5 Sports Dietitian-Suggested Whole Food Swaps For Sport Fuel


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Dried dates are another perfect whole-food pick to replace sport food, specifically chews or gummies. These naturally sweet dried fruits are calorie dense; each pitted medjool date has 66 calories and 20 grams of carbohydrate, so just one can provide a burst of energy while satisfying your sweet tooth. Don’t limit yourself to sipping (or spooning) these plain, add rice, noodles, extra veggies or protein to create a full meal to replenish your active body. Other swaps for sport drinks: coconut water, V8 juice, 100% fruit juice + salt. Ditch the pricey powder recovery drink mixes and grab a chocolate milk.

5 Real-Food Swaps for Sports Supplements By Tracy Morris From protein bars to gooey gels, shakes to jelly beans, the dietary supplements industry is making big bucks, but those pricey sports supplements may do more harm than good. 5 Food Swaps That Help An Athlete Bulk Up. If you’re reading this, you can count yourself as part of an exclusive group. Unlike most Americans, you’re looking to.

For maximum performance in sports and athletics we need to fuel with foods that 1) provide ample nutrition for the metabolic pathways that allow us to move, shoot, breathe, jump, hit and pedal or whatever your fitness routine demands, 2) replenish all those same nutrients so we can go do it all over again the next day and 3) repair tissues from. While gels, bars, chews, pills, powders – the stalwarts of the sports nutrition category for decades – are not finished, there is a multi-factorial shift towards whole foods used by sportspeople is occurring, according to New Nutrition Business chief Julian Mellentin.. A ‘real food’-focused report highlights the reversal of a well-established trend – the mainstreaming of sports bars. primary fuel source.5 Adapted from Holway & Spriet 2011 5 This guide provides an overview of sports nutrition guidelines for team sports, which should be adapted to individual athletes and teams based on the distinct characteristics of each sport and athlete.5 It should be noted that off-season workouts and training programs likely require. How to fuel depends on the system used, and the system used depends on the type of activity.

Avg high school play: 5.6 +/2.0 sec \⠀氀漀渀最攀猀琀 漀昀 䠀匀Ⰰ 挀漀氀氀攀最攀Ⰰ 一䘀䰀尩\爀屲Work: recovery ratio = 1:5.5 \⠀猀栀漀爀琀攀猀琀 漀昀 䠀匀Ⰰ 挀漀氀氀攀最攀Ⰰ⁜ഀ一䘀䰀尩. Good nutrition and a healthy diet are essential to improving your sports performance. It can then be used as a key energy source during exercise to fuel exercising muscle tissue and other body systems. Athletes can increase their stores of glycogen by regularly eating high-carbohydrate foods.

Food for sport tucker talk tips. Whole grains for white, quality for quantity, Wii Fit for Mario Kart—just one smart swap can pave the way to a healthier and happier life. So we decided to go all out and provide 38 “this for.

List of related literature:

The following year, this team altered the diet to contain 30% protein, 50% fat, and 20% carbohydrate ME and used postexercise carbohydrate supplementation on days 1 and 2 of racing, and again became competitive in longer distance sprint racing in Alaska.

“Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation” by M. Christine Zink, Janet B. Van Dyke
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Multitudes of companies have jumped on the bandwagon to create niche fuels for every possible dietary need—gluten free, vegan, kosher, lactose free, fructose free, you name it—and every possible time to eat (before, during, and after exercise).

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
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In Part Two: Fuel, we reviewed the evidence-based insights from worldleading experts on the fundamentals of nutrition for improving physique, making weight, maximizing endurance performance, and supporting team sport athletes.

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
from Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports
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CrossFit coaches counsel members who have weight-loss goals to reduce their consumption of sugar, processed foods, and junk foods and replace them with the paleo-Zone foods: meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, and nuts and seeds in the right proportions.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
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In the past I have advocated both specific macronutrient ratios and the elimination of specific foods in an effort to help athletes optimize their fueling strategies and lose weight.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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These recommendations have gradually evolved to recognise that macronutrient targets should not be set in absolute amounts or as ratios of energy intake; instead, guidelines should encompass the differences in body sizes, training loads and energy goals across athlete populations [7, 8].

