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6 Tasty Fermented Foods With a Probiotic Kick. From kombucha to kimchi, traditional fermented foods have made a comeback in a big way, finding their place in supermarket refrigerators everywhere. Kefir, another fermented milk product, tastes like a slightly tangier, yet drinkable yogurt and boasts even more probiotics. Both are also good sources of protein, calcium, and vitamin D. But there is more to fermented food, than just tasty meal.

While reading “The Cultured Cook”, I have actually learnt knew benefits of fermented foods, but also Do’s and Don’ts of fermenting and new variety of recipes. I had no idea that cheesecake can actually be probiotic-rich. I didn’t realize that there even can be fermented. Probiotics are live bacterial cultures that are found in fermented foods like Greek yogurt and kombucha. They get the name “pro” because they pro mote better gut health by helping to alleviate IBS symptoms, boost your immune system, and fend off bad bacteria strains that can rev appetite and cause weight gain.

Uji, also known as the Kenyan Fermented Porridge, is the ultimate comfort breakfast food which is packed with probiotics. It is made of dried maize, millet and/or sorghum that is made wet with water and left to ferment for a few days before cooking. The health benefits of fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut aren’t much of a secret anymore. The short story is, fermented veggies contain loads of good stuff, including probiotics, which play a part in maintaining gut health.

And gut health has positive health implications beyond the gut. The foods included soft cheese, sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), kimchi (fermented vegetables), kefir and kombucha (fermented tea). In this experiment, the researchers looked at both homemade versions, and shop bought samples. Food-based probiotics: Most other species, including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria, are found in fermented foods.

One other type of probiotic, the Saccharomyces species, is a yeast. To restore and maintain a healthy balance, which helps the body heal itself and stay in good shape, Axe recommends getting a variety of all three types. A healthy Ayurvedic diet includes fermented foods, such as yogurt, amasai and miso. Many different seasonal vegetables may be fermented to prolong how long they are edible, such as asparagus, beets, cabbage, carrots, cilantro, fennel root (anise), garlic, green beans, etc.

Or you can simply give a bowl of chips a probiotic kick with fermented salsas sold by brands like Wildbrine. Watch the video: How to Add More Probiotic Foods to Your Diet 2 of 12.

List of related literature:

Probiotic microbes are also active in other fermented food, including kefir, tempeh, some pickles, sauerkraut, and kimchi.

“Nutrition For Dummies” by Carol Ann Rinzler
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You can do this with probiotic supplements (see page 106) or fermented foods that contain live bacteria: kefir, kombucha, unsweetened yogurt (goat or coconut), kimchi, pickled fruits and vegetables, and sauerkraut.

“Memory Rescue: Supercharge Your Brain, Reverse Memory Loss, and Remember What Matters Most” by Dr. Daniel G. Amen
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You can explore fermented foods (sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir, tempeh, fermented veggies, miso), or you can consider a probiotic supplement.

“Crazy Sexy Juice: 100+ Simple Juice, Smoothie & Nut Milk Recipes to Supercharge Your Health” by Kris Carr
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Fermented vegetables, such as sauerkraut and coconut yogurt, are good food sources of probiotics, which we know support the growth and maintenance of friendly bacteria, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacteria.

“Clean Skin from Within: The Spa Doctor's Two-Week Program to Glowing, Naturally Youthful Skin” by Trevor Cates
from Clean Skin from Within: The Spa Doctor’s Two-Week Program to Glowing, Naturally Youthful Skin
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Consume a wide variety of fermented foods, such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickled vegetables, along with yogurts, kefirs, miso, natto, and other foods with naturally occurring good bacteria.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
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The so-called probiotics in fermented foods are not life-giving.

“Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal” by Anthony William
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Some strains of L. plantarum isolated from fermented foods also utilize a mannose-specific mechanism to adhere to human intestinal cells.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
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Some of the best vegan sources of probiotics are nondairy yogurts (almond, coconut, or soy yogurt), fermented soy products (such as tempeh and miso), fermented nut or seed cheeses, fermented vegetables (sauerkraut), fermented grains (rejuvelac), and some types of tea.

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
from Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition
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These probiotics may be naturally abundant in foods as a result of the way they are prepared, as for yogurt, kefir, kimchi, tempeh, pickles, and sauerkraut.

“Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat” by David Julian McClements
from Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat
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Naturally fermented foods are an excellent source of probiotics.

“Clean Cuisine Cookbook: 130+ Anti-Inflammatory Recipes to Heal Your Gut, Treat Autoimmune Conditions, and Optimize Your Health” by Ivy Larson, Andy Larson
from Clean Cuisine Cookbook: 130+ Anti-Inflammatory Recipes to Heal Your Gut, Treat Autoimmune Conditions, and Optimize Your Health
by Ivy Larson, Andy Larson
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Ditto to Liz Bethy’s comment. Can you list brands? You say to leave comments with questions but very few are getting answered. What about the BelGioso cheese? OK? Not OK?

  • Hi Dr. Gundry, some jars of tomato sauce say they are ‘Crushed and strained’. Does that make them acceptable to eat? Are cans of tomato paste crushed and strained?

