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5 Ways to Overcome Food Guilt. by Brittany Risher. January 10, 2018. No Comments. Share it: Our relationship with food can be very complex, especially if we struggle with body image issues.

Guilt and shame are two emotions sometimes linked to food that can result in negative eating habits. Although the two are similar, there are distinctions. 5 Best Tips for Overcoming Food Guilt, According to a Top Dietitian Realize that guilt is an energy crusher..

You can feel it sap your motivation and mood, so it’s best to put things into Be your own best friend.. Food is a big part of our social lives and as such there are lots of opportunities. 5 Ways To Stop Food Guilt Now. Read full article.

0. April 19, 2016, 10:35 AM. By Melissa Milne. My name is Melissa, and I beat Food Guilt.

For many years, I turned the simple act of eating into a. On the other hand, many people find they lose weight in this process, probably because guilt was leading them to overindulge in forbidden foods. Either way, “we usually see weight stabilize over. Rather than allowing yourself to spiral and dive deeper into negative self talk and feelings of food guilt, recognize that feeling this way is a signal that you believe you are breaking a food rule. The key here is to identity what that food rule is and challenge it so you can make all foods morally and emotionally equivalent.

SUMMARY To overcome food addiction, a person should be sure that eliminating certain foods is the right thing to do. If there’s uncertainty, writing down the pros and cons may help make the. Three Easy Ways to Overcome Food Guilt. Posted on August 1st, 2012. by Lindsey Smith.

As much as I enjoy food now, I used to spend more time worrying how many cookies I was going to indulge in at a family outing than I did actually enjoying and savoring both. The downside of guilt. Part of the problem with guilt is that we think we should feel bad because of what we’ve done wrong. That’s a noble gesture, but research shows it’s not the best way to.

Recognizing that diets are a worldwide massive failure, considering the ever increasing average weight of the population, will help you overcome your diet guilt. I know that fast food and convenience foods are also responsible, but the massive media exposure given to dieting must have some measurable impact on the weight of the population. 5 Ways to Get Past the Guilt of Holiday Eating 1. Remember: food is more than just nutrition.

I consulted a fellow dietitian friend on this topic and she offered this 2. Release yourself from restriction. This is a super scary concept for some, but food restriction is at the root of why 3.

List of related literature:

Owning all your behaviors (with self-compassion) derails the food cravings.

“Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating” by Meryl Hershey Beck, Jeanne Rust
from Stop Eating Your Heart Out: The 21-Day Program to Free Yourself from Emotional Eating
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This practice of awareness will also help you let go of the guilt you feel about eating certain foods; instead, you eat them with pleasure.

“Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Loving Your Life Today” by Jena la Flamme, Mama Gena
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Mindfulness skills teach one to accept the reality that there are cues in the world that trigger one’s urges to binge-eat.

“The Treatment of Eating Disorders: A Clinical Handbook” by Carlos M. Grilo, James E. Mitchell
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Mindful eating occurs throughout the program, beginning with raisins, adapted from the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, moving to more challenging foods (chocolate, cheese, and cookies), and then toward healthier foods.

“The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness” by Amanda Ie, Christelle T. Ngnoumen, Ellen J. Langer
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form of discipline (“I can resist this food!”) and ego (“I’m smart enough to avoid this food!”).

“You: On A Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz
from You: On A Diet: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management
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Breaking their rules and re-introducing “bad foods” affords them the opportunity to tolerate the discomfort and realize they don’t have to binge and then purge.

“REBT with Diverse Client Problems and Populations” by Windy Dryden, Michael E. Bernard
from REBT with Diverse Client Problems and Populations
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In Step 5, you learn to resist and control the interactions between food and mood, the reasons we eat other than hunger.

“Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control” by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
from Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control
by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
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The first surprising thing I found was that when I allowed myself to eat however many I wanted, guilt free, I simply didn’t eat as many as I would have previously, when I was trying to “be good.”

“The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” by Kayla Cox
from The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted
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Reduce fears of loss of control (e.g., learn to take a taste without fear of a binge).

“Nursing Care Plans & Documentation: Nursing Diagnoses and Collaborative Problems” by Lynda Juall Carpenito-Moyet
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Mindful eating includes noticing the colors, smells, flavors, and textures of your food; chewing slowly; getting rid of distractions like TV, cell phones, or reading; and learning to cope with negative feelings about food, such as guilt and anxiety.

“Fundamentals of Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine E-Book” by Marc S. Micozzi
from Fundamentals of Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine E-Book
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Who is this woman I absolutley adore here, what a great personality and so open and honest. give here a national show you americans!! X

  • I’m so glad I ran into this video. It’s been a wake-up call that I’ve slowly fallen back into old habits since the quarantine. You explain everything in such a respectful and uplifting tone, it’s inspired me all over again to pick my food planner back up again.

  • Great video! I’m definitely going to start asking this question. It definitely will make you more mindful. And this just shows how important mastering your mind is to your health:)

  • I have started recovery,I’m doing soooo much better..Expect the fact that I still have some Ed thoughts,I restrict a tiny bit from times(50-100 calories),I still feel guilt after eating(it’s not so strong,I’m actually able to distract myself afterwards).I’m not too anxious around food anymore,I’m getting more comfortable with it!I’m still not weight-restored(still far from my set-point),I think that’s why I’m not Ed free…In fact,my doctor told me that the more I eat,the more those thoughts will go away.

