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What the expert says: Almond butter is the gateway to peanut butter alternatives due to its mild flavor profile and growing accessibility. And nutritionally, it’s worth the slightly higher cost. 5 Peanut Butter Alternatives. Keep in mind that peanut butter isn’t the only option when it comes to nut butters. There are healthy nut butter options available that you can buy prepared of make yourself.

Here are some of the most popular: 1. Almond butter. Although it is very expensive, almond butter tastes great and is very nutritious. A two-tablespoon serving is virtually identical to peanut. Another great alternative is hemp seed butter.

Hemp seeds are non-allergenic and can be enjoyed by many people with nut allergies. Hemp seed butter is also a great source of protein with the perfect amount of omega6 to omega3. Hemp butter has a similar taste to sunflower seed and almond butter. Both kids and parents love the flavor. This supersmooth peanut butter is worth slathering on everything: hot waffles, crisp apples, just-baked banana bread.

Delicious, Organic Alternative to Peanut Butter, 16 ounce plastic jars. Peanut butter cookies, peanut butter jelly sandwiches, and other treats can benefit from the best peanut butter jars on this list picked by food industry experts. Walnut Butter. Wellnut Farms, $13.99.

Walnut butters are a unique alternative to the stale peanut and almond everyday options, and because of its incredibly rich omega-3 fatty acid amounts, it’s incredibly nourishing and healthful. But Taste Test: Of all the nut butters we taste tested, this one had the most unanimous agreement—we all. There are more peanut butter alternatives out there to try and enjoy! Nut Butters: Peanut Butter Substitutes.

Many of the nut butters below are an easy and delicious substitute for peanut butter. Be sure to read the description for each, as each nut butter has its own distinct taste and set of uses. Almond Butter. 5. Santa Cruz Organic Dark Roasted Peanut Butter. $5.79 per pound (36.2 cents per ounce) At almost double the price of the cheapest “natural” options, this had better be good. Santa Cruz’s peanut butter contains only roasted peanuts and 1% or less of salt.

It’s also organic, which might have something to do with the amped-up price point. 5 Alternatives to Peanut Butter 1. Sunbutter: It’s our favorite. Yes, it does have a “sunflower seed” after taste mainly because it’s made with sunflower seeds but we are used to it.

Here are 5 alternatives to peanut butter: Sunflower butter. This butter is made from sunflower seeds and is a great source of magnesium and vitamin E. As an added bonus, it contains less sugar and saturated fat than some popular peanut butter brands. Brand of Choice: Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter.

List of related literature:

Peanuts are a good source of protein, niacin, phosphorus, magnesium, folic acid and vitamin E, and have dozens of uses beyond peanut butter.

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What: natural peanut butter, also known as old-fashioned peanut butter, is made by blending roasted peanuts with some salt into a paste that is either creamy or crunchy.

“Bon Appetit Desserts: The Cookbook for All Things Sweet and Wonderful” by Barbara Fairchild
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standard for peanut butter consisting of 95% peanuts and 5% optional ingredients including salt, sugar, dextrose, honey, or hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated peanut oil.

“Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, and Practice” by Neal D. Fortin
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For a basic peanut butter, you can add 1 tbsp of maple syrup and 1 tsp of salt.

“Let's Get Saucy: 55+ vegan sauce recipes that will blow your mind.” by Hannah Janish
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There are recipes for sandwiches with “almond nut butter,” and “Peanut sandwiches” spread with a “form of nut butter which flavors so strongly of peanuts that it will make an excellent substitute for dairy butter to spread the bread and hold the crushed nuts in place.”

“History of Soy Sauce (160 CE To 2012)” by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
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Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies: To make this delicious variation omit the walnuts and, instead, stir through three heaped tablespoons of softened, crunchy, natural peanut butter hours on high.

“I Quit Sugar Slow Cooker Cookbook” by Sarah Wilson
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Most schools use peanut butter as a protein source in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

“History of Soybeans and Soyfoods in Canada (1831-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook” by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
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Almond, macadamia, and other nut or seed butters are a great alternative to peanut butter, but avoid products such as Nutella that include sugar or other sweeteners.

