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Here are five ways to satisfy your cravings when you’re giving up sugar: Eat small, balanced meals more frequently throughout the day to keep your blood sugar level steady. It’s also important to not get too hungry between meals so you don’t search for a quick sugar fix. If you’re craving sugar, here are some ways to tame those cravings.

Give in a little. Eat a bit of what you’re craving, maybe a small cookie or a fun-size candy bar, suggests Kerry Neville, MS, R. Sticking to naturally sweet foods, including berries, apples, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, and beets is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Since these naturally sweet foods are packed with fiber, the sugar gets absorbed into your bloodstream slowly.

Just like hunger, sugar cravings come in waves. Sometimes the only thing you can do is ride them out. One of the best ways to do this is with a warm cup of tea.

Drinking tea takes time, distracting you from your cravings. 5 Sneaky Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings A lot of us struggle with sugar cravings—myself included. In the past, my cravings were so out of control, they wreaked havoc on my mind and body. Make a list of foods you typically gravitate to if you’re craving sugar and figure out the smallest quantity that would satisfy the craving.” Pair these strategies with a product like alli. For every five pounds you lose, alli can help you lose two to three pounds more when used as directed.

Carrots, berries, apples, sweet potatoes, coconut, and chestnuts are all great examples of naturally sweet foods with no added sugar. Pro tip: Start buying unsweetened versions of staples like yogurt and nut milk so your taste buds can get used to sugar free foods. Raw almond butter freezer fudge, made without the honey. As your taste buds adapt to less sugar, almond butter tastes surprisingly sweet on its own!

Mix up a small portion of this fudge, made with just almond butter, coconut oil and salt, and watch your cravings melt away! Other quick snacks includ. Chewing gum can be a great way to control your sugar cravings. Gum or mints that are made with artificial sweeteners taste sweet but contain a minimal number of calories and no sugar.

Stock your fridge with low-sugar fruit, like berries, to help ease those cravings. You can also slowly wean yourself by reducing your sugar intake over time. Start by replacing refined sugar with natural sources, like coconut sugar or maple syrup, before transitioning fully off the sweet stuff.

Here’s how to tackle either kind of sugar detox.

List of related literature:

As the body continues to have strong cravings for chocolate, soda, juices, sugar or other refined carbohydrates, there is no hope because sooner or later, they will succumb to these cravings and lose control.

“Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism” by Frank Suarez
from Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism
by Frank Suarez
Frank Suarez, 2016

One of the biggest takeaways I got during my three weeks: Just because you’re having a “craving” or “want” something sweet doesn’t mean you have to eat sugar—or even pop a sugar replacement, such as a piece of fruit—on impulse.

“Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!” by Michele Promaulayko
from Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!
by Michele Promaulayko
Galvanized Media, 2019

Simply limiting added sugar (“I’m going to have only one sweet treat per day”) leads to incessant battles of willpower, continued cravings, and small sugar hits, which keep your brain focused on sugar.

“It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways” by Dallas Hartwig, Melissa Hartwig
from It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways
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Sugar cravings fit into this definition.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
from The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight
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Piccadilly Books, Limited, 2017

If constant cravings for sugary treats are driving you wild, you (and your hips!) will appreciate these tips to help curb the urge to splurge: (1) Most cravings last only about 10 minutes and then subside.

“The Looneyspoons Collection” by Janet Podleski, Greta Podleski
from The Looneyspoons Collection
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Sugar substitutes taste sweet (obviously) and activate those same receptor sites in your brain that keep your sugar addiction alive.

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
from Eating Clean For Dummies
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You’ll find that by reducing your sugar intake by just 50 percent, you’ll likely be able to avoid the blood sugar highs and lows that accompany a diet high in sugar, and you will have fewer cravings for the sweet stuff overall.

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
from Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out
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Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, phenylalanine, and acesulfame potassium (Ace K) often raise blood glucose and keep cravings high, so I avoid them.

“Keto Gatherings” by Kristie Sullivan
from Keto Gatherings
by Kristie Sullivan
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Satisfy sweet cravings with fruit, which has a different kind of sugar, fructose, which less readily causes the release of insulin.

“Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine” by Candace B. Pert
from Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine
by Candace B. Pert
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Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, phenylalanine, and acesulfame potassium (Ace K) often raise blood glucose and cause cravings, so I avoid them.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

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  • YESS!!!! That is so me. Option 2 is for me. I have been making gradual changes but it really takes time to make the changes permanent.

