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The good news is there is an effortless, easy 5-step process to break free from negativity, panic and break the binge eating cycle. And, I’m going to share them with you shortly. And, on the bright side of things, a series of binges can increase your motivation to take rapid and serious action.

To learn a little more about what each step includes be sure to tune into this weeks podcast episode #31 The 5 Steps to Break Free From Binge Eating. If you are curious HOW to accomplish and move through each step and want support, reach out to me to set up a discovery call to learn about my self-paced online course, Break Free From Binge Eating. In this solocast, I go over the 5 steps you must take to break free from binge eating. These steps work for intense emotional eating and chronic yo-yo dieting as well. I know first hand how struggling with food can interfere with every area of our life because food is such a big part of life.

Many of us are left constantly thinking about food all day and feeling very insecure in our body. How To Stop Binge Eating. Seeking out effective and easy-to-implement strategies to stop your binge eating behaviour? Here, we present 5 steps that are sequentially designed to tackle binge eating.

Each step contains multiple evidence-based techniques that are proven to be effective in breaking the binge eating. It will show you how she was able to stop binge eating in 5 days. You will be blown away by how easy and fun it was for her. She couldn’t believe it herself.

There are many things, I didn’t have time to cover here like what causes the diet-binge cycle and how to break free from it But I. Binge eating disorder is the most common eating disorder in the United States affecting 3.5% of females and 2% of males and is prevalent in up to 30% of those seeking weight loss treatment. Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder also characterized by binge eating (or consuming a large amount of food in a.

Free Training: Get the proven 5 step game plan to rewire your hungry brain and end binge, stress & emotional eating for good. No fluff. No diets. The pendulum is a reminder that binge eating for the rest of your life is just as unsustainable as dieting for the rest of your life. You will eventually stop binge eating.

But you have to give yourself permission to do so without jumping into a diet or restriction mindset in response. When you eat, try slowing it down and savoring your food. Listen to your body’s signals and identify when you’re satisfied.

Make an effort to stop eating when you’re satisfied, but not overly stuffed. Eat the foods that make you feel best and cut back on those that don’t. Break Free From Binge Eating: Step By Step Guide To Stop Binge Eating Disorder A Treatment Guide To Stop Binge Eating And Compulsive Overeating Kindle edition by White, Melissa. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Break Free From Binge Eating: Step By Step Guide To Stop Binge.

List of related literature:

Furthermore, these overeating and/or binge episodes can intensify the guilt and shame that accompanies the eating patterns of those with food-addictive behaviors and can “reinforce the erroneous notion that restrictive eating is a solution” (Herrin, 2003, p. 156).

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Overcoming overeating: How to break the diet/binge cycle and live a healthier, more satisfying life.

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Mindfulness can interrupt cycles of deprivation, followed by bingeing, followed by overeating to soothe the guilt or shame of having binged.

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Mindfulness skills teach one to accept the reality that there are cues in the world that trigger one’s urges to binge-eat.

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When I was working on beating the habit of binging, I set certain rules for myself that helped me immensely.

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Mindfulness skills teach one to accept the reality that there are cues in the world that will trigger the urge to binge eat.

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In Step 5, you learn to resist and control the interactions between food and mood, the reasons we eat other than hunger.

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What is completely possible is to learn to redirect binge or purge urges so that the individual never carries out binge or purge behaviors and chooses healthy alternatives instead.

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A strategy adapted from Marlatt and Gordon’s (1985) addiction treatment manual can be helpful in achieving this goal.118 This strategy involves employing acceptance-oriented imagery to cope with urges—termed “urge-surfing”—in order to teach clients that food cravings will eventually subside if not acted upon.

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When the cognitive resolve to maintain these restrictive habits is abandoned in response to emotional and external disinhibitors, the subsequent overeating can lead to weight regain, which then triggers the cycle to begin again.

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  • Did I take my notebook and wrote all those down? YES. When it’s been going on for a couple of days it’s so hard to get back on track!!! To actually make your next meal a normal one.

  • Hey Colleen, i can’t ecplain how your videos 1st help me, comes just on the right time, calms me down and make me think, a lot…. So thank you and keep posting videos like this, love them.

  • Thank you posting these videos it was the first video that I found that truly describes exactly what I’m going through. I am slowly on the tips you gave.

  • People have told me to try intermittent fasting?? I don’t think i can do it I get dizzy easy, low blood sugar if i don’t eat regular. ��❤

  • Needed to watch this!! Like you have no idea!! I’m so used to eating a certain amount that when I cut back or restrict myself, that’s sometimes when the binge eating happens. Or if I’m stressed/depressed/hormonal. And it’s not that I always do it intentionally. I think for me, my body or rather my mind thinks that I’m trying to starve myself so it goes into a sort of panic mode. And I end up feeling worse than when I’d started…and tired! Exhaustingly can’t hardly keep my eyes open tired! Usually, almost instantly after a binge. And nap for a good hour and a half to two hours. Only to wake up and feel like I’ve got a hangover. Not good!! I’m trying so hard to eat right and with the weather being so hot and humid, I don’t always get outside. Obviously that’s a poor excuse not to move more, but it’s the truth.

  • Going to be watching this video a few times I think! Such a great way of calmly dealing with emotions after binging. A step by step is so helpful. Thank you so much!