“Triathlon Medicine” by Sergio Migliorini
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Some of the world’s top marathoners, including 2016 Olympic champion Eliud Kipchoge, now use a higher-carb Swedish drink, despite reportedly not having endorsement deals with the company.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
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It should be realized that carbohydrates are the primary energy fuel for team sports and that their dietary intake should not

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
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carbohydrate with a lower osmolar effect.80 This holds real promise for athletes involved in high-endurance sports (e.g., marathon, ultramarathon, triathlon, Ironman, Tour de France) where the energy requirement is far higher than could easily be provided with typical 6 to 7 percent carbohydrate sports beverages.

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  • Right… ignore all the physicians, medical directors, experienced CARDIOLOGISTS in the GameChangers documentary, and INSTEAD listen to a random dietician on YouTube. Great �� This is why anti-vaxxers exist, & why the sudden rise of cases of measles around the world. This is why heart disease & cancer are the most common killers of EVERY F*CKING person you’ve ever met… Because we refuse to listen to reason. Who do you go to again when you have chest pain, when you get sick, when you can’t breathe? Do you check Google? Do you ask Karen from Facebook? Or some dietician with her online bachelors??? No, you go to the f*cking emergency room to be seen by a f*cking physician. We all know deep down plant-based diets will save our lives, the planet, and our future. But our thick skulls refuse to hear common sense.

  • ive been looking for like an hour around internet… and this is the best video for nutrition, straight on point and doesnt feel like it is made in a rush

  • The message that people eat a lot of peeing a lot of protein that don’t let the size of a peanut per hour but since the body does store protein you have to replenish that protein every hour

  • Great presentation.
    One thing the 9.3% of U.S. GDP would not be a savings if diabetes is eliminated, it is money the Medical and Big Pharma industries would be giving up/losing.
    And of course they know that!

  • Iron deficiency anemia is has the same incidence in vegans as in non-vegans 12% of the population. If you eat enough calories for your body wight the foods will contain more than enough Iron to meat your daily intake. The problem with Iron is absorption and the absolute best thing for Iron absorption is Vitamin C (something vegans have 3-4x more than non-vegans circulating in their blood). Vitamin B12 is low in 40% of the general population so clearly eating animal products is still not the solution, everyone should supplement, not just vegan. And another interesting fact that should have been taught in Nutrition school, is that B2 is not only hard to absorb but also very hard to lose, it takes 2-3 years or absolutely no B12 intake to drop the levels down to dangerous levels int he body. So YES you can easily switch to a plant based diet at ANY time.

    Nearly two-fifths of the U.S. population may be flirting with marginal vitamin B12 status if the population of Framingham, Mass., is any indication.

  • A blue zone is an area of the world that has people that love to be 100 plus years (centurions). A blue zone in the U.S is Point Loma California. This is where a community of senior citizens centurions live. They are seventh day Adventist. They never drank, never smoked, always took one day a week off to spend with family, always made a point of not overeating and eating just a little bit less than they actually wanted to. They also made a point of walking everyday and being social with each other. And they are also NOT VEGAN. They eat a little bit of meat just as a small side dish for taste a few times a week. It’s the big picture that counts people. It’s not just one part of your lifestyle it’s the whole picture. People like that are the perfect example as a whole on how to balance lifestyle and not just live to be really old, but also be in really good shape for that age. They were cognitively sharp, still active, and didn’t have to rely on caretakers to do everything for them. Although I think they probably had somebody preparing all that food for them. After all they were in a senior care center. And even in that good shape, by that age I would hope that somebody would be making all there food for them. My grandma is 90 and I make all her food for her. I make her the same food they eat and I eat it too. My grandma’s dad lived to be 96. He was a farmer, born in late 1800’s. Didn’t have any extra money to eat crap. Only work the land, and barter for what the family of 4 children needed. Veganism is just a religious cult that believes in not harming animal’s and that’s fine. I think reducing animal consumption is something everyone should do for the good of the environment as well as health. But complete abstinence of any and all animal products is not as necessary as these vegans preach. Just look at the centurions as the example. Not just the ones I talked about but other ones too. Many of them eat some meat but a trend is that they usually say not to eat red meat, and sometimes pork too. So be realistic and look outside the box. ������ ��‍♂️

  • This is objectively amazing. Not just informatively great, but you also made a cool video in general. I liked the editing when you talked about the many choices when grocery shopping for example. Will love to check out more of your content

