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How To Gain MASS On A Vegan Diet

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How to Build Muscle On A Vegan Diet The In-Depth Guide

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5 Tips for Building Muscle on a Vegetarian Diet. Here are five important tips to ensure you are getting adequate protein in your vegetarian diet: 1. Eat enough calories. You won’t build muscle if you’re under-eating calories.

Make sure you are eating enough food to support your active lifestyle. Whole grains. sushiAlong with many other nutrients, whole grains add a surprising source of protein to the diet. Among grains with the highest protein levels are quinoa and whole wheat pasta (8 grams per cup), old-fashioned or steel cut oats (5 grams per ½ cup), and whole wheat bread (5 grams per slice).

Vegetarian athletes looking to build muscle should eat good quality protein at every meal. Here are some tips for building muscle without consuming meat: Eat five or six small meals per day that not only include protein, but also a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, vegetable oils and plenty of water. Building muscle on a vegetarian diet is very possible. The basic rules are the same: Eat a little more, prioritize protein, get sufficient rest and sleep, and then kick ass in the gym. If you’re a flexitarian, pescetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, you have plenty of options for getting sufficient protein.

Here are 9 tips that can help create lean muscle and generate strength through a vegetarian diet. Include Protein in Every Meal Your protein intake should evenly spread out throughout the day in every meal. Generally, 20 to 35 grams per meal is sufficient. As a vegetarian aiming to build muscle, you should eat throughout the day. This will ensure that your body has a steady amount of amino acids, which is great in building muscle tissues.

Avoid the temptation of starving yourself before or after workout sessions as this can lead to a breakdown. Men may want to look into other kinds of vegetarian protein since soy encourages oestrogen production when consumed too often. Supplements are definitely a good idea for vegetarian bodybuilders and one of the easiest ways to increase your protein intake as a vegetarian is to consider taking some soy protein powder. Vegan diets can lend themselves quite well to building muscle, too, given that the best bodybuilding diets are made up mostly of plants: fruits, veggies, grains, and legumes. So bulking on a plant-based diet can absolutely be done, it doesn’t need to be difficult, and you won’t necessarily be at any disadvantage whatsoever. For vegetarians looking to build muscle, one of the key sources of protein they need to be looking into are chickpeas and other legumes.

These will also be a good low-fat source of carbohydrates as well and make for a great snack before a hard workout. 4. Swap Rice For Quinoa. Apart from supporting faster growth in muscle mass, a vegan diet is believed to reduce heart disease risks, type-2 diabetes and some kinds of cancer too. So, let’s get to the basics of the most effective 7-day vegan diet plan.

Important points to remember: Couple this 7-day diet plan with a daily exercise routine.

List of related literature:

A bodybuilder who wants to add muscle to his frame should focus on complete protein food sources such as milk, cheese, eggs, beef, chicken, turkey, and fish.

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Indeed, light vegetable proteins may completely replace meats in the human diet: 1½ to 2 pounds of raw nuts and seeds per week, for example, provide all the protein and fat required by anyone and eliminate the metabolic craving for meat, eggs, and other animal proteins.

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However, it is certainly not impossible to gain muscle on a vegetarian diet.

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This places greater demands on agriculture to provide grain for cattle, which will convert it to the preferred beef Protein in Health and Disease 153 • Protein Deficiency • High-Protein Diets and Health • Proteins and Food Allergies and Intolerances Debate: Is a High-Protein Diet Safe and Effective for Weight Loss?

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4-Reduce protein intake from red meat and dairy foods.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone” by Linda G. Rector-Page
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Vegetarians and vegans need to make sure they eat plenty of high-protein vegetables such as beans, tempeh, soybeans, and tofu to meet their muscle-building needs.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
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Robert had some meal plans posted which I used to give myself an idea of what to eat when trying to build muscle on a vegan diet.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
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• Quality proteins, such as lean meat, poultry, fish, beans, soy products, nuts, and seeds are essential for building and maintaining muscle mass, which drives our metabolism.

“The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine” by Sherry Torkos
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Your protein sources should come primarily from poultry, fish, and other seafood, and you should eat nuts and legumes at least 3 to 4 times a week.

“The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!” by Michael Aziz
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■ reduce their meat and fat intake; ■ eat oily fish at least twice a week; ■ eat bread, pasta and potatoes as sources of carbohydrate; ■ eat at least five portions a day of fruit or vegetables; ■ use olive oil and rape seed margarine instead of butter.

“Practical General Practice: Guidelines for Effective Clinical Management” by Alex Khot, Andrew Polmear
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  • hello fit father.

    I’m looking to build muscle. On a normal day, I play football on Wednesday, martials arts on Friday with weight training 2/3 times a week. How much protein would you recommend I should eat while doing all these things?

  • FYI:
    Lentils or Yellow split peas pack ALOT of PROTEIN and FIBER:)… I presently use 125 grams daily in my lunch:) along with green VEGE’s and quinoa/ pasta:)

    … could you comment on the following:
    I am lead to believe that our bodies can only digest 20 % of meats the remainder causes inflammation and waste of money etc…. is this true in your opinion and if possible could you cite research to back up the claim that you may make against the former:)

    THANK YOU in advance for your time:)

  • wow this is really amazing. i will definitely follow your suggestions to build muscle on vegan diet. thanks for giving useful information.

