Polmear
from Practical General Practice: Guidelines for Effective Clinical Management
by Alex Khot, Andrew Polmear
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

Of course vegetarians and vegans can also take up an animal-product-free version of the modified Mediterranean diet with more olive oil and walnuts, while reducing their intake of soybean oil and white bread.

“Heal Your Drained Brain: Naturally Relieve Anxiety, Combat Insomnia, and Balance Your Brain in Just 14 Days” by Dr. Mike Dow
from Heal Your Drained Brain: Naturally Relieve Anxiety, Combat Insomnia, and Balance Your Brain in Just 14 Days
by Dr. Mike Dow
Hay House, 2018

Step 19: Try (ideally) to incorporate at least 50 percent of your diet as combined animal-source (yes, animal) and vegetable-source foods that are raw or minimally cooked and cultured.

“Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond Paleo for Total Health and a Longer Life” by Nora Gedgaudas
from Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond Paleo for Total Health and a Longer Life
by Nora Gedgaudas
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2011

The traditional Mediterranean diet is characterized by a high intake of olive oil, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and cereals; moderate intake of fish and poultry; low intake of dairy products, red meat, processed meats, and sweets; and moderate intake of wine consumed with meals.

“Understanding Pathophysiology E-Book” by Sue E. Huether, Kathryn L. McCance
from Understanding Pathophysiology E-Book
by Sue E. Huether, Kathryn L. McCance
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • How are people still referencing ancel keys and his 7 country study? its been completely debunked, Ancel keys is the reason that fat was so demonized he destroyed the diet and health of the western world pouring kilograms of sugar into everything and removing vital dietary fat that is the healthiest macro nutrient you consume. He destroyed John Yudkin who knew sugar was toxic because keys was owned by the sugar industry. watch any sugar video for the real story.

  • Does anyone know if dairy should be included? I read so many mixed messages: that its no natural/we can’t process it, pasteurized is bad, unpasteurized is bad because of the dirty industry, only eat fermented dairy etc etc. So confusing…

  • Barnard cherry picks data to make animal products look bad. Actually, he cherry picked already cherry picked data i.e. Ancel Keys’ “seven” country study (look up how many countries he originally studied). Whatever. It’s a completely different lifestyle, climate, level of sun exposure and geneology. Mediterraneans tend to have a low incidence of the APOE4 gene, which make them more tolerant to agricultural food.

  • As a vegan, I had a slight concern with cholesterol in my mid-50’s. To get control of the numbers I removed wheat and fructose (fruit) from my diet and added coconut oil for sauteeing. I also made sure my intake of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids were at a 50-50 ratio. I had to make sure saturated fats from processed foods were removed, too. Within 60 days my levels returned to what I like to call vegan-normal. The doctor probably won’t like this, but I also switched to a high fat, low carb, minimal protein diet with intermittent fasting-vegan keto! Nuts, seeds, legumes, and greens. I like to think of it as the Pleistocene diet. And, I lost 20 lbs and kept it off.

  • Bad mental health also due to bad diet. Doctors recommending bad diets does not help and low carb is a bad diet. Diet needs to be whole plant foods that is low protein low fat high carbohydrate.

  • the Mediterranean Diet is B.S. I lived in Spain, Italy and people are now obese and die from cancer and heart disease! all fat is bad for the liver…more fat you have in the blood more heart disease and more cancer!

  • She’s the best!!! My son was diagnosed with bipolar and I cant get him to go keto or carnivore at all, total sugar addict. Sorrow.

  • Hey physician here. Id like to point out that the idea that endotoxin (LPS or Lipopolysaccharide from gram negative bacteria) more readily crosses into the bloodstream from the gut lumen is fact now, not theory. Im not sure when this talk was given but it is well known that this is true. If i remember correctly, increased dietary fat increases endotoxins hitching a ride into the blood via. chillomicrons. This endotoxin translocation increases insulin resistance, causes alcoholic liver disease, and very possibly contributes to depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • most likely curry is the future organic curry ayurveda knows most about food most complete version of it is Maharishi ayur veda its in sanskrit language

  • This is irresponsible, recommending a diet for which you have absolutely no evidence! There are studies that prove the more plant based the diet, the lower the rate of dementia, depression and anxiety. Anything that helps the blood vessels, helps the brain. You look like you could benefit from a plant based diet yourself,

  • What about liver it has 10x more vitamins than any plants, omega 3 fatty acids? Flax seeds and chia right? Wrong the converting is so poor that it’s actually can cause inflammation in the process.

    HDL Ans LDL works together we were eating meat and vegetables all the time, not only one thing.

    But some people.thrive on a carnivore diet like me, cause it has no fiber and lectins to blow you up.

    Cholesterol is not bad the opposite it’s help to produce hormones, if you have excess amount your body can utilize it, but no over do it like all other foods.

    And saying carbs has less calories is bullshit, cause fat is more dense and you will eat less which lead to fat loss not muscle loss, it might slow metabolism in exchange for longevity

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  • Very nice thank you. For The last year I am mainly eating fruits, vegetables that contain seeds and salad with tender leaf. My blood and my health is now TOP, without medication.

  • It is so hard to convince people (80 year olds with longstanding habits) to eat their carbs without some accompanying fat. People want “butter” on their rice., or potatoes. People don’t know how to eat without those fattening condiments.

  • Not to mention the lectin and plant pesticide made by the plants themselves as a means of defence. Cabbage has in it some 42 natural pesticides and humans even spray it with some more……..that’s healthy indeed. Studies always are biased in any direction they tell them to go.

