5 Nutrient Dense Foods for any Leaner, Healthier Body


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5 Nutrient Dense Foods You Should be Eating. 1. Avocados. Avocados are being used in moisturizers and shampoos more and more these days.

But this fruit goes more than skin deep. The avocado 2. Cocoa. 3. Oatmeal. 4. Cherries.

5. Kimchi. Fruits and veggies are probably what come to mind when you think of healthy foods, but other whole foods have high nutrient density values, too. Examples include wild-caught fish, cage-free eggs, beans and peas, raw nuts and seeds, grass-fed. Examples of nutrient dense foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. A typical Western diet is high in energy dense foods and can be low in nutrient dense foods.

High energy dense foods include fried foods, packaged snacks, processed meats and refined carbohydrates. Also, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, black raspberries (the highest fiber berry) and cherries are some of the most nutrient and antioxidant-dense fruits you can eat. Well, I hope you enjoyed this special look into my favorite lean body meals and how I stock my cabinets and fridge. Most vegetables are very healthy. Others worth mentioning include artichokes, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, eggplant, leeks, lettuce, mushrooms, radishes, squash, Swiss chard, turnips.

Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, and lean protein — when prepared with little or no saturated fats, added sugars and sodium — are nutrient-dense foods. By consciously choosing more nutrient-dense foods, you’ll get the beneficial nutrients your body needs without consuming too many calories. Some examples of the most nutrient-dense foods are organ meats, kale, collard greens, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, wild-caught salmon, sardines, grass-fed beef. Fats —necessary for optimal body functioning. Healthiest options—extra-virgin olive oil, natural peanut butter, avocado, coconut oil AND Shakeology Fat Bombs Nutrient dense foods are real and unprocessed (AKA whole food nutrition) as opposed to chemically altered or synthetic foods.

Protein, fats, and fiber are found throughout nuts, allowing plenty of calories to be added to your diet while bringing nutrition in as well. Lean Beef —Beef has always been one of the most well-known foods to promote muscle growth because it is made up of protein, essential amino acids, Creatine, and B-vitamins. 8 Of The Most Nutrient Dense Foods On The Planet Our country’s widespread soil depletion and the decline in dietary diversity has led to a dramatically decreased nutrient intake for many Americans.

In fact, according to a 2011 report that approximately 9/10 Americans fall short of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) requirements for certain.

List of related literature:

Consuming a varied and balanced diet, with emphasis on adequate intake of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, including fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, unsaturated fats such as nuts, non-/low-fat dairy, and whole grains can help prevent nutrient shortfalls, and lower risk for chronic disease [50].

“Preventive Nutrition: The Comprehensive Guide for Health Professionals” by Adrianne Bendich, Richard J. Deckelbaum
from Preventive Nutrition: The Comprehensive Guide for Health Professionals
by Adrianne Bendich, Richard J. Deckelbaum
Springer International Publishing, 2016

In brief, the typical Western diet can be high in refined carbohydrates and saturated fats while low in lean protein, complex carbohydrates and fibre as well as micronutrients (such as B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and calcium), essential fatty acids and other beneficial phytochemicals.

“Clinical Naturopathy: An evidence-based guide to practice” by Jon Wardle, Jerome Sarris
from Clinical Naturopathy: An evidence-based guide to practice
by Jon Wardle, Jerome Sarris
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2014

■ Recommend a balanced diet with five or six servings of fruits and vegetables as well as grains, nuts, berries, and organic eggs for amino acids, with consumption of cold-water fish two or more times per week.

“Integrative Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel
from Integrative Medicine E-Book
by David Rakel
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

The general guidelines for a healthful diet requires eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products, and avoiding saturated fats, trans fatty acids (partially hydrogenated oils), and processed sugars.12 Some types of fat, specifically those from most plants and fish, are healthful foods.

“The Demography and Epidemiology of Human Health and Aging” by Jacob S. Siegel, S. Jay Olshansky
from The Demography and Epidemiology of Human Health and Aging
by Jacob S. Siegel, S. Jay Olshansky
Springer Netherlands, 2011

Foods such as bread, fresh fruit, meat, pulses and nuts are often absent from the diet and, as a result, intake of dietary fibre and micronutrients such as water-soluble vitamins and iron may be inadequate.