  • How does this “not meet the psychiatric definition” of addiction? It’s a compulsive behaviour with short term relief and significant long term negative consequences. What else do you want?

  • I have sugar cravings. Indian sweets cookies etc trying to cut down my blood sugar is is in 80’s I’m not a diabetic so I don’t worry about it.

  • This is totally misinformation, sugar withdrawal may be uncomfortable and inconvenient, but I seriously doubt anyone has ever died in a jail cell due to acute sugar withdrawal. For the people going through it I agree it may be very hard in their eyes to stop “sugar”, but I assure u and anyone reading this or watching this, ITS NOT ANYWARE CLOSE TO OPIATE WITHDRAWL, SUGAR WONT KILL YOU INSTANTLY, AND IDK ABOUT THE NUMBER OF SUGAR OVERDOSES PER YEAR BUT IM SURE ITS LOW.

  • This woman is truly one of the most beautiful women in the whole world. But she is concerned also about her health.
    Wow, I bet she is a sweet heart as well?
    Stay humble, nice and modest.

  • Yes I am a sugar/food addict. I am a massive sugar/processed food addict. In my home growing up we ate candy, cookies, cakes, pies, donuts, ice cream, milk shakes, and every other food with sugar ALL THE TIME! Breakfast was sugared cereal, pop tarts, cinnamon sugar toast with butter, tea with cream and sugar. On the way to school, I bought donuts on top of that. Everyone in my family is obese or struggles with their weight. Going sugar free seems like an impossible accomplishment. I can’t seem to consume sugar in any form without cravings.

  • With me it wasn’t sugar I needed to get off of most it was shopping. REcently after experiencing mid life changes like hot flashes and a series of disappointments in life and then taking a drug for a few months at a time which caused me to gain some weight while trying to cope with a lot then I had to cut back on eating bread and sweets which I was eating too much of. Now I am finding it all of a sudden much harder to lose weight. I used to have no problem at all losing weight before taking that so called better more modern drug. Now I am starting to realize too while being told to not work during a pandemic withdrawal is going to include for me not shopping for information too much as well unless I am being paid to do so as an investigator or researcher. Why should I when returning to school as a student again soon maybe later a part time worker too be doing more of that than I need to after completing assignments instead of enjoying life more?. Maybe my late sister Sharon who died of breast Cancer a year ago was right about both of us needing to read that book titled, “Meditations For WOMEN Who Do Too Much” written by Anne Wilson Schaef. Both of us started doing too much ourselves, her in the U.S. and me up here in Canada as when trying to improve our financial stability for ourselves both later after leaving home as single moms after watching my mother do too much all the time until all of us children were adults because my father worked out of town in oil fields the majority of the time as a welder and when he was home the rest of the time he was often in the early years too tired to do much of anything. Too much of anything being done in the moment instead of doing nothing often enough like a Scarlet O’hara when attending a garden party. Sooner or later if not looking after number one good enough any of us can end up appearing to others in a first impression as having been addled and lazy all our lives and only ever continuing to be so.

  • I found out that not consuming sweet fruits had helped me too, also I started to drink tea without sugar at all. I discovered time ago that cookies with Splenda increased my sugar cravings, so I got ride of these, also light jelly, sweet yogurt, etc

  • I am pretty healthy expect for the fact that I have the biggest sugar tooth in the world and I have been trying to eat healthy and workout but I get these really big craving for cookies and ice cream all the time because that’s what I would eat

  • I feel guilty about eating animal flesh. I was 90% vegan for a while and that felt good, too. I’m so confused about what to do. Sometimes the grains used in a vegan diet make me crave sugar, too. And eating meat is more expensive than eating vegan.

  • Helo madam I am 26 years old one year before surgery of ovarian cysts multiple folicals my waight is 47 but doctr says cystic ovries still but regular periods what can I do for this I am not over waight I am married egg not soo good

  • Want u advice bro. i incorporates fruit n veggie (banana,apple,orange,carrot etc. )as my main carbs i very enjoy and it make me stick to this diet because im a sweet tooth guy. Is it considered as sugar addicts?

