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Stock up on healthier versions of picnic staples like cheese, spicy dips and more. 5 RD-Approved Picnic Items to Buy at Trader Joe’s chevron_left PREV: Curry-Rubbed Salmon Skewers Wi. From tabbouli to snack mix and sunscreen, Trader Joe’s has everything you need for a backyard bash. Here are our 10 must-have picnic finds. There’s a new snack mix.

When planning our own, we knew Trader Joe’s would be a good place to start. We searched the store for the best picnicand budget-friendly food and drinks, and it did not disappoint. Thanks to TJ.

For example, an 100-count bottle of vitamin B pills sells for $5.99 at Trader Joe’s and for $4.75 at Walgreens. “Watch for sales at your local grocery store. Trader Joe’s is a neighborhood grocery store with amazing food and drink from around the globe and around the corner. Great quality at great prices.

That’s what we call value. Trader Joe’s One highly raved-about product at the chain is its store-brand coffee. “I love my java in the morning, and whenever I shop at Trader Joe’s, their Trader’s dark coffee is one of the things I stock up on, as well as their instant Colombian coffee,” said chef Nicole Andrea Guzman. Meat is one of the most expensive items on your grocery list, but buying it frozen from Trader Joe’s can shave hundreds of dollars off your yearly budget. Plus, it won’t spoil as quickly. At TJ’s, find frozen seafood, frozen chicken breasts in bulk and grass-fed frozen beef.

Inside Trader Joe’s a Podcast episode 28 available From our humble beginnings as a small chain of eclectic Southern California convenience stores, Trader Joe’s has grown to become a national chain of 508 (and counting) neighborhood grocery stores, employing more than. Explore Jonathan Belmares’s board “Picnic Items “, followed by 134 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Picnic, Picnic items, Vintage picnic. The best of Trader Joe’s all in one place.. We love Trader Joe’s for their happy tropical shirt-wearing employees, the values down every aisle, and some of the most innovative, hard-to-find, and great tasting foods you simply can’t find at other grocers..

Today we’re sharing the top 14 best finds you’ll be glad you scooped up on your next shopping trip!

List of related literature:

Convenience items, including canned items, such as vegetables, soups, and broths, as well as jarred goods, such as pasta sauce, peanut butter, salsa, condiments, and salad dressing, take up the remainder of the grocery store.

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This year’s changes include: the addition of a full pound of Cranberry-Apple, Potato Dumplings, a new ‘Tofu Tender’ Stuffed Tofu Roast, a new box with beautiful photos and graphics and a larger, 3.5 lb size for the entire package which retails in natural foods and grocery stores for around $20.

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Baskets should be ordered at least 2 days ahead, and can have other items added, such as wine, bread dippers, herb teas, dried fruit,

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Whole grains and other cereal products, legumes such as beans, peas, and lentils, as well as herbs, spices, seasonings, and canned and frozen goods are inexpensive and smart pantry essentials.

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Cellar onions, storage apples, and pantry goods such as rice, flour, and beans are year-round staples and fair game.

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will be opened frequently (for fruit and beverages), and one Spices and dried herbs Keep in lightproof containers in a for perishable items like meat, poultry, salads, and cheese.

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Expect limited selection at certain times of the year, and keep in mind that no matter how much you rely on farmers markets to stock your refrigerator, you will find yourself making other trips to pick up items on your list that the market does not have (canned beans or baking powder, for example).

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Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and health food stores carry boxes of organic vegetable soup, precooked wild rice, 1-pound bags of frozen organic vegetables, coconut milk, and curry powder.

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One after another, at the hours fixed by the regulations, the different markets open; there are markets for vegetables, fruit, cheese, fish, meat and sausages, poultry and game, wine, wood, pottery, ironmongery, and old articles.

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  • Kimchi is so good!! Eat it with rice! You can eat it with bulgogi which is a sweet, soy sauce marinated korean beef dish! Easy to look up and make ��

  • Love your videos! I finally went to TJ’s for the ver 1st time last weekend with my mom & sister. It was amazing. The closest TJ’s is 1.5 hours away and it was so worth it. Watched your videos before we went, made a (long) list but only got 1/8 of the list… yeah it was a long list. Thank you so much for all the suggestions & getting me hooked on TJ’s. Making another trip out there next week or so.

