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Check out six ways you can make tea taste better than soda: 1. Look for natural sweeteners. Sure, sugar is the go-to sweetener. It’s quick, cheap, and always around. However, there are other natural 2. Consider fruit-flavored sweeteners.

Root: Commonly used in home-brewing, flavors like sarsaparilla root, licorice root, and chicory root are also ways to make tea taste better. And make sure to use high quality tea. You can. He drinks a LOT of soda and energy drinks. After living with him for 5 years, we have picked up some of each other’s habits – drinking soda is one of them.

So the title of this article “6 Tips to Make Tea Taste Better Than Soda. Instead of soda or sweet tea, try fresh fruit juices. Just get yourself a juicer and you will be able to make fruit juices with utmost ease.

Simply juice some whole fruit – the options are huge. Many of the steps for how to make sweet tea are universal; they will look the same no matter where you are, like boiling the water and adding the tea bags and sugar to taste. However, Southerners know that one addition can keep your tea looking clear and tasting smooth—and that addition is baking soda. The marketing gurus behind sugary beverages are great at their jobs, and they’re able to spin the PR in such a way that people are convinced the iced tea out of the soda machine is better than the soda itself.

Don’t fall for it. I am by no means an expert in the world of tea. Replacing soda with high-sugar fruit juices or processed tea and coffee drinks, which often contain added sugar, isn’t much better for your health. But swapping out soda for drinks that are.

Of all the options for drinks out there, soda is still pretty popular. In fact, it turns out that half of all Americans drink soda every single day and among those people, the average daily intake was 2.6 glasses. This is concerning because of how unhealthy soda is and the obesity epidemic in the United States..

It can be difficult to kick the habit of drinking soda. I also use the Mr. Coffee iced tea maker, and I notice that it tastes better than when I make sun tea or use another method. I also notice that “better” teas usually don’t make great iced tea and Luzianne teabags made for iced tea.

Check out different teas; some don’t need to be sweetened to taste great. Also, they make iced tea makers. (My sister believes in hers.) They make 1/2 gallon of iced tea. Of course, you don’t have to buy an iced tea maker to make iced tea. Just make tea and pour over lots of ice.

I like Celestial Seasonings Mango Acai Zinger tea.

List of related literature:

Heating the teabags in hot but not boiling water, then steeping them for just three minutes, gave us flavorful tea without any bitterness.

“Cook's Illustrated Cookbook: 2,000 Recipes from 20 Years of America?s Most Trusted Food Magazine” by Cook's Illustrated
from Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook: 2,000 Recipes from 20 Years of America?s Most Trusted Food Magazine
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The water should also be soft, hard water being sure to spoil the best tea; and it is advisable to prepare the tea-pot against a chill, by letting a small quantity of hot water stand in it before you begin; emptying it out, of course, when you do so.

“Leigh Hunt's London Journal” by Leigh Hunt
from Leigh Hunt’s London Journal
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Drink up to 3 cups a day Scullcap tastes bitter; adding honey, sugar, and lemon or mixing it with an herbal beverage blend will improve the flavor.

“The New Healing Herbs: The Classic Guide to Nature's Best Medicines Featuring the Top 100 Time-Tested Herbs” by Michael Castleman
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Consequently, to preserve the antioxidant potency, especially for white and green teas brewed at a lower temperature, water should be boiled vigorously to boil off dissolved oxygen and then be allowed to cool to the appropriate temperature before being added to the tea (Fischer 2010; Rasmussen and Rhinehart 1999).

“The Microbiological Safety of Low Water Activity Foods and Spices” by Joshua B. Gurtler, Michael P. Doyle, Jeffrey L. Kornacki
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Add the iced water and lemon juice to the tea and sweeten to taste with orange blossom sugar.

“Edible & Medicinal Flowers” by Margaret Joan Roberts
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Add 2 teaspoons of white sugar to one of the glasses of iced tea.

“Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking” by Jacqueline B. Marcus
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Pick the leaves and stalks of spare mint, rinse them clean, put them in a pitcher, and pour boiling water on, cover it, and let it stand for a few minutes to infuse; then turn the tea from the leaves, sweeten it lightly with loaf sugar, and serve it warm.

“The Kentucky Housewife” by Lettice Bryan
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Using good-quality tea, put 3 to 5 teaspoons, depending on taste, into the warmed pot.

“Celtic Folklore Cooking” by Joanne Asala
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Let the tea steep, then strain and add sugar to taste.

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Use proper proportions of tea and water.

“Professional Cooking for Canadian Chefs” by Wayne Gisslen, Mary Ellen Griffin, Le Cordon Bleu
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  • People who actually care about making a good product does make a difference in the quality given all other factors being the same.

