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Here are six common mistakes people make while trying to adopt intermittent fasting and how to fix them: If you normally eat every 3–4 hours and then suddenly shrink your eating period to an 8-hour window, you’ll likely feel hungry all the time and discouraged. Mistake #6: Trying to build muscle with intermittent fasting While IF is great for fat loss, it doesn’t work very well for making significant muscle mass gains. While you won’t lose muscle with IF, it’s very difficult to build with long periods of fasting.

Here are six mistakes to avoid when trying intermittent fasting. Doing an Intense Workout During Your Fast Some people find working out on an empty stomach to be no problem, but avoid anything too taxing, like a high-intensity workout. Further eating protein soon after waking up has been shown to curb afternoon cravings and increased satiation improving overall weight loss. To help you with a good start here are 6 common mistakes beginners usually do while switching to Intermittent Fasting. Here are 6 common mistakes to avoid when intermittent fasting.

6 Intermittent Fasting Mistakes to Avoid #1 Fasting Too Aggressively The #1 reason most diets fail is that they are too extreme compared to what an individual is used to doing. Common Intermittent Fasting Mistakes That Lead To Weight Gain Mapping out your eating window or fasting period with your particular plan is important, especially when it comes to losing weight. Many people often find themselves gaining weight while intermittent fasting. Six common intermittent fasting mistakes. Effective ways to fix or avoid those mistakes.

Practical methods for achieving success! Mistake # 1: Too Much, Too Soon. The first mistake is trying to do too much too soon. If you spend any time on social media, it is hard to avoid testimonials from people who have lost weight using intermittent fasting.

Not Enough Salt. Intermittent fasting leads to a drop in insulin levels and then the kidneys excrete excess water which can lead to a loss of water weight. With water loss comes a potential loss of electrolytes i.e. Na, K, Mg and Cl. You want to avoid an electrolyte imbalance.

12 Intermittent Fasting Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) 1Not Drinking Enough Water. Perhaps one of the most pressing and easily avoidable intermittent fasting mistakes is not taking in enough water. We know drinking water is important for overall health, of course, but it’s extra important when you’re fasting. Why?Not Enough Salt.

This is along the same lines of the fat-fearing, but you can’t be afraid of salt on intermittent fasting. When you are a glucose burner, your body requires a lot of water to use and store glycogen. However, ketones are a much cleaner burning fue.

List of related literature:

Certain errors and dangers are to be avoided in the practice of fasting.

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Intermittent fasting, which involves alternating periods of eating with short periods of fasting, has been on my radar since 2012.

“16:8 Intermittent Fasting” by Jaime Rose Chambers
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I wasn’t going to stop intermittent fasting, and there was no end point at which time I could declare I was done.

“Fast. Feast. Repeat.: The Comprehensive Guide to Delay, Don't Deny® Intermittent Fasting-Including the 28-Day FAST Start” by Gin Stephens
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Some types of intermittent fasts limit food to a few hours per day, while others limit it to a few days of the week (brutal, IMO!).

“Dressing on the Side (and Other Diet Myths Debunked): 11 Science-Based Ways to Eat More, Stress Less, and Feel Great about Your Body” by Jaclyn London
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Intermittent fasting is simply intentional fasting on a regular basis.

“Keto Quick Start: A Beginner's Guide to a Whole-Foods Ketogenic Diet with More Than 100 Recipes” by Diane Sanfilippo
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skepticism about intermittent fasting.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
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Intermittent fasting, which is also known as alternate-day fasting, is a relatively new and popular approach to weight management that involves interspersing normal daily caloric intake with a short period of severe calorie restriction.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition” by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
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For example, some types of fasts are extremely restrictive, such as a dry fast.

“Fasting: an Exceptional Human Experience” by Randi Fredricks
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Others follow a method called alternate-day fasting, which is just what it sounds like.

“The 8-Hour Diet: Watch the Pounds Disappear Without Watching What You Eat!” by David Zinczenko, Peter Moore
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When I began intermittent fasting, I didn’t change the foods I was eating but, instead, I changed the time of the day those foods were consumed.

“Keto Friendly Recipes: Easy Keto for Busy People” by Jennifer Marie Garza
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  • Things I was doing untill before this video
    1. Taking bullet proof tea or coffee in breakfast.
    2. Breaking fast late atleast 2-3 hour (fasting too much)
    3. Combining carbs with fats.
    Urgh! Now I won’t.

  • Dr Pls pls reply. I am 50yr old. In perfect shape and health. I was never fat or obese. I was eating everything and anything I wanted without any wt issues. Now my problem is this that my blood sugar spikes upto 180 to 200 after my regular meals but my fasting is mostly below 100. To overcome the spikes I shifted to a low carb diet but I am already slim and by eating low carb diet I started to quickly loose wt. I don’t need to loose wt. From the last thirty years my wt gain was maximum 8pounds and then back. I want control my blood sugar spikes but don’t want to loose wt as I am already thin. Kindly advise

  • Let me see if my thinking makes sense, if you have fat and you do one meal a day or intermittent fasting will the time, your metabolism shouldn’t show down because your body (if you are keto adapted) uses your own fat for energy. You’re not starving it so your metabolism shouldn’t show down. Now, if you have no body fat and then your fast all the time or do omad, then your body doesn’t have the fat for fuel and it will be in starvation mode and slow down your metabolism. Anybody agree?