  • Ok what about calicum for us 60 yr. Strong bones for long life. So what vitamins do we need to take to replace atrophy of muscle..bone health..d3…b12…

  • The ratios used in the administration of this Mediterranean diet study is the problem. Search here on YouTube for “Blue Zones” which are the worlds longest living people with the lowest rates of disease and you will find when they eat the Mediterranean diet they eat a lot of veggies and beans, some fish and even smaller amounts of poultry and plenty of healthy fats which is mainly olive oils and some nuts. Their ratios are different but they still eat a lot of olive oil. They are not fat and they certainly don’t die young. Instead they live longer than any other group on the planet with lower rates of disease.

  • My grandma ate a medeteranian diet and died of lung cancer 10 years ago. Why one can ask. She was food concious. The meat? Perfumes? No exercise?

  • Near the end of her talk, she “advocates for a pre-agricultural whole foods diet” ( 30:10). The presentation ended shortly thereafter with no elaboration on this point. Does anyone know what food stuffs she is referring to? To me, this would be the most important aspect of the presentation, something we can act on.

  • The guy set up an organization to promote his veganism and these youtube videos are their propaganda. I prefer my propaganda with cheese and salami.

  • Diet in India has been plant based for Millenia. However, heart disease is rampant since introduction of cheap vegetable oil replacing the traditional gee, clarified butter.

  • You don’t have to be a doctor to see the health benefits if you eat mainly vegetables and fruit, compare to traditional American dinner. But nonetheless just skip meat for 4 days in a week and do a bit sport, things will change.

  • @ 19:50 Fat slows the metabolism? I thought that fat actually produces way more energy for the mitochondria than glucose! So the mitochondria actually doesn’t have to work as hard (ie: slowing) to produce energy & that in turn produces less oxidative stress?
    Also isn’t a slower metabolism linked to longevity!?!
    Surely then slowing down all that oxidative stress & extra work the mitochondria has to do to produce energy is actually linked to this longevity & health! At least in people with a slow metabolism who maintain or fall slightly below their BMI by maintaining or slightly decreasing their their current caloric in take, to create a slight calorie deficit.
    Less work for the Mitochondria (via fat & ketone metabolism) + (a slight) Calorie deficit = Slower metabolism & Longevity!

  • I am Italian and I believe the mediterranean diet doesn’t exist. Every country eats its own way. Heck, even when isolating Italy, the south, the north and islands eat a different way. In the north of italy they use butter instead of olive oil for instance…

  • Most people today are more educated than in the past. They also have way more social pressure than in the past with social media telling them how happy everyone around them are (yeah, right…) compare to them. To be successful you need to be BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE, be more BEAUTIFUL THAN ANYONE ELSE, etc. Yet, most people don’t fit ‘the bill’ and to ‘succeed’ they believe they need to take drugs… after all, the athlete does it, right?..

    The society is sick, because it is driven by the industrialistic and the money makers, not normal healthy, loving, caring human beings… just look at our president to see what we consider being ‘successful’, you will see you don’t need to be owner of a phd to see how sick we are…

    The ‘system’ as we know it must change as it is now TOXIC to human beings. it is not a question of diet, it is a question of Global Well Being and a system that promote that.

  • Vegans are like ginger cookies. Their brains are up to 20% smaller than most others. The main difference? It’s not self inflicted for a cookie.

  • High cholesterol can be found in people living long healthy lives as well as in people with heart desiese so its not a good measurement of health.

  • Vegetarianism and Veganism constitute, therefore, a dumbing down process (agenda?) for the masses. Great presentation, thank you ����

  • I just want to say I am from Italy. My grandmother lived to be 104 and my grandfather was 102. They both didn’t really eat meat. They lived on a plant based diet. I also eat a plant based diet. However this oil thing I have to laugh at. We use a ton of olive oil. All throughout Italy it is used.

  • MacroBiotic food is absolutely superb. It starts with Chick Pea or Lentil pates topped with parsley pieces served with whole grain or black thin sliced breads. That’s the entree. Then you are served a delicious meal with Brown Rice Balls filled with finely chopped vegetabes eg carrots, plus beans and a pie such as the Hunza Pie. Desert is a thin wholemeal pastry fresh fruit pie served with a little ice cream on top. Man its great eating every bird from Uni or anywhere I took loved it as did the footballers and friends I took every week. The after dinner with the birds was great desert too!!!

  • Anyone who is still talking about “healthy weight” is by definition a quack. This asshole needs to get his assumptions out of the 1850s.

  • This guy is talking complete rubbish fat is the healthiest macroeconomic. You do not need to eat any carbohydrates at all. Low protein is required with a lot of fat. High fat diet is what you need for your cells to burn of body fat.

  • Saturated fats are not bad for you, vegetable oils that have been through hydrogenation (margarine) is toxic. Saturated animal fats are not bad for you, cholesterol is required to build cells.

  • watch this, this doctor is way off this has all been debunked. Saturated fats, animal fats good. Hydrogenated vegetable oils bad. Cholesterol not a cause of heart disease. Fat is good. Sugar & most vegetable oil = toxic.


  • Yes…….. but who eats oysters with beans or corn?
    I eat them raw with lemon, butter, a slice of bread and sauvignon blanc.
    And if people (women!) ate real chocolate (70%+ cocoa), instead of cocoaflavoured sugar candy, they would probably eat less and enjoy it more.

  • Sofrito is not tomato sauce it’s a cooking base that consists of olive oil garlic green peppers red peppers parsley and part of the parsley family another ingredient called raco… it’s a cooking base

  • The Mediterranean diet lets people eat all the meat, oil and cheese they want. It is ambiguous enough to allow people to eat all they want of anything and call it ‘moderation’, but it’s better than the standard American diet because it probably changes people’s diets slightly for the better.

    Whole food-plant based has strict requirements with fantastic health outcomes and sustained weight loss even without calorie counting. The strictness doesn’t mean it’s not pleasurable, though. I enjoy my meals.

