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5 Things to Eat in May. by Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD. May 6, 2018. 9 Comments.

Share it: From supermarkets to online grocers, it’s no secret that you can get almost any food year-round. Though, there are benefits to eating foods during their natural season. Eating what’s in season lets you enjoy produce at peak flavor, nutrition and often.

Avocados: May kicks off the season for summer salads, and avocados are an especially tasty topper. “We see an overlap in domestic and import avocado production in May,” says Parker. 5 Things to Eat & Drink: May. by Alexandra Martin May 2, 2019, 8:30 am 219 Views. 2. SHARES.

Share Tweet. Photos by Hillary Ehlen & Alexandra Martin. Avocado Toast. Bask in YoungBlood’s light and bright interior and enjoy one of their delicious toasts.

This Avocado Toast with Microgreens just might the most popular toast in town, and for. Foods to eat when you have diarrhea When you have diarrhea, the foods that you eat and the foods that you avoid can be critical to helping you recover quicker. This is where BRAT foods come in. WHAT’S IN SEASON. (This will vary depending on time of the month and where you live). Rhubarb. Leeks. Green Garlic. Dandelion Greens. Bok Choy. Spinach. Watercress.

May 26: National Cherry Dessert Day; May 27: National Grape Popsicle Day; May 28: National Brisket Day May 28: National Hamburger Day** May 29: National Coq Au Vin Day‡ May 30: National Mint Julep Day May 31: National Macaroon Day * May 5th is National Hoagie Day. November 4th is National Submarine Sandwich Day. And someone decided that we needed a National Eat A Hoagie Day on September 14th. Things to Do in May While you wait for summer’s official arrival, there are still plenty of things heating up in May. Don’t miss May’s must-dos like the Kentucky Derby, National Bike.

Here are 10 things that are interesting about May. 1. The fifth month. May is the fifth month of the year. It is one of seven months that have 31 days. The other months are January, March, July, August, October, and December.

2. The name. May is named after the Greek goddess Maia who looked after plants. The month is known for love and success.

The 5:2 diet is a popular intermittent fasting method. It involves eating regularly on 5 days and severely restricting calories on 2 days. Learn more here. Osteoarthritis has no cure, but it is possible to reduce its symptoms by making dietary changes.

People can eat foods that reduce inflammation.

List of related literature:

At the three major festivals, courtesans served special foods to their customers: loquats and sticky-rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival, moon cakes and fresh lotus root at Mid-Autumn, snacks such as pig’s feet and deepfried fish at all three holidays.

“Dangerous Pleasures: Prostitution and Modernity in Twentieth-century Shanghai” by Gail Hershatter, American Council of Learned Societies
from Dangerous Pleasures: Prostitution and Modernity in Twentieth-century Shanghai
by Gail Hershatter, American Council of Learned Societies
University of California Press, 1997

SUMMER GROCERY LIST (July–October) • Eat more foods that are Sweet, Bitter, Astringent / Cool, Heavy, Oily: Such as salads, smoothies, and fresh fruit.

“Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back Into Your Diet” by John Douillard
from Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back Into Your Diet
by John Douillard
Morgan James Publishing, 2016

On the hottest days, create a cool atmosphere (picnics, patio meals, etc.) and serve more cooling fresh foods such as salads, sprouts (especially mung, soy, and alfalfa), fruit, cucumber, tofu, and flower and leaf teas including chrysanthemum, mint, and chamomile.

“Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition” by Paul Pitchford
from Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition
by Paul Pitchford
North Atlantic Books, 2002

The large cities have food available on every corner—not only the traditional favorites of roasted salted cabbage, braised ferns, fried mushrooms, barley tea, and steamed dumplings, but hamburgers, French fries, donuts, soft drinks, and candy.

“Tomorrow's Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food” by Pamela C. Ronald, Raoul W. Adamchak
from Tomorrow’s Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food
by Pamela C. Ronald, Raoul W. Adamchak
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During this period, excepting on two days of festival, which will presently be mentioned, they abstain from every kind of animal food—such as flesh-meat, eggs, milk, batter, and cheese— and eat only bread and vegetables (chiefly beans), with sweet oil, or the oil of sesame, and dukkab.

“Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians” by Edward William Lane
from Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians
by Edward William Lane
Cosimo Classics, 2005

• Harvest Festival, Ampoiţa, Alba, July: Tourists are invited to taste the dishes presented at the gourmet competition, but also the traditional products specific to the area – pies, plum brandy, jam, pickles all prepared by the locals.

“New Trends and Opportunities for Central and Eastern European Tourism” by Nistoreanu, Puiu
from New Trends and Opportunities for Central and Eastern European Tourism
by Nistoreanu, Puiu
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During other times of the year, eating in season may seem tougher, but it gives you the chance to explore foods you don’t know as well, such as sunchokes, savoy cabbage, and celery root.

“Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef”
from Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,

The explosion of eating-out experiences offers traditional family menus and gourmet dining; regional, ethnic, and fusion cuisine; vegetarian choices; sushi, tapas, and other small plates; quick foods of all kinds; breakfast bagels and doughnuts to go; and specialty coffees, teas, and smoothies, to name a few.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
by Roberta Larson Duyff
HMH Books, 2012

In a similar fashion, in autumn one should eat more juicy, oily foods, such as fruits, pure water, and juice, as well as vegetable oils.

“Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach” by Henry B. Lin
from Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach
by Henry B. Lin
Llewellyn Publications, 2000

Popular grilled items include bat, poultry, pork, tofu, fish, and quail eggs, and such vegetables as okra, mushrooms, zucchini, lotus root, garlic, and potatoes.

“Street Food around the World: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture” by Bruce Kraig, Colleen Taylor Sen Ph.D.
from Street Food around the World: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture
by Bruce Kraig, Colleen Taylor Sen Ph.D.
ABC-CLIO, 2013

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  • Hi Abbey! Thanks for yet another informative video. Do you have advice on what to eat, or what not to eat, if you’re prone to vaginal thrush? I’ve read probiotics can be helpful but these seem a bit trickier to find on plant based diet and I’m not even sure there’s all that much evidence to support it anyway.

  • ” and in fact, I just shot another video related to PCOS and was really careful to constantly say “people” and not “women”. Will continue to try harder and do better!”

    I thought this was a channel on that talked about factual scientific stuff and not fantasy.:/

  • I appreciate that you recognize the need for more inclusive language in the description! I would also caution against using the female sex symbol (the circle with cross under it) to symbolize the period as well.

  • I don’t get any specific cravings but the day before my period I’m ravenous like no matter what I do the hunger won’t go away.

  • Why does my kidney hurt during the fasting.. I drink about 3 litre water during the non hour fasting… I never had any kidney problems I’m healthy. I hope you can help xx

  • Amazing! Today is the first day of my period and i’ve been on a long intuitive eating journey. I’m mostly plant-based, but while eating breakfast, I chose to cook an iron rich sausage with mushrooms and bell peppers. My body was craving the iron but also the veggies. I’m so proud!

  • I love how you give nutritious food ideas instead of only saying to have a cookie or chips!! I love eating good foods all times of the month to help me feel good and occasionally having something super chocolatey!

  • I’m feeling lack of energy. This is new to me. I think it’s due to my period coming. I usually get symptoms before but not this. So I’m worried. I’m just hoping that it’s my period and nothing else

  • I always want mac and cheese during PMS. If I ignore the craving (which I often do) I always end up making it at 9pm… I’ve learned making a 1/2 cup of pasta and melting some cheese into Greek yogurt as a sauce satisfies me without making me feel too bloated. But then I’m bloated on my period no matter what once it starts ��

  • Is it normal to not get any cravings? I’ve dealt with amenorrhea off and on my whole life, and I was wondering if lack of cravings is related to my strange hormone levels.

  • A good video editing rule of thumb is that text should stay up for enough time to read it 3 times.
    I had to pause the video and go back just to read the text

  • Since cutting out dairy my period has become so much easier to deal with! Anyways, I’m always super super hungry on my period but it’s fine since I learned to eat intuitively. Ladies, your body knows if it needs more fuel, respect it’s wishes!

  • 7:53 “Eating chocolate chip cookies and crying ovr a cheesy rom-com for no real reason” I have never experienced this. I guess it’s cause of the amount of leptin in my blood? ��
    I also notice that before my period comes r the rare few days that my bowel movements r more regular. I guess my progesterone levels aren’t too high. If only those 2 things cud translate to me having less pain. Sigh

  • When im on my period I just want to eat and not see anybody besides my cats. I eat no veges alot of coffee with lots of sugar and cream. I also forget to drink water because im too busy eating crap and crying.

  • i lost my period for over a year after having had anorexia. my estrogen level was lower than half the normal amount of estrogen in womens blood and now I have to „supplement“ estrogen everyday with a gel normally used for older women when they have problems in their menopause. I also take progesterone pills for 14 times in a month and i actually finally got my period since doing this hormone thing for 4 months. (I noticed weightgain and more appetite since this hormonal supplementation… ) I wonder if this suggested diet would be even helpful for me due to me not having natural female hormons

  • My pms activates hard when my period is coming/here. I often catch myself in the middle of being angry, get confused, realize im pmsing, apologize to whoever i was or is shouting to that ‘hey sorry i am pmsing in that moment and no i will not stop the anger anytime soon so plz bear with me’

  • Not sure how much control you have over your ads, but the preroll was for a “fat burning” pill to boost your metabolism and lose weight fast. A bit jarring knowing your stance on such things!

  • I get every bad symptom you can imagine, I get crippling cramps,I bloat so bad I look pregnant, I don’t want to eat, I can’t sleep, I get ragging PMS,I breakout and I either am crying or irritable…like I’ve tried everything (including most tips in this video) but nope my body hates me…

  • I’m not going to watch this video because I know it’s going to wind me up because you will be telling people not to eat cake and tea just eat greens!! When I have PMS cravings I just satisfy them and listen to my body and if it craves cake it gets cake! Similarly yesterday I craved brown rice with black beans and tahini so that’s what I ate. It’s hard enough being a woman without worrying about what you eat during the monthly monster

  • I just s started mine, umm how do you keep track or your period? And what are some good sleeping tips for when your on your period? Plz respond I’m really curious!

  • TW: I’m talking calories!!

