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How to Manage Hunger During Marathon Training

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You Need To Do This AFTER Every Run | Recovery Routine For RUNNERS

Video taken from the channel: The Running Channel


Dealing With Post Workout Hunger

Video taken from the channel: RedDeltaProject


My Adrenal Fatigue Diet Exactly How I Ate to Heal

Video taken from the channel: MJ Gordon


10 Best Recovery Foods For Runners

Video taken from the channel: The Run Experience


Megan Ramos ‘Practical Fasting: The Use of Therapeutic Fasting in a Clinical Setting’

Video taken from the channel: Low Carb Down Under

Tips to Manage Post-Run Hunger Don’t restrict calories too much when starting a running program.. Not only is it potentially not a sustainable plan, Stay hydrated.. As the warm summer months approach us, even a short run can deplete water levels in your body. Since Get adequate rest.. Sleep. While a lot of factors contribute to your post-run appetite level, there are some key tactics you can implement to help control your hunger. Start your run off right. Starting your runs with fuel in your tank can help prevent massive post-run calorie deficits.

Try to have a snack or meal 30 minutes to 2 hours before runs. Eat as soon as you can after finishing your run, preferably within 20 to 30 minutes, but don’t wait longer than two hours. If you feel like you just can’t eat after a run, try drinking. Drink at least 12 ounces of water after your runs to replace your fluids losses. And next time you feel strong post-run cravings, try to quench and satisfy your desire with water—even if you don’t feel thirsty.

If you are still feeling hungry, then go for a healthy snack. 2. Plan your treats. “Never run just to eat,” says Sumbal. “Eat to run.”. If your intake supports your training, you’ll develop a healthier relationship with food and optimize performance.

Since most post-run indulgences tend to be high in carbs and sugar, she recommends sneaking in some nutritional value where you can. And in those precious post-run moments, you manage to undo that 2,000-calorie burn by eating an entire 2,320-calorie pizza. The logic starts off sound enough. After burning energy on the track, you crave a mega-dose of calories to replenish what you’ve lost.

Dealing with Hunger after a Long Run. It seems to defy all science, but most runners who complete a long distance run or complete an endurance race such as a marathon are not hungry after the run. There was a particularly bad scenario in. Eating enough at each meal will keep your blood sugar and energy levels steady. Use your hunger as a cue: if you are hungry within an hour or two of eating a meal, try increasing your portion sizes or adding more quality nutrients to your meal.

If you feel ravenous at certain times of day, add in a healthy snack. It’s important to include both proteinand carbohydrate-loaded foods like whole grain breads or cereals, fruits, vegetables, eggs, lean meats, or a vegetable protein in your post-run meals. Also, eat as soon as you can after finishing your run, preferably within 20 minutes but don’t wait longer than two hours.

Hunger is normal, but a hunger pang doesn’t always mean you need food. If you’ve eaten in the past hour or so, before eating again, it’s.

List of related literature:

In Step 5, you learn to resist and control the interactions between food and mood, the reasons we eat other than hunger.

“Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control” by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
from Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control
by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
Ebsco Publishing, 2002

Example of four activity-based mini habits: Eat one serving of fruit once you arrive at work, eat one serving of vegetables during your first work break, drink one glass of water when you get home from work, and chew each bite 30 times during your daily work snack.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
Selective Entertainment, LLC, 2016

Conversely, it is possible to satisfy the hunger need in part by other activities such as drinking water or smoking cigarettes.

“The Maslow Business Reader” by Abraham H. Maslow, Deborah C. Stephens
from The Maslow Business Reader
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The best way to separate the sensation of thirst from the hunger is to drink water before food.

“Memory Mind & Body” by Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary
from Memory Mind & Body
by Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary
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I had to overcome all of those things that advertise your hunger: the growling of your stomach or a headache or visions of your favorite foods.

