5 Methods To Energize Your Water


How to sun charge/crystal charge water and why your should vortex your water before drinking

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How to Energize your water. Create Vibrant Water

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Energizing water technique

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5 Thoughts To Energise Your Water: Part 4: Subtitles English: BK Shivani

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5 Ways To Energize Your Water Stay hydrated! Nutrition. 2020-07-17 | By: Snap Fitness It’s no secret that staying hydrated is an essential part of every health and wellness routine. Water helps your memory, gut health, and skin amongst many other benefits. Energizing Water is an easy way to infuse your energy field and surroundings with positive energy.

You can also use energized water to cleanse your energy, the energy of others, your space and. 4 Ways To Energize Water! 1. Put a name on your water.

Here in Los Angeles, the “labeled water carafe” is a staple at health foodie restaurants 2. Use water to help you solve your problems. In the Silva Method of meditation this is called Glass Of Water Technique. 3. Drop a pure white quartz in. Upgrade your washing machine to an Energy Star model: “Energy Star-qualified washing machines use about thirty percent less energy and over fifty percent less water than regular washers.”; Install low-flow shower heads in all showers: “The average American family of four uses 400 gallons of water a day, and showers account for 17% of that usage. 5) Add leak-stopping technology.

The best way to avoid water damage and waste is to prevent it. JK Plumbing Manager Casey Blackwell recommends the Moen Flo, a smart water shutoff that monitors water usage, detects leaks as small as a drop per minute, and can be controlled right from your phone or computer. Water is sensitive to magnetic, electric, gravitational and vibratory influences.

It is affected by light, sound and pressure. All these sensitivities are fleeting and the only time water is really sensitive to external forces is when it is flowing. When water flows, millions of molecular surfaces open up along interior flow lines.

The Water Energizer® makes your water coherent, without sophisticated and expensive equipment Coherence means smooth, it means high vibration, it means your cells love it. And it means easy to drink and tastes much It also means that every drop. A convenient way is to get energized water near your body: have high energy water in closed containers (bottles) around you where you live, where you work. My Energizing Insert comes in two strengths: 650 and 850. The 650 is better for drinking water: it tastes better, and your body can take it up better: 850 is too high for drinking water.

3.Energize the water with light violet for four pranic breathing cycles while forming a strong intent that the water be highly energized. Stabilize and lock in the energy by energizing it with light blue. Stabilize again. 4.Leave the bottle or jar out in sun for one to two days to absorb solar prana.

5.Rescan in a couple of days. Your body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs it to work properly and maintain overall good health.

List of related literature:

Adding fruit flavors and making hot drinks improve the palatability of water.

“Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine E-Book” by Paul S. Auerbach
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Suggestions included using a four-minute egg timer while showering, collecting cold water in a bucket before the water becomes hot, and to turn the tap off while brushing your teeth.

“Stop Listening to the Customer: Try Hearing Your Brand Instead” by Adam Ferrier, Jen Flemming
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Hot water recirculation systems reduce water wasted while users wait for water to warm up as it flows from the faucet.

“Sustainable Construction: Green Building Design and Delivery” by Charles J. Kibert, Knovel (Firm)
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only take those essential steps which are connected with the birth (such as transporting the patient to the hospital), but may not, by way of example, 1) boil up water to make the patient a cup of tea, 2) activate an air conditioner or similar apparatus or 3) turn on a light so that the patient can see.

“Shemirath Shabbath: A Guide to the Practical Observance of Shabbath” by Yehoshau Y. Neuwirth
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Know how to access other water options such as hot-water heaters and the backs of toilets.

“When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes” by Cody Lundin
from When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes
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These simple steps will save gallons of water every day and make it so that water literally does not go down the drain!

“Language Arts, Grade 4” by Carson-Dellosa Publishing
from Language Arts, Grade 4
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Tap water No slight movement Poor conductor 3.

“Chemistry” by R P Manchanda
from Chemistry
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Turning off the tap is the obvious way to use less water.

“Going Blue: A Teen Guide to Saving Our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, & Wetlands” by Cathryn Berger Kaye, Philippe Cousteau, EarthEcho International
from Going Blue: A Teen Guide to Saving Our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, & Wetlands
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Avoid these as much as you can and never drink your water ifit has been heated or frozen in your car.

“The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer
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The most sensible and affordable way to consume good, clean water is to use correct home-filtering techniques and reenergize your water, which I will explain how to do shortly.

“The Eight Immortal Healers: Taoist Wisdom for Radiant Health” by Mantak Chia, Johnathon Dao
from The Eight Immortal Healers: Taoist Wisdom for Radiant Health
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Meat, beaf, chicken, fish, and some birds are ‘halal’ in the religion of Islam. We never kill or murder them. It is called ‘zibah’ with the name of Allah ( Bismillah hirahama nirah heem). It is the biggest concept need to be clearify mam, Thanks!

  • Om Shanti mam.!! Sometimes mam when we start a weight loss journey or excerise to be fit and lose weight before we start the first thought we get is my weight loss never happens it always go increasing rather decreasing and no matter how strong I make an affirmation and try to stick to it, a day later I mess up.! If you have explained it before then do share that video or please do help regarding this..!!!