    (Also Abbey if you would like to delete this or ask me to delete this, I don’t mind)

    I love my period, it means that I am healthy! One thing I hate is that my stomach feels like a bottomless void. I probably eat about 4000 because I usually end up eating an additional 2000 calories from chips or ritz crackers (those shits put the CRACK in crackers.) Also note: this is not to say that I punish myself or feel guilty for eating so much on my period and am genuinely hungry enough that much food and I don’t feel excessively full, so I don’t feel bad for eating that much. My one concern is that it is extremely inconvenient. If I am on the go and feel like I am going to pass out if I don’t get those extra calories calories. When I’m not on my period when I usually eat about 1800-2200 (granted I’m not 100% sure because I no longer count calories, but sometimes I check the labels of some of the things I eat)

  • Found this to be very helpful! I even told my husband to watch it, and I’m going to make my 1 year old son watch it when he grows up, so that he understands women more:) Can you do a response to Miles’ (Healthy Crazy Cool) video about you? I found it to have a lot of misinformation.

  • I know your video was all about food, but what do you think of using iron and vitamin c supplements as well as food or instead of food?

  • The sadness I felt at the mention of decreasing or waiting on having a cup of green tea is hilarious. It is one of my go to drinks for comfort and to get in some fluids. Good thing I like herbal teas too lol

  • Im a bit late but i just had to say thank you! I really needed this video
    It helped me understand my cravings, which seem to definitely follow my cycle, and I had no idea.
    And great tips! Will absolutely try all of them out.

  • The problem with most Americans and with many people in the world is that they are online computer dependent and they do not read books! They should go back to the basics of reading from brick-and-mortar printed ink-on-paper physical books going way back from the past as well as in the present. I have a book (already microfilmed too) that says oatmeal is eaten and does not cause arthritis and that’s in the 1920s. Now they say oatmeal causes arthritis but medical paleonthologists and pathologists, by studying the bones of English rural village people confirms that they have no arthritis and their descendants do not have arthritis even though they eat oatmeal. Why? Simple, in the 1920s the oatmeal is 100% organic using only natural genetic varieties (no hybrids and no GMOs) and using only organic fertilizers and organic pesticides. Fast forward to 2020, your oatmeal is 100% GMOs and uses Monsanto’s Mr. Wonderful called MR. ROUNDUP and chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides and other cides, and then it is overprocessed with a lot of DUPONT’S friendly food chemicals and food chemical additives. THAT’S YOUR REAL ANSWER! Why don’t you non-Russians have a library room in your house filled with books enough to fill a large library? Don’t you know that GOOGLE is censoring information and is DEGRADING INFORMATION AND EVEN DESELECTING THEM. Even your public libraries is deselecting books WHICH IS THE EQUIVALENT OF BOOK BURNING WHICH IS THE WORLD’S GREATEST CRIME TO HUMANITY!

  • Just a few things on this video. It’s old, but might as well:
    1.) The pronunciation was mentioned of a particular ingredient that Subway no longer uses in its breads. However, what does the pronunciation of an ingredient have to do with its effects?

    2.) People seem to think that natural is automatically healthy and that artificial is automatically bad for you. Really, natural just means it occurred in nature and artificial just means we created it. What does that tell you about the ingredient? Nothing at all. Everything can be deadly in a high enough dose. Ever hear of overhydration? It’s drinking too much water it screws with the electrolytes in the brain, and can kill you.

    3.)Vani mentioned Gatorade being full of salt, sugar, and chemicals. Considering the purpose of the drink, it makes sense that it would have a lot of sugar and salt in it. It’s designed for people who exercise intensely, such as football players or just athletes. When people sweat, a lot of things are lost, including salts and sugars. I take issue with the use of “chemicals” here. Chemicals seem to be that buzz word that people use “oh don’t drink that. It’s full of chemicals.” Well, yes it’s full of chemicals because everything is made of chemicals. Your body is full of chemicals. Water is a chemical. Everything is a chemical. Stop equating chemical with “bad for you.”

  • I am 14 and am supposed to start fasting, but I just cant get myself to eat much in morning, and to go trough the day without eating or drinking, I am practicing before this friday(the start of Ramadan), any tips would be of much help to me.

  • I think it’s so lovely that you put the note about exklusiv language in there. It’s a process and most cis people don’t make the effort, so let me say thank you that you’re trying to change your patterns here it is appreciated

  • Okay so I have really high iron and in college I could still donate plasma while on my period. However, fatigue hits me so hard during my period. So if it’s not an iron deficiency why am I so exhausted?

  • Any chance you could do a video on dealing with different hormonal imbalances/diseases (endometriosis or PCOS) and ways diet could either help treat or relieve symptoms?

  • I workout early morning and fast the rest of the day and I’m okay I do it all the time there’s no problem at all with that tho ����‍♀️

  • Would you consider maybe using more gender neutral/trans and intersex inclusive language in the future on topics like this please?

  • Other channels report the opposite on food colors…who is correct? You say “night-shade color foods caused inflammation? Dark colored foods such as: red (tomatoes), deep purple (egg plants), yellow (bell peppers), etc. Who should we believe? Everyone contradicts the other! Who is reporting false/fake food news? The carbon that builds up on grilled foods ARE bad for ever one…so I know this is correct reporting.