“The New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great” by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, Dr. Jeff S. Volek
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While the chocolate bases are freezing, make the peanut butter filling by mixing the peanut butter, coconut oil, and salt in a medium bowl.

“The Better Period Food Solution: Eat Your Way to a Lifetime of Healthier Cycles” by Tracy Lockwood Beckerman
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• The nutritional value of peanut butter alone makes it well worth having a small jar in any kit.

“The Bushcraft Field Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild” by Dave Canterbury
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  • This was great! I’m a jif girl though… but I love crunchy not creamy… I also really love the new Peter Pan honey roasted crunchy peanut butter… I could get a whole jar of it by the spoonful!!!

  • Hi Laura! I’m so glad to find this video. I’m adult with recently diagnosed nut / peanut allergies and I absolutely love the sun-butter. I even managed to find that exact one you showed here! are you or your family also allergic to nuts? do you have a favourite nut / seed butter out of curiosity? Thank you again. =)

  • Thanks for sharing.���� Try the roasted cashew butter. It’s healthy alternative and close to the taste and texture of peanut butter.

  • Thank you so much for this. I have a nut and peanut allergy and I had heard about wowbutter, but I am sensitive to soy as well so it was not the best for me. Will be trying sunbutter and the granola butters for sure!

  • I turned 18 and shortly after i randomly became allergic to all nuts and all i do is crave cashews and peanuts i would kill for peanut butter toast. I did wowbutter for a while and at first it was REALLLY similar to peanut butter but the more i ate the more it tasted like soy and it’s not a good butter to keep around for a while despite the expiration date it starts separating from the oils and it’s gross so I’ve been trying to find different butter and I’m definitely going to have to try some of these out

  • Laura, I found a nut butter that I really like. I found cashew butter at Aldi. I like it better than peanut butter. I have found it lately at Walmart. A little pricey but to me it is worth it. I enjoy it on a plain toasted bagel with fig preserves. For the past year I have been unable to eat peanut butter because it hurts my stomach. Thank you for a look at what else is available.

  • Thank you for this video I purchased the granola and sesame butter because of you and so far I have tasted the granola butter and never going back. Super delicious!!! Can’t wait to try your other recommendations have a great weekend! Xo

  • Thank you for posting these nut free butters to the mom of 4 with 2 kids that have nut allergies. Sunflower butter is my choice to use and has great health benefits but I will look into and order that granola butter. I love that it doesn’t have added sugar.

  • I don’t know how easy it is to find these days. But I loved Skippy’s Honey Roasted Nut Peanut Butter. No jelly needed for that PB sandwich.

  • James, I’m guessing that most of us in our mid 20’s and 30’s grew up on Jif, Skippy, Peter Pan. We just didn’t have much for selection back then.

  • I don’t like peanut butter, unless it’s on celery or in my Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, so I FFWed this video to get to the next one. I would have rather seen a 3 min vid of your cats:P

  • Their ranking is way off, and Jiff is packed with garbage, don’t give your loved children unnecessary garbage for their bodies. Read those ingredients. Big thumbs down on this video. ��

  • Hi. I just stumbled upon your channel and I love what you do. It has inspired me to do a similar review on food here in the Philippines. I love to eat and is particular about the taste of each food I try. Subscribed!:)

  • Whipped peanut butter is so much better than regular peanut butter that I can never go back. And I love peanut butter just as much if not more than Link. Peter Pan still makes it and so does Jif!

  • Kind of funny how you say creamy outsells crunchy by 5 to 1… then he asks if there is any reason to buy creamy. Apparently most people think so. I hope he is not the type of cook who thinks his opinion is worth more than others.
    Here in the Philippines we have very limited foreign selection. Skippy or Peter Pan, and Skippy is half the price so no real choice. The local peanut butter is oily and way too sweet (and spoils quickly). A local friend of mine says they prefer the American brands because they are not as sweet. Odd, I always thought Skippy and Peter Pan were already too sweet ha ha. ��

  • Natural peanut butter and the more mainstream peanut butters (in my opinion) are completely different taste profiles. Like a commenter below me stated, you have to mix natural nut butters b/c the oil separates from the pureed nut. That’s b/c there are no stabilizers to keep one consistent texture like jiff and skippy. Natural nut butters are an aquiered taste for those who love the sugar to balance the saltiness. I love natural nut butters, and will never go back now that I’m use to it’s flavor.