  • Such a great video, thank you, simple, concise and to the point but above all short! No unnecessary rambling ���� I intermittent fast 23:1, I have no problem with this and I have never slept so well as I avoid carbs and consume fats. You have gained a new subscriber here ��❤️

  • I do 20/4 And i don’t make a habit of avoiding carbs. Your brain in particular needs carbs. I have lost 11-lbs in 3 weeks and i am only 9lbs away from my goal weight eating carbs and all.

  • Hi, Dr. Becky! Would you say it’s okay to consume complex carbs such as oats and brown rice? Some articles and videos I’ve watched say complex carbs are okay to eat because as compared to simple carbs, complex carbs take the body longer to break down. Thanks!

  • Very well presented & explained. Concise with relevant examples. Clear speech delivered at a meaningful tempo. An exemplar fir all YT presentations.��

  • I’ve been doing 16:8 Intermittent fasting for 2 months now but I didn’t get my period for those 2 months (and I’m not pregnant). Should I stop Intermittent fasting?

  • I love breaking my fast with Acv lemon water if I have it on hand.

    And better yet a heaping cup of frozen veggies (carrot, cauliflower,& broccoli) with a cup of frozen fruit (Mango, pineapple, banana, etc) blended with flax seeds and chia seeds. No added sugar besides a squish of low glycemic blue agave Amber raw and im good. Sometimes I might splash a little bit of organic maple syrup into it instead of blue agave.

  • Long story short but I was put into medical menopause an in am only 37. I was trying to do the 16-8 intermediate fasting. Is it okay to do that? Or should I try a different method to loose this stupid weight.

  • Your not suppose to drink Keto coffee while fasting. Only drink black coffee or black tea and water. You don’t want to add anything that has calories and sugars.

  • Thank you for this video.. can i ask if honey will break fast? i drink lemon water first thing in the morning everyday and i put 2 teaspoon of honey
    in it.. is it breaking my fast? Thanks in advance

  • Mam enaku intha timing than set aaguthu so intha timing follow pandren Interminate fasting time 8:00pm to 12am,na food sapdra balancr 8hoursla 12 ku break fast(dosa or idly) 4clock lunch 8 o clock dinner ipdi pirichi sapidalama illam lunch and dinner mattum than renduvela than sapidanuma pls clarify pannuga

  • I love everything about fasting. It’s cheaper on food bill, one meal a day to prepare, I feel better and I’m a size two. Initially, I used to eat junk food during my window but now don’t really desire it.

  • Ennaku ippo 14 years aguthu. Ellarum enna pathu over weight pakka 23 years old maari theriyura apdinu solvanga. Ippo n’a 60 kg irukka. Within 1 month from now I have to reduce upto 40kg. Please suggest me the timing. The timing which I followed already is 6:30 to 8:30.

  • I started with just skipping breakfast because I grew up not eating breakfast, so that was easier for me. But I started with 14-15 hrs only and then gradually increased it to 16-20 hrs. I now do three days of complete 18 hrs of fasting because on other 4 days I do have coffee with cream and a little sugar.

  • Glad I found your channel.

    I started right in doing the 16:8 routine two weeks ago (10am-6pm) in combination with low carbs. I prepare meals the night before and take them to office. Also doing 4km walks at lunch time and various 10-15min HIIT exercise routines in the morning and 15min stair climbing some evenings. Amazed at the improvements. 10lbs lost so far and ready to move from size 40 to 38, relying on suspenders at the moment.:-) Even my blood pressure is improving, 111/75 this morning good after doing exercises. I’ve gotten past the evening snack cravings that came with watching TV/YouTube. After two weeks, I think I can keep this routine going. The will power will be tested when visiting my parents soon and Mom’s home cooking.

  • Eating highly processed carbs makes me crave them. I avoid them as much as possible. I never weigh myself, I use the mirror and belt holes to monitor my progress on a 16:8 fast along with a low carb lifestyle. I had to make to 3 holes in my belt so far.

  • @Dr. Becky Gillaspy, #4 calorie creep, BUSTED! I saw 2FitDoc’s video and you know how I translated it? LOOPHOLE! So I went from 1 cup of coffee with butter and MCT oil to 4 with butter or cream. And was satiated. I’m doing 20 & 4 IF. But I’ve been in a week long weight loss stall. So naturally I’ve watched everyone’s “Keto Plateau” video and was still flummoxed. But you nailed it Doc! Thanks. Back on track and refocused.

  • I’m not sure if I’m doing this right. Because of my schedule, I only have one meal per day and it’s usually in the morning, around 7:30am. Is it ok for intermittent diet? Or do I have to eat at 12pm or later?

  • Should i a avoid rice? I am an asian, we cant eat without rice.. i am doin intermitent fasting for 3months 16/8 and every saturday and sunday i do omad. I already limit my rice for 2cups.. before i do a lot of rice till my stomach pop.. can you advice me what to do with rice.. hahaha!

