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Cook sweet potato slices with the leftover meat and layer them in a bowl with leafy greens and sauerkraut. Top with a fried egg and you’ll have a filling breakfast that’s sure to hold you over. Load an Omelette with Last Night’s Veggies It’s easy to turn what’s left of last night’s veggies into the star of a breakfast omelette.

Chop them into bite-size pieces and throw them into this vegan Leftover Veggie Chickpea Omelette —an ideal destination for leftover steamed, roasted, or sautéed mushrooms, broccoli, bell peppers, asparagus, and/or onions!5 Fun Ways to Turn Last Night’s Leftovers into School Lunches. 5 Fun Ways to Turn Last Night’s Leftovers into School Lunches. Top Navigation.

Breakfast & Brunch it’s also good motivation to pack tomorrow’s lunch right after dinner is finished so it’s ready to go for the morning. This year, my plan is to equip all of us with plenty of ways to turn all that delicious food into breakfast the next morning, and I want to share it with you! Leftover turkey and cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and stuffing, and MORE. Here are 12 Ways to Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers Into Glorious Breakfast Food.

1. Creamy polenta often calls for stirring butter and cheese into it before serving. If you think you’ll be craving a sweet porridge the next morning, hold off on that cheese.

After dinner, transfer the leftover polenta to an airtight container and tuck it away in the fridge — it will keep well for up to five days. We all love Thanksgiving dinner, but no matter how good it is, eating the same meal for two, three or even four days can be a real drag.This year, use these recipes to transform those leftovers into something entirely new. 1. Leftover Pot Pie. Make a pot pie with fresh veggies and a generous helping of turkey and gravy. Follow this recipe to turn yesterday’s popcorn into today’s caramel corn.

Making caramel corn from leftover movie theater popcorn.Tip: hold a wet tea bag 10 min on a burn to prevent blister. 1. Roast chicken. Roasting a whole chicken is a wonderfully economical way to get a few meals from one. Leftover chicken is great added to salads and soups for next day’s lunch or use as the basis for a delicious Mediterranean chicken wrap that the kids will love. Toss the chicken in a garlic and olive oil mixture, add any leftover grilled vegetables, wrap in a wholewheat tortilla.

Turkey and leftover veggies also work in breakfast favorites like this Turkey Frittata. 8 Genius Ways to Turn Leftovers Into Lunch. 12 Ways to Make Dinner With Last Night’s Leftovers. Here are 26 leftovers recipes and ideas to turn yesterday’s food into today’s lunch or dinner!

Reinvent Cooked Rice: Make arancini (fried rice balls); Add to soups or stews to thicken.

List of related literature:

Breakfasts taken in bed were simple: possets of ale, tea, toast.

“Breakfast: A History” by Heather Arndt Anderson
from Breakfast: A History
by Heather Arndt Anderson
AltaMira Press, 2013

Designate at least one night a week as leftover night and be creative about how you use those leftovers.

“DASH Diet For Dummies” by Sarah Samaan, Rosanne Rust, Cynthia Kleckner
from DASH Diet For Dummies
by Sarah Samaan, Rosanne Rust, Cynthia Kleckner
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Under the modified five-meal plan, a continental breakfast consisting of items such as rolls, muffins, yogurt, custard, juice, and coffee is served at 7:30 a.m.

“Effective Management of Long Term Care Facilities” by Douglas A. Singh
from Effective Management of Long Term Care Facilities
by Douglas A. Singh
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If you are already consuming breakfast options on this list, continue to enjoy them or try some new ideas for variety.

“Eat Like a Woman: A 3-Week, 3-Step Program to Finally Drop the Pounds and Feel Better Than Ever” by Staness Jonekos, Marjorie Jenkins
from Eat Like a Woman: A 3-Week, 3-Step Program to Finally Drop the Pounds and Feel Better Than Ever
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(01.03.1911 Emäntälehti: Martta-yhdistyksen äänenkannattaja no 3–4) I organise the usage of leftover food by writing in my menu about each day’s breakfast dish: “leftovers from the previous day’s dinner” either “warmed”, “fried” or renewed in some other way, depending naturally on each housewife’s tastes.