  • i prefer jif, it tastes like roasted peanuts to me. skippy will do. my sister was on a health kick once and got ground peanut butter from a farm. it had great peanut flavor until you crunch on a bit of grit or it seemed like dirt to me and yuuuck! don’t care for that and the oily texture is a turnoff.

  • Maranatha regular creamy is nasty. Skippy is Jif are good but not natural. Even the so called natural version is high in salt and sugar

  • Personally, I think that your whole taste scale was screwed by the fact that you didn’t have any way to drive a stake in the ground. Around here a lot of the stores have machines that allow you to grind your own peanut butter and I would have found your scale to be much more relevant had you included non processed peanut butter even if you had to throw a cup of bulk peanuts in your food processor. Personally, I prefer the peanut butter that I grind in the store sprinkled with some fleur de salt.

  • Left out the best of them allLaura Scudder’s. And all those hydrogenated, sugar and salt added, peanut butters are simply poison. Of course, they taste great, the way Doritos tastes great. Those chemicals are designed to addict us. But they are poison.

    For a truly all-natural peanut butter perfection, Laura Scudder’s is THE best peanut butter on Earth.

  • I end up getting the store brand ones with just peanuts or peanuts/salt. The whole foods one I tried but they add palm oil or something so you don’t have to stir it, so it has a different consistency.
    Justin’s Nut Butter I enjoy, but it costs more. The individual packets are handy for work/travel.
    The powered stuff I really enjoy as well but its double the price of normal peanut butter.

  • I’m team crunchy too but I am a staunch supporter of all natural, not because I’m snobbish about the natural hype but I have tasted natural and Skippy Chunky side by side (natural homemade with only one ingredient and you can guess what it is) and I much preferred the natty one. I’m not a fan of the greasy film on the tongue left by hydrogenated PBs. It’s just preference, no one is wrong here.

  • If you stir the all-natural peanut butter and put it in the fridge, it won’t be runny. It will be perfectly spreadable. Peanut butter should be peanuts and salt. People don’t usually just eat plain peanut butter and there’s plenty of sugar in jam/honey to make up for it.

    Sugar is highly addictive and incredibly unhealthy. Partially hydrogenated fats aren’t good for you either. Not sure why you’d want to take a public forum to encourage people to eat unhealthily, while by your own admission, you wouldn’t buy Skippy for yourself. I’d be interested to see you do this again with chilled all-natural peanut butter and maybe make sure to get an apple with each bite and wash your mouth between.

  • Can’t buy it because of who makes it which is Smuckers.(long story don’t ask). Also it is hard to find a non smuckers product so I really need to watch the labels.

  • Please do more of these. I would love to see jam next and then condiments (mayo, mustard, catsup, salad dressing) and preserved foods (pickles, olives, etc.)

  • I am not an avid consumer of peanut butter so I don’t bother with buying a jar, but whenever the craving kicks in, I prefer the extra crunchy one. I always end up taking a spoonful of my friend’s Skippy Extra Crunchy when I visit her place. I acknowledge that one rocks ��

  • You’re tripping. Justins peanut butter taste like the real thing, and its natural. Runny? Literally never had that problem with Justins. Also Jiffy taste like artificial watery shit. That John has so many chemicals in it that it taste like it was created by chemists. Tf are u talking about.

  • Crunchy vs smooth is a stupid argument. I’m on team neither because store bought sucks and is filled with artificial crap. Make your own and you have full control of the texture and taste. Its 3 ingredients (peanuts, oil, honey) and takes 5 mins to make in a food processor. One taste and I promise you’ll never buy it again.

  • Everyone’s entitled to their own tastes and opinions. For me and mine, Creamy Peter Pan is #1 by a country mile, with Kirkland Signature Organic finishing a distant second.

  • Peter Pan is my go to when I want to indulge in a treat. I normally eat a smooth, nothing added, only peanuts peanut butter and pour out the excess oil floating on top. Which ever is on sale or the cheapest at that time.