“Eye of the Hurricane: My Path from Darkness to Freedom” by Rubin Hurricane Carter, Ken Klonsky, Nelson Mandela
from Eye of the Hurricane: My Path from Darkness to Freedom
by Rubin Hurricane Carter, Ken Klonsky, Nelson Mandela
Chicago Review Press, Incorporated, 2011

During your busy day, when you may be unable to meditate, take a deep breath, put your three fingers together, and remind yourself in the same words you used during meditation that your diet is all your body needs and that you mil not have hunger pangs.

“The Silva Mind Control Method” by Jose Silva, Philip Miele
from The Silva Mind Control Method
by Jose Silva, Philip Miele
Pocket Books, 1991

In addition, families learn to gradually adopt healthier eating habits through decreasing portion sizes; reducing intake of energy dense, low-nutrientdense foods (red foods); increasing intake of lower-calorie, more nutritious foods (green foods); and regularly consuming three meals a day.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition” by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition
by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
Guilford Publications, 2019

Adding in a snack and beverage, to prevent hunger and dehydration, was helpful in preventing these episodes.

“Therapy of Movement Disorders: A Case-Based Approach” by Stephen G. Reich, Stewart A. Factor
from Therapy of Movement Disorders: A Case-Based Approach
by Stephen G. Reich, Stewart A. Factor
Springer International Publishing, 2019

Since Key #1 is to eat only when you are hungry, it is important to begin by defining just what we mean by “hungry.”

“Thin Within: A Grace-Oriented Approach To Lasting Weight Loss” by Judy Halliday, Arthur Halliday
from Thin Within: A Grace-Oriented Approach To Lasting Weight Loss
by Judy Halliday, Arthur Halliday
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To do this, it is often helpful to create a gap between feeling hunger and responding to it.

“50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food” by Susan Albers
from 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food
by Susan Albers
New Harbinger Publications, 2009

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  • This is one of the best talks on keto and IF I’ve ever heard. I’ve heard a lot of them too. She outlines what happens on a fast and why it’s best to be low carb/ keto to jump start before you start fasting. Really after you become fat adapted it’s so easy and almost natural to fast. I personally do OMAD and that meal is a keto meal. I can easily skip eating for 48 or 72 hours since becoming fat adapted. My meal is usually a huge green salad loaded with some seeds some cheese olive oil and vinaigrette, with a fatty cut of meat and bulletproof coffee. Lots of fat. The few carbs I have are greens. Most of the time I can’t even finish all my food. I’ve never been so satisfied. The weight is falling off quickly since I started IF with the keto plan. Usually 3 to 4 pounds a week with no hunger at all. Headed my way down to my ideal weight of 200 pounds. I was once 400 now at 250.
    No more Insulin after 20 years of 5 daily injections.
    No more oral meds for water retention or high blood pressure.
    CHF is healing. My heart does not race anymore, no more hospital visits.
    Kidneys are now stable. Still at stage 4 and I should have been in kidney failure according to doctors. I actually am seeing better numbers.
    Neuropathy no longer hurts after years of suffering.
    No more asthma or heavy breathing.
    Clear thinking and boatloads of energy.
    If you aren’t keto and doing IF and you have bad health your cure is right here!

  • 10:44 insulin and ghrelin levels

    30:41 Basic eating principles

    16:36 Various fasting protocols
    mildest is Time Restricted Eating of 3 meals a day with no snacking, around 13/11 or 14/10 (hrs per day fasting/feeding) water and black tea/coffee between meals

    19:55 Considerations for different regimens

    23:00, 26:09 Mental considerations

  • Can you comment if your menstral cycle affected these diet guidelines? Was it easy, harder, no difference to stick to your eating schedule or bland foods?

  • Good presentation, valuable information, but the poor woman is totally out of breath. I wish somebody had given her a glass of water for the cough. And the swaying gave me a migraine headache.

  • Hello Ladies… this is a great vid on Adrenal Insufficiency. One important tip I learned from my TMC Dr was that I had to stop all coffee, black tea and green tea, probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done lol. But sure enough when I stop all caffeine stimulants within 2 to 3 months I am starting to feel better, and when I start coffee and tea again the fatigue, shaking/trembling, faintness and dizziness come back full strength within 3 months… so sad I love coffee… my bitter and invigorating friend lol.