  • Just knowing sugar wreaks havoc on your health isn’t enough to eliminate it from the diet for a lot of people.
    “Radiant Recovery” and the book: “Potatoes Not Prozac” promote a way of eating that eliminates sugar cravings (SEE WARNING BELOW). I think more people would eliminate sugar if it were that easy but trying to quit sugar cold turkey if you’re an “addict” is impossible.
    I’m living proof of how a plant based diet with lots of soy to up my protein destroyed both my thyroid and my brain trying to follow the “Potatoes Not Prozac” protocol for the amount of protein needed every day.
    WARNING: don’t try to follow any high protein diet as a vegetarian and seiously reconsider consuming soy on a frequent/regular basis!! Eating lots of soy is like playing Russian roulette with your thyroid.

  • So, I should eat more oysters? Well alright it’ll be a terrible hardship but just for my brain, I’ll grin and bear it….

    WOOHOO!! �� I knew there had to be some medical reason to consume my favourite food. Thanks Doc!

  • the data from nurse health study actually suggest that eating more fish was associated with lower CVD. see https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11939867. So Does it mean they have les CVD than strict plant based eaters?

  • Barnard is a vegan moron whose arguments no longer hold any scientific value. Neither saturated fat nor animal protein is linked to any human illness. Just ignore his rants…

  • Did Dr. Fraud examine if those in the study had very low rates of smoking, and very low rates of obesity because they didn’t eat tons of vegan junk food that is the real culprit in our obesity epidemic? Also, I bet they walked a lot, unlike the typical American who sits 10 hours a day in the office and the car.

  • both of them are good. The Mediterranean is great for people who have Parkinson. My mother was on it and it was great. I rather do the vegan and the Mediterranean then some of the ones that are out there. And if you really want to lose weight just cut your food in half. That was what my doctor told my mother when she was younger. He said to cut your food in half no salt and she lost good weight but when she moved to Florida they wanted her to gain lol. So no matter what go by your gut

  • I eat plant-based, no meat, no fish, very little oil except what is occurring naturally in the food such as flaxseed I eat in my daily cereal. I eat to satisfy hunger but if I add oil, my weight increases. This does not include a rare meal which may be high in oil, so long as I go back and eat my regular diet. BTW, no eggs and definitely no dairy at all. When I say no meat, this includes chicken and turkey. I do use some vegetarian meats but this is limited to perhaps some twice per week. I have maintained a 55 lb. weight loss for now 2 years without hunger or any damage to my health. My BP is low, as is my A1C and cholesterol and I sleep and feel well. And I enjoy some wine. Not a drunkard, just some.

    My husband and I are retried, we get out and do walking every day. We love eating vegan Chinese. Does not make either of our weights increase but we don’t eat that more than once a week.

    We do eat Mexican food or Italian food more often but no meats or cheese.

    We are not suffering one single bit. I never feel tempted to go back and eat meat.

  • People eat meat, eggs and glutens for thousands of years and now out of sudden its bad for you. Goat milk nurtured people for so long time. To me it’s just a marketing strategy of the food industry. When I came to America, I had no apartment, no kitchen and we had to eat outside more often than ever. Guess what… after I got back in the kitchen, my cholesterol went in a healthy range. The reason is, many people don’t know how to cook. I eat everything, but I cook everyday different dishes and styles. We eat everyday veggies, fish, eggs, meat fruits and its well prepared and colorful. Why are Proteins from meat now bad for you, if the evolution made us survive to this day???

  • ” I dont care what I eat” Well thats the right healthy diet, for body and soul, moderation is key:P Anything that excludes thing (like veganism) is not THAT healthy overall, maybe for body short term, but I would die mentaly on it:P

  • Impressed that Georgia makes statements, where appropriate, along the lines of “this is just association, it doesn’t show causality”. It would be good if those who promote a low-fat/healthy heart hypothesis did the same.

  • If we say we love animals we won’t want to hurt them. Not having them on our plates is stopping this tortuous ‘system’Animal Agriculture. Will Tuttle said Veganism is coming home to your own heart. After reading his ‘masterpiece’ The World Peace DIet it presented no choice but become a plant based eater. Gifts from this lifestyle choice include more peace, health and happiness. As that famous vegetarian ‘George Bernard Shaw said Animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends.

  • Always great to hear from this real nutritional pioneer. “…our natural food is that which grows out of the ground.” “Science is an effulgence of the Sun of Reality, the power of investigating and discovering the verities of the universe,..” Baha’i Faith

  • How enlightened of Google to invite the world’s most important author/role model to speak about his brilliant explanation of what’s wrong with humanity in today’s world and what can truly be done to create a kinder, healthier, more loving world for everyone!!!    <3

  • Very interesting but I worry about doing this. Why?
    Cancer, by eating mostly meat or just meat you bump up IGF1/HGH (via diet) which has been linked to Cancer, angiogensesi, metasteses etc. Also linked to shortening life, look into mTOR pathway and Methionine and how they affect longevity.
    Valter Longo the Gerontologist has stated this, he genetically modified mice that had low levels of IGF1 and they lived much longer than mice who had normal levels, by ingesting only eat the gut then selects a type of bacteria that in linked with colon polyps and colon cancer.
    How many vegan, keto or carnivores became super centenarians? Very few if any. So these would be my primary concerns, Im not saying eat is not healthy.