  • Hello sister
    om shanti my husband always use phone or TV while eating and I always tell him not to use gadgets but he didn’t change.. what shall I do..

  • Excellent Video! Can you refrigerate water charged by the sun? Will it still have the same effects? Thank you for the positive vibes!

  • Assalam alaikum Didi, om shaanti
    Mujhe Aap k speech bahut pleasent aur relaxed feel dete hai.jaise aap kehete hai Jai except karthe ho vaisa hi socho mai b vaisa hi sochthi rehathi Hoon. Par 5 saal pehele mere abba cancer k treatment kemotherapy lerahe the unka last session tha wednesday ko Mai tho kabbi nahi socho thi ki wo is bemaari segujar jaayenge hamesha positive hi soch thi raho. Aur main unke Ghar aane k baad kya healthy food unhe de samthe unki list bana rahi thi utni confident thi i was waiting for the Thursday on which abba discharge ho k Ghar aanewale the phir achaanak Sunday Abba nahi unke mauth Ki khabar aayi……. Mai tho itna positive soch thi thi ki cancer heart attack se behatar hai kyunki Allah ne hame ilaaz ke k liye waqt diya hai…… Phir bhi Maine jaise sochi thi vaise nahi huwa….. Aur kaise soche….

  • hi Ray

    you can put filtered water in contact with shungite and EM efficient micro organisms and moldavite and expose it to rotating vortex surrounded by magnets, that create quite good water

    Thanks for the video, quite informative. Can you give the links to articles where the photos displayed are from?

  • Bk shivani Didi I watch your videos in my daily life, I’m following to your thoughts and I’m Feeling that I have changed my life, thanks Didi

  • Please say smoke is bad but with the proper vibration it can be made pure. Ash, smoke is pure as shiva purified himself in it this smoke going into the body purifies with is taken in. One should not suppress coughing in the process to express inner stuff to detoxify. She is such(true) ��������

  • Oh wow. Had heard of Emoto’s work with water but never the rice. I teared up with the pics of the love exposed rice vs hate exposed rice. My body feels heard and grieves that growing up my environment turned my cells to the black rice. I had pneumonia and chronic stomach aches and nausea. My body and spirit were valiant and survived. Now I thrive. What a beautiful video to share. Truth. Love. Life. Bless you Ray ✨❤️��

  • One more way -put glass of water on the orgonite plate. The interesting thing is you can test it. If one puts it in the freezer, water will freeze in a interesting way -clear on the bottom around the jar, and opaque in the middle and top. The size of that formation also corellates to the size f the orgonite it was placed on.

  • I always pray, bless and thank everyone for that food. I do this for so long time. I dont know whether it has changed anything in me..

  • this is really beautiful..as a Muslim I’d like to add, we have the same concept in Islam, to wake up first thing in the morning & offer Salah (a direct connection with the LORD), making dua to him as in what we want, or whatever it is we want to tell him, and then asking for His guidance & mercy (there are certain prayers for this too). I wish all of us understand the true way of spending our life. Beautiful way of explaining madam. Thank you & love from Pakistan

  • You forgot one method entirely and it beats them all. Simply pass the water through your own body. It naturally perfects your method 5 first and foremost, but also your method 4 and method 1.

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  • तकरीबन 1.5 साल से दीदी को सुन रही हूँ। experiment karne ke baad hi follow karti hu and ab to mere prayer me gratitude hoti hai universe, earth, Farmers, soldiers, all good soul and baba.
    Now I can easily observed that people around me want to talk and spend time with me when they are disturb, anxious and depressed and they give me reason that whenever they talked to me they feel good, energetic and happy and that will make me confident that spirituality is all about science, mental understanding and emotional healing.
    Now I able to make people understand that what is actually spirituality is.
    A big thank you to youtube because of this I can listen to didi and thank you the whole team of this channel.����❤️

  • हमे थोड़ी पता कि सामने वाला kon se वाइब्रेशन से खाना बनाया..??��
    लेकिन जिसने हमे खाने के साथ जो smile �� दिया उससे खाना और भी tasty �� हो gya..

  • Thank you so much. You touched on a few methods that I have not come across before, the carafe bottle is one of them:-)
    I use a blue glass bottle then I place it in the sunlight. Thank you so much for another great video!

  • Interesting video thank you.
    What do you think about rain water?
    I want to buy a microscope to do my own experiments haha.
    I have poly pipes leading to a iron tank. I kinda think about bird poo alot but my water is very clear and i am very grateful to have fresh water.

  • We had no water all summer. No change. Leg is rotting and purple. I forget to Reiki the water i do have because God is a lie and there is no faith. Its a fraudulent fake job. I suggest we commit mass suicide before the nano chippied COVID, ie CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION and radiation from 5G kills us? Lets die, come back in 100 years, the Awake that is? Anyone that hunts and kills animals needs to be killed

  • A Vibrant Video Laura, thank you for this!!! I did a heart-coherence exercise (from franklin method) and sent these peaceful feelings to my glass of water. Fun to do! I have some cristals (rosequarts) which I will use another time for this. I remember from a teacher that there is a device to clean the information out of the water (eco osmose, something like that). Love to you!