  • Wow for once a consolidated, well organized video on the very subject without all the added extra I see in so many other videos. Clear and concise. Thank you Becky ����.

  • Wow all I can say is THANK YOU so much for all the crucial info and how concisely you present it! May be like thousands, I watch and rarely comment but know that thousands if not millions are appreciative of your content and may not take the time to write you a thank you note. Thanks again, your content is life changing! God bless!

  • I have a question. There’s been some reports of the advantage of butter in your coffee during intermittent fasting to keep you in ketosis. What are your thoughts? Thank you

  • Thank you for explaining relationships between carbs and calories. You have incorporated both models well (calories matter versus carbs matter). Thank you!

  • Hi. I’m just getting started. 2nd week. Question: I can’t eat any earlier than 6 pm due to my work schedule. I get up at 4am. I usually go to bed around 9:30. Is that enough time between my last meal and sleep time? Also I read that women over 50 should only do intermittent fasting 3-4 times a week in order to confuse the metabolism. Do you agree?

  • Second day and still learning. I swear it was afternoon and I wasn’t even hungry and no cravings. I might not have eaten at all but I want to get a routine down. I quit smoking about 6 months ago. So yay for me!!

  • OMG I’ve been having MCT oil and butter with my coffee every morning!!! I’m trying carnivore and it makes me fast longer (or not so now) it also helps with my cravings

  • Hey Thomas, thank you so much for the great advice. Can you tell me, usually in the morning I have a large black coffee with an added scoop of collagen powder. Does collagen break a fast? Thank you ❤️

  • Hi there I’m new to intermediate fasting and I’m trying to get better prepared with all the knowledge before I jump right in. Love your videos, I’m learning so much! But I have a question.. does adding the “Mio” drops break your fast? I’ve looked for info else where but there are contradicting arguments on it. Thank you so much!

  • I have read that most toothpastes use a very powerful artificial sugar. I have also read that insulin is secreted once food enters the mouth. Therefore it begs the question, Can toothpaste break your fast even though it is not swallowed?

  • I did low carb 100g for a month always felt unwell. So just doing 24hour fasts twice a week and 16:8 on a few days and eating normally on rest. Enjoying my potatoes and bit of rye bread at breakfast and rest is healthy fats and veg. This works for me.

  • I thought weight lifting during a fast would break down my muscles, because I wont get any protein after the training. How does this work?

  • Akka pcod iruntha intermittent fasting irukalama… Pls reply panunga… Marriage agi 2 years aachu pcod iruku weight loss pananum… Intha fasting irukalama

  • Learn from my mistakes and avoid these mistakes to ensure a successful IF experience! What mistakes have you been guilty of? Anything I missed? xoxo!

  • I jumped straight into 16:8 and it took around 3 months for my body to fully adjust. First 4 weeks was very hard and I really struggled but I was determined and pushed through. Have upgraded to 20:4 and been doing it for 12 months and the difference going from 16:8 to 20:4 is phenomenal. I have found I now naturally eat better, my body craves healthy foods. Try it, it will change your life for the better.

  • Hi i have done the intermittent fasting for 2 weeks and lost 1 kilo and i was really so happy and comfortable while i am fasting but once i break fasting whatever i drink or eat i had a very bad headach so i stopped it and gained 2 kilos back �� can you give me advise?

  • Hi, I did 3 days of IF 16:8 and yesterday I had a huge headache followed by shivers and a fever. I barely slept last night. I’m drinking enoug water, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  • i have tried so many times to do intermittent fasting… but in the night it is just so difficult, cause i cant go to bed that early (im doing my medicine residence). how can i stop those night cravings?:(
    PD: Hi from Chile!

  • Not tracking your calories
    While ketosis will make you lose fat, your body will need to be at a caloric deficit of about 500 calories a day. This is the cornerstone for successful weight loss.
    Being on a fat-based diet will encourage the body to burn a lot of fat, but you must be consuming less calories that you consume, or your body will not be able to make a dent in your current weight.

  • Ahh! Check out my vids; I’m on a intermittent fasting journey. All the tips this wonderfully enlightening lady gives has really helped!! Keto coffee is my new favorite recipe!!!
    In 1 week I lost 8 lbs of body fat.

  • I work night 3 x 12 hour shifts 1900 0730. I try to schedule consecutive days but it doesn’t always work out So am having a hard time setting my window for when I work and then when I am off any tips

  • Exactly! Here a book about the meistakes: https://www.amazon.com/-/de/Keto-Diet-reload-start-ketogenic-ebook/dp/B0894H157F/ref=sr_1_1?_mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&dchild=1&keywords=katy+mariposa&qid=1597411257&sr=8-1

  • Pala masam intha diet etukanum nu kataiyama?1 week ila 2 week etuthu 2 kg koranchale,niruthikalama?becoz enoda target 2 kg koraikirathuyhan

  • Not sleeping enough is not always a mistake though, it is a condition that some people suffers from. I have a lot of difficulty sleeping and i am trying different methods to improve this. I already take all the usual steps to assist with sleep such as no caffeine in the evening, no screen time an hour before bed, making sure my room is dark etc. So for many people not getting enough shut eye is something they have to endure and try to cope with. Its not a mistake. Everything else you mentioned i agree with and i will try to adhere to whilst easing into intermittent fasting ( i am trying to lose weight on a low carb diet that i just started over a week ago ).