  • Water and Green Tea are my friends. Honest Tea to be exact. If I want to get drunk and get wasted, I drink Cranberry Ginger Ale �� ��

  • What’s your take on supplements/vitamins for weight loss? Including just regular pills like men’s one a day multivitamins to so called “miracle” pills that supposed to help burn belly fat and give you energy

  • First brought to a fine art in China millennia ago, assumes towering cultural importance in Japan, grown on vast scale in India. So let’s ask the British how to drink it?

  • They missed a MASSIVE important step in making bagged tea! You don’t just pour the water out of the kettle, you pour the water directly through the bag of tea and slowly pour it, you will get waaay strong tea & flavour 100%! Forgot about the 5min naturally I leave my bag in so the 5min happens automatically since I’m waiting for it to cool down to drinking temperature.

  • I put instant tea in hot-ish water, pour in some milk, gulp it down & go to work. I bet it tastes the same as the 10-minute version in this video. BTW, Nicole is infinitely adorable…

  • i like to add a slice of lemon and some sugar in my tea and let it sit a bit so when you sip the tea you get this nice sweet lemon flavor mix with the earl gray

  • And people say Soda is unhealthy, not if you make it homemade!! ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for this! I might just quit drinking the sugary sodas and make this instead, you get the soda taste but not all that sugar! Btw do you have to reheat the raw honey!? Or can you use what’s left to make more for another time!?

  • never drank regular soda, but drank a ton of diet coke -and quit it a year or more ago and it responsible for my small transformation…..but light beer is now a culprit……seems to be my afternoon reward for hard exercise (200-300 cals total, not terribly bad)….but probably has the same result as soda, right?

  • I keep my salt and yeast separate because that is how I was taught. Our yeast comes differently then in times past when you had to get your barm from the local brewery. Cooking schools have been around when barm was used. If the barm wasn’t good or cared for properly, then salt could have been blamed, So tradition keeps salt and yeast separate and I will follow tradition. It’s always the yeast, maybe it was bad, that’s what proofing is all about, proving it’s good by rising. I prove/proof the yeast in liquid and add the salt to the dry. If my yeast don’t foam in the liquid, then it didn’t prove it was good or alive. I can add more, no loss. But when yeast is added to the dough and it doesn’t proof, you usually pitch it in the trash and start over. It isn’t hard to keep the tradition of following the recipe, or the instructor. But some just want to say your wrong because I seen another video that etc… It’s our human nature to fuss and fight because we all want to share what we know or feel is right. It’s kinda why for most of my life I’ve used the name Alwis Haph Rytte, the other haph is lepht, but when I look in the mirror, it’s Rytte two. A nom de plume lets one speak and still have privacy, sadly some abuse the practice. It’s more fun to be Mr Rytte than Mr Wrong, LOL

  • Am I strange or does anyone else think tea has more flavour when it is just above tepid, maybe 60-70°?
    Tip, use water that is at 90-95 ° less of the aromatics in the tea are lost.

  • Love Earl Grey with milk, as well. However, I lived and worked 18 months in Leeds, England and then 3.5 yrs in Glasgow, Scotland and endured a ton of grief about my preference.

  • I just made the orange one OMG ITS SOOO GOOD and the thing is: no sugar, healthy, and tastes like an actual orange soda! A little tip is add a GENEROUS amount of that honey/water mixture so it can be really sweet

  • NO milk. Milk (or cream actually) is for coffee. Tea stands alone. Perhaps with a very small amount of sugar just to take off the bitter edge. That’s it. The only exception is for Thai tea, which is wicked strong and can stand up to the milk addition.

  • There is general misconception among public that sugar is evil but caffeine is fine. That not accurate. Caffeine can be as damaging to your system as sugar. The first thing Cardiologist will do if you have any heart issues is get you off caffeine first. That right there tells you its damaging to body.

  • All you need is a synthesizer. Next you make you best Picard impression and say “Tea, earl grey, hot”. There you go, the perfect cup of tea.

  • What’s with the styrofoam cups? Do Brits drink from these?! And, forget about absorbing flavor, what about mentioning the damage they do to the environment!?! I can’t get my head round the fact that people drink tea from these.

  • I’m new to this baking due to Covid19. I’m trying to make a Sourdough Starter and on my 3rd day. I should not took Engineering rather that being a Chemist.

  • I am an avid tea lover & drinker both ice tea & hot. I have been able to take my tea love to another level by using this electric flask https://energexa.com/products/portable-electric-stainless-steel-mini-kettle right at my work desk. It boils in 5 mins and is sooo very convenient! And yes I’m an addict!!!

  • I have been making bread for a year or so (on and off), sometimes it is slightly cakey, sometimes it is very cakey. Any idea why?

