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5 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Protein 5 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Protein Even if you don’t have a true deficiency, you could be running a little low, and that can affect your health in. One of the most common signs that you’re not getting enough protein is swelling (also called edema), especially in your abdomen, legs, feet, and hands. YOU’RE LOSING MUSCLE MASS.

Protein is made up of amino acids, which are essential for building muscle. This means that if you’re not getting adequate protein, your muscle mass could suffer. “ You might notice this as decreased strength, change in weight or even how your clothes are fitting,” says Randy Evans, RD. 2. Without getting enough, we may experience thin and brittle hair, ridges on our nails, and flaking skin, giving us an indication that we may be slacking in the protein department. #3 You’re Getting Sick More Often.

A weakened immune system can happen for numerous reasons, but not getting enough protein could be one of them. According to WebMD, one of the most common signs that you’re not getting enough protein is swelling (also called edema), especially in your abdomen, legs, feet, and hands. A possible explanation. Edema.

Serum albumin is a protein which is the most abundant one in our blood. The protein helps in the consistent flow of blood circulation and prevents an excessive amount of fluid to accumulate in tissues. When the protein becomes low in our blood, we can suffer from puffy and swollen skin also known as ‘Edema’. If you’re not getting enough, you might develop brittle, dry hair or dry, flaky skin,” says Steven Bowers, DO, author of Secrets of the World’s Healthiest People. If you skimp on protein, you may find yourself prone to fluid retention around your ankles and feet.

Proteins help to hold salt and water in blood vessels; without enough protein, these fluids. “Protein helps to keep you feeling full, so if you’re always hungry, you may not be including enough protein in meals to tide you over to the next meal,” she says. Weakened immune system.

A deficit in protein can cause impaired immune function, making you more susceptible to infection. Loss of muscle mass. Eating too little protein can result in deficiency which can have a negative impact on your health.

So how do you know if you’re not getting enough? Below are some telltale signs. Thinning hair or hair loss; Hair is made mostly of protein.

If your body’s reserves are low it’ll stop using it for non-essential things like hair.

List of related literature:

Havala writes, “as long as you are eating enough wholesome foods to meet your calories needs and are getting a reasonable mix of vegetables, grains, and legumes over the course of the day, you should not have any problems getting enough protein or the appropriate mix of amino acids.

“Controversies in Food and Nutrition” by Myrna Chandler Goldstein, Mark Allan Goldstein
from Controversies in Food and Nutrition
by Myrna Chandler Goldstein, Mark Allan Goldstein
Greenwood Press, 2002

One possible resolution to this paradox is that protein may cause a better suppression of appetite and food intake than carbohydrate and therefore adhering to a high-protein, high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet is easier than reducing the consumption of high-fat foods.

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease” by Carol J. Boushey, Ann M. Coulston, Cheryl L. Rock, Elaine Monsen
from Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
by Carol J. Boushey, Ann M. Coulston, et. al.
Elsevier Science, 2001

That statement was not altogether correct: I had, and always have, made it clear that the evidence is for a moderate-protein, not high-protein, diet.

“Lore of Nutrition: Challenging conventional dietary beliefs” by Tim Noakes
from Lore of Nutrition: Challenging conventional dietary beliefs
by Tim Noakes
Penguin Random House South Africa, 2017

During this time my journal indicates that for reasons I am unable to recall, I was increasing my intake of protein: “I’ve been avoiding sugar, and loading up on protein: peanuts, beans, meat, but I don’t know whether it’s doing any good since I still don’t feel quite right.

“Revealing Male Bodies” by Nancy Tuana, William Cowling, Maurice Hamington, Greg Johnson
from Revealing Male Bodies
by Nancy Tuana, William Cowling, et. al.
Indiana University Press, 2002

Now they also say that excess protein intake overworks the urinary tract and causes fatigue.

“Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement” by Tony Robbins, the Author
from Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement
by Tony Robbins, the Author
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

Whereas I had previously done my best to maintain a lower-carb, high-protein diet, I soon found out that many of my staples (meat, eggs, cheese, etc.) actually took quite an energetic toll on the body.