  • Weird, I mostly experience extreme sugar cravings (anything with high chocolate content will do) on the 1st and 2nd day of my period. Also, the only thing that helped me with my cramps (they used to be so bad I couldn’t stand up straight in the first two days) was exercise, aka 20 minutes of cardio 5 days a week, even if on my period. It’s the only thing that helps me avoid painkillers!

  • Abbey, can you do a video (or comment) on the debate about salt? The reason I’m requesting it is because, for years, I’ve intentionally limited my salt intake thinking having too much salt in my diet was bad for me, but after consultation from a doctor for symptoms I thought were related to an undiagnosed thyroid problem, it actually turned out to be related to low sodium! I’ve added a daily cup of broth to my diet and it’s made an incredible difference. Just an idea ��

  • I like that they said the consistency of baby food but not to eat actual baby food cause guess what baby food has a lot of sugar in it

  • I’ve noticed my blood sugar drops a lot around my period like in the 70’s, afterwards but blood sugar is normal, 90’s. I am not diabetic, not quite sure if there is a correlation with blood sugar and periods? Or if there’s just something wrong with me. I try to stay away from very sugary foods, as they make the drop in BS worse. Anyone else have this problem?

  • your biggest content is always critiquing other ways of eating? so you stole free lees model…talk shit about her, and no one cares about your perspective unless your talking about someone else? real innovative work your doing on this channel…let alone all the terrible advice your giving people

  • I have now watched 12 of these what not to eat if you have arthritis videos. I now see the light! I have compiled a list from all the videos and it has become apparent that I must quit eating. I am certain that by no longer eating that soon I will have no arthritis pain.

  • In love with your videos! Pleaseee react to Cassey from Blogilates, some things she says/ recommends is really triggering for me personally and I want to see what you think! ❤️

  • Today is the 13th day of my cycle and I am absolutely lost! While feeling at my best (focus/concentration, no bloat, no cravings, great skin, a lot of energy etc.) at the time around my third till 10th day, today was the extreme contrast to this: I’m bloated, have water retention, my skin is oily and I get pimples, my mood is like terrifying and my hunger is just…. over the top there was no stop today. I feel awful. And it makes me crazy, because I feel like I have just those few days in the beginning of my cycle, where I’m feeling good and like the actual Me, while the rest of the cycle is just a game of up and downs; unfortunately more downs, because of the luteal phase to come. And my pms symptoms are like the same I described.
    Is it normal to have also these fluctuations with the hormones when having the ovulation? I wonder what I could do, I tried so many things and I really feel alone with the fact that I’m having those symptoms during the majority of my cycle. I’ll definitely try to learn being more aware and mindful during my cycle and incorporate your tips!

  • Am i the only that never experienced craving, bloating, low energy, mood swings etc because of my periods? I dont understand why women make such a big deal out of it. For me there is not different to my non-period time except that I’m bleediing and maybe had some light cramps at the first day.

  • I don’t have pms or many period symptoms since eating whole foods vegan with no oil:) my cramps have gone away completely. And I’m not really bloated.

  • You should consider saying “menstruators” and not “women”. Not all menstruators identify as women, and this is just a really easy way to take normalised transphobic language and stereotypes out of otherwise informative content.

  • Really disappointed you are encouraging patients to eat sugar free and low fat foods. This means it will have harmful additives! Teach them to eat Whole Foods, teach them about healthy oils and fake sugars and GMO foods and what that means. Teach them how to feed their body complete, whole food!

  • hi! id like to suggest you reviewing blogilates’ (she has a lot what i eat in a day in her ig posts (: ), rem life’s or jaclyn forbes’ diet. hope you find that suggestion helpful!

  • Can you do a video on protein? I got into a discussion with my bf on it today (who’s Dutch) and he says that the American diet has far too much protein in it. I’ve heard the opposite. But I Googled it and came up with this article from NPR: https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2018/12/03/669808699/how-much-protein-do-you-really-need And then I found this on youtube from nutritionfacts.org: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NW32vLq340 It would be interesting to see your take on these. I personally think a well balanced diet is necessary, but my bf thinks this protein “fad” that kicked off a few decades ago has be “holding strong” and might be even more damaging than sugar. (And he thinks sugar is poison.) I’m seeing a lot of conflicting info. Halp

  • This is bull shit no food from midnight to next day at 1pm my app. this sucks i shake without food this is bull shit i might cancel

  • I found this ridiculous as remove the operation part, if you do what they say, you will become ultra slim. So why operate if you can never again live normally. Who has time to exercise 30-45 minutes per day? If you do, then you can mostly eat what you like…

  • omfg. They have no clue what a health food is. Why are you naming fructose you dumb bitches. Health foods are almonds bananas tomatos salad that is a health food don’t say that what you named are health foods do your reasearch. You just want views that is all.

  • hi marie, I am in a long term relatiionship and I always speak about breakup though I do not want to!, whenever i get a problem. i don’t know the reason for that and I wanted to qiet saying it and certain harmful words

  • Doesn’t matter what you eat, just be ready to throw up everything in the closest sink or toilet.

    Don’t do this to yourself. 11 years out, speaking from a ruined life. Just don’t do it.

  • I had Gastric Bypass on 10/16/19, and so far I have lost 35lbs. My original BMI and weight was 35bmi and starting weight 252lbs at 5 foot 9 inches.