    I follow the recipes precisely, could it be I am not kneading enough?

  • I like milk and a bit of maple syrup or honey in mine. Also there’s an entire british research paper where they say the milk should go in first because afterwards it will unevenly heat up

  • Have you tried Hint Water? It comes in both gas and non-gas versions. I’m particularly partial to the watermelon flavor. It’s a zero calorie drink and with a little effort you can find a limited selection locally for $1/bottle.

  • My mother is from London, so I can say your instructions are spot on! I will add that tea tastes best out of a cup made of fine bone english china which tends to retain heat very well.

  • uh the salt does not kill the yeats, do some research, it simply slows down the fermentation. you would need to pickle it or something to kill it.

  • U need to keep the tea in styrofoam for like one hour for the taste to get affected..and we all use styrofoam cups at our homes for tea right…it’s tea there’s no right or wrong way. There are ancient techniques like stirring etc. And some may say tea bag itself makes poor tea..use tea leaves or just dust tea and filter it…and lady u need to lie better..five minutes my @££#

  • i may never drink regular soda again. i tried a couple of these they were far superior to store bought. so much more bite too. love that.

  • 8:19 Actually, if you prefer herbal tea (as I do) you dont have to be afraid of it gwtting bitter. With white, green or black tea, you have to worry about it becomeing bitter

  • I haven’t eaten sugar in years and my body feels the difference. I also don’t drink “cow milk”. Instead I drink oat or almond milk (unsweetened).

  • I would substitute calorie drinks with water and those Walmart Great Value or Crystal Light packets. I also would use Mio. If your ditching artificial sweaters, that may not be the route. For carbonated drinks, I occasionally would get Sprite Zero and mix in my favorite calorie free sweetener substitute like I mentioned above. I’m not sure that this helps, but it can help to curb those cravings without adding any calories. I honestly don’t miss soda. Gatorade is what I like. I just allow myself one a week. Typically, I drink it over an entire weekend though.

  • Hi Bold Bakers! Avoid the bread mistakes here: http://bit.ly/BreadmakingMistakes and get LOTS of Bread and Dough videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3N53o3RIxHJpifpnmIFfQm_ttOZ-4O9h

  • I was highly disturbed of those undergarments. I didn’t get any point why did u have to show their underpants SO CLOSE in a health benefits video.

  • Immature. Boil some water with tea leaves and cardamom and ginger for 5 minutes, add milk, boils the milk for 5 minutes, add sugar as per your taste, filter and enjoy the delicious tea flavor ��

  • Great video. But you should taste a tea brewed by an Indian. Those tastes awesome.
    I miss the tea seller from my city, Kolkata. That guy used to brew tea for at least 10 minutes using no water (only milk, tea and sugar) and it tastes something out of the world��. I remember people used to come from miles apart to taste a sip of that tea.

  • Am a British man..am deeply offended! And No no no! To milk in earl grey, and woman then tops it off with sugar #suicide. Understand its preference but you Americans just stick to coffee then ruining our customs to tea.

  • I wonder if this works with coffee? iced tea? And sweet tea? This was the most British science I’ve ever seen…. like… this is like measuring in America/US the velocity of the tip of the chain while juggling chainsaws and revolvers on the back of a monster truck levels of equality.

    Since I currently have a waste of space running my place… i have a lot of tea (I used to have some British friends here in the states and kept it for them)…. but since its pandemic season right now… im looking at how to make this tea… so far I like black tea hot with sugar. Lol

  • Got unemployed due to Covid-19 and now living off my brother’s kind-heartedness, letting me live in his house.

    Wanna learn to make bread to help around the house.

  • I use a glass bowl to cover the dough in the oven during the baking process and get that golden crusty surfece. It works very well.

  • 1:30 sorry but that’s not how bread dough should look like. It’s easier to work with but you will never bake the soft bread with that brick.

  • If you read Helena Atlee´s book ” The Land Where Lemons Grow”, you would realise that the Italian link to Earl Grey has been disputed. She claims that even if Italy produced bergamot, as you rightly mention, it is more likely that the tea was a combination of Indian black tea with Bergamot from China. I can look for the reference if you would be interested. Thanks for your vids.

  • I am so thankful for this video as I was doing 6 of these 7 things and constantly wondering why I was having so many issues. The only one I wasn’t doing was #7. I can’t wait to make bread this week and NOT doing these 7 things.

  • Still get lemon in your drink, your not going to die. Gloves or no gloves, you still get human DNA in food when you prepare food. It’s been known that gloves spread bacteria more over using no gloves. Most restaurants don’t use gloves, all you need is soap and hot water to wash your hands. This is my preference, but I hate seeing gloves used when people are preparing my food.