  • The Atkins diet that was discovered by Robert Atkins way back when. It gained popularity when i was 19-yrs of age. I remember being on Atkins as we would say. He was a genius. The Keto diet is nothing new. He heralded the dangers of carbs. You kept your carb count below 20 grams per day until you reached your goal weight. My husband and I went on it give together when i was 40-yrs old and he lost 30lbs lowering his carbs and cutting sugar from his diet. John Lennon was on Atkins way of eating when he died. So a low carb way of eating has been around for at least 45-yrs. And not since 2013 as she suggests.

  • She needs to breath and slow down. I got anxious just listening to her asthmatic like cough from not breathing. It makes it very hard to stay listening.

  • I have a Question..What do you think of eating Pinto and Kidney beans? I have SUPER LOW Cortisol and really need to use this program. Do you have a video or a list of good and bad foods. It is SO hard to get that information!!! I eliminated ALL sugars and Flours from my diet for 3 years and lost 106 lbs! I did that eating a bean and meat blend with a little tomato sauce and pretty much lived on that!!! Also created my own Almond Buns. That worked then but now it does not seem to FIX the adrenal issue! Looking forward to your food list! Thank you so much!!

  • I’m type 2 diabetic keeps under control via keto diet for years and years. Then went carnivore. Now I have fatty liver. Seveare nuropathy.going blind. Was put on insulin 4 months ago now I’ve put 10 kg on in weigh. Other news didn’t work or I was having bad side effects. I’ve got crippling osteoarthritis so don’t need to put weight on. Need full shoulder replacement. I carnt fast as have eating disorders. It’s either get blood sugars stable and be fat. Or lose weight and go blind or lose a leg. Sick of it all. I wish the UK was more advanced.

  • Not trying to be negative, but are you sure the statistics of the 53 year old woman are correct??? Daily fasting, exercise and a ketogenic diet do not seem to have had any effect on her still very fat body.

  • The problem is with sleep, I have insomnia. It is almost impossible to get the rest I need. And since I have Lyme also, I get palpitations when I go into a deep REM dream sleep. It pulls me out of it without fail. So, I can lay down and just rest, but I get very little sleep, which I know I need, and I don’t know who to fix that.

  • I know several who have come off of insulin and stabiize their HBA1c (as well as loss of weight) Also know arthritic patients who are now keto and have normal hand joints now after 2 years or so of keto( less than 50 mg of carbs) with intermittant fasting. Easy to do as all cravings go away after 3-6 weeks. Oh, also return of hearing., less depression.. so many miracles all from avoiding modern foods that we were not evolved for anyway. Veggies, good oils, happy meats, almonds, maccadamia nuts, fish, krill oil x 4000mg per day. extra vrigin olive oil and 2 avodcados every day… Miraculous. thank you for showing us the way.
    Dr. Mercola and Mark Sisson’s web sites, or Noakes foundation, all have helpful info on how to eat too, how to move. ( and only sprint exercise tabata type of 6 x 8-30 seconds, but only one time per week (easiest to just rush up a hill and walk down slow with a 2 minute rest if you wish)and thenalso enjoy moving 4-6 hours of 180 minus your age.Yes, enjoyment of movement. Remember that no amount of type of exercise will compensate for eating modern foods. Good luck. Do a 21 day elimination diet and snack on nuts and hard goat cheese. Try Naked goat whey protein for protein up to 30% of your total protein of 1 gm per healthy eventual kg weight. ( add in olive oil and green leafies so reduce insulin response) AND, I hope you are encouraged to join this. Note: This is not meant as a replacement for medical advice, so do not follow any of this until you check with your MD. i do hope this encourages you to live this lifestyle! In gratitude to Jason Fung for his great work.Thank you.

  • Wow! This video was so helpful for me. I’ve been dealing with adrenal exhaustion for a year now. It’s debilitating. I have insomnia, hormonal issues, hair loss, blood sugar problems, and fatigue. I feel a bit better than I did when this all started, but I’m still struggling. This video really helped give me the push I needed to really clean up my diet more than I’m already doing. Thank you! I’m so eager to start and can’t wait to completely heal.

