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5 Ways to Make Your Coffee Healthier

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5 Ways To Make Your Coffee Routine Healthier. Health. For most people, the morning doesn’t start until they enjoy that first sip of java. Not only does it wake up the brain, but there are other benefits of coffee. It can improve cognitive function.

It can also protect you against type 2 diabetes and liver disease. 5 Ways to Make Your Coffee Healthier. by Lisa Fields. February 2, 2019.

3 Comments. Share it: There’s plenty of evidence that drinking coffee is good for you — from improving cognition to helping to ward off diabetes and boosting athletic performance. Here are a few tips to make sure your cup of coffee is as healthy as possible. Subscribe. Nutrition Evidence Based 8 Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy.

Studies show that coffee reduces the risk of many diseases (1), but what is the healthiest coffee? If taken in moderation, coffee already has a lot of health benefits, but did you know that you can still make it healthier? What is the healthiest way to make coffee? In this article, we list down 15 ways to make your coffee super healthy. Let’s.

Drink Your Coffee Black. It’s so common to put things like sugar, creamer, and specialty flavorings into coffee that people don’t often think about the unnecessary ingredients that go into the cup. Experts say a cup of black coffee has only five calories. However with every teaspoon of sugar added it increases that count by 16. Drinking black coffee is a healthier way to consume it. Although drinking coffee does hold a lot of benefits, there are a few downsides to it too.

Here are a few ways to make your coffee habit healthier. 5 Ways to Make Your Coffee Infinitely Healthier. The easiest way to clean up your coffee order is by cutting out all the other stuff and opting for straight-up brewed beans.

Taking your coffee black—we promise, after a few cups without milk or sugar, you’ll start to love it. Go for Almond Milk. If you can safely consume nut milk, almond milk should be your coffee’s best friend. This milk is your healthiest option when it comes to finding a dairy alternative for your coffee. Compared to whole milk, almond milk will bring your daily fix to just under 100 calories for each serving.

Apparently adding unsalted, grass-fed butter to coffee can give you a welcomed boost of energy without the added sugar or cream. Known as Bulletproof coffee, you can add a small glob of this certain type of butter to your coffee and use an immersion blender to create a frothy, homemade latte. 8.

Going with black coffee, or making your own, is a much healthier choice. Be sure to use filtered water and organic beans for homemade coffee. If you need a little more spice, try adding grass-fed butter, coconut oil, cinnamon, cocoa or collagen.

Remember, healthier coffee doesn’t have to be boring.

List of related literature:

If you can customize your coffee drink, make it healthier.

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Increase the amount of colas and coffee daily.

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The short-chain fatty acids found in vegetables can reverse this damage, so if you do add concentrated amounts of fat to your coffee, make sure to consume several servings of vegetables throughout the day, especially antioxidant-rich greens, herbs, and spices.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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Coffee in particular contains powerful antioxidants that might prevent the development of type 2 diabetes and reduce risk factors associated with heart disease and strokes.

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Adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar to your coffee will quickly add up if you drink five cups per day.

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Commercial coffee is loaded with pesticides and herbicides linked to cancer and other numerous health problems.

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This section will review information extracted from the large body of literature on coffee and health, giving evidence to support a direct link between coffee intake and positive health effects.

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This review outlines the current state of research and views on coffee and health.

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Just make sure to take each new study you see broadcast on TV with a grain of salt, because the shocking headline “Coffee Will Kill You” helps ratings, but in moderation, coffee is fantastic for the brain.

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To improve the energy efficiency and to avoid environmental pollution, one more step has been added to this process corresponding to the treatment of the coffee sludge for reusing as a fuel (sludge must be dried and, if feasible, gasified).

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  • Stevia is processed so much the green color is gone and gives most people gas and leg pains

    If it’s not green stevia it’s not healthy

  • This is FAKE NEWS!! whilst Ur toothpaste, Ur mouthwash even Ur fruit juice and ice cream holds some if not many of the same ingredients as coffee creamer… ���� hhmmpp!