  • The Kung San hunter-gatherers have a diet that consists of 60-70% fat year round (during the seasonal high for fat calories, 2/3 of those calories are from eating whole mongongo nuts and a full 1/3 is fat from ANIMAL sources) and the literature about them states “There is a conspicuous absence of the clinical signs of heart disease”. That’s 20g of saturated fat from the nuts (Oh no!) and another 23g or so of saturated fat from animal sources (Oh my!). That’s also 60g (!) of naturally occurring polyunsaturated fat, with the remainder being monounsaturated. CONSPICUOUS ABSENCE of the clinical signs of heart disease. You can’t just say myopically “It’s the FAT”. You must parse the KINDS and AMOUNTS of PARTICULAR fats AND THEIR FORMS in context, ESPECIALLY if you are going to obliquely cite scientific studies that DON’T parse this information. I contest it is REFINED fats of every stripe on a sliding scale of culpability, not to mention a lack of high ALA foods like Purslane which IS a regular part of the Mediterranean Diet, especially in areas like Crete, that are clear DIETARY factors that lend to the induction of the pattern of heart disease. I WILL concede that endotoxins CAN attach themselves to particular forms of SATURATED ANIMAL FATS, so these should be minimized as Neal says < 21g daily, which the Kung San AND the traditional Cretans are doing naturally, hence the cardioprotective and longevity effects of their respective dietary patterns.

  • I’m plant based over 2 yearsdue to psoriasis and I am not having 100% healing success. Most people with psoriasis who are not plantbased have better healing results then plantbased My grand parents are far from plant based. My as parents lived I to their 90s my grandfather turning 97 this year and had zero health issues. On an American Italian diet. So how can this be explained?
    If you listen to a vegan doctor they will obviously promote vegan/plantbased to the fullest. If you listen to a none vegan/plantbased doctor thrill push their agenda. Be your own doctor listen to your body. Iam about to leave the plantbased lifestyle a8nd do a moderation way of eating.

  • I’ve just tried contacting the Physicians Committee but got ‘rebuffed’ I.e.. I don’t know whether my email got received and whether I will get a response. Not good. My question was, some people say a paleo/keto diet is gives the same positive results. I just want a response to that. If I do get a response (I very much doubt it, I will run naked through my home town). ����

  • Both sides of my family are from Italy. So when you say Mediterranean diet that’s what they ate. They all live long lives but towards the last 15 or 20 not very healthy. Grains were cheap and can be stored for long periods of time, and they were poor. They ate meat, dairy products, eggs and vegetables and occasionally if they could find it fish. But mostly they survived on grains. So after studying the effects of carbs on the human system it’s not surprising they all were diabetic. I’d rather die running a marathon when I’m 80 then in a wheelchair drooling into a bucket.

  • Another great podcast that will force me to translate some of it in French for my mother. Doctors in Quebec are 150% under the thumb of Big Pharma via their lap dogs in the government and on the various medical committees. A few of them open their mouth but usually after they retired. The few that opened their mouths in the past were sent to the guillotine in public fashion. They use the old tactics from the Chinese proverb: Kill the rooster to scare the monkey.

  • I love the fact that various researchers can give quality infos to lay people bypassing the various filtering committees which h are usually nothing more than cesspools of vested interests.

  • Babied, coddled, helicopter parents breeding emotionally, socially, spiritually, physically underdeveloped, stunted, weak children who don’t mature. Add a crappy diet, no exercise, no responsibility, feeling of helplessness, all manner of psychoactive drugs—-legal or otherwise, life-controlling habits, self-harming coping mechanisms…disaster!

  • I cannot help but feel anger and hatred against human animals who eat flesh with full knowledge of the horrific details of what these intelligent, sentient beings suffer to produce that meat. I cannot help but regard these humans with contempt.

  • It’s so refreshing to hear someone NOT speaking from the viewpoint that “drugs should be used to solve all of your problems”. ��

  • Great talk to begin with! Though the end got a little anti-vegan… a quick google search showed Carnivore Cast are at the top of her list of patrons… ��‍♀️

    So then I checked the EAT-Lancet report she referenced about omega 3s, and sure enough, the ellipses (…) in her quote cuts out the phrase “plant sources are more widely available.” ��

    If you think she’s not selling anything, look who’s paying her.

    I have to say, I haven’t eaten any animal-derived products in years, I get a comprehensive blood test every so often and am NEVER low in anything. I feel much better for it. I do not take supplements.

    Before that, I was an omnivore and never ate SAD food and considered myself healthy… yet I was constantly low in iron and b12. ����‍♂️

    I’ll stick to What The Health for the facts, I think.

  • @noosphereinprogress little by little is ok. No need to go all at once. Keep bringing information about veganism to your consciousness, and naturally the shift will occur. Much Love

  • She’s so full of shit that’s why her brain is not working right. I have not eaten meat in over 20 years, no dairy in over 15. Im 54 years old, no supplements, no extra vitamins, had my blood work done its all fine, Im 6’3″ tall, 200lbs, can still bench 250, operate on 4hrs sleep per night. Id like to see her do that. There are olympic athletes, strongest men in the world, endurance athletes all putting thier bodies at the top possible levels of human achievement on plant based diets. Today’s society is all about me me me. MY meat, my choices. No its not. This “rocket scientist” fails to realise the big picture; it takes 30-50 times as much land and crops to make feed for animals that we will only realise 30% of “meat” from that animal. It takes 2500 gallons of water to make 1lb of meat, 55 sf of rainforest to make 1 quarter lb burger, 750 gallons to make one quart of milk, then there’s the energy use and we haven’t even touched on the unimaginable and totally unnecessary cruelty. Apparently you are lacking something in your brain or maybe the red dye in your hair got absorbed by your brain which inhibits sensory perception. Keep eating your dogs and cats miss scientist. Oh wait, I guess you don’t eat them right?

  • Neither. They’re both riddled with lectins, oxalates and other plant toxins.
    The epidemiological studies aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Stop lying on behalf of big Agro.

  • Shows how dumb you vegans are. Fruit is the greatest cause of fatty liver disease and has surpassed Alcohol as the major contributor to cirrhosis of the liver. Stop being brainwashed by the vegan mantra and actually ask your Doctor if the Med diet is better than vegan.