  • Love your full days of eating! ❤ I’m the biggest snacker… I usually feel like a eat so much compared to a lot of ppl that do these videos. You should do these more often! ��

  • I love this video. I overcame my binge eating by prioritising exercise. As soon as I had a workout routine it elevated my mood and lowered my anxiety in such a sustained way that I’ve had a healthy relationship with food for around 3 years now ✊

  • Thanks for posting this! Like I totally get what you mean when you said binged mentality… I’m recovering from binge eating, and still in that mentality of all or nothing. I am not the “2 squares of chocolate ” type of girl. I do hope I’ll change but in the meantime… give me the food hahaja

  • OMG I relate so much I feel so bad after eating food and when I’m not exercising I’m like so anxious about it I also eat so much to and sometimes when I want to eat a drink tea as well

  • stress and sadness trigger my binge eating. i started lowering the quantity of sweets that i eat throughout a binge. i’ve been through some rough moments bcz of my toxic bf, and i think it’s time i changed my thoughts and my lifestyle. thank you for your advice! it’s good to know, as a perfectionist, to not follow strict rules and give your body the amount of healthy food that is needed.

  • the same thing happens to me just as with french fries. I love all the potatoes and when I least realize I have a large bag. So then I feel bad for having eaten that bag and the next meal I do ir with much fewer calories to compensate. ������������

  • Omg I honestly struggle so hard w feeling bad about eating certain things..I get so guilty and be like wow I wish I never ate that

  • You’re my favorite human ever, you’re so real and honest and your full day of eating videos literally look like my life everyday LOL balance girl ��

  • Can you please do a diet meal plan Trying to done and lose my fat but I am working and in school budget wise it’s hard and time wise would love a video that could help me with meals and is not too pricey:)

  • I eat SO MUCH. It’s so great seeing other fitness people showing realistic amounts of food to eat! Plus 800 calories of chick peas that you were craving vs not eating them and then binging later on with like 5000+ calories is way better. I’ve been struggling with restricting/binging cycle. So I feel ya girl. But these videos help so much and make me feel normal! We both workout a ton and train hard, we need food! It’s ok to fuel yo body, so thank you for reminding me of that!��

  • try this sometimes when you are losing fat eat 100%bro eat lot of veggies and greens your lean protein but stick to high fiber carbs like oatmeal,beans,brown rice I usually get the sara lee 45 calorie bread has lot of fiber cut out all fruit except for berries,and see if fat loss is faster.

  • Thank you so much for posting videos like this and being so open and honest! I have struggled with disordered eating as well, including binge cycles, which has also made it hard for me to determine what normal portion sizes look like, and what is a ‘normal’ amount of indulgence. Its really comforting to know that this is something other people experience too, and that I’m not the only one experiencing this food anxiety because it can be real tough. Thanks girl, you da best.

  • haha i love these chickpeas. They also have it in lemongrass/ginger and it’s SO GOOD. But I hate it when we just did the groceries and I just want to eat everything.

  • Amazing advice!! Thank youuu. This has been happening to me for at least 3 months and I was kinda ignoring it but for the past weeks it has been happening more and more often. Now that I analyze it, I think is because lately I have been trying to eliminate carbs and gluten completely. That did not worked for me at all! So many restrictions to what is being cooked at home and a feeling that I could not eat at restaurants. It is great to see that this has a name and a way out of it. Everything in this video spoke to me! I can recognize I have triggers to binge eating and then is a like a ”vicious cycle” because once I do it I feel so guilty that I try to skip meals or promise myself that the next day I am going to be better. I have found that the best way to ”keep me on check” is to eat from all group of foods but in an adequate portion (1/2 cup of starchy carbs, 1 whole plate of salad and 6 oz of meat) and snacking if I feel like it. Oh, and yeah, avoiding boredom and other triggers. Again, THANK YOU!!

  • Hey Mario, I don’t know if you have made a video on this topic but what happens is that when I bulk and started eating more, My stomach gets full and I get lethargic. I don’t have the strength to perform other work for the rest of the day. This problem is also felt by my friend who is cutting and he says he says that by eating less, he doesn’t have the strength to do other things the rest of the day. Is this something you have experienced? If yes, can you make a video on this topic. Thanks.

  • Still dealing with that binge/guilt cycle, but this video made me feel so less alone. I love how you’re so genuine and how you eat what you want while living a healthy lifestyle

  • I would love it if you discussed overt fat intake; specifically how to ensure that you’re getting enough omega-3 fatty acids while avoiding the main sources of them☺️

  • I told a psych I had the symptoms of binge eating. She said no. Binge eating is going to several restaurants and eating it all in one sitting. I disagree and feel ignored

  • It’s not that my diet is blown or smth, for me. It’s just falling out of the new pattern and back into destructive habits again and that “loss of control” triggers some really bad feelings

  • I love how real you are. I also snack way too much and give myself too many desserts, but that’s just life. You’re making healthy choices overall and we need to stop being so hard on ourselves

  • The realest eating video on YouTube, i feel related exactly. The guilt and the pep talk after so i can continue eating hahahaha. Great video Gabby

  • Oh my god. I literally relate so much to your “no frame of reference” on “normal” eating. I’ve struggled for so long with bingeing and restricting and just all around dieting that I have no flippin clue how much or even what a regular person eats. I get weirdly obsessed with watching peoples what I eat in a day videos but the problem is I feel like so many people only film like the perfect day of eating or maybe they just eat extremely clean I don’t know but thank you for making me feel normal! <3 xo

  • i don’t understand why you’re not getting more clicks for those nice videos! they’re very informative and interesting, i’m glad i discovered your channel

  • It’s so nice that you are so honest! I have struggled with overeating and definitely know the guilt that follows! But it’s great to hear your take on everything and know that there are so many people who struggle with that.