  • This is really an useful and unique video about how to build Muscle on a vegan diet. I will try to this diet as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow great video tips. I like it very much. It is very most useful video tips. In this video tell us that hot to build a muscle on vegan diet. This is true because I trying this method. Thanks for sharing this information. Thanks again

  • Wow, that’s a LOT of protein, I did not realize it takes so much protein to build muscle. I do find it rather easy to get protein without meat, but I’ve had to do my research to understand which protein sources are good, and what time to eat them. It takes a little bit of work, but I don’t find it any more work to take care of my body incorporating meat than without.

  • Insecure guys come onto your videos talking about steroids. ��All your videos on eating healthy, surplus of calories, lifting heavy, good technique, and CONSISTENCY over years but it must just be the juice. ��

  • I love you Dr. Elizabeth! Workin on my vegan gains �� thank you for your loving bright inspiration always. Have fun and be joyful!

  • Wow thank you for this in-depth video! I had no idea you could still build muscle while on a vegan diet. This was very helpful and informative!

  • Eat enough protein with the right amount of the appropriate amino acids, especially leucine, and eat enough calories to create a surplus. Train enough to illicit the stimulus for muscle growth.

    Also supplement massively and drugs help.

  • really unique video, I’ve got a few vegan friends who are finding it quite a challenge to build muscles on a vegan diet, appreciate that this video is in-depth, great share.

  • i.ve been living as you suggest in this video but i have a very loose and sagging skin all over my body and i have a lot of abdominal fat and sagging belly like my mother.������

  • Hey Steve! More than a week has passed and, so far, my energy levels are just mind blowing. Don’t even need my pre workouts any more, finally! Just one thiing, in your opinion what is the best source of carbs? I’ve been having whole rice and sweet potato, mostly. Thanks man!

  • I have been vegetarian for many many years. Recently, I have been feeling very gassy, bloated, etc. When I sat down and looked at when these symptoms onset were after dairy products. Starting January 1st dairy goes out the window and a plant based diet will be my life. I cannot wait ❤️

  • This is exactly what I needed to hear. I am 19, and just starting on the high carb low fat diet. I play football and now that I have all this energy I will be looking to become stronger through working out, running etc in order to gain muscle.

     Thanks for the video, I was worried that the high carb low fat diet is not good for athletes looking to make gains in mass and muscle.

  • I know you are proud of your body and trust me you look great �� but Dr. Elizabeth why the cover on almost every video you are showing your butt or you are in a bikini ��
    I’m pretty sure you have other clothing ��

  • I’ve seriously considered going vegan for a while but haven’t done it because I was worried about not being able to maintain and continue building muscle. I had no idea it was possible! I think I’m gonna test this for a few months and see how it goes. Thanks for the detailed breakdown.

  • I just turned 30, I don’t look my age, I look younger. I have always said age is just a number and I always say I want to look like her, not the 20 year old but the fit older women. It’s been almost a year since I went vegan

  • Dr Elizabeth, you are awsome i love your videos, your personality you are very inspiracional thank you very much for been you.

  • You are so full of energy and hot, of course… I wanna be like you when I’m your age. That’s my intention now:)
    Never has anyone explained how to get toned the way you did. It really inspired me!

  • Just love your zest for life! Could you do a full workout routine for us? Which exercises you do to grow muscle and cardio too! Thanks

  • Dammit all these videos about vegan/meat eaters start to piss me off. Educate yourself and stop following the heard. Eat healthy, sleep, exercise. Totally possible to build a good physic without meat nor dairy. It will take effort but it’s certainly is best way for me to stay fit.

  • dear you are very pretty but i can’t underatand your any food very difficult collection.
    I think u eat all type of packed food not simple….

  • Wow, you’ve inspired me to be the healthiest version of myself this year. At my age I should not wake up in pain, and thanks to you I will change my ways and write down my “why”. Thank you for sharing and teaching.

  • Although you were speaking pretty fast, I caught everything. thank you so much for the advice. I felt a little lost just coming back to the gym after over 20 years post Marine Corps and having kids. Being a vegan, I actually feel like I’m at an advantage over the other female builders and I’m eager to utilize every aspect of my lifestyle choices to the fullest for quick muscle gain and fat burning. YOU ROCK!

  • I’m in my 30’s high metabolism my question to dude on the left what would I need to eat related to the plant fam? I don’t eat lots of meat seems to make me feel yuck, chicken seems to bore me, I don’t know if I’m sick or what but it’s weird. How would I gain some weight for somebody like me. I see so many lose weight videos but not many as to how to gain. Open to ideas…

  • You are absolutely beautiful and I know lots of it is thanks to the plant based diet, but… I must honestly ask you haven’t you ever make any plastic surgery or any cosmetic treatment? You are very inspiring and I seriously hope one day to be as beautiful as you are! ♥

  • Please do a video of exercise routine for me to practice also. I wanna know minimum hour required to exercise everyday that will change my body more.

  • Dr Elizabeth, I do love your videos. You are very inspirational. This video really motivates me to go all the way to my dream body. Thank you so much:-)

  • Dr. Elizabeth, I injured my right knee. Bending my knee is a problem. Please consider muscle exercises that doesn’t put pressure on my knees. I walk 30 to 45 mins a day. My job requires me to walk all day as well no sitting. Thank you Dr.!! ��

  • Like um….well like uh um…ohh well I like I’d like say MY best tip um like MINE is I’ll eat no drink my food so a blender blends mu food MY food and so like then I drink what was uh in the blender and I drink that out of my 240 dollar mix jug sweet dauude oh and I will shit at some point I mean why not why not hahahaha lol lol

  • What is the best product or brand to lost tons of fat? I read plenty of superb reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets will help you lost crazy amounts of weight. Has any one tried this popular lose weight diet plan?