“Quantum Love: Use Your Body's Atomic Energy to Create the Relationship You Desire” by Laura Berman, Ph.D.
from Quantum Love: Use Your Body’s Atomic Energy to Create the Relationship You Desire
by Laura Berman, Ph.D.
Hay House, 2016

Signs that you need more protein in your diet include:

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
from The Cyclist’s Training Bible
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2012

For example, high-protein diets have been said to facilitate kidney failure (Klahr, 1989; Pedrini et al., 1996; Hammond and Janes, 1998) and high soy intake, vegetarian diets have been associated by some with enlargement of the pancreas (Liener, 1994) and iron deficiency (Shaw et al., 1995).

“Human Diet: Its Origin and Evolution” by Peter S. Ungar, Mark Franklyn Teaford
from Human Diet: Its Origin and Evolution
by Peter S. Ungar, Mark Franklyn Teaford
Bergin & Garvey, 2002

Furthermore, as protein intake fluctuates from day to day due to changes in intake and catabolism [109], the monthly assessment of nPNA may not be an accurate reflection of true average protein intake, especially if the patient’s protein metabolism is not in equilibrium.

“Nutritional Management of Renal Disease” by Joel D. Kopple, Shaul G Massry, Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh
from Nutritional Management of Renal Disease
by Joel D. Kopple, Shaul G Massry, Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh
Elsevier Science, 2012

“Too Much of a Good Thing: Limiting Protein Intake in Chronic Kidney Disease.”

“Skinny Bastard: A Kick-in-the-Ass for Real Men Who Want to Stop Being Fat and Start Getting Buff” by Rory Freedman, Kim Barnouin
from Skinny Bastard: A Kick-in-the-Ass for Real Men Who Want to Stop Being Fat and Start Getting Buff
by Rory Freedman, Kim Barnouin
ReadHowYouWant.com, Limited, 2010

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  • I’m experiencing some of them but I eat 3/4 meals and some snacks.but constantly feel drained. I’m 5ft6 and 54kg and can see im losing weight. I did have a past of binge eating but finally have control and I thought i was eating normally but I’m not sure now

  • im 14 and i try to eat in a calorie deficit.. i feel cold and tired all the time, ive lost 10 kgs but i have fat aorund my thighs so idk if i should keep counting calories or stop

  • 4 and 5, nevermind then…I thought I had a terrible eating disorder, but these videos show people eating like 50 calories per meal, dang I eat like 1560 a day and I am pretty short, Hahahahah

  • I’m one of those…stress and no eating, not on purpose for the majority of my life. I get ice cold as well, especially when I intermittent fast. There are a couple of concerning endocrine/ hormonal things going on that make me just want to give up trying to be shredded. You have so much insight and knowledge that gives hope. Just need to get my macros right. I can’t have one of those diets where you eat a completely different food combo every meal. I need something practical and quick to meal prep or I end up eating nothing!

  • Thanks for reposting! The last sign is so true. In the past when I haven’t eaten enough I suffered from constipation. And trying to listen to my body on my ownI assumed it was because I was not eating enough/ I listened to my gut literally ��.

  • Just watched this, i do have a hairloss but i never thought it from not eating enough food, im pescetarian so i dont eat meat, and i do eat so little since i have an ulcer and i remember i cant eat a lot of food, and ever since that i pretty much stuck with it, i cant eat much. And i got frustrated, cuz i want to lose weight, and to lose weight i have to be in a calorie deficit, but i already eat so little around 700-1000 cal a day, if i have to be in a calorie deficit im scared for my health. I’ve been looking for answer and i cant find anything, so may be u can help me with this? Love you ❤

  • I haven’t been eating right for 10 years and the past 5 has been so much worse. I really needed this, thank you!! I’m always fatigued, always hungry, always grumpy. Looking for the correct diet to eat correct. Thanks again!!

  • simply getting around 30 grams of protein a day is all we need. As long as you are getting enough calories from food that you need, you will be getting enough protein. Carbs are very important to the human body, every cell in the human body runs off of carbohydrates.