  • Problem is b humans are CARNIVORES. There are better ways to raise animals for sure. But you cannot feed a carnivore plants and expect it to thrive. Reality is tough and the more you avoid it the more you go off course. I’ve done all the diets and only one doesn’t rot your teeth, cause diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, skin issues, mental disorders, cancers, etc, and heals all of those plus Lyme disease. That’s eating only 100% animals, no plants. That’s right, no plants in and form. Plants are dangerous to carnivores and always have been. It doesn’t work when a carnivore by design is deceived to think it eats plants of which we have been deceived by all the fake science pushed by corporations and those who have money on their minds. The whole health industry feeds on deceiving the populous to fall into the Pharma world of doctors and and remedies that do not work pretending they don’t know what the cures are fly these ailments humans suffer today. It’s clear and simple that humans are designed to eat animals and animals alone, even raw if possible. I eat all my animals raw except pigs, or bear, and some wild game. But buffalo, cow, sheep, goats, chicken, turkey, hit my plate raw along with raw milk. This normal food will heal just about anything you have contracted and bring the carnivore human back into a homeostasis balance where healing takes place. Ex vegan here, who went thru all the bull and lies of this brainwash system. Never eat plants unless it’s for certain cleanes and if you contacted a certain parasite. Plants are to be used only for their toxic effects. By the way, plants are just as alive and feeling as any animal, have a consciousness, and sense everyone and everything around them. So don’t think your doing this word good eating plants when your diet is the plant eaters. No culture thrived on plants but slaves were fed them to deceive and control them. Every culture that was strong and lived long ate mainly, if not solely, animals. There are no natural plants today at the supermarkets that live in the wild that people ate b they’re all genetically modified to be not as toxic and plumped up for weight and mass to make more for abundance and deception to sell to ignorant people who believe the garbage propaganda that we’re plant eaters and not carnivores. Truth be told, we are all obligate carnivores. Do your research outside of the propaganda machine.

  • Caveat: Though diet likely has ‘some’ role in mental health an dis-health….to take this too far is merely to fall into the modern reductionist / biological psychiatric paradigm. Most mental illness is transparently related to lived experience, i.e. abuse, trauma, neglect, negligence, poverty (inequality increasing at the same rate as the SAD diet, i.e. a highly confounding variable), war (largely caused by American imperialism) etc. Just ask anyone who is depressed or sad or anxious about their life…and in two minutes you’ll get the general picture. Here is an old article of mine from 2001, ‘Prescription for Scandal’ on the scandal of biological psychiatry and reductionist explanations of mental illness in general: http://www.academyanalyticarts.org/black-prescription-scandal?fbclid=IwAR0o8oq4N081l3avBO7XQx-yHE3oN2DwcRpEdYe0JfXIS1VTeudvy9UKces

  • In the U.S. the last 3 or the “We Need a Revolution” slide are currently a real big problem as all three organizations listed must follow the government’s dietary guidelines or face possible legal consequences.

  • An overweight Pyschiatrist speaking about Nutrition. BTW-Algae contains DHA, your statement is incorrect. There are several other points you are not correct about.
    Psychiatry is the scam of all the MD Disciplines, if there Diagnostics were real they’d be treated by Neurologist. People in this profession have done way more harm than good to humanity!

  • just so you know, always stressing how much weight you are going to lose with vegan diet will scare everyone away who is struggling to not lose weight. Not everyone in the world is a ‘murican fatass.

  • her lecture is great and i watched carefully from beginning to the end but what is going on with her body? i hope her jumper is not covering a fat belly and wide waistline

  • >Brain needs animal fats to function properly
    >Vegans avoid animal fats
    >Vegans are essentially brain dead and spout nonsense all the time
    Cat with flower on his head transcending space and time meme…

  • Pasture fed, grass fed cattle that have eaten only grass and browsed wild plants, tree leaves etc, and has not been ‘fattened’ or ‘finished’ on grain based feed provide meat that has good quantities of Omega 3 fatty acids and not too much Omega 6. Feedlot beef on the other hand is bad news. You also want to find cattle fed on grass that has no fertilizer or poisons spread on it.

  • Very interesting. I have been diagnosed with Vestibular migraine and disassociative disorder & am trying to work out the lifestyle causes rather than resign myself to taking medication for the rest of my life. This talks gives me ideas for amending my diet.

  • Although vegetarians have lower iron stores, adverse health effects of lower iron and zinc absorption have not been demonstrated with varied, plant-based diets consumed in developed countries. Nutr Rev. 2002 May;60(5 Pt 1):127-34.

  • Dr. Ede, Thank you very much for this valuable information. Have linked your lecture to a recent post of Prof. Janice Fiamengo; kindly take note of my comment there?


    Since the conditions of homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. were previously seen as unhealthy, disturbed states; are you maybe aware of any studies done on homosexual/lesbian/transgender/asexual individuals in connection with their diet?

    Was also wondering if you are aware of the GAPS diet developed by Neurologist Natasha C. McBride; used for more than 30 years; to turn around both psychological and physiological disturbed states?

    And of the research done by scientist Stephanie Seneff? Some years ago she wrote papers connecting a low fat diet and the lack of sun exposure, to the rising Autism rate. Currently she (and others like MD Zach Bush) are also concentrating on gut health (similar to Natasha); towards restoring the microbiome affected by toxic chemicals like the water soluble antibiotic glyphosate in our food chain, and even in the air. (Found them amidst cutting-edge lectures delivered at annual Autism One conferences)

    Believe the rise in madness to be connected to all the above including as result metal toxicity greatly induced through vaccinations… similar to what happened to Vincent van Gogh, who ate his paints. Have found various methods of detoxification (besides through natural bile production, and regular and extended fasting); such as high dose Vit C, bentonite clay, zeolite powder, activated charcoal, heat/cold therapy including cold shower/hot bath and sauna/sun and cold swimming pool, epsom salt baths, DMSO, coffee enemas, etc.)… Quite an adventure!