  • If you can energize an object with clockwise motion could you de-energize and object with counter clockwise motion and would this work definetly limitless?

  • Thank you for this great video. I move my water too when blessing it with desired energies. Notice that it changes consistency and gets softer as it is blessed.

  • I filter my water and ignite the source in the water. learn to love drinking your water and feel it as healing your body. good subject, water is in everything including foods, so do it to food aswell..

  • Sister Shivani, I am a Muslim by birthday but I have been listening to you for many years and thank you for all the positivity that you exude in words and gestures. God bless you.

  • I was of the opinion water likes pipes and tubes like its a giant playground or water park. Water hates to stand still and it plays a. Role in pipes breaking as well as leaks. No?

  • I appreciate this video Ray I especially like the electric vortex maker and intend buying one that has a USB charger.
    I work with the angels and ask the angel of water (out loud ideally) to imbue my drinking water with healing energies; I also programme a tiny crystal Merkaba with positive intentions and keep it in my drinking water for 15 minutes or so before drinking. The Merkaba crystal needs re-charging/cleansing/programming every 3 weeks or so. I ask the Hathors to transform the tap water (these Beings are amazing!). Finally, I have asked the Arcturians to place a permanent energetic filter on all the taps where I live.

  • i have a quesation..please give me option what shoud i do
    hm log hostel h 20 -30 students ak sath khana khate h mai postive enery dalta hu food m kisi se baat bi ni krta but baaki k students usss time khrb khrb baaten kre…uss situation m kya kre…. 20 -30 students ko ak sath smjha bhi ni mai agr smjhu bhi toh kya pta vo smjhe ki nhii

    please suggest what should i do

  • Fabulous video as always ��I live on the wirral and the TDS meter says it’s cleaner than these INORGANIC mineral waters. It’s probably some of the cleanest water in the UK but it’s still around 38ppm. Mineral water has just that in it, useless inorganic minerals that build up in your body and cause illnesses like arthritis over the years. I’ve been distilling my water for years because I was extremely ill for decades earlier. After distilling the dirty tap or mineral water I’ve never been healthier. The bs about distilled water kills you is total BS. I ain’t a ghost writing this. They use fear to keep you dumbed down and ill so you can buy their toxic pills.
    I bought a 50cm length copper tube, width about 38mm inside diameter with 2 copper stop ends on both ends. The top stop has a hole big enough for a Metal funnel to pour the water in, the bottom stop has a few drill holes in it. Inside the copper tube I have 6 rose quartz spheres and 6 quartz spheres 1mm smaller than the tube, 37mm diameter. Then just pour my pure h20 through structuring my water. I have several 5 litre glass demijohns to store the distilled water in so I’m never short of pure clean water. While they are sat there in their demijohn listening to solfeggio tones I place a couple of triskelions I made out of 15amp copper cable that is used in your home electrical supply and place them at the top and bottom of each jar. These also structure the water. Plus love and other positive words on the jars.
    As I make my own distilled water I also make my own colloidal copper and store that in some copper bottles I bought off amazon. You need to keep sunlight well away from colloidal copper as it degrades the copper. I thought the distilled water was amazing health wise, as it boosted my intuition off the scales as I was drinking 4 litres of it per day (not as easy as it sounds) but then I made my colloidal copper and I’ve never had any pain whatsoever from the Crohn’s disease that made me give up on the nhs. I seriously recommend colloidal copper to everyone. I’m 49 and look better now than when I was in my 30s. No more wrinkles around my eyes, etc. Plus the grey hair that was coming through has gone back to the original colour without any dyes! I should make a vid for you tube to show you how I make it, plus the water restructurizer I made.
    There’s always shivambu for the extremely ill.

  • For the Crystal Method, I recently found out that Shungite (Especially Elite Sunghite due to it’s quaility 92-98% Carbon) purifies the water by just leaving the rock in it: https://karelianheritage.com/Shungite-faq (I have no affiliation with the site).

    BTW I loved the mini vortex cup, I didn’t know they existed. I’ve wanted to buy a filter that makes that and has some volcanic stones in it, but it’s quite expensive for me for now, so I love this small cup idea. <3

    Question: Can we create the same vortex by placing the water in a blender?

  • Thank you Laura!! I have been doing EFT and tapping on making quantum leaps and VIOLA Here you are:) I’m taking LAFT challenge and LOVE ur weirdness lol I admit I am a lover of energy weirdness and very interested in talking to my body.  Can you tell me the link for sound frequency with water?  I am an esthetician and I love to incorporate energy “stuff” with my facials, I have crystals under my table, meditate in the room, and am now doing your exercises when work is slow.  I think how healing and effective it would be to incorporate “love vibration” water into my facials, how brilliant!! My once hated room before I came here is now becoming a gathering place, I think one of the night security guys is finding relaxing time on my table as the sheets I arrange specifically before closing are strangely out of place when I return to open in the morning.  Out of all the places he can relax..  he keeps picking my room.  I love it!!!! ALL the strangeness and weirdness that goes along with energy stuff is just AWEsOMe!  I LOVE your videos, you are a deLIGHT!!!!
    Lorri K