“Food Waste Management: Solving the Wicked Problem” by Elina Närvänen, Nina Mesiranta, Malla Mattila, Anna Heikkinen
from Food Waste Management: Solving the Wicked Problem
by Elina Närvänen, Nina Mesiranta, et. al.
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If you love eggs, the obvious way to start the day is with one or two, whether boiled, poached, scrambled, or fried; or in an omelet, perhaps with mushrooms, spinach, sautéed onions, or last night’s leftover veggies.

“No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain” by Peter Osborne, Olivia Bell Buehl
from No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain
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But you can work through the night and have eggs, toast and so on at sunup and call it breakfast; you can sleep till 3pm, get up and have eggs, toast and so on and call it breakfast: and you can sleep through the night and in the morning have chocolate cream pie and a martini and call it breakfast (ibid., 118-19).

“Cognitive Linguistics” by Professor of Linguistics William Croft, William Croft, D. Alan Cruse, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics D Alan Cruse
from Cognitive Linguistics
by Professor of Linguistics William Croft, William Croft, et. al.
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If you’ve got leftovers, cover them, put them in the refrigerator, and have them for breakfast the next day.

“Around My French Table: More than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours” by Alan Richardson, Dorie Greenspan
from Around My French Table: More than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours
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Breakfast for me meant orange juice from a concentrate and dry scrambled eggs kept warm under a heat lamp and served on a paper plate.

“55, Underemployed, and Faking Normal: Your Guide to a Better Life” by Elizabeth White
from 55, Underemployed, and Faking Normal: Your Guide to a Better Life
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Leftovers would enhance the next day’s breakfast or lunch and also fed the household staff.

“Cooking in Ancient Civilizations” by Cathy K. Kaufman
from Cooking in Ancient Civilizations
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Greenwood Press, 2006

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  • This is interesting but I’m not sure how switching one unhealthy view of food for another is a good idea. Making her eating nothing and him eat a ton can’t be healthy for either one. I’ll finish the episode, but I’m not very optimistic about the outcome.

    I did finish watching the show and I feel like they really did help these people, so maybe it is ok for a short time.

  • This is a great video! Thank you! I have only ever had tofu out, and will definitely be trying these soon.
    How many grams of tofu should you used as a substitute of meat in recipes?:)

  • I can confirm that in SE Asia there is a lot of different brands, varieties, and styles of tofu! But I can’t read Japanese haha so it’s hard for me to pick the right one

  • I wonder if he didnt want to eat at home, or maybe he couldn’t afford to eat healthy food? He looked excited to eat the food and always felt bad for Louise for his food choices. Nice guy

  • why do they lie about his daily calorie intake to prevent triggering eds?? sis 90% of ur viewers are ppl with eds trying to get tips from the superskinnies lmao

  • Oh God, when the girl at 30 describes the amount of her binges!!! I thought mines were big, but it is always good to know we are not alone. Anyway… I Ain’t being going under BMI 19 in the last 5 years (yeeees), Ain’t be vomiting for the last two years except a very few occasions(super yeeees) and still cannot have breakfast. Absolutely impossible, makes me so sick. Anyone there with the same?

  • Tofu is so delicious, and different brands can taste different so people should try a variety of them (if they’re available). My problem with tofu is that I’m soy sensitive so I can only eat it occasionally. Which is a shame because I’d eat it every day if I could.

  • Hi Amna Jude and Sarah it’s me Amna I loved watching the breakfast recipe dish with your guys. It looks very delicious. WOW yummy ����

  • I wish Americans had this show we overeat here like our serving sizes are insane I always get a kids size and am full! also,snacking on veggies water and fruit is essential in any countries diet I mean do ppl not eat fruit or veggies in England?


  • https://youtu.be/am2vA_ixC8U subscribe my bestie and amna jude and Sarah they baddies in the six east to the west these girls are the best and beat all the girls in the six… subscribe to them and my bestie https://youtu.be/am2vA_ixC8U

  • I tried sweet&sticky tofu 5 times LOL. Thought I could substitute sesame oil with olive oil and sriracha with chilli powder water. It never tasted like it looks in the video until I bought the missing ingredients. So delicious! Thank you!