  • From watching the movie it really isn’t a vegan movie. They do set out to put plant based diets on the map againts the anti movement that animal protein is the only source of fuel for everything.
    I watched it at a time I was frustrated with my diet of animal product’s that started to make me feel sick. Watched this and gave it a go.
    Started for health reason’s.
    Went vegetarian ended all animal products except cheese.
    Fell out of love with cheese went vegan.
    Firstly changed for health.
    Secondly changed for environmental reasons.
    Thirdly ethical reasons.
    Week ago felt a little off down in colour (yellow) doctors thought I was fighting a virus, kidney issues or liver. So did a round of bloods. Clear of any viruses and surprisingly bloods (compared to 09) were equal or better. B12 very good. Iron wow was top 1% this being my only concern which 3 weeks earlier I took a b12 supplement. General consensus is supplements don’t work overnight they take month’s.

    My feel is the game changers wanted to prove this diet affective against traditional industry driven diets & did just that.

  • Hey jake! Thank you very much for the video, helped me a lot. I’ve always been stressed about the eating and i didnt enjoyed that, now you conviced me that i can.really enjoy while eating healthy: )
    Also, i would like to know which food tracker are you using. thanks!

  • Thanks jake for the vid and keep uploading, thats quality content! Im actually wondering how is it possible to reach 1.5g/kg for protein and 10% of the overall calories intake at the same time. taking me as an example (60 kg) it would mean eat 3600 kcal a day, which is pretty much two times what i need…

  • They call it emerging. Here in the health sciences we have been preaching this for decades with a lot of push back. As I tell my athletes, you can never out-perform a unhealthy diet.

  • from a nutrition stand point you are correct, you can get what you need from many sources. But you talk like a Vegan diet is the only one that needs management to receive optimal nutrition all diets require management. Why do you fail to state this? The reality is that in a meat based diet you still need to eat vegetables while a vegan diet you don’t have to eat meat. You also don’t take inconsideration the facts of what different food sources do to the body and impact on the environment.

  • I like how she criticised using scare tactics and then uses them herself by saying “you better be careful with a plant based diet, you need to make sure to see a dietician”

  • Great video. Keto has done wonders for my health. It is still hard to convince people of its benefits because of the food and pharmaceutical industries’ propaganda. But we’re getting there. This song sums up what I feel about keto and is dedicated to all keto enthusiasts.

  • I love how these people say plant based studies cherry pick but where??? The meat and dairy industry ALWAYS cherry pick and no one ever wants to call them out. A low fat Whole Foods plant based diet is the only diet ever proven to not just prevent but reverse our number 1 killer which is heart disease, you can’t cherry pick that.

  • She gave a simplistic rebuttal to a holistic approach of eating a vegan diet that the documentary doesn’t attempt to cover entirely. Of course people will need to do further research as they change over.

  • You got me at the beginning, but you lost me later.

    Nobody said that vegan diets are more beneficial short term. The main idea is to brake the myth a lot of people have that you can’t live without meat, especially be an athlete.

    But well-planned plant-based diets are just healthier. Considering cholesterol, inflamation etc. You get 150g of cholesterol with a regular egg. You get 0g of it and minisxule amount of saturated fat with lentils (25g of protein) or TVP (50g of identical to meat protein). So those are higher quality source of protein than eggs.

    No scare tactics, just logic.

  • So Usain Bolt ate boat loads of chicken nuggets around the time of his phenomenal success. If this response to Game Changers is supposed to be educational, fact based and bias-free then what value is that statement adding? He may have been even quicker without inflammation from animal proteins. The fact is that we humans are at a critical time in our existence where the choices we make can affect the planet in either a positive or negative way. One of the biggest choices we can make is our diet. Less animal based food in our diet is positive. No animal based food even better. We can all help. There are far more examples of elite athletes having animal based foods in their diet because that’s just where the world is right now. Change takes time. Every small step in the right direction is beneficial. As the author says, planning your diet is the right thing to do. In today’s world, making a sweeping overnight change to the food you eat is not always easy. So if you can’t do this, then plan. As a plant based diet becomes more familiar, reduce meat further until you no longer need it. You don’t need it.