  • Laura very nice! I saw Dr. Emoto’s research years ago and have been fascinated by the properties of water ever since; lately I have been reading about “dancing waters” and the liquid crystalline structure of it, the memories it stores and transfers, etc.; I am now distilling my water at home, a gallon at a time, and then adding 2-3 droppers of a supersaturated solution of the best, purest salts (Himalayan, Hawaiian green bamboo, etc.), plus a few drops of pure liquid stevia, stirring it as I ‘bless’ it with positive words and emotions, and pouring it into a pure copper pitcher for drinking. The vitality in this restructured water is truly palpable!  (note: please also send the sound link mentioned) 

  • I practice positively reprogramming the water that I drink for the Weekly Ascension Meditation. ��

    Thank you very much, Nicky. Blessings and Namaste. ��☮️��

  • This video is an awesome reminder of the connection between our spirit and our material world. The only way to claim and reinforce that connection is to apply it. Blessing our food and water is a great discipline.
    On a more scientific side, I’d like to say that cold restructures water exposing water to sun light will not. The moon exposure technique is valuable if you put your water outside in the cold night.
    To charge my water I use a tachyon disk. Tachyons are an intricate part of my life because I work with computers and I like to keep the water of my own body ´structured’. Once you drink the water it becomes a part of you and if yourself are bombarded by electromagnetic interference or if your body is very toxic even the most structured water won’t stay structured for very long… ( Gabriel Cousens has great educational content on emfs and restructuring water )

  • Although I’m nowhere near as well researched as you Alick, I’ve been researching water as well for a long time and I totally agree with your findings, keep up the good work 

  • Nicky, you have such beautiful energy. I immediately have a smile on my face the second I see you. Such a lovely lovely soul, thank you so much for everything! <3

  • few steps for a perfectly perfect day:D
    step one know that u are multidimensional immortal divine being of pure energy and infinite power potential and possibilities there are no bounds but one you place upon yourself you are the writer to your own story so make it an epic one just cuz u can step 2 do the step 1 again:D step 3 u are ready for step 2:D know love control grow forgive yourself just be u the best u that u know how to be with what u have at this moment always be who u need to be and do what u need to be not what others want need you to be and do u are but what u want to become stay u stay strong be wise with your words, cause they become your thoughts be wise with your thoughts cause they become your life step 3 there is no death just becoming

    death just serve you by giving you an experience in living as many forms plains dimensions reality’s and making u grow in all ways until it serves no purpose and u are evolve enough in vibration to have a gift of immortality in any experience you choose step 4 karma ain’t a bitch it is neither good no bad it is simply consequence of your journey it dos not judge you also there is more than one type of karma step 5 you are both light and dark don’t neglect any part of aspect of your current you only in balance you will truly grow step 6 have fun explore learn grow

    embrace change but do it mindfully make the change u need and if not be prepared there is no problems just obstacles to overcome all is happening for us never against us its all a lesson to help us grow its never what happens but what u do about it and with it

    also worthy of note
    1: You exist.

    2: The one is the all.

    The all are the one.

    3: what you put out is what you get back.

    4: change is the only constant except for the first 3 laws.

  • Hello Ray. Would like to mention that some crystals are toxic so if you can make a second video for your followers on how to charge water indirectly from crystals. I can send you how if you want.
    Second thing is that we can charge water in Glass bottles of many colors, depends on what we need to improve in our health. it is called Chromatherapy. can send you the benefits too if you want.
    and Finally, you asked if we know another way to charge water and it is TESLA PURPLE PLATE. this will take some time from your part to find all reliable info. so tell me if you might need assistance on that one.
    Keep up the great positivity and you can check my insta page anytime.
    Also I am not selling anything, only sharing my info.

    Ps: Amethyst don’t like the sun. try using White Quartz instead or charge it under the moonlight

  • I loved to cook and actually it was a stress buster for me..but I don’t know now I just don’t want to go there now…what should I do

  • Only problem is what they put in it to dumb down folks and keep their vibration low like fluoride etc water in some ways like blood is a multidimensional liquid crystal

  • brilliant!! so glad to see so much about this topic now. great step forward and another thing for humanitys disaster leaders to keep ignoring/denying! great video…strait to the point and easy understood. great job man. peace and love to all

  • Great video:) We have just made a vortex water system but how do we test the water to see if its changed at all? We have tried basic PH testers & fish tank testing trips (things at hand) but there is no difference in these measurements, Would like a way to test water from the tap against the water that has been through the vortex? unsure how many times, we should vortex the water as well before it becomes energised? Please respond or anyone else in the comment section if you know the best way to achieve this? Thank you.

  • You are right Laura i already made some research about those things, it’s not just water who carry information but any thing in the world carry information, because life is originated from water. in some reaserches if you say bad words like ( Satan, Evil, Shit, F**u, any bad words) on water or food it’s not good for your health may it brings deseases. if you say beautiful words like (love, glory to god, In the name of god, any good word ect…) it brings healing and happiness… and each word gives a different cristal shape on water. i love to give you this link to see cristals of water affected by the words… and how it goes the healing process by saying the words of god on anything.