  • I just watched another expert who said you should eat a small meal after fasting. He recommended eating wild caught fish, and never eating fats and carbs together after fasting. It’s really hard to know what is best when there is so much conflicting info. I guess I will just have to figure out what works for me.

  • Whiskey taken at the 16 hour mark. Because it allows me to wait for 5-6 pm instead of the 3-11pm eating window I’m currently on. Any suggestions would be great! Thx!

  • Mistakes
    1. Losing too much too soon
    2. Eating a high carb diet
    3. Expecting too much just from IF alone.
    4. Calorie creep
    5. Eating too late at night
    6. Lifestyle issues (poor sleep & high stress)

  • it seems intermitent fasting is great for those who are fat. But for those that already are really thin? I don´t think that can be good.

  • I tried fasting and went 48hours (also trying keto same week) I can’t even eat half a meal without feeling full and fatigued. Idk what to do.

  • I have been basically skipping my breakfast my entire adult life. So I think fasting isn’t going to help me lose weight. What do you think??

  • Thanks so much for all this info!! I love your videos, the way you present them and your overall enthusiasm. You are excellent at what you do! I am assuming a tiny bit of almond milk breaks a fast, correct? Thanks again!:)

  • It’s a misconception that coffee dehydrates you. I feel like you should know this. Caffeine is a diuretic which simply means something that makes you pee. In this, technically we can agree that this means that indirectly caffeine causes dehydration.. right??
    Here’s the thing. The water you drink inside said coffee, is just as hydrating as pure water, and the “dehydration” from the caffeine is minuscule by comparison to the water content you intake.
    This is a proven science, and that’s why MANY professional long distance runners and many more athletes drink coffee before working out. You get the extra energy boost plus the hydration.

  • Anything else but water breaks a true fast. Anything other than water needs to be processed by the kidneys and gut. Adding creamers or having coffee is only related to the simplistic approach of insulin response. Typically Americans have to be told that they can ‘cheat” on their fast with zero internal consequence for doing so. Then they wonder why it’s not as effective as it should be.

  • So am I supposed to be having my TDEE calories for weight loss during my window? I still only eat two meals a day and I’ve somehow been gaining weight, not losing. Which makes me think I’m not eating enough??? Thanks for any help!

  • Does it also make sense to fast only during the week, and not on weekends? Obviously it wont have the same impact, but is it still advisable or only if you do it always?

  • People are fat because they cheat. It’s so painlessly easy to fast correctly. People need to grow up and become adult about this; health is not a game. Exercise and eat sparingly. It’s simple.

  • I love how you explain it, actually it is very informative. However, you talk so fast! I think you need to consider talking a bit slower for the benefit of your followers that English isn’t their first language.

  • Nice I have been fasting for more than 5 years. Results are fantastic.
    Please watch videos below for Ayurvedic perspective on fasting.


  • Currently eating 4 slices of pizza, tomorrow I start fasting, ONLY WATER ZERO FOOD, I’ll check in a week and give updates, promise!

  • Sounds interesting but what is going on with the editing? Can’t complete 2 sentences in a row? Gets annoying after a few minutes

  • Yes please to a video about the right way to shift around your eating window, and also some info about how many days a week IF should be employed! Thank you for making these!

  • Some Help? Im 18 years i do (IF) i eat 3 meals a day betoen each meal 6 huars (IF) no snacks my protien 155g my Carb 98g my Fat 83g i stay with this program but some days i eat frout with meals not snack my wight 71 KG my muscle are good size im lean and my high 180cm is this good? For me iwanna stay 71 KG i train tow to three times a week

  • thanks for the info, but please consider less editing; it’s so distracting that it makes your videos jumpy and not cohesive.I had to stop watching…sorry.

  • sister ungaluku evulavu nal la weight loss arambicha konja nal lai resukt vanthurucha na follow pannan 16 days la 4 kilo koranchan but body la ennaku entha difference thariyala so plz say ka?

  • Hi sis na new subscriber unga pechi real na ippo 90 kg irukken age 30..na 40kg korekka mudiyuma…thoppe romba thongura maadiri irukku sis adu sari aaguma pls tell me

  • helllo, one detail I didnt get is over how long a period of time should one fast? i know it is day in n day out but for how long? a month a year?

  • I did intermittent for about six months and I lost 70 lbs!!! I’m 33 years old and I have the body of a 25 year old that’s in shape. (I also worked out, walked, and ran.)

  • do you need to drink any water after dinner/ anytime leading up before bed? i thought it was best to ‘keep your minerals in’ to be able to sleep well over night and have as many minerals as possible. is this flawed thinking?