  • If I lift heavy my joints say no, getting injured and have to rest them and then I have to start all over again. I really try to gradually increase the weight. When I feel it is too easy I increase it and bumm, joints are dead. What do I do wrong?

  • I showed you to my parents because I want them to be like me and like you. If people would just listen they could be so much fitter, happier, and healthier. Your energy, vibrancy, and amazing body show just how amazing a vegan lifestyle is but people are so unwilling to change. Sigh

  • Unbelievably unnatural way of eating. It’s Winter here in North America. Someone explain to me where you think native peoples just 300 years ago found enough calories day after day throughout this cold ass weather to survive, let alone build any muscle mass… it sure as hell wasn’t plants. Animals were not their friends, they were FOOD.. and CLOTHING… and SHELTER.

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard many great things about it and my mate lost a lot of weight with Custokebon Secrets (search on google).

  • What is the best product or brand to lost crazy amounts of fat? I read loads of great reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets will help you lost a lot of fat. Has anyone tried using this popular fat burn methods?

  • Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear many individuals lost a ton of weight with Custokebon Secrets (do a google search).

  • You are absolutely gorgeous…that body of yours…a perfection from head to toe….Watching this video is kicking me to start to workout more…Your dedication to it is extraordinary..I understand I can only do so much but sure I can do much more than in last 2 years…I used to be a gym rat through my thirties and 40 ties…and now being 51 I have slowed down…thinking I need to except my changing body because I have an age for it…what a wrong stigma out there circulating…sure it is nice and convenient to fall for it…I have already jump up from size 4 to 6…(mind you not happy about it)…but I am not ready to let go….I am so glad I have just found you and subscribed and now I have more hope…I understand I will not look perfect like you…but sure it is worth challenge to get me back to my body of my late fourties…I am so doing this…that chart of yours is genious…thank you so much for sharing with us…..big hugs….Jana

  • Mans talking sense. All the supplement companies have been playing fools for YEARS. You can build quality muscle on nothing but inexpensive seeds, nuts and grains. Fruits and veg.

  • The problem vegan protein is the DIAAS protein bio availability measure. Most vegan protein is only between 50% and 80% absorbed with the rest going to poop. Soybean isolate is at 92% though. But soybean isolate is gmo and extracted using hexane. gmo soybeans are sprayed with roundup pesticide. Whey and egg protein, for example is 100% absorbed.

  • I am planning on going on a bulk phase and I was wondering if there are any other protein shakes out there that don’t have whey and cause acne? Also is eating alot of eggs bad for your skin

  • WOAh You have inspired me so much to start today! I love your enthusiasm charisma and your vibrant personality <3 I am sooooo appreciative of having found you ^_^God Bless your soul <3

  • What about galning fat with all that weight?! I do want to gain muscle but I don’t want to gain a lot of belly fat. My BMI calf tells me I should be around 95 kg. Right now I am 104 kilos. What is the solution?

  • This is the most important message to get out there to bodybuilders! It is the whole idea behind my own channel. The old myths that I grew up with, namely animal protein in large amounts (1.5 to 2 gm/lb bw) is essential to build muscle, are finally dying a well-deserved death, thanks to folks like you who talk with bodybuilders about the reality of it. Interestingly, most bodybuilders who eat animals, and swear that animals are necessary to get big and strong, have never given vegan lifting a try, or if they did, it was for a short time and not understanding the dynamics of this eating paradigm. The animal foods industries have thrown mega-amounts of money at convincing the public (their customers and income stream) that animal based proteins are superior to plant based proteins, and I believed it all for my younger bodybuilding years. But once a person becomes serious at lifelong optimal health and longevity, and truly digs deeply into the research with no agenda to promote, the old beliefs are shown for what they really are underneath all the hype (old beliefs that we believed simply because that was always the way), and a new journey where bodybuilding actually becomes healthy and life-promoting is found to be the enlightened path forward. These guys in the video may be younger, but they sure seem to be on the right track, and at a time in their lives where their new comprehension will pay huge dividends. The sooner in life bodybuilders adopt a whole foods plant based vegan eating strategy, the better off they will be! See ya’…

  • the question is how did the 100 push up guy come to 100 push up. i can do 2-4 of them… andi tried it 3 months, no progerss. so the 100 push up guy must be progression via harder exercises

  • thanks for spreading the message Brother! Always good to see fellow vegans that make gains! Keep it up, and if you have the time, give my channel a quick look. cheers bro! all the Best.

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you must try not to fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diets are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your daily nutritional intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short period and then the benefits decrease after a while. It is best to look up Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine as it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • So I’m been in the same weight range since puberty and I’ve been working out for a year and you can’t tell. I eat maybe two meals a day with a snack or y’all but I drink a crapload of water. I’m a vegetarian

  • Its still amaze me just how some people have no clue about Custokebon Secrets even though many people using it. Thanks to my personal friend who told me about it. I have lost a lot of fat.

  • i’m a poor student, and tofu or other protein vegan foods are expensive, so i’m planing to rely more on canned beans and oats, are can beans healthy in general?