  • I used to like crunchy, but prefer smooth now. If I’m making a Thai or similar dish, hiding peanut butter from my husband, who claims to dislike it, smooth lets me do so, easily. And I dislike bits of nuts stuck in my teeth. Meanwhile, I can eat a handful of nuts without this happening. Weird. So, did I miss the video of “Best Creamy Peanutbutter?” I may start making my own at home, because that’s ridiculously easy, and cheaper. I’ve even started making vegan cheeses using nut purees, and so far, they’re amazing. I suggest a video on making vegan cheeses. Btw, for creamy cheese one can cook with, the best nut ratio by weight is 2/3-3/4 raw cashews to 1/4-1/3 raw pecans. For dips and sauces not meant to be browned later, roasting the nuts before dosing with the bacteria and fungi creates a real depth of flavour. Cheers!

  • Taste Nirvana is, in my opinion, easily the best coconut water on the market. It is a little pricey because it is imported from an organic coconut farm in thailand, but damn is it soo good. Better than the brands you mentioned by far if you are willing to spend 1$ per 8 ounce.

  • damn in canada (im in quebec so there could be some difference for the others provinces ) i only saw the jiff that is almost a ghost and our usual ‘kraft’ mark

  • My favorite store bought peanut butter is Adams.  I wonder why you didn’t include Adams, it is a very popular brand found in stores.

  • I’ve noticed during this pandemic that stores around me are mostly out of Jif creamy peanut butter, for some reason. Jif crunchy and both varieties of other brands are readily available, though. Maybe due to kids being at home and most kids prefer Jif creamy???

  • I like the natural kinds of peanut butter that are just peanuts and salt. I like the peanut taste. The liquidy kind are firmer if they are cold in the fridge.

  • Great Video. �� Peanut butter is a staple in my diet a quick spoonful over some crackers with raisins makes for a quick energy boost. I love Skippy, the texture is smooth, creamy with great mouth feel. The nutty aroma of fresh ground peanuts lingers everytime you open and reopen the can. It’s definitely top notch and my three year old eats by the spoon. You cant go wrong with Skippy. ��

  • I’ve tried most of these and end up with Jif. Some of the ones out there are truly awful. One I don’t see anymore was the nasty Shedd’s that my next door neighbors bought in a paint can. Cheap, with a bitter aftertaste, kind of like a couple of the present day store brands.

  • I �� this video can’t nothing go wrong with peanut butter.Everyone knows Jif is better than Peter Pan Adams I never tried it but sounds great if number 2.

  • If you have a Sam’s club membership you have to try Member Marks peanut butter! I know what you are thinking, store brand yuck! But I bought some and did a taste test between member mark, peter pan, Skippy and jif. Member mark was the best and it’s all natural and cheaper in price than the others.

  • In another taste test, Peter Pan was ranked as one of the best!! I’m starting to think you are paid by the company’s you promote!

  • commercial peanut butters like Skippy and Jif are junk loaded with sugar and corn syrup. Can’t believe ATK recommended these. Palm oil is destructive to our environment and bad health wise.

  • Oof. We dont even buy peanut butter from groceries (after buying one). We buy those from bakeries, or order them the name of the peanut butter is actually “Cocoy’s”. Im a picky eater when it comes to peanut butter but that one is actually good it doesn’t last for 4-5 days at home when mom buys one.

  • Sooooo disappointed in this ranking. Jif is semi-peanut flavored Crisco; the worst of the worst peanut butter! This ranking had to be sponsored by Jif.

  • peanutbutter connoisseur here: Calvé Peanutbutter is THE BEST -> pure Dutch goodness, none of that fake American peanut crap you eat!

  • I hate crunchy peanut butter, but I absolutely love the creamy kind. And my mother makes a delicious hot peanut butter with milk beverage.

  • I like Planters better then Jiff and Canada dose not have Justin’s Reese’s Brad’s Organic Smucker’s Goober Crazy Richard’s Smart Balance Peanut Butter & Co Skippy

  • It was nice to meet Beka. Thanks for the PB vids. I have found I like “almond” butter so now I switch from that to what ever’s on sale PB. Now that we’ve me Beka how about that other 4 legged family member who made a quick appearance?
    What about doing ”cat food’ for us animal lovers, I’m sure you got a bunch of them.
    Let’s see how He/she rates her food??? Just a thought…..alwasy look forward to your vids.