  • This Video was Sooo Satisfying to watch!!
    I love the vibe of you video you will make it far, I make similar videos maybe when your free you could check them out ❤have a great day❤

  • Loved the vlog, as usual. Please ignore everyone lecturing you about who you should and should not shop from, or trying to shame you for spending your own money on things you want. People want to use you in order to feel morally superior. Garbage holier-than-thou humans, basically. Keep up the great vids and stay healthy! ^_^

  • That store sells some pretty weird food items…and a bit pricey on a good number of items.
    Once I purchased a tuna sandwich from their ready made items. Later when I started to take a bite out of it, Good grief, I found the thing taste like someone had made it on top the same cutting board fresh caught fish were carved up on.
    “Total yuk!
    I quickly spit it out and went and fixed myself a salad instead.
    While I was doing that, our stupid cocker spaniel went and gobbled down that sandwhich I left on the coffee table.
    Later that night, that poor dog had the worst case of diarrhea all over the yard…and in on the house carpet too. Thanks Trader Joe for such a wonderful sandwich. ��

  • If I had to eat only one thing for the rest of my life it would be my home made french fries with feta and parsley. I would die happy. Love your channel btw. I have learned so much from you.

  • The Marshmallows are amazing! And I love getting the giant chocolate chip cookie in the frozen section and when it comes out of the oven you just add a scoop of French Vanilla icecream on top. So amazing! As for drinks I’m obsessed with the Kenya AA coffee, it’s my favorite coffee!

  • Trader Joe’s is not kool. ��. Because their Not Everywhere.. When they are in the 50 states around the world. Then I would support them…. Thanks for sharing with us all…

  • Try putting the spice za’atar on top of the lebnah and then dip toasted pita in it! It’s my favorite and the spice adds a lot of flavor!

  • My only problem is their milk….. when you pour it into a coffee, there are curdles…. this immediately disgusts me, even though the expiration date is correct, also, it smells funky. Why?

  • You must get to TJ’s super early…Mine is always a mad house. �� I got sucked in to both types of cookies and the savory biscuits.. Amazingly I didn’t love the cookies and haven’t tried the biscuits yet. Side note, every time I watch your hauls I end up zooming over to my TJ’s. Hahaha. (That’s the point) thanks for all the great info!

  • Kimchi is usually a side dish for Korean meals. I make Kimchi fried brown rice with egg or tofu for protein but it is amazing with bacon!

  • Another awesome vlog!!!! Your TJs vlogs are always so thorough and highlight so many of our awesome products!! Come to the AH location down the road!!!! ❤️❤️

  • They dont carry many things like a full size market… worstthey dont sell jalapeño, or serranos by the weight? Only in 3$ package? No thanks lol

  • You’re so lucky that your TJs isn’t packed with people. Ours is packed from morning until close every day of the week. I love the store so much, but it’s so stressful shopping there.

  • I have to say something I have to I just have to. I am a boy not. Girl and I like to dance and sing and occasionally I like to sway:) I have 3 dogs not real just in my head dogs. They are glamours like me:) I also have the ability to eat dairy with no carey. I have five toe nails. TOTAL. I jump and jack and I don’t do crack! I eat and sleep but no meat not a peep!:)

  • As a former employee, lots of people exploit the return policy. Some people return ten items at a time and “buy” more using the refund. They say the things weren’t to their liking but sometimes they’ll return a bag of nuts, for example, with one nut at the bottom. I’d be embarrassed!

  • I’m loving those arm tracks from purvelo ���� I do it without weights because chronic illness stole my muscles but the video goes by SO fast!!! I’m always like woah it’s already done! Challenging but nice and quick. ☺️��

  • The lemon cookies, pita crackers, fresh raspberries, Kale spinach chicken Caesar salad, dark sea salt caramel chocolate and pecans coated candy.

  • I think Trader Joe’s mission is to fill the world with as much plastic as possible. Can’t buy almost any fruits or vegetables unless they’re wrapped in tons of plastic. So much for bringing my own reusable shopping bag.

  • Millions of tons of wasteful plastic packaging sitting in landfills and floating in our oceans, that’ll be the real legacy of Trader Joe’s. Avoid all packaged foods and maybe they’ll change.