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
from Manual of Dietetic Practice
by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
Wiley, 2013

Therefore, in order to keep calories down or at least at the same level, one must cut down on fats or fat-rich protein foods and increase consumption of complex carbohydrate foods, such as grains, potatoes, fruits, and vegetables.

“Handbook of Nutrition and Diet” by Desai
from Handbook of Nutrition and Diet
by Desai
Taylor & Francis, 2000

Based on the Healthy Eating Index, older Americans need to a) increase their intakes of whole grains, dark green and orange vegetables, legumes, and milk; b) choose more nutrient-dense forms of foods, that is, foods low in solid fats and free of added sugars; and c) lower their intake of sodium and saturated fat.

“Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book” by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
from Krause’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book
by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2016

But foods that provide good sources of plant proteins also contain fiber, phytochemicals, and unsaturated fats—dietary components that should be increased to promote health (Figure 6.1b).

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
from Nutrition: Science and Applications
by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
Wiley, 2019

Meal planning strategies A. Emphasis should be on healthful eating habits, with nutrient-dense foods (e.g., vegetables, fruits, legumes, low-fat dairy, lean meats, nuts, seeds, and whole grains) more of the focus than specific nutrients (e.g., protein, carbs, fats).

“Practice Guidelines for Family Nurse Practitioners E-Book” by Karen Fenstermacher, Barbara Toni Hudson
from Practice Guidelines for Family Nurse Practitioners E-Book
by Karen Fenstermacher, Barbara Toni Hudson
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

This section also identifies the most nutritious sources of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats; how to balance them for optimal training and health; and how to meet the fluid, vitamin, and mineral intakes necessary to build the foundation of a cuttingedge sports diet and good health.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
VeloPress, 2012

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  • This is it, I’m done feeling sorry for myself, I’m done feeling like shit. I’m done sabotaging relationships because I hate how I look and very insecure. It’s time to change and I need to do it now ����

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  • Ok I’m new to all this healthy life style and idk how to calculate it so idk how much of sodium calories and all that I need to eat I wanna loose belly fat but gain muscles �� on my thighs booty so for those who know would ya help me out and tell me how all this work

  • Absolutely loved this video! I have always had trouble sticking with a meal prep plan and staying creative with recipes. I love these. Do you have any tips on how to reheat the food so it still tastes great and has the flavors?

  • Omg these are so easy and delicious!
    I’ve had such a hard time losing weight all my life, having a naturally slow metabolism, terrible mental health issues, shame for my looks and weight all my life have piled up to bad eating disorder tendencies, obesity, and horrible body dysmorphia. I’ve decided to seek help and try to get my life together, and a high protein diet I’ve discovered to be the best option for me, including becoming more active. I want to get better, and your videos help so much! Thank you ♥️

  • Yo, you’re amazing! Thanks for the shopping list already into the video, made this so much easier. Aside from the weight loss aspect, this food looks amazing and appetizing in general, and the fact that I could lose weight eating this good?! I’m doing this

  • For real transformation you need perfect diet plan and training plan. The website called Next Level Diet do it for you. I lost 14lbs in one month!!! Isn’t that amazing!?

  • Sadly I do not have the time to spend the day cooking or the room to store that amount of food but you’ve given me some good ideas here I love pesto and chicken I’ll be doing that, I like that your recipes are simple, unfortunately I’m a very fussy eater and I don’t like much in the way of meat so just chicken, Cod,haddock and tuna for me,
    I’ll have to think of a few ideas as I want to lose my belly fat, keeping the food interesting and tasty is a challenge for me, much to ponder, ��

  • Adding that list was SUPER helpful at the end! Also, can I suggest you upgrade your skillets, one of them looked scratched and eating from pans like that can be really dangerous (the metal leeches into the body). Give cast iron a try! I think you’ll like it.

  • It’s a lot easier to stick to your diet plan when you know that you can have cheat meal twice a week without ruining your progress. Guys from Next Level Diet are doing a great job. Visit their website and see for yourself.

  • Hey i have a question, lets say my maintenance is 2400cal, and i decide to work out and when i workout my total calories burned in a day jumps up to 2700 calories for the day cause now im working out. To build muscle and not fat, do i need to eat 2400 calories? Or do i eat 2700 calories? do i eat what i burn each day or do i eat a calorie intake of what my resting calorie rate is?