  • So weird. This came up on my feed while I was eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich made with Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter. ��

  • I don’t eat peanut butter quickly and the crunchy peanut butter tends to get rancid fairly fast. So, I don’t buy it. It only happened once, but once was enough. This was years ago and I haven’t purchased it since. I buy skippy or jif peanut butter, but creamy.

  • It used to be an “Article of Faith” amongst older southerners, that the only people who ate creamy (smooth) peanut butter, was communists & Yankees! LOL
    I reckon Julia & Jack put the lie to that old saw!

  • I typically prefer creamy, but either way I definitely favor the ones with solid fat. If the peanut butter is dripping out of my sandwich, that’s a bad day. And not just the edges of the sandwich. Sometimes you get a hole that goes all the way through the bread. Very messy.

  • I still prefer Kraft crunchy. Just the right amount of nuts for me and as a diabetic I appreciate it’s low sugar content! Great flavour!

  • Team crunchy ��, but I like Laura Scudder’s, and their term for crunchy is “nutty”. I like it settled so I can pour off most of the oil, then stir the rest in.

  • I dont like that they left out Teddy. But what i really don’t like is they chose the sweetened stuff with hydrogenated oil. Nothing like getting us heavier and sugared up….uhhhg. Usually like the taste tests, but this one is telling people to go for the least healthy option. I guess they just expect that everyone already knows that hydrogenated oil is bad for us, but oddly some folks don’t read labels or self-educate. Would be doing some a favor…. if even it was mentioned.

  • Crunchy peanut butter is for the strong. People who prefer smooth peanut butter are WEAK.
    I will fight anyone who disagrees! My knuckles are coated in jagged shards of partially-crushed peanuts.

  • Hydrogenated fats? Really? That’s like mixing peanuts with Crisco. Then adding a “sweetener?” Natural peanut butter will taste better when better peanuts are used and roasted well.

  • I’m with Becca on this one. I like peanut butter, not a Reese’s cup! TJs is respectable, but my favorite is Arrowhead Mills made with Valencia peanuts. BTW, the 365 firms up nicely when stored in the fridge…no hydrogenated oils to hold it together, like the Jiff and Skippy!!

  • I always get the Skippy Superchunk but the natural version in the Brown packaging. The only difference is the palm oil, as it still has added sugar.

  • I was a Skippy/crunchy person most of my life but moved to Brazil. I searched for years here for something that was mostly peanuts and no sugar without luck PLUS the stuff on the shelf here was (is) extremely expensive. One day, frustrated and desperate (I REALLY like PB) I went to the market and bought a vacuum sealed package with 5kg of slightly roasted peanuts. Heck those 5kg cost the same as the tiny jars of PB on the grocery store shelf. I tried grinding it in my powerful blender but it was too dry. I bought an oil press to try to squeeze out peanut oil (no peanut oil on the market shelf here) to make grinding work better. Didn’t work. I’m a big fan of roasted sesame oil so I tried about 3 tablespoons of oil, a pinch of salt to 4 cups of peanuts and VOILÀ!! Perfect PB. Now I regularly buy my 5kg packs of nuts, divie them up into approx. 4 cups bags which I freeze and use as needed. Seeing what JIF adds (molasses) I’m suddenly inspired to run over to the sugar mill and get some fresh blackstrap molasses to swap out the sesame oil.

  • Everything is so highly sweetened these days. This just proves what I see in my everyday life. The population just gears toward everything sweet. Personally I do not like sweet peanut butter I don’t eat sweets in my daily life and when I do I find everything just too sweet for my liking. Personally I would rather live without peanut butter than eat peanut butter that has sugar and hydrogenated oil. That adds to so many health problems that we as a population are experiencing. Namely diabetes high cholesterol and many more.