  • Nobody needs a 1200 calories a day unless you’re a potato and super short. That just going to set you to yo yo dieting.

    I’m 4′ 11″ and workout 5 days eating 1500 calories and I will loose wight.

  • I appreciate how honest you are with your food anxiety and guilt. It’s so relatable. You’re so real, it’s so nice to watch. Thank you for being you! <3

  • Yes girl I do the same thing, because snacks like that are so good you just can’t stop sometimes! And then I also feel guilty as well. I think it’s important to realize you don’t do this everyday and it’s better than something worse than has no nutritional benefit for you at all ya know. That’s how I look at it anyways. Loved the video as always! ❤️❤️❤️

  • As soon as i found your channel i BINGE WATCHED your every video! The only kind of BINGE that is beneficial is learning from your videos! <3

  • Hi Gabby, I love how honest and open and fresh you are! You really give me the motivation to keep powering through and it’s so nice to know other people go through the same thing!! Some times I just eat everything and think I’m weird but I’m glad I’m not the only one ✨✨

  • thank you for being literally the only youtuber making me realise that i shouldnt restrict meals the next day after overeating lmfao i love u

  • Just wanted to say that you are stunningly beautiful. And that your videos really inspire to look after your body. I feel that you don’t want to shame anybody but still analyze their behaviour, it’s like you have analyzed mine. And you are right: we don’t have to be our own victims, we can handle stuff pretty good if we really want to ����
    I’m happy that you reached your goal and people like you are my example to never give up ❤️
    I’m looking forward to more of your content ��

  • This really is a good analogy comparing an ED to a very bad relationship. We can become so dependent on & responsive to the critical, self-loathing ED thoughts that we can no longer separate them from our own personalities which are not reflective of that kind of negativity. Journaling out those ideas is probably the best way to try to separate & discard those ideas….xoxo

  • Its pretty normal to have big snacks if the other meals are small like your lunch, u had a pretty pretty low cal lunch, like, 400 calories or so, so your body was asking for more, maybe if u eat more at lunch you wont feel the need to snack that much, do what its best for uuuu!!!! The big snack totally balanced the small lunch, its ok

  • Emmie, thank you so much for making this video! I definitely needed this! I find myself feeling guilty if I eat something that is “not so healthy “ and overthink and worry about why I ate it. But If I don’t eat that special treat when I’m out with friends I also will feel guilty or pressured for not eating whatever is being offered! I appreciate knowing your opinion on food guilt and knowing that it’s okay if I eat the treat if it’ll benefit me but it’s also okay if I don’t! ❤️

  • I don’t even count calories I do look at ingredients and see how much protein and sugar is in stuff but having large snacks are totally normal. The general population is wayyyyy more unhealthy than you so don’t feel bad about those chickpeas!!

  • Thank you so so much for this video. I already did have a problem but the quarantine made it so much worse. But I’ll start making changes right from today. SUBSCRIBED!!!

  • Hi Kiana! I just recently discovered your YouTube channel and I just wanna say I really love your content! I was actually surprised to see that your channel is new, given that your content is so detailed and well-made. Thank you for making these videos! I’m even more motivated now to continue with my weight loss journey. Can’t wait to see what else you’ll post!:)

  • I’d love to see how you make your tumeric latte…maybe you have already done this not sure, so sorry if I’ve missed this already but I can’t seem to get mine right and would love a tip!

  • You’re the best!! We all snack a lot when we aren’t hungry…I think its a woman thing, buuuut who knows. So thankful you’re honest!

  • hello everyone… I also posted a video about this and how I overcame binge eating! Would love it if you checked it out! Send you all the best xxx

  • This is exactly what I needed… thank you so much for this video! I’ve been craving and eating sweets every day during my recovery, I’m basically eating something sweet everyday, some days more and some days less, but always at least something. I’ve been feeling so bad about it, especially today was a bad day. So thank you so much! I really hope these cravings will get normalized and that my body will trust me again soon.

  • This is a great reference video! I’m a recovering binge eater. While I’ve only ever been slightly overweight, it did become a problem, and it was usually triggered by alcohol. I would drink a few glasses of wine and then all of a sudden wanted to eat everything in the house. I stopped drinking and the binge eating seems to have mostly subsided, but I don’t want to jump the gun and say it’s gone for good. I’ve lost 25 pounds from my heaviest weight of 157 (I’m 132 now). But I know how easily I could pile that right back on if I don’t keep myself in check.

  • ya I was reading that red meat spikes insulin more then sugar so it’s good to eat meat with fat it slows the digestion that’s why I need to keep 60g of fat in my diet to help me with the carbs

  • Loving your channel, I’m someone who struggled with binge eating and purging and then not eating all day and the cycle goes on… and everything you’re saying is so true and so informative I really think you are going to help a lot of people with your channel keep it up!