  • I drink about 4 cans of sugary sodas per day & I’m trying to quit because it’s affecting my skin. It’s the strong cravings that are impeding my goal. Oddly enough, I eat very healthy (6-8 servings of veggies per day). I didn’t know quitting sugar was similar to opioid withdrawal.��

  • Hi Meghan nice video, with your so young age encouraging people to eat less sugar! I loved your be prepared point for when you are hungry, I do prepare something in advance in the fridge, like Hummos or Mutabal for when I come back home super hungry, and can’t wait till a slow cooking proses is ready, so I don’t just jump to a chips or cookies.

  • I love your channel, thank you so much! I definitely find cravings have reduced a lot since giving up Diet Coke and other sweet things. I know Diet Coke does have real sugar but it 100% feels the same to me as real sugar. I’d love you to do a piece on this?

  • I’m currently not eating any sugar (among many other things) as part of the candida diet so this was a boost of encouragement to stick with no sugar! I would love to know your thoughts on this diet and candida overgrowth as there’s lots of conflicting information on the internet!

  • Hi doc.I just found you chanel.this is thirt video I watch,my I asked personal guestion? Do you eat a lot of greens especilaly spinach?

  • Have no suger cravings at all, until my menstruation. One week before it starts. Some advice to balance hormones is to add some good carbs like sweet potato, but to me it seemt to make it worse. Any advice?

  • Sister, I have to applaud your Victorious living! I’m a newbie to this lifestyle. I’m still trying to work things out. Your videos are a blessing. If your a Christian, I believe this may help you. When you awake try spend time reading God’s word. Roman 12: 1; 2 is extremely vital to heping anyone gain power to overcome
    your craving etc.

  • Great video. Music is distracting. Your delivery of the content is great. Easy to understand without all the medical terms. Thank you.

  • Some feedback…You started and ended by talking about doing this gradually. But talked a lot about reading labels which sounds a lot like completely eliminating. You gave no tips on gradually doing this, which is everyone’s obvious problem. With respect, we already have this other information. What is difficult, is avoiding the headaches, and other side affects. The act of figuring out how in the world to do this in a gradual way without quiting from the side effects is why I clicked. It is incredibly hard.

  • So difficult for me because I love love ice cream and anything sweet really, like cookies, tiramisu, Keylime pie etc. but my biggest roadblock in losing weight is �� ��

  • Your videos motivate me to eat better and work o staying fit. Not that I need to be a body builder like yourself but I want to eat food that’s nourishing for my body and exercise to stay fit. I was kinda of curious as to becoming a vegan but the idea went right out the window. I’m gonna stay on my DASH diet plan.

  • “Sugar withdrawal is comparable to opiate withdrawal,” said no credible professional ever.

    Seriously, as someone who has experienced both, you are incorrect. All the information on this stuff out there will tell you the same thing. It’s actually really insulting to claim such a thing… insulting and dangerous. This is why people tell those with acute physical drug addictions to “just wait it out” or to “just stop”. Sugar, as well as tobacco withdrawal, etc., are absolutely nowhere near addictions to substances like opiates or benzodiazepines.

    Not good.

  • Hey Toni! How often do you eat processed sugars now. I’m enjoying eating clean and I don’t necessarily crave processed sugars. But I do love me some ferrero Roche’s. I’m just afraid if I have it once, I will revert back to a pumpkin.

  • Good topic, it was quite difficult to focus with that electro background music though.. please be careful with this details, no need of music and if you like it, a softer one would be a nice idea, thanks

  • Hi Megan, recently discovered you and have really been enjoying your videos. My question is regarding vitamins & supplements and how some have added sugar. What brands can you recommend that don’t have added sugars if I’m looking to cut added sugars completely from my diet.

  • Dopamine levels are dictated by the gut biome.. cutting down sugar or starving the gut biome of sugar eventually replaces the gut bacteria with the good kind of bacteria and thus the cravings for sugar go away.. probiotics help accelerate this process and is a more long lasting solution to sugar addiction… targeting the root of the problem… when the gut bacteria is replaced with the good kind.. dopamine increases when healthy food is eaten.. everything boils down to the gut biome

  • As a nutritionalist, you may be interested in listening to some of Ray Peat’s videos. I was floored by some of the things he says, but as a PhD in biology he definitely has the knowledge. Anyway, for what it’s worth, thought you may be interested.