  • They make it seem like the Americans they show dont have a chance in hell at losing the weight without some drastic surgery. I bet if the lady they showed in this video changed her way of eating from carb based to a healthy keto diet focused on fresh vegetables and healthy meat combined with intermittent fasting, she’d drops the pounds quickly and manage her diabetes. And the daughter saying “theres no hope” I want to slap her. I helped my mom reverse her morbid obesity and diabetes and high blood pressure with the healthy keto and intermittent fasting. Now we enjoy going to the gym together and going out

  • I started eating proper breakfast when I was in highschool, because I had to be at school for 6-7 hours with only a bretzel. So, that was my only chance. I would have rather skipped first class than breakfast!: ))

  • Hey! I know I’m late, but I have a little tip. Make sure to grind up the flax seeds in a food processor before eating them because that gives you all the nutrients. If you just eat the seed, it will just go right through you. ��

  • Hi everyone �� people seem to be such a lovely community here so I just thought I could pop in and invite you guys to scroll through my plantbased recipe videos and see if there is something you like ��

  • Is it sad the fact like most of the people I know are big like her and its considered normal�� I’m from the U.S..I do know a bunch of people who are underweight to��

  • so helpful. ive been vegan for a while and sometimes, things just get boring!! ive been doing smoothies for breakfast for months now and now ive been craving savory fatty foods for breakfast (oops). let me know if yall can relate haha

  • I am not vegan I am a non dairy low carb eater and 50 y/o….Soy is very important for my diet…I get the xtra firm tofu and I love it in my smoothie and spice it up to taste like chicken….its wonderful

  • I can understand her getting upset over the skittles, when you don’t eat for a couple days you get very emotional. My problem is I feel bad when I eat��

  • Welchen Food Processor (mir fällt das deutsche Wort gerade nicht ein) hattest du denn und warst du zufrieden? Ich bin schon so lange am struggeln, weil eben Standmixer für z.b. Energy Balls super unpraktisch sind:( Von der Form her hätte ich voll gerne einen im “Smoothie Maker Stil”, aber die sind dann meistens zu schwach und geben schnell den Geist auf… Also wenn du einen Tipp hast, bitte her damit!:)

  • You don’t feel hunger when you’re not eating. It only comes once you start eating again. Why doesn’t Dr Christian know this by now.

  • Ashley Wicka has some really good videos on how to make a THICC smoothie bowl. Frozen bananas work as the best base, add a small amount of liquid and keep stopping the blender and mixing ��

  • Can you make a video of food when when your on your way to being vegan but you eat eggs & fish and your staying at a house hold that doesn’t have much of a choice for your liking:) x

    it can be hard when there’s not much options for you that you can have

  • Josh is so sweet! The first thing he said before she came in is that she looked beautiful. As a woman who had lost confidence in myself, these are the words I would like to hear if I saw a friend.

  • How do these people eat 1200-1600 calories a day and end up so skinny? I know people who eat less then them and are normal looking

  • Literally the best flavor combo: roasted brokkoli/brussel sprouts topped with garlic salt, and a drizzle each of balsamic glaze, tahini and sriracha

  • Ive recently went into clean eating and have been following a pescatarian diet. I’ve been eating tofu and am starting to like all the things you can do with it. You have to let it marinate to get flavor but overall, it can be quite tasty and I am actually starting to like it just on it’s own, fried with a bit of salt and pepper. Anyways, I have been using it on salads, veggie mix and what not. I also had some veggie “chicken” buffalo patties. I added Frank’s hot sauce for extra Kik and I am telling you, they tasted like the real thing.

  • PTSD from the Narcissistic abuse…and codependency keeping her locked in a relationship whilst she slowly let herself be destroyed…I do not know why they don’t teach attachment styles, codependancy and relationship dynamics in school…so many people get so screwed up by not knowing how to navigate relationships…

  • all these obese people eat all this junk food but the thing is they could lose some weight if they just exercised a bit because with their weight it will cause them to sweat a lot more than me and most people and so it will cause calories to burn off a bit quicker and then they will want to eat healthier so they eat better meals which will cause even more weight loss and all that starts with just a bit of exercise a day

  • I tried to balance my diet (carnist here) because I’m overweight and my diet is absolutely out of control. First I noticed I eat too much carbohydrates, then I started to eat greens because of it, then there was too little protein, so I started to eat chicken and tofu and guess what? TOO MUCH FAT! I cannot believe how much fat tofu contains. From where?? And I cannot believe vegans can get almost skinny if they’re eating so much tofu and avocado (which is basically just a fat).

  • Happy 200k subs, Amna Jude and Sarah!!! ���� I’ve been your subscriber since u have around 80k subs. I have also got a shout out back then. I love you three sm! I envy u tho. I RLLY love ur bond! ��

  • I love your ingredients I make it almost everyday and my child love it my daughter name blessing would always come back from school and watch your videos

  • Sticky tofu recipe!!!!