  • Here is my problem: I am recovering from ED, not feeling guilty when I eat alone. But when I eat with friends, a lot of them are just (naturally) skinny and just need small amounts of foods and eat much less than me, which makes me feel: why the HECK can they eat so little and be OK? I do not want to be the biggest eater!! What should I do?:-(

  • I’m so sick of hearing that eating oily, greasy foods once or twice a week is essential for a “balanced” diet���� Especially being WSLF plant-based, we know how addictive these foods are. Having family/friends/coworkers push these foods onto you or tell you to “live a little” can be so frustrating! Since much of our social lives revolve around food, it so easy to feel like you’re missing out! It’s nice to hear from someone else that it’s okay NOT to eat these things! I never put this feeling into words and thought about it, but I always struggle with this!

  • I love how real you are! There are no other bloggers like you. I have these same internal struggles that you have and it’s comforting to know I’m not alone

  • you deserve SO much more attention. i have an eating disorder and therefore a very bad relationship with food, but i only found you tonight and found your advice is so genuinely useful. thank you for making these videos <3

  • Thank you so much for this, I always feel so guilty when I eat a dessert even though I’m underweight. this made me feel so much better especially since I just ate some Ben and Jerry’s icecream and felt horrible ☹️.

  • thanks for this video. I just gave up my food rules and I have been struggling with feeling guilty for eating a ton even tho I know it’s normal at the beginning!

  • I don’t consume refined sugar generally but when I consume I feel so guilty but sometimes, it’s rare, I want chocolate but when I eat it tastes so sugary and not so delicious as it was before. Because for a long period of time like 8-9 months I didn’t consume sugar to break my addiction. But should I stop consuming it again I don’t know but sometimes it is not good mentally for me:/

  • I dont know wether you will read this or not but it felt like i was listening to my thoughts when you explained how the thought process of binge eating works cause that is what i do all the time and most of the time when i try to control myself my anxiety kicks in and i feel really uncomfortable and whenever i let myself go there is just a burst of guilt to the point i want to kill myself and not even look at myself.. i have no idea how to cope with this and i have a serious history of anxiety attacks and suicide attempts which does not help at all…

  • I have a message that pops up on my phone every morning that says, “Life is supposed to be fun!” I may add one now that says, “Eating is supposed to be enjoyable.” Because it is, so thank you for that! Watching your videos and reading your blog is something kind and nurturing I do for myself. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your work.

  • Your words make it all make sense! Thank you!! The best!! It’ll take time for me but videos like yours make me feel a bit optimistic i can heal from these food thoughts and habits I have to rewire ��✨

  • Hi, I am currently in recovery, and I am on a 2600 Cals meal plan but recently, I have a night binge, I don’t know if it’s a mental huger or I now have a binge eating disorder. I want to maintain my body, I am at my healthy weight recommended by my doctor but I can’t stop feeling gingery and want to binge all the time and my weight keep going up. Help me.

  • Thank you, I found this video very helpful because it happens often to me to experience that kind of guilt. You’re a very positive and inspiring girl:)

  • I am currently 194lbs. @ 6ft. When I do benge I grab a tilamook ice cream half gallon, the chocolate moose vanilla bean one. And I just dig in with my hands and get messy into it. And eat it until i get sick of it. And after I do this I can make it about 2 months or more before I get another cholate, moose vanilla ice cream craving. So the next time the cravings come up I just remember the gross feeling I got right after binging on it. I usealley eat about 3 quarters of it and throw the rest away. I usealley go through this cycle about every 2-3 months. This is my demon. Tillamook ice cream. But as I learn more about junk food the less I want it. Especially the chemicals that destroy our cells. My last ice cream benge was 3 weeks ago. So yeah I have fallen off the wagon. But I keep getting on. Cause if I don’t get ice cream I will start chaseing women. The one thing that does make me resist and fight back my cravings 95% of the time is that when my weight is below 190 or less I not only feel better and see better but my emotions are much more pure and well this will sound gross but that thing that everyone dose but will never admit too. Feels so much better when my weight is down closer to where it should be.

  • I needed this video so much right now. I’ve just eaten a small piece of cake as it’s my friends birthday and felt awful until I watched this. Recovery is hard, but I think it will be worth it… Thank you so much.

  • I used to beat myself up, for example if I ate anything more than what my calorie deficit indicated even if I only raised the bar into maintenance which was crazy right? It was like that one time event would destroy everything I worked so hard to attain. I was probably far too rigid at that time. Now being much more chill about this really helps and being flexible including what I enjoy keeps me happy and on track. One thing I need to put into perspective here is a certain family member who is trying too hard to throw me off my game because it is hard for him to accept the changes that I am making in myself, like he feels threatened as this is not who he is familiar with. This behavior does not change what I set out to do for myself but, it is pissing me off. Any helpful ideas Mario? Helen

  • We have festivals here in india and i ate 2 sweetdishes and it lead my calorie intake 250kcal more than my daily intake. I was really really guilty about it but your video truly helped me to calm my mind. Gbu

  • If I overate today, can’t I catch up in the following days? Like, reducing my calories for the following days. Averaging it out? Does it work that way?