  • close your offices.. all that money for tea research and that guy didnt even make a tea better than a local street vendor out here in india. wtf are u doing with yo lives..lmao

  • I’m an Indian and my mother makes the best of tea’s in any flavour.
    By the way if my mother sees you serving tea like that she’ll make sure to give you a long sermon.

  • Thank you! Enjoyed every minute of this video! People who complained, yes this’s a video will share how to make a good cup of tea and no, it’s not just a video to share how to make a good cup of tea. Only want to know how to make a good cup of tea here? You might have checked wrong channel. I hope you understand what am trying to say.

  • Hi Gemma,
    Thank you for such wonderful tips. Can you please do a video on which oven mode to use for bread baking and which one for cake making? I have a oven toaster grilled… I am really confused

  • I am amazed to hear you saying that you are from europe, I dont know why you did not let your viewers know that you are Irish, I lived In Co Mayo, then moved to Dublin and end up buying a house in Drogheda. Beautiful country, Lovely people and greate culture and history of Beautiful Ireland. Unfortunately moved from Ireland to Australia.
    You are the best and I request you to upload Irish bread recipe.

  • I have decided to stop drinking soda today. everyday I find my self buying a 20z soda can at work or getting refills every couple hours. I need to stop its getting out of hand so that’s my story of how i ended up here xD

  • Well this is wrong.
    Gong Fu Brew:
    Put 10g loose large leaf in pot, brew for 15 seconds. Leaves can be used for a further 8 cups by brewing for 5 seconds. Leave the milk in the cow.

  • I stopped buying cling film/plastic wrap years ago b/c there’s just so much plastic in landfills. I just use the tea towel or a silicone reusable cover. So far so good. These were really good tips. I’m going to do the steam trick next loaf.

  • Wait a minute! You steep the tea for 5 minutes all the time the water is cooling and on top of that you add cold milk/cream which cools it even more? And you don’t heat it back up? NAH!!! I like my tea HOT, HOT, HOT!

  • I have two suggestions! First the Carbonated water should be as cold as possible as should all of the ingredients BEFORE you pour it into the bottle! That way it will off gas less as when it is cold it can hold onto the gas dissolved in the water easier! Second, put the syrup in the bottle second and the water last as it will cause less gas to escape in that order giving you more carbonation in the resulting soda.

  • Another factor which they didn’t mention is the temperature of water, and if it should be boiled or not (as far as I understand, it shouldn’t, having a temperature of around 95° C). ��

  • You keep mentioning it being caffeine free. Does most American store bought soda have caffeine in it? In NZ, only Cola drinks have caffeine in them. Just curious ��

  • Hi there, l would like to make a comment over the “ buy your self a cheap set of scales “ l paid twenty quid for
    my digital scales, and they turned out to be five grams out. So me myself and l definitely don’t recommend cheap
    scales, ( mine were Judge scales by the way )

  • Why it gotta be warm? I don’t like warm liquids unless it’s tea, coffee or soupe.

    Just warm water with a citrusy taste doesn’t sound appealing to me.

  • Add “in America” to your title. There are countries where people are normal and businesses are about quality and not about making money

  • Sorry for disliking the video but i’m here to learn how to make a tea, not see you talking about yourself and your family history.

  • Making tea is actually 100 times more complex than this, if you watch Mei Leaf, you’ll see it’s pretty complex, it isn’t like coffee, you have to use the right tea, not tea dirt, whole tea leaves, usually bags are frowned upon, there are also two main types or tea brewing, the old and ancient traditional Chinese Gung Fu tea brewing, or the British way, the difference is the traditional way is large amount of tea leaves to small amount of water, but you brew the leaves multiple times, the British way is large amount of water to small amount of tea, and brew for longer. Also it is recommended by “Tea scientist” yes those are actual people who study tea, to use filtered pure water, the stuff in tap water can get rid of the benefits and taste, also water temperature is very important every tea has its own instructions, there are hundreds of different teas and tisanes. The list goes on, I have only dug a inch out of the 100 metre hole of tea brewing.

  • I prefer whole leaf high mountain oolong tea. I do the same process, I boil the water on electric kettle, pour it on my cup and let it sit for three minutes to extract all the flavor and nutrients from the tea. ������������

  • Good Products I have used to eliminate sugar, calories, and still get my 120oz of water in. Scivation and Gfuel are great substitutes. I dont drink coffee or tea, so these products are great for caffeine, but no carbonation.

  • Although I love loose teas, I often use teabags for convenience. I prefer using the paper kind that is landfill friendlier. The plastic ones (although most companies who use them will claim they’re compostable nylon) are still plastic.

