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6 Foods You Should Be Eating More Of Sweet Potatoes. Consider the vitamin and mineral benefits, including potassium and vitamin C, and you should be opting Avocados. Avocados are brimming with benefits. Next time you’re tempted to use. 10 Foods You Should Be Eating More Of. Low-Fat Milk. Toss back an eight-ounce glass of low-fat milk and you’re already 1/3 of the way to your daily goal for bone-building vitamin D. If Brussels Sprouts.

Yogurt. Depending on the brand of yogurt you choose, one cup of low-fat yogurt can contain 30. Most trendy diets share a list of off-limit foods, which can range from beans and dairy to whole grains and sugar. However, there are some foods considered so nutritious they make practically any approved list. Thinking in those terms can be more helpful for reaching health goals.. “Thinking about what you can’t have feels restrictive.

6 Reasons You Should Eat More Beans If you’re trying to eat healthy, or at least healthier, beans are the way to go. Despite their rather negative reputation for causing intestinal woes, beans are actually one of the best foods you can eat. 6 Foods All Men Should Be Eating More Often. From building testosterone to boosting fertility, these foods have impressive benefits.

By Scarlett Wrench. 16/07/2020. For example, if you don’t experience bloating after eating dairy products like 0% fat Greek yogurt but you do after eating ice cream, that could be a sign that you’re more sensitive to fats. In this case, take a look at how you feel after eating other non-dairy fatty foods and assess. Men love red meat.

Despite its deliciousness, a meat-lover’s slice—and other red meats—should be enjoyed only in moderation. Why You Should Start Eating More Walnuts. 27 comments. which have positive anti-inflammatory effects. In the U.S., we eat way too many omega-6 fatty acids, which are found in foods like vegetable oil (e.g. soybean, sunflower, corn, cottonseed, sesame oil, etc.), and not enough omega-3s, found in foods like walnuts and fatty fish.

While. Fermented foods. This group of foods, which includes sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, kefir and fermented vegetables, is highly nutritious and digestible. The process of fermentation predigests food. 2 days ago · Eating porridge in the morning is indeed a good habit for healthy people, but this doesn’t mean everyone should eat morning porridge.

Waking up at 6-10 am, this is the stage of highest blood.

List of related literature:

Foods are divided into the following 10 categories: fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fish, nuts and seeds, whole grains, dairy, refined grains, sweets, fried foods, and fatty proteins.

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The six categories of high-quality foods are fruits, vegetables (including legumes), whole grains, lean meats and fish, dairy, and nuts and seeds.

“Racing Weight Cookbook: Lean, Light Recipes for Athletes” by Matt Fitzgerald, Georgie Fear
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These guidelines focus on three main components: balancing calories (portion control); eating a variety of nutritious foods from all the food groups (fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, low-fat milk products, seafood, lean meats, and poultry); and reducing the intake of saturated fat, added sugar, salt, and alcohol.

“Nursing Care Plans E-Book: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention” by Meg Gulanick, Judith L. Myers
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Consume at least three servings of fresh fruit, four servings of vegetables (particularly tomatoes, carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin), five servings of wholegrain cereals (excluding wheat, rye, oats, barley and triticale), and one to two servings of nuts and seeds daily.

“Clinical Naturopathic Medicine” by Leah Hechtman
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Core foods reflect the five food groups: (1) vegetables; (2) fruit; (3) milk, cheese, yoghurt and alternatives; (4) lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, seeds and nuts; and (5) grains, with some healthy oils such as olive oil.

“Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing in the UK, E-Book” by Katie Evans, Debra Nizette, Anthony O'Brien, Catherine Johnson
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The following dietary changes are beneficial — eating six small meals each day; increasing the intake of complex carbohydrates, fibre and water; and decreasing caffeine, alcohol, sugar and animal fat consumption.

“Understanding Pathophysiology 3e Australia New Zealand” by Judy Craft, Christopher Gordon, Sue E. Huether, Kathryn L. McCance, Valentina L. Brashers
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Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables; choose whole-grain, high-fiber foods; eat oily fish at least twice a week; limit saturated fat, cholesterol, and sugar; avoid trans-fatty acids.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
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■ Recommend a balanced diet with five or six servings of fruits and vegetables as well as grains, nuts, berries, and organic eggs for amino acids, with consumption of cold-water fish two or more times per week.

“Integrative Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel
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These recommendations include engaging in regular physical exercise; eating appropriately sized portions of food; moderating the intake of fat (to reduce the energy density of the diet); restricting the intake of saturated and trans fats; and eating an abundant amount of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits (Box 15-1).

“Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Preventive Medicine” by James F. Jekel
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The right foods include some from each of the seven food groups: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, mineral salts, roughage and water.