  • I stopped watching right after she said “vegan, vegetarian, plant-based diet, whatever you want to call it”….there are HUGE differences. A supposed vegan can be compliant with “veganism” and eat completely unhealthy. The trustworthy nutritional data shows dairy is a major contributor to Cardiovascular disease, but vegetarians regularly eat those products. Enough said…go watch “Forks over Knives”, “Game Changers” and any talk by Colin Campbell or Caldwell Esselstyn. Put all that data together, and the conclusion will be very clear…whole food plant-based diet is by far the healthiest….and please, don’t ask “but where do I get my protein!”.

  • You don’t have any evidence or proof. Your argument has nothing backing it up. This is really not helpful at all. They use scientific evidence. They show blood, they show people giving testimony. Did you also include the harm of the environment or the harm to the animals???? You shouldn’t have even thought to make this video. You’re ruining the movement with this with empty personal opinions with no facts backing them up so you can try to help ease people who are already having a hard time changing their minds. We don’t need to eat animals. That’s the point. It’s people like you who literally are causing harm to animals.

  • I would love to know the benefits of eating a diet rich in meat. Also, eggs aren’t a quality source of anything but cholesterol. She’s obviously biased towards a diet rich in everything that’s destined to clog your arteries. Idc how biased or unbiased someone is, you’ll never in life, convince me that eating meat, dairy, and eggs is good, that shit doesn’t even digest properly. Idk why people keep trying to disprove that a vegan diet is the diet we need to be on for optimal health, just say you prefer to eat meat! ����‍♂️ but by no means is it equally nutritious ��

  • I don’t believe I’d take your advice on sports nutrition.. since when are chicken nuggets good for you?..perhaps you’re being paid by the beef and poultry industries!

  • the ONLY source of info that supports animal protein consumption is either sponsored directly or indirectly by the industries it supports. The World Health Org has unequivocally shown with innumerable peer reviewed studies that a plant based diet is not only suitable for ALL stages of life, but that animal proteins increase tumor cell growth and speed up the aging process in humans considerably.

  • Hey thanks for your commentary, but have to say there is a heavy difference between ‘confirmation bias’ and people who have converted their entire belief system after experiencing overwhelming evidence from one’s own personal experience, (that is also backed up by scientific evidence and research). If you are saying that they are using the documentary to ‘confirm something they already believed in’ you’ve literally missed the point of the entire documentary. The point was that they were now confirming something that they previously did not believe in at all. A conversion is fundamentally different to predisposed bias… that’s simply not what the documentary was.

  • Who are these meatheads with their bull science, Jack Lalanne knew more in the 1960s than
    the stretched marked gym rats that can’t do pullups but look like bouncers. Healthiest people
    over 100 on the planet have plant based diets. Blue Zone. National Geographic.

  • She is not a medical doctor! Even gorillas thrive once when they stop eating animal and processed foods. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckKzIcPqCgY
    The World Health Organization said that in 2017 there were 7 million deaths from tobacco and 17M deaths related to diseases from animal-based products, making animal-based products are more deadly than TOBACCO! My lecture at the UN explains how a plant-based diet is also causing global warming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdXmgGBoVSA
    G Kaplan MD

  • Thanks for video response, one observation I have regarding game changers video is all of them are established athletes and grown up already. What would you like to say about child athletes who are in prime age of growth 12-16 years.

  • Nice work Kels. Provided a lot of clarity. This shows that people need to do their research and have an education before making grand assumptions. News and documentary can always biased. Very important to take a step back and look at both sides to develop better understanding about issues.

  • This is very informative, clear and precise. Thank you so much sister, for sharing this information. I’ve been in fitness for more than 20 years now. This video is fantastic! Thanks again!

  • Like so many other opinions this commentary, misses a huge mark. The movie simply proves that humans can more than thrive on a plant-based diet. And of course, it has to be well-planned. The much bigger point is that the planet cannot sustain the amount of meat products we eat. That is the whole picture this commentator could have gained from the movie.

  • I think there is also an alternative approach to have people adopt, understand and stick to weight loss. Diets almost always fail, sugars/carbs ARE incredibly addictive and feel harmless. Diets can feel like punishment, like being sentenced to jail. WHAT may work for some is to allow them to SEE their blood sugar on a regular basis after meals. So the can immediately equate what they ate to what happens to them. And for many this will become an addictive habit and challenge, to control their blood sugars, because they can see the results. FOR this reason Blood Sugar monitors and test strips really should be made available to the public at the same cost they are for Diabetics. In fact people offering up Diet programs should also be offering up Blood Monitors as well. So when a person eats that bun, in the back of their mind they remember that BS reading of 8.2 INSTEAD of people focusing on their weight, they can focus on their blood sugars, the net result being the same.

