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6 Ways to Stay Motivated in the Winter. Needing some unique Ways To Stay Motivated in the winter. These cold winter months can make it difficult to have ways to stay motivated, but it can be done. This season seems like it lasts forever, waking up every morning to new snow on your driveway, sick of having to wear a jacket, hats, and mittens. With winter in full swing, the “winter blues” are more real than ever and it can be tough to get (and stay) motivated.

So, based on my experience and some third-party research, here are 6 ways to stay motivated over the next couple of month. If you find it hard to motivate to work out on chilly days, get an accountability partner to help you to stay on track. Convince a friend to start an exercise regimen with you or join a few classes at your gym. Not only will you be sweating away those holiday sweets, but you will also get to socialize. A win-win.

Ways to Stay Motivated During the Winter. Exercise. So cliche, but it really does help!

I have to exercise to stay sane, even if I don’t want to. During winter months, I like doing indoor activities like hot yoga or going to the gym, but if I have the proper. Ways to Stay Motivated During the Winter. Exercise. So cliche, but it really does help!

I have to exercise to stay sane, even if I don’t want to. During winter months, I like doing indoor activities like hot yoga or going to the gym, but if I have the proper attire, I’ll go snowshoeing, skiing, for walks, or. 6 Ways to Stay Motivated this Winter.

December 10th, 2016. Over the past year, I’ve made a huge leap up in terms of the amount of exercise I’m doing. I invested in a speedy road bike which meant I could journey out on some 20-30 mile weekend rides during the Summer (and have a more enjoyable daily commute). I joined The. Ways to Stay Motivated During the Winter.

Exercise. So cliche, but it really does help! I have to exercise to stay sane, even if I don’t want to. During winter months, I like doing indoor activities like hot yoga or going to the gym, but if I have the proper attire, I’ll go snowshoeing, skiing, for walks, or running too.

Just do it. – Nike. 6 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated This Winter. Rising Country Singer Hannah May Allison Talks Her New Single, Favorite Nashville Gyms, & More!

Try This Fat-Blasting HIIT Workout for a Quick Sweat Session! Submitted by PAYTRA GESSLER on Sat, 11/24/2018 17:38. Category: Soul.

Exercise isn’t just for summer, in fact there are many benefits you can gain from keeping up your workout routine in winter. We’ve compiled 6 ways that you can stay motivated and escape the winter workout rut this season. Table of Content. 1 1. Wear adequate work out gear; 2 2. Keep summer in mind; 3 3. Try something different; 4 4. Warm up!

Find a Winter Sport You Love: There are so many great winter sports that will provide you with a fun way to get in your exercise. There is down-hill skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing, ice skating, cross-country skiing, just to name a few. Try to add one or two of these into your regimen to keep things seasonally appropriate and fun.

List of related literature:

Moving enough snow to create a shelter big enough for even just one person is hard work, and any contact of your skin or clothing with snow while digging will amplify your body’s heat losses.

“Ultimate Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook” by David Borgenicht, Joshua Piven, Ben H. Winters, Brenda Brown
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Brush off all snow from clothing before entering the shelter; otherwise the snow will thaw with the warmth inside and freeze when you go out again, when it cannot be easily got rid of.

“Admiralty Manual of Seamanship” by Great Britain. Ministry of Defence (Navy)
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Making winter indoors was an interesting concept, particularly for those who have never experienced winter.

“The New York Times Guide to the Best Children's Videos” by Kids First!
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Shoveling snow and chipping ice from the edge of a roof is my least favorite of all solutions.

“Roofing, Flashing, and Waterproofing” by Taunton Press
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I put on the snowshoes and thought back over the day, especially about what I could do better to keep my food and water thawed during the climb—it wouldn’t always be such a short trip that I could get away without eating and drinking.

“127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place” by Aron Ralston
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These tips can help you fuel wisely for cold-weather workouts.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
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And don’t forget those winter storms that mean you have to plow or shovel pathways so you can get out to the animals.

“Hobby Farming For Dummies” by Theresa A. Husarik
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Now i intend for Emile to exercise in winter not next to a good fireplace but outside in open country in the midst of ice.

“Emile, Or, On Education: Includes Emile and Sophie, Or, The Solitaries” by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Roger D. Masters, Christopher Kelly, Allan Bloom
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Getting an apartment near college also helps, because you do not want to drive in a snow storm.

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Doing so traps the warm air that melts snow on the roof.