    1 block of extra firm tofu. Drain, then press overnight.

    Mix (in this order)… 1 garlic clove, diced.
    1 thumb of ginger, diced.
    1 tsp sesame oil.
    2 tbsp tamari/soy sauce.
    2 tbsp maple syrup.
    1 tbsp sriracha.
    1 tbsp cornstarch.

    Slice up the pressed tofu in decent bite sized pieces. Mix into sauce. Marinate in fridge for 1+ hours. Remove from fridge and mix thoroughly.

    Heat oil on a non stick pan and add tofu pieces, saving excess mixture. Fry on medium/high heat until golden on all sides. Once golden, turn off heat and stir in the last of the saved mixture to the pan.

    Serve with rice and vegetables. Top tofu with sesame seeds and spring onion.

  • Please never call vegan food “fake”. Animal corpses and their secretions is fake food.

    The mushroom oat resotto is my fave in this video but without the vinaigre for me ��

  • I HAVE A TIP!!! so for thicker smoothies or smoothie bowls, freeze whatever fruit you want, bananas, etc. but if you have mango accessible to you, USE IT. they make any smoothie so thick and creamy and you don’t have to freeze them. They also add a natural sweetness so you don’t have to add dates or anything else. So add your frozen fruit on top of the non-frozen mango and blend with maybe 2 tsp of water or milk and it gets so creeaammyyy!!!

  • Omg you should try peanut butter jam porridge if your fan of pb&j! It’s amazing! Just make some plain porridge then mix jam around until combined and follow up with pb on top and I can also mix in the pb if u want! Super tasty I have it every morning for breakfast! It can also be very healthy if u make ur own jam or buy one with no added sugar and use pure 100% peanut butter! Love your channel!

  • He’s one of the few superskinny’s I’ve seen that actually APOLOGIZED for how little they were giving the other
    He seems like he really wants to change, and he treats Louise nicely which is nice…I hope Louise keeps doing well
    I will say…thanks to this show I no longer snack unless I really need to like when my hypoglycemia acts up, puts things in perspective!

  • I LOVED THIS EPISODE. Both of these people are so geniune and lovely people. They both tried so hard and I truly hope they succeed in continuing to make positive changes. This episode proves you dont need drama to make a good reality show.

  • Does carrot cake balls can be customized by flattening the carrot cake mold in a pan then adding some vanilla yogurt (normal vegan yorgurt with vanilla extract and maple syrup ) top with more nuts for crunch maybe some dark chocolate chips and DONE

  • Kann sehr das 3min vegan cheese Sauce Rezept von vegan Ella empfehlen, wenn man keinen veganen Käse hat, das ist mit Tapiokastärke (1€ im Asialaden):)

  • Ma’am your idea about chapatis are too good.���� But make sure your voice in next video will high, I will wait for your next upcoming videos ������

  • Fried Tofu is my favourite. Just cut the tofu into small square chunks and fry them in a pan or wok until each side has a golden brown sear (I prefer using sesame oil for extra flavour). Put the fried tofu in a different bowl, then add minced garlic and some chillis in the pan and fry them a bit (I like it when the garlic is extra crispy). Pour the spices into the bowl of fried tofu, along with salt and pepper as topping. Garnish with green onion, and served with rice. Measurements are up to you, I personally go overboard with the garlic because I love garlic haha. I would eat this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner lol.

  • That shake was thicc. Hard part trying to go vegan is everyone just shittin on you all the time. No matter what tho i shall eat meat free!

  • So glad to see someone having broccoli in the morning! As a dietitian I try to get people to eat vegetables all hours of the day ����

  • These videos have helped me to loose weight but I have a message. It’s good to want to loose weight but it’s horrendously bad to be addicted to loosing weight. It’s. A. Nightmare! It leads to so many problems physically and mentally that it ruins your life. If you want to loose weight get help. Don’t do it alone.

  • For a thick nicecrem/smoothie bowl blend 2-3 frozen bananas. You can add any other FROZEN fruit, cocoa powder, protein powder… And most importantly do not add any liquid!!

  • I just wanted to know ways to cook tofu but my goodness that was hard to get to in the beginning. Not only did I try to skip through but I had to go through ads

  • This may be a silly question but where is your green knife from?