  • I have switched to using a vegan based protein shake (called IronVegan Sprouted Protein) from a whey isolate protein powder and it is by far much better. If I work out and take a vegan shake right after I really feel it taking effect the next day. I used Whey isolate protein for many years and depending on the brand and quality some are good and some not so good, they also contain soy lecithin which gives it their flavor. Arnold Schwarzenegger has switched to a largely plant based diet so that’s saying something!

  • Doctors notice! Mine is fatter and sicker than when I first explained my LCHF lifestyle to her 2 years ago as an 80 odd year old only on one medication. Nothing.

  • I don’t believe your story, girl. If vegan diet is as good as meat bays diet, let’s all become vegans and give a break to the planet and animals!

  • I’m sorry but this is such a worthless video. Like others have said, the whole point of the movie is to show how well people can & are performing on a plant based diet because there already exists such a prevalent bias against it. It’s basically been unheard of until recent years. This movie largely compared results of individuals while they were off or on a plant based diet, not comparing to other individuals who are not on a plant based diet. You have done a very good job at misrepresenting this movie & making yourself appear bias. Good job.

  • The film isn’t trying to prove anything, it’s just for spreading awareness on plant based diets, that’s all.

    Also why not eat what Nature is providing for us, its literally giving us the most powerful food lol

  • 10:55 The article mentioned here doesn’t list Dr. Marco Springmann as an author, who was the speaker in following picture. How are they connected?

  • I viewed the documentary twice and I have to say that I think it was pretty balanced. The message was we don’t actually need to eat meat, because we can get everything we need apart from vitamin B12 by eating plants alone (and achieve the bonus of reducing environmental impact and increasing health). We have never objected to the meat and dairy industries marketing to us over the past several decades, why shouldn’t we afford the vegan or plant-based diet supporters the same right?

  • I don’t disagree with you, but it’s a vegan documentary (it would be 500 hrs if you told both sides). Saying that eggs are healthy is the typical (body builder) mentality. Like you said it’s a great source of protein, but it’s one of the most unhealthiest foods you can eat (in excess). Also, Iron (one of the easiest things for vegans to get) and B12 (many meat eaters lack this as well and should actually be supplemented in general) are pretty bad examples.

  • I seriously have concerns on video. Let me try to decipher this video
    1) Yes the movie makers, hosts, guest appearances are Vegan/vegetarian. Ofcourse they are going to bring the people who the topic pertains to. You dont bring dentists to do a cardiac surgery.
    2) The comparison between lettuce and egg was not that of protein. It was to suggest that there are many antioxidants in lettuce which help your body and do not generate inflammation unlike eggs (which are highly controversial product for decades(google if you need)).
    3) Yes ofcourse like you said, performance is based on multiple factors apart from diet. But Lets take a look at, Virat Kohli (leading cricketer), Lionel Messi (leading soccer), Nate Diaz (UFC, beat conor mcgregor) and many many other athletes who have switched from a meat diet to a plant based diet and have significantly made IMPROVEMENTS in their performance. While their genetics, sleep and all else stayed as the same, thus no confounding.
    4) Usain bolt eating heaps of chicken nuggets, isnt that just cherry picking to your liking, as you criticized the movie for doing? I am sure even if he ate pasta before his race he would set record.
    5) The point about inflammation, the point is that if you are eating meat products that produce inflammation and trying to eat lettuce, its pointless.
    6) Did you know the composition of breastmilk? Google it, and see the percentage of protein in the breastmilk. A baby grows on it for a year and gets so big and strong. Why didn’t evolution include protein in breastmilk to such a great extent if it is so vital to building cells?
    7) I have a bachelors in cell and molecular physiology and a PhD and a Doctorate, and I can tell you this, do what your body needs and not what the marketing tells you.
    8) I used to eat meat 4x a day and protein supplements on top, I had 6pac abs with 13% BF. Now I am vegetarian, with 8pac abs, maintaining 10% BF easily, and i have reduced my inflammation (dandruff, eczema, etc). I feel less bloated, lighter, quicker, faster, and energetic.
    9) all I ask all my patients is to give it a try, simply 3 months of no meat diet and see the difference, if you dont like it you go back to eating meat. No problem. so far I have had 378 patients try it and 95% of them have retained the change. Diabetes, coronary artery disease, rheumatoid arthritis are some of the diseases that are significantly lowered with a low inflammatory producing diet.