  • Every other video i see u explaining the same gut issues or maybe i just lose the attention and mix things up. Who knows. I like your work, but i still want to ask #askgojiman how do i make youtube videos more easily digestible? Is it a problem with the video or a problem with my digestion?

  • Hello Gojiman, I think this is a common doubt about fermented foods, is salt essential? The general info on the internet is that you need 2% of salt per weight of food, which is a lot. They say without it there is risk for catching botulism? A medium jar of sauerkraut takes almost 20 grams of salt, that’s a lot so wondering what is your take on this. Do you use salt in your own ferments? Thanks for the awesome content!

  • #askgojiman konnichi wa goji man, could you please do a video on omega 3 and 6 balance foods. My diet it always so much higher in omega 3s and struggle to up my 6

  • So I have a question! Does putting raw manuka honey or any good honey into my hot cup of tea kill the good stuff and make it essentially uneffective??? THANKS!!! LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!!!

  • Sugar doesn’t kill probiotics lol. If anything it feeds the probiotics. Additionally, even dead bacteria has proven to be beneficial. I still buy plain yogurt though because I like the taste more.

  • Hello, your food for boosting the immunity vlog is so informative. Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge and research. I appreciate your effort.

    I have also found this boost immunity video which is very informative.please check out.


  • How many probiotics sources can you take in one day? I noticed the difference from probiotic yogurts and eating kimichi probiotic yogurts have nothing on kimchi. How many can one consume in a day and still be safe and can you over do eating probiotics?

  • Thank you Dr Gundry!
    I realy appreciate your input -as a former Macrobiotic counselor who studies with Kushi himself, I know quiet a lot about healing with whole foods.
    As I listen to you OFTEN -you never fail to nail it!!!!!!I

  • If anyone would like to learn more about Dr. Gundry’s science, go to Google Scholar and read Campbell’s review on his novel! It’s highly informative and will provide you with even more information about Dr. Gundry’s research!

  • Theres a reason why it shortens cold or flu.. kimchi is cabbage. Cabbage is high in vitamin c. If you mega dose pure vitamin c you dont get colds or flu.

  • this video does not understand the difference between prebiotics (contain living organisms) and probiotics (contain nutrients that benefit microbiome). If you don’t understand the details you don’t understand what you are talking about.

  • Thank you for a succinct informative introduction to fermented foods! re: Miso 5:55… too hot a temperature will destroy the bacteria in Miso, as well as all other fermented foods. If adding to a stir-fry, do it once the food is on your plate.

  • NOOOO! Don’t eat soybeans! You’re pushing your commercial non-GMO protein powder and then you turn around and tell us that tempeh is good for us? Soybeans are nearly all genetically modified! Don’t eat soybeans!

  • My mug bread recipe is:

    1 tablespoon of olive oil
    1 tablespoon of lectin free flour, i use surghum and cassava there are others ( just experiment till you get the best mix ).
    Pinch salt
    1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
    1 omaga 3 egg.
    Mix together with a fork in a mug or small pyrex, mine are round but its ok. Cook for one minute in the microwave. Cool for a minute Then slice in half and toast on the grill. Butter while a bit hot.

    That makes enough for two days for me. Of course you could double, triple it up. Adjust cooking time and pyrex size. I found that recipe on youtube, probably a keto one. K

  • I’m sold! Thank you for this informative video. I have diverticulosis and am on a clear diet for a week. My nutritionist told me about fermented foods and I’m very much interested in learning more.

  • Will overdosing on probiotics heal my SIBO?
    I have Mercury & other heavy metals in my gut,this is what caused all my ailments.

    Edit: Nevermind, have to kill the SIBO first.

  • Hey Gojiman, it’s good to see you back up and running. I assume you graduated from your nutrition school and if so, A congratulations is in order��

  • I typically buy GT’s Kombucha. Cane sugar is listed in the ingredients but I’ve heard that its before the fermentation process to feed the scoby. Most flavors have around 4-6g of sugar per serving (15g per bottle). GTs is also the most affordable brand other than Kevita. Does anyone have any thoughts on the best Kombucha brands? (I have paid up to 6$ per bottle but felt ridiculous afterwords.)

  • Hello Dr. Gundry, I would really like to see a video about ancient grains, which have not been genetically modified. For example, could einkorn actually be ok for you? Especially if you ferment it and make sourdough bread.

  • What about pickles?? I heard they are pretty good for the gut. I also heard that fermented foods also make the scrotum of men larger. Thats just what I heard….

  • #askgojiman So, I’ve been living with psoriasis for about 15 years now (my first spot appeared when I was 17 years old). I’ve tried many approaches to deal with psoriasis, I’ve been vegan for more than a year now (even ferment my own sauerkraut), I feel great and can’t even think of going back to animal products, the only problem is I continue to have really awful gas and my symptoms haven’t subsided. So, my question is: can psoriasis be related or IBS or SIBO? If so, how to deal with it?
    Thanks for the support and the great videos!

  • #askgojiman Could you please give some advice on how to firm the skin after significant weight loss? I am not sure if it is important to mention, but I have the MTHFR homozygous mutation, hypothyroidism with a history of blood clots and I have been vegan for over 8 years. Thank you!