  • Is it bad I live where ALL JIF Peanut Butter is made but I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually bought a jar of JIF?:P
    Kroger brand organic (peanuts & salt) is the only thing I eat now. The hydrogenated stuff is too sweet and doesn’t even taste like peanuts to me anymore

  • Yep, team crunchy here and extra chunky Jif. I’m curious, do you have the peanut count between Jif and Skippy? Thanks for the test. Jim

  • Jif or Skippy… With Smucker’s preserves… And maybe some Lay’s regular potato chips smashed inside for some crunchy texture… Just Sayin’….

  • I grew up on Skippy’s smooth peanut butter but switched to Skippy’s crunchy as a teen and for many years now I’ve been a devoted fan of Trader Joe’s Unsalted Crunchy PB… love love love the stuff! Nothing added, just pure peanut flavor.

  • Nothing will ever be as good as crunchy peanut butter made with peanuts and salt only…who wants to eatva bunch of preservatives when you can have the real thing!! Who wants to eat peanut flavored lard!!?

  • I love peanut butter, I eat it everyday. I tried Aldi’s Peanut Delight Creamy, it is fantastic, great Peanut flavor. I have tried most of the brands and they are bland. The Peanut Delight brand also contains molasses. When you open the jar and smell it, you immediately get a peanut fragrance!

  • I’m allergic to nuts, so i have to eat sun butter, which is Peanut butter made from sunflower seeds. just as good. (i’ve tried peanut butter before)

  • Crunchy is definitely the way to go but I just can’t believe that Smuckers Natural came last. I’ve been loving it for years. You need to pour off a little of the oil on opening the jar because they do include too much. We all should be eating less sugar.

  • What a crock! Jif is the best? Yeah maybe if you feel like a lot of sugar, hydrogenated oils, palm oil and other additives that are terrible for you! As far as commercial brand Smucker’s natural and if you’re a Costco member they have organic peanut butter that is a very good!

  • Normally agree with your reviews, but not this one. I was half way through a peanut butter and molasses sandwich made with Smuckers when I saw this video.

  • Grew up not eating peanut butter probably a textural issue because I ate peanuts. In my mid 50s tried the honey-roasted peanut butter sold in bulk section of Whole Foods (now labeled Hampton Farms.) Love it & have yet to taste another PB I can eat. I’ve tried a few but I’m willing to try the Skippy Extra Crunchy. I’ve not been to WF since stay-at-home, and this is usually at my local Roche Bros.

  • I am team crunchy and I only eat Adams. I don’t like sugar added to Jif and Skippy. Adams has plenty of peanuts for me. I never agree with their findings!

  • My bf and I are watching this together right now because he just said that all smooth, non flavored peanut butter tastes the same and he needs someone to show him the differences between each brand

  • Well, EXCUSE ME, I like creamy peanut butter!! I like crunchy too, but you know, everybody has different tastes. It doesn’t mean one is right and one is wrong!

  • Jif peanut butter’s label announces that its oil is fully hydrogenated. My understanding from reading many articles on nutrition over decades that hydrogenation is exactly what is to be avoided. That is the problem with margarine. Trans fats (hydrogenation) is the worst choice, nutritionists and cardiologists tell us. It is even worse than simply saturated fat such as contained in palm oil. That, at least, is a naturally occurring saturated fat. Trans fat is not naturally occurring. The placing of Jif as the no 1 choice on this list is acceptable only if all the others contain trans fat. Still, it is unacceptable to me as a heart-unhealthful food.
    I buy whole peanuts, shelled and dry roasted. I grind them in a food chopper to the consistency I like. No added ingredients, unless I add them, natural or unnatural!

  • The other night this video popped up in my YouTube feed and since I love peanut butter and ATK I watched it. I am pleased to report that my chin is healing well after seeing your findings and it hitting the desk where I was watching. Why? During the pandemic I had to resort to ordering products online rather than going to the store. I couldn’t find my preferred brand initially and settled for some Skippy Super Chunk, which I had enjoyed in my youth. I was dumbfounded by how bad it was!! It was waxy, sweet, and only vaguely tasted like peanuts, despite having so many peanut chunks in it. I am astonished that ATK picked this hollow contender as the winner. I will have to cast a more jaundiced eye towards ATK’s future recommendations after this misfire!