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  • Orale, hablas español, yo entiendo muy poco el ingles, sin embargo me esfuerzo para entender la idea de tus vídeos, son muy buenos, gracias por compartir, saludos

  • Yeah but I constantly feel like I’m not doing enough so what’s the point. I know that’s stupid and I’ll never get anywhere with that mentality but I can’t help a feeling.

  • I came back to this video and rewatched it during the covid-19 outbreak and am using these tips and tweaking them towards social distancing and taking care of ourselves because although it’s nicer out than winter, we can still become depressed by being mandated to stay inside all the time. This has been helpful

  • I love Winter, myself. Summer is my disgusting season. I can’t stand the heat because I hate sweating and being rashy and covered in sunburn and pimples. I literally do as little as possible during the summer because it’s too hot to do anything other than sit in the AC and wait for fall weather.

  • this video is very interesting to me, especially because I struggle with motivation mostly during the summer. I don’t know, maybe I easily associate summer with vacation and therefore winter with work and productivity. Also, summer here gets extremely hot and sometimes unbearable, and I love the cold instead ahaha. So, to see someone else’s perspective on this season, which is completely different, is very interesting. Nice tips and love your videos!:)

  • I love this Kalyn! �� Thanks so much for sharing! I get the seasonal blues and I will definitely be using these tips. I feel newly inspired to read more feel-good books, keep up my fitness routine, make plans with friends, and create a dance routine I’ve been wanting to start with one of my pals ����

  • Throughout the day, stop and take notice of what you’re doing, eating, thinking, etc. Ask yourself what your life would look like if you did, ate, thought that thing 1000 times. If you’re eating unhealthy food, imagine your health and body after eating it 1000 more times. If you spend a day binge watching unproductive YouTube videos, what would your mental state be if you spent 1000 more days like this. Likewise, if you’re watching a video like this, imagine how motivated you’d feel if you watched 1000 just like it. Or exercised 1000 times. And so on.

  • Can you please activate the subtitles on your Koze Channel??
    English is not my mother language so I still have to read what you say to fully understand! Thanks a lot!!

  • I cried while watching. I just realized those videos used to motivate me but don’t anymore. I have absolutely no energy and a thousand things to do. Like how can I make it through winter? I’m so down right now… I’m sorry for being so disgustingly negative.

  • One thing is for me very important. Temperature!
    Find out what temperature is your comfort Zone!��️
    For me it’s 22°C.
    For example….Sometimes this is a little too cold. Than I now I haven’t nurish myself enough with the right food.
    When Im feeling uncomfortable…or even nervous Often the temperature is just a little to high for me.
    Im a very sensitive human so 1-2°C makes the very difference for me.

    Im sure you heard about it but have you try to sleep in cooler temperature?

    Another thing is humidity.
    Just google what is healthy!��

    Give it a try to really trust your body and let your mind fix it!

  • Why am I more motivated in the winter lol?
    I get seasonal depression in the summer ���� Fallwinter MY FAVES
    Personally I do my “spring cleanings” in December (before the new year) and in May when I’m done with school��

  • Midwest winter sucks. It gets dark at 4:30. Im from Indiana, but Im willing to bed Canadian winter sucks more. Always willing to take winter advice from a Canadian.

    I go tanning in the winter. The sun lamps don’t work for me. I’ve tried them.

  • As a dancer, I’d just like to say that you’ve totally nailed the essence of what dancing should be about.
    I’ve been feeling in a rut lately in my personal life and also in my dance career, and you’ve reminded me of the importance of enjoying this beautiful gift that moving our bodies is ❤️

  • My favourite water addition is lemon I start the day with hot lemon and keep adding to it all day even though I actually like just plain tap water!

  • Wow, Excellent video��. I feel motivated and inspired. What’s the name of the other speaker in the middle of this video?? The one who says; “build for the long term guys..”

  • in Australia we get the “summer blues”…. 3 weeks of mid 30 celcius temps after xmas have me cracking beers in the shed every arvo rather than going riding….beers bike beers bike…um beers again…

  • Wow I didnt realize I was already doing this. Im changing my whole life around at the moment. New job, going back to school to finally get my bachelors and working out and training. I knew it was going to to take awhile to complete my goals so my first goal for the first 6 months was just to create a good routine aka good habits. Hope I can stay on track.

  • I’ve always wanted go start working out but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I hate exercise in general, not just in the winter months. And even though I want to live a healthy lifestyle, something’s always stopping me from it.