  • Peel and de-seed the cucumber’s first in Russia and Poland it is heresy such Cucambers don’t have any taste and value after fermentation process. If there are any lectins the fermentation process is to make them good! If I for two day in winter time don’t eat such Cucumbers I feel something wrong with my body and soul.

  • My observation every time I go into whole foods and watch these videos. Everyone around you looks so miserable, like they all got the worst news then went grocery shopping. ��

  • Sweeeeet #askgojiman dude what are your thoughts on enzymes and probiotics and under what conditions would you recommend supplementing OR should we go more for getting these things through food?!?!

    I know this is kinda similar to this video but I’d like your thoughts on gettin from food or supplementing

  • My personal favourite Biodynamic (better than organic) sauerkraut only 3.1g of sugar per 100g. This after having tasted dozens of local and foreign versions from Germany, UK, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia…:

  • Bobby love what you preach except about Cod Liver Oil. It should be cold pressed and definitely not fermented. The best ones to buy are Rosita, Nordic Natural (without the added vitamin D) and Jigsaw. These are all cold pressed.

  • Great stuff! I’d like to see ferment videos please. How do you encourage the right types of bacteria and exclude the dodgy ones? Also the anaerobic fermentation sounds interesting too. Cheers

  • Gosh my mother made bone broth, and some people made fun of her. It was cheap, and she said nutritious. Gosh, now I found out she was right.

  • I drink pu-ehr tea instead of orange pecoe, hot fermented green tea with kombucha instead of regular green tea, rooibos tea instead of hot chocolate before bed, and sourdough instead of any other bread, and my health has completely changed. I have almost died for not going number 2 for days and days. Now I’m regular. Everything is normal. I feel so good! This video sucks!

  • Thanks for watching! Are there any health topics you’d like to know more about? Let me know in the comments below

    Gundry MD’s YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2YVaIi0

  • Would love to see video on low histamine also check out the Easy Fermrnter product simplifies making fermented foods also look at glass weights and wood mallet they Cary also

  • Please do a video on (low-histamine) fermentation, I could really benefit from it ������

    (also, maybe you could explain why less histamines are formed under anaerobic circumstances¿)

    Ps. Thnx for all your work, you’re doing amazing work!

  • You are contributing to improving peoples awareness, on health during the most important times! Thnks, and Hope you never stop being genuine & honest!☺����

  • Mayo Clinicalways the “google doc” who opposes and shames natural and holistic medicine, even though in many non emergency cases, food and supplements heal.
    Yet they still always say “not enough scientific studies have been done” ��
    Funded by Big Pharma. The guys who want you to buy their drugs & pills.
    That’s why.

  • Hi Dr. Gundry and/or his team. How bad are cosmetics and plastics and things like that for your health? What substitutes for plastics and chemical cosmetics would you suggest? And what are the other main damaging toxins in our modern environment?


  • would European, organic, non GMO bread flour be good to use occasionally, for sauce/soup thickener or muffins. just for use once in a while?

  • People might complain about the minimal makeup of the channel, but I found it to be an absolute goldmine of information. A deep and sincere thank you from me, Gojiman!

  • I came here looking for healthy fermented foods. Most of this is not too good…milk based products, too much sugar content, soy products. Yuuck!

  • #Askgojiman what is a vegan to eat on a SIBO diet? My naturopath said it can’t really be done on a vegan diet and suggested I add tofu, edamame and such back in my diet if I was going to continue the vegan diet. I was delighted to have tofu today because I’ve been so hungry and lightheaded since the treatment and all the capsules. I ended up getting pain in my left calf and hamstring areas with a lot of belching. Please help!

  • #askGojiMan can you make a video on how to make fermented foods and what method is the safest. also can you recommend a product brand that I can buy at the store because I am afraid of making fermented food and have it grow mold or bad and get sick from making it.

  • You talk really fast, I feel like it’s difficult to understand what you are saying because you are assuming we know a lot about what you are saying too.

  • Thank you so,so much for all this amazing information. When I saw your video on leaky gut. I spread the word to my family,I feel better now. Taking care of what goes in my mouth. Blessings to you and your family

  • Dr.GSouth River Miso makes terrific misos some are made from other beans, such as azuki, chickpea & their 3 yr barley is amazing. Check out their web site. I’ve been there and their facility is spotless!

  • People worried about sodium, there are low sodium fermented foods. You can make soy yogurt in an Instapot or with very little equipment. Same for saurkraut. You can make it home without salt. 1 teaspoon of fresh miso only has 200mg of sodium. Vegan natto without additives is hard to find and expensive, but it has almost no sodium. It can also be made at home.

  • Hey Gojiman can you please show us someone who has taken your advice and done the tests you have suggested and actually healed their gut/health issues?

  • What about honey and the energy bars that are on the allowed list. I find myself eating more of the energy bars on the go as I am very active. Should I limit these to a certain amount per day?

  • Some more specific foods below. Button mushrooms are my favorite as give a significant IgA boost while being fairly common and easy to use in many dishes:)
    Foods experimentally shown to significantly improve immunity

  • Thank you for covering Kombucha! I really love all of your videos, but I was looking for info about Kombucha! God bless you for being there to support our health!