  • I stopped shopping at TJ because they cant figure out how to effectively check everyone out when very busy. The check out clerks need to talk less & work faster. Its the most annoying grocery store to shop in.

  • Trader Joe’s is a foreign owned company y that sends its profits and our jobs overseas. It destroys local companies particularly small business.

    Stop worshiping money and vanity and help your neighbors and communities and shop local, stay away from mega size corporations in general and all foreign owned ones that come up with elaborate schemes to avoid taxes.

    Wake up America.


  • You may think that all TJ’s products are somehow better, healthier or produced with welfare in mind. You’ll see a huge sign in stores boasting CAGE FREE under the eggs. Never, ever believe that this is anything but a myth wrt raising hens or eggs properly. TJ’s cage free egg production is an abomination, just as unsanitary, disease-ridden and cruel to animals as anywhere else. At least other stores do not claim to be cruelty-free or environmentally sound like TJ’s does. They are hypocritical and deceptive. Check out these short videos:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_74fxDbBPI or

  • listened to the new podcast ep today and it was really enlightening and refreshing to listen to you guys are so raw and real and i love it so much. not something you usually see on social media. i respect you guys so much

  • I think it’s terribly wasteful to try something, but of course you should be able to return things. I love Trader Joe’s, even when it’s crowded!

  • New to your channel. Really like the healthy trader joes hauls and also taste tests. So funny how he reached for the black tea before you even tried to open it because of your nails. lol he already knows

  • girl fast fashion is not the move. as an influencer and fashion student u should know that! I understand that u need money from brands, but especially during times like these, I wish u would be more aware.

  • The lemon cookies, pita crackers, fresh raspberries, Kale spinach chicken Caesar salad, dark sea salt caramel chocolate and pecans coated candy.

  • I also like TJ’s Almond milk. I can’t get through the Costco 3-pack quick enough. For coffee, I get the Cold Brew Concentrate (32 oz) every now and then -it lasts forever! My favorite sweet treat is the little blue bag of dark-chocolate covered cacao nibs.Yum! By the way, great job Mr. Pointer-outer-helper-dude!:)

  • Is the face mask supposed to be blue on the outside or inside? When my mom had surgery she said all the nurses said the blue side shouldn’t be showing but I’ve seen it both ways…anyone know?

  • Loved your helping hands!!! We love Trader Joe’s orange juice and my toddlers love the chocolate cat cookies. We really like the Fig Bites too ����

  • you’re a smart and responsible adult so ik you probably didn’t drink much of it but please don’t drink and drive!! i’m not assuming anything or accusing u i’m just making a little disclaimer.

  • you’re such a bad role model lmao lets promote 45422 skincare brands!! and fast fashion brands because I buy clothes every week!! girl PLEASE consider reducing your impact on our poor planet. We CANT live like we used to live!!

  • my style literally evolves when yours does! I had just started buying all the same things you posted for that model off duty look I LOVE

  • Girl you need to stop buying stuffyou have so many clothes and material items already, do the world and your wallet a favor and think twice before buying so much

  • I bought the lemon ricotta and lime it but it’s definitely different! Texture of ricotta but lemon flavored. Sweet, not savory.
    I wish we had a large TJ’s!

  • I agree that the stuffed gnocchi is wonderful. My daughter slowly heats it on the stove but we’ll try air frying it in our Ninja like it was suggested. Thanks!

  • Thanks Katie for all the updates…the apple cranberry tart is my favorite…. did you and Spencer pick out a special 2019 ornament yet….then get an ornament box and keep your special ornaments in there so when it’s time to decorate each year you will have all these special memories to reflect on…. Best of everything to you and Spencer….p.s. my name is Kyle just like the Trader Joe Mascot…. too funny!

  • Cant stand trader Joe’s. Like, orange juice… but it all has blueberry in it…. yes, theres peanut butter…. but its PB with curry flavor…. it feels like talking to those people who can never give you a straight answer….

  • Lol I frequent TJs and these videos get me into trouble! I bought like every single holiday thing last year and ended up keeping/ eating half of it! Yikes! My husband would come home to another package opened and ask “isn’t that for Christmas gifts?” Oops!