  • Shout-out to Kalyn for not having up and moved to LA in her success so this Minnesotan has some relatable winter tips ❤️ stay dope, goddess

  • Winter is my favourite Season. Yeah, I don’t like that the days are shorter, but going out in the snow is so beautiful, everything is peaceful and quiet. I just feel so zen and calm.

  • I’ve definitely learnt to love Winter over the last few years, I used to hate it… Now I live in Marrakesh, and the weather is only just getting Autumnal (by comparison to French or English weather for instance)… We had two days of rain last week and I was ecstatic while when I lived in London, the rain could really be pain sometimes! It’s really a lot about perspective and learning to appreciate what we have right now rather than longing for what could be, or what is to come:) Life works in cycles, in seasons, and that is true for all areas of it! ��

  • love this video!!! one of my favorite quotes is this: “if you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy in your life, but still the same amount of snow.” love you kalyn <3

  • Day off tomorrow so I’m off to Plumpton in Sussex for an off road adventure! Cheers for the encouragement! 46 and just starting! ����

  • This is hands down my favorite video you have ever made! And I’ve been following you for YEARS! thanks for the inspiration as always! Lot of love from a fellow canadian! Xx

  • This video is exactly what people need now a days. I just posted my first video called ‘Show love’ just some more positive vibes. Everyone gotta stay up together. It’s up to you. Be optimistic about a new day and a new experience����

  • This video is about 33 minutes and on your corresponding podcast is 42 minutes long. Did you include 9 minutes of ads in your podcast? Honestly, that is kinda crazy I’m not going to listen to that! Get your coin but be realistic for Santas sake..

  • Yes, the reward system today though scientific, needs to be rethought about so as to check the anxiety and depression effects it comes along with as in a whole package!

  • I woke up early this Saturday morning and it was still dark out. But the sky was clear and I decided to go on a sunrise run with the podcast version of this in my headphones. It was wonderful, with a colourful sky reflecting in the snow on bare branches and frost on the grass, and I felt really, really happy. You’re right, winter can be lovely.

  • I got to see ur videos cuz I need them, but now I just continue to watch them because I like to even if I don’t need ���� xoxo ❤

  • One more thing, is there such thing as too cold to ride, I would think at some point the mechanical failure risk goes up. I generally don’t ride below 20F for that reason, I’m fine in the cold down to -10F but im afraid my bike wont be as stout

  • Really miss your “daily routine” and “gyst” videos. It seems like lately your videos have been super long and all “talk-talk-talk” and although I do enjoy hearing your thoughts and adore you… I miss the videos that inspire/motivate/ get us wanting to “get shit done” lol really missing those vids ❤️

  • lol. It’s the opposite here in Florida. During the summer a lot of people spend more time hulled up inside because you’ll just melt if you go outside (It gets so damn hot here). Winter here is actually my favorite time of year because the weather is so much milder and it’s nicer to do things outdoors.

  • I am not motivated at all and I hate it I am lazy I don’t clean I don’t clean up after myself I am nothing, I don’t want to be this anymore I want to be useful to help to be more. I want to clean my room make my bed, shower, bruh my teeth and overall be a better person. Thank you for motivating me.

  • I feel like people forget about hobby’s because people live in poverty and don’t have money to do things or people are working 24/7 so don’t have time for themselves

  • If you live in Poland first you have to check before biking is air quality. Otherwise it could be healthier to stay at home and smoke few cigarettes.

  • Winter is my favourite season but where I live right now we barely get any snow or sunshine in winter and that makes me dread it. Even Christmas. I used to love decorating for the holidays and festive meals with family. Now it’s just me and my daughter here, and she usually goes to her father’s place for the holidays so I no longer even bother decorating or cooking festive meals. But this year she asked if we can have a celebration before she leaves and I feel like that gave me something to look forward to, lifting my mood a little bit.

  • i’ve always loved winter, but i also have a fragile immune system and in winter i tend to get sick really easily. for this reason, when i feel crappy with my own body i automatically feel crappy with my mental health and i lose my daily inspiration and motivation to get anything done. but thanks to this video you reminded me all the things i love winter and that can lift my spirit high, so thank you for speaking about this topic ♥️ now i’m ready to crash this cold winter and make the best out of it!

  • Thank you so much for this! It was EXACTLY what I needed. Going to actually try and appreciate winter this time around. Which is a whole new world for me.

