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5 Easy Keto Hacks for Busy People

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7 Busy Girl Life Hacks to Staying Healthy

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BUSY LIFESTYLE HACKS | healthy living tips for busy people

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5 simple health hacks for very busy people. Put these digital coaches in your pocket and you’re already ahead of the game. By Anna Hensel.

5 Health Apps for a More Balanced Life. Top 10 Health Hacks For Busy People 1. Eat snacks. Don’t allow yourself to get ravenous.

Your brain literally goes into panic mode when you get too hungry 2. Make smoothies. This is one of the easiest way to get your servings of fruit and veggies. It’s fast and you can drink 3. Prep it. At.

These super simple life hacks will improve your health, reduce stress and make your so much more happier. 9 Easy Life Hacks For Super Busy People. Kim Pittaway.

Life can get chaotic. These habits can make the days run more smoothly. Use an online calendar with a reminder system to help you keep track of birthdays and anniversaries of.

10 Health And Fitness Tips For Busy People Life races past at 100mph and staying healthy and keeping fit can be an uphill struggle when you’re busy. Here are 10 tips that will help you to find time so that you can keep in tip-top shape. 13 Healthy Eating Tips for a Busy Lifestyle With deadlines to meet, after work drinks, frequent dining out, late nights and early mornings, it’s easy to forget how simple it is to take control of your health. Healthy diet hacks for busy people. Body+Soul, Nutrition, bodyandsoul.

October 9, 2015 12:00am fresh and healthy ready-to-eat meals can now be delivered straight to your doorstep to make life. Due to a hectic lifestyle and a busy schedule, a lot of people these days depend upon foods from outdoor caterings, packaged and canned foods or fast foods. To maintain a healthy body, it is essential to have an active lifestyle. If you can’t go to the gym, ensure to go walking every day for 30 minutes. MORE FROM LIFE HACKS.

Mental. SUBSCRIBE for new videos every WEEK! http://bit.ly/1XKeAIi Today on HealthNut Nutrition I’m sharing 7 hacks for staying healthy that every busy girl should k. 50 easy hacks to change your life in 2020 Sleep better, get fit, be kinder and improve your carbon footprint with these simple fixes and being around the good people in your life is energising.

Startup Life 6 Ways to Eat Healthier When You Are Super Busy Sometimes you are so busy that food becomes a low priority. The CEO of VC-funded startup Gobble shows how to be a healthy.

List of related literature:

These tips for healthy living work well, but the client needs to be motivated to stick with them.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
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For example, instead of writing a blog post announcing the freezeand-serve meals available at your restaurant for takeout, write a blog post that explains how to make healthy meals in 30 minutes or less.

“Content Marketing For Dummies” by Susan Gunelius
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Example of four activity-based mini habits: Eat one serving of fruit once you arrive at work, eat one serving of vegetables during your first work break, drink one glass of water when you get home from work, and chew each bite 30 times during your daily work snack.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
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These are my top ten tips for making a ketogenic lifestyle work.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
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THINGS I DO: I eliminate foods for at least one month and then reintroduce them, keeping a food journal or notes in my cell phone to document changes in my energy, mood, and digestion.

“Lexi's Clean Kitchen: 150 Delicious Paleo-Friendly Recipes to Nourish Your Life” by Alexis Kornblum
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For instance, a lifehack article might cover how to clean your house in 20 minutes a day or the currently popular seven-minute interval workout for when one can’t make it to a gym.

“The Pokemon Go Phenomenon: Essays on Public Play in Contested Spaces” by Jamie Henthorn,, Andrew Kulak, Kristopher Purzycki
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These five approaches, which the majority of Americans consider to be healthy, are in truth potentially harmful and keep you trapped in the vicious cycle of toxic hunger and overeating.

“The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
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Day 5 (Same as Day 3 except for Energy Work) For day 5, add back fruit and vegetables in any combination, preparation, and amount using healthy recipes.

“Integrative Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel
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Reading food ingredients lists carefully may take time and prolong your trips to the grocery store, but if you care about your health, it’s well worth the time and effort.

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For the purposes of this list, I’ll just say that you should do everything you can to cut artificial sweeteners and any products that contain artificial sweeteners out of your diet.