  • I decided I want only peanuts, or peanuts and salt, in a glass jar. No nasty hormone additives you get even in food grade plastic.

    Also it has to be close by, so I get Smuckers at Target, best price I can get in a glass jar.

    I do not bother with texture other than creamy, can’t be bothered that it is runny or if I need a jackhammer to stir. Gimme no added sugar, no transfat, no plastic. Can’t afford to be choosy other than that.

  • so how many people had those do-it-yourself peanut butter makers when you were young, and made your own from peanuts just to have fun as a kid.

  • My favorite peanut butter was Trader Joe’s crunchy with flax and Chia seeds. Then I discovered peanut butter powder. Now I make my own peanut butter combining it with liquid coconut oil, almond meal, crushed pecan bits, and/or a variety of other seeds and nuts. I make it different every time.

  • Given all the nutritional information available to people today, why would anyone want to ingest anything with hydrogenated properties?

  • I don’t understand why you show Teddie’s, but it is not in the final four. I’m a huge Teddie’s Super Crunchy just peanuts and salt. Once mixed just flip the jar every day or so and it is great.

  • I usually find a lot of helpful info from your product reviews, and your recipes… but I am rarely in agreement with your taste testers. Smuckers is definitely my favorite of the natural peanut butters, though I will say I prefer it creamy. I think natural pb tends to be better creamy, since even creamy is already a little coarse and has a great texture, whereas the sweetened and hydrogenated pbs do better with crunchy since without the added peanuts their sticky smooth texture is unappealing.

  • No offence, but if Skippy was chosen as the winner, I know I can ignore the advice on this video. Skippy appeals to the corrupted American palate, with its love of super-refined, ultra-processed, ultra-sweet, ultra-salted junk foods. From a flavor standpoint, the 100% natural peanut butter is untouchable as the winner, and if you feel otherwise, it’s a fault of your tastebuds.

  • The review on Crazy Richard is on point. Some jars all you have to do is stir a little other times you have to stir more and sometime there is still hard child but mostly at the bottom. But it’s not so bad that you wouldn’t buy. The peanut is the best in my opinion.

  • I was born and raised in the peanut capital of the world, Sylvester GA which just happens to also be where Peter Pan Peanut Butter is made. There was a contest every year while in school where whoever made the best drawing/coloring, had it put on jars of Peter Pan Peanut Butter. I never won lol.

  • Trick Answer, the best peanut butter is the one that you can buy from Trader Joes, and Justins is more like buttery peanuts and not peanut butter

  • I don’t trust them here. How can you not like the natural peanut butter better? I only want 2 ingrediants. Peanuts & salt. That’s it!

  • Personally, I like Adam’s, it’s all natural with a pinch of salt. I’ve never seen the “Palm oil” the guy talks about that’s supposedly added to natural peanut butter, but it’s RALLY bad for you! It’s a saturated fat, if it’s on the label stay away. I don’t think sugar has a place in peanut butter, but that’s just me. I was actually disappointed, I thought they were going to show us how to make natural chunky home made peanut butter.

  • Did a quick Google search of “It’s On Now” shirt, written just like that, and the first two results that came up were from an outfit called topatoco(dot)com Never did any business w/ them, and in fact had never heard of them until this occasion, therefore I can’t vouch for the safety of any business dealings you may choose to have with them, simply providing you w/ a link you may choose to pursue.

  • I’m shocked you would pick a peanut butter that’s cut with hydrogenated oil! I grew up with Skippy, but now I prefer Organic Teddie Crunchy Peanut Butter. It’s tastes much better than the regular Teddie.

  • Hydrogenated never will be in my choices for peanut butter, regardless of taste. One question… Why do you have all of those peanut butter jars there but only have a test of 4???

  • Kraft Peanut Butter has alway been the best selling brand here on Canada used to the only brand I’d buy, but JiF started being available here a few tears ago and now its favourite, myst be the molasses

  • Smuckers is actually really good. At first I didn’t like it, but I got used to it and now I won’t eat the more processed peanut butter.

  • Link: If I learned anything in math, it would be decimals are for losers

    Also Link: I dip a raw spoon in a jar of peanut butter.8 times a day