    I am forever grateful for this wonderful tool. The only problem I slightly have is that you can get dehydrated fast if you forget to have a beverage with you at all times. I take vitamin supplements and patches everyday, and I am getting better energy. I am in the soft food phase and I’m about to be completely released to normal food diet. I stopped craving junk around 2 weeks post op

  • Not supposed to eat cereal. Fat is ok you need it for energy. Need to build up to 60 grams of protein a day. I had to drink protein drinks to accomplish this. All that sugar free stuff have a lot of carbs. Take all your required supplements and vitamins, but buy bariatric supplements and vitamins, use a spray B12. If eating a salad, don’t use iceberg lettuce as it is mostly sugars as are fruit and juices. I am 20 years out…i can eat 1/2 of a hamburger but I eat it in a high protein wrap. Most of this information is correct. I do not eat many carbs, or sugared items as well as no fruit juices. I attribute that to not consuming very many carbs. I do have a piece of dark chocolate now and then as well as a small portion of fruit with no added sugar. The number one treat I have is occassionally have is some pasta with meat sauce no more than 4 Tablespoons i also use a high protein pasta. It requires a lot of will power, but if I hadn’t had the surgery I might be dead now or very, very sick. The biggest thing I will tell you is do not snack between meals. People who do this begin to gain weight. You must be psychologically ready for the major changes that the RNY surgery will accomplish for you if you follow the pouch rules. Your pouch is your too and to getting the weight off and keeping it off. I have never regretted having this surgery.

  • It’s too bad that someone as intelligent as Marie Forleo has somebody as stupid as the Food Babe on her show. People, the most dangerous chemical you can take is drinking the Kool Aid from these people.

  • Can any of you tell me…do u feel hungry after gastric bypass…or do u feel full. Also..the psychological part where u are used to eating…is it hard to learn the new way…or easy because your scared of dumping. Lastly….how bad was the pain of surgery? I’m terrified. I wanted gastric sleeve but was denied because of my GERD AND BARRETS ESOPHAGUS. SO I have no choice. Please advice me. I’m going to stop drinking soda now and taper off coffee. Winder if I can ever have coffee again. Smoking cessation is. Going to be so difficult. I don’t know if I can do it.


  • Do these suggestions change at all if you’re on birth control but still pretty much have all the usual symptoms? Any special recommendations?

  • A tip about herbal tea from my doctor: red raspberry leaf tea can help reduce cramps! Not sure how effective this is, but it’s worth a shot if you’re avoiding caffeine because of cramps! She also recommended magnesium, 250 mg twice daily and I think it has really helped for cramps. But it relaxes muscles so diarrhea is possible. Start slow, my friends. Happy menstruation:)

  • Did you know that the Arthritis Society states that  CBD has been found to be effective in reducing pain and inflammation? I heard this and I tried the CBD Melody Drops and  Alleviate Topical Cream really helped me with my pain.

  • Does anyone else notice that this seems injected with fear based sales tactics to terrorize old people who may be mentally vulnerable and the icing on the cake is young voice actors that are either doing an old person voice or literally have their voice digitally edited to sound really old to trick old people into relating to them? i can tell i got a targeted ad for this company after watching a beatles video on youtube, so maybe the algorithm thought i was old for a second. if you google for like 3 seconds multiple sources seem to say the tomato solanine arthritis connection is bullshit. they are obviously trying to get you hooked on their videos to buy a 50 dollar one once they have pried their trust from your hands with this infomercial shit, or am i wrong? can anyone give me credible documentation of them not being sharks and I am just a jaded youngster who sees the styles of infomercials from cable tv past being echoed online?

  • Hi Abby. I came back to this video just now because I got my period today. However, I am very confused about what to eat during the luteal phase. Your tip # 3 and tip # 4 seem to be conflicted. You suggested to up the fibre by having food such as broccoli and beans, but you also recommended to ease the bloat by having low FODMAP food which are also high in fibre such as broccoli and beans. Could you clarify how can we “up the fibre” while ”easing the bloat”? Thanks a lot!

  • I was supposed to have a colonoscopy yesterday. The doctor actually started the procedure. I had gone through the full prep procedure. I followed the instructions exactly. However, there was a blockage. He said I wasn’t ready. I just finished another day of prep and my poop is still not clear. I haven’t eaten for over 48 hours, I’ve had 8 liters of prep fluid, a couple gallons of water and at least a gallon of grape juice. My stool is still not clear and my guts are killing me. I don’t know what’s wrong. How often does that happen? Are some people not able to prep for a colonoscopy?

  • FOODS TO BE AVOIDED for arthritis and joint pains.
    1. Anything with gluten
    2. Night shade vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc.
    3. Processed fat foods.
    4. Barbecues and blackened foods
    5. Processed sugar such as sodas.