    Method in the madness: The animal-, chemical-, vegetationand vaccine gods; they all demand sacrifices.

  • Veganism nearly killed me and I am and always have been healthy. If they want to go vegan, well that’s their choice. It will just thin the heard. Went full Keto-Carnivore and I have never been happier and healthier in my life!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and Vegans PLANTS DO FEEL Pain, despite a CNS!

  • 10:10 I have very strong reactions to blood sugar levels. After I drink a coffee in the morning and then eat some waffles or milk and cereals or anything sugary, give it 2-3 hours and I get a strange sensation of hunger combined with a strange dizziness (more like tunnel vision) that I never feel otherwise and a strong desire to eat pork or, awkwardly enough, mayonnaise. If I eat something it passes right away.

  • 9:44 what she says is even an understatement, just see “Lights Out, sleep,sugar and survival” one of the greatest books of all time

  • I live in northern Italy and yes, the diet here is different than in the south. Italians do eat meats, but it’s in very moderation amounts… think of it as a flavoring versus as a main dish (unless it’s a special occasion like Christmas or a wedding/birthday). Remember, historically Italy is a poor country, which honestly has been their saving grace. That grace is running out though, as they are continuing to move up in western society. American fast food corporations are exporting the US obesity epidemic to the EU because Americans are becoming wise to the processed food game and companies are losing money.

    It’s a shame

    Edit: as far as olive oil use here… yes of course it’s very popular, but it’s not like they drink it straight, plus it’s used on finished dishes served at the table (like fresh or cooked vegetables). You actually don’t consume as much as is poured on, since oil and water don’t mix well. Most of the oil is left on the plate. So really, olive oil is just another condiment. Stop the “oil hysteria”, ffs. It’s not even heated ��

  • If everyone including parents fed their children this way perhaps there wouldn’t be so many shootings in the US and the prisons wouldn’t be bursing all around the world.

  • You never mention that what drives high LDL and accumulation of fat into cells is the high amount of simple sugars. High fat diet is good for you, unless you start eating a lot of sugar that takes the ingested fat and stores it in your cells.

  • Mediterranean diet is truly, if we look at the origin the diet from the Greek island of Crete. This is where it is originated first.

  • I’ve traveled all over the Mediterranean many times and have long-time Greek friends I dine with often. The American Mediterranean diet interpretation is not accurate. It is pushed as nearly vegetarian, when in reality they eat a fair amount of lamb, chicken and seafood along with beans for protein. It is about what animals they can sustain in the landscape, and beef is not that available. The serve lemons at the table regularly, and squeeze is over their roasted meats and salads with olive oil. Their meat intake is not as great as in America, but they eat it regularly. Besides roasted meats, they are masters at slow cooking stewed dishes of meats and vegetables. They also eat sausages. They have several cheeses, including Feta, and and higher fat condensed yoghurt, which people I’ve met eat daily. While alcohol is available even to younger people, alcoholism is very low (in Greece). Bread dipped in olive oil is part of the diet. Far more to the point, people of the Mediterranean eat a far wider variety of fresh foods every day somewhere around 20 to 25 different kinds per day. It is often a little of this and a little of that, which is the best way to get great nutrient absorption along with an enjoyable diet. And yes, they do eat desserts but smaller portions than Americans. Rice pudding, baklava, almond cookies, ekmek, are some. They go out in the evenings for drinks and walking in the town square and eat their last meal of the day very late. If you are a tourist and you go to your hotel for the day by 8:00 PM, you would miss a huge part of the the social life of these countries. I know several Greek doctors. One other difference, they say is that they are not restrictive and radical in their diets and in their lives as are Americans. Americans are food nazis and many are at war with their food. Their lives are also slower in pace. They sleep more like twice a day, than once for a long period because of the heat of the day. [The French way of eating is more rich; French have low obesity rates, and they eat pastries and bread again not in triple portions as we do.]. These people can’t just get in the car to drive across the street and it is true that they walk more. The philosophy is that life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

  • “Pre-agricultural whole foods diet” like it… but I get my DHA from algae, which is the same place that fish get it. I am concerned about over-fishing, which is killing our oceans. None of us will be able to eat fish if there’s no life left in the oceans. We used to get wild Atlantic salmon all the time but now it’s never available. Much of the fish in the ocean has been contaminated with mercury and other pollutants.

    I’m also concerned about the cruelty of the factory farming industry. It’s ok to feel compassion in our hyper-masculinized world (ie, compassion does not equal weakness). I attempt to source my meats from humane, local sources. I don’t eat pork because pigs are very smart and the factory farming industry for them is one of the worst out there.

    One can be omnivorous, ketogenic, and still give a shit.

  • Great to learn because thousands haven’t got a clue what we put into our bodies read labels ok salt sugar processed foods saturated fats heart disease cholesterol diabetes animal

  • If any particular food caused a particular illness it would be common knowledge by now. I have been eating bread and drinking milk for 88 years and fortunately have never suffered with depression. Admittedly I have recently acquired not only leukemia but also PMR disease but then Mother Nature likes to make sure you don’t live for ever. It is natural that we try to improve our health by searching for the best diet but the problem could be more complicated. We are extensions of the bodies of our ancestors and so we come with bits of their problems built in.

  • Doctor you need to log in to nutritionfacts.org.…to get your medical evidence. You have skewed your “scientifically sound” facts…..gave this a thumbs down due to lack of credibility.