  • In your distiled water do u put back minerals? Drinking only distiling water will suck your minerals from body pls read more on this

  • Didi ager bacho ko hum egg dete hain to wo kaise de,kyonki non veg chhodana asan nahi hota ager bade non veg khana pasand karate hain to bachho ko chhodana impossible hain.hum nonveg dete waqt kya vibration dalen pls help di om shanti

  • I have a funnel with glass marbles and a couple crystals with a straw in the center which creates a vortex. As I pour the water I tell it how much I love it and am grateful for it. My family thinks I’ve lost my mind but I don’t care. It makes a difference ��

  • Discard omsanti sivaniji taim ka bare me bhot sundar 78yearki uamarme bhakti marg se ghyan margme anese manka kurak milta hay bhot.bhot sukriya sivaniji

  • Thank you for that information Nikki I feel it’s so important to drink water without chemicals and additives Etc in them. I am a student of Public Health undergraduate level and I understand about all the chemicals we encounter in our drinking water so it’s so very nice to have you explain how water can damage us even though it may seem perfectly safe. Your explanation about the crystal structure of water really is very fascinating as well. I so admire and respect the knowledge you possess, you are my mentor and spiritual awakening and I thank you so much for all your guidance and encouragement along the way. Love and peace, namaste

  • Wonderful topic, water is so powerful to help raise your vibration and release negative energies. Great tips. Btw you have such a calming energy, it is wonderful, thank you for sharing, namaste����

  • Hey there! Loved the video, and would love to know more pertaining to a few questions I have:
    1. If I don’t have filtered water, can I boil the water first, then vortex my water, and put it in a Kobold blue glass to charge in the full moon with crystals inside? Is there a specific step-by-step process I should go by if I want to use the Vortex container and Kobold blue glass containers to charge my water?
    2. Will boiling the water first change the structure of water in a negative way?
    3. After charging my water in a Kobold blue glass container with crystals during the full moon, how long does this water last? Can the bottle cap be closed or does the water have to be exposed through the top as well?
    4. After charging my water in the moonlight, can I put the water in a copper container the next day over night, and then drink it? How long is this water good for to use if I don’t drink it immediately after?

    Thank you so much for looking through my questions, I’m currently looking to study Aryuveda and would like to create the most supercharged water I can:)

  • Nice examples here, I would often add lime juice but never thought about herbs and other fresh fruits really.
    Another thing you can do nicky, in the garden bush concept, place as long as possible a copper pipe straight into the earth underneath your perch, if possible when you dig this in make it slightly bowl shaped around the top of the pipe which should be level with the ground. This keeps the rain water constantly at the core of the pipe washing away negative energies and the pipe will pull up additional negative ions. If you can keep the centre of the pipe clear and drop a quartz into it that will also focus things more directly.
    I am surprised you haven’t mentioned either orgonite or magnetic restructuring in this video though. Everything I drink sits on top of an empty doritos jar with a small orgonite puck inside it and in less than three minutes you can taste the difference in a normal water or tea. Magnetic vortex restructuring makes a big difference too but it’s a lot more hassle and you have to get the directions of spin correct and that seems to be tricky at times for some reason.

  • Om shanti didi
    मैं रात और सुबह अपने सारे body part ko आखों कानों और जो भी पार्ट शरीर के सब के सुक्रिया और धन्यवाद
    मैं पॉवर फूल आत्मा हूँ
    मैं शांत आत्मा हूँ

  • Om shanti..i have neighbour aunty jise kuch mental disorder ho gaya wo brham Kumaris ki kuch din ke lye family thi.unhe bachpan se ye bimari thi but ab aur increase ho gaya..ab wo inti bimar ho gayi hai ki ki hme mtlb humare family ko bhut abusive language bolti hai..stick uthati hai marne ko bhut bad comment karti hai..they believe in superstition..wo blame karti hai ki hmlog ne jadu tona kar diya..phle wo sister bk pe lagayi ye blame.hmlog 4 th hai jispe blame lagayi..
    We are very depressed..mentle to wo barhma kumaris join karne se bhi phle hi thi..wo mediation se thik karne ke lye bk join ki thi..aisa ho gaya hai hmlog ghar se bahar nhi nikal sakte…bcoz uske sath bahas karke koi fayda hi nhi hai..unhe kuch samajh nhi aata..kya karu please suggest us..����

  • Giving time to myself
    Smiling all day long with peace at heart
    Working on lungs to improve immunity
    Kaal bhati,Pranayam,bhasrika
    First thing in the morning I thank planet earth that she is bearing all of us and thank her for giving us all the fruits lovely nature and ask her to forgive me that I am keeping my feet on the ground
    Then directly go on terrace and see sun and thank sun for giving light, energy and life!
    And I have kept an alarm on my phone every 2hours so that I can control and switch off phone for 30 mins!