    P.s. I like your sparkly red nails

  • Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Dark Chocolate Roasted Pistachio Toffee, Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger, The Dark Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate Bar (85% cacao), Pure Aloe Vera Juice 1.0 gal (dietary supplement), Organic Jalapeno Limeade for margaritas 😉

  • I bought the fudge covered cookie mix for my coworkers on the break room and they are the best! I probably ate half the box by myself.

  • Wrong! Trader Joe’s DOES give out samples of wine, not all the time, but I’ve had some myself there maybe a couple of times this past year.

  • HEY YOU!!! DID YOU WAIT TO SEE THE BLOOPERS???!!! Let me know what you love at Trader Joe’s!!!��REMEMBER to BE CONFIDENTLY FRUGAL!!!❤️I’m also so excited to let you know my guide ‘CUT IT OUT: How To Attract Abundance While Simplifying, Saving Time, Money & Space & Your Sanity’ is NOW available for you on my website. Its a downloadable PDF where I dive into topics about our relationship with money, clutter, budgeting, and how to manifest and visualize ANY a life of abundance. These are the exact things I have done personally to attain my dream partner, job, house, car, and overall life that I am so proud of. I really really hope you guys enjoy, check it out here: http://www.FreeToFrugal.com

  • the amount of times you buy/advertise fast fashion is INSANE oh my god the amount of clothes you get is so unethical and unnecessary

  • Jennies macaroons, Enjoy Life snickerdoodles, Back To Nature peanut butter cookies & So Delicious coconut almond barsfew of our household favs. I drink alot of La Croix coconut & passion fruit.

  • The closest Trader Joe’s to me is about 45 min away.: ( So I usually stick with Aldi. But when I do go to Trader Joes every blue moon, I know what to get now.: )

  • Have you tried their frozen black bean enchiladas? Omg, it’s some of the best red chili I’ve ever tasted! And like you, I’m a verde girl. ��

  • I used to buy Balela chickpeas eastern style salad because it had expeller pressed canola oil instead of regular highly processed canola oil in it. One day I decided to check ingredients again and now they have just canola oil. I think they switched to cheaper processed oil hoping people will not notice. Nobody checks ingredients every time they buy the same product right? I don’t know if I should trust Trader Joe’s now.

  • Their lemonade is good. We have tried the frozen concentrate kind too. Those fig bars are great. I love their little hazelnut chocolate wafer cookies. We love the JoJo’s. My daughter gets excited they have a gluten free version. I love that their stuff doesn’t have the nasty fake ingredients. I like their chocolate like PB cups and chocolate covered almonds. And those long chocolate sticks at the register. I love the espresso and the raspberry flavor. Baby hates chocolate though and I am nursing so I miss it. �� Also cut out gluten and dairy for the moment so that had put a damper on my sweets too… But it is for the best. �� my other daughter loves the sea creature gummies there. We don’t usually buy them but have before.

  • You have to try the Jingle Jangle ice cream. I gave my friends a pint and they finished it in one sitting! Our Joe’s has a sample bar in the back corner and they sometimes open things for you to try. Check in yours for a sample bar or ask the always helpful staff.

  • We love marshmallows from trader Joe’s because they don’t have the artificial vanilla that others have. They have them during the summer.

  • Lol I have trader Joe chocolate stash too!�� We get chocolate covered almonds and dark chocolate peanut butter cups. My one son might like those orange chocolate sticks, not me though! I only make every other month stops to trader Joe’s…. My kids are on summer break now and might have to go add an extra trip in this summer. It will be nice to have the help�� Definitely going to look for those items. Love that you included little helping hands in your video, so cute! My 9 year would love to be a YouTuber already! So would I, but terribly camera shy! Can’t wait til the next haul��

  • Good morning Kim! Thank you for sharing some of your favorite treats! I really love those orange sticks myself! I’m a fan of cranberry juice so I will give that a try! My favorite beverage there is the sparkling pink lemonade! The day is drawing near, I’m so excited to see you! Nikki

  • I’m in LOVE with Trader Joes PB cups, and chocolate bars. I stock up on treats when I get near a TJ’s!:) Hey! Momma’s always have to have a little chocolate stash! haha