  • Hi this is for all who think they are faking this video. But trust me i have done this all these four year in america i have been drinking my cofee adding french vanilla creamer assuming that its better than putting sugar in it. And I gradually gained like 14 lbs over 4 years and nothing was basically changed in my diet besides the cofee creamer. Last month I decided and now i have finished one month without creamer and u only put milk to my cofee and i have lost 5.8 lbs in one month. I still eat a donut or so every here n there but no cream. Pls pls people take it seriously these creamers have very bad ingredients in them. Hope this helps to someone.

  • I just searched can I add honey to the coffee. See this scandalous title that scares me. Watch it. See things I can’t afford…. I’ll hav to try it myself I GUESS.

  • Was it just me, or did they only get to 2 out of the 3? Spent too much time in the segment goofing around with props to get to #3. Focus people! And, drink more coffee!

  • The sugar in those extracts is actually not the main problem, the biggest problem is terpinoid content and other chemical compounds found in the extracts, these compounds are great and healthy for you, however in huge amounts like the doses contained in these extracts “flavor shots” are too large. Some of these compounds can work similarly to caffeine causing unwanted jittery side effects and possibly heart palpitations if one isnt careful.

  • This recipe sounds like a good idea for its benefits. Thank you Dr.
    If you ever visit Mexico City. Ask for “Café de la olla”. It contains canela (cinnamon). ☕����

  • I’ll defiantly stick to my coffee mate hazelnut creamer I don’t care I’m going to enjoy an drink what I want it is what it is sorry not sorry

  • After new studies, whole milk is healthier. So what was flawed about the old studies? Anyone know if eggs are good for you, this year, or not? Previous studies show both answers

  • Whole milk is the worst thing you can add to your coffee, it will kill the dopamine and increase serotonin which will make you sleep. Skimed milk on the other hand increase your dopamine and decrease serotonin, skimed milk is definitely the one you want in your coffee.

  • I eat sugar with coffee its so delicious… i like sugar it rise my energy and make me so strong… dont believe doctors! sugar is super healthy trust me! “Im jocking” ^^

  • Huh 500 calories in my coffee everyday, sometimes 2 a day? No wonder I can’t lose weight, I’m leaving out the 5000 cals a week in my coffee! Ding????

  • All that hype about the benefits of cocunut is a bunch of hogwash! And tell us why non dairy creamer is bad? I can’t digest milk & don’t tell me to buy lactase to mix in it or buy lactose free milk cuz that doesn’t work either!

  • i just like to say that adding extracts to your coffee is almost the same thing as adding syrup. Extracts are just foods soaked in ethanol, although is isn’t technically sugar as soon as you eat or drink it your body breaks it back down into sugar, but also considering that people usually drink coffee before driving adding a little to much could put you over the legal amount considering that drinking only 35 ml is enough to put the average sized person over the “legal limit”

  • You forgot the pink salt in the bullet proof coffee, and didn’t you mean cacao powder instead of coco? Cacao is straight from the cacao bean and coco is a refined version.

  • Well I think you’re misinterpreting coffee, milk is good but if you’re not adding certain things and according to recent studies they’re full of shit

  • Don’t use a non dairy creamer…. But then use a non dairy creamer…

    Whole milk cassien blocks antioxidants so wtf are they talking about

  • Just have black coffee, maybe a bit of sugar, and if you have to a splash of milk. If you’re a grown man and you drink lattes, you’re not a man

  • What should I add into my coffee that’s healthier, but on the cheaper side? I have a massive sweet tooth and I don’t want to sacrifice the sweetness and creaminess added to the coffee.

  • This is a great machine,>>> ur2.pl/1177 I highly recommend it if your looking for high quality espresso. There is a little extra work with clean up etc. but it is very worth it to me. If you use high quality coffee beans the taste is amazing, and the steamer works very well. I can make a cafe latte with this that is much better than what you would get at Starbucks.