    My favourite knife that looks similar is from Germany but they don’t sell them anymore��

  • Made a vegan risotto the other day.. It was enough for three people, but i ended up EATIN THE LOT.. Amazing comfort food. Incredible how you don’t need much fat at all to make this creamyrisotto rice releases starch which gives it the stodge! N it just absorbs any flavour you put into it..
    Not sure for a breakfast idea,however i i
    Did use to eat fried rice in t’morn.. ��

  • Just enter “vegan crepes” into your browser & all kinds of wonderful, simple crêpe recipes with photos will come up. So many with lots of good reviews.

  • I’m vegan as well!!!���� I loved your English muffin (Monday toast creation recipe)❤️ I have vegan channel as well if would like to check it out

  • I relate so hard to that hummus, pickle, Sriracha, cucumber, bean combo lmao. That is like every wrap I make ever. Maybe some vegan mayo as well.

  • I’m from Florida (male), I found the channel on accident in 2019 and now I’m a straight male watching funny make-up tutorials on the low lol. Not only do you guys have the looks, you also have that perfect vibe/energy that keeps me watching. Keep up the good content

  • Sehr wahrscheinlich waren das, was du im Spreewald gesehen hast keine Biber sondern Bisamratten, die sehen sich sehr ähnlich, sind dort aber wesentlich häufiger anzutreffen ��

  • I have the weirdest routine ever. Every morning while eating breakfast I watch your lunch ideas, then while I’m having lunch i watch your dinner ideas, then while I’m having dinner I watch your breakfast ideas �� btw I love your videos so much!!!!

  • I have an AMAZING breakfast recipe to share (no exact measurements but it works):

    It’s an cinnamon pear chia seed pudding (prepare overnight):

    6 heaping tbsp of instant oats (or oat flour, or oats if you like a chunky consistency)
    2 tbsp chia seeds
    Add (soy) milk until it’s stirable (?) but not too runny
    2-3 big tbsp of vegan yoghurt (everything is fine but i personally love vanilla skyr)
    A little squirt of lemon juice
    About 3-4 tbsp pear (or apple) sauce until desired consistency
    Some grated pear
    A pinch of cinnamon
    A sprinkle of sea salt
    and add a little bit of maple/ date syrup or something like that if you have a sweet tooth:)

    Let it sit in the fridge overnight and i promise you it will not disappoint<33

  • I’m really obsessed with amna’s hair i can’t wait to dye mine to. I really would love to get a shoutout even tho I’ve done the rules from sooo long. Love you guys ������

  • 1200 calories a day? That’s more like 1200 calories total for the entire week. This guy went nearly 2 days eating nothing but a bag of Skittles, and you’re telling me he averages out at 1200 calories a day?

  • Tumhi tyat til tel ka vaprla asel,??
    Arogyasathi mhanun asel ka nakki tase asel tr vaprte mi. Manapasun dhanyawad!!����������recipe nice *you realized me my childhood *
    Days. Thank you so much.

  • THUMBS UP FOR TOFU! The description box is full of many delights, including all the recipes featured in this video, where I got my tofu press from, as well as links to all my other tofu recipes in other videos (including the time stamp!). ALSO today is the big day! The meet up! If you didn’t already know I am hosting a meet-up TODAY with Sustainably Vegan and Blue Ollis in London, so if you can make it, we’d love to meet you! See full details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/891208861076932/

  • Wow these are all truly next level breakfasts, I’m so obsessed!! Breakfast is definitely my favourite meal…So versatile! I could honestly eat breakfast for lunch and dinner and it’d still be totally nutritious.

  • ich wohne selber in köln und pakete sind hier auch der horror, deswegen lasse ich sie immer in eine packstation (nicht paketshops!!!!) liefern und hole sie ab sobald ich zeit hab:)

  • Im 15. I dont eat breakfast usually, My 18 year old brother cooks lunch, and i cook dinner for my family. I made my own breakfast and school lunch since 2nd grade

  • This may be a silly question but where is your green knife from?