  • Love your tips on gentle nutrition and gentle movement & being compassionate to yourself. I really believe in manifestation & the way you talk to yourself can make a HUGE difference. As someone who sometimes struggles with binging, I really appreciate this video and thank you for sharing!!

  • Sadly I have a bad relationship with food at my biggest I was 307 and now I’ll at 282.4 I’ve lost some weight and hope to lose more and stay healthy.

  • What helped you to finally overcome binge eating? Share your tips! ❤️Please note that I am unable to provide clinical recommendations in the comment section. I’m happy to provide a space to share the challenges and triumphs of binge eating recovery here.

  • hello everyone… I also posted a video about this and how I overcame binge eating! Would love it if you checked it out! Send you all the best xxx

  • I take offence to you blaming defenceless food, how can it possibly be poor old foods fault when it can’t make decisions or choose who eats it, food gets attacked and ravaged by greedy humans without ever having a say on who’s plate it ends up.
    If anything i would say food is a victim.

  • I’ve binged for weeks now. I literally gained 4 kgs. I feel so crap. I think I have BED because my binges are becoming more frequent and intense.

  • Thank you for this!! I am so guilty of binge eating. I find that if I’m ready to eat the whole fridge I just ask myself, are you hungry or are you thirsty? Most of the time, I’m just thirsty!

  • Good
    afternoon, I would like to suggest a therapeutic book I wrote which is also available
    for free. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5BhH_m2WtY This book may be read
    for free in electronic format at: http://gabrielgherasim.com/Gratia-Cantantes-GABRIEL-GHERASIM.pdf

  • Your videos have been so helpful! I lost power for a few days, and today I had to throw away everything in my fridge. It’s too late to go grocery shopping, so I’ll have to do that tomorrow. I found a random box of Velveeta shells ‘n cheese that someone in my house bought. I made it for supper, and I was able to eat only a serving instead of binging on the whole box! Working toward a healthier weight, but your videos are helping me do this with a more intuitive eating approach.

  • Another great video of such thorough info. I totally agree with you that curating our content & filtering out diet culture is KEY. That mindset is at the root of why most of us start bingeing in the first place.

  • Hi, this is my first time watching your videos, and I was wondering what your profession is? Are you a nutritionist or physciatrist? I just want make sure I’m hearing from an expert lol:)

  • I really appreciate that you pointed out all the positive reasons for movement but not to exercise to burn the calories off. I actually just posted a video about my experience with exercise bulimia. I think so many women don’t realize that’s a form of purging, and it’s so upsetting to see actual recommendations for how many minutes to do certain exercises to burn off certain kinds of junk food!

  • So i have insulin resistance and my doctor told me I can eat the “main carbs” only twice a week, and so when those two days come, I just eat. I feel disgusting and sick later, and I really do not know what to do. Some times I even binge to try to satisfy my cravings for carbs, so I just binge on things that I can eat. I love my body so much and I just wonder why the heck do I keep doing this to myself.Tried not to make it long and I hope you will come to my comment. Keep in mind I am only 13

  • I stopped seeing my therapist because he was constantly trying to push the keto diet on me. I’ve found diets to never be a helpful thing for me, and often lead me to other disordered eating habits.

  • Huge fan of yours, and I’m not in this boat myself but I am curious. What’s your advice to those who’ve never restricted themselves or have fallen victim to diet culture, but want to or medically need to lose weight bc they are putting themselves at a health risk but “can’t lose weight”?Would you even bring up the science behind how we lose weight? Would you suggest exercise? What if they already do and still don’t see progress. This is 100% from curiosity as an exercise physiology/dietetics college studentnot trying to play devil’s advocate at all to what you preach, just curious.

  • Wow that timing though! I’m actually in need of gaining weight and, well, don’t really want to, so I want to take it veeery slowly. But I just binged the last two days (with a lot of sugar) and was feeling seriously horrible. And then you just come up to me with this! Thank you so much ��♥️♥️

  • omg your dog. so adorable i can’t stand it. i’m 46 and have struggled on and off from binge eating since i was 20. it is always helpful to hear other people’s tips and stories.. thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you SoheeFit, this is awesome.  I have deleted the good vs. bad food terminology from my vocabulary a while ago.  Feels so freeing and good to me.  Food isn’t necessarily good or bad, it’s choices and the amounts you are actually having of it.  Keep up the good work girl.  xoxo

  • Colleen, I cannot tell you how much I truly appreciate you and your guidance. You have changed my life for the better. I’m done with dieting. I’m so much happier and healthier now. I finally feel like myself again. Thank you! ❤️

  • I admit I’m terrible at binge eating and usually at night. Fortunately it’s not all the time but when it happens I can gear through a whole bag of large chips and more. Never thought of planning my eating habits and document it. Very good tips.

  • your explanation is the best on YouTube, I’ve watched this a few times to really try to get this glued in my mind. For me, I do restricting and than binging and then feeling like poop..theeen the cycle begins.. all of those three questions You said to ask oneself, hit me all at once— the controlled dieting, the hunger pangs and the tasty smelling food, then binge. Anyway idk what I’m talking about. Thank you for sharing this! Best talk of binge eating and tips really thank you

  • 100% agree with the dopamine thing…especially as it gets darker and colder here, I find myself needing more ideas to get dopamine hits!