  • Great �� tips. Very useful. Me I eat sweet always at 9 PM and I don’t know way. Thank you. Have a beautiful day. Love �� ❤️❤️❤️������������

  • I’m not addicted to chocolate. The fact I bought 8 family sized bags of dark chocolate peanut M&Ms just means I am getting protein along with antioxidants all at once.

  • You cannot eleminate suger, it is in everything. Eat less suger not eleminate it. Listen to this woman and live a boring funless life. You only live once and certainly will die so enjoy your life but with moderation.

  • One major issue for me is how difficult it is to actually access a lot of sugar-free foods. The industry has saturated the shelves with a plethora of processed foods all trying some marketing angle, and I believe a conscious part of their success is to actually make it difficult to find alternatives. Today I could be in the right circumstances to leave sugar out but tomorrow I may be in a tough spot where I either have to eat processed foods or not at all. From advertising to stocked shelves to social pressures to choice & opportunity costs the industry has largely optimized how to keep us on a loop constantly buying their unhealthy, addictive products.

  • As always your videos are very well.. really like the graphics, however the music was a little distracting from what you had to say. Thank you so much for the positive effect you have on Cyber world

  • Such great tips. I’m always amazed when I hear that many so-called healthy foods that are go-to foods for many moms, are extremely high in sugar. Things like flavored yoguarts, granola bars, boxed cereals, and ready-made smoothies are higher in sugar than pop or a chocolate bar!

  • Dr. Dan,
    Your message is so interesting and helpful. However, would you mind eliminating the background music
    Behind your talks. It is very distracting from the message.

  • Yes, I’m struggling with sugar addiction right now.

    I’m a 17 year old female and I have depression and ptsd and I’ve been craving chocolate and sweet red bean paste frequently.

    It’s costing me.:(

  • Is it possible that once you start eating much less processed sugar, that once you do have it again you get a headache?

    I’ve cut out a lot of processed sugar during this shelter in place and I just had pancakes with syrup for the first time in a while… I had to dump out the rest of my coffee and down about 16 oz of water just to get my head to relax. Lol

  • I’ve either been addicted to coffee or to sugar or both. Last year when I wasn’t addicted to sugar I was addicted to coffee and it hurt me in other ways. For 2020 I want to break my addiction to both coffee and sugar! I’ve already broke my coffee addiction and I’m ready to break this sugar addiction!! Here’s to clearer skin, better sleep, less GI problems!!

  • Let’s face it: some of us are mere junkies, be it smoking, sugar, coffee or whatever else. I’ve been doing keto for over 20 months now and sugar cravings are regularly popping up. I can have none for a month and then all of a sudden I’m devouring a pack of my fav waffle rolls with vanilla cream. There must be some kind of strange wiring in the brain. Or how about this: I’ve just completed my 72h fasting, had a lovely salmon and now I’m watching this, because all I can think of is having a sugar fix. ��

  • Hey Dr Dan, have you ever heard of hunger pangs on a low carb diet? I’ve been experiencing them while transitioning to low carb for the last couple weeks. No mater how much I eat, can’t seem satisfy them unless I eat something sugary like fruit or an Rx bar. What do you think?

  • CANDIDA Unbalance as Well??.I notice im Not liking the sun as much..i used to feel so alive outside..now I feel like I just wanna stay inside..HELP

  • Those tips are absolutely true. I’m combining tips 3 and 5. I started baking some vegan muffins, cookies by myself with less sugar that suggested in the recipes. At least you know what you are eating, and at the same time I stopped buying other sweets at grocery stores. I still got some raw bars in the kitchen just in case, they are 130 cal each so all good.

  • Your crazy. Sugar withdrawal is nothing like an opioid withdrawal. I dont think you have diarrhea vomiting cold sweats chills body aches nausea headache chest pain bone pain from sugar withdrawal…. come on get real…

  • Too funny! I was just wondering how i could make my bbq sauce without brown sugar or at least molasses when you mentioned letting go of bbq sauce..��

  • I got physically ill after a week of water fasting I know for a fact it was the sugar withdrawal. I can’t describe the physical pain the hopelessness the regurgitating of greenish and sometimes reddish fluid acid I was barely able to move cold sweats. It felt like a proper withdrawal I thought I was going to die.