  • Hats off Brian for ur effort. U were very skinny and now u gave gained so much size and strength.After seeing ur transformation my hopes got high about putting on mass. I was fat about 97 kgs then got down to 61 kgs and got skinny as fuck and now i m trying to put on mass. So far i am slowly gaining mass but never thought that skinny guy can build such a big built like u r.

  • Dude… why aren’t you open to a vegan diet?
    Your body language and actions say everything. You couldn’t even go one day without bacon and eggs? Not even lunch with a vegan friend without chicken? Disappointed from this video sorry.

  • Hey from Jersey

    1.) when you cut, do you still follow the lohigh lo routine?

    2.) Also I have a some questions a little off topic. I am in my bulking faze again, I feel that I may have gain a little to much fat to fast. Should cut back down? Or will that risk my gains?

    ….. Or could I just stay on maintenance calories and let me body level out?… does it even work that way?

    And if I where to cut down, can I continue lifting has heavy as I am during my bulking? or should I go back to my high reps, low weight routine?

  • hi Im 15 and I’m trying to build muscle as vegan but I don’t go to gym that often but trying to. I think I might have BED (binge eating disorder) because I google symptoms on it & I have all of them:( so would it be better to just have 1 really large meal between lunch & dinner & for all the over time just intermitted fasting? (I can eat like 2,000 in 1 sitting btws)

  • What’s up Brian u recently decided to go vegan and I’m 3 weeks I am so far in loving it.
    I had a question for you though is it ok to take grass fed protein as a vegan or do I jut go organic plant based protein instead?

  • I thought rice was a calorie dense food too? One of my main go to’ s is rice and beans because I heard it’s a complete protein mixed?

  • It’s harder to gain weight on a vegan diet because there’s less of an insulin response when eating complex carbohydrates and foods with lower sugar. It has very little to do with digestion but hormonal signals such as insulin and glucagon.

  • You inspire me! You are my #1 role model. You look FABULOUS! I love how happy and full of joy you are. I benefit from your example and wisdom. Thank you Dr. Elisabeth. May God continue to bless your beautiful work and may God bless you. ��☄������

  • can someone please answer i have no idea why my skin is burning extremely bad when I put clean and clear acne product on my skin and it leaves burn marks the next day and my entire face hurts and dries out and it hurts to move my mouth and the entire face overall hurts. But the wierd thing is that i’ve used this same product for about 2 weeks and it has been fine and i’ve even seen improvements in my acne but the past 2 days its been burning the crap out of my face. if someone could tell me any reason why that would be great

  • Thankyou for your shares boys:) I spent 2 decades as a meater bodybuilder, then had my hip shattered, neck broken, knee screwed (16 compound injuries) after being deliberately rammed off my mountain bike on my way to teach class with the driver attacking from behind to side. I was weeks out from competing on stage in Bodybuilding Bikini cat. in Australia and was lifting 400Kg + on my legs alone without being a PB. After the attack, I removed all animal products to reduce excitotoxins which were through the roof due to injuries from the attack. I took no pain killers and endure 9 months of not walking due to medicos delaying surgery on the hip for 9 months (I had at least 6 inches of inflamed swelling on each hip/bursa by then). All up 1 and a half years on crutches not able to walk. I had to to learn to walk again and 8 years later still working on the gait the Neuro damage/balance is the toughest. All along the medicos just wanted me to park myself in a wheelchair and go away. After lifting weights for over 25 years and 7 years rehab I am starting to sense it wont be long till I lift again. But this time as a vegan, I think many miss the fact of genetics and muscle fiber arrangements. I have always had strength and wide shoulders strong legs. I look at a weight and put muscle on. I look forward to the day I can lift again and miss it dearly. It was always my form of mindlessness and contemplation, 5 hours would always go by so quickly. It’s is always nice to hear others about what they do and to see vegains with good gains. If I had not gone vegan I would be in a wheelchair today:)

  • Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a google search)? I’ve heard many awesome things about this popular lose weight methods.

  • Ive been gaining a lot of muscle as a vegan, check out my 2 year transformation video. Ive been vegan over a year now and I feel great! There’s no reason you can’t gain muscle as a vegan unless your just not eating enough calories. Great video Brian:)

  • Just finished my first 8 weeks of gymming it, right on time and needed this. Thank you sir. Gonna try a push pull press leg routine now!!

  • bro you look like you have been just training everyday for like 20 years right now so keep the training going and the youtube videos as good as these��

  • I found this channel from the Garmin Connect failure rant and just saw this! Very awesome to see this vegan diet advice video! Good for you I’ll have to watch more vids later. Thanks

  • Veganism is not about gaining mass and will not be effective living an animalistic/competitive/self-egoic lifestyle. Veganism is about spirituality mostly, compassion and health. This is why many people fail going plant-based long term because they do it then they continue living a lifestyle that has adapted and was raised on meat and animal products. Sure its possible but its not in harmony with plant-based living. Plant-based living is about higher-conscious living and if you still partake in low-conscious activities and lifestyles you will be creating disharmony in your energy fields. If you want to build mass and show off, animal products are key because that behavior is of the same frequency as the food itself but if you want to be healthy, strong, intelligence and live a long life go plant-based don’t focus on body building instead do Martial Arts and body-weight exercises, yoga, tai chi ect.. Building mass is a low conscious behavior that is not in harmony with plant-based living thus why many vegans are going back to meat these days. Its far easier with meat and animal products if you focus on ego-centered activities.