  • I know this video is kind of old, but wow thank you. Real meals that actually look appetizing, and the grocery list?!??! Definitely gives me more motivation to eat better and meal prep. Thanks again.

  • I believe I had watched all of your videos online,then this one pops up, and you just fucking slapped me in the face!!! not losing weight eating all his calories �� eggs…. I was so happy eating eggs…. the hole egg….. and the corn and peas, peas!!!! ���������������� I believe it was good!!
    I need a video on what to eat please!!!!

  • Great foods in this list, but one thing you forgot to mention at the end about egg yolks for all those pussies bitching about cholesterol content is that dietary cholesterol (cholesterol you ingest) does NOT translate into blood cholesterol.

  • Completely unnecessary to eat like this. Figure out your daily needed calories. Fast 22 hours a day. Eat ONE meal a day that places you in a deficit. Most importantly EAT WHAT YOU WANT. Pizza. Burgers. Cake. Steak. Fried chicken. Work out daily. Weight will melt off.

    Eating this way SUCKS. It’s bland and tasteless and boring and it’s why yoyo diets exist because no one can stick to these terrible diets. If you have a real job and a family then you definitely can’t keep this up.

    Again, to review.
    (1)determine your daily calorie needs
    (2)fast for 22 to 23 hours a day
    (3)work out fasted and I’m talking hard cardio daily: 30-45 minutes and resistance training when you have time
    (4)eat one meal a day
    (5)eat what the fuck you want
    (6)come in around 150 to 200 calories short of your needs in your meal.
    DONE. This isn’t rocket science.

    There are so many youtubers like this with the catchy positivity sounding intros and the ultra white clean looks to everything but that’s all fluff. Do what I said and your weight will melt off down to the point your body wants to naturally be at. Take back your time. Don’t waste your weekends prepping food. It’s a complete waste of time.

  • Thumbs down and stopped watching further after the first food. Given almonds is one of the highest oxylate foods, it should not be promoted as the healthiest. And if they insist on having on the list, then it should come the disclaimer to sprout and and peel of the skin here most of the anti nutrients are.

  • Thank you Rach! This is perfect especially because you’re from Australia so I can somewhat mirror your ingredients a lot more than an American lol also, so crazy but my boyfriend and I were planning on meal prepping very similar dishes so thank you for taking out the grunt work for us! Haha keep up the great content ����

  • Being fat isnt lean bulking. Shouldn’t u lean bulk if your a beginner in the gym to gain more muscle then a building muscle in a deficit?

  • As specialist, I do think Custokebon Secrets can be great way to lost tons of weight. Why not give it a shot? maybe it can work for you too.

  • I’ve been trying to gain weight everyday I would even force myself to eat even when I’m about to throw up because of too much food, I’m super skinny (not a joke or a flex) and many people judge me and when I meet guests that come to our house or I go to someone’s house they’ll always be like to mother “hasn’t she been eating?” Or “she’s too skinny you need to feed her”. It really hurts it’s like being call fat it hurts either way and this just shows people are never pleased and will always judge you no matter what.

    (Edit: people always think I’m trying to be a model by staying skinny but they never believe me when I say I try not to be skinny I try to gain some weight and fatness but never succeed)

  • This video was absolutely awesome! I love the idea of meal prepping, but it confuses me how people who track macros do it. If you weigh your meat before cooking it, isn’t it harder to track a week’s worth of meats and stuff?

  • When considering eating healthy, you must never fall victim to modern day fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans undoubtedly are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your daily nutritionary intake. While they may generate rapid loss of weight, these diet plans are never a long-term answer for your weight problem. You should look up Custokebon Secrets on google since it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Wow these recipes are amazing, thank you for sharing them with us! I want to start meal prepping today and I was really looking for yummy chicken dishes so this is so helpful. Because of the lockdown I gained so much weight so starting from today I will workout and use your recipes to meal prep. Thanks a lot I love your videos and I hope you stay safe and healthy. ��⚘

  • Everyone is different! Seriously buy a healthy high protein fat burning diet plan with a workout from a personal trainer,it will give you the diet and the workout according to your body, that’s what I did anyway and I lost over 40 pounds so far and I am still going for a little muscle gaining ��

  • 1. Almonds lots of fibre, protein and minerals
    2. Coliflower lots of fibre
    Vitamine C,
    3. Broccoli protein and fibre good for your gut and for weight loss
    4. Potatoes potassium and vitamine C. Possible to live of potatoes for a longer time
    5. Liver high amount of iron, copper, vitamine B12 and other minerals
    6. Salmon omega3, protein, potassium. Prevents heart attacks and is very good against depression.
    7. Brussels sprouts vitamine K, reduces stress damage
    8. Blueberries many anti oxidants, potassium,
    9. Egg jogs, lots of colesterol, reduces your food intake.