  • by the way Mario I’m no ripped by any means but the leanest and lightest I ever been 10% atc160 lbs on Tuesday I’m ending my cut maybe in a year or so I can be 8% at 160 or heavier.i also gain some strength and muscle so it worked

  • ahhh im in the exact same boat! coming from a very restricted/tracking eating past, I eat a good 3000 calories a day, without feeling too full either & often wonder if its normal! its hard to learn how to eat “normally” but I guess this is normal:) sending love! xxx

  • I’ll be 14 in July and I was 180 pounds. I’m 5’3. I love food! But I realized that if I die because of food, food isn’t going to care. I’m training my brain to be stronger and have more control over what I eat. I eat less than 2,200 calories a day now and I exercise like crazy. I’ve lost 10 pounds in about two weeks. Today is the third day of my seven day water fasts and I feel like dying. Lol. But I know this is good for my health. I cut out all soda and junk food such as candy, chips, sugary drinks, etc…(though, I do treat myself to desert once in a while. Lol) I only wish love on everybody who’s reading this and good luck on your weight loss!��

  • Gaby! I think that normal people DO have those snacks.
    Me for example: yes, everyday. But thats fine because i train a lot.
    A thing that i noticed is when i do lunch with little processed food and a lot of vegetables, and Chicken breast, and a salad. I snack a banana and almonds. For real.
    But if my breakfast and luch were poor in whole foods i snack: A LOt, and binge in sweet stuff like crazy.
    I dobt know if that make sense but maybe it helps!
    Best wishes, greeting from Argentina!
    And loooove your videos and autentic personallity ��❤️

  • this is not on such a micro scale as one binge meal, but about having realized I put on a lot more fat than I realized during my bulk.

    I combined these steps and used Anthony Robbins’ 10 day mental positivity challenge from Awaken the Giant Within, basically using positive solution oriented thinking, rather than wasting time in thoughts like “I’m such a useless piece of shit”

  • I don’t believe in good food or bad food, only good moderation and bad portions. I think it’s important to learn how to be self content like have a slice pizza, feel great & move on… not 1 slice and becomes 2, 2 becomes 4… and then spend all the rest of the day thinking & feeling guilty where that amount of time can be used to do other more meaningful stuffs. Just a little of my self motivation, sorry for the rant man. Keep these awesome videos coming! Cheers!

  • aight I just watched all of ur vids and subscribed that’s NEVER happened before so that rlly says how good ur content is ����anyways keep doing what ur doing and I wish u the best

  • You and Jen Brett are literally my inspirations ���� you guys both don’t track your macros and eat intuitively and I NEEEED THAT. I see all these girls tracking their macros and eating like 30g fat and like 150g carbs and I’m like “OMG should I be eating like that cause I wanna look how they look?!” It fucks with me sooooo much. OH and I can 100% relate when you were talking about the chickpeas and if it was a normal thing to have that much or if it was your BED brain ����‍♀️

  • I didn’t feel guilty eating all the whole foods last night I been dieting hard my energy levels were in the basement aside the 2400 calories I ate I had a ton of food 2000 or do calories in the form of peanut butter,whole wheat bread,egg whites pinto beans oatmeal,yogurt I woke up 1 pound lighter,that was like an unplanned refeed day sometimes you have to over eat I learned to let my body burn the fat on its own instead of forcing it I had planned to drop to 158 lbs or 8 %bf which ever comes first but in the last week my body fat went down.5 and my weight still the same I’m going to be a little heavier then I thought and my muscle mass increased as well before fat loss phase I had less muscle then now nutrition is the key I’m sticking to 100%bro foods now no more garbage from restaurants and junk food lol

  • I get cravings in my binge. Like during I’m like i ate sugar and now I HAVE to have salty or spicy foods and I don’t feel satisfied until I am stuffed.

  • i really get your frustration about eating when you’re not hungry… lately i’ve been getting much better though, and something that’s really been helping me has been to eat my meals super slowly (like, taking an obnoxious amount of time to really chew each bite) because not only does it help me be more aware of the signals my body is telling me, it kinda helps me not think of food as something that i need to eat as much as possible of in the smallest amount of time possible. oh but btw, please please please don’t beat yourself up for eating a certain amount of calories!! calories are so not the enemy, it’s the source of the calories that counts!! (and 2500-3000 calories is a very normal amount of calories for someone who exercises as much as you do�� fuel that bod girl!!!!)

  • Babe big snacks ARE normal especially for someone who lifts weights! It’s not binging at all. It’s healthy that you let yourself eat the snacks you want <3 thank you for your raw videos

  • Thank you for this��im gonna start eating junk foods and processed foods moderately without feeling guilty and beating myself up..i seriously stopped those “unhealthy” for 3 months now…but because of you im going to eat them again and for my body too..

  • It’s completely normal to eat that big of a snack. I do it often. I also don’t count calories or macros. You’ll be fine. You’re active and happy and that’s all that matters. I reallt like the point you hit on about people thinking they should skip meals because of what that perceive is high calorie consumption. People can learn from this video for sure. Keep up the good work, Gabby!