  • I ate bread as 96% of my calories today, for a total of 2500 calories, like I do almost every day. Grams of protein: 100, almost double what I need for muscle gains. I’ll never eat meat or dairy again. Don’t need to and the reason I stopped was to dramatically lower my saturated fat intake to lower cholesterol. It went from 190 to 131. I am virtually heart attack proof and will soon be ripped as part of the whole food-plant based diet.

    Statins, which lower people’s cholesterol, have very serious side effects. Sick people take drugs. I’m not sick because I eat right. I know it doesn’t work for everybody but can work for like over 98% of people.

  • I lost strength and muscle when I went vegan… What can I do? I rode the bike alot but had no desire to lift weights… Looked good in clothes but no strength… Help? Lol

  • Is it okay to go high fat while going high carb on a vegan diet or will this cause me to gain a lot of fat? And I’m talking about fat from nuts and seeds, not oil.

  • If muscle protein synthesis is elevated 48-72 hours postworkout then one can still look great going 3 times a week. 5 times a week isn’t always optimal. You can still hit each body part at the very least twice a week

  • Brian, I’m about 100 lbs (5′ 6″), and been vegan for over a year and a half. Just FYI, I was also 100 lbs before I went vegan, it’s just nothing has changed since converting. I’ve tried to eat more in order to put on weight but it is the most brutal uphill trudge because it makes eating something that I dread. Overeating makes me feel like my insides are exploding and it takes any enjoyment I get from food. I figured that I should probably put on enough weight to be in a healthy range but I just don’t really have much appetite to start with. Probably from being so small? I don’t really know how to approach this, but do you have any insights?

  • When you say “lift 3 times a week”, do you mean 3 total body workouts or breaking it up into a lower body one day and upper body day the next day?

  • Damn, so I got inspired and went and signed up for the free beginners training book, which sent me to “the 10’s” video.

    I gotta say man, the vegan diet has done wonders for your complexion

  • I swear to god Dr Elizabeth you are like an energy generator every week I wait for your video to give me that extra boost of energy!!! I wish you all the best from my heart!!! <3 😉

  • This Vegan diet doesn’t work for 99% of people in this world. You feel good now, but you start to deteriorate later. People believe these videos. They cause more harm than good. I am glad that the ex-vegans are speaking out. You guys are not qualified nutritionists.

  • Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping from diet plan to others as well, I do believe that I need to have tested every weight loss program that was available, but in the end not one of them made it easier for me to reduce and maintain the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Custokebon Secrets simply because my work buddy who told me incredible things about it and so far to date I’ve successfully dropped 16 lbs in 3 weeks!

  • Why do you guys keep uploading and removing videos? I keep them in my Watch Later list and literally a few days later they have been removed.

  • Do anybody know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it really work? I hear many people lost their weight with this popular fat burn method.

  • This might be a stupid question, but this is all very new to me. If I we’re to be on a raw vegan diet what would my body reject anything processed? I’m in the reserves so if I was on an excersize for a week or something in the field I wouldn’t be able eat like this. I would be eating high calorie rations, but I’m worried about the effects it would have on my body. Should I just stick to a typical body building diet as long as I’m a reservist?

  • Can we all just appreciate that, today (and in the friendliest way), a “nerd” (the resident) and a “jock” (the bodybuilder engineer) can speak on the same topic to reach the same ethical goal?

    I know I might be overinflating it, but there’s something really cool about a guy who looks like a straight muscle model talking with a medical genius to push a diet that is so great on so many levels.

    Cheers to collaboration! #millenialsrock

  • How to gain muscle in a vegan diet you can’t I don’t believe in vegan bodybuilders to get muscle you have to consume protein powder the way all do vegan gains for ex what it’s insane I’ve seen many VEGANS using protein powder in their smoothies and still be skinny

  • Lost me at the add at the end two of them said they don’t use it then you said they do,just cheapens the whole point of this! Plant based 3 years now and you don’t need those shakes for gains!

  • Hey Dr. Elizabeth this is actually what I needed!! I’m a vegan wanting to transition to a Raw Vegan lifestyle but at the same time want to maximise my glute gains. Is it possible?? What recipes and what specific foods do you recommend to eat to maximise your glute muscles? Thank you for all the content you produce it brings my sister and I so much inspiration!! ������

  • What are some ways to lost a ton of weight? I read loads of good reviews on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets will help you lost lots of fat. Has anyone tried using this popular lose weight diet plan?

  • Diet Plan known as Fenoboci Diet Plan kept appearing here on different youtube videos and I thought they were scam. However after my cooworker follow it, and finally lost tons of weight with it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Don’t take my word for it, search for Fenoboci Diet Plan on google.

  • Awesome awesome awesome �� I’m so glad I found your channel I have a lot of catching up to do!!! Lol ��!! I feel like we have the same body type!! Your just way more fit then I am which I am trying to work on!! (Building muscle mass ) on a plant based diet!!

  • Eat less fiber. As a vegan, you get wayyy more fiber than most people so you don’t have to worry about being constipated. And less fiber means more room for calories in your stomach, at least in the beginning. Also, don’t be hard on yourself. You gotta start walking before you can sprint

  • How interesting. I went vegan in February 2018 and I gained 15 lbs and I didn’t know why. I never gained weight dramatically and it was giving me curves. I was freaked out lol. Then I realized it my the vegan diet lol. People noticed my curves and they were like wow you look great.