  • I went from inter-fasting to OMAD in my second week, so proud that I’m not on the food cycle ties anymore. More time to do other stuff..no stevia? Are we allowed 1 tab with morning drink. Do we just drink boring water all day,

  • So the new energy drinks:

    Zero sugar, CoQ10n, caffeine, and Amino Acids

    Do these drinks and/or sugae free flavored caebonated water break your fast?

  • i take 2 small pieces of raw galic early in the morning in empty stomach. is it ok or am i doing IF wrong by eating garlic in empty stomach??

  • Hi sister, I have 11 month boy baby and I’m a feeding mother… Na 4 months ah excercise panen weight loss aagala.. intermittent fasting na irukalama stomach koraiyave illa sister.. green tea kudikalama feeding time la and milk kandipa kudikanuma sister pls reply me I want to reduce 10-13kg sister pls help me…

  • I have been doing fasting for a while now and has helped tremendously. Every so often I do a protein shake and a times a banana in the morning before my fasting window. will that have a huge impact on my fasting?

  • Ok but if I’m weight lifting.
    I train 4 times a week in the gym weight lifting, compound movements in the morning 5.30 am and fast for 8pm to 12 am. Should I reload efter training or keep fasting??

  • Well,my biggest mistake is that I don’t eat the whole day,my first and last meal is literally at 6-8 AM and then the whole day I’m thinking how I can not wait the morning to eat again and the fasting was helping for a while but now I binge and eat bunch of sweets in the morning and like 2 sandwiches and now I’m back to being fat again and I hate myself so much for it. HEELP! When should I have one meal I have and how to lower the intake of my breakfast because I literally eat too much for breakfast?

  • 12 weeks in, lost 24 pounds!
    I aim for 16/8, but some days I go as far as 19, and the odd/rare day I cheat and only fast 11 hours.
    I don’t exercise, but I am challenging myself to be more active; like swimming, walking, using stairs instead of elevator.
    I have a ways to go… I weigh 350 now, but that’s WAY better than 374!

  • I have been fasting for a few months and sometimes I feel so dizzy and lightheaded to the point where I can’t even read correctly because everything is blurry.. anyone happens to know why? thank you.

  • so I do a 8:16 fast I sometimes break my fast like 25 min early bc im hungry is that okay? And then I end it a little earlier as well.. is that good when fasting?? Also I’ve been fasting for a week and love it and I’m 17 ��

  • well..when just start intermittent fasting and eat little portions of every type of food except sweet..we loose weight..
    we really loose weight..so just dont go into these details..eat what ever you want but portion control is must..and exerxise for 1 hour 5 times a week..
    make habbit and be consistent..

  • This was extremely helpful for me. My question has been: “Should I eat after my morning workout because of post nutrition benefits?” I am wanting to lose body fat and you answered my debate. Stay to my schedule of fasting. In addition, I should wait to take my BCAA in my feeding window.

    Thank you for the clear explanation and guidance through my IF.

  • I’m currently doing OMAD intermittent fasting on the keto diet and I’m just wondering if this is safe in the long term or will it cause my metabolism to slow down… help!

  • Hi, thanks for the vid. Usually I have coffee with milk before a run. And then in the evening I take a stimulant drink before a workout.
    Should I jog without the coffee? I like a little boost. Or is it ok to take the stimulant before the run?

  • So is the eating window supposed to take place in the afternoon? I thought we could choose when the window is so I’ve had it set earlier in the day

  • I’m impressed with your knowledge and the amount of information you provide to us, but have you tried to speak a little bit slower?

  • The only thing I do is taking apple cider vinegar in the morning while fasting for 16hrs, I’ve lost 2.7kg within 7 weeks. There are days that all I do is drink water, and work out after work, when my fasting period is over and can eat anything

  • Don’t have a problem going over my total allotted cal. My problem is not eating enough. I’m used to eating small frequent meals. I have early satiety and I get bloated quite easily.

  • Not me I only been fasting for 4 days and now I can’t stand coffee I us to love drinking coffee all day long now I don’t even want it are junk food ether

  • Thomas I hope you read my comment and pray you respond. I wish I could ask my Dr the question but most freaking Drs. DO NOT believe in fasting. Mine tells me you have to eat fruits and vegetables never skip breakfast and I will not allow anyone to brainwash me again into the breakfast is the most important meal of the day BS! My question is, does jigsaw magsoothe break your fast? I have clinical stage hashimoto disease and I take Np Thyroid (desiccated pig thyroid gland)and it messes with my quality sleep. So because I know my immune system is the culprit here and sleep is extremely important to better my immune system. I needed something to help me sleep. Melatonin was causing sleep paralysis and felt like I had hangover. Now jigsaw magsoothe is amazing. I have never slept like I do with jigsaw magsoothe. I don’t toss and turn, I don’t wake up…it’s amazing. My worry is that it’s breaking my fast because it has malic acid, organic raspberry flavor( for tartness)monk fruit extract (for sweetness) natural flavor. But I’m love it, it has 200mg magnesium glycinate, 130mg sodium, 180 potassium. What are your thoughts, please let me know. I was hoping you’d talk about this product in this video but you didn’t, do please let me know, thanks!