  • amazing I’m doing this for year. I can’t live without warm water with at least 1 drop of limun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A M A Z I N G, it is my secret sorce of happiness, not a secret any more!

  • You’re awesome, thanks for the tips. Just started making no knead bread on Easter, so I’m glad to have few more great tips from you.

  • Such BS… lemon juice is so good for you!! I have been using lemon in my water since the 90’s. I’m still here and I look like I’m 12.

  • So, basically, our body just wants the blandest shit in the world water and bread…wait, bread is bad for you too. Okay, water and fruit…wait…fruit’s bad too? Okay, just sit in the corner over there….and drink water….wait….

  • The dirtiest thing in any restaurant is the lemon bowl, it’s not kept in the kitchen and doesn’t get cleaned regularly, plus lemons are expensive and don’t get thrown out, they just keep adding fresh lemons on top of the old ones

  • Thank you so much, I was100kg and now I weight 79.9 in just 2 months and I love my lemon water every morning before eating or drinking anything else

  • Perfect for a family cook out I shouldn’t drink because I have seizures so I am gonna stop drinking alchohol even though I only drink alchohol once in a while!!

  • Take the spoon out, it robs the tea of heat that would otherwise be used to brew. I also believe that you shouldn’t use water that is too hot either just under 100 degrees celsius so let the kettle sit for a few minutes after it boils.

  • The issue is they are not cleaned cut early when it’s quiet, left all day uncovered or chilled then mishandled not following food safety.

    Not something wrong with the lemon itself as you’d expect reading the title.

  • OkAy so I only tried earl grey because that’s ciel’s (from black butler) favorite tea and it’s really good I understand why it’s his favorite hdjdjfjdkldk ����❤️

  • 1. weigh your ingredients accurately.
    2. Keep your salt and yeast separately.
    3. Don’t add too much water.
    4. Keep your dough covered.
    5. Proof dough properly.
    6. Create steam in the oven.
    7. Don’t let heat out.

    Hope it helps.. ����

  • So the lemons are filthy because of worker contamination or poorly sanitized surfaces and improperly chilled containers, yet you’re eating and drinking everything else from the same place as if it’s going to be a night and day difference? Kind of a nonsense video.

  • Great tips, but be careful adding steam to the oven. Home ovens will rust internally if you do a lot of bread baking and add steam. My brother is a Bosch technician and he tells me he is seeing more and more ovens that are trashed because of well meaning bakers adding water/steam/ice cubes to the ovens.

  • 30 seconds 35mg vs 5minutes 50mg caffeine.. Plus you extract more toxins as well which you don’t measure in that experiments.. Why not 2 mugs with less brew?

  • Lemons at bars and restaurants be old as hell and the manager are too lazy to get new cutting boards. And it’s several people touching those lemons before it gets to you. Don’t eat bar fruit

  • I believe that the only tees that should be drunken with milk are English breakfast and earl grey but earl grey can also be drunken pure

  • i am 70 kilos overweight and my weakness is soft drinks filled with sugar. A week ago i started squeezing 1 lemon every time i have a glass of water ( 4 times a day ) Already i stopped craving soft drinks and loving my lemon water. I also noticed i have stopped picking foods and started eating 3 times a day and when i feel hungry i have my glass of lemon water and this stops the hunger. I hope the 70 kilos i am carrying will slowly disappear. I now refuse to put soft drinks in the fridge and started stocking up with lemons.

  • I’ve tried both the bowl of water and the spray method. Having baked over 100 loaves I can say the spray method works waaaay better for me. The bowl method produced a soggy interior and longer baking times, as the interior of the bread reached 212 degrees too quickly without fully cooking. My 2 cents.

  • Until now I never new about the danger posed by lemons in restaurants. Thanks for posting this video. This information will definitely give me pause the next time I am tempted to order water with lemon in a restaurant.

  • Try making tea in an earthen pot in 1:1 ratio. Full cream milk to water sweetened with jaggery ( definitely not in sugar).
    Loose tea leaves of best tea available in your country and drinking from a ‘raw’ earthen cup.
    Also try 2:1 ratio, i.e. 2 cups of full cream milk to one cup water. In India its known as ‘double pani kum.’

  • Hi I’m from India, and started baking bread recently. I have a small OTG 28 RC SS Morphy Richard oven. My bread turns out ok but it doesn’t get browned in the bottom and sides or sometimes stays not baked in the sides even after half an hour.does it mean the oven isn’t heated enough? I do baking in 180 degrees Celsius. Should I do it 200 degree Celsius. Is it safe to do it or will it get burnt? Can you tell me how to study the behaviour of the oven? Thanks ��

  • The title should be “Here’s Why You Should Never ASK FOR Lemon In Your Drink.” Lemon isn’t what’s bad for you; it’s dirty restaurants. If you use lemon in your water at home, you should be fine.