    My favourite knife that looks similar is from Germany but they don’t sell them anymore��

  • Keep the glaze in a warm place! Not the fridge! Made that same mistake as well and it was so hard to use. Pop it in the pantry or any cupboard❤️❤️ ps: love you guys:)

  • I have an idea for a quick and quite energising snack! One ripe smashed banana(not necessarily frozen) and 2-3 teaspoon of coffee(with or without extra sugar).. Maybe you can add some dates/nuts/cocoa powder/vanilla extract for some extra flavour.. I love coffee and this combination is sooo good

  • Ey which store do you get these stuff I am trying to be vegan for a month but can’t find vegan meals other than fruits and veggies

  • Mhm maybe suggestion for later: don’t use a meal as a thumbnail if you’re not going to actually include it in the video? Ya thanks

  • The only tofu that I’ve used that leaves no tofu/bitter aftertaste in smoothies is Mori-nu.

    All of the other tofus, especially the ones in Germany, leave an extremely strong and bitter aftertaste.

  • HEYYYY this isnt for breakfast but have you ever tried making sushi and/or rice paper rolls?? i feel like you would love them cause theyre so easy to customise with tofu, veggies, vermicelli, etc BTW i love your chanel its not only inspiring and helps with cooking more diverse at home but it is also very aesthetically pleasing and your voice is soso sooooo soothing omg thank you so much:))

  • Try my signature sandwich! Two pieces of toasted whole wheat bread, peanut butter both sides. banana slices, type of fresh berrie, and blueberry syrup. the fresh fruit really cuts through the stickiness of peanut butter and banana

  • The fact that you can still see her ribs before she even started the week should be telling us a lot. She’s disastrously overweight, and yet still suffering from probably severe malnutrition

  • Can y’all 3 do the how well do you know each other challenge but with a twist where each time someone gets something wrong they get a plate of whipcream in the face?

  • Breakfast has been my most difficult meal since becoming vegan. I hate oatmeal, unless in a cookie of course,but love chia seed pudding. Thank you for the simple, affordable, and tasty, variations you’ve brought to my breakfast!

  • this video is so aesthetic but when u put the tortilla in the microwave i screamed for you!!!!!!! warm it up on the stove top or a pan i’m not kidding it makes such a difference

  • Vielleicht funktioniert das mit der Smoothie-Bowl auch mit Kokosmehl? Das gibt es z.b. bei DM und das kann man einfach reinrühren und das dickt echt stark an. Und bringt einen leichten, aber sehr leckeren kokosgeschmack mit rein. Und viele Ballaststoffe. Also perfekt 😉

  • Mina, Idk who told you the thing with not pouring boiling Water on the ginger, but its NOT true. On the Contrary in Wintertime we cut up a big peace of Ginger in smaller Peaces and cook it for 5 Minutes. Then Drink that Broth! It needs that to actually get all the Nutrients out of it into the Water. <3 Liebe Grüße

  • crepes are literally just thinner pancakes in a french name XD funny to see all the fussy people talkin bout no recipe n shit. just add more liquid to a pancake recipe

  • Always a fan of ur cooking videos❤️ please do a caramel flan �� ��������������������������������������������������������������love u guys❤️love ur hair amna��Jude n Sarah should try tht too thy will look supper cute as you look

  • so for the smashed potatoes, by “leftover potatoes in the fridge” did you mean that they’d been cooked in some way already? because how did you smash them so easily lol???

  • I’m 5”6 a 165 pounds. My waist is a size 35 I complain everyday because I was a size 25 waist 5 years ago a size 30 waist 3 years ago. It’s really hard not eating what you want. I’m on fasting for the pass month I skip meals now. Because I don’t want to gain no more weight. When I tell you it’s really really hard. I know exactly what supersize persons are going through.
    I skip breakfast and have my first meal around lunch time. Not Eating after seven is my biggest challenge because I always get hungry around 10 at night. I go to bed around 1 am.

  • I was going to try the last recipe but I absolutely cannot eat avocado, I’ve never liked it. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to substitute it with?

  • “very exciting I know”
    honestly? realistic AF and I think a lot of people, me included, prefer it that way because they look good and are doable

  • I don’t know why but now when i eat stuff that have meat in it, my brain gave me a flashback of cute cows, cute chicken, cute pigs and it made me feel sick and can’t finish the food. So I’m gonna try going vegan and see how’d it go:)

  • I see what they mean about food being addictive. During quarantine it’s been easier for me to stop my cravings…

    … But that’s cuz there’s no food in the house ��

  • if you want the consistency of your smoothies to be super thicc™ just add a couple of frozen mango/pineapple/melon/papaya cubes (whichever fruit you prefer) to your regular smoothie mixture! ❤️

  • For the best sweets, you can put some peanut butter between two slices of banana, dip it into hot chocolate and freeze for a couple of hours! By the way, thanks, Mina, for all the inspiration!