  • Just wondering about guidelines for supplements and food quantities. Do we need to be concerned about our weight? For example, I am 107 lbs and my husband is 142 lbs, should we be taking the same supplement dosage one scoup of vital reds and 1oz of chocolate per day for example?

  • You might have already talked about this, but I’m lactose intolerant and new to your channel. I take pro-biotic, but are their natural foods that help a lactose intolerant person and have pro-biotic?

  • #askgojiman Can you do a video on FODMAPs, the problems they can cause, the pros and cons to being on a low FODMAP diet, and how FODMAPs can intersect with the other GI issues you’ve discussed?

  • #askgojiman I lost 70lbs on low carb over a year. Got off my blood pressure med and was no longer pre-diabetic. Spent the second year trying to maintain, losing and gaining 10 to 15 lbs every month. Third year I started getting cravings and frequent binges on my wife cookies and gained back about 20 lbs. I switched to vegan about a month ago hoping to control cravings and lose that 20 lbs. My concern is that my morning (fasting) blood glucose has increased back to about 115 which is pre-diabetic. Is this just a trade off for veganism? Am I eating the wrong vegan foods? Will the blood glucose come down eventually?

  • Hi, Dr. GUNDRY.
    What about kefir?
    Does it HAVE to be made with A2 or goat’s milk?
    I make my own at home with goats, coconut and A2 but I like it better with St. BENOIT, wish is a whole, pasteurized organic milk.

  • Hi @joyous health. What is a good sugar amount for the Kombucha, or what are some of your favorite Kombucha brands I can look into? Thanks Ruby Shay

  • #askgojiman Fermented oatmeal. I fill with water and leave it on the counter for 2-3 days. That’s it. I eat it raw with with some sort of berry. Is this ok?

  • This is exactly why everyone should learn how to ferment your own foods. Making your own kefir with goats milk is the single best source of friendly flora there is, period. The variety of stains and the number of organisms is so superior to any probiotic produced, it is not even worth discussing.

  • Although I really enjoy your videos PLEASE STOP OPENING FRIDGE DOORS AND STANDING THERE! It makes me crazy! Keep the door closed. Reach in quickly and close it. Thanks ��

  • I am almost 65 and have liver fibrosis. Non-alcoholic. The other day I saw a woman who was in her 80s reaching for the last pack of mini-waters on a shelf and, as she reached for it, some babe in her 30s grabbed it, stuck it in her cart and took off like a shot. I wanted to smack the woman! But I kept my cool, followed said babe around stealthily, and when she wasn’t looking, took the water out of her cart, took off quickly and found the older woman and gave it to her. She looked shocked and asked me to thank the “nice young lady” who gave it to her. I let her assume someone was being niceeven though they weren’t.

    As a liver patient for a year now, there are certain things necessary for me. Among them are Vit C, Iron, Zinc and the things people who never cared about taking these before are now suddenly taking because they (wrongly) think a supplement is a protective pill that acts instantly. So then people like myself go without our necessities while idiots who don’t know what they’re doing are hoarding.

    The others at the cancer center have been having the same issue. My oncologist has ordered a respirator yeah the serious kind for me. But why should this be?

    I am amazed at all the young, healthy people out there who are hoarding the supplies that should be for the most vulnerable.

    Can you live with yourself knowing you put truly vulnerable people at risk?

  • #askgojiman I’m not clear on why eating ‘anaerobic’ fermented foods would still be bad for someone with SIBO. As long as it’s a low histamine food and loaded with probiotics, shouldn’t the good bacteria crowd out the bad bacteria over time? And wouldn’t it be sensible and safe for many with gut issues to just assume they could have SIBO and start taking the natural antibiotics like oregano oil and others instead of paying lots of money for those expensive tests (though you were able to provide access to far more affordable tests)?

  • Yes please show us how to make fermented foods. I live in Singapore and I am concerned that the extremely warm temperature here would cause problems for me making my own fermented foods or it may just make them ferment quicker ��

  • It’s funny how on every Dr. G YouTube comment section he never replies to any questions yet every other post is a direct question to him. If he didn’t answer the 200 questions before you, why would you think you would get a response?

  • I’ve read the SIBO tests can quite often give an incorrect positive result. What is your opinion on this? I have some symptoms that aren’t great, was diagnosed as having IBS prior to going vegan. Now I seem to have tempermental issues and I cannot pinpoint what it is? My problems are fatigue, cramps, gas and inconsistent stools.

  • #askgojiman can you make a video about anaerobic fermentation? Also why we should avoid gluten and soy products when having gut issues? Is it because of GMO?

  • Thanks for this information, I am looking for these products in Ireland.  Also I got an email from Amazon UK and they can’t get your book for me. Where can I get it please.