  • I was vegan for almost a year ans noticed I wasn’t consuming much protein. Lost back and core muscle. Changed to mainly plant based with fish and seafood added in and a burger once in a while. Shhh!! �� I still need to intake more, but so far so good. Not saying all vegans lack protein (though when I asked a few vegans, they weren’t taking any peotein supplements or vegan food with protein)..just saying being a full vegan didn’t work for me personally.

  • I only ate a bagel a day and now I feel really nauseous and about to pass out and it’s because I have had a majority of stress and anxiety

  • Interesting, I have several of these issues, which I tried to research separately in vain, but I never thought they could all be connected. And I do have a small appetite, even though I’m very hungry an hour or two before meals, I’m actually unable to eat very large portions. I guess I should throw in an additional meal in my day and see how many birds I can kill with one stone. It would be great if it turned out all this time I actually only had one single problem and easy to fix, too!
    Thanks for this video.

  • ive been stressing, hungry a lot and ive been having bad stomache aches when im not on my menstreal cycle, lately. I know im hungry, kinda, but I just don’t feel like eating, plus I have noticed ive lost a litle bit of weight, I think im starting to go down a bad path. I just don’t really wanna eat unless im told to most times, is something wrong with me not being that interested in food that much, but also not being interested in losing weight.

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  • I walk 8000 to 10000 steps a day and only eat 1200 calories or I feel sick with myself.
    I sometimes eat less then feel good like I m in control.
    Been losing weight easily but today nothing. Same as last Saturday. So disappointed. How can I get rid of the last few pounds and if I m not happy with that lose more?
    Also my hair has thin patches which I worry about as it’s long so noticeable (to me).

  • I’m always constipated and I can’t sleep I probably sleep one hour a day. This is beginning to worry me I’ve been checking all over the Internet there’s no answers on this. I consumed about 1500 calories but their condensed Foods rich in protein.

  • What about constant diarrhea, I have an depression and it’s hard for me to eat, I also think I may be starting to get an eating disorder and I’ve only been one thing a day, this is now gone in almost 2 weeks and I’m having alot of diarrhea

  • Hi Christine, I know this is not a brand new video but i just stumbled on it. this is me. I am never hungry. My hair has gotten so thin to the point where you can now see my scalp. I definatly need to stop drinking alcohol, which i do on a regular basis. but sometimes eating just makes me feel sick I am 58 years old and I look nothing like I used to. I am so upset. I think I am a mesomorph body type. I’m wondering if keto would be right for me, but i do love pasta and potatoes and rice, so not sure

  • I’m 5’1” and I eat around 1250 calories per day. I experience a few of the symptoms. How much should I be eating? It’s hard to tell—I’m not losing weight so I’m either eating a little too much or not enough.

  • I’ve lost almost 20 pounds because of how little I eat, now I feel like most of my clothes are baggy and my boobs are small and saggy. I was 160 but now I’m like 143 in such a small amount of time. I’ve gotten use to not eating a lot to the point of where I feel sick when I eat alot

  • I’m not scared to eat I just don’t want anything most of the time, I’m under a great deal of stress, no energy, hair loss and I’m tired of being so tired, I barely have the energy to play with my kids

  • I eat really healthy but I still under eat calorie wise. My problem is that eating too much makes me feel sick so I stick to 1200-1300 calories a day and cant really eat much more than that.

  • I know this is a old video but i havent been eating as I should….
    1: I have been getting extreme headaches
    2: Heart burn…
    3: I have been eating, one hour i eat but in 3 hours i wont eat and not hungry i dont know:(

  • I actually want to lose some muscle because I have too much of it. My body is too hard and I’ve lost flexibility. I’m very overweight now, every exercise makes me build muscle even walking and I gain more weight, now I’m at 200 pounds at 5’4″ and I wear a size L or XL. Frustrating. I want to lose some fat and muscle.

  • I’m 5 feet tall and weight 106 lbs
    Since I am in quarantine and don’t move during the day except for a 30 minutes workout in the evening, I started trying to eat between 1000-1200 calories, sometimes I just eat 900….I feel like I’m starving sometimes and the only day I feel good is Saturday because I have pizza for lunch. I know I have to eat more, but I know my body and I’m 100% I’d start to gain weight quickly. I don’t really know what to do in this situation:(

  • I’m never hungry. I will go days even as much 2 weeks without eating all because I don’t feel hungry. Luckily I just finished a bowl of salad and I didn’t really want it but once I finished I felt more awake!