  • I was beginning to experience memory loss and slight dementia in year 2 of a Vegan DIE it! �� Now eat a lot less sugar as in Maple Syrup that Vegan recipes call for, and Fruit. Now, I eat Ribeye Steak and Eggs, and lots of of my energy is restored my memory is sharp and my balance is better. I was having staggering symptoms, such as: Short ess-ofbreath, fainting spells and blacking out! I was also aging, getting white eyebrow hairs and plus_ my hair was falling out. My Hypothyroidism was suffering and so I was like, ” Why am I on this diet, it is slowly killing me? ” #exvegan #proudexvegan ��

  • Dr. Tuttle’s talk was phenomenal….I was stunned listening to the first person’s? It’s as if he wasn’t listening to the talk at all.

  • Everyone knows that to lose weight you need to restrict calories. Since carbs of any source have just 4 calories per gram versus 9 calories per gram from fat (meat and dairy), who can guess which is the better diet?

  • This is really very interesting. But my concern is that ALL dementia patients are NOT vegan. I haven’t even come across any vegetarian dementia clients. So what is this lecture about?
    I mean, I’m 30 mins in and only can gather that vegans and vegetarians have lower DHA and zinc levels….also I doubt very much whether people would have black beans with their oysters.
    Also, I noticed that the only books shown were Ornish, Barnard and Esselstyn (all MD’s) but have great success from disease reversal.
    Shouldn’t she be collaborating with guys and working together rather than creating a division.
    Very curious indeed.

  • I believe a vegan diet is for sick people and diabetics who can give it a try for 1 year to see if it really help them, I know some vegans who act like in a cult, I do not see the need for young people and healthy people to go all out vegan, they can lower their animal consumption and dairy but not to go all out Vegan, the more I watch your video the more I see your checks are sucked in your skull and a bit more you would look like a skeleton. Eating a banana in a piece for baguette or a corn on a cob or a big dish of tomato basil pasta, these are all Mediterranean diet but the story people tell me of what they eat suggest they are unstable.

  • Totally agree except for the autism thing. Myself and two sons have Asperger’s. I feel I’m very lucky that I discovered the low carb diet before my pregnancies so both sons received huge amounts of fats and protein. Both are very intelligent and one is exceptional in every subject but the more intelligent son is more autistic.

  • She “conveniently” forgets to mention the ‘virtual pharmacy’ of chemicals injected and fed into farm animals, ie: antibiotics and other medications, growth hormones and adulterated feed meant to make the animals grow fat and heavy as quick as possible so they can be sold for top dollar. She forgets to mention that part of the processing of chickens is to submerge their carcasses in chlorine in an attempt to kill of a slew of deadly bacteria from the chickens being crammed into filthy cages. Livestock is no longer allowed to graze on beautiful green pastures, they are kept in filthy barns side by side with dead and dying animals, the stench of death and excrement getting into every pore of the animal. While praising a meat diet, why does she avoid this exceedingly vital topic that has enormous health implications??!!

    Although she states valid points regarding processed foods, sugars, junk foods, she oversteps her expertise by delving into “whole plant based” or “vegan” diets because there simply have not been sufficient long term studies done on people who eat pure, healthy whole plant-based foods, who avoid processed foods and junk foods. Most teenagers, even those who call themselves “vegans” eat a large amount of junk food and sugar-laden processed foods. Dr. Ede’s bias towards meat is so obvious that I wonder whether she is sponsored or receiving some benefits from a meat/dairy based company. She offers up a lot of opinion, speculation disguised as data, while never clearly stating the source of these “studies”.

  • this lady has a good heart with pure true intentions to help others through the mental struggle and you can hear it in her lovely voice. bless her soul.

  • Bipolar or schizophrenic people gain weight from antipsychotic drugs and that is what leads to 300% increase in risk for diabetes.

  • The UN has just announced that they want the entire world to go Vegan. Of course BAYER ( the new owner of Monsanto’s GMO’s ) will own the worlds food production, and supply drugs when the people get sick from GMO’s and the lack of vitamins and minerals. By then, all organic foods won’t exist ( 5G frequencies will have a hand in that), and Holistic doctors / Naturapaths / and health food shops, will be a thing of the past. This ‘ global warming from CO2 ‘ scam…. is what Agenda 21 and the whole NWO take over is based on. So all you young kids had better start doing some critical thinking….. because this is the new World War 3, and your being attacked from within.

  • Eliminated meat many years ago, and I do not supplement. No way I could tell you whether that has effected me. Last checkup no deficiencies were flagged. It was not hard to come by an opposing view: from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19500961 one conclusion: ‘There is no evidence of adverse effects on health or cognitive function with lower DHA intake in vegetarians’. Diet evaluation is a bit of a rabbit hole, lots of folk have done considerable trial and error. First time I noticed the term ‘pre-agricultural’, a seemingly sensible concept.

  • Finally a man who not only has his head screwed on the right way, but also has a heart and moral standards.
    Humans: the biggest and most cruel predators in the world and not because they need to be in order to survive, but just to satisfy their lusts.
    As if they have nothing else to eat and drink…..

  • Plants chatter amongst themselves to spread information, a lot like humans and other animals, new research suggests. A unique internal network apparently allows greens to warn each other against predators and potential enemies.

    Many herbal plants such as strawberry, clover, reed and ground elder naturally form a set of connections to share information with each other through channels known as runners—horizontal stems that physically bond the plants like tubes or cables along the soil surface and underground. Though connected to vertical stems, runners eventually form new buds at the tips and ultimately form a network of plants.

    They warn each other and in response they produce toxins… they don’t want to be eaten.

  • Love the talk. However, in terms of the bipolar study antipsychotics, which many people with the disease take are know to increase the risk of metabolic disorder. So I would like to see that controlled for.

  • I prefer to die as a man than to live like a rabbit. A life without cheese, fried chicken, a burger, ice cream, french fries? all of that always replaced with fuckin salads without oil? ar you fuckin serious?! if the rabbit diet allows you to live until 350 may be i’ll think about it. but common, at best, the rabbit diet allows you to live 5 more years than the average more or less healthy guy. So i give an emphatic “fuck” the rabbit diet!!!!