  • #askgojiman Dear beloved Gojiman, I am wondering about two things: 1. Is it okay to bang in a smoothie in the evening? Love it as post workout but I’m also wondering about the effects on gut flora/candida etc. Considering especially sleep and night time.
    2. Do you think intermittent fasting is a sustainable diet for people with fast metabolism and no weight issues. All about muscle gain today.
    Thanks for your outstanding work! Love from Germany

  • I learned 3 natural steps �� that greatly strengthen immunity with super foods. I liked it a lot. ������
    Look here=> blogdaanne.com/power-immunity

  • One problem I have with SOYBEAN is that many of them are GMO. If you are not aware of the dangers of GM technology there is research in England by Aprad Pusztai, Ph.D., (Rowett Research Institute, 1968 1998). Dr Pusztai proved that GMO technology at present is still unsafe for human consumption because it causes a hyper-reaction of the immune system as the immune system treats ALL GM food, that it encounters, as an alien threat to the body even if you started off with totally non-toxic ingredients. It’s amazing that when we are dealing with food all it takes is some unknown research and your strategy has to change.

  • You should check out the crazies of the fermented foods world, again of course it’s the “primal” and carnivore crowd… they eat this shite called “high meat” where they leave meat or sometimes even eggs, to rot in a jar out at room temperature. I can’t think of a more disgusting thing I’ve ever watched, but Frank Tufano and Sv3rige do it (not surprised, their IQ levels are extremely low). If you need some funnies, then watch those two clowns eating that crap, it’s amazing to see them stomach it.

  • #askgojiman Do you think most of the people who are on the carnivore diet take stimulants like coffee to give them energy? I saw that Shawn Baker promotes coffee in one of his videos and I just asked Vegetable police if he takes coffee and he said yes. I think thats how they get by being on such a restrictive diet with no carb. Could you maybe shed some light on this matter?

  • I try to stay away from animal byproducts however, sometimes want the sweetness of honey. What brand of Raw honey you recommend? Haven’t seen a video on that.
    I drink every morning a tumeric, ginger, black pepper, lime/lemon and sometimes I add some cinnamon at that’s it.

  • i would like to ask if the bacteria in fermented foods can get rid off the chemicals into our bodies such as BPA from plastics etc..

  • Why is it that every youtube video on fermented foods just wants to launch into these borring unhelpful build up speaches rather than just simply tell us what they are??

    You guys really like taking the long scenic route on conveying the relevant information don’t you?

  • Thank you, I learned a lot from you! I was wondering about sauerkraut since I’d always heard it should be unpasteurized to get the benefits of probiotics. And I didn’t realize unsweetened kefir was better for you than yogurt. Really helpful tips. Thanks!

  • Your a fine example of how health and happiness should role hand in hand, the rewards are joyous. Over the last five years my body has become so deprived of junky foods, it’s a glorious feeling to pick up the vibes of shopping cart shame from most folks in line with me. You could teach your flock how to grow micro greens, like say sunflower sprouts…num numm!

  • Hey Bobby you got to watch this video yes I know you made it and you know what’s in it but you got to watch this video here’s why just as you said the word fatty notice the background the woman passing by and blue lol

  • Question I love Whole Foods but I cannot get him to shop here too often he thinks it’s too expensive Aldis can be tricky please help especially during this pandemic I am diabetic

  • #askgojiman You mention Kimchi, which Dr. Greger classifies as a red light food, associated with increased risk of stomach cancer. Can you comment on this? Which fermented foods are the best?

  • #askgojiman Can you share your opinion on calcium fortification of plant milks? I make my own plant milk and currently add some calcium carbonate to bring the total calcium level to approximately 100mg / 100ml. However, I have seen that a John Hopkins study concluded that taking calcium supplements may increase the risk of plaque buildup in coronary arteries and heart damage. There doesn’t seem to be any research as to whether calcium fortified foods have the same effect or if they are in fact beneficial. What are your thoughts?

  • Questions for Dr. Gundry. Is none wholegrain rye bread healthy? How unhealthy is none wholegrain rye bread, compared to bread made with other grains? Thank you for your videos.

  • Dr Gundry. Thank you so much talking about the fermented food: Sourdough bread!. At least, now I know, I can choose WHITE Sourdoug! (and I will eat with Olive oil and balsamic vinegar! ) Kimchi ❤️❤️ There is one korean store near by and they make family Kimchi,, which is much better ��

  • Effervescent. I like that word. Effervescent..

    “You look absolutely effervescent!”
    “oh my gosh, thank you for noticing!”

    “Hallo, how is your effervescence today?”
    “Why very good, thank you for asking.”

    “Yes, I shall effervescently upload a YouTube video on fermented foods today.”

    Yup, I like it��

  • Hallo Joy�� I really appreciate the videos you make. You are a divine teacher, excuse me for using the word��.
    I make the sauerkraut without any salt and I add a variety of other vegetables including wheatgrass but instead of eating the fermented veges I consume the sauerkraut water until all the veges have disintegrated into the water and consumed as fiber.
    It gives me and everyone who drinks it all these amazing benefits you have mentioned plus a glowing healthy supple appearance. I know some people who are even using it with very positive results, to lose weight and the under weight people are adding weight because it really boosts their immunity. My bowel movement and reflexes are so amazing even though I have eaten meat on occasion, hope to keep it in the past tense��. I love using it in cleaning our home and I have to say that it works better than bleach by far! Mix it with a little detergent and use it on your bathroom tiles and marvel at the results. It cuts on the use of water and detergent in cleaning the home considerably.
    I have heard of many testimonies on how it has been used to cure cancer here in Kenya, this is how it was introduced to me.
    Stay love stay blessed��

  • I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I’ve been vegan for around 10 years and recently over the past 5 years I’ve developed really terrible IBS issues. I have a host of other health issues that I’m battling with that makes trying to figure out the root of everything even more incredibly daunting. I know you’re an incredibly busy guy and I really value your videos and was wondering if there was any way to be able to speak with you one-on-one privately? I’ve been trying to stay vegan with everything in me for these past 5 years and I feel like I’ve been doing so at the expense of my health and I cannot stomach the idea of reintroducing any animal products into my diet. I’ve been to G.Is (tested for sibo, amongst other things) and have talked with nutritionists and none of them are proving helpful when it comes to me continuing to be vegan. If you have the time I’d really appreciate your two cents or being able to talk with you even if it’s for a short while because I’m starting to become really discouraged and frustrated.

  • LOL! i click in to learn about immune boosting foods, from a YouTuber I have much respect for, and BAM…first ad up McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches.
    Bu-du-bu-bu-ah! (Lyrics “Do not eat this food!)

  • Hi Dr Gundry Thank you for this information. Can you talk about the new craze of CBD oil and HGH are they good or bad in your opinion? Always trust your advice THANK YOU

  • What an enormous steaming load of BULLSHIT! Follow whatever this nut job has to say as to what to eat and what to not eat, and you will feel better right away due to the placebo and nocebo effects.

  • #askgojiman I’ve been following your advice on treating SIBO. I never knew why I couldn’t eat fermented foods, they would give me a rash the day after so I haven’t had any in over a year. I also have hashimotos and I’ve been healing hypothyroidism. It’s been getting better slowly. Most recently I’ve been taking pro biotics specifically for treating SIBO, oil of oregano and I haven’t been eating any fat, when I eat it I get thrush in my mouth. Do you know what causes that? I found a couple YouTubers that claim it causes a candida overgrowth.
    Thank you for your advice, it’s so nice to be feeling better.

  • Your channel is one of the main reasons I was confident enough to take the leap to keto. I used to eat take-out and pre-packaged, processed crap, but because of your cooking tutorials and such, I had step-by-step guidance and have learned to make lots of awesome stuff.
    Also, thanks for putting the bug in their ear that we Canadians need access to this stuff too!:)

  • @askgojiman could you a video about gastritis? my mum is vegan, but still suffers of gastritis and I don’t know how to help her.. Plus this is possibly connected to her depression

  • did anyone else notice how he said do not use kosher salt because it is highly refined… highly processed etc etc ( 5:59)??? then turns around and says he uses it………and in a different video he tells us to choose kosher salt. i like this guy but he’s starting to lose credibility the more and more i watch his videos…. I’ve noticed a lot of contradiction

  • True story, we need more options up here in Canada ���� I find it strange because healthy living and eating is not a foreign concept to this country but in terms of in store selection it sucks, especially if you’re not in a big city. Online ordering is the way to go if you can find websites that ship to Canada and don’t charge you a $20 for shipping.
    REALLY enjoy your videos and glad I found this channel!! I’ve been educating myself slowly over the last few years and I feel like I just gained more knowledge in a few days of binge watching your videos than the last 2 years, so thank you ���� I wish more doctors would be more knowledgeable about these topics.
    Thanks again and keep up the OUTSTANDING work!!! ���� Much appreciated and valuable info for everyone and anyone ♥️

  • Thank You! Thank You!
    Thank You!!!! ��
    I appreciate this soooo much! And I really needed this!
    Thank you for the 3 hours that you devoted to creating this video, and to helping us take better care of our bodies and ourselves.
    Mad Love! �� ������

  • I have read that white bread and olive oil are okay to eat in combination, because there would be no blood sugar peak… which amounts of white bread and olive oil are okay on a daily basis? Thank you and greetings from Austria

  • @askgojiman is the organic acids test the best way to test for SIBO/parasites etc without consuming an animal derived lactulose? really appreciate you’re outreach especially to ex-veggie munchers (i’m not one of them, just looking out for my long term health in the name of funny farts, that’s all.) thanks xoxo!

  • Dr Gundry, can you please recommend a cardiologist in the Phoenix, AZ area? My husband has high blood pressure but his cardiovascular conditions are good as he just got a thorough clearance from his cardiologist for elective surgery. Thank you!

  • Hi Gojiman. Have you ever heard of the eye-sight recovery training by kazuhiro nakagawa book? I am not selling anything, but it is something that I thought you could really appreciate. For real. Take care and thanks for the content.

  • Really informative. I remember first time trying yogurt in the USA and thinking…this is not yogurt because it had all sort of stuff in it. Of course, after away while and years and decades, you get tired of looking for stuff and no time for making your own. Plus, my kids would go crazy if I made sourkrout at home…because it “smells mummy”:). I think I have to get back to my roots.:) Thanks.

  • Thank you for all your great videos. During this time, I’m binge watching and writing down all the great advice. I need to drastically change my diet due to inflammation. I have RA and in desperate need of informative videos like yours. Thank you so much. God Bless.