  • i am peachefull soul
    i am genius
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    my family is protected and all around with positivity
    i am finacially independent
    i am emotionally strong
    i am pure peace soul
    today my day is very beautifully
    i am genius
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    i am happy

  • Om shanti didi����
    Aaj phir ek or problm batane ja rahi hu. My brother ke liye acha bhi sochu acha karti bhi hu mujhe uske sath sympathy hoti ha bt wo kabhi mere liye acha nahi socha na pyar se baat karta ha kisi ki nahi sunta ha. Na mom ki na sister ki. Mujhe itna bura bolta ha ki atma tak hill jati ha or sochti hu ki ye brother ha. Kitne din tak baat nahi karti bt use koi farak nahi padta or phir baat karti hu to itna criticise karta ha bahut jyada drink karta ha. Kabhi to ander se tut jati hu apne aap ko sanbhalti hu ghr ko sambhala mom ko sambhala sb duty puri karti hu uska baad bhi use koi sympathy nahi Or ma chahti nahi ki koi responsibility samjhe bt ghr ma shanti to rakhe. Aap muje guide karo bt uske sath rehna bahut mushkil ha aap muje apne pass sewadaar rakh lo. Pl didi plz. Subha 4 baje bhi medidate karti hu kabhi dhyan lagta ha kabhi bhatkta ha. Kl 5 days ki bhatti ha wo bhi karugi. Didi bas muje sath chiye aap sb ka.

  • Pranaam Didi. million of viewers benefit from the apply knowledge you are sharing across the world. grateful and thankful to you Didi om shanti ������

  • Robert Peng shows something similar using ancient technique.. https://youtu.be/gdIrz-kaH94 I love how smooth it is. I am excited to try ur method! ThankU!!!

  • This life is definitely not worth living if you have any disability there is nothing to life but religion+politics+capitalism. Humans are obsessed with money, advertising, marketing it is extremely hard to coexist with humans.

  • Thank you Ray….yes, water is sacred. I create Healing water with reverse osmosis, ionic minerals added, crystals, love words written on the sides of the water container, blessing it as I drink from the glass, and swirling it just before drinking to keep the molecules flowing. For me, my kids and clients, this makes a huge difference. I Love Water! I Appreciate You….

  • I use difrent éléments of nature to ionizate water and to real transform it thinking is good but understand it can be does in meditativ state in deep gamma brain waves or epsilon lamda.electrical just with multiple metal bares who contain all metal éléments because this iones needed.now electrical can be does if is an performant magnet wich is done a 432 or other waves it needed also cristals and a turbionating sistem more ionisants is more benefit is it can be ionisanted pozitivly or negativly depands the needs of organs. But régénération is in the bones is there where are the health. Ok have a nice day.

  • good video and proven stuff, but also remove all smart meters and wifi as these will make it bad for you as well as wrecking your blood

  • Hi Laura, would putting a speaker on top of a glass of water with playing 528hz bring great benefit? Could I please have the link to i-water?

  • i am a powerful soul

    i am emotionally independent
    i accept people people accepts me
    gods power and purity protecting me
    success is certain for me

  • saying yor worng is the wrong thing. much love but at sores you need clean naturaly developed water above 2000m in scotland anyway. for the actual sience erm well i love love and love is love but not everything sience tought us wass wrong. they just need our help, its a an emalagmation of the two /

  • Greetings, I just found your channel and hope you are very well.
    As I begin to look at your work I’m wondering if you’re familiar with Dr. Korotkov.
    Be well and thank you for bringing this info to light!

  • my grandpa was from the philippines and built a small pyramid to put his water under for days before he drank it. i never got to ask him about it so i’m hoping you know why?

  • Ray, is it only me or have you become very selective in answering/commenting people in this channel?
    IN OTHER WORDS, as you so often say ��, it seems you are answering only the simple, non-challenging stuff…

  • Hey there, thanks for the lovely video! There are some really amazing useful tips in the video. But I do have to mention a few of the suggestions that you made. I work with mineral analysis and toxic analysis. Most of the population are copper toxic in one way or another. You are right in saying that copper is good for the immune system, which it is, but most of us have an excess of copper at a cellular level due to exhaustion but also eating copper rich foods. I don’t think drinking out of a copper Cup is such a great idea given this. It’s like the the copper IUD contraception is really not a great idea for women either. Also we have researched distilled water and even though it’s pure and great to drink if your detoxing for a little while it is really not advisable to drink it on going. We have found it actually takes more minerals out of the body than it actually gives. Distilled water is too pure/strong amend chalets mineral and so I wouldn’t advise drinking it all the time at all. Thanks again for the other great tips though. I will defo try them. x

  • what drugs are you on? cos l want some (only joking)
    energized water is the only ingrediant required for use in a joe cell and it is the future of running your cars without the use of fossil fuels (if only the governments of the world would stop killing the people that try and put a patent on it so it can be sold on the market (free clean energy means no more fuel tax and fuel excise)
    this is how it is done 
    How To Make Energized Water For a Joe Cell
    and this is how you make free fuel
    The Story of the Joe Cell
    and yes l will be installing one on my bike CARBON FREE:D

  • Good morning DIDI my angel �������������������������������������� I’m powerful, peaceful, healthy, happy, and divine soul……,❤️

  • Dan Nelson’s work on water is coherent in a way, that maybe only Dan winter’s work comes close.  Anyone that wants to understand more about the water and why the fractal patterns emerge will really enjoy these thinkers:)  Gerald pollack and his EZ water follows the same priniciple

  • Ray, thank you so much for this video. Personally, I took your advice on drinking distilled water, and am absolutely amazed by it!
    And definitely, would like to also recommend all the methods you talk about in the video. Awesome! Oh, and for me blue bottles rock! Have several of those:)

    BTW, would like to see & hear more about experiments of Dr. Emoto on water crystals.