  • This is gonna sound weird but Summer is my least favourite. When it’s 35-40°C I just can’t deal when it’s cold you can always put on more layers but when it’s hot as literal hell and you’re already in the shortest apparel you can find, there’s nothing more you can do. This being said I also lose motivation in the Winter sometimes, so thanks a lot for these tips <3

  • Yes! These are great! I dislike it getting darker earlier and I love cucumber infused water. It’s so good for you. And I love having my nails painted, but I do so much painting around the house that it never stays… LOL!

  • Could you do a video of self care-maybe some products you strongly suggest to have great winter skin? I feel like I break out the most in winter from wearing layers and stress

  • I don’t know what it is but your recent videos you look SO youthful and lively. And I know you’re young, you’re the same age as me haha. But there’s something about your look that just makes you look so fresh, lively, and youthful. I don’t know what you’re doing but hopefully it’s a reflection of how you’ve been feeling <3 lots of love!

  • Rode canal trail 40° the other day. 48 hours before that it was single digit temps and then it rained. Lots of slush and mud to work on balance and just plain staying upright on my bike.:)

  • Girl how does your hair grow so quickly like a weed….. Need tips tips tips!!! ���� BTW just heard this advice in your podcast the whole podcast but still came to comment and support but ur hair����

  • #AskGMBN hey Martin can you do one of these motivational videos for general life that would be great haha keep up the positivity your an outstanding person

  • No winter blues in the Southern Hemisphere. Perfect riding weather in Wanaka, New Zealand mid 20’s, sun.
    Trails in great condition. If your having the winter blues plan a trip to New Zealand. Amazing mountain bike trails to feed your addiction.

  • I am looking to bleed my brakes this week but I can’t find a spare bottle of mineral oil for my tektro brakes that would arrive in time. Would Shimano Mineral oil work instead or would it be bad for my tektro brakes like if it corroded the brake line or something else or didn’t mix with the tektro brake fluid

  • Winter riding is pretty damn fun anyway. In muddy conditions there is loads to learn about making proper use of berms, and when the ground is frozen, the grip levels can actually be quite good. Its just the clean up after the mud that brings dread.

  • Yeah it’s -29C here. Don’t think I could even get on my bike with enough clothes on to handle that. High of 6 for the next 10 days.

  • I don’t have a treadmill but love jogging but hate the cold and running in the rain how ever this year my husband is putting me into a half marathon to get me out in the cold and rain to train for it and how I’m excited for running in the cold and rain again

  • totally agree about that book a trip for summer, my wife booked me trans alpine 7 day trip and i’m so scared about my fitness that i’m pushing way harder on everyday commuter rides 😉

  • Its too hot in vic australia at tha momment. Ive been riding early but keep seeing snakes. Looking forward to winter riding #nosnakes

  • #askGMBN please explain why everyone is always looking for the smoothest, fastest line. Even though I ride on a hardtail, I’m always looking for the most fun, gnarly line! Also here in South Africa we are sadly now heading head first into winter D: at least we don’t have to ride in the snow:)

  • we just had a snowstorm here in Wisconsin a couple days ago, didnt stop me from drifting and skidding around the city on my bike, however the 9 F weather that followed has kept me indoors

  • Imma save you 11 minutes of jargon, pointless analogies, ego stroking, and self promoting and condense this entire video to something you probably already know:
    Fake it till you make it. Then don’t stop.
    The End. And I didn’t insult your intelligence for 11 minutes. You’re welcome.

  • Quick story I watched then got the fat bike out to ride across a frozen lake in -7 degree weather and the first crack I jumped I fell through not blaming anybody but it was a cold walk back to the house lol

  • Mart I needed this vid chap, I was really tempted yesterday but man it was chilly and ended up staying inside. Looking forward to a little sun just to keep the temp in my bones when I’m out next.

  • I’m dealing with opposite problems, I have plenty of motivation to go riding but I don’t have enough daylight. After work it’s already dark outside and I’m not okay with riding after dusk. So My only chance is Saturday and Sunday. And riding to work is out of question because our “bike storage room” is poorly secured and I don’t want to take chances of losing my brand new Canyon Spectral.

  • Well after watching this video am going out for short skills sessions. Also a chance to check out winter gear. Thanks. Motivated!

  • So much mud in this video �� even here on the Croatian coast it not easy to find good days for biking at this time of year, but whenever it’s not raining every afternoon I do 20-30km city spin at least, but on weekends I mostly go hiking on snowy mountains. But yeah, can’t wait for spring, one goal is already set for April, doing the Drava/Drau river bike trail from Italian Alps through Austria, Slovenia to Croatia, can’t wait for that!