“Comprehensive Objective Biology” by V.K. Jain J.P. Sharma
from Comprehensive Objective Biology
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  • if i have just coconut oil in my coffee, I’ll prob shit my pants. no gall bladder here. gonna try it when im home so i have a bathroom.

  • This is the quick 411 on the video. However, there was some good information on each in the video..so it was worth watching.
    1. Fish
    2. Coconut oil
    3. Seaweed
    4. High fiber foods
    5. Fruits and vegetables
    6. Sprouted seeds

    1. Cruciferous vegetables
    2. Tap water
    3. Gluten
    4. Sugar
    5. Soy
    6. Refined flour products

  • Fish, coconut, healthy? You aren’t educated enough to give out health advice. Coconut oil is incredibly unhealthy, it contains medium chain sat fats yet 92% of the fat it contains is long chain saturated fats that raises LDL causing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. You use blog websites as sources? How about actually using scientific literature instead of spreading misinformation

  • it’s not easy because I feel hungry all the time if I was to cut out these foods completely. I have no sugar in coffee I just drink water, but you gotta enjoy life at some stage and have the odd donut desert of biscuit it’s hard to just eat salad all day, mine really is time as well takes longer to make healthy meals. its so much easy to buy something simple to chuck in the oven (like a pizza) then spend 2 hours cutting up fruit and veggies/ thats my issue most of the evening or weekend is wasted preparing to eat healthy rather then eating it.

  • My cooworker laughed when I told them I was gonna lose weight with just implementing Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed these people amazing results right after I used it they’re begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won’t let them know the details about this diet plan, hahaha

  • Many advice in YT are highly contradictory.
    My own effective solution for gastritis…..

    1. Rolled oats with almond milk dates, dried apricots and blueberries for breakfast
    2. Eat loads of vegetables except for broccoli and eggplants
    3. Eat your meals on time every day. HALVE the qty which u normally eat.
    4. Immediately upon waking up daily…on empty stomach…1 cap of CellLabs Probiotics.
    5. Totally avoid all dairy stuff, oily fried foods, smoking, alcohol, carbonated drinks.
    6. Take many as many cold showers you can tolerate per day (helps ease internal inflammation including tinnitus)
    7. Do not eat or drink 3 hrs before bed. Get an avg of 8hrs sleep per day to help ease the inflammation.

  • I suffered for over 20 years with hypothyroidism/ Graves Disease. with symptoms like Anxiety and irritability and so much more i Complained all that time of symptoms, i tried several treatment including Synthroid, and no doctor clued me in, i was Sent to all kinds of specialists because my symptoms were worsen each passing day, It has be a constant struggle. till i meet DR. GEORGE online because someone recommended him, He is a naturalist/ herbalist,( he doesn’t use voodoo) he treat several eye problems such as the followings
    Night blindness, Cataract, Glaucoma, Dyslexia, Nearsightedness. and other eye related problems.
    I sent him an Email about my eyes problems and if he could help me, he asked me a few questions which i answer and he prepared a herbal solution which was liquid in nature and after three weeks of usage all my symptoms were gone i was happy and told him about my cousin with night blindness his treatment made him to see at night, you can also try his treatment contact him at, WhatsApp or call +234 810 844 4654 or [email protected] gmail.com, i believe you also will be happy within a few weeks.

  • How safe is the water you drink.?
    Every home should have 1.

    Absolutely insane. A MUST have item

    https://youtu.be/pLgajosuBGk Sub me if you like.

  • Actually I’ve gone Keto about 2 weeks ago, at first I sort of did by accident. I started drinking Apple cider vinegar to lose weight, when I did it, I ended up not craving sugar what so ever and went ahead and started cutting back on carbs. I did it for a week and I barely craved sugar. When I stopped drinking it and went ahead and tried sugar again (such as candy). The candy I had was way to sweet and instantly got a toothache. I barely ate sugar since, or carbs in that matter (this includes fruits believe it or not).

  • Hi Dr
    I want to know when 70 year ago women eat breakfast at 11 to 12 and eat 2 slice of bread or bun or scone then 3 to 4 have tea and 6 to 7 have dinner it is good or bad. Please tell me what to do

  • I’ve always avoid soda and sugar, bread and heavy food. Just drink water and tea with honey, agave and stevia. I no longer drink alcohol because liver level was high. I took milk thistle to restore my liver. I just did my diet and exercise in 7 days in a week. Mom needs to stop buying junk food, if only I need to move out.

  • ps. thx for all ur guys videos, they r my life. u guys r the bomb and so truly inspiring, you help people and it shows you guys truly care, true genuine. please don’t stop. you guys can do anything, a power couple! you move the world together!

  • I dont get one thing about sugar (I don’t eat sugar btw). why sugar doesn’t have nutritional value if wikipedia says that it consists of 99% of carbohydrates?