  • G. Morning! I greet you in the love/light of our infinite creator. Great service to others. (As my emotionless face drops a tear of joy)

  • To sun charge the water, i also leave it all day outside; it becomes sweet! When in the city, i expose bottled water to tibetan healing mantras
    : ) Nice to know i’m not the only “crazy” person doing such things <3 Namaste

  • hey thanks for making this video its very helpful, but can we charge the water with both moon and sunlight? like can we leave it out all night and then in the day as well? or do they cancel each other out or something? Thanks:D

  • I have a glass container with love hearts all over and the number 9 on it
    I make magnetized water with a tiny bit of Dead Sea salt and a bit of pink Himalayan salt and 5ml of ORMUS that I make
    I make ORMUS from Dead Sea salt and pink Himalayan salt using love vortex and 528 hz and 432 hz frequency when ORMUS is in the water it is ph 9 the Russians call magnetic water wonder water it regulates the ph in our bodies i also say a prayer before eating and drinking ( I honor all living things who gave there life’s and all beings who brought this food before me may the strength and vitality’s used by eating this meal be used for the benefits of all living things thank you so much) what a cool YouTube video thank you so much

  • We must blame the science n technology world…as thy r shaping our life….n humans r getting carried away…..i blame for science gadgets n technology wic is taking human from his own self away…humans cant b blame..wen we r surrounded with tech world..

  • thankyou very much for the good/healing words………………feels good after listening to you didi………god bless you……..

  • If U wanna have crystals and /gem stones affect your water I wouldn’t put any directly into drinking water since U don’t know what else is on the crystal regardless how much U clean ’em BUT U can put ’em around or UNDER your water container, yes yes yes that U can do!!

  • Interesting. �� I shake and spin water in a glass bottle before drinking it. Purely, because it oxygenates the water, but also tastes fresher. �� I do not l8k3 using electric vortex bottles. You can also add round gravel (cleaned of course) and shake it. Make sure, stones are tightly wedged, so can’t damage the glass bottle.

  • Hi Ray, great information, thanks so much! Could you please give the brand name/link to the specific vortex cup that you use, I couldn’t find it on Amazon. Thanks!��
    On the second thought, maybe it’s possible to use a blender in place of vortex cup? I have a Vitamix! What do you think?

  • Super Laura. I’m gonna send this to a few special people, and Share it for sure. And stick some post-it notes on your water too… LOVE ABUNDANCE FREEDOM JOY etc etc <3

  • Everything is energy, the water that we drink is energy!!! I like to bless my water before drinking it:) I love the idea of writing the word “love” on my water bottle! Thank you for sharing this fantastic video!

  • Thanx for sharing Ray. I have learnt a lot from you. I super charge my water using a glass device called a bio disc. I have used it for the last three years. It have been evoked to the third generation now it’s also used with a white led light that automatically rotates anti clockwise. It works for 25 years and has sorted out health concerns out big time.

  • Sadhguru has a absolutely amazing video about water memory and how people in India treat water like chanting to it cover it with a cloth, place a pretty flowers on top… Love from UK ��������

  • I like to place headphones around a pitcher of water and play 432hz or 528hz through them. I read a couple interesting articles about cellular resonance and the theory is that if we’re 70% water and we drink water that’s vibrating at a certain frequency then we should vibrate at that same tone as it absorbs

  • there are water tuning videos here on youtube. also there are scalar energy discs that can be placed inside water to structure it. and water codes 99 77 654 and 44 66 111-this creates a vortex which puts healing into the water that one can drink to balance the energies within themselves

  • Love your energy as usual regarding glass, I cant verify this myself! But glass is not always just glass. During the years I have used some time on learning about food packaging plastics containers and it came to my attention that heavy metals and other nasty stuff was found in the production of glass.
    True or not True. I cant verify as I said.
    I just wanted to share it.
    Peace <3

  • what do you mean when you say evolution??? I am sure you know Darwins theory of evolution has been proven false many times by eminent people. Maybe you mean development rather than evolution. 

  • I have done some water fasting some juice fasting but never a dry fast (definitely not more than 24 hours anyway) in your experience what kind of effect does dry fasting have on inflammation in the body? (I suffer from severe/chronic arthritis)

  • CAUTION!: Hi! I think it’s VERY important and responsible to NOTE and make sure you do your research on which crystals are SAFE TO use in drinking water! While there are a lot of crystals that are safe to put into water and then drink from, there are also lots of crystals/gems/ stones that make the water toxic to humans when put in to drink. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS. Otherwise, nice tips. I have been doing intention casting into my water since I was in my teens and have noticed differences throughout my day when I do this. Take care!