  • Wow! Great ideas…tfs! I can’t wait to try the infused water�� I am new to your channel, and so far I am loving your DIYs!
    Do you have any ideas for a cute, rustic looking spice rack? Thanks!

  • We have freezing temperatures right now and it’s amazing cause the woods are frozen which makes the trails faster then ever. Also building and scouting for new trails works well now:)

  • This video is kinda just for people who have goals I don’t have a goal i was looking for how to stay motivated for things i don’t have goals for

  • #GMBN I am so very jealous of people who could ride most of the year. Here in Vermont USA we can’t ride on rainy days and deep snow winters. I would ride every day if I could. GET OUT THERE!

  • In the Seattle area it’s frustrating because it’s always so dull. I stare at my bike all the time and can’t wait for the season to come back!

  • And what if you don’t have a bike that functions in winter. Damn dropper posts. 3/3 don’t work in winter.
    Q: Does the new Fox Transfer 175mm work in snowy temperatures?

  • Ok now that you are an Office fan you need to go to 18:50 and tell me you do not hear Gabe sying, “Shut up about the sun, enough about the sun!” lol but so true about the sun. Thats why I loved tanning so much when I was younger. I take Vit D supplements and luckily now I live in Colorado where its sunny 300 days out of the year.

  • This can be a real struggle in the Midwest! My sister and I meet once a week to bundle up and walk outside or walk the mall if it’s really cold. Buddying up really does help!!

  • I love your natural energy, you have such a beautiful and positive & genuine presence that I wish the world would have more of. Loved this video effortless & super inspiring. Keep following your flow xox

  • Your videos help me so much! I’ve officially just started eating clean…the way I stay motivated to workout is changing up my workouts every week. That way I look forward to them and I actually find myself getting excited

  • Hey I have a question, I love winters and I really like the cloudy days. The gloomy days.
    I honestly get sadder when there’s even a bit sunlight in winters. Am I normal? ��

  • So glad you did this video…it is hard at times to workout….self talk..calendar for me works well..setting my clothes out the night before..you give awesome advise Thank you Lucy ������

  • Hi how do u keep motivated on online learning when you a so tempted to go on things like tiktok or roblox? Then I get all stressed cuz I didn’t get my work done:(

  • If you want to truly “know thyself” then you first must be willing to surrender thyself… together with all your dreams and ambitions. Setting your “Self” aside and learning about who God really is will help you better understand how He sees you and how much He really loves you. Many people claim that all your answers lie within. But it isn’t until the light of God shines within YOU that you can truly see yourself for who you really are… and in that process you will become more aware of how great His love is for you and how He accepts you, just as you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses. Finding out just who Jesus really is, will help you better understand who you really are.
    Jesus once said, “He who tries to save his life will lose it but he who loses his life for my sake will find it.”
    The simple truth is… we were never meant to learn how to better live to ourselves but how to better die to ourselves.
    The day you decide to start following after Him… is the day your life ceases to be your own. I’d much rather do Life One Day at a Time with Jesus then one day at a time trying to find my own way.

  • These tipps are great! Thank you! I also have one: be kind to yourself. If you haven’t eaten clean or couldn’t get yourself to work out those past days, don’t be mean or strict to your body. If you start eating clean and working out right now, you can still change the future, so there is no point in being upset about the past.

  • I’ll have to come back to this video when it’s winter over here. Love that the tips you give are quirky and different. Would the lip scrub work and stay fresh if you use vanilla instead of the lemon?

  • Our biggest enemies are the instant gratification substances,devices and things. We should steer clear of those to achieve something.

  • I have depression and anxiety, and also SAD (winters blues) on top. I thoroughly agree that exercise will lift your mood, anything, even just a short ride locally will help. However, if the weather is truly vile, my short bike ride tends to take me to the gym for weights or swimming. Any exercise is better than none and your body and brain will thank you.

  • I use to love winter I use to live by a ski resort it was covered in show and I would hit the slopes. Since I moved to a place where it’s cold and rainy and not snowy I’ve found winter pretty depressing. It’s wet and cold and no snow to enjoy you can’t go outside because it’s constantly raining. So I needed these tips

  • I live in Florida, so for me, Winter is the time we can actually get outside without sweating my body away. So embracing the outside is the most important.

  • At the outset, all types of profession are made up in terms of keeping balance in the society that is why choosing profession is not matter from my opinion,we can be successful when we understood what do we like to do for ourselves not for society and in this way we’ll be self made successful person at all������

  • couldn’t agree more! especially on waking up early…I set the alarm at 6 am tomorrow morning. Lately I’ve been so busy and ended up working out obly once a week…so bad!! I really needed this video @lucywyndhamread thank you so much!!!