  • Omg to me happens the opposite! I’m fine eating 1300 calories. I also lift weights but it seems the right amount of food for me. Although I haven’t lost any fat ��I don’t know why if I’m on a deficit

  • Hi Body Hub, Is whey protein isolate a good replacement for meat protein. One scoop of whey protein isolate is 26gram of protein. it has BCAA etc. I normally take two scoops, one before workout and one after. Your advice is appreciated.

  • I’m still hungry even after i eat. I’m always hungry. So if i eat if i am hungry i might eat every hour. So i eat in a scheduled time. And measures food.

  • This is so important. It’s something I have been struggling with for a while and I have already increased my food intake, but I am just not sure and also, as you said, scared to increase my intake.

    Thank you for making this video and providing all this information. It’s wonderful way to be more conscious about how to take care of our bodies and prioritize health. I will try and figure out what’s best for me.

  • wow i didn’t realize i had all of these symptoms because i wasn’t eating enough. for MONTHS i was so stressed i was barely getting in 500 cals a day, i’ve always felt cold for years now but my hair was falling out too and i was always incredibly tired. i blamed a lot of it on meds i was taking but now it makes so much sense. i’ve boosted my cals loads since then but i still don’t think i’m eating enough. my PMS bloating is making the scale read higher than usual, but i think i need to start eating more so my body can regulate itself. thanks a lot for the help!

  • those are 5 really good signs. I have experienced them all. It can be tough trying to eat enough consistently when you have food sensitivities. Not getting stronger is a good one that someone mentioned below. I have noticed the feeling of being unmotivated, weak, and gassing out easily during a workout. Keeping track of your foods helps a lot if you can stay consistent and follow through every day. I track my food, but sometimes I lack follow through and don’t record my last intake.

  • I am struggling to find a way to add more protein in my diet. Granted, I’m eating more protein than I have in the past year. I have been looking into protein supplements, snack ideas, and meal ideas all over the internet. It is just overwhelming. I am thankful you do put out these informative videos and have a website dedicated to health. That has been very helpful to me.

  • Lately I’ve been very cold old all the time and I’ve been feeling very fatigue and weak. So today I ate more than usual, lets see how I’ll feel tomorrow. Theese are the only symptoms, except I’ve also been loosing some hair.

  • Some of these symptoms could also be related to thyroid function. I have mine checked regularly because hypothyroidism runs in my family.

  • Since I started working out again, I’ve become SO ANGRY I’m talking like impulsive anger and it comes out as being impulsive and crying because I’ve been just so angry allll the time.

    I took a look at my calories, and I’ve been in serious deficit for several months, now I’m learning to eat 1600kcal a day and it feels like I’m stuffing myself just cheeks full all the f** time but at least I’m eating. (Counting macros and hoping the anger Will go away. I’m so tired of being mad all the time -> realised I’ve been HANGRY since fall 2018)

  • 1. Stress
    2. Constant Hunger
    3. Low Energy Levels
    4. Feeling Cold All The Time
    (yes, sometimes i wake up from sleep because im too cold)
    5. Hair Loss
    (yess!! i thought its female alopecia but it said stress is also a cause of this,)
    6. Constipation (reason why im watching this video)

    i’m actually at a normal weight but i do want to lose more, and should i eat more veges? because i’ve suffered with bowel issues all my life, constantly gassy and constipated, now what i’d do is drink 3 litre of water in the morning to make sure i go everyday, so it frustrates me when i don’t because i’m scared of being gassy again, it gives me so much anxiety. and i know the cause of this is me undereating. but i really want to go to toliet everyday:// like actually low cal but also enough amount for intestine to push the food..

  • I have a question, I am following your shred on a budget for women. What I’m trying to do is transfer your recipes into MyFitnessPal, however I am having problems on trying to add for example 5.2 houses of chicken, I need some type of assistance on how to do that. Can anyone help

  • This definitely describes me lately. I don’t understand tho. Been following my customized meal plan to a tee. All macros figured in for my body, yet I still feel weak and hangry, and craving sweets & carbs. Any idea what could be wrong

  • I’ll add to this not enough calories can also result in feeling lightheaded, dizziness, not sleeping well, and very short tempered.