  • I have arthritis in most joints. I have severe Diabeties. I have severe chronic pain from a (MCA) motorcycle accident decades ago. By the time I avoid all the foods bad for Arthritis and all the foods bad for Diabeties and all the foods bad for pain caused by the MCA accident, there is nothing left to eat.
    On top of that… With all the pain associated with Arthiritis and pain from Diabeties and from extensive chronic pain due to the MCA, Plus this government’s idea of restricting Pain Medication due to drug addicts… BUT NOT EXCLUDING CHRONIC PAIN SUFFERERS FROM OBTAINING NECESSARY PAIN CONTROL MEDS… my condition dramatically worsens.
    NOW this government now labels all Chronic Pain Sufferers as ADDICTS. How? They got rid of the term “dependants” leaving ONLY “addicts” as a description for anyone using narcotic pain meds.
    Yet it does not stop there. The government is restricting / at taking doctors to limit or Elimitinate doctors from prescribing pain medication AND allowing Pharmacists to join in controlling pain meds WITHOUT ANY KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR CONDITION! That is Utter and Total Mal-Practice on the part of Pharmacists.

  • Here’s 2 people who has 0 scientific nor nutritional background saying ‘ewww, that’s disgusting’, ‘I can’t even pronounce it, why am i eating it’ and other things 10 yr-olds would say. Yet over 200, 000 views, are the general population really that gullible?

  • People say the sleeve is easier. I just had bypass 5wks and have never been sick or thrown up pain was minimal the hardest part is psychological
    I know people that had sleeve that was sick all the time and had regain

  • You are in a outstanding body shape..it clearly shows you are doing the right thing…these teachings everyone should put it in practice…have a blessed day..

  • You advise people not to eat eggplant, tomatoes or peppers based on…? A famous football player don’t esn’t eat them. Wow, that is terrible advice!

  • Oh dear, as much as I love love love Marie TV, I felt that the guest in this episode is nothing more than a health guru wannabe.. First, appendicitis is a bit of a paradox really and even at present the causes of it are unknown. I’m from Europe and appendicitis is not a rare thing in children, who are perfectly healthy and eat a balanced diets. When she said “avocado has protein added to it” I stopped watching the video.:) Sorry, I am a nutritionist and when people say nonsense like this while positioning themselves as very knowledgeable my ears bleed.:))) Avocado is great, but with 4g protein per 100g product it’s not worth being mentioned as a source of protein and as this may confuse people. It’s an excellent source of fat (approx. 77g per 100g), also has some carbs to be more detailed. Final comment: lemon juice even mixed with water taken on an empty stomach is so not for everyone and should not be spread out as a universal health advice on how to stay healthy. I won’t dwell into technicalities, so in short people who have sensitive stomach lining (who may not even have any symptoms or concerns at the time) can develop very unpleasant stomach problems. Overall, I don’t think healthy eating advices should be given by a person who doesn’t know nutrition.

  • I’ve had something strange going on.
    I have had stiffness and pain in two fingers on either hand and have not been able to make a fist properly for the last 8 months. This has worried me as I am a practicing fine artist. I have been drinking 3-4 cans of diet cola a day during that time and because of a stomach upset 3 days ago I stopped drinking it. My stomach’s still upset now but my fingers feel over 50% better, has anybody ever heard of this happening?

  • seriously? this woman works FOR these big corps, she gets paid to spin news to make the public believe that these compose re making positive change. she’s doing a great job pulling the wool over peoples eyes.

  • I can not say home much I like this arthritis treatment method “Rοngοdο Ruzο” (Google it) product. I`ve had arthritis in my hands and joints for years, and this item truly helps to relieve a few of the pain. I use this often particularly when the pain is too much, however I only have to spread enough of it on my hands to help make the pain disappear fast..

  • I LOVE your dress ������
    Btw. Do you have any information about this for us who don’t have a regular period? �� I use nexplanon (etonogestrel implant) ��

  • Omega 6 needs to be in consumed in balance with omega 3. People do not usually have trouble consuming enough omega 6 because it is
    in so many foods.

  • Nightshades causes debilitating pain. You forgot to mention potatoes. Not sweet potatoes. They’re ok. Paprika is another big problem for arthritis as well as soy sauce and rhubarb.

  • Botanically, a tomato is a fruit —a berry, consisting of the ovary, together with its seeds, of a flowering plant.

    A “Tomato” is a Fruit, NOT a Vegetable!

  • You know there is a mountain in the Himalayas called Machapuchare.. And the Tibetans say that the most generic term for a Tibetan is Indian… Isn’t that interesting that it’s so similar to machu piccu

  • I interviewed Dr. Thoma Freeman, he just turned 100, and has the Freeman College named after him at Texas Southern University, where he has been for over 70 years. He is the person who trained Denzel Washington for the movie “The Great Debaters”..after we wrapped up the interview and some convo I asked did he think he could outdebate me…. And he said I doubt it…

  • I eat organic food for more than 7 years now…
    vegetarian for 2 years now…I do not drink milk for 6 years but I still eat some cheese and only in a summer time I have an ice cream once a week…
    I do not use agave sirup but I did not know that is so bad for your health…

  • loved the discussion. the one thing i will always do now is check the ingredients on the packaged foods i buy! and make sure they are good for me and dont have harmful substances or chemicals in them.

  • This video was very good, thank you so much, I try to organize my habits around my period cycle, because I think it will be more effective and kinder to myself to do so.
    So I am very grateful for this powerful content, I learn a lot, and I will organize my meals a little different now…

  • Holy fuck these people are stupid. Whole grains are one of the healthiest sources of nutrition your body can absorb. For them to say that whole wheat bread is unhealthy is just fucking absurd.

    How can anyone be so uninformed as this??