  • can you PULEASE do a video about fat people and muscle building on keto/if? If Im FAT and want to build muscle, why is daily fasting wrong if Im fat adapted? Shouldnt my body be pulling fat from my adipose tissue until its gone before it decides to lower the metabolic rate? I cant find this info anywhere. If Im making my protein target why wouldnt more fasting work to lose the fat? I got like 60 pounds of fat left and I am def fat adapted been over a year and im barely ever hungry. Theres like barely any info online about if my fat constitutes a “caloric surplus” to build muscle being fat and keto adapted


  • The one thing I realized was that I was overdoing the eating window and ate a lot. But the cool thing I realized about my body was that I was getting fuller and sooner. I also thought that me eating fast food ruined the diet. But that’s actually the opposite. I’ve actually seen a change in my body and every other day for lunch I’ve eaten Taco Bell, and my girlfriends friends get her food. At first we felt bad but then we saw that it didn’t effect our diet. Especially since we mostly drank water and coffee. And our eating windows have gotten shorter. We’ve been doing it for 2 weeks and seen results. Not like “holy crap a six pack” lol but with our guts and how we actually been shrinking. But it’s cool to know that you actually HAVE to eat. Obviously not like a pig but yea

  • For me meal planning is key doing IF or keto. After a workout it’s impossible to stay on course if you’re throwing a meal together using what’s in the fridge

  • Dude, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I even googled most of what you said, appears to have scientific backing and will help solve some of my problems. I can’t say you’re 100% right, and calorie alternating days are usually recommend, but it depends on the person.

  • நான் கரெக்டா ஒரு பதினெட்டு நாள் வந்து இன்டர்மிட்டெண்ட் ஃபேஸ்டிங் வந்து ட்ரை பண்ணேன். அதுல 18 நாள் rice கட் பண்ணேன். நல்ல டிஃபரன்ஸ் தெரிஞ்சது. இப்ப கொஞ்சம் rice எடுக்கிறேன். ஃபாஸ்டிங் இருக்கிறேன். But biriyani பாத்தா ஃபாஸ்டிங் கட் பண்ணிடுவேன். Usefulla இருக்கு. நான் லாக் டவுன்ல start pannen. June 12thla irunthu start pannen.

  • I feel like I’m doing 1 without trying. I never reach the amount of calories that I allow myself. I know it’s not about calorie counting, but it seems odd that I’m eating so much less even when I don’t restrict myself. I feel pretty full after 2 or 3 meals a day. It’s such a weird change after years of trying to eat fewer calories. I hope it doesn’t have negative effects, as I heard that cutting calories every day can slow down your metabolism.

  • In your opinion with the vast benefits of fasting, would fasting and following low oxalate foods reduce the potential of kidney stones?

  • Thanks for watching and subscribing! I recently put together a list of 100 Low-Carb Foods that you can download for free here: https://www.drbeckyfitness.com/low-carb-food-list/

  • Fats & carbs are bad together?..I eat tons of vegetables but always cook them in coconut oil or olive oil. Is that bad after a fast or always?

  • 1: going too hard too early, 2) not avoiding refined carb: pasta, soda etc 3) expecting too much from it, it’s only a tool to enhance weight loss.4) drinking teas / or/ coffee with higher calories 5) eating too late in the eve, 6) poor sleep and stress

  • I’ve got a couple of hours left of my fast and your video starts showing me pizzas and all sorts of delicious looking, unhealthy food. This is the first of your videos that I’ve seen and it’s like you’re trying to make me fail.

  • Insulin sensitivity is a good thing! Insulin sensitivity means your body doesn’t need as much insulin to process sugars. The more insulin it takes to process sugars the less insulin sensitive your body is. That’s why type 2 diabetics gain more weight over time. It takes more insulin to metabolize the same amount of sugar. Their doctors continue to increase their insulin as they become more insulin resistant resulting in increased weight gain. That’s why insulin is called the fat hormone.

  • I strated from yesterday dear….insha Allah hope for best….I have pcod so very difficult to lose weight…trying intrmittent now

  • Basal Metabolic Rate is Controlled by Thyroxine. Best Way to Have a Fast Metabolism is to Have Muscle, then You Can Get Away with More Calories. More Muscle that You Have Less Insulin Resistant(More Insulin Sensitive, so will produce less Insulin) you are & will be less likely to Store Fat & Retain Sodium & Water.

  • Can anyone confirm if you are beginner to weight lifting that intermittent fasting is not a good idea? More for if you already have muscle and for fat loss?

  • Thank you for your video. What is the optimum time you recommend dinner should be eaten-and finished, for the maximum health benefits you described in the eating to late portion of your video?

  • Thanks for clarifying about bulletproof coffee. It never sounded right when people said it wouldn’t break your fast. That many calories in one sitting definitely would ����

  • What is your recommendation on how to beat the “you are fasting too much?” Problem. I fast everyday 16:8 everyday. Is this too much.

  • I break my fast with oatmeal, fruits, berries, and seeds and a yoghurt on top with some honey and rice milk….. is that combining Fat and carbs?