  • I love your video. It was really informative. your videos has inspiree me to start my own new channel. I am looking for some feedback to make it better. Help me guys thankyou.

  • “The cost of your good habit is in the present and the cost of your bad habit is in the future, and the fact that we prioritize the present over the future ends up making a lot of habit change difficult for that reason”

  • Every bad habit has a purpose and you need to understand why it is there so you can substitute it with a positive habit.
    If you e.g. smoke because you are stressed, it is not sustainable to just force yourself to stop. You need to build a habit to deal with stress.

  • I’m glad I came across this! I’m on a mission to improve myself mentally and tonight I had a hard time staying focused on topics that I want to be smarter in. Literally, I got frustrated with myself. I have to keep going and at it. I’ve been gradually adding new habits into my life as I am trying to evolve into someone I have always wanted to be and this quarantine is the perfect time to do so. Thank you again for this ❤️

  • Loved this one Kalyn. You should definitely check out a brilliant book “Calm Christmas” by Beth Kempton it goes in with the whole mindfulness vibe and appreciation of what we can do during winter and Christmas. If the festive season makes you a bit anxious or overwhelmed it has a lot of tips and suggestions. We should really celebrate this special time ��for me the biggest challenge will be slowing down and maybe give up a bit, since my baby number 2 is due any day now and I must prioritize my life plans ����

  • I live in Australia and it’s bloody hot but the weather is the least of my problems as I haven’t been Able to ride because I broke my derailleur:(

  • I have many goals and want to do mant things, but I don’t have time. The main reason for that is because of my friends, they’re constantly messaging and I just feel the need to respond, they mean a lot to me, but this has really been taking away my time, which leads to me not having enough time to accomplish my goals or them interrupting in the middle of it. I want to tell them to message later but what they’re messaging about isn’t something I should wait for later either. They also text late at night, up until around 5 am. However, I seem to be the only one affected, I didnt have time to finish work, to workout, to do the things I love, and my goals. My acne has also been getting worse, might have been all the food, staying up to text, or staying up all night to finish the hw I didnt have time to finish. They also ask me to hang out and eat about once every two weeks (different friends), but, they all have perfect skin, they finish their hw on time, one of them workout and is productive. When I message, they don’t necessarily reply instantly, but when they message, I always try my best to reply as soon as possible. I want to always be there for them. You dont know how much they mean to me, I value them more than myself, if I had to do something in the middle of the conversation, I will save it till later, or just not do it. On the other hand, they will tell me they have to do something and dissapear for hours while another friend messages me. We probably dont have the same schedule so they message when they’re done their work and stuff but that leads me to not finish mine. They are great ppl and I love them but this is harming me.:(

  • While watching this I did my stretching and ordered a bayæight desk lamp. I’ve ment to do so for years but watching this I finally got my butt in gear

  • This is interesting to me, because my goal, is to to break my bad habits, so I’m not constantly spiraling out of control, overwhelming myself, and then trying to hurry up and fix it, then getting exhausted from trying to hurry up and fix it, then falling back into the bad habits that I had in the first place. I have been constantly stuck in this pattern for 18 years today, and I will change it. But today, my standard is to get 7 hours of sleep at some point during the day. Starting off slow

  • Really needed this right now. Your tips are very much appreciated. I am looking forward to incorporating them into my routine. You are a beautiful soul. Thank you for your insights.

  • We don’t even have mud, we just have inches of snow and feet of snow drift with freezing cold wind!! I still love to ride though!!

  • I kind of love winter! It is the time of baking, hot wine (or some fancy coffees etc), fireplace with blanket and a book. The most “kozy” mood you can get in any time of the year ☺️

  • The nail polish idea is so simple, yet so great! I always feel more confident when my nails are done! And a fun, summer color would warm me up every time I looked at my hands! Cucumber water in the winter sounds yummy too!

  • These are great tips. I’m going to have to remember these for the summer. Especially the infused water. Our summer temps are so extreme that I end up getting the summer blues lol. Just like you can’t go outside right now because of the cold and snow, in the summer it’s so hot that I don’t go out unless absolutely necessary. I’m trying to enjoy the warm, tolerable temps we’re having now, even if they aren’t very “wintery” lol. I’d trade you if I could. 😉

  • hi im from philippines… im your fan can you please give me some shoutout my name is Zaira Portuguez.. im always updated in every video you upload.