  • You want to eat super small meals probably seven meals throughout themy secret is not to eat a large meal the reason being is I want my energy to stimulate quickly through the intestine big meals don’t do that any large meals will be all clogging up your intestinal tract in the fact you’re drinking too much water is completely clogged up your complete intestinal Constitution and even maybe cause death

  • There was no time to talk about the benefits of plant based vs non-plant based diets in this documentary and it is a different topic covered by other previous documentaries that talked about health (Forks Over Knives, What The Health, Eating You Alive, PlantEat, Food Choices, Plant Pure Nation… etc).Yes it is one sided, the other side is all around us, it in textbooks, in commercials, food guide, news, cafeterias, nutritional and sport organizations and health organizations too. Plant based eating is a slither as is, they had to cut many scenes out of the movie to make it shorter, but focusing on anything else other the the message they are trying to get across would have been a waste of time.

  • Yes the movie about plant based athletes is biased because it is made by people who had the patients, perseverance, and faith to invest in this project to get like minded people to participate in it. You also forget to mention that they have 12+ doctors int he documentary that have been plant based for many decades and are healing patients with plant based diets, most notably is that Dr. Michael Greger was the scientific consultant that was there to make sure the all science and facts jived and would pass the scrutiny.

    How about the bias in our society and culture, the food guide after world war two was created by the livestock industry and all the revisions after till this day were guided by financial interests of the livestock and processed food industries, not the science on nutrition. How about the bias that the Nutrition Education is sponsored by the same industries mentioned above, as are the commercials on tv, school, college and university food programs, check-off programs for restaurants… etc etc.

  • Lets pretend that there is no short term performance advantage in any diet, what about the toll on chronic disease and metabolic disease depending on diet? Plant based diets diet are clearly superior for general health but having lower rates of morbidity and mortality from the top killers in the western countries (heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease.. etc). Being able to perform at peak performance for longer period of time before chronic diseases start to make their way in…. is a performance advantage.
    7 Reasons Vegetarians Live Longer

  • There is protein in lettuce! and more importantly there is a slew of amino acids (building blocks for protein) and when you feed that to the body, the body can synthesize protein from it. Virtually all plants have protein and amino acids. Eggs cause immediate inflammatory response after eating, because the net effect of egg consumption is pro-oxidative. Plants on the other hand don’t do that, they decrease inflammation, that is the point they were trying to drive across. We have been taught all our lives that eggs = protein, everyone and their grandma knows that, but how many people will tell you that eating eggs causes inflammation?

  • You sounds like a very uneducated dietitian. Lettuce doesn’t have protein? Come on �� Where do animals that are killed for meat get their b12 from? The same place as a vegan… supplements.

  • You say that there is no advantage in plant based diets over meat based diets, but here is a 2019 study showing different dieters and their bio-marker profiles with vegans clearly ahead of even vegetarians in nutrients and bio-markers that improve recovery, inflammation, oxidation (performance).
    Vegans have a ‘healthier biomarker profile’


  • will promise if you eat too much protein cause kidney failure so it’s everything that’s not utilized in the human body has to be eliminated and the fact that has to be eliminated through the kidneys just hurts the kidneys and destroy the kidneys you don’t want to overwork your kidneysnever eat a large meal if you can do that to start losing weight biscuit what you got to do is what Bruce Lee Daddy bought 78 meals a day small

  • This is a typical response from a Dietician educated in Australia (or the United States.) What they are teaching in these programs are so flawed. The curriculum is based off of studies from countries that heavily base their economies and studies on meat, raising animals, eating meat, and destroying the environment. Studies are sponsored by the Meat Industry and those profiting off the meat industry. Do your homework people. Read the China Study. Read evidence based studies that are not sponsored by money making corporate giants without ethics. Change your diet, change your life, save our planet! Do your part! Smarten up dieticians! That goes for everyone that is fed studies in school. Do your research! Who is sponsoring these studies!!?? Why is big pharma the only ones that have scientific research and why isn’t the vitamin and supplement world not regulated by the FDA in the US? THis is insane!! We are pumped full of pharmaceuticals because of money and profit. Our government doesn’t care about our health. Have you seen the USDA guidelines? They are insane, based on the economy and what the gov wants you to eat. Stop eating what you are handed and start making ethical educated decisions as adults!! We need to pass this onto our children!!