  • Good grief!! I am beyond excited here!! Dido Dusty!! This is THE ABSOLUTE BEST explanation of this program I have ever heard!! Better than Dr. Fung, (he can talk above me) Dr Berg is very interesting but his way was too much fat for my body, & many, many more you tube videos & podcasts I’ve listened to has not helped me understand the way this lovely lady explains everything!! I have had a love hate relationship with keto & IF for a year!! I have sore knees so can’t exercise without pain!! Therefore, in one year I have lost only 4 inches & down 10 pounds!!! And I only needed to lose 30 or 40 pounds to begin with!! SO Frustrating I could cry but can’t quite or I will go up!! Can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. Right now I am about to let go of my coffee with 2 cream & stevia go…. not hungry for breakfast so no problem, would have my coffee at 1:00 then OMAD whenever I get hungry between 2:00 6:00 pm. It just won’t come off!! So thank you dear lady!! I am really enjoying your talk!

  • The info is great, although low carb is unnecessary for most people. Potatoes are healthy! The fasting is most important since the quality of foods come naturally through IF. Fung & Ramos are selling their program and is always pushed by them. Buy the books and enjoy your life!

    Also, she really needs to model relaxation by practicing publicity speaking, otherwise its painful to listen to her.

  • I found out by giving up grains, sugar, dairy, and all tubers including carrots and all potatoes, my hunger and cravings went south. It’s a great feeling and liberating.

  • I’m very glad to get their electrolyte protocol. So much info about fasting out there, but I’ve not yet seen a DEFINITIVE statement on electrolytes for extended fasting.

  • Thank you mam, I run 5k once aweek it seem I didn’t inprove my speed, maybe from what I eat or time for food to digest, now I know it need from two to three hours, I hope my speed can improve

  • If she’s a doctor, and never learned about eating healthy in doc shop, and just stuck with her junk food she grew up with, that’s a very sad testimony about University education.

  • I can’t be bothered to monitor what I eat (keto) so I just went with a straight up 3-4 day fast. I intend to do at least 2 or 3 days a week, but I just started (3rd week) so I still need to get used to it. Was definitely feeling hungry the first 2-3 days of the 2 fasts I’ve done, but it seems to be getting easier.

  • The critics seem not to be aware of the existence glucagon. The hormone opposite of insulin. Glucagon does not affect muscle. Glucagon hormone is needed for lipolysis.

  • Hey there I find that some of the stretches you offer after a run are a bit too extreme, you have to experiment and find out which ones suit you the best with the hamstring, calf and other muscle groups as long you find that out, you cannot go wrong with that.

  • I was 11, I weighed 379, now 343. I am 5’5. I was told to come in to take insulin. Which I refused. My fasting blood sugar test was always 99 average I once was yelled at by Dr for being at 105, while my slender male friend was praised for having non fasting blood at 119. I have dieted since 13, stopped until 27 when weighed 220. I kept dieting for the next 25 years. 7 years ago I started or added a fast to my lifestyle for Christian reasons. I jumped in to fasting.

  • Just started listening to your podcast. Thank you so much for sharing this important information. Question: How does fasting effect PCOS? Is it a potential cure?

  • I always learn great stuff from Megan. I have a question, and I truly do not mean to be disrespectful with it. Megan, is there a reason why you seem to be gasping for air at all times? It exhausts me to listen to you. In fact, I often have to listen to you in small snippets of 15 minutes or so and listen to someone else in between. I come back to finish yours because I don’t want to miss anything. If you have asthma or something like that, then kudos to you for being able to give such informative speeches in spite of it. If you are gasping because you’re nervous please know that we all love you to pieces and appreciate your knowledge and there is no reason for you to be nervous. If you’re in a hurry, I would ask that you try to find the balance between being efficient in your speaking and being calm enough so that your audience (I know I’m only speaking for myself here) can relax and enjoy what you have to say. Thanks for everything.:-)

  • How can someone get help with this fasting program. I’ve already started 24 hr. fasting. I discussed this with my doctor and she’s all for the ketogenic diet but not so much with the fasting since I’m a type 2 diabetic. Is there a listing of doctors that support fasting with diabetes. I’ve got to try this. I’m going to reduce my sugar medication as my numbers get lower. I’ve read Dr. Yung’s book “The Diabetes Code” and learned a lot. Thanks for putting this video together. It opened my eyes to a lot of new information.