  • My aunt, age 54, who had earlier announced to us that she tested positive, with mild symptoms and in self isolation at home, just called to inform us that she had become negative of the coronavirus.

    She disclosed what she did while in isolation in order to become negative after earlier testing positive. She said she put in more effort to boost her immunity in isolation by regularly exercising on a treadmill. In boosting her immunity, she said she consumed Vitamin C, Carrots and blackseed oil mixed with herbal extract prepared with honey. She also disclosed to us that her friend, a Pharmacognosist at “Dr. Kpomossa Herbal and Research Center” informed her via his Facebook page, he said “look, I am going to send to you this herbal formula to be taken with blackseed oil mixed with pure honey, it boosts immunity”. She said she did as he directed, and few days later, she tested negative.

    We are all very excited and happy for her. She said there might be very potent local solutions to boost overall immunity against COVID-19, but it depends on the willingness and courage of not narrowing down the treatment options open to us, and that alternative treatment regimen can also be a life safer if people are well informed about them.

    Stay Safe.

  • Homemade Coconut Yogurt is so ridiculously easy to make and so incredibly tasty ��
    100% coconut kernels, perhaps a touch of grass fed gelatine to thicken it up, and the probiotic.

    Just started making Sauerkraut also.
    Also very easy to make, and an interesting addition to most meals.

    Can’t believe it took me so long to discover fermented foods!

  • Hello Gojiman, awesome stuff, i would like to try it. I see Youtubers saying that fully covering the vegetables in water is anaerobic fermentation, just a normal lid id needed. Is this true? Thanks for the content, would love to see the whole process video.

  • WAIT! WAIT! Bobby, where is your glove and hand sanitizer??? You touched everything in this store and the camera. BOBBY!!! Please don’t touch the baby!! Go and watch your hands!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

  • #AskGojiMan Yes, more videos on fermented foods please! Which ones to eat and why. Book recommendations for making them and learning about them.

  • 1) Kefir2) Kombucha
    3) Tempeh4) Kimchi5) Probiotic Yogurt

    What he didn’t mention that you should consider:SauerkrautGarlicBeets PeppersRadishesSourdoughBroccoli

  • What beans are best and which ones are worst? Is there cooking methods or sprouting methods that reduce lectins? My wife and I cook a lot of Oregon-grown garbanzo beans, orca beans and lentils-are these beans healthy?

  • I understand that fermented foods are great, but if a person’s gut biome is compromised (bad bacteria/fungus a.k.a. Candida outnumbers good bacteria) then is it safe to say that fermented foods can also aggravate gut-bacteria dysbiosis?

  • So hear this My boyfriend is a diabetic Type 2. He can drink Kombucha with high sugar content and it actually brings His sugar DOWN. (By a lot so we have to be careful to not go beyond 1 cup). I don’t think its researched enough to make claims as it is fact. ESPECIALLY when it comes to stomach bacteria, sugar and fermented foods. Doctors just don’t know what to do with diabetics, I have seen a doctor give him a sugar based diet to bring his sugar down (I couldn’t believe it either, like wtf). I have seen him loose 35KG by living a ketogenic lifestyle and consuming FERMENTED foods. He maintains a sugar of 4.6 and is very healthy now. I am not even going into the Sourdough that does nothing to his sugar.

  • Dr. Gundry, what about the canning fermentation of foods. I am looking into learning about this and wondering if this is a healthy direction for reducing lectins. Thanks

  • Are fermented foods better than eating raw ingredients for healthy man eating whole plant based diet? I often stop at the shelf with fermented cabbage and think “Nah, I’ll just buy a fresh one”.

  • #askgojiman Would Gojiman or anyone with experience recommend this course… https://www.mac-nutritionuni.com
    If looking to study nutrition?

  • 1) If I stir tempeh or miso into my mixed vegetables & boil it to make a soup, would the heating kill the enzymes & probiotics??
    Should I cool the soup to room temperature first, & then stir in the tempeh or miso??

    2) If I microwave frozen mixed berries to defrost them, & then stir in Greek yogurt & warm the whole thing for 15 sec, would the microwaving hurt the value of the probiotics in the yogurt & the anti-oxidants in the berries??
    ( The refrigerated yogurt is too cold for me. Also, cancer cells cannot grow above 39.5 Celcius degrees. I don’t eat any other refrigerated food, eg. cheese or ice cream. Since I retired 5+ years ago, I have suffered from over-exposure to radiation by several mammograms & accidental falls due to poor road maintenance. So I must keep my body temperature warm at all times.)

  • I love your videos, but what I don’t understand why you always start them by saying you will start studying for PhD next year? What has that to do with anything? Like me saying, once I lose this weight I will be skinny. Just tell your current references (which are impressive enough) and skip that other bit.

  • So…… what did this actually say? Yes, No…. maybe? Use at our own risk? Use our own judgement? This is an awful video for information. Is this really the best that the World Renowned Mayo Clinic is able to produce? If so….. I’m glad I have never Subscribed. Shame, shame…….