  • how about people who are vegetarian do not have to worry much since you just sed it they are vegetarian not vegan. they get proteen from some of the plants they eat and from the eggs and fish they eat. and for you people who say I am wrong and want to act like you no more then me do some research vegetarians eat eggs and fish and if say they do not you no nothing about it so f off.

  • How many of these symptoms should we have to be concerned I only have that I’m always cold and I can have constipation rarely but is that enough because I’ll be happy to eat more ��

  • Thank you for this. I have IBS and I don’t really get hungry… I just get symptoms of low blood sugar. I know I am not eating enough but it is hard when I have a restrictive diet and abnormal hunger cues.

  • OK so i can tell maybe be in deficit all the time i workout 10 times a week i know that is crazy but sometimes is two times in one day sooo im eating 2000 calories + i walking 23th steps daily…help me

  • Very informative video!
    Just a question: How am I supposed to know I am eating a proper amount when I have a chronic illness that has all of if not most of these symptoms?

  • Scouring youtube trying to figure out why I’m so tired and irritable as I try a lifestyle of mainly meat, eggs and vegetables. This was helpful!

  • 1. Stress
    2. Constant Hunger
    3. Low Energy Levels
    4. Feeling Cold All The Time
    5. Hair Loss
    6. Constipation

    You’re welcome! Lol! Great video! ����

  • This video is SO helpful. Needed reminded of the science behind it all. It’s so difficult to make the changes and trust my body. Eating should be easy but it’s not. Thank you

  • This video was soooo informative! After 3 years of dieting (and loosing 80 pounds the first 2 years) I have been at a plateau for the last year and and ALWAYS ALWAYS Starving… Even as soon as I have finished a meal, I am hungry and I can safely say I never get full anymore…. Also…. the constipation… I go 3/4 days without going and I eat A TON of vegetables…

  • Plz balance this with a benefits of short term fasting video and explain the difference between long term undereating, starvation, and fasting.
    As always thanks for the info

  • My days start off with me running to the bathroom to throw up even though my stomach is empty from the night before. I have no desire to eat after that. I try to make myself eat as much as I can. I can tell my body needs food but it’s hard to consume. It’s 7pm rn and all i had was soda, water and vitamins (i know my eating habits are bad so i always take essential vitamins).

  • Wow, this blew my mind. Could you make a video on tips for how to eat more? I know it sounds silly. But i think those of us who struggle need help in this area. I repeatedly have to stop using fitness apps because when I try to enter my food for the day it will say it’s insufficient and wont accept it. I understand why they do it but it’s discouraging too. I need help!

  • I’ve lost 30lbs so far and want to lose the last 20lbs. Starting December 2018, I joined Weight Watchers for the second time in hopes of getting to my goal weight. My exercise routine consists of 5x per week strength training (30-45 minutes) and 3x HIIT cardio (20 minutes). I eat very clean, limiting my sweets to once per week. I’m frustrated because the scale literally stayed the same. My clothes fit a bit better but I don’t see much change in my physique. One day I was curious and decided to count my calories on the WW app and the calories would range anywhere from 1100-1400. I thought lower calories were best to get to my goal but this video came at the right time. I was on the brink of giving up entirely. I’m 32 5’6, 162lbs wanting to get down to 140 by June. Should I be eating around 1700-1800? I just want to start seeing results because I’m working my butt off.. I don’t want to quit because I’m almost to my goal but it’s disheartening. When losing the initial 30lbs, I did nothing but HIIT cardio 4x per week and the scale was moving downward at a good pace. However, I was smaller but I lost my shape. This time around I was told to focus more on building muscle but the scale is tripping me up. I need to retrain my mind I guess.

  • Hi! It would have been helpful to provide protein guidelines for individuals that are not ‘hard-training athletes’. I do exercise, but I wouldn’t put myself in that category. Thanks!