  • I am not overweight,but my stomach is over stretched to the point I no longer feel food. I have no hunger,satiety nor fullness and can literally eat a limitless quantity of food,were I to permit myself.
    It is making my life hell. Would a slim person ever be able to get bariatric surgery? I just want to be normal again. With a normal stomach capacity (my stomach was small and I was a light eater)
    This issue is derailing my life in an indescribable way Noone gets it,do they?

  • I think by watching this my IQ just dropped!
    PS what’s with the fake southern accent thing Marie does? Is she trying to be cool or funny or is that just an american plastic woman thing?

  • Hi Food babe…You mention about electrolyte, sea salt+baking soda to made body less acidic. But according to Dr. Berg (search youtube) we should made our body acidic not alkaline. Which part of body you mention here?

  • I love it when you say “the money will follow”. I am so so soooo scared of not making and it is awful. So easy to realize that the job will always be there, but so hard for me to actually realize all i need to do to “change the world” through my passion… I could seriously sit here and watch every single episode at once!

  • I just heard that Subway has changed their bread, and have no doubt it was thanks to Vani… and Marie! So awesome, keep up the great work!

  • Why did you not mention the no. 1 culprit.
    Most people are not bothered by glutton if eating whole grains.
    Most people are not bothered by nightshades.

  • I really want to eat healthy not just for loosing weight but to be healthy. I have 3 kids and a budget. My question is are they any way that we can eat healthy on a budget? I’ve tried and it’s hard! I want to buy veggies and fruit but sometimes we have to just buy can goods cause we just don’t have the money. I think it’s so unfair that healthy foods are so expensive, specially when we are trying to eat better. Money shouldn’t be an obstacle.

  • I’m beginning to realize that I might have to eliminate tomato sauce from my already strict diet. I have lower back and joint pain, and the marinara sauce is really the only thing left that could be causing it!

  • Best nutrition info… Eat CARDBOARD! that’s Super low carb & doesn’t spike insulin. LOLSeriously, you can’t eat anything if you live like this. one word for Ya MODERATION!!

  • Thank you for being brave and in this, cause,,,we need so much person like VANI,….in almost every field to improve as real human beings and stopping being robotic consumers and or doers of things that are not good for ourselves

  • For just telling 5 food you took 25 mins?! Opened the video and closed to right away and searched for another!
    Dear plz save time:)

  • I like this. (And what I noticed is that you are both here doing your good thing, not perfect; but even with naysayers, you are making a positive difference & inspiring as best you know how.. and helping bring out the good in others & the world, and connecting us.. Thank you!)

  • I love the idea of people taking sovereignity over their food from the big companies BUT, I can’t help but cringe everytime I hear a new health guru speak so losely about nutrition (I particularly gasped in horror after hearing how this lovely lady talked about fructose!) I know biologists who would love to give advice to people on tv, but unfortunately they’re too busy doing the actual studies:/ sad how nutrition now revolves around losing weight and not gaining health.

  • Subway stopped using that dough conditioner. She is more or less correct about Agave syrup. But the fructose content of corn syrup can vary depending on the formulation. Regardless it’s good to avoid due to its high fructose content. In my morning coffee I use sucrose; plain old granulated white sugar. I am not sure coconut sugar has any real advantage over regular sucrose.

    I don’t know much about carrageenan; so I can’t comment. Frozen yogurt should be avoided due to the dairy content. Dairy contains Insulin like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1); which is a risk factor for cancer.

  • You’re basically saying there’s nothing you can eat except what p whatwhat rabbits eat and nobody’s going to do that so now what is a good solution how do you fix the problem without taking away the foods they want

  • Regardless of what you may think about the interviewee’s criticsm of these foods she had discussed, the info is legit (do your own research to find out if you don’t believe me or her.) The info presented here has been simplified and shortened because, obviously, due to time limitation for the interview. Another thing I thumb-up for is the alternatives that are recommended here… now these are truly the real gold!:)

  • Please everyone! I love that this video is created and you are great at hosting Marie. Keep it up! But you MUST MUST MUST please MUST check your BLOOD TYPE. Not all of us can eat the same diet or drink the same things. I CANNOT CANNOT do lemon water especially if it’s meant to cleansetoo acidic for my body. People with certain blood types cannot eat just a plant-based diet or you will get sick! You really need to figure it out yourself. Now, yes, ORGANIC is great but not everything that says ORGANIC is organic. Educate yourselves on colors of labels. This foodie girl gave good info but missed out some things that we really need to know. I hope she is adding what I said in her blogs to people. The fallacy is that people are telling other people, VEGAN is the way to go but trust me it’s not for everyone. Vegetarianism is not for everyone. Read up about Flexitarianism. I see people like doctors also interview this foodie girl but really I hope these interviews add real medical aspects to her findings.

  • i hope she eats her back pepper as whole buds. we would’t want to “destroy” that beautiful plant by grinding it to bits by processing it!

  • Um…The bread that she showed, she said doesn’t contain flour, its just whole grains. Yet the definition of flour is; a powder obtained by grinding up grains, and used to make products such as bread.
    Am I missing something here? (o_O)?

  • She has no idea what she’s talking about. The FDA makes sure our food is safe. Instead of fear mongering about random ingredients, why doesn’t she focus on something that actually matters?