  • I really stopped beating myself up lately and when I went on this particular weightloss journey I decided I don’t care how long it takes and be easy with it. It’s so freeing to just have a treat once in awhile if I feel like it and not always work out to my set schedule. Its such a valuable message you just said lol I wish someone said this to me ages ago:D I’m officially at a 30lb weight loss from Jan 2016 and it’s been really easy and fun sure I could have lost that sooner but I probably wouldn’t be as happy or relaxed and I found a lifestyle I know I can stick to. Great video Mario!

  • I surmise that you overeat because you ain’t got no got damn discipline!

    Hey Mario, I took your advice and ate maintenance for 2.5 weeks. (That was nice) Then this past monday went back on IF at a 500 deficit. I’ve lost 1.5lb already in 5 days! Seems like re-stimulating or rebooting the brain/stomach connection now and then is what has to be done.. at least for me.

  • Thanks Mario! It was my birthday yesterday and i ended up having more slices of pizza then i should have haha & i’ve been feeling guilty since then.
    Another great content, keep it up!:D

  • you’re just telling me what i don’t wanna hear but i know it’s true. i don’t know if i can let go of these rules i’ve set for myself. it’s going to be hard.

  • Hai I am from Malaysia. I really love your video please make more hahaha. You are very good, very informative and at the same time give adequate edits and personality. thummbss uppp

  • Every time I try to loose weight I eat in a calorie deficit for three or four days and then I end up binging in the evening and every time I feel like shit after I cant even enjoy holidays cause I binge when I have to eat a ”Unhealthy Meal”. I hope I can stop and never binge again this sucks

  • Great information! Needed to hear this after a weekend of indulgence (eating maintenance instead of cutting calories). Especially loved the bit how one day is insignificant in the grande scheme of things really helps put things into perspective! Thanks for producing great, helpful, and informative content.

  • I also cut out all the sugar from my diet only sugar I consume is whats in the dairy,milk,greek yogurt and sugar in fruit don’t count it doesn’t spike insulin like processed sugar,ex,sweets,donuts cakes etc I don’t crave anything sweet now I use sucralose to sweetened my things I been doing that for the past 2 years I make my own cakes just without the flour and there really good.

  • You are so pretty you look like a model. Thank you for making this video. It is inspiring for me because i have an eating disorder

  • Hello ElisaI’m struggling with deciding whether or not I need to respond to extreme hunger and eat the Minnie maud guidelines. I am 5’1 and 19 and only 5 or so pounds under my healthy weight. I’ve been eating 1800-2200 cals a day and I take 2-3 rest days a week from working out. I have orthorexia and only eat like 10 different healthy foods all weighed and measured exactly (for 5 years now). I don’t have my period for all this time and recently I have been feeling low energy and low libido. I haven’t ever given in to my cravings, but yesterday I did because I was scared about my period and had heard about extreme hunger so I ate a TON of calories and unhealthy foods. I don’t know if this is ok because I don’t have very much weight to gain: I feel if I do this i will get way too big and should try to be more moderate. I felt so out of control because I hadn’t had those foods in years and I just wanted all of them at once… I’m afraid of losing my fitness and lean and toned body. Am I too far along in my weight and recovery to be eating so so much? Should I just increase my variety of foods without increasing the calories?

  • I’ve been a binge eater since high school and am still in the throes. I’ve lost 100 lbs and gained it back, lost 70 lbs and gained it back, etc. Thank you for this video! <3

  • Okay so maybe I’m the outlier but I found IF to help me a lot with stopping binge eating. It’s like… Before that, I’m constantly thinking about food, how it’s right there, how I can eat it and I end up exerting a lot of willpower not eating it, which becomes a binge when I do eat. On the other hand with IF, it’s like the option is out of my head completely. I just don’t think about food when I fast cause eating is not an option. Does that make sense?

  • Hi Kiana, I’d really love to hear your insights on hypnotherapy for eating disorders and weight loss. Personally, it’s the only thing that has ever worked for me and I don’t see much media coverage on the topic. After many years of struggle, I’ve finally been able to overcome my bad habits and emotional eating. I love your channel so much. Thank you for making videos.

  • You are amazing. I can relate to everything you say. Can you talk more about the stages of change that you alluded to regarding the Prochaska book?

  • Hi, I wanted to tell you without any bad intentions that it’s ok to accept the binging issue (I’ve had it, and it was horrible, I’m still recovering from it) but is also important to work on it. The big key on this is to understand why you are having this emotional hunger? Because it won’t go away until you listen to it. I recommend to you and anyone who is struggling with this to look professional help. Myself included, like I said I suffer with that too and now that I’m listening to myself and I started making changes in my life that were painfull but necesary for my well being. Anyway, I wish you the best on that topic and in your life in general ����

  • I am happy for this video this is all something I really fully realised in last few months. And I’m finally on healthy weight loss journey. Also my binge was usually triggered by fear of missing out. But I like to repeat myself (kinda like if I was in scary castle with”ghosts” or something) that me wanting to binge is not real. It’s just an illusion. And it’s just my food addiction and boredom.

  • Here’s how you stop bingeing. LOW CALORIE DENSE FOODS like veg and some fruits. Don’t tell me that u can eat junk food after you’ve eaten pounds of salad. Make sure you don’t put any dressing on salad it will add 300 calories

  • Eating disorder is like an abusive partner �� wow that hit me… i have been abused all my life so maybe I’m just so used to that feeling???