  • Well, “There is a person who used to do “something” and lived until the age of 83, so “that thing” isn’t too bad after all” is a ridiculous argument.

  • Why didn’t you say that caffeine removes all our B complex, magnesium, potassium along with other vitamins and minerals, that it contains mold, and the ingested caffeine if not used during the day will get stored in our nervous system causing possible nervous damage? ��

  • எங்கள் வீட்டில் நானும் என்
    அம்மாவும் மிகுந்த காப்பி பிரியர்கள்
    இன்ஸ்டன்ட் காப்பி அல்ல பில்டர் காபி. (காப்பி பவுடரை நீங்களே அழைத்து வாங்கிக் கொள்ளுங்கள் அமிர்தம் என்றாலும் அளவோடு உண்ணுங்கள்)

  • Coffee is Basically fine If You Still EAT 3 or 4 Times a Day……..The Problem is that People Don’t Eat breakfast and they Drink Coffee All Day…..Its Not real Energy.

  • Bruh This VIDEO is kinda off like most people who Intimented fasting drink coffee and don’t eat untill lunch time aroun2-3 o’clock

  • Please answer me one thing… Is same powder used for black coffee that makes milk coffee or is there some other kund of powders for both coffees?

  • Making my own coffee is therapeutic, the smell of freshly ground coffee to the tamp to the machine and then the extraction….mmmm coffee!

  • Yay for cinnamon! I do that from time to time and also add baking soda to reduce the acidity. I did once fall for the butter in my coffee deal and stopped once it started to show up on my waistline. I’m curious to know what you really think about butter in coffee?

  • I hope that 2pm rule is based on your sleep cycle. I’m a night shift worker and I’m asleep untill 4 or 5pm and go to sleep at around 8am. putting my “2pm” at 11pm, which is when I go in to work.

  • Every morning I like to steep cayenne powder, tumeric, and cinnamon in my coffee. Been doing it for a while, and just recently I added chili powder and I love it!

  • Add a tiny pinch of baking soda to your cup of coffee and it will Alkalize the Ph level to 8 or 9. I even tested this method with my own PH strips and was surprised it only took a tiny pinch that is tasteless when mixed in coffee!

  • In Dr. Atkins books he directly links the more prevalent use of refined sugar in the early 1900’s to heart disease, heart attacks and high cholesterol. Before the early 1900’s refined sugar was very expensive and only available for the very wealthy. Dr. Atkins shows a spike in heart problems 20 years after refined sugar became cheaper and more readily available to everyone. He points out that “fat” is not your enemy, it’s sugar.

  • I enjoy cinnamon in my coffee too but please be careful if you have a drip coffee maker. Cinnamon does not play well with others. Too much can gum up your grounds and lead to an overflow on the basket. I should say for the record I probably put in 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons when it happened to me (I really love cinnamon!) So just a few dashes is okay. and mix well through the dry grounds b4 you hit start. Anyway great channel, good advice, I discovered you yesterday as I was looking for some more academic info on alkaline diets.

  • Sweeteners. From my experience sweeteners make me want more of whatever i put them in. I think this is what makes them contribute to obesity. I drink more coffee if its sweet. Eat more cereal if its sweet. For me its not the sweetener per se that is the problem its the effect it has when added to other food. Yes i know in the case of black coffee it wont make much difference re calories, but i think you’ll gather where i am coming from.

  • I dont get it, caffeine has no effect on me whatsoever. No matter what time I drink it, I can sleep right after if I am tired. It has happened multiple times to drink coffee at night and then sleep like a baby:P

  • Quite amazing really, considering caffeine is a stimulant drug. The healthiest thing anyone could ever do concerning coffee is to drink decaffeinated coffee. Is caffeine really good for you why would you want to fill your body with a drug unless your a caffeine stimulant junkie. Yet you only give decaff a very short mention…! And no mention of brown sugar which is better than that white refined stuff…! In years to come as more and more people become more and more health conscious, people will avoid caffeine like the plague.