  • I believe the environmental impact of the Meat Industry alone is a reason to consider a Plant-Based diet. Pollution has a negative impact in your health as well 😉

  • I really appreciate that you didn’t just spout off any big words without explaining it in leman’s terms, it’s a super big help and made diet not seem like such a massive mountain of info

  • You seem to have taken a biased position. There are numerous study’s done that show a plant based intake increase overall perfusion for the body. You also stated that a vegan diet could possibly cause insufficient iron intake. There is more iron in leafy greens than meat could ever have. Where do animals get their iron intake from? Vegetables. Who sponsored you in producing this video,

  • i feel so sorry for animals but i’m full keto carnivore for 1 month now. we need to find another way to produce meat from animals genetically grown with no brains

  • Well one sided bias has been the constant bombardment of meat industry supported claims that you have to have Animal protein which this documentary convincingly debunks.

    I highly recommend Game Changers to anyone who anti Plant based diet…and watch it without any bias.

  • This person accuses ‘The Games Changes’ of bias then goes on to show her own bias. Says you need to plan well for Vegan diet, but every athlete should be planning out diet, no matter what path they choose. she talks about B12 and the program also deals with that, as 85% of population are B12 deficient meat or not. remember the host was not vegan when he started the program, it was about his journey.

  • My understanding of the testimonials in TGC is that these people believe in plant based diets because they have seen the results. It’s not a religion to them as you present it. As 99% of people (including me) are meat eaters, it’s obvious you can find several examples of meat eaters athletes achieving records! Maybe Usain Bolt would have been even better (!!!) without meat, but we’ll never know…

  • I don’t think you fully understood the documentary and the facts presented. And the fact that Bolt ate a pile of nuggets before his race? How did he not sh!t his shorts while running?! Lucky man.

  • You are right about needing to research before just jumping into a plant based, I’ve had to tweak my plant based diet a little. Its just taking note of changes for the worse or the better. And if something doesn’t seem right, you have to research and figure it out.

  • Great balanced and respectful response!
    I love the quote from Arnie “That’s marketing..It’s not based on reality!”
    Describes this documentary / ad for Camerons $140M pea protein investment perfectly!

  • I watched folks over knives, and it pretty much backs the game changers up, about what game changers Said with the vegan based diet

  • 1.5 protein per 1kg of body mass it means that for most of the athletes it is around 100g which is 400kcal and it is supposed to be 10% so we need to eat 4000kcal a day?

  • I eat meat, but I holistically disagree with your “Sweeping Statements” and your “Cherry Picked Athlete”. I felt the documentary did a great job of not comparing athletes that eat meat compared to being on a plant-based diet. They specifically took the approach of comparing the SAME athlete before and after switching. Your reference to Bolt isn’t valid to say that meat based can achieve peak performance, because there is no way to know if Bolt would be faster and better if he was on a different diet. Maybe he is just genetically better and more committed than his competitors, so his diet isn’t the difference maker. Yes, he is the best and eats meat, but is he the best he could be? Could his world records be faster and longer standing with a plant-based diet is the real question?

    I also think the documentary did a great job of showing each food’s cause and effect. We know that increased blood flow helps deliver more of the vital components we need for peak performance. If eating a meal that is plant-based or a meal that is contains meat is equal in all nutrients with the difference only being the type of amino acids and proteins ingested, it’s easy to infer that the one which increases blood-flow the most (or restricts the least) is the better diet for performance. Summary: If the body is moving the exact same nutrients more inefficiently because of the source, isn’t that inherently worse for performance?

    If so, wouldn’t each athlete be tested on both diets or a mix of diets to optimize blood flow assuming that all hormones and nutrient levels are equal?

  • Jake, I strongly suggest you take a couple courses regulated around bio and organic chemistry. You dropped the ball significantly on a couple main points in the video. Not trying to be rude, just think you would benefit from them greatly. Cheers!

  • You doctors don’t understand. If the whole world starts to eat healthy lowcarb, the world’s economy collapses over night. Economy growth is due to increasing costs of everything and not lowering them. Disclaimer: I’m low carb ��