  • I have type 1 diabetes I didn’t get diabetes because I ate too much sugar I got it because my pancreas stop producing insulin anyway I’m not aloud eat too much sugar because it makes my blood sugar high and that’s bad but I really want to stop and be healthier but it’s so hard and I’m 13 so teenagers my age are eating chocolate, sweets, everything

  • Toni love the hair!!! God grants perfect peace to you when you keep your mind on him. And trusting God to handle every situation in your life, causes anxiety to leave. Blessings to ya!

  • Day 2 of withdrawals for me and my head is hurting a lot, I’m feeling dizzy weak and I’m dying to go and eat a slice or two of cake

  • Halfway through watching this I got a huge craving for raspberry jam on toast with butter. I quit sugar 3 months ago with no problems!

  • Dr. Dan,
    Do you follow the work of British interventional cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra? Sugar not only leads to obesity, but also to cardiovascular disease

  • Nice video.. Will surely try. In the meantime please checkout this link https://tinyurl.com/STOPtheCRAVING. This has really done wonders for my brother and his wife.

  • Last night I was in Walgreens and I decided to walk down the candy aisle looking for candy. I did not find what I wanted, so I left. I have noticed I had to be careful in the office. Im glad I did not find anything and left.

  • Thanks for clarifying. I’ve drastically cut down my sugar intake but I’m addicted to carbs and I have so many food intolerances (including intolerance to gluten, corn and most grains) that I don’t know what to replace my tolerable foods with (I eat a lot of rice and potatoes and don’t feel full without carbs). I have a little stevia sometimes as it’s natural, plant based and a tiny bit goes a long wayI had no idea it could be problematic as well.

    I thought I was doing well as I avoid sweet drinks/sodas, juices, drastically cut down on sweet condiments (ketchup etc), also I have a food intolerance to eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, beans so increasing my protein intake wouldn’t be straightforward either. I’m prediabetic and already suffer from Lyme disease so if withdrawal makes me very tired and unwell, it’s far more extreme and debilitating than normal tiredness which makes dietary precautions much harder to stick to. Also what would be considered gluten free wholegrains? I don’t tolerate oats either.

  • I chew loads of gum, really does help:)
    when you said “if you dont have any gum….”
    i thought you were going to say “go and buy some” lol.
    my nan always used to say “everything in moderation”:)
    those smart bars are pretty good tbh, really tasty. great video dude. great tips

  • I am so happy when my youtube suggests ypur videos. As usual you have made me unable to form a complete thought. What was i doing?? What? Oh well…who cares������

  • A very informative video. Yes, over 30 years a go i gave up booze. I drank like i had a wooden leg:). in recovery they recommend sweets to the new recovering alcoholic, due to all the sugar in the alcohol.

  • Yeah… I have an addiction to sugar… or more specifically to crunchy, chocolatey sweet processed carbs with added sugar. Half of western society these days also has some kind of sugar addiction. Let’s cut the bs

  • I’m all for lowering sugar consumption but eggs are not considered healthy based on the high amounts of cholesterol and fats in them.

  • I’m sorry. This is absolutely ludicrous. It may have similar chemical reactions in the brain ect…but to compare SUGAR withdrawl… to OPIATE withdrawal…. is a 100% inane comment, I dont care if the surgeon general makes this statement. It is utterly clear to me that anyone comparing the two is looking at paperwork..and has little to no experience dealing with someone going through acute opiate withdrawal. I HATE the myriad of comparisons that are made. As far as withdrawls, the ONLY comparable withdrawls are severe Alcoholism, benzodiazepines and..rare nowadays…barbiturates. Sugar withdrawal will NOT cause you to keel over in utter agony while defecating and vomiting at the same time while the mind is in a fight or flight full panic attack, day after day. Stomach cramps and heart rate increases that can become dangerous. Its….offending to compare them

  • Perfect timing for this video.
    Last week I was just googling how to reduce my sweet tooth. And again I learnt more from you. Thank you. Will definitely try those tips

  • That is my problem exactly, I am finally able to admit it I’m addicted to sugar. I with things that I have been going through causes me to eat sugar. This is just what I needed. Thank you

  • I have never been a sweets person, but I recently started a low carb diet. My children were eating crackers, and I could smell them across the room. It triggered a drug like withdraw and craving.