  • How to you access your activity level in quarantine. I run 3-4 miles 3-4 times per week and lift weights 3 times a week also. Then you I’m home watching tv or doing small things around the house and relatively seditary. How do I gauge this if I want to lose body fat? Thanks

  • I always think i eat too much but at the same time I’m never feeling quite full. I always feel some kind of hunger even after I eat a meal, so I guess I am not eating enough but I just feel so bad whenever I increase my food intake��

  • I’m really scared for myself and my health. I’m trying to eat more because I’m underweight and I don’t want to be and never wanted to be. I really need help and I’m scared

  • I have all of these symptoms plus more like no period for over a year and being very tired all the time. Idk what to do I’m afraid I’ve messed up my body and I’m only 13. Im scared and I’ve been to the doctor multiple times but they were not very helpful at all. I’m trying to eat more but it’s so hard because I’m so scared of gaining weight.:( I’ve already gained 18 pounds but I was very thin at a BMI of 14.0 but now my BMI is 17.2 so I feel like I shouldn’t gain anymore weight even though my doctor and parents say I have to. I have gained a lot of weight but I’m still ALWAYS hungry and cold. My stomach just feels like a bottomless pit, I’m always so hungry and scared I won’t ever stop eating.

  • If you’re eating enough food you’re getting enough protein. The only people deficient in protein are people who are starving i.e. anorexic or don’t have access to enough food. People need to worry less about protein and more about fiber, the thing most people are actually deficient in.

  • ughh, I have all of the signs. it’s so hard sitting down and actually eating. when I have to watch over my babies constantly keep my house tidy and take care of my husband. I go to the gym almost every day and lately have been feeling so bad.

  • Strange but unfortunately based on my own personal experience, this is all complete bullshit… I may not be doing the same as ” Not Eating Enough Food” but i have been applying time restricting eating and i experience the OPPOSITE of these symptoms. I eat a lot less than im “supposed” to. this is because i feel full with very little food now. I used to be able to intake a lot more food but i stopped over eating. Right now i only eat when i’m hungry withing a certain time period (between 11am and 7pm). I eat anything i want within these hours and nothing outside of these hours. This has changed my life. I’m sorry but the human body is not made to eat 3 meals a day. It is made to withstand more like 3 meals a week! humans are over eating and this is a problem.

  • Is it true you won’t loose weight if you don’t eat enough calories, (at least short term) because your metabolism slows to conserve energy?

    I weight 180 and am 5’6″ and have been strictly eating around 1,000 calories per day for 2 weeks but I am not loosing weight. I am keeping an accurate/strict calorie log and eating whole foods, fruits, veggies, plain yogurt, nuts and seeds. I have hypothyroidism so i know that adds challenge. I am walking 2-3 miles per day only drinking water and unsweetened tea. Very frustrated.

    The only times I have lost significant weight I have either had to eat 500-600 calories per day for months, or workout 7 days per week while on extreme calorie restriction.

    Trying to do this the healthy way, but not having much luck.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • What it was for me was, I have been leaving out my proteins and of course review my supplements. Our foods don’t have the proper nutrients because the land had been soooo abused and depleted. Unfortunately, supplements are now a must have. Chromium picolinate helps curb cravings.

  • I thought all those symptoms were the menopause. I recently turned 50 and was always moody with brain fog and snapping at the family. I’m on hrt patches now, and feeling heaps better, but crave sweet things which I’ve never done before.

  • I am female age 27 now I feel tension anxiety my workout out routine is good but my diet routine is not balance my height is 5 feet 4 inches and my weight is 65 kg is my weight is OK? Kindly reply

  • Hello!!! Thank you Very Very much for your kind video information!!! You gave us a great info!
    I have just a little concern, What about if i have all those symptoms and I have a bit of extra weights. Do I probably have any hormones condition? Or is it a lower calorie issue as you say on your video, because I eat very clean but I am still not shredded on my abdominal area.

  • My hair loss is more since the last four month since I am being prevented, hindered and blocked from ordering any grocery online to be delivered to my home 19 PIPPIN CLOSE, MISTERTON, DONCASTER, DN10 4DX (PLOT 9 NT431866) since April 2020. My face have more pimples than before and I can’t over exert myself doing anything therefore I havr to pace myself. I am getting skinner by the week and even my pyjamas falling off my waist. My face is much slimmer and collar bones shows more. Even though I have stated my circumstances to two uk supermarkets they don’t care. I am partically starving. I pray to the Lord God to help me. Help me Lord Jesus!!!