  • We forget how precious water is don’t we. We look out far into space for signs of it but here on Earth we have an abundance. But what about drinking vodka from the blue bottles?

  • Aloha Ray! Wow, it is fantastic to see and hear you speaking these words that you resonate so much with from Blue Bottle LOVE!! A friend sent this video to me a few days ago and I was so excited to watch and listen to you. You have a great style! Thank you for sharing the Blue Bottle LOVE!! Amazingly enough….you ordered that bottle in November…and somehow a duplicate copy of the packing slip was here in my office and it landed on my desk today!! And this was after I decided I should share your excellent video on Facebook and more! Very interesting alignments! It would be nice to be in touch directly! And if you can get the Kobald edited somehow…that would be great! I just looked it up and you can edit the video within YouTUbe…or you should get Rev.com to edit it, since it is quite a different word than Cobalt…well Kobald it is not even a word that I know of….Other than that…Thank you Thank you! Thank you!! You are awesome!! The sunlight is really special with the Blue Glass…to make Blue Solar Water! Then your water has valuable information from the sun and activates the Blue frequency to really imbue the water with this high vibration frequency! Til soon, Many Blessings being sent your way!

  • I always watch yr videos and have experienced that i myself has really changed
    I have become very cool n calm and teach my kids in same manner

  • None of the researchers I am working together with came to the same results like Dr.Emoto did and I also not by using the same methods.Not even close to!

  • Omshanti Omshanti Divine Rajyogini Soul and good evening Divine Rajyogini Soul and Thanks and Sukriya ji and always happy and Best of luck for Satyug

  • was out the room when this channel randomly came on whilst drinking peppermint oiled water energetically blessed & funnily ACV Enema that randomly came to me. Gr8 channel

  • Thais video was completely amazingly knowledgeable. I am now going to buy copper water bottles for my children’s backpacks for school and buying some copper cups for our home. I can’t afford a distillation system atm. ��

  • I hardly ever “drink” water. I use a little in my smoothies to “get them going”. I always break my dry fasts with a melon or 2…..then grapes or oranges before having a green smoothie later.

  • I’ve got carafes from Nature’s Design (bought from Ancient Purity) that use sacred geometry and crystals to restructure water. It tastes really good.

  • Im muslim from Turkey.we say bismillah before drinking water and food.we also read verses from our holy book Quran to the water, so it heals us physically, psychologicaly and spiritualy.

  • Hi Laura, what is the device you mentioned which you use to charge your water? I appreciate if you could share with me/ us. Thanks!!

  • Thank you Ray. I make distilled water. Put it in a large glass jar. (Which I keep outside) Then I use my Om tuning fork on the glass, setting loving intentions. When I wanting to drink it, I pour it into a blue glass.
    I also use this water for my enemas.TMI? Love and Light

  • I dont have the money to go to the retreat yet…but can i buy this water in its proper glass container and have it shipped to me������

  • I like blessing my water when I’m in a high state of harmony and calmness in yoga class ����
    I will also take the lid off my glass bottle and ask at my water receive all good intentions in the room too. I have also put the water to my heart or third eye and pray blessings. Also a good time to bless your water is your drive to work in the morning

  • I do agree; I was instructed to read a specific chapter of the Quran over water and drink it 3 times a day; immediately I became pregnant. This is after trying for quite a while. I have prayed that vet water and gave me it to my mom, she was to sick to drink it but just being close to the water, she felt better. She didn’t believe in this type of activity then, neither did she care. She was too sick

  • Hey There Ray. Do you provide the subtitles for your video clips, or are they the auto-generated ones from YOUTUBE? The reason I ask is not anything but an observance that could annoy some folks (like my Husband ) to the point they were not open to your message here. The subtitle says cobald blue for the glass and the correct spelling is cobalt blue. Yes, I know, picky but to some, important and I thought that you may want to know. When I first lived in Mexico 30 years ago, there was a private water plant near my rental home. Previous guests wrote glowingly about the water from there and how it was the so much better than the water from the corner store in plastic. Their bottles were Cobalt blue and they filled in a vortex pattern from the dispenser. I have returned 30 years later and sadly the old man has left us and the plant is gone, but now I know why it was so much better for sure! Thanks for the information.

  • The biggest difference between fact and fantasy or truth and speculation or belief and reality is empirical evidence. While I agree with some of the metaphysical attributes you have given water, on the whole, your presentation lacks evidence. As for a vortex improving water quality, by the time city water gets to you, it has been tossed and turned millions of times. When you pinch a garden hose and hear that little crackly sound, that is called cavitation and it consists of thousands of tiny water vortices trying to escape past the pinch point, so the water out of that hose should be supercharged right? Then there are others, who will tell you never drink out of the garden hose. See what I mean? You need real evidence to be able to prove what you are saying, but like I said, it’s not that I don’t believe, I do. For people like me at least, who come from a background of chemistry and physics, more empirical evidence is needed to support your claims.

  • Hi, we in india use copper jug for water and expose it under moonlight.. This helps in digestion at the spiritual level to the maximum extent, and the body becomes pure in the real sense.