  • I absolutely love your channel!!!! Thank you for the tips. I crave sweets a majority of time. I Will be implementing them. Any tips for PCOS mainly high testosterone?

  • I get it sugar is very difficult for us to ween off but trust and believe it is an addiction and it is in just about EVERYTHING we eat! A change of lifestyle is in order. Monk Sweetener is a sugar alternative you may want to try.

  • I did stop cold turkey but then I found hot turkey was better.

    I get confused on whether to focus on sugar reduction or calorie reduction. If you reduce calories you are indirectly targeting sugars. Calories are found in fats, in fact in higher density than sugar. Calories are also high in alcohol.
    Having iced tea or coffee without event a mere packet of sucralose is unthinkable to me and I think harmless. Nutrasweet (neotame) and saccharin are another matter.
    Prepared food marketers are often deceptive in describing products as No Fat when they make it less healthy in another way. The FDA rules and food labels need revisions.

  • Sugar does cause them. Go on keto like me for a while. Then go back on sugar a week. You will tell a huge difference with fatigue on the next clean week. On day two I really can feel it. Sleep 10 hours and still feel terriable

  • Meghan do you have any advice about eczema? I’ve heard that it’s directly linked to things one eats. Would love to hear your take.

  • Hey thank u so much this is such a life saving video m so addicted to sweets I hope these tips will help me….n as usual u look so pretty u r such a motivation love u girl��������������

  • Yes and I feel the cravings are very similar to quitting smoking, which I have also had my battles with. The way my brain is trying to convince itself that just a small hit is okay is eerily similar. I am on keto now and never felt better.

  • So that’s why! So interesting about dopamine. It’s crazy how quickly I crave sugar after eating dessert just a couple days in a row. Going for a week though without sweets always gets me back on track. I’m gonna try your tip on drinking a glass of water, too! Thanks for this!

  • Yes I am a. Total sugar addict. Started with peri menopause and had only gotten worse.i used to be able to give it up cold turkey but since the meno and quitting smoking 8 yrs ago I have a great difficulty to shift from using sweets. ��

  • Make a firm decision. Your body won’t kick your butt so bad about it. The struggle comes when your.mind isn’t made up….when your body thinks there is a chance that you are going back to the usual routine. It’s like a spoiled child. Say no, stick with no and mean no.

  • I heard this thing about cleaning your teeth! it’s meant to be to do something with that your body signals to you that you’ve finished eating! I bought the Twining’s spiced apple with vanilla too! I haven’t tried it just yet but probably will tonight:) I love fibre ones, sometimes I get n iced bun from the waitrose bakery counterthey’re so yummy! I mean the ingredients aren’t the best but not that I would expect them to be but they still have 4 g of protein and I think 244 calories! or something similar to that! and I find it works well for my sweet cravings:) (most of the time reduced to 25p as well) great video:) I really like your background too!

  • I was a huge (in every sense of the word) sugar addict. I dove straight in to ketosis as quick as I could. And for me it worked great. For me the sugar cravings diapered like flipping a light switch. I did not even get rid of the sugar I have at home. The desire to eat the sugary stuff just vanished!

  • The first time I quit sugar, on the second day there was a pain that seemed to come from my medulla. It felt like a serated knife was sawing through it. It’s dopamine withdrawal.

  • I am trying to diet and in the past I didn’t have a problem doing so. Now I’m a legal senior and way overweight for the first time in my life. I have a panic disorder and depression and no life…so I retire to my home and consume the things I love…sugared things. I hate myself and I can’t stop.

  • Great video. I’m about to have my 2nd baby any day now, any day! I’m beyond ready to detox and clear my body of all these extra fluids, refined carbs and sugary foods I’ve been eating. Not sure how the heck I’m going to be able to prepare meals with a newborn and 2 yr old, but your tips and recipes are realistic and very helpful!

  • I am 27 days sugar free. I have never gone this long. My sugar addiction is definitely dead, but I am expierencing so many withdrawal symptoms…I wont ever go back to it. I’m also detoxing from eating all processed fake foods. I wont go back to them either. How long do the withdrawals last? I used to eat 10-20 candy bars a day sometimes. Thinking maybe it takes a while hahaha especially for me

  • Well said. I get nauseous just walking past the bread aisle in American stores. It smells like a cake shop..or like like my nose has been assaulted by a twinky.