  • My answer to binge eating is to find veggies you enjoy and just binge those……………………

    Like if you want to snack, just get a huge bowl of carrots, bell pepper, celery, broccoli, etc…

    Then just get some hummus to dip all the veggies in. (preferably you make your own hummus without oil and make it a little watery so that it’s not so thick and calorie dense, but normal store bought hummus is honestly ok too)

    Then just start munching away while watching youtube……….. EZPZ.

  • the problem with sugar is so easy to consume 4 g of sugar is 15 calories 1 cup is 720 you will get fat trust me I use stevia and granulated no calorie sweetener vfrom walmart which still has 1 carb but I use it moderate I don’t count it doesn’t affect my weight at all

  • My way to Stop Binge Eating: Eat vegetables as much, as you want. And eat a lot of lean protein-meals such as low-fat quark, cottage cheese, lean meat (As much, as you want).

    Water-rich fruits like melons, apples. No processed foods. Ony things without many calories that make you full the whole day. If you don’t like how it tastes: Use Flavour Drops, spices like cinnamon etc. Everyone finds lean meals or types of preparation that taste great if you invest the time and look for it.

    You shouldn´t buy or eat processed foods in the future if you have a binge problem with that.
    Many people can’t stop eating, because it tastes too good and if you eat the tastiest high calorie processed meals every week (or day), your brain remembers it, you´ll get fatter and it won’t stop ever.

    Another important thing is, that high protein meals and vegetables have not so many calories as you think. Your body cant gets so much energy out of this stuff and you lose weight. It is not all calorie in calorie out. What you eat, is more important. Too much processed, high calorie-dense foods are not good for everyone, and we all get fat and unhealthy with it over time.

  • Did you pursue any therapy during your journey? I’m considering signing up for online counselling, but the cost is making me hesitateeven though it’s probably less per week than what I spend on a binge-heavy week, lol. I’m just not sure if it’ll be helpful enough to merit the cost. And it’s just so hard not to stop and buy a ton of junk food and ready-meals on my way home after work when I’m tired and hungry and just go to town.

  • Hey colleen i know u made a video about this, but since i started intuitive eating i gained so much weight and i cant seem to get over it and accepted it even I’ve started thinnking if i im eating at the time enough because when u dont ur metabolism slowdown and lately im having alot of eating attacks? Any advice?

  • I’m in cbt therapy for ED now, part of my “home work” is to note the time I eat, bracket meals so like if I have a steak and salad thats considered a meal, but if I eat a bowl of soup and then I eat a little debbie cake or whatever where it was sequential and unplanned thats unbracketed, thats not a meal, I have to note where I ate it (specifically, like if at home where at home work school etc), if I ate alone or with someone else, if so who and then comments on what I was thinking or feeling when I was eating and rate my mood on a scale of 1-7 and then I have to put stars by the food events that I am bothered by and we discuss what happened that made me be bothered by that even so like if I had a shitty day at work and I got pizza that’d be a star but if I planned the pizza or just didn’t fucking hate myself for it, maybe not such much a star…its annoying af but its helping me work through some shit..I have a history of being excessively restrictive to the point where I will probably have long term heart problems, documenting food intake helps for a lot of ED I guess its helping for me…I hope for the long run

  • Ur words always helps me to get away with my guiltiness so i always come to ur channel when i need help to get my mental back u are such an amazing person helping a lot of people’s food problems��

  • OMG I can so relate! Except I don’t think I have food addiction, what I have is just sudden intense cravings for junk food, which makes me feel grossed out (i.e. the food not matching my cravings/didn’t taste that good) then I stay away from junk food anywhere between a few days to a month. There is just no way that I can have junk food every day, because I seriously think I would throw up from nausea by like the 3rd meal. But the psychology is the same when I decide I need to watch my calories, I have like something that was not planned then I’m like well, I already broke it so, let’s wait for the next time.
    My problem is I cannot stay on track for anything, even for food: that was given up instantly when I got addicted to some internet novels and I couldn’t stop reading. Basically because I was too engrossed in the novel(s), I would use any spare time I had to read which just left me barely eating for months (I never had any junk food cravings at all during that time and ate relatively fresh foods mostly salads or fruits, just very little) which made my weight drop like crazy in a bad way.
    But then when I finished the novel(s) and couldn’t find other good enough novels to pique my interest, my normal meals returned but so did my bad food cravings:/.

  • You eat so much lol. Also I can tell you love caffeine. The chickpeas were def a craving from the mind if you ask me. But that’s pretty normal also. There are very few ppl out there that eat only until they’re no longer hungry. Most people eat till their full at least or a little past.

  • You are sent from heaven this is all so accurate and your tips really help if someone right now is reading my comment and doubting the tips she gives and doubting yourself in a way that you think you can not follow the tips I took the time to write this specially for you you canndo it you can overcome it! And be the person you want to be! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I am in the start of the initiative eating journey and what I notice on my self is that I enjoy food more and appreciate each meal more ����

  • Everyone I’ve ever met who does “Keto” dieting ends up gaining weight and becomes a binge eater. Keto is a fad diet and will not lead you to long-term and healthy success.

  • I love this video! It seemed so much more real than other fitness people I follow. Like a lot of “full day of eating” videos show 3 small meals and I’m like that isint possible for your muscle mass??? Thanks for showing a realistic day of eating!