  • Thanks for sharing your breakfast recipes with us! You guys should do a video of what you guys have studied in college and what you do outside of youtube.

  • The first proper time I tried tofu (I tried it at a P.F. Changs, and I hated the seasoning so it tasted funky) was last night, and I used it to replace the beef in one of my favourite dishes, the beef banh mi bowl, and dear gOD it was so much better than any meat I could’ve used. I flavoured it with garlic and onions sautéed in sesame oil, as well as marinating the small crumbles with ponzu sauce, soy sauce, maple syrup, and lime juice. It was absolutely wonderful, and my mouth is watering just thinking about it haha.

  • Hey love the video,if possible could u put the links as to where you bought the tofu from as iv never had it before and would like to be sure I’m buying the right ones for the right recipe

  • Hi I was also in a situation where I weighed a lot and a good friend of mine introduced me to an amazing diet plan thanks to which I lost 20 pounds!!!

    this is the blog of the plan!: shorturl.at/qMTW0

    good luck!

  • I made the “Sticky Tofu” and the “Tofu Breakfast Tacos”. DELISH!!! My 10 year old daughter love it! I had try so many of your recipes, they are so GOOD! Thank you so much!

  • i just made the tofu nuggets, and they were really good, except i had firm tofu instead of extra firm, so it was kinda squishy. i also cut everything way too small so they burnt easily. i’m gonna have to change up the corn starch ratio since my breading didn’t stick to the nuggets too well, but they were still super yummy:)

  • watching all that programs like this make me realize that the real problem of the world is junk food. Both of them, no matter how many calories, eat junk. So many people are addicted to this and no one is doing anything.

  • I love this but girl… please dont ever stick your tortillas in the microwave. you put them on a flat pan and heat medium and flip when you see steam. Other than that everything was great

  • Thanks for the ideas! Yum!
    I do have to say that at first I thought you were saying “old milk”…but pretty sure it was actually oat milk. Lol. ��

  • Thanks for this video, I’m finally on a plant base diet and I wanted to try tofu and your video is the best one I’ve seen on YT so far. I see everyone keeps baking their Tofu and I am here saying that’s the only method of cooking Tofu. Now you video showed me a better way, so easy and normal and girl you actually seasoned yours properly and I am here for it.

    Ps: new subscriber here too.

  • the absolute best consistency for smoothie bowls is place 1/4 cup of water into the blended, adding frozen fruit, waiting five minutes, then BLEND TO PERFECTION

  • Ok now this is what I’m talking about!! As someone who’s never been vegan and starting to transition into vegan these recipes give me hope! Thank you! Finally someone who uses oil! And cook more like the average person. I seen. Videos with girl sautéing garlic with water and I’m like oh ��..

  • Wow your circular spice containers! I’ve only seen Indian people with that container (being Indian myself)! It is a staple in every brown household! Are you half Indian?? Or do you just like those spice containers hahaha xD

  • The mousse and smoothie had to be my favorites because I love both of those. I try to do a smoothie a day so when I’m packing on protein that is a good way to get more. Did I mention I love chocolate and that mousse is probably going to be my new go-to snack! Lol

  • I just want to say I recently made the tofu tiggers maybe… 3 days ago? And they are SOOOOO good!! I paired it with some homemade vegan chick fil a sauce. I didn’t add enough salt to the mixture at first so the first batch was just a little bland without the sauce but still good! Before I put the second batch in, I seasoned it a bit more and they definitely came out better! As soon as I made them, I couldn’t stop eating them so I had to set them aside and immediately planned on buying more tofu so I could make some more for other people to try. I can’t wait to make them again! ��

  • Aren’t you supposed to use silken tofu in things like smoothies? Never tried it myself, but it always looks supersmooth and yummie when I see people making it that way.