  • Thanks for another video that really helpful for meee. Just 3mons ago, I found out that my FBS level are already in Pre-diabetic lvl and not i’m careful of what eating.

    Also thank you for the video you shared about IBS. So grateful finding you here in Youtube:) God Bless ❤❤❤

  • Thank you so much for making this video. It’s true that sugar is in almost every processed/prepared food we buy. It’s criminal how they sneak this highly addictive substance into almost everything. No wonder we have an obesity epidemic.
    I quit sugar 2 weeks ago, and have been having headaches and extreme irritability. The struggle is real.

  • Dr. Tracey, thanks for your wonderful videos. Can you please comment on importance of client education in therapy. Why are videos like this so important to clients in therapy? Do your clients react favorably to videos like this or has it been a struggle? Do pyschoeducational videos help empower your clients. Have you faced any criticism or resistance from clients or professional peers? Any recommendations for therapists who want to offer more video resources to their clients?

  • Oh my god! Thank you so much for saying you struggle with this too. I literally felt like crying because it made me not feel so bad about myself and how much I struggle with this. I love your channel and think you are so wonderful.

  • Doc, unless you yourself have been through opioid withdrawal then you don’t know what your talking about. Opioid withdrawal is a nightmare.

  • Great video! I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I love SALT ������! I like to basically eat the same food every day, makes it so much easier. 2 eggs, avocado, and spinach for breakfast. Salad and nuts for lunch. Dinner is whatever I have around, usually rice and veggies, and some kind of protein. Thanks for sharing!! I love your content!

  • great advice jess. I’m currently completing my Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine with ACNT, and next year my bachelor. your a true inspiration to me and I’m so excited fie these videos!!

  • Looooove this channel! I cut out most sugar, alcohol, n refined starches for a few years n was in great shape. Then I bought my first home n the initial stress prompted me to drink heavily n eat poorly. My immune system tanked n I gained alot of weight. 7 years later I’m getting back on the Health horse.

  • Thank you for the confirmation. Sugar is my nemesis as well. Vegan diet, meditation, yoga, verbal affirmations are some of the words that have been coming across my path for a while so I will be taking heed. I have a lot to do and I need to be in better health to do it.

  • Why do you say “There IS three main ways” instead of “There ARE three main ways”. It’s just poor grammar. If it can be counted and is more than 1, then it’s there are, not “there’s”. There are 3 main ways that you can balance your blood sugar.

  • the only thing you can do to stop your sugar cravings is to eat sugar. you can delay it, but there is absolutely no avoiding it. you are going to eat it anyway. the only thing you can do is eat it rationally and go back to a clean diet.

  • Sugar withdrawal is no where near opioid withdrawal lol.. I get that sugar addictions are rough, I have one too but I’ve also been thru opiate withdrawal about 100 times and is the worst thing ever. Sugar withdrawl doesn’t even touch it

  • More than three weeks since quitting sweets and I feel like crying because I want sweets so bad. At this point I feel like giving up on this healthy diet thing.

  • It’s disgusting what the food industry has done to our food. Our bodies are not built to be ingesting all this sugar. No wonder we have an obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemic in the USA.

  • Dunking chocolate biscuits into my cup of tea as I watch this but not giving them. Life without chocolate is no life at all. Besides what’s with the music?

  • OMG I drink 4/5 teas a day so my sugar intake was huge, I replaced this with stevia which was easy on the stomach and I thought this was a healthy substitute! Great video.

  • She is so adorable…so down to earth and humble. I like the workouts, too. I can focus on my own workout without some irritating cheerleader chatter like some other videos out there.

  • Really interesting as I have found that if I’ve had a difficult day & my mood is low I have a coffee with 2 squares of dark chocolate and I start to feel happy! Guess this is the Dopamine effect? I think I learned that the coffee & chocolate made me happy but hadn’t considered the sugar to dopamine link. ����

  • I’ve been low/no sugar for years now. On the few occasions when I try a dessert like a donut or piece of cake I have a similar reaction as when sour sensitive people eat a warhead and then I wonder how I used to enjoy eating things like that. I am now addicted to umami flavors though lol.