  • Hey Christine,

    I’ve calculated my daily caloric intake using the Mifflin St. Jeor equation and activity level. However, I experience most of the symptoms whenever I attempt to cut, and I end up eating a surplus of approximately a thousand calories within a day after a week. I’m not cutting too many calories and I know for sure that my BMR isn’t abnormally fast. How do I go about this?

  • I am not overweight but been eating…….well…….I believe not enough. I’m a big eater if I want to, but half the problem is you see……this food is bad for you…….then you try looking for another alternative to replace…..then another says this is no good for you……whether it’s carbs, fats, this or that……each video can screw your head up…….it’s no wonder you find yourself under eating through stress……and there is the key……they say don’t stress, coz it raises cortisol…….and this was all started at the beginning. �� It’s like a vicious circle ��

  • I have a net of 1000 calories when I take away calories burned from training from my maintenance of 1400 is that bad? I feel physically I’ll when I try to write or talk. I need to lose weight but is this a safe deficit.

  • Been there. I wasn’t aware I was not taking in enough food.
    You can make it for a couple of weeks, but after a month or so you’ll crash hard.

    If you have a physical job, like me, you probably need much more food than a sedentary person. Even more if you work out on top of it.

    As a relatively medium size man, I still need about 3000 calories a day.
    It isn’t easy. Eating that much does not come naturally to me.

  • I can’t eat much more due to my binge eating habits from my bulimia, however I can confirm these. When I was anorexic I suffered all of these. Constant stress, constantly hungry (except it was more delayed which is why I became bulimic and started binge eating), always tired, always cold (still am to an extent), hair fell out in clumps, and I could never properly use the restroom. Terrible way to live.

  • I need help with this, i normally eat alot, but im sick and i have fever, but the fever makes my taste buds bitter thats why i eat little….

  • I eat quite clean overall. But I am cold all the time and can’t remember the last time I had energy. But I’m also anemic and they don’t know why my body won’t absorb iron. So perhaps I am eating enough, just not property absorbing other nutrients?? How reliable is it to use your BMR in determining how much to eat??

  • What about the rat studies that show longevity increase in caloric restriction? Is it slowed metabolism?
    Also 1200 calories?
    I would think 1500 minimum for most people, even totally sedentary people.

  • Just had to discontinue my bikini contest prep, due to all of these symptoms. I feel like absolute crap! Was eating less than 1000 cal and expected to do 6 days of cardio and strength training. I tried to follow my coach’s recommendations to be stage ready by April. I’ve been in prep since October 2018. I just could not physically or mentally keep up with this lifestyle any longer. I am convinced I had been under-eating for way to long and my body is now metabolically compromised. I follow you and love how knowledgeable you are and have even implemented your formulas for figuring out my personal macros. I would love to have you confirm my numbers, just for my peace of mind. For now, the stage will have to wait. My health is more important to me. Thank you for all you do!

  • I have like half of these symptoms. A huge problem for me is that I struggle to feel full/pretty much always being hungry and I’m always fatigued, does that mean I need to eat more? I eat about 1800 calories a day and burn 2400 on average but I’m trying to lose weight and I was losing weight but now I’m at a plateau so should I maybe try eating more?

  • Hangry is real! Lol. I struggle to remember to have a post workout shake since I train in the evening. Trying to figure out when to have a carb snack, dinner time, and enough protein is tough some days.

  • It’s amazing how many people with eating disorders are here making comments below about how protein deficiency can’t be real. In western countries, where there aren’t any food scarcities, people starve themselves on purpose. Sad.

  • I just want to mention I have spoon or pear body shape I always get weight in my belly and thighs area which drug me crazy because I look clearly unbalanced I’m trying exercises at home but nothing work

  • I have all of these�� I also struggle with an eating disorder so it’s a very frustrating cycle. I notice when I dont eat enough my weight jumps up alot.