  • The butter and peanut butter combo on the sandwich made me feel sick idk how you could mix them together and it would be nice
    Also a sandwich as a snack is absurd for me because my snacks when i have them are maybe a small apple because my appetite is tiny

  • I bet those nuggets would be the bomb if you added fajita spice to the breadcrumbs and put them in the mexican style breakfast wraps you did

  • That Red hair aamna ����issa a no from me ������you suit dark colours or even your original black hair — nonetheless it’s up to you ����‍♀️ALSO DONT USE THE DAMAGED FRYING PAN DO YOUR RESEARCH ITS NOT GOOD TO USE & USE A WOODEN SPOON OR SPATULA TO AVOID MORE DAMAGE ����

  • Hi Madeleine, I’m new to your channel and loving it. I’m wondering if you would talk a little bit more about tofu in an upcoming video. I’m a newbie at veganism and I’ve heard very negative things about tofu. In particular, I’ve been told tofu is bad and unhealthy because it is made from soy bean which is not healthy. Would you be able to educate me (audience) on that? Thank you.

  • Madeleine, I think I have a tip for you! Or maybe you did it but it wasn’t caught on camera. I have the Tofuture tofupress as well and after you fastened the elastics you’re supposed to flipt the clips to the inside, if that makes sense (its hard to explain). Then you get extra pressure!

  • You were one of my biggest inspirations when i started this journey of being vegan
    And you still are
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful content with us. You made me realize back then that being vegan is so easy

  • Tofu fryed with oil??? Oil is bad for arteries. You’re missing the point! Eat clean food, no meat, salt, sugars,oils. Plant based food diet is better for your body.

  • Recommendation for when making smoothie bowls or puddings: use silken tofu. The stuff is so soft it blends into a really creamy mixture, and the taste is a lot mellower than regular tofu so other ingredients cover it up very easily. When I want a treat I make chocolate pudding this way.
    12-15 oz of silken tofu (preferably firm if you have options, I recommend Asian stores if you can’t find it elsewhere)
    5 tbsp of cocoa powder (adjust to taste)
    5 tbsp sugar or preferred sweetener (adjust to taste, I like sweet things lol)
    + optional 2-4 tbsp of vegan butter for creaminess
    good with fruit, berries, nuts, or just on it’s own:)

  • I’m chinese and when i was young, my mom cook a lot with tofu….and I haaaate it! Now I start liking it. But you definitly need to find your perfer tofy texture and your recipe. I like mapo tofu and a cryspy silky tofu frit. I like soy stick soup. In asian grocery, you can find 5 to 10 different type of tofu. You need to know which texture is for which recipe. It’s just like bread, you have tones of choice.

  • you can’t keep using metal utensils on non-stick cookware!!!! You saw how messed up that pan looked before you threw the eggs in; THEN you beat those eggs in the pan w/ a metal fork!!! Didn’t you ever hear that the teflon or w/e name non-stick coating scratches and chips and comes off in your food and can POISON you, even give you cancer like cigs!!! Use plastic/rubber utensils or chuck non-stick! Please? I’d like to see you all grow older… k?

  • Regarding the vegan crepes, if anyone is interested this recipe for me personally works best: (from this amount comes out about 5 or 6 pancakes)
    1 banana
    125 g of oat flour
    250 g of plant milk

    First smash a banana in a bowl then add milk and wisk it nicely and then add flour (oat flour is personally very lumpy so the mixture can get lumpy too with bits of solid pieces of flour in it, so i recommend sifting the flour before adding it to the mixture)
    And basically that’s it (: before putting each scoop of mixture in a pan i put a teaspoon of coconut oil on the pan. The crepes are so delicious! I usually put peanut butter or agave/maple syrup or sometimes vegan nutella.

  • @emmapaul…. I know exactly how you feel. I went traveling for 4.5 years. I was exactly like you doing what I want, when I wanted. I have now come back to the UK living with family. I’m like is this it? Now this pandemic is here �� just wanted you to know things get better ��

  • I love smoothiebowls but hate the temperature (I know, I’m a baby), so what I do is I make a little less smoothiebowl (?), usually with frozen banana, blueberry and rasperberies and add vegan yogurt on top, sprinkle with chocolate granola and hemp and the creaminess of the yoghurt and the cold, fruitiness from the smoothie makes THE BEST combination��

  • Your not audible. You need to focus on the dish. And put more energy while preparing and mixing. Also need to inform how long to keep on heat.

  • Oh my gosh so many yummy ideas! Where can I find the light blue bowl your soy yogurt was in? At your friend’s brunch. It’s sooo cute!! ����


  • 5 din ke basi roti padi hogi tho usse bana ligeye aur bacho ko bhe khiliye

  • You are indian then also you are having same on speaking hindi that is way you are not having much suscribers like other famous youtubers