  • The only reason people have weight and sleep problems is lifestyle and stress.
    If you suddenly found yourself not having to work to provide for yourself or family and having the means to live however you wanted,you would be able to have the time and energy to focus on those things that make you happy.

  • I had egg and spinach with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese casserole for breakfast after an 18 hr fast. I am thinking that’s good? �� anyone know?

  • So I’m doing OMAD.. fasting for 23hours and having 1 meal with about 1000-1200 calories. Do I break the fast with fats/protein and wait 20 minutes? lol I’m doing keto so I have about 20net carbs. So is this what’s making me stay the same at times when I’m doing this and 10k steps a day? He showed veggies as carbs with the steak. Therefore I can’t have steak veggies and bacon or mct oil in my coffee. My steak usually has a lot of fat too lol.

  • Hi.I saw some videos by Dr.Jung. He didn’t say anything about weight training. I’m confused.

  • Okay. Not that its hard to do because I can easily implement keto friendly foods when I break my fast but I would truly love for the first part to be explained to me like im 5 years old.

  • The video seems like fast rambling and hard to absorb. Slow down and talk like a professional. You sound like a young person trying to be smart. Bad video.

  • Intermittent fasting moolama belly fat kuraiyuma? Already na 3 weeks intermittent fasting pannitiruken, ennoda fat kuranjudhu, aana suddena belly fat increase aana madhuri irukku. Ithu side belly fat kuranjittu varathunala ipadi irukka ennanum theriyala. Na otha try pannathunala 1 weekla 1 to 2 kg reduce Panna.

  • How about pre-workout during the fast stage, if I do my fast from 12-8, but workout at around 10:30 AM, can I have pre-workout at 10ish? And are there certain pre-workouts, you would recommend.

  • I have started doing the fasting trying to loose stomach fat but want to build muscle is that contradictory or is this possible what would you suggest?

  • Na one month ah 8 shape walking poren gud result tha eruku…but ipo 5 days ah intermittent fasting la eruken…morning 9.30 to evng 7.30 yan food time ipavum na 8 shape walikng tha podren 7000 steps podren…edhu ok va yan weight ipo 72…one month munade 76 erundhen…yan target 65 podhu yana yanaku rendu girl baby eruku.

  • How long would you wait between consuming fat/carbs? If i break the fast with chicken and rice can i have some nuts 2 hours later?

  • sis weight loss pana apuram nama intermittent fasting irukanuma life long.and nama normal ah food sapdum podhu weight regain aguma?pls give any suggestions.

  • Hi love your channel it’s really helping me and educating me. I usually break my fast with a bowl of oats (macros protien 25.7g, carb 55.6g, fat 17.3g) will this combo make me gain wait I’m trying to eat healthier but I’m wondering if I’m doing it right haha

  • i am in a weight training class at my high school… I want to lose fat but also build muscle or not lose muscle, will intermittent fasting help with losing fat but also trying to build muscle? thanks

  • Really good stuff. Is it okay to do weight training WHILE fasting? I feel really comfortable doing 1 meal a day (OMAD) because I love it. However after I eat I really do not feel like going to the gym. Whereas, when I am fasting I feel like a rocket full of energy. Is it a bad thing to do weights while fasting for over 16h?

  • Can I juice cleanse during the fast? With green juice such as lemon, celery, cucumber and green pepper? And also can I break the fast with a spoon full of cococnut oil followed up with what veggies with protein then fruit then a snack??? Sorry most of these break fast suggestions don’t really specify on much.

  • Poor sleep is my downfall to fat loss. I’ve never been a healthy sleeper, but I can fast up to 20 hrs without feeling stressed. I thought practicing IF/Keto would help restore my messed up
    Circadian rhythm, so far, no luck….

  • Number 10 is the hardest for me. I can’t go to sleep early, I’m a night owl, 2am is the earliest I can go to sleep. Fml. Even if I work and workout all day I don’t feel sleepy at night, I actually have more energy wtf.

  • 7:29 Yep! I stopped putting butter and mct powder in my oil because it was slowing down my weight loss. And I’m on keto. I just take the coffee black

  • Old video, not expecting a replybut I’m going to try nonetheless. I deliver mail and walk about 12-15 miles a day, 25-30k steps and do IF every day without fail. Do the effect of eating carbs and fats when breaking a fast still remain as pertinent when you’re keeping your heart rate up throughout the day? At lunch/break the fast time I’ve usually burned about 2000 calories, and burn another 1200-1500 after according to my fitbit. Also, is there any advice you would give to someone who regularly burns a high number of calories and does IF?

  • I hope you can answer this… How long would you have to wait to have your other meal with fat after breaking your fast? I choose protein and carbs to break my 16:8 but I definitely seem to be holding onto fat/water weight. ��

  • I did I.F. combined with daily cardio and weight training. Lost 18kg in 4 months ����, only started seeing results after 2 months though

  • There is no evidence to support eating your carbs and fats at separate times of the day has any beneficial outcomes in terms of weight loss or overall health.