  • Great suggestions. Just not sure they’re complete. How about a mention of Stevia as a healthy sweetener alternative. Also, no mention of adding coconut oil and/or MCT oil or elaborating on why these, along with butter, may not be good additions. I have also found a combination of coffee and Teecino (a herbal coffee substitute) allows you to reduce the amount of coffee you use and thus reducing the amount of caffeine. I use a heaping scoop of both to 8-10 cups of water for a rich blend.

  • If you feel the need to sweeten your coffee, you might want to consider switching to a light roasted Ethiopian or Kenyan option. The sweetness and flavor from these coffees resemble tea like flavors that are so robust, adding anything else to to modify their flavor is totally unnecessary.

  • I love cinnamon in my coffee, I like the chocolate a lot too. I like vanilla extract sometimes too. Real cream adds a few calories but is always good to. Vanilla ice cream is the best if you like cold coffee. If I need a boost to get through the afternoon, I’m going to continue to fix me some espresso, I can’t eat/drink a lot of sugar at a time, but just enough sucrolose to taste is always a good thing. Butter in coffee,, never heard of and it doesn’t sound good at all. I guess I’m doing some of the bad stuff, but it doesn’t seem like the caffeine is bothering me that much. I’m going to go fix me some espresso just because I’m thinking and talking about it, and it’s 4:03 in the afternoon where I’m at. It’s going to be sooooooo good. Lmao.

  • Thank you for the tips, Joe. Adding cinnamon to the coffee grounds would be a great benefit for my dad who had a stroke about 2-3 years ago. Good thing he likes cinnamon.

  • I S W A R E use agave it changed my life, i started using it in everything, and it tastes like regular sugar!just by changing the sugar in my coffee to agave, i lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks!!

  • I put this into hot milknfrother to make a thick decadent latte. With regular almond milk i add xanthum gum to try stabilise it and make it thick bit syill not achieved califia taste.
    Or i take sweetened coconut milk with bit of almond milk (for creaminess)
    Any suggestions would be appreciated:)

  • Besides the ingredients he recommends I also add cardamom in powder form, ghee butter, maca powder, put all ingredients in a blender and comes out like a capuchino coffee. Taste fantastic super food cup of coffee.

  • I loved the 2nd coffee recipe, I use coconut sugar in my coffee too so loved seeing that addition in the recipe. I also seriously need to get a nespresso my keurig is just not cutting it anymore!

  • I like to brew my coffee with a Moka pot, which has no paper filter. If my bloodtests say my cholesterol levels are fine should I still worry?

  • just a little tip I find great as I couldn’t drink coffee for a long time, I got jittery, anxious and dry mouth and felt wrecked when it wore off, I now add a 100mg of L-theanine to my coffee and it’s total balances out any jitters with all the focus that I need, plus it’s theanine
    Is amino acid so brain food without the jitters,i use mct oil and cinnamon in my coffee aswell frm time to time cheers doc ��

  • Indeed so many ways to make good healthy coffee. I used coconut milk and it tastes much better. Or stevia works. Mollasis. Or make Koffucha.

  • I make my bulletproof coffee with Raw Cacao butter, Mct oil, a quality protein powder, coconut oil, collagen & some chocolate flavored mushroom powder mix.
    Be careful with MCT oil at first until your body gets used to it though or you’ll get the runs 1 tbsp at 1st is fine

  • How can putting anything burned /roasted into the body be healthy? How does it differ from smoking? The only kind that is not harmful is green coffee?

  • I used to drink my coffee, no sugar with cinnamon but I developed rashes in my mouth due to cinnamon, now I can have it once in awhile in low dosage. Thank you Dr.Mandel, I’ll be trying cocoa with my coffee. Oh, and I developed some rashes due to organic coffee:)) but I will try a different brand!

  • And the cinnamon stick, which I broke in half and put into the paper liner for my 5 cup coffee maker, is absolutely delicious! Thanks!