  • So the title should be “here is why you should never out lemons in your water from a public place” very misleading. I grow my own organic lemons. Think you should be more concerned with the fact that restaurants are giving you tap water. Let’s talk about what’s in that.

  • Nice videos Mashed! Very professionally done and feels well researched. Hope you grow and keep making these entertaining informative videos. Also Yes, that is a Lemon.

  • I thought the acid would kill some bacteria. I guess not?? How do we know the tongs don’t have ecoli? I don’t eat at restaurants out of the horror I witnessed from my school cafeteria. I’m just pissed because I used to clean everying with lemon and water after first scrubbing it with soapy water. It’s just, dish soap or hand soap and water dont really make me feel confident that I killed the most bacteria..

  • I didn’t know about salt killing yeast! Now I know why my bread doesn’t rise sometimes ��
    Edit: I watched a video by “Bake With Jack” (highly recommend his channel) where he tested this salt killing yeast theory out and he didn’t find much difference. There’s a strong possibility that this rule only applies if you leave it for too long without mixing.

  • what if i use my own lemon at my house with my water the title is misleading because i thought you meant that any lemon in water is bad

  • Could you tell me if I can add honey to blended strawberries and keep the syrup in a crystal bottle or jar till I prepare my soda drink?
    Thank you

  • Being a tea crazy person i loved this episode. You should also try Assam tea and Darjeeling tea..the two varieties from India..we are more used to loose tea than teabags. Assam is the largest tea producer of India and has its unique tea history. The British found out that the locals here drink this beverage and recognised that its tea. So they bought tea saplings from China to cultivate. But those didn’t grow and died..much later a British officer found wild tea growing in abundance and as a trial started a small tea garden from those wild tea in a place called Sabua in Assam. That is considered as the first tea garden of Assam. And the rest is history. We became so obsessed with tea and its such a part of our lives now.. and just like your husband said we start our day with cups of tea��

  • Nobody gives a shit. I’m not gonna live my life in a plastic bubble scared to do anything for fear of getting ill. I always eat the lemon wedge in the drink yes a bit odd but I like the taste and the bitterness.

  • I recommend you expand your tea experience. There are many delicate, white, oolong, and green teas that steep at 160, 175,180f
    And the steep time, leaf shape, ability to unfurl, fermentation process, drying, and even pressing against the side to wring the leaves… all are unique, all have their place and your tongue can modify to perfection.

  • If you have any gastroenterology problem Never take citric fruits or green tea very danger empty stomach it will worse your whole life it damage your inner lines of digestion system
    Unhealthy people be care full always before taking citric fruits, green tea and soft drinks nonveg. Specially on empty stomach

  • So the problem isn’t lemons. It’s people. Surprise. Could say the same about damn near anything. Unlike video. Trying to trend bull shit. Btw if you breathe dirty air, you could get sick. So everyone try to live in the country and out of city’s. Make a video like that. Jackass

  • Wow america is a [email protected]’d up place to live. Everything is dangerous or toxic or there is something you can think for which you can go to jail. Thankfully not all americans are as wack. A lot of them also do good things.

  • One video says drink lemon water this one says don’t drink lemon water. Just another video to try to scare people. Just stop or better yet, I’ll stop watching your vids.

  • Thank You for this insight! Ive been made aware off and done my research digging up truth about this and as of results your content presented is spot on 100% facts. Thanks again.

  • I quit cold turkey and I’ve been “soda sober” for a year and half and lost 160lbs as a result….. but recently I’ve been so tempted to give cherry coke one more shot….. I’m so scared cuz I never want to be addicted to coke again but I also don’t want to be afraid to drink something I like on occasion…. for now I’m staying clean but I want to build a healthy relationship to food again one day

  • I knew this video would be bullshit. I put sliced lemon in my water all the time. Although I *could * start washing it before I slice.

  • Hello! I’ve been doing all of your recipes like mad and my last 2 bread batches came out really bitter! If anyone could tell me here where i did wrong please? (I’m pretty sure I measured and weighed my ingredients right especially the amount of yeast needed..) thank you!

  • I’ve been drinking lemon water a few months now this stuff really does work. The only difference I drink it room temperature water. Never tried it in warm water before.

  • Pop has been the hardest thing for me to find a replacement for. Artificial sweeteners give me a headache and have a gross after taste which limits the choices out there. I have cut way back, but still have one can or cup a day (down from around 4 liters).

  • To make a “perfect” cup of tea, you need a teapot, a tea cosy and loose tea. “Perfect” tea does not come from a bag OR a sachet. Sorry!