  • can you do a video on the effects eating disorders have on hormones in the short and long term?? in recovery currently and this video was so helpful

  • Literally I had plantain and popcorn today. And then I ate noodles (630 calories ��) with chicken. I think I eat around 1200 calories a day but I’m not losing weight, just feeling like shit

  • I wasn’t eating enough anxiety heightened was very irritable lost weight though and on my cheat day I binged 2 days in a row and gained it all back funnnnnnnn back to square 1 and I’m sad but I guess it had to happen for me to realize I wasn’t eating enough and I needed to change that sigh

  • I had a fitness trainer who told me to eat 80 gr of protein, on 171 cm and 55 kg. I’ve lost 5 kg and I felt all those symptoms. I lost all muscles and I am naturally skinny. Now I understand what is going on!! Thank you!

  • I’m vegan and I had always heard from the YT vegan community that if I was “getting enough calories”, I was therefore getting enough protein. I shifted my macros recently to where i now consume 100-140g protein / day instead of the 45-65g I was getting before. The difference is INSANE. I thought my body type just struggled to build upper body strength. Nope, it was my diet. Definitely doable on a vegan or veg diet and I think it actually makes it easier to keep fat (which I also am eating more of) under control as well.

  • Me: “I wonder if I’m eating enough proteins lately. Oh I know, I’ll check gaugegirltraining, there’s probably a video about that.”
    gaugegirltraining: posts a video about this exact subject, precisely today

  • By Eating meat we destroying future generations & MOTHEREARTH

    We r Savage selfish Cruel Greedy ignorant TERRORIST FOR INNOCENT ANIMALS

  • I’m sure like all things, there is a such thing as too much of a good thing.. like too much protein, right? I’m not asking because I feel like that because I know I’m deficient in it.. like most things because I simply don’t eat much food and whatever I do eat has little to no nutritional value….I was just wondering (if someone can consume top much protein)

  • Hey Christine! I knew I wasn’t eating enough protein when I was trying to lose weight because I was losing my muscle mass. Now I focus more on eating enough protein and taking glutamine/bcaas and having a protein shake when I’m on the go and can’t eat real food. Protein is so crucial!

  • Omg!! Your the best!!! I has all the symptoms of not having enough protein!! I really appreciate this video! I’m so glad I subscriber!! Thank you!!!

  • Bull…….oat meal and broccoli have plenty of protein. Meat only adds saturated fat which you don’t need. If you want to avoid muscle loss, do resistance training. Saturated fat won’t help you.

  • It’s so hard though. I need help. I’ve experience all of those things. But when I feel hungry, they thought of food scares me and I lose my appetite. I’m not stick skinny but I’m slim. And I think the reason my body holds onto that extra fat is because I don’t eat enough. In afraid of eating over 1400 calories and I’m 17 and I’m pretty sure I need more than that. I just don’t know what to do.

  • This information was very much needed. I recently found out I am gluten intolerante and have allergies to all meat except pork and seafood. I am also lactose and soy intolerante. I was working out but stopped due to an accident. I am getting ready to get back to the gym. My question I am new to all these allergies I don’t know where to start with my diet. Any advice?

  • I am vegan and I get confused on what foods are protien and what are carbs. Besides doing protien shakes, what are good options for protiens in your opinion?

  • Hi Christine! Do you have any tips for getting enough protein for vegetarians? Thank you!!

    PS: I love how your channel is growing! I’m so proud! Been subscribed before 30K subscribers!:”)

  • Processed meat is a class 1 carcinogen. That means it absolutely causes cancer, it’s in the same class as cigarettes. I wish you wouldn’t promote that. Plant protein is certainly healthier. As long as we’re eating (and it’s not the Standard American Diet), we will eat enough protein.:)

  • i get hungry right after eating! i do train weight lifting and cardio up to 7 hrs a week, but still not sure if im eating enough. although i do feel the amount that im eating is enough, my body still sending hunger signals

  • Thanks for sharing this great content because I use to undereating and not eat enough protein and now this all makes sense of why I was not seeing or getting results.

  • Hi there thanks for this information. I’m 300 a pound woman and chronometer says I need 244g of protein. As a vegan I dont know how to surpass the 100 grams that I eat in a day��. Any tips?