  • I cut sugar out of my diet a year ago….I always made my own food and ate healthy but just by cutting out dark chocolate and bread pasta and etc I lost 20 pounds and no longer get blood sugar spikes….my skin improved so……much I was shocked…..I’m 56 and I look and feel 10 years younger ��

  • Thank you so much for a really informative vid without all the science and all the other stuff youtubers feel the need to incorporate for more viewership.

  • I used to get shamed for eating a lot of sweets from my family, so I hid food and ate away from anyone (it was comfort food for my depression, but they just thought I was weird). Hiding tubs of chocolate icing in my laundry basket and overeating sweets in the basement, not my finest moments ��
    My family found out and got really worried, so I had to reevaluate what made me crave sweets and cut WAY down on sugar. I didn’t know what hangry was until I cut down on sugar, but it gets easier to limit after a while.

  • I definitely cut out with sugar switching to dark chocolate (90%) fruits with low amount of carbs/sugar as strawberrys,melons or kiwis and takings appetizer like olives.almonds or gazpacho (a fresh soup of tomatoe,water,onion,peppers,oil,vinegar,salt and garlic that I really recommend you for summer). Nice video Dr Dan.

  • I’m terrible with sugar, I have so darn much of it. I wish I could eliminate it but I am scared as I’m already in a pretty bad place depression wise, I’m fearful I’m too weak too.

  • Dr Marks, thank you for this video! Love all your videos! You help me so much!! Will you ever go live? Would LOVE to interact with you!!❤️������molly

  • Hey, I watched probably hundreds of keto videos at this point. And some talk about how to make high fat deserts, tons of videos talk about protein and carbs, but nowhere have I found info about what keto friendly sugars one can use to add to these self made deserts. What are keto friendly added sugars?

  • How do you get yourself to like those foods? I’ll make oatmeal and be like “I’m gonna be so healthy blah blah” and then I get disgusted 2 bites into it and throw it away.

  • I’ve always been a “chocoholic” and an ice cream addict so I’m trying to lose some weight by cutting those out. Wow, my mood is really taking a beating (dysthymia with a lovely scoop of major depression on top). Seeing my therapist tomorrow and an endocrinologist next week. It’s a tough slog.

  • Well done Queen! I am detoxing my autistic sons and myself…this is not for the weak…some days it’s hard tantrums, screaming, headaches, constipation and diarrhea…but its workingmeltdowns at school have decreased for one son and he has been responding appropriately to disappointment or transitions; other son is following 2-3 step directions, using more vocabulary and better attention span…some days are rough but this has better results than the adhd/antidepressant prescription drugs one son was on…

  • I just read a book The Starch Solution by Dr McDougall. It’s the opposite of you’re saying. I feel confused… Can you please give me some examples of books and articles written by doctors or dietitians that will support what you say? Thanks:)

  • Cherry Pepsi Max all the way though I do limit this given the artificial sweeteners (chemicals) in there.
    Just out of interest would you now consider fruit or is natural sugar also off the list?

  • I’m on a candida diet right now,
    and i can understand today how much i was addicted to suger and refined carbohydrates,
    it is super hard to reduce the amount of suger to a low degre, the only thing that helped me is to stop it all,
    now i dont crave any of these things [of course it was super hard to go through the cleanse and in the first 2 weeks i was hungry 24/7 but actually it was the crave for suger and not a real hunger for food]

  • Fruit is nature’s candy. So it is normal for humans to have sugar cravings and fruit is where we should be looking to to satisfy those cravings not cake, candy and other pastries.

  • I hope you liked these tips for helping to control/manage sugar cravings! Let me know your tips below, or any strategies you use to stay on track with a diet if you get cravings…

  • Hello Dr. Marks, this is an excellent video. Thank you for not only talking about sugar “addiction”, but how to wean off of sugar in a healthy way. You really opened my eyes to what added sugar really means. Cheers �� ��

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  • I realized that I have a sugar addiction a few days ago after realizing I had gained 30 lbs within the last 2 years. I literally have a whole birthday cake in my fridge that I bought from Meijer today after I got off of work, and its not even any ones birthday!!!!!! I was just craving birthday cake and ice cream so I bought a whole damn birthday cake!!!! This is going to be a difficult transition.

  • Dear Jess, I just wanted to thank you for changing my life! Your book The Healthy Life has changed my relationship with my body and of course food. Gone are the days of negativity and constant self-doubt, now I’m so much happy and healthier! You truly are amazing! Again, thank you so so so much! xx