“Detox Diets For Dummies” by Gerald Don Wootan, Matthew Brittain Phillips
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Hey Meghan thanks for the video,I do most of the things you have mentioned in the video on a daily basis but am sure going to get the #blinkist app cz I do love reading but I got no time��

  • I have no problem eating the same things everyday. That’s pretty much what our grandparents did ��
    Give me some eggs, bacon, and asparagus every day and I am one happy camper ��

  • G`day Dr Berg in reality you cannot save time, you can only use it or waste it, the best you hope for is to do more with the time you have!

  • That is such a great idea Dr. Berg you are truly correct about keeping it simple! Thank you for taking the frustration out of what am I going to eat, by providing the chart……I just love you and how you always have our best interest at heart!!! BLESSINGS

  • To the person reading this….

    You are beautiful, pretty and do not let anyone bring you down!! You are the best!!!! ❤❤��
    You will live a long, happy life with your beloved ones. I hope you have a great life!!
    Love you all!!

  • I loved this video! I’m definitely a early bird. One healthy habit that I try to do each day is get my body moving. Like you said, it’s such a good way to stay healthy and reduce stress. I try to get between 30-45 minutes of structured exercise every week day and on weekends I play it by ear.

  • These days, rather than using my usual meal prep boxes, I’ve been putting 3-5 days of meat, cheese, and veggies in plastic bags and putting it all into my lunch bag, which I then keep in the fridge at work. Easy!

  • I just recently started being more purposeful in my evenings making sure I get the things done in the evening that will make my mornings smoother. It has made such a difference in my morning stress level needing to get myself and my son ready for school! Question could you give me a link or the brand of the pot you used to warm the water? Thanks!

  • I’m such an early bird! My big thing every morning is to have sole water! I prefer that in my morning routine and either lemon water or golden milk at night.

  • Can you please do a video for those people who want to do Keto during Ramadan. I want to do Keto but I’m very much demotivated,and Ramadan is the only month in which I can hope to lose weight.

  • Honestly Dr. Mike,
    everyone here is saying how handsome you are. That might be true but try a lighter shirt color next time. These people here have no taste. Second man, your snacks, not meals, don’t make you a Gordon Ramsey. You pointed that out at the beginning. When I’m honest though, these snacks are barely above college level foods. The only difference might be the nutrition.
    I expected waaayy more but maybe I expected too much from a doctor (emphasizing that you’re not a cook).
    Anyways, the video was fun. And it’s not like these are unpleasant, useless ideas. I guess you’re lucky you’re this good looking this time; and that many of your viewers apparently have no idea how to cook.

  • Mai ek choti youtuber hun plz aplog mere videos ko like aur subscribe kijiye plz apki ek like aur ek subscribe meri zindegi badal skti hain toh plz friends plz do like comment and share

  • Love it my first official adult youtube video  I’m 25 and have been watching like younger college youtubers since I’m still in school. But I love this I needed a more adult person to look up to on youtube. Great job!

  • Peanut butter with apples taste good tho you should try ‘em. I used to wrap them in tortilla skins or dip the apples in peanut butter

  • I can save 500 $ a month with intermittent fasting?
    That’s even more than I spend on food to begin with! Wow! This way of eating is indeed a miracle! Thank you, Dr Berg! ❤️

  • Dr. Eric. Could you talk about vegetables and fruits on keto? Is not a problem dont eat funcional fruits like for example apples wicth has malic acid? Or kiwi witch has Q10? Or grapes witch has resveratrol? Or apricot whitch is rich in potassium?

  • Thanks for the planner. I get very bored with eating the same thing, so I have a tendency to get too complicated with fancy keto dishes. I’m going to try to simplify.

  • I’m in college right now, and this semester I made it a goal to prioritize health over school. Even if I don’t quite finish all my work, I always try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. If I don’t, then I’m just stressed and not productive the next day. I also like to go on brisk walks around campus to relieve tension from sitting in class and studying.

  • Dr. Mike: Honey is rich in sugar…
    Me: yeah, I know, I’ve tried it and there’s too much for me to handle and then it makes it taste bad for me

  • The thing I love about you is that you aren’t skinny as a stick unlike other fitness and health guides or you tubers and you are super realistic. I just found your channel and am already in love with it.

  • Great tips!! My husband can eat the same meal day after day but I’m like your wife, I like variety (I don’t even use the same drinking glass every day like my husband, I like to grab a different one each day! ha ha) but I have a few favorite keto recipes that I’ll switch around (like keto cauliflower hash browns yum) and I’ll also eat simple meals like you advise. Thanks for all your great info and tips

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  • I need help..
    I’ve been doing IF with prolonged fasting for 6 months..and low carb/keto..but since the academic year has started here in Japan.. I have to eat lunch with the Japanese students..I have to eat what they eat..the school lunch here is high carbs and protein..