  • Seems that I do everything right here with my coffee except now I will look for certified organic. Too many pesticides after all my years growing up.
    I’m going to add a cinnamon stick today, I don’t use sweeteners so this may be a nice touch. Maybe a little coconut oil too. With that I have to be careful because leaving the house can be a little dangerous, if you know what I mean. ����

  • There is NO way to make coffee ‘healthy’. It’s extremely acidic, leeches bone minerals and disturbs the gut biome.
    I’m a coffee drinker myself. I’ll tell the truth about it. I know it’s not good for me.

  • 1) @ 0:23 non-dairy creamer, coconut milk �� �� or whole milk �� instead.
    3)@ 1:36 Flavor shots—too much sugar. Add vanilla, hazelnut extract instead.

  • Don’t listen to this bs. I bet these 2 don’t even put these “healthy alternatives” in there coffee. But for real, adding 2 of those creamer cups isn’t bad and it tastes very good.

  • They claim to be “health experts” yet they drink coffee that is full of leached plastic chemicals and paper pulp and dioxins from the paper filter!!!!

  • I would say don’t use those drip type plastic coffee makers hot water running through plastic including plastic hose means you are drinking plastic. I love my stovetop percolator! Oh and straight black!

  • Drinking coffee without adding sugar is the best way to maintain our health and makes us live longer. This is a very interesting topic to see.

  • Please be careful of the cassia cinnamon I have read it can be toxic to the liver for people with certain conditions and should not be used in high doses or for long periods of time

  • I have a cup of coffee in the morning only for the day. I add honey, lactose milk,and 1/2 tsp.of baking soda. I heard from you Dr. Mandell that adding cinnamon powder is one of the ways to make coffee supper healthy is by adding cinnamon powder. My question is and will appreciate your answer if you may—Can I use both baking soda and cinnamon powder at the same time., and how many tsp. of cinnamon powder can I use? Thank you kindly. Take care and God bless

  • I drink latte once a week ice coffee decaf…but when I drink coffee which is every blue moon I only add one to two teaspoon of sugar

  • I haven’t even started the video yet but I can already tell I am gonna cry cuz I’ve been sick and haven’t had coffee in three days. COFFEE I’M SO SORRY I MISS YOU TOO! ��

  • You motivated me to lead by healthy and responsible example. I’ve changed my life and your videos have helped support others on my journey.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okl_UGDKb70 to some of you oldies…or not so old

  • 1. Dr. M, what do you know about coffee and mold? I have heard coffee often has mold.

    2. What soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free creamers or additives can I use? I have an autoimmune disease and I cannot consume gluten, dairy, or soy.

    3. What do you know about autoimmune diseases and leaky gut?

  • I tried collagen and it hurt my stomach. It seems everything that is supposed to be good for you makes my stomach hurt.. So aggravating…

  • I agree with the health benefits of coffee. As an average coffee drinker myself and as well as my family members. My grandmother had consumed coffee each and every day into her 90s. I don’t agree 100% or I can only say is that as long as you drink coffee in moderation, you will be fine and yes there are other alternatives to sweeten your coffee. Everyone is different and we all have different levels of tolerances, and many of us prefer to have coffee with sweeteners, cinnamon and coffee mate etc. We all enjoy drinking coffee, the aroma, the different tastes and it is just so mesmerizing. So with that being said, just be smart about your daily consumption in regards to the amount of sugar you take in. Do keep in mind that there must be a balance and if you’re physically active and not just sitting around the house doing anything, then you shouldn’t have to worry about drinking coffee with sweeteners in it, just don’t overdo it and enjoy that delicious cup of coffee. Like I said my grandmother and Grandpa drank coffee to the very end, and I drink three to four cups a day I’m going strong. You only have one life, so enjoy it, but be smart about it. Oh, one last note, make sure you do drink a lot of water throughout the day, as coffee is diuretic and will remove water from the body. Other than that cheers.