  • If you have kidney disease and I highly, highly, highly recommend getting a kidney function test for $31-39 through Health Testing Centers to at least see where you are creatinine/eGFR-wise because CKD may be making you tired high protein will send you to dialysis. If you have kidney disease, kidney.org and other sites recommend LIMITING animal protein.

  • I really like how she goes into the details about how to be smart in fasting. There were so many factors I hadn’t considered. Thank you so much for uploading this talk. Well done.:)Jen

  • Finally feel understood. The low bloodsugar feels so horrible, and for years I was told I was depressed:( Instead any doctor taking me serious.

  • she’s very informative, but sadly far more anecdotal than I’d hoped.. in all fairness though I’m only halfway through.
    It would be helpful if she defined metabolic syndrome, and refeeding syndrome in particular. I don’t know if she’s speaking to health care workers, but if I wasn’t one, I wouldn’t know what these things were.
     Perhaps next time she gives a talk she’ll be less nervous and breathless, but more importantly, I hope she learns to have water with her.

  • Wonderful talk! She is so empathic, and consider all aspects of eating, including post traumatic stress for people who had eating disorders or history of food deprivation. Love this 360 degree approach.

  • Started keto and intermittent fasting immediately after. I was only on keto three days. The first night was a little difficult always wanting to reach for peanuts unconsciously or something like that. The second night I wasn’t really hungry but I still was thinking about snacks. By the third night I didn’t even think about it anymore I just wasn’t hungry. It’s been three weeks now I feel great lost about 10 pounds and buy less food. I’m completely astonished that once I finish my meal at 6 PM I’m done until 10 or 12 o’clock the next day without struggling at all. I also do my morning exercises on fast sometimes with a cup of coffee sometimes just water. By the way I do the 16/8 fast sometimes 18/6. P.S. I had a mole growing on my face for the last 25 years. Started as a small dot, grew to about a half inch in diameter. I was thinking of having it removed this year because I had a similar one on the other side and the doctor removed it. A week and a half and to Keto noticed it was flaky and drying up. It’s completely gone now just a little red patch where it was. So what I’m thinking is 25 years it was growing because of excess carbs I’ve been eating and all the glucose they produce. So maybe this way of eating is beneficial for keeping tumors at bay as they say.

  • Never went to a Dr. for any kind of program, but can confirm that fasting combined with eating a healthy low carb (not even keto) diet flat out works.
    Myself (42yo male, 6’2″ or 188cm), Feb ’18 = 228lbs/103kgs. Today 8/23 = 174lbs/79kgs and been here for well over a month.
    I fast 20-22 hours at least 5 days a week and 16-8 the other days.

    I did change what I ate quite drastically too. I stopped nearly all consumption of bread, pasta, white potatoes, rice, grains, and sugar. I drastically increased the veggies I eat and the amount of fat as well.
    Now that’s I’ve lost over 50lbs and am in a bit more of a state of maintenance I starting eating small portions of potatoes and rice again because I like them:)

    I will concede that the change in diet alone would have probably gotten me the sameish weight loss as this combined with fasting, BUT I don’t believe for a second my body would have changed like it did. I work out with light/moderate weights maybe an hour to an hour and a half a week. I’ve got muscles like I did when I was in my 20’s and religiously worked out heavy 3x’s a week. I’m even starting to see my ab’s which has NEVER happened before.

    I went from a 36″ waist where the button was severely overworked to needing to buy pants again because the 34″ waist jeans I bought when I was about 190lbs are falling off.

    I love intermittent fasting. I’ve always been a habitual over eater/stress eater. Now that I’m eating healthy food only once a day for the most part I can satiate those urges and still be in a state of caloric restriction/caloric maintenance and be happy with the way I look and feel every single day. I’ll never go back to eating like a “normal” person.