  • potatoes, blueberries, salmon and tuna, shellfish, yup but theres a lot of greens like kale or spinach, and also others foods that are denser in nutriments than those

  • I need to gain weight but in a healthy way, not by stuffing my face with junk food/fast food like everyone else tells me. I’m 24 and I am 5’10 120 lbs.

  • You guys should download  a. App called ( calorie munch out ) its a good app to monitor your family’s calorie count. Ita available only in the apple app store..

  • Amazing! Interesting how we can find everything we need in nature. Diversification is the key. You can also watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XWvkNUQKyQ&t=3s. Thank you!

  • Am I the only one here…who is actually here to lose weight avoiding the foods she recommended��….tbh….I can’t everrr follow a proper diet��..poor me��

  • NextLevelDiet website makes it simple. Select food you like and they give you PERSONALIZED meal plan with tips, TRAINING PLAN and healthy recipes.

  • I like to eat chicken livers only add salt and pepper is so yummy. Last month I visit my doctor for wellness. She ask me “why are you cholesterols is high? What do you eat? The answer is LIVERS. I have to stop eating because is has high cholesterol. It’s good for something but increased too much cholesterol

  • I wish it was actually possible to gain weight eating all of these ����literally eat all of these all day every day and nothing
    I literally spend every minute of the damn day eating and IM STILL UNDERWEIGHT

  • Potatoes? bwahaha…..yeah…get yourself on the road to diabetes. Look up the nutrient list of a potato and compare it to a steak. Not even close. Resistant starch is a myth….blood sugar tests prove it.

  • I remember weighing 135 lbs last year and I was always enthusiastic to work out. Over the year I started to lose weight and now I weigh 119 lbs and I don’t know why. I don’t look swole anymore and I feel hesitant to work out because I feel like I’m going to lose more weight. On top of that, I basically get one big meal and one small meal a day because I work at a restaurant and I always have to mop, sweep, and carry food to tables. So anything that I eat, I burn all the fat because I’m always doing work. I really don’t know what to do at this point

  • You talkin about food that does it have anything to do with gaining weight is what people that need to be on a diet so shut up I got

  • The coach calmed his voice down in this video. It’s a reflection of his enthusiasm. �� but I believe he is right and I completely understand where he is coming from. EZ life hack follow coach Greg.

  • I’m 5’3 weight like 95-100 pounds and I’m 14, im pretty much underweight and I’ve been trying to gain weight ever since I was 12, at 12 I was like 70 pounds so that was like 2 yrs ago, and I just wanted to leave this comment here so I’ll come back maybe a year later to see how much I’ve progressed

  • As Random Ronnie said below. Thank You! for adding the shopping list. That was a WOW! factor for me. I’ve never seen that before, it makes things that much simpler. <3

  • But why add the unnecessary negative commentary about certain ones of these foods? If you are trying to convince people to adjust their taste buds to accommodate these foods, why refer to them with such words as ‘disgusting’? Just reinforces the negative. The video still gets a thumbs-up from me.

  • I love love love love that he’s giving GREAT advice (so nicely) but it always ends with “but you’ll be a fat ass” �������� I got an Ab workout from laughing so much at this video. Thanks Coach!

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfh3Xcjgtu6KDFCHPOy6Yog
    Hindi me dekhne ke liye ish ��channel ko subscribe kare aur apna weight gain kare…please show some love today is my birthday guys��

  • I lost over 20lbs in two months. Just visit a website called *Next Level Diet*, choose the foods you like and they will provide you with 30-DAY diet plan and training plan. Finally I got my six pack:D

  • Why isn’t kale, spinach and other greens/dark greens not on the list? They are more nutrient dense than all of the above listed foods.

  • As expert, I do believe Custokebon Secrets can be good way to lost tons of fat. Why not give it a chance? maybe it’ll work for you too.