  • Hi Joy! I really enjoy all your videos and the information you provides which is really true…I would like to ask you a few questions about supplements Really taking supplements Can improve overall health if so then what supplements are needed??
    One more…What are the best timings to take Vitamin C &antioxidants &B vitamins Iron Zinc +magnesium

    I hope You will read my comment and answer to this
    Once again thank you very very much for making useful videos ��

  • Hi Gojiman! Please make a vídeo explaining how to do anaerobic fermentation, because i’m sensitive to histamine, Too. Thank you! I Can’t lose your vídeos anymore.

  • Hi I’m new to your Chanel why should I follow you? How do you know all these info and how do I know it’s all true but don’t get me wrong most of what you say is true

  • why are you saying that whole foods cod liver oil is more expensive than you link below on amazon when it a whole lot cheaper at whole foods.

  • Hi Joy, I’m loving your videos! I have recently found out I’m pregnant and wondered about drinking Kombucha during the pregnancy, I have read a number of difference opinions online for both sides and wondered your thoughts. ��

  • she sounded good untill she got to the tempen soy. soy is the worst thing you can eat, it destroyes your thiroid and gut. stay far away from any soy, its all GMO even though they say some is not, that is BS, its all GMO.

  • Soybeans are one of the main GMO’s! They are full of cancer causing agents, due to fact of being a GMO! Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.
    My mother-in-law had breast cancer 30yrs ago. The removed her lymph nodes under her arm. A few yrs back, she got breast cancer again, but lost a breast this time. Her nutritionist told her to STAY AWAY from any SOY based products, because it could cause her to have breast cancer, yet again.
    I searched and read where it had something to do w/cell structure.

  • I would really like to see you grocery bill if I bought half the stuff that you wanted me to buy Ivory broke I look even punier than you you want to make yourself healthy it’s an apple cider vinegar with the mother and you’ll see a whole change in your body you probably won’t get this cuz it’s an old video

  • Kefir no no it has yeast which is fungi it is candida and causes complications, kambucha has no yeast and is basically spoiled tea and is very healthy,find the one without yeast. Tempeh is good but should be consumed in moderation because it can cause problems in the liver,Kimchi is very healthy and helps with diabetes,yogurt is only healthy if there are no added sugars or fruits, plain yogurt is the healthier one,find one with live cultures because the others are trash

  • Hi gojiman, I’ve been eating a plant based diet for about 3 years now and feel great. However, I have the worst gas! I eat lots of beans and legumes but always wash my foods thoroughly. Is there anything else that could causing this? #askgojiman

  • I think one needs to be careful with Kombucha. The Mayo Clinic says: “In short, there isn’t good evidence that kombucha tea delivers on its health claims. At the same time, several cases of harm have been reported. Therefore, the prudent approach is to avoid kombucha tea until more definitive information is available”

  • Hi Joy! I love your videos! I have a question about the sauerkraut. Will it still benefit me if I bought ate the sauerkraut already made and prepackaged from the store or does it have to be organic and made from home? Thank you!

  • hey Joy, I worry about the intake os so much soy with the tempeh and miso…I am 53 so that should tell u something lol. also, I’m wanting to do the Kefir but not sure how to go about this. seems like a process…any suggestions

  • Great video, Joy! All of those things are so yummy to me! and could eat them all day. Excited to try that protein powder! Thanks for always producing high quality content!

  • hi joy, i recently bought fermented vegan protein powder of geniune health but little confused about 1 warning on it saying” this product contains chemical known to the state of california to cause cancer & birth defects or other reproductive harm” can u plz help me to undrstand this label? should i go for it or not?

  • Love your videos, Joy! Kombucha is my favorite too:) Have been a little nervous to try tempeh but I’m going to try to give it a shot!

  • For anyone really missing bread, here’s my mom’s quick, compliant muffin that I love:
    1 egg
    Heaping tablespoon sorghum flour (coconut or almond also probably work just fine, but those make me sick so I’ve never tried them)
    1/2 teaspoon baking powder
    3 tablespoons riced cauliflower or broccoli
    Pinch salt
    Pinch or two Italian seasoning, if desired.

    Mix in mug & microwave 2.5-3 minutes
    (I recommend dipping in garlic olive oil. So good. Also can be cut in half and used as a sandwich bun!)

  • Hi Joy I love your videos you’re so full of important information.
    If you have time and if you see this. Can you please let me know what the best hair dye would be for someone who has fine, thin fragile hair.  I have go the salon and my hair feels very brittle now, I am sure they used something with Ammonia, which I know is very very bad for any hair not to mention mine. Thanks so much for all, and hope that so far Spring is warming up Canada, so far New Jersey is a bit warmer:) 
    Lv Lucille

  • #askGojiMan Can you please make a video on, or give a mention to chronic rhinitis? I read somewhere that it could be caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the nose. I’ve had it for nearly six years now and I hate taking anti-histamines for it.

  • Been consuming my 48-hour fermented home-made Kefir for a year and a half now. Needless to say my health, digestion and immune system have never been better! I’ve also added water Kefir, Kombucha, sauerkraut and apple cider vinegar to my daily routine. Probiotics rock man!

  • Awesome video! I just wanted to say that I’m currently studying at CSNN and you’re a huge inspiration for me:) thank you and keep spreading all your joyousness!