  • I don’t know if you will get a chance to reply, my mom has terminal cancer and the chemo treatments cause her to feel very cold, to the point where touching cold food feels like frost bite. Unfortunately she also has difficulty eating foods that are on the other end of the spectrum as well (any thing hot). Understandably this is very frustrating when it comings to nutrician. I was wondering if you have links for your site that are lukewarm or room temperature but still appealing in how you described in your video here. Any guidance would be appreciated

  • One of my top ten information video’s on IF and diet. Thanks your program is saving my life with out you ever laying your eyes on me you just don’t know how much better I feel and how much healthier I am becoming and I am just getting started. I began LCHF in May a few weeks letter I started learning about IF and began doing 16:8 5 days a week moved up to 18:6 and then a few 24+ a 36+ and now doing a Every other day long group fast with one of the Facebook groups that follow your plans. I can’t thank you all enough in showing me there is a way to control my T2 diabetes with out injection hundreds of units of insulin day in and day out………. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello love this program! I’ve had small artery Polly Neuropathy progressive for 30 years. I’ve tried every diet known to man. In January I purchased the doctors book about fasting and took a chance. It’s now July and I’ve had 75% less pain and I’ve had some feeling back in my feet. This to me has been a miracle. I follow 8/16 fasting I now some days fast for 20 hours I’m not hungry! I recently went for my 6 month check up and every one of my labs are perfect and cutting back on my blood pressure meds. I’ve proven to myself that I can get my health back with diet and fasting. I eat no sugars and no processed foods. Thank you �� and by the way I’ve lost 38 pounds.

  • Great presentation. It seems so powerful and obvious a strategy for better health that you wonder why the government’s with their insanely high medical costs arent all over it. Are they really that much in the pocket of big pharma/food? I have not seen anyone say that IF, keto, low carb diets are a bad idea. Not one (who is credible). So why do we still have these useless government food guides and a medical industry that medicates first and asks questions second.

  • I like this doctor, and love Dr. Fung. Thank God they’re warning people against letting ill-informed doctors kill them with insulin.

  • Thank you Megan. Do you know why the 53 year old woman’s visceral fat increased based on her scans? My understanding is that it should be just the opposite.

  • Very good and well done. Fasting and the definition of “adequate protein intake” remain the two large controversies for keto today. The community “needs” some simple visual guidance or computer application about what fasting duration might be optimal for their condition(s) as well as what protein intake (in grams). Any good programmers seeking a multivariate programming challenge have at it. How this can be done while using legitimate medical and scientific studies without entering into the sphere of actual medical advice and concerns about monetizing are also challenges.

  • Although fasting is useful, the first principle should be to understand what to eat. Adopt a fresh-food vegetarian diet, avoid processed foods and control calory intake. The information is easily available to those who want to find it. It is also important to make everyone who share eating habits to understand the importance of careful diet.

  • Low Carb Down Under Thank you for uploading this counterpoint to Dr. Stephen Phinney’s thought provoking presentation, which you posted earlier. It is nice to hear two sides of the story. Megan Ramos, I think, did a tremendous job illustrating that many of Dr. Phinney’s concerns, even with the evidence he adduced, doesn’t necessarily materialize when done in a CAREFULLY CONTROLLED CLINICAL SETTING as attested to by Dr. Fung and Ms. Ramos’ experience with 5,000 plus patients. The key words here are CAREFULLY CONTROLLED CLINICAL SETTING. I don’t doubt that Phinney’s information is correct with regards to patients who were not properly monitored and cared for.

  • I am a distance runner and I cannpt do low carbon ie 100g of carbs on non training day I get very short of breathe its not covid or heart issue been tested for both. Its not heart issue but only happens when I forget to eat carbs. Is this normal.

  • There is a recipe I make that I learned from a member of the Gracie family (the jiu-jitsu guys).
    It’s a healthy toast (i use ezekiel bread) with almond butter, cook red onions in a pan and add fresh spinach until it’s wilted. Add that to the toast and then cook a few scrambled eggs and add that to the toast along with a sliced avocado. It sounds strange having almond butter with eggs and spinach but the combination is very tasty.