  • Sad thing is a lot of fat people eat these foods to lose weight because they think its healthy. Avocado toast with peanut butter and a glass of orange juice for breakfast. Great, a 500 calorie breakfast and your still hungry.

  • all fish on the planet also come with over 1000 chemicals….yes you read that right….1000…..the rain will kill us all people so wake up and only follow the world’s leading authorities on any subject

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  • Ridiculously helpful! Please make more of these videos. I loved the screen shot of the dish with the name as well as the shopping list at the end. Super helpful! Can’t wait to see more.

  • Agar aap apna weight gain Karna chahte hai or apni smartness ko badana chahte hai to der mat kijiye. Is no. par contact Kare

  • I love me some banana oatmeal pancakes made from scratch with homemade almond butter spread on it. I seldom have it though and only on a refeed day.

  • Really nice recipes.
    Ever considered getting a slowcooker though?
    It is an oldschool kind of cooking in a modern way and you can do other things during the 6-8 hours the slowcooker do the work for you.

  • WATCH ��: 22 Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of And Still Not Gain Weight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqM_A99edaQ&list=PL_fl96m7OLQWTg82q3ImUs2xVqdBNsjwL&index=7

  • Potatoes contains many anti nutrients and are susceptible to today’s onslaught of pesticide. Salmon is mostly farmed and it is extremely difficult to find properly raised salmon in first world countries. Not to mention the pollution of waters the salmon must live in.

  • So bulking is fine, but slowly gaining not going 1-2k cal surplus, but adding a bit each month or every 2 month and eating Whole Foods. Got it

  • Yyyeah it was never muscle to begin with just water sodium and fat. If you are in a claorie deflict you up your fats more than carbs. Trust me.

  • Do anybody know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it work? I hear lots of people burn their fat with this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • Liver is the most disgusting meat to eat on the planet; it filters blood and other toxins out of an animal’s system. I would rather eat dog shit freshly popped out a dog’s ass!

  • I need to gain weight so bad but it’s so hard for me to keep any weight on �� I eat as much as I can whenever I can and I only continue to lose weight..I’ve been made fun of my whole life because I’m thin and I’ve never felt confident in my body what so ever…if anyone has any other tips than eating food please let me know I’ve tried so much…:(

  • The salmon is so good for you,greed has poisoned most of it on the planet. Sickens me to hear anyone say how healthy a food is, and not mention the poison in it. Sugar should come with a coupon for therapy.

  • I have a BIG blueberry bush and eat some fresh every day when in season. I also freeze some and eat them during the rest of the year. Delicious! All of the other foods I love to eat, too, except liver.

  • Blackberries and cacao have much more antioxidants than blueberries I have heard from a few sources. What is your source of information. Algae is the nutrients without the mercury. It’s better for the people, the environment and especially the fish.

  • Bestie, liver is not a good food to consume. Any liver carry lots of toxic items. It may have nutritional substances, but at the same it spread toxic to the body. Am I correct??

  • Hello there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Just simply do a google search engine search. On there you will discover that a great tips about how exactly you can lost tons of weight. Why not give it a shot? maybe it will work for you too.

  • You shouldn’t peel your potatoes. The skin is where most of the nutrients are. Cauliflower, broccoli and brussel sprouts are in the same family.

  • Fortunately for me my mother was an excellent cook and I grew up on a variety of vegetables and we had liver too about once a month. About the only thing on the list I’m not wild about is cauliflower

  • Sarcastic about bulking. BUT even if I do not try to bulk, I have a hard time to eat my calories everyday to slowly increase my weight because I have no appetite. I tend to loose weight very easily.
    So this is a great list, these are the food I usually include in my diet.
    Liquid calories are also good: protein milkshakes with fruits and eggs for example.

  • Many people prefer the humane bulky look without a big belly of course. It’s better than the alien bubble bodybuilding physique. I prefer to have the body of Elliott Hulse or Ma’a Nonu rather than the one of a shredded bodybuilder.


  • Why is stuff measured in cups, i have never had a cup of cauliflower or a cup of potatoes, also how big is this cup, is it a drinking cup or a bra cup, in which case the size of the tits would play a big part in the amount of these foods you consume, if you have an A cup bra you might not be getting enough of these foods, if you are packing a GG cup you may be getting too much, just something to think about.