  • To make drinking black coffee easier, up the quality! Paying a little more for higher quality brands like Stumptown and Intelligentsia and using a good coffee brewing method like an aeropress, you can make delicious cups of black coffee that can actually even taste sweet depending on roast and blend. The extra money you spend on the coffee is made up by not buying creamer and such

  • Doing 16/8 IF for more than 6 months now. Lost 40lbs, gain more muscles, more energy, normal blood parameters and blood pressure. ��

  • I’ve been fasting 22-23 hours per day for three years. At night I eat one healthy meal. No cheating and no extras. Works great for me.

  • Hi good afternoon question I do intermittently fasting but I workout in the morning because that works for but I don’t break my fast I have nothing to eat till midday or around 2 pm is that a good thing?

  • I dont even no whats right any more. I am just going to eat air and run till I see fat literally melting off my body. Too many people making this complicated as fuck man.

  • Sister nanum 3 months nenga sonna ellam pannan already ellame control weight-loss m achu periods 3 months correct ah irundhuchu again stop pannadum periods problem vandhuduchu sister irregular ah iruku I am night shift worker sister weekly 2 to 3 days night shift la epad manage panradu diet solunga sister

  • Thanks for all the information! I used to do IF before I joined the Army but I didn’t realize it! I dropped 70lbs before getting in. Now i’m at risk of getting kicked out. Either way, I plan on sticking with a healthy IF plan. Thanks again!

  • I fasted for three days then I had pretzels… I started fasting again for another 2 days and I ate 2 double cheeseburgers… I’m starting again today hopefully for longer… ��‍♂️

  • Nalla sollureenga sister.. nanum intermitent fasting start panniten.. enaku oru doubt enna na.. fasting irukumbodhu butter milk kudikalama koodadha..? Once target achieve panninadhu ku appuram thirupi namma weight increse aguma..?

  • pleaase calm down you are like a chipmunk on speed you talk too fast and ur hands are going all over my screen please tie ur hands for ur nxt video

  • Nenga solradhu correct sister na 1st month 8kg reduce panna nalla inch loss achu aprom 2nd month verum 2kg reduce aprom food ellam change pannan but still first month ana madri agala ipo enna pandradhu sister @MomKid World

  • My God! is so hard for me getting rid of high carbs cause i living in a country wich love all kind of high carbs food,Dominican Republic You know” the main food here is a huge Dish with a Lot of rice and Bean plus fried chicken,and fried bananas, this is pretty hard for me to Say no, so i’m trying, so i love You great videos. I learn a Lot.

  • This is Wat I’m w8ting…. Thnks so much ser.. Because I’m always combined fats and carb… Wen I break my fast…. Im Ur silent followers.. Have a blessed day ser… And more power… Watching from Dubai.. But I’m from phillipine

  • Can you answer my query please. If you’re on diabetic medication for type 2, and you fast, do you continue to take the medication or cut it out for the days you’re fasting?

  • Did Dr. Becky say that a meal 3-4 hours before bed is considered a late night meal? If so, then how many hours is considered not a late night meal?

  • This is what has helped me with low carb eating. Instead of looking at it as ‘I cant eat x i now look at it as I dont eat x. im not treating it as a deprivation anymore. I got the tip from a lady on You Tube who has lost over 100Ibs.

  • Well, in my opinion, a keto coffee WILL break your fast. Yes, fat has a minimal effect on insulin, but if you throw in butter and coconut oil, you are talking about 200 calories right there alone. That is going to break your fast. Collagen is the least of your worries. For newbies and people doing extended fasts that need a temporary crutch until their body gets used to it, then fine. Have one. However, other than black coffee, green tea and water, you shouldn’t be dong any drinking of other stuff during your fast. I always have my bulletproof coffee with collagen WITH a meal if I’m fasting. Better to err on the side of caution than be unknowingly sabotaging your results!

  • Hi mam nanum intermittent fasting thaan irukken but sometime la pasikum appo verkadalai sapduven…verkadalai sapdalama pls konjam solluka

  • Heloo sis, fasting irukura timing la, green tea, black tea and water kudikalaama. Ile we should not take anything at fasting timing.

  • If my eating window is 9-5 and i work out 6-8 when can i drink my protein shake? I guess it needs like 1 to half an hour to start absorbing. Maybe i change the eating window to 10-6?

  • Hi sis nan past 3 weeks ah intermittent fastin la irukan 18:6 nanum inch tape vechi dan measure panuvan….iam soo disappointed enaku suthama inch loss agave ila en body apde dan iruku….suthama diff therila…but weight kuranjiruku konjam….KINDLY REPLYYYY

  • Dr Gillaspy 12 -12 IF seems to be working for me BUT I have to have a half or full orange in the morning with my high protein breakfast. Am I breaking IF if I my having my orange in the morning? If so is there any way to keep it? Your videos are great

  • Teacher, but suppose the lower consumption of calories boost longevity, it’s for sure the biggest benefit of intermittent fasting lifestyle. So if the body has the ability to adapt working well with less calories, then it is for sure the best full time lifestyle humans could have for longevity, health. Isn’t it?

  • Hi sis na two days ah fasting start paniruke..romba mayakkama iruku… 8hours feeding time thungalama sis…thunguna weight reduce akuma