  • I’ve been drinking 16 Oz of lemon water first thing every morning for about two years now. It’s the the first healthy habit I suggest in my Genuine Self Love Coaching Coarse. I’m always really thirsty in the morning. It hydrates and gets my digestive track moving. I always swish plain water around in my mouth after I drink it because the acid can eat away at your tooth enamel.

  • I have lemon in my water in restaurants to cut through the bad taste of the water they serve. I’ve done this for over forty years and I’m still alive. If you’re worried about the lemons then you should be more worried about the food.

  • Dont drink it…..i drink it for a 3 month on a daily routine firstly i lose some weight and feel like energetic after a 3 month it cause severe side effects it gets weak ur body strength my heart gets pounding badly just i walk for a yards and my diegestion getting really bad and lot of other symptoms please dont drink it and dont ruin ur happy life.

  • First, don’t use regular tea bags. If you open one and have a look inside they are full of rubbish. A good loose leaf tea actually just turns into leaves when brewed.

  • Yum love tea & coffee tea is best made with whole tea leaves & boiling water, but you should do a how’s it grown coffee beans to harvest & enjoying it.

  • My mother always told me, never ever open the oven door while you are baking. She also used fruit juices for leavening, have no idea how she did this. Never threw away potato water.

  • Hi, thanks for your quick response, l did find a very nice set of scales called myweigh 8000 and it has an baker’s
    percentage so know mathematics need by me. If anyone is interested l bought it on Amazon for £36, l am not affiliated in any way to this company, l just thought as we’re all bakers here, and it is a great set of scales so l
    thought l would tell my baking friend’s about it,
    . Happy baking ����

  • e coli is not a disease causing bacteria but is present in all human feces. and when I took microbiology 50 years ago it was the way they tested to see if it had been contaminated. Bacteria are everywhere and whether we get sick or not depends on our immune system an not whether we come into contact with bacteria, which is inevitable.

  • What if I activated the yeast in a separate bowl with water and then added it to a flour mixed with salt? Does that kill the yeast?

  • If you don’t expose yourself to germs, you won’t have a strong immune system.
    Truth be told, you’re completely surrounded by all kinds of gross germs all the time. You literally swim in germs, viruses, bacteria, pollen, dander, pollution, etc… just walking around. It’s only when you’re immune system is weakened, that you can get sick from them.

  • I wish I was one of the Sons of Liberty who threw 90,000 pounds of tea into Boston Harbor. Those guys were living their best life.

  • Dear Peasents,������������
    Always pre heat the china cup/mug,☕, with boiling water, for at least 60 seconds. Pre heat your tea pot also, with boiling water for 2 minutes. Tip out the water from your pot and re pour fresh boiling water into pot, to brew your tea leaves or tea bags. Brew for 3 to 5 minutes, for full bodied tea results. ��Add honey, suger, milk, into your pre heated cup, as desired. Honey & full cream milk are my favourites. ��&��
    Collect a vast number of fine china tea cups & pots, and fill your entire apartment with fine things for tea, as I have done. Now you will feel like Royalty. God bless you and keep you safe always,
    Princess Holly of Toorak Melbourne Victoria Australia ��������������������☘��������������☘��������������������������������☘��������������☘��������������☘��������������☘����������☘����������������������������⚘����☘��������������������☕��������������������������������������������������������☕

  • Hi Bold Baker, my oven has 3 levels. I bake at 170 degree. Every time before l place the bread in the middle level, l place a tray of warm water underneath the bread. The bottom of the bread still turn out to be very black (almost burnt) while the top is still very pale. Kindly advise me if my baking temperature or baking method is wrong? Thank you.

  • 3:47 but yes, I do want a soft crust….but opening the oven door often doesnt seem like an accurate method of getting consistent results.

  • I have an exceedingly comprised immunity system as I’ve been on high doses of steroids since 2009. I have never been made ill with a slice of lemon and I’m one of those sad people who eats his (and his wife’s) lemon.

  • So ppl cant disinfect the lemon before cutting it up? Like shave a slight surface of the skin to release the citrus thus killing the bacteria. Then wash off, cut up n enjoy. I guess bacteria is gone get in some way still right?? Smh.. if they only knew that humans actually need a little bit of germs to stay alive for if every germ n piece of bacteria died right now, we would too. So it comes down to common sense in the end

  • I made this bread TO SPEC yesterday.
    I accidentally used the 1/2 TABLESPOON from my work spoons. �������� it didn’t turn out so good!