  • Awesome! Love this. Would have been more great if we could see the products on the table (so we can see what the packaging looks like)

  • Oh hai:) Have you heard about the Fat Blaze Factor (do a google search)? Ive heard some fantastic things about it and my dad burned lots of excess fats.

  • I’ve been binge watching your videos for the past few weeks and I absolutely love your videos. I’d really love to see a video on tips to help recover from an Ed, especially how to gain weight. Also please review Holly Gabrielle’s what I eat in a day.

  • I’m ten and have adhd I have always eaten many of these things and doing so has not affected how I act, I have learned to control my adhd. it is not a nutritional problem and there are many way to help slow down and calm down I do take melatonin to help me sleep but that’s it, no pill no drugs no diet it’s that simple

  • 2012 was really about 2 things… One positive and one negative… Humans level of awareness is raised because of our procession into the galactic photon belt… Photo means light.. So thermal bodies or bodies in fire get a boost to thier luminosity..the ability to gather and process more information…. And 2nd aspect is the Mayan jaguar priests insidious “nightscriprt”…which is designed to dumb humans down analytically… So we become more intelligent but less deductive….. We become more like enhanced intelligent predators… And that’s where we are at

  • It seems puritanical and harmful to a child’s sense of self to deny them candy. I could get behind this if the recommendation was to limit sugars or to be mindful of glycemic index and glycemic load but the notion that children with ADHD should be denied something that all children love leads me to wonder whether you are trying to make healthy well-adjusted children or whether the attempt is simply to make parents feel more in control and on top of their children’s ADHD.

  • Great video but I tend to disagree about being weaker and run down on your period. I notice an increase of strength and stamina and its the time I truly perform my best. I think part of feeling “weaker” could be a psycological trick because that’s how we are told we should feel. It could also vary person to person, just something to consider.��

  • Ah interesting..Ive a colonoscopy on Wednesday. Ive already started my low fibre diet/diet without residue as they call here in France. In the UK you get up to two days before you have to do the low fibre diet. Here in France it is four days. Neither NHS stuff from the UK or here in France mention a clear diet 2 or 1 days before. The only time Ive come across having to go on a liquid diet is in the first week of Diverticulitis flare ups..this helps the colon be calmer. I will read a bit more..Im quite ok to do some more liquid nearer the time.. but the line you go for when it is good is that what is coming out looks like what is going in. He also says no dairy..again my NHS guidelines say that milk is ok..(and rice krispies!) good luck folks.

  • Sometimes I cant help feeling like the medical proffession is a racket. Maybe not. Good health is important, but it should not be based on the size of your wallet.

  • Hey Abbey, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but they have gummies now for our menstrual cycles. I saw a sponsored post about a brand called FLO on Instagram. They are PMS gummy vitamins that are supposed to help reduce hormonal acne, help alleviate cramps and bloating, etc. I’m curious to try because my cramps are really bad and have been for years to the point where sometimes I vomit. They are still new so I’m unsure if the reviews are actually true. Here’s the link in case you want to check them out. https://flovitamins.com/products/flo-gummy-vitamins?variant=32223658573927

  • He says people on that low fiber diet will have less bowel movements, but I thought you were supposed to empty out your system of foods, which would mean MORE bowel movements.

  • cant you just douch with alot off water and fast 24 hours seems easier?
    and douch not enema=i put hose in my butt and flush with warm water to empty untill water is clean coming out as going in

  • Lectin hormone is the hunger level. Interesting i have tons of cravings/ hunger and fatigue.
    Up iron: red meat, poultry, fish, beans, lentiels, legumes.

    Luteal phase. Fiber from blueberries is good. Less processed and sugar foods. Eat bananas and potatoes to balance the salt.

    Good info, thanks! I can’t have nuts, beans, or red meat on AIP and have Ni allergy so I take extra omega 3 and cook with a cast iron

  • PHASE #1
    1. Up that iron
    2. Pair with vitamin c
    3. Go decaf
    4. Get pant-powered
    5. Take a walk

    PHASE #2
    1. Move in a way that feels good
    2. Use this energy to prep

    PHASE #3
    1. Notice your food cravings
    2. Let yourself have the carbs
    3. Up the fiber
    4. Ease the bloat

  • Hi Dr! Im happy to view and learn about this from U… Im a Christian and still I am learning about Ramadan Fasting”, I mean learning How u do it.. anyway, i found u great in explaining this stuff.. and also u have a British Accent! Well, im trying to understand all of this in a different views and aspects as I am Open to Any Kind Of Religion as I have High Respect on that… and I am also a Fitness instructress and so Im learning a lot from others point of views and ideas, and Eeriences as well!! Thanks so Much! Im here in Oman now.❤��

  • Would love to see a video about how all of this changes when on birth control. I usually don’t get my period because I skip over the placebo pills.

  • My nerves and my feet are struggling with pain and I also have arthritis (degenerative joint disease) on my lower back. The arthritis treatment “Rοngοdο Ruzο” (Google it) helped me treat this! I used it for my feet, I`ve used it on my neck, elbows and hands. Its awesome results keeps shocking me until now..

  • Thank you so much. Finally real video about Ramadan nutrition by Dr. Not too long and all important points stated clearly. Ramadan mubarak ��.