  • All pre white white vegs are hybrids. (Except onions/garlic) do more research. real original vegetables follow the colors of the rainbow.slso real veg from mother earth does not produce starch.

  • Healthiest, not most healthiest, when poor grammar is used in the tittle I won’t give much validity to the video. It’s like having errors on your resume.

  • I have tried liver, many times. I vomit. I just can’t get it down.
    Besides it’s not very wise to over-consume it even if you do like it, correct me if I’m wrong, but the high intake of vitamin A, can actually become toxic for you. If I’m not mistaken, the recommended intake is about once per week, if not even less.
    And califlower tasted nothing, no matter how nutritious it may be. It’s like eating a cloth or something. That or I lack the taste-buds to sense it.

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    Helo,Myself suman
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  • just now seeing this, but the macros for these seem like they would be great, however do be careful with the amount of sodium and fat in some of these products. Pesto often times is very high in fat and calories, I’ve seen some that have been 150 calories for 1 tbsp of pesto. Additionally taco seasoning is very high in sodium, there are options where you can opt for less sodium and what not, so just be aware!

  • Shilajit, moringa, cacao, marine phytoplankton, coconut, pasture raised eggs, bee pollen / royal jelly, non pasturised milk from goats or cows, ashwagandha and ormus to name a few.. these foods have outstanding nutritional profiles.

  • If you eat meat, liver, heart and other organ meat, fish/seafood, you do not need all those veggies! I stretch as far as broccoli and cauliflower, as the taste good. How many nutrients do you really think you need?? LOL! Most people are brainwashed by the food industry to eat all kinds of unnecessary things to become so-called healthy! It can sometimes be the opposite, as eating too many things and to often might screw up your insulin level and so on…

  • I thought this was unhealthy overrated foods I seen in another video? Love Greg’s material but as for someone who’s tryin to gain good weight, in one video I’m hearing “keep the calories down on the foods w/ high protein” then another I hear “keep the calories high”.. but then a lot of foods, he’ll say “it’s high calories & unhealthy”

  • “One serving contains…” what does that even mean? Nothing!!! Are that 30 grams or 50 grams or 100 grams or…?
    THUMBS DOWN for that.

  • Lmfao! Thought my friend was most sarcastic oerson in world. I was in stitches.. i always believed had to bulk too! Its actually a relief to know u dont. But if u do gain a nit easier then to loae and no harm no fail. Rather than using bulk as excuse tonbe a oig

  • Good idea. Let’s consume fish and other seafood that is loaded with cholesterol and saturated fats. Not to mention the high concentrations of heavy metals in them due to bioaccumulation of pollutants that we as humans have poured into the ocean….
    Or you know, we could eat how we are physiologically designed to eat. Eat plants.

  • You have the most effective channel & I love it!! This was great cause I ran out of food ideas & was moments from hitting McDonald’s ����

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply do a google search engine search. On there you’ll find a great guidelines about how you can lost a lot of fat. Why don’t you give it a chance? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

  • A handful of nuts is something you probably want to take right before bed if you have extra calories remaining that you need. That way it’s your last meal and you won’t be tempted to feed on something else. Basically eat at your maintenance and have some nuts at bedtime. Makes sense to me.

  • I’m from Bangladesh where average temperature is around 30′ C and I’m a boy age of 21 along with 115 lbs. I need to gain body weight! What type o activity should i follow?

  • I don’t understand why he is continuously saying I will get fat from bulking. I just added more egg whites and bread that I got from his French toast recipe one more chicken breast wrap and another protein shake. I have kept my abs and I am building lean muscle. I will have to cut eventually however it won’t be anything drastic. I am a power lifter so I have to do what I have to do.

  • this video is deceiving be careful do your own studies and make sure that it’s relevant to your genetics not just his weak genetics s*** eaters should not be proud of being able to eat s*** cuz that only confirms them as s*** eaters

  • What about Matt Lalonde’s work on nutrient density which shows organ meats and herbs and spices as the most nutrient dense foods?? Much higher than potatoes, or blueberries

  • I’ve been trying to gain weight for YEARS like I swear I’m not starving myself I genuinely want to gain wait but thinking about to much food makes me overwhelmed-

  • I feel like this was just a big sarcasm video doe to the hatred of the dirty bulk/cutting afterwards process. I get it but man towards the end o felt targeted ������

  • She’s acting a litlle bit of banana and peanut butters gonna gain me weight like bruh I eat 5 bags of Doritos and full boxes and pizza and I still only weigh 102

  • It’s still amaze me just how lots of people have no idea about Custokebon Secrets even though many people with it. Thanks to my friend who told me about this. I’ve lost crazy amounts of fat.