  • I quit drinking soda too and I think that largely was responsible for my successful 33lb weight loss in 4 months. I haven’t missed it and can’t even now think I used to drink a bottle of coke or spring every single day

  • This isn’t really a solution but to cut back on pop I would mix 1/4 cup of canada dry with pineapple juice. I think the body processes fruit sugar easier than refined.
    I have issues with diet pop.. What ever they put in it messes up my memory real bad..
    My pop consumption was a bit out of control. To phase off of it I am using power ade 0 sugar. It has stevia in it.
    For some reason if I drink nothing but water my mouth gets really dry..
    I will probably end up drinking more pineapple/grape/coconut juice with water. Pop has done a number on my teeth too..

  • I’m Indian and this is just the tea part the British didn’t leave us with. I’m so pissed. Now I need a lab coat to make tea next time for sure.

  • Eh, I still just drink the diet drinks and I enjoy them. I try to stick to the caffiene free versions after 2:00/3:00pm, and only have them on the weekends/or if eating out. I used to have the diet drinks pretty much every day, but now I pretty much only drink water during the week (I also still drink plenty of water at the weekend too). I don’t drink coffee or tea, so those are the other two low calorie beverages out. I feel reluctant to pay for bottled water and it’s a bit weird socially if you go our for coffee etc. whatever and then you just ask for a tap water and nothing else. I do sometimes just drink tap waters at dinners out, it’s not so weird if you’re also buying a meal.

  • I loathe Earl Grey tea…but completely agree with you on proper brewing techniques! Also on when to add milk and sugar (as it happens, I also use both!) Tea is my time to just sit and slowly drink, not rushing at all.

  • I don’t pay attention to these anymore!! It seems that the only thing good for you is bread and water, and bread is probably not good for you either!

  • I refuse the give anybody my recipes if they don’t have a scale. I have got a log of hate for it but I don’t think German bread and cake recipes should be approximately measured. So I completely agree with this lady.

  • Well, I got my wish: I’m baking more in 2020, just not the the reason I thought I would. Thanks for all the tips, you’re a great teacher and resource! So glad I subscribed!

  • I love the tip about weighing everything. Trouble is, especially with north american recipes, the fact that they’re so rarely written out this way. So much better to have the water and flour weights in grams.

  • Hi Gemma, my bread smells of yeast. Store bought ones never smells. When ever i bake bread it smells of yeast. Need a little help here. Thanks.

  • You have to watch out how hot the water is before you add your tea if you want to get the most out of your tea but I agree with everything you said I would add that when you buy tea it is different than if you made your own tea and what is in the tea could make a difference I have been doing my own study on herbal teas dont take what I am saying as the way it is but you know the different taste from sweet and sour so that is like the tea you drink the combination of the ingreadance add in your tea but you should know that drink a good cup of tea is like. Take a chill out pill if you will listen I will explain why I call in relaxing medication so let say you have a cup of lemon and honey that hot water if it too hot can take out all the property’s of the lemon and also changing the taste, you have the water which is acting like I dont like this but to say water is like a germ so small in get in your body and changes it but with the water it goes into the lemon drawing out the vitamins and minerals that help heal the troth and the honey can’t get that hot or it will destroy the positive stuff in it that help coat the throat and makes it easier to talk when your throat is sore and the more we the people want to better the world we just create something new that we have to fix so why dont we bring bad teas and other ways of staying heath in the old days like how did we live with out medication and a doctor for this and another doctor for that use your brain I know you are smart

  • This is helpful. My Tea tastes like that liquid that accumulates at the bottom of the trashcan with grass clippings in it. Things can only improve.

  • But what type of tea are you using? What temp is your water? Does this effect other tea in the same way? Am I still ingesting a credit card worth of plastic per day from all these tea bags?

  • I can testify to this! Since a health scare which I almost lost my lift, I’ve started drinking warm water from flask with green tea added to it. Been on it for at least 8 years… no complaints and really does make water taste more palatable! ��

  • should do some research, about hard water and soft water; someway throw the first brew and use second brew; white tea at 40° C (yes celcius); how to make japanese green tea; someway indian boil the milk than add chai;… and so on.

  • Are you supposed to let the dough rise again before putting it in the oven??? I didn’t see that step on a tutorial and my bread came out super dense…..

  • my cup of tea: Take a cup of full cream milk bring it to boil,add two tspoons of black tflakes,let boil for another 10 minutes,add sugar to taste, enjoy..!

  • Adam Ragusea here be saying “IT DOESN’T HAVE TO LOOK PERDECT IT JUST HAS TO TASTE GOOD.” That there is a joke btw I know alot of people knows the internet home cook I am talking about.

  • Great video. I was wondering what my mistake was when I made bread last week. I think I over proofed it. It went flat while baking. And the cling wrap was sticking to it when I went to take it off. I thought I was doing so well too. I didn’t know over proofing was a thing. I’ll try it for less time next time. ����