    I don’t eat their rice and bread but some of the dishes are still high in carbs..what should I do to keep the low carbs/keto?

    Please help me..

  • I have the same meals everyday. Like literally. I don’t have to think what else to cook.It’s helpful when you do OMAD. I even ate one viand for one whole year.

  • Looking at the comments on this video and Dr Berg’s previous ones, I noticed a lot of people are comfortable with OMAD. Can you people let me know how you handle cravings and hunger during the fasting period. I know that Dr Berg addressed these issues but it is a challenge for me even to do a 16 hr IF consistently. Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • For me LC + IF is a lot easier than the SAD diet. Not necessarily doing keto but most of my meals turning out keto. No simple carbs, eliminated all processed meats, and sugary drinks.

    I do eat almost the same thing every day. Eggs, avocado, mixed nuts, and leafy veggie salad every day.

    I don’t plan on what I eat on a daily basis. I looked at what’s available then decide what I’m going to cook.

  • Another tip I do every night before bed. I stretch every muscle that I’ve used alot in that day until it stops feeling like im even stretching. That relieved your muscles for sleep and heals them quicker so you can workout more often and grow muscle a little faster. It works for many reasons. Relaxing your body for many reasons and building helps maintain your muscles for muscle growth

  • My healthy habit is to drink a glass of lemon water with chia seeds in the morning. I have been trying to go to the gym in the mornings but still a struggle!

  • It appears that all we really have is a small space in time. Oh and an ego that thinks we actually have control of it, or anything for the matter. I do well and enjoy meal prep when I make it a priority. When I fail to make it such, it can be brutal, especially in the evenings after an over burdened day. But my wife loves me for it. So I make it through.

  • Some great tips here! I’m definitely an early bird, showering first thing helps me wake up straight away. Top tip is probably eating a decent breakfast, something yummy with a fruit or two in there! I really need to work on the sleep part though, being an early bird is fine when you aren’t also going to bed after midnight every night haha, oops!

  • Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. I enjoy the ease of leftovers, so I cook 4 days of food at a time, and just grab a meal, cold from reefer, and eat it with my fingers from the container; & the mixed salad right out of the box; squeeze a lemon; brush & BOOM, I’m DONE in 20 minutes or less. ZERO clean up. p.s. I drink decaf w a dab of heavy cream in the am; don’t eat a thing til 1:30pm; snack once or not at all, & that happens no later than 6:30pm; doing IF the rest of the time. It has been a long time since I felt this good

  • 5:30am early bird:) Morning routine consists of exercise and apple cider vinegar. Then I meditate to be mindful and 5mins journaling:) thanks for sharing your busy life hacks!! <3

  • Hey Nikole, super duper helpful video right now!!! It’s been a couple of weeks that I have been feeling overwhelmed by life and you really helped with that!
    I was wondering where do I get that online calendar you were talking about? Lots of love��

  • I get up at 7 am, every day even on weekends, then I write my 5-minute-journal while taking some sips of coffee. Then I usually meditate for 10 minutes. Afterwards I do either a HIIT, yoga, cardio or any other workout. I take a shower then, eat a healthy breakfast and THEN I start working/doing the things that have to be done for the day for which I always write a to-do list on the night before. I usually go to bed before 11 pm to make sure that I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. That’s my “busy girl” routine:D

  • Bro watch the game changers on netflix and you will change your perception 100% about eating meat. After arnold said that go vegetarian i tried and i perform more than when i used to eat meat. 1 week go vegetarian get the protein from lentils and tofu and you will feel a huge difference. Do watch game changers on netflix then make a video about going vegetarian and lead your fans to the right path �� keep up the good work!!! Love you!!

  • However, wouldn’t save any time if you still have a family to prep, cook and serve to. I’m lucky, it’s just me and my husband and we pretty much eat the same thing. If he wants something more, he’s free to do it. However, I do have to say, I love the simplicity and ease of Keto.

  • I m an early bird… and one healthy habit of mine is meditating for 1 hour in the morning. It really helps me to get start on a positive note for the day:) Ik it’s basic but but trust me it really helps a lot:)))

  • I