  • I know this video is a year old. Would u please make a video like this in Spanish for the people especially Hispanic community that have high doubts of this.. some people doubt it because they don’t know. And think of me as crazy

  • Can’t get the free ebook link to actually send me an email after I put in my info:( was going to give the ebook to by hubby. Great video though Brian!

  • If a vegan can answer me this question I’ll turn vegan for a month and see if I can survive like you guys said. I’ve done some research on legumes, grains and nuts and I found that phytic acid is found in these foods. Phytic acid is suppose to be bad because it supposibly binds to mineral in your body and depletes you from them. It can cause tooth decay n bone loss. Now is this half way true? Not true? Is necessary to soak n sproutALL the grains and nuts, and legumes? Because I could live off these foods without meat, but I just need a vegans insight.

  • A lot of people assume they must exercise for hrs at workout room to gain lean muscles. It’s completely wrong! In reality, you are able to maximize your muscle building process by mastering the tips utilized by top personal trainers.

  • wtf I’m so surprised to how informative this video is, I’ve been a vegetarian for a couple months. I am 18 and want to turn vegan soon, no one I know is vegan or vegetarian so it’s very unique. Plus worldwide or just in the UK or the US, there is barely any vegans compared to the human population.

  • What about no soy, no nuts ��, minimum oil, grains.. I am healing my eczema and thyroid and currently working not to burn fat.. what do you recommend removing all of these items above including gluten..

  • What if you’re a teenager. I’m 17 and people keep telling me to not do this because my body is changing in many ways and I just started having a vegan diet. I weigh 196 and I want to reach 180 but at the same time I want to burn the fat and gain the muscle. I’m confused.:/

  • My problem is this i am vegan from 2006,was triathlon,stop that and start to go to gym and bb. i get results really fast but i hungry all day long!:) so i get belly fat and cant stop that feeling og hungry all time:D

  • Great information hopefully this will help people to understand that a plant base diet provides healthy suficiente protein to accomplish all your fitness goals

  • Wow, I was sooo surprised the body builder never ate meat. I don’t think I have ever seen or met anyone who didn’t eat meat. He looks amazingly healthy. His skin glows. This was a good video, you had a body builder and a doctor who were so knowledgeable about veganism and protein. This was a wonderful video to watch.

  • hey man, I have started calorie counting using an app.. the problem is I’m going over some of my macros but under total calories? I’m really confused!

  • Hey David, even though Vegan/Vegetarian is not as popular topic as others, thanks a whole lot for making this video! Good for skinny guy like me cause I’m vegetarian. By the way, do you have any info where I can get Iron from for a person who doesn’t eat meat?

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  • AWESOME VIDEO!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!! Great idea!!!! Very much needed. I am vegan and been wanting my hubby to convert, but I always get the “I’m lifting weight” excuse… Thank you so much!!! Keep up the great work! I love your channel!!

  • Is Custokebon Secrets useful to lost a lot of weight? We have read numerous good things about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • Girls, wanting the Workout videos….. it’s not the problem, it what get put in the mouth that does not leave… Focus on the Food, and the workout will be 1/4 of the solution.:P

  • When someone asks me “How to get a six pack?”, I always recommend website NextLevelDiet because you get personalized DIET plan, TRAINING plan, FITNESS tips, and HEALTHY recipes. It’s everything you need to get six pack in one month!

  • I was very skinny and after changing my diet I finally started seeing results. I didn’t know anything about training and diet, but my friend told me for the website called NextLevelDiet and I just followed their diet and training plan. They have amazing tips 😉 check it out

  • 1. Diet! Diet! Diet!
    a. High Carb
    b. Low Fat
    c. Enough protein (56 g of protein is enough for an average person)
    d. Track your calories (Calories in VS calories out)
    2. Low reps, lift hard
    3. Plenty of ricovery (very important)
    4. Be consistent

  • Man this is so confusing I really want to turn vegan can someone just give me a good decent protein vegan meal plan I’m about to start my bulk and would like to do it vegan thanks!

  • Is Fenoboci Diet Plan helpful to lost crazy amounts of weight? I’ve read numerous good stuff about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • I’m a boxer who discovered the wonderful sport of powerlifting but from a 165 lbs guy I went up to 190lbs hoping that a well balanced vegan diet can help me to retain my strength while loosing weight.

  • YOU taking a multivitamin for insurance purposes? Lets be real those things are for shitheads like myself I think you’re good without one lmao

  • I read loads of great opinions on the net about how exactly Fenoboci Diet Plan will help you lost crazy amounts of weight. Has anybody tried using this popular weight loss diet plan?

  • @kalclashfitnessv hello mate, great video. So are you saying you only need 56g protein a day regardless of size and muscle mass to continue to build muscle? Cheers

  • I was over weight, still got some fat on me but being vegan im getting a great psychic. fast results. I actually am getting your psychic. heavy lift. low fat high carb vegan diet. with some cardio like swimming, running or steps is good to burn some of that fat off of me. great video btw man. very informative and your body shows all this can be done with no animal products.

  • I am confused about cardio. Should I be doing intervals where my heart rate comes below the target range (for me target is 115-144) and then push hard to spike it above the target range. I have been doing 1 minute under one minute over but I am wondering if keeping my heart rate in the target range the entire time would be more beneficial. Great tips on the strength training. thank you!