  • Dr. Mandel, can you PLEASE address whether it’s safe for women who are trying to conceive to drink DE-CAF coffee. My understanding is that the caffeine is harmful. However, I can’t find any info on de-caf. Not sure if it’s just the caffeine or a substance in the coffee itself.

    Also, there are millions of women seeking any type of advice you can share regarding improving fertility and having a healthy pregnancy.

    Thank you in advance and for all of your hard work.

    I share your videos with friends and family all the time.

  • A major issue also is whether the coffee beans/grinds are “fresh” or rancid. It makes sense. There is an ideal time after the beans were roasted (4 to 14 days?) when coffee will have its anti-oxidants, and after too much time and/or exposure to air, those molecule denature into relatively toxic and no longer anti-oxident molecules. If coffee grinds were in your cupboard 8 months and not in an air-tight canister, then it will be worse than coffee in an air-tight canister only one month. Also better to not grind the coffee beans until you’re ready to use it because that increases surface area for oxidation to occur. Coffee that is relatively fresh will smell beautiful, and have its own very subtle sweetness; whereas, coffee that is rancid will smell pungent, almost like nail polish/acetone, and taste bitter and/or sour, and that makes people “need” sugar in it, to mask that. Please, could you make a video about these issues about healthy coffee vs unhealthy coffee? Majority of people have no idea about it. One cannot make a healthy coffee with rancid beans. (PSI have to go back to the gym to look like that dummy again at 3:04, perfect form, eh?)

  • How about me i dont drink coffee??? Every time i drink coffee my tummy began to hurt and not feel well it makes me diarrhea ������

  • You are a very good man to take the time to share all this information to us and it’s really appreciated.
    Thanks to people like you I have managed to do away with a full-blown type 2 diabetes. I’m free from talking about 2000 mg of Metformin a day and injections 3 times per day.
    Since giving up sugar, changing my diet and living a different lifestyle, I have turned back time from 60 years old to 30 or even better. My body lost all un-necessary excess weight all by itself without me trying. All I had to do was stay off sugar and sugary substances and I’ve done this now since 2016. I am now currently doing gym work to get myself in much better shape than I ever been. Though it’s a hard road, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Thank you again so very very much for contributing to my wellness.

  • I avoid added SUGAR to everything including my coffee. Funny because I just sat down with a new cup of coffee prior to watching this. Next time I’m adding the cinnamon.

  • I love coffee. 2 tbsp Colombian by Starbucks per cup of hot water. I want my coffee to taste rich & nutty. I like some cream in it. Yum! Makes me sharp!

  • I Love to drink coffe but coffe makes me to start extremly sweating can anyone help? I did not Drink it since one month its hard ��

  • I’m a women from bali_ indonesia. Yeeah, coffee is my fav drink. The best taste is from my country. The name is “kopi luwak”, but wamenas coffee, or kopi gayo..its excellent.. daniel, you must try that taste..

  • All the benefits you mentionned, are they due to coffee or only the caffeine in it?
    I’m a future dentist so I need to protect those teeth
    Long time I didn’t see your videos, great to see you keep going!

  • I’m not much fan of coffee but I like tea. If I drink coffee I make sure before one cup of coffee I drank two glasses of water coz coffee dehydrates your body.

  • Hy bro i wanna ask u something well my height is about 5’7 and i really wanted to become a model bt i am confuse about my height really need to know can i be a model or not plz i need your answer care to help me

  • my humble request, DON’T EVERY TRY COFFEE IF HAVE NEVER DRINK BEFORE, coffee makes you fresh in the beginning but when you used to then it makes you more lazy because every time the brain only wants coffee, because as you used to it, and about health benefits, i know most of you won’t drink it without sugar and cream, because if you drink coffee with sugar and cream than it become a sweet poison, it will make you fat and unproductive!

  • Coffee is my favorite drink in the whole world!!
    Also Daniel I have a humble request pls bring back the male modeling series and take us behind the scenes of your shoots and fashion shows.