  • This is very thought provoking we never asked questions we just accepted whatever was given to us by our parents and society as a whole now I understand thanks to you and I AM in the process of reinventing myself after coming into contact with this wonderful information to encourage and enlighten us

  • I think people like Stalin and Mao Zedong are cheering his ass, While Joe McCarthy spins in his grave, as he works Sisyphus’s night shift. All autistic, down syndrome, Adhd, ADD, and mentally disabled people are Doomed.

  • “How hospitals feed their patients”. This one hit home home for me. My Grandfather was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in the hospital staying, getting tested. The food they gave him was appalling! These high carb meals with diet soda or juice.

  • Corporate food industry is the main reason & blame for Global Bad Health. Trump needs to regulate these Greedy, Money hungry industry. The last thing on the agenda is your health. They keep pushing every thing that will eventually Kill you. This presentation was a superb eye opener for the entire Planet. Sad but few will take the lead to make changes.

  • Thanks Dr Ede for ur sharing. However, I wonder why you call depression, bipolar disorder as disease (u mentioned disease process). What’s the proof that they are diseases? What are the objective tests that show that they are diseases?

  • Slow beginning, but gets much better – fantastic talk!

    At 44:20 “The military industrial meat medical pharmaceutical media complex.”

  • I love all Will Tuttle’s talks and his book, which is full of highly quotable insights, one after the next. I also really appreciate the high level of discourse and comments that others have posted here!

  • Not to minimize the dietary and nutritional aspects of mental health but there’s a lot more chronic mental health injury that the structure of our “civilization” is responsible for. You didn’t really think we could convert a human tribal social structure into an insectoid “eusocial” one without side effects, did you?

  • Dr. Tuttle has brought out aspects that he has attributed to various sources, but essentially their original source emanates from Hindu philosophies. The core tenets of Patanjali Yoga Sutras Yama & Niyama ( Social and Individual disciplines) which is the essential purification processes for meditation. Eventually, we are what we eat and what we think, and purification of the sources of these is the first part of the evolution of man. Vedic society got this in India. Unfortunately, it has been overrun by the middle-eastern philosophies and then the colonial take-over has let to the mother civilization and culture being painted wrongly.

    The Hindu system codified the vegetarian system along with sustainable agriculture. Dr. Tuttle perhaps does not get this at all when he speaks about Krishna and the Cow @ 55:30 as a myth and it does appear that his understanding is pretty superficial at this point of time. There is plenty of historical, practical and even archaeological evidence to state that these are not myths (btw, myth comes from mithya falsehood in Sanskrit). In any case, Americans and the meat eating world needs to wake up to this sordid chapter of Human history and get back on its track of evolving itself.

    The primary purpose of all consciousness that pervades all life and non-living things is to unite with the source consciousness. That is the integral aim of Yoga (sanskrit for union, union with the innate and immanent divine), a cornerstone of the Hindu philosophy.

  • Thank goodness for Dr Will Tuttle, a man speaking sense. Inspiring, honest and truthful. This world is surely a better place for his being.

  • I am bipolar and suffer from anxiety and I for the last 5 months have been on a Vegan diet.. It was by choice and I have suffered such horrific joint pain as well as my anxiety and depression has skyrocketed! I had no fat no oil and I walked 5 to 10 miles per day.. I was suicidal and had ZERO ENERGY in the 5th mi th.. I am now back on a high fat low protein diet and the last 2 days have been a night and day difference in my Mental health and my joints and pain are getting much much better..
    I highly suggest not going Vegan and if you do, DO NOT TAKE OUT THE FAT!!! I did KETO 2 year previous to taking the Vegan diet. The 2 years on Keto was the only time my Bipolar and Anxiety were at bay and almost non existant… Thank you for this message..

  • i find it amazing that people keep trying to grasp at straws. A week i read an article where a study did not conclusive state that meat and especially red meat is causing cancer. Further more they argued since there were not enough studies done no one should say meat is causing cancer. It is frigging hilarious that in fork over knives over 100 million participants over several decades were studied and that there was a causal link between eating to much meat and cancer. Every time there is something which might debunk notion that we need to eat way more plants.. people will go in extreme lengths and try to prove we are omnivores. Meanwhile the average american slaps a pound of meat every day on its plate and gets fatter by the minute. I cant wait when earth burns from our waste. We will be literally mile deep in animal waste and we will still be debating the pro and cons of a plant based diet. Even if we throw out the corporate, dairy, meat and koch brother influences it will take years to take action. Democracy has failed.

  • @joined201010261347 concentration of toxin (both physical and metaphysical) in the secretions of flesh and animals. And the act of theft is sowing the seeds or reductionism, objectification and commoditation towards other living Beings. Namaste to you, my Friend.

  • In the Q&A the question was raised why it would be bad to still eat organic eggs or keep your own chickens. His response seemed to amount to proclaiming that anything that somehow falls short of his personal ideal of veganism should be avoided. I suspect that just like regular Americans rationalize their obsession with obnoxious meat eating, he also rationalizes his radical idea a bit. I also missed the point that eating lots of vegetables beats eating empty calories. Otherwise a thoughtful talk

  • Besides the biological arguments, vegans tend to ignore the value of animal husbandry in managing “marginal” lands in agriculture. I live in a foot-hills/mountainous area which does not support row cropping. Tree fruits & small vegetable truck farms are as “vegan” as we can get. The hills are most suitable for careful grazing techniques. Polyface farms is not that far away, to give you an example.

  • Nothing will be the same the next time I chew a piece of meat, however I will continue doing it, shame on me. I think I need to get this talk in small doses, is too much for me.