  • Eating fruit always makes me want to binge on honey Peter Pan creamy peanut butter and Concord grape jelly. I’ve given away/thrown out all of the other foods that I’ve been tempted to binge on, and I’ve lost 45 pounds since the beginning of 2020. But I always had peanut butter and jelly, so many times I would end up eating a lot of that. I don’t like eating either of them by themselves in large quantities, so yesterday I finally threw away my jelly and hopefully my weight loss journey will no longer be thwarted by the PB&J Gods!

  • This is so helpful. Thank you! I feel like I’ve been too strict about my “don’t be so strict to yourself” journey. I’ve just recently figured out that I’ve already made progress and I shouldn’t blame myself for not being perfect already. Me talking to myself “you’ve messed up again!” or “why do you still have these cravings?” makes it worse. Instead, I’m trying to look at my binges and realize they’ve become “healthier”, less intense and less frequent. This shouldn’t be something I blame myself for. Did you struggle with this kind of negative self-talk? If yes, how did you deal with it? <3

  • The violin at 1:04. I remember it from a yugioh simulator and I’ve been searching for that audio so I can use it for memes, for like 3 weeks now and I cannot find it wtf ����������

  • Bro, to be honest, one of my favourite videos I’ve seen so far of you! The thing is, when I was 15 I suffered from Anorexia (90pounds on 5 foot 7) I overcame most of the issues linked to that disease but feeling guilty was/is still a huge topic in my Life.

    This Video of you really helps me in this regard…thank you bro! I really believe that such videos help people if eating disorders/ disorder tendencies, I don’t have a lot of this tendencies but feeling guilty was something that perservered…THANK YOU MARIO!:)

  • My snacks are even bigger and you don’t eat a lot!! I often feel really guilty too bc if people say they eat a lot good and then I see how much they really eat and how much I really eat it makes me feel so hoggish! But I’m also 5’7 and kinda active like most most of the time, so I’m able to eat 2300-ish calories but still I often eat much more

  • Best protein waffles I have found is 1/2 cup Kodiak cakes, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 cup water. Add fruit if desired. Perfect consistency every time!! Love this video! Great meal ideas ����

  • that is very true lol but I noticed the difference after a meal if I change my macros I just base it on how I feel I’m one of the lucky guys can have lot of carbs 45% and some fat 25% it seems good and the rest protein seems to work for me all I was saying lol if I go low fat like 10%and more carbs I notice the difference on how I feel.thats how I learned I guess also more carbs seems to be better when cutting for me

  • I don’t really eat aloz like 700 calories a day but then I have binge days and this time my binge day is already 4 days:/ now I’m here ��

  • Can you do a quad focused workout video? I have a really hard time engaging and growing my quads and would love to know what you do

  • Great advice, insights and neutral information. Being a binge eater my self currently on a journey to be fit. (lost 65lbs to date 15 more to go)… The most important and most notable thing I have change from previous attempts to weight loss that ended up on a cycle. Is DO NOT QUIT!!!! The by product of one day of failure to the “plan” does not define who you want to be and your goals!

  • I’m on 1300 kcal per day unless I do a lot of cardio which in that case I can eat more to compensate. 5’4” is average and 1200-1300 kcal are proposed as the daily intake while dieting.

  • lol girl don’t stress, I have snacks that are like 800 calories on the daily! If you try and limit yourself it’s way more likely to lead to a binge <3

  • Celebrated my sister’s birthday tonight with several drinks and crappy Mexican food (ate almost a whole basket of chips by myself). This video couldn’t have been timelier.

  • i know this is an old video, but i just wanted to let you know that youre not alone when it comes to eating big snacks lol cuz honestly who even eats 1 serving.. thats nothing! but we definitely share the same mentality so i just wanted to give you some comfort on that:)

  • I used to binge eat when I was 17 to 19,, it was like bulimia without the vomiting… then I met my husband to be and the Binge eating stopped.. just like that.. and Iv`e never had the problem since.. Im 67 now,

  • Would have helped to know all this at the beginning but got still new info and tools. Thank you ��

    Is It sustainable in long run when took control and stopped eating all time and years later I am in situation when there’s high stress or anxiety I just “allow” myself some binging?

    This happens maybe once a month or once every 2 months and doesn’t go further than 1-2 days.. It makes me confused at times bc there’s no more shame and guilt after. It feels more like recharging batteries. ��

    P. S. Today felt like could eat whole grocery store but kept going without extra food. So it’s in control do I get it right? ��

  • If I had that for breakfast I would feel terrible then probably not eat for the rest of the day out of guilt, I feel awful even thinking eating anything ��

  • If I don’t see results on a diet really quickly I get so discouraged and then have an almost compulsion to eat. If I can resist this I am successful.

  • First!:) This is a video I wish someone had showed me when that guilt after eating was tearing me apart. Let me know in the comments how this resonated with you, and I’ll see you in the next one! -Mario

  • Oddly, intermittent fasting has stopped me from binging. I follow the OMAD lifestyle and I find that the less I worry about food the less I eat. I have my meals prepped and that’s made it easy. Yes the first couple of weeks were hard but the body is amazing and adapts. Plus I’ve lost weight without hardship.

  • I have always binged on food really bad due to mental health issues and the fact I hate vegetables but I’ve started doing natural smoothies with veggies and I see progress