  • Thank you for inspiration to start my week off in a great way! I know what I’m doing in the morning! And I’m going to take pics tmrw and again in 30 days to see and appreciate the changes.:-)

  • Hey dude, are you taking any B12 supplements? I keep reading left and right and I get a mix of yes and no. Trying to find out some experience based answers. Feel free to give me your experience. Whatever decision I take is my responsibility so no worries in answering.

    I’ve been eating mostly vegan for a long time (over 7 years) but I’ve also had a bit of fish, caviar, seafood a handful of times per year literally 2-5 times at most at family events. So I’m not sure how that would affect the B12 reserves but it’s not that much according to the pro animal products theorists. Whenever I took my blood tests, my B12 was within the lower side of the normal range.

  • When considering eating healthy, you must try not to fall victim to modern day fad diets. Extreme diet plans are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your every day nutritional intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short time period and then the benefits decrease after a while. It is best to look up Fenoboci Diet Plan on google since it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Hey I’ve been Vegan for 8months now and been hitting the gym for about the same amount time I just looking for a weekly meal plan to help me gain weight and muscles any suggestions

  • Great video. Iv been looking everywhere on how to lose fat and everyone says low carb. But how on earth am I supposed to do low carb when all I eat is vegetables. So what you are saying is that you can lose weight on a high carb diet? Because if I can that’ll be amazing:)

  • As I’m just starting going vegan (today) and just working out what foods I need. I was wondering about having too much fruit in the diet (sugar) and that being converted to fat. Even tho I workout 3 times a week now and I’m not over weight. Also, are all vegan foods mostly blended shakes?

  • Bro diet and nutrition is the hardest thing for me. I felt an overwhelming sense of hope watching this video. I wish that they had gone through and shown different meals and added up a total protein calculation of how much you can get versus calories taken in. This would’ve given more of a visual to people like me that are on the verge of wanting to go vegetarian but scared that they are not gonna be able to fill their protein requirements and lose muscle mass.

  • i have question, i became a raw vegan last june and lost a ton of weight without working out. i just started working out lefting weights in 2 days i gained 7 lbs. how can i burn this last 50 lbs of fat?

  • Mate, your physique is incredibly healthy. It’s just…healthy mate. Not overdone or underdone. I’ve been doing this HCLF vegan diet for a few months and been seeing good results in getting more aesthetic. The protein intake is moderate (60-80gms)and it’s been working for me. Gosh the supplement industry is such a scam!

  • Hey, Brian/Brian’s subs! I am 16 years old (vegan), and I workout 30 min 1 hour a day. I also enjoy cycling and I was in a pretty severe crash yesterday. While I am recovering, how do I minimize muscle atrophy? (I can’t really do much, my legs, arms, and hands are all bandaged)

  • Great video! Thanks for the information. Could you make a video about a full day of eating a vegan macro based diet for a bodybuilder without the use of protein supplements?

  • do you think if you eat this way you will also lean out? i do need to lose a bit of fat and I’m eating clean but i do want to get bigger and stronger as well

  • Thank you for a great video. I went vegan four months ago and now finally able to workout again. Could not before due to health issues but going vegan game me strength to workout. I wanted to go back to competing but when I did it I relied on BCAA for energy, protein shakes and vitamins but I cannot take any any more so was very lost and torn apart since everyone I saw before takes protein supplements (raw or others). So it was great to see someone doing all natural and really without any supplements. Gives me hope that I can do it too. Thanks.

  • Brilliant advice from the master! Am gonna get my husband to watch this too. I am now eating a bit more, especially protein as I wanna lose fat and my weight is decreasing, but the stubborn bit of fat is still there grrrr. MY advice: switch it up…keep your body guessing and do different exercises…not the same old thing each time…it just hits the muscles in a different way.

  • Eat lots of volume to gain calories, wow what a nice theory. Unfortunately none has talked about science. Obviously they love juice and shakes. This is so good for the trip to the bathroom

  • like you said, protein is harder to get going vegan, so it was hard for me to imaging getting.8 1 grams of protein per pound eating like that. But as always, I stand corrected.

  • Hey man, about one having to eat more veggies and fruit because probably body needs more calories to digest, actually it’s the other way around, fruits and veggies don’t provide you with enough calories so a down in weight is bound to happen, what you can do is eat more raw food, since with cooking the necessary enzimes for digestion get destroyed, so the body has to work harder to digest food, that can help too.

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (search on google) help me lost tons of weight? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a google search) We have noticed many awesome things about this popular fat burn secrets.

  • The answer would be, you can’t without PEDs. You will maintain it, but over a long period of time, you will lose more and more of your gains.

  • Hi Dr. Elizabeth!
    I love your videos so far. Just found your channel a couple days ago and have shared with my mom. You make us so happy! Can’t wait for the rest of your videos. Keep up the great work! Do you have any tips on improving the strength of knees? I enjoy working out but my knees and lower body are feeling weak these days. Lots of love ��

  • Guys stop lying to yourselves..unless you want man boobs that comes with eating quinoa, you won’t get even near the type of muscle bulging mass from this as you would animal based protein..
    I’m not saying eat just meat all the time, but stuff like milk, and occasionally meats, salmon, etc is the real and only way to gain solid mass…
    Plant based protein is NOT complete protein. Beans and rice are carbs to eat prior to help you with energy to build mass but are NOT going to put on mass if eaten alone.