  • This is the Best and Most Helpful Video I found so far! Thank you so much for being so detailed, clear and exactly what people need to recover from AF. I have been struggling with a diet for AF for more than 4 years now! After reading more than 10 books, doing my own online research on AF recovery. I still struggled with my low blood sugar. After watching your video, I got so motivated! I don’t feel guilty to eat so often now. Thanks to your video, I would be able to keep my blood sugar within normal range!
    You are Amazing and Motivating! Thank you million times!

  • Bengkel atlit specialis Hamstring. Enkle, Lutut cidera, kram perut, tenis elbo sembuh ditempat dan recovery atlit. Sport massage Agus Parjito. Wa.087836280086. Karanganyar, Solo. JATENG.

  • The breathing exercise at the end is probably the only useful thing in this video that doesn’t take too much time and is actually worth doing. Putting yourself back into a parasympathetic state is probably the most effective worth while things you could do but hey let’s not talk about weighing the benefits.

  • Please run on soft surfaces like a track or on grass at your big park. I wore out the pads in both hip joints running on concrete and asphalt. There’s a Lott of pain walking and always numbness sitting down. I really loved running my whole life but wasn’t smart,you know the no pain no gain saying.,but that’s for the lungs not the knees or hip joints!

  • I’ve been doing long distance trail runs for about 5 years now and have been doing a few ultras. After a hard effort I don’t usually want solid food so I make smoothies: whole milk, Greek yogurt, fruit, chia seeds, flax seed meal, and a few handfuls of spinach. How does this type of recovery food compare? I usually feel very satisfied until I can eat an actual meal. Is the protein and dairy helpful for recovery? Can i add anything else beneficial? Thanks!

  • Yes!!! You covered almost everything I eat after a workout. Tumeric, avocado on ancient grain with eggs! I do sardines packed in lemon infused olive oil, and I often snack on some dried fruits and nuts. My other go to is Greek yogurt with ground ginger and cinnamon! Nom nom nom… On my post strength workouts, my go to is still…still oatmeal, pea protein, banana, almonds and kimchi! I still do it and will always be part of my ammo.

  • What vitamins do you recommend if any that you have taken? I take a mirage of vitamins and not sure which ones really work. Thanks!

  • For adrenal fatigue, please also take large doses of vitamin C every day (5,000mg or more).
    Take at least 600mg magnesium glycinate everyday along with a methylated B-vitamin complex (Emerald brand has good ones with no fillers).
    Do NOT take synthetic forms of B vitamins because they just do more harm than good (ex. folic acid vs. methylfolate, cyanocobalamin vs. methylcobalamin).
    Take at least 500mg of pantothenic acid (B5) per day, and 100mg of vitamin B6 (P-5-P) before bed.
    Also take adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha if you tolerate them well, but don’t take them for more than 1-2 months at a time as they must be cycled to prevent ineffectiveness. Adaptogenics like ashwagandha should be used with caution as they can sometimes have the opposite effect in some individuals.
    Licorice root is known to boost the adrenals.
    It is said that unrefined sea salt (Celtic, Himalayan, Redmond’s, etc.) is also good for the adrenals, but it can be too stimulating for some people, so start very slowly and see how you do with it. If you tolerate it well, 1-2 tsp of unrefined sea salt per day is recommended.

  • it is too much and not enough it is high acidic PH in body so alkalizing is needed [[ e.g. lemon s ] DR Fibiger won Nobel prize for showing that parasites may cause cancer both the acidic and parasitic can be corrected by eating much less meat switch to legumes [ beans lentils..] google ” NIH Vitamin C cancer ” [[meat contains no vitamin c ]] Hippocrates “food is mediicne” he used 400 herbs use herbs and spices in cooking ” sickness is from violations of natural law ” HH maharishi mahesh Yogi in a weekly world press conference everybody needs ayur veda panchakarma treatment once ayear ” stress is substratum of sickness ” Dr hans selye