  • I’ve learned more from YouTube comments in one year ironically especially on “expert’s” channels than anything I learned at school. It’s changed my life

  • hey skinny friends, I just posted a video on how to put on weight faster. Click on the link if you’re interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLXsX9D0M28&t=55s

  • Me top 4 are raw fish eggs, raw oysters, raw liver and raw kefir milk. And whole sardines beast tuna and salmon because you eat there heart, liver etc so get the full nutrients. Blue berries are a great as fruits go but potatoes would not even make my top 10.

  • I’ve been advised by nutritionists and other natural medicine practitioners that since I have Type O blood, I would need to deduct dairy from my diet. Nearly half of the general population, which is 49%, is Type O. What alternatives would you suggest?

  • This list contains items that violate creation and our creator (Genesis 1:29). Backed up by one of my friend movie documentary (The game changers).

  • Omg this is amazing! A shopping list included with doable healthy meal prep recipes!! Awesome effort you put into this.! New supporter!!��������

  • Not all fish are created equal!! More like, fish are gonna be extinct by 2048 and you won’t be able to get your “Omega-3’s” anymore!

  • Hi hopefully you can reply to me my 2 year old boy weights 21 pounds and they did all this kind of blood test to him everything came good gastroenterologist recommend me pediasure but his tire of it how can you help me

  • I hope i’m not the only one who feels bad about watching these kind of videos and crying about wanting to gain weight because I know some people would love to be my size.

  • Guys. lost tons of weight doesn’t need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I will give you some tips right now. Get a popular fat burn method called Custokebon Secrets (just google it). Thanks to it I’ve lost crazy amounts of weight. I should not even be talking about it cause I don’t want a lot of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I am just simply in a excellent mood right now and so I’ll share the wealth lol.

  • Great tips! Can you make a vid on the benefits of potassium related to natural energy? I’ve been really interested in this lately!

  • ok…couple questions…..so, are these the 4 MOST nutrient dense foods on earth?? or are 4 of some of the most nutrient dense foods on earth? There is a difference you know….so, come on….make a vid that shows the TOP 10 most nutrient dense foods on earth….also, as far as shellfish are concerned….are shrimp considered in this category?? What I find interesting is that you left out some form of GREEN veggie…..you know, white potatoes always seem to get a bad rap because of their glycemic index, which sadly, you failed to mention here…..however, I found your comment about letting cooked potatoes cool seems to somehow lower their glycemic index by increasing their fiber…is this a correct assumption??? Thanx, and yes, please reply…: D

  • I would recommend whole eggs over egg whites. Even when u are cutting, try to get whole eggs fit in ur macros. Again u need to focus on ur calorie intake. I am totally with this guy. Don’t bulk!

    Again, u shouldn’t be below 20% in ur macros setup fat if u are wanting to put on muscles. Going below that mess up with harmonal balance. And for the complete absorption of protein, u need to combine ur protein with fats! Do ur research on that. Complete digestion of protein is always better over fast digestion of protein…

  • There’s this lady that always makes comments about my size..but it doesn’t phase me because I embrace & Love all of me and any imperfections and it’s something that everyone has! Most of the time when people make comments about you, it could be insecurity or they wish they could lose some.. Even if they don’t want to be your size, they may have problems with weight. If you want to gain weight..try not to worry about it. Pray about it and leave it alone. wouldn’t take it personal because I love every inch of me and there’s nothing about me that I don’t embrace I enjoy being a beautiful brown/slim Woman������

  • Agreed on all points, except for the nod to tuna. Tuna, swordfish, and many large fish are in high in mercury. Many people who eat a lot of seafood have heavy metals toxicity and don’t know it, with studies showing increased risk for brain disease such as dementia, Alzheimers and also Parkinsons. In fact due to the pollution in our oceans, sadly many fish are now off limits due to heavy metals contamination. Here is a great link for a helpful list. https://www.nrdc.org/stories/smart-seafood-buying-guide