    I am willing to bet these guys are full of shit and do not go 100% plant based. As you can’t gain proper muscle mass on that kind of diet, Not enough calories in that either.

    Stop with the fake comments people. Be real to yourselves. Plant based is Perfect if you want to be slim and somewhat ripped, and very internally healthy. Which is what is how I do it most of the time. Even juice fasting.

    But for rock hard and thick mass, I’m sorry but plant based isn’t going to do the trick!

  • I went vegan around a month and a half ago… managed to put on 4kg by my dieting alone and yet I look more toned, also just feel so much better than I did and so much more energized. Best decision I have ever made in my life by far and has boosted my self confidence dramatically.

  • did vegan creatine taste bad?i buy one but
    it tastes bitter like pills and is so smooth is not like last time when i used 1 year ago but i didn t see this is vegan.

  • I find it really hard to put on muscle. Don’t think it’s the vegan diet. I think it’s my genetics. My brothers and dad are skinny aswell. I hate it

  • anyone know a good book to start with as a simple guide to go vegan and build muscle? I want to some start and still mix my Caribbean flavors in my food with natural seasoning, but I don’t know where to start.

  • Im struggling on a vegan diet. Consuming beans/legumes/oats/rice has caused lectins to attack my gut and cause leaking gut. Now I have auto immune disease and are anaemic. My face is gaunt and Im my skin is super white. Im eating meat again to stop my gut from leaking as my loose stools are ruining my life. What can I do to stop ageing, loosing muscle and having digestive issues on a plant based diet?

  • This video is definitely worth sharing because it really breaks down the unique challenges of vegan muscle building, as well as the basics of what that entails.

  • I think what you said is valid but also what are you putting into your body for gains? What kind of food? How much you eat a day and how many times and what that food contains is vital. Would be interested to see what foods your eating for gains as well

  • Quite an “Expensive lifestyle”
    Too many different ingredients to make one shake, plus all that isolated plant protein I’ll have to buy. Who will I be making rich??

  • I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever try this popular lose weight diet plan?

  • You are such an inspiration. I am 57 and have always been into fitness but I have been dealing with breast cancer so I got out of the routine of working out. I have to get back into it. I will start by walking. I have lost so much muscle due to different fasts I have done for healing. I hope to be able to rebuilt muscle?
    Thank you for a great video and for your positive energy. ��

  • It’s funny when people asks me if I started of vegetarian first before vegan cuz I guess for some people is hard… but no I went straight out vegan on my first day of boxing training. 08/08/2016 I think it was easy for me cuz I was never a picky eater even when I use to consume meat and other animals products. #SaveTheAnimals

  • Good stuff Steve! Remember If you want to build muscle then you have to start by watching your diet, you can’t just expect to lift a bunch of weights and build muscle if your diet sucks. Lifting weights is easy, but cutting out junk food can be tough. When you get your diet in check, then focus on lifting heavy and hard. The most important thing is being consistent and keeping a log and a good routine going. You won’t get very far if you’re inconsistent in this game. Start off by doing big compound movements, such as squats, pull ups, dead lifts and such. I know it’s tough for a lot of folks to find a good routine to keep them going but it’s vital that you do this, I’ve made some amazing gains in just a few months thanks to the advice I got over at http://aestheticreview.com this guy really helped me get a great program going that allows me to keep track of my weight and gains using a really neat tool, as well as an awesome routine. Anyways good luck and never give up on your journey to making big gains!

  • Gain mass as a vegan? Eat large amounts of carb-age and sugar. You will get huge. But only way vegans gain muscle mass is through steroid usage.

  • Carnivores think meat is better. Vegans think plants are better. I eat both. I’m better than both of them. Consequently both of them hate me. Unifying vegans and carnivores: Mission accomplished ��

  • Rawvana why didn’t you go to the content creator party last night with samsung? I was there I made a video. I’m starting a 7 day fast tomorrow and I need your prayers.

  • Technically speaking vegan, actual full vegan, does contain lots of fiber etc, which block fat and carb absorption, and guess what builds testosterone that then builds muscle..

  • I need to read a book on the BB and veganism…off hand, when I see what Clarence Kennedy and other vegans eat…how many calories they eat…WOW…4K and up…and these guys look Natty. I’m afraid I would get fat.

  • I drink one pea protein shake a day. Then the rest of the day is focused around whole foods. Green smoothies, fruits, vegetables, grains. I feel great and have more strength/endurance than when I used to eat meat

  • Great and very useful informative video. I dont like stuffing loads of food down me so found that ‘mass gainer’ shakes ( oats, peanut butter, protein powder, soy milk, chia/flax, bananas blended ) have helped me pack on size. also reducing fibre intake. thanks to rob ( vegan physique) for the tips.

  • Yes, high carb low fat blah blah, but what KINDS of foods? Can you give specific examples of what sort of meals you eat when lifting on a vegan diet? That’s what people want to know

  • The only thing I would be concerned with is proper B12 supplementation, iron, and vitamin D. That’s all I’d ever be worried about with a plant based diet but supplementation helps with that.

  • Vegan of four years, bodybuilder/trainer of ten years, never had more explosive growth and recovery than when I went vegan. I don’t even take creatine or overload on supps anymore, it’s actually incredible.