  • Lol, lots of ignorant vegans out there.
    As long as you eat everything in moderation you’ll be fine. You can’t deny the fact that these animal products can be good for you.
    Don’t give me the ethical and moral bullcrap, because what the fuck have animals done to us? Find a cure to cancer? Get rid of poverty? Solve major world issues? No, so stop acting like a little pathetic vegan extremist, get your shit together, and let everyone live his or her life the way he or she wants.

  • I had been having symptoms and went for a check up. only to discover that I had thyroid, having constipation and adding too much of weight, I was always lazy and my body was so pale and dry…the doctor said I had to do an operation because it also resulted to my problem of being infertile…tried to conceive for 3 years but to no avail…I was scared and refused the surgery..not until a friend of my husband gave me a contact of a traditional herbalist who deals on native medication. So I talked to him and he said that it was a small issue and there are some medication he will get for me and after some days he sent me the medication..then I remembered taking the medication for about 3 weeks and I felt completely ok..so I decided to do a check up again and to my greatest suprise my thyroid test came out negative…why I am Happy is that am now 7 months pregnant..so is best if your having any signs of thyroid you should try reaching out to him so probably he can help ok..here is his contact +2348129605087.. I actually reached him on Whatsapp…

  • eggs are not only nutrition-packed but important for brain health because your brain is mostly made of cholesterol; as always choose organic (the ancient, junk science medical data linking cholesterol to heart attack has been shown by modern science for a long time now to be totally false trans fat is what causes clogged arteries/heart attack). we now have an epidemic of alzheimers because people are so terrified of eggs that their brains have gone stupid

  • I have hypothyroidism. However it was always 4.5 on the TSH scale for 15 years avg! It went to 7 before I started meds. Male 50-65 and I started taking porcine(pig) thyroid. My TSH is now 2.8 taking 32 mg tabs. In all my previous years I did test the foods and fish is important. However be careful of to much Iodine and kelp as it seemed to make my condition worse! Soy no good and go light on brokoli, cabbage and brussels but eat them! I eat a lot of spinach. Bread is full of processing chemicals not listed and the old breads from the 60’s back were better for us all! If you must take meds synthroid is all the doc will prescribe. You may have to buy your own porcine or bovine pills.

  • The most miraculous food to include when fighting acid reflux is celery juice. Drinking a 16oz glass of straight celery juice (don’t add anything else to it for best results) every morning on an empty stomach restores the glands in the stomach that produce the seven-blend hydrochloric acid.

  • sodium bicarbonate is one of the most effective substance for human skin.my mother is 62 years old. she had obvious smoother skin in 3 months

  • Been recently diagnosed with the above.Have gluten allergy for 7 yrs now.Been off gluten free since.A query pls..been facing low bp since few weeks.With sugar off the list( m lucky don’t have a sweet tooth at all)…what do i take…honey/jaggery…?Pls advice…

  • 1. sugar

    2. refined grains (pasta, bread, pizza, etc.)

    stick to natural sources (brown rice, yams, sweet potato, quinoa)

    3. all sodas and sugary drinks (diet or not)

    4. alcohol

    5. salt (but not too much.. we still need sodium and chloride)

    6. trans fat (found in fast food)

    you’re welcome

  • The wakame should be free of soy when consumed should it not? Most wakame in my asia market contains soy and soy inhbitis intake of thyroid medication.

  • 5 Food Nutrients to Supercharge Your Immune System


  • I find this video educational, but i got confused to one point, i was avoiding the yolk of the egg and limit myself to 2 yolks per week. Now if i understand correctly this is wrong and i should not separate the yolk and go for the full eggs instead?

  • oh c’mon!!!!! diet soda?? I lost weight drinking mostly diet cola so gimme a break. diet soda doesn’t spike insulin levels! as for aspartame trigger cancer. thats not a proven fact.

  • Cumin seeds tea, sprouted wheat and lots of ginger and garlic. Also couple of exercises helped me to beat my hypo. About vegetables, it’s a lie. I ate a lot of them, just barely boiled, till they still crispy. I ate less sugar and completely cut out any oils besides the coconut oil. No fried foods, just baked and boiled. Hope it helps.

  • NICE!! i like it!! i like your ideas!!
    im using also a Keto diet, get more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates. works Fantastic!!

  • I’m sorry but 6 years ago I went from 265 pounds to 180 pounds in 6 months just counting calories. I ate most of these things, but I stayed at 2000 calories per day and did 30 minutes of cardio. Currently I’m maintaining between 160 and 170 eating mostly what I want, but I do at least an hour of cardio everyday. The main thing you have to do is moderate whatever you eat. If I ate 5000 calories worth of broccoli per day without working out I would still gain weight. Now one thing is true I don’t drink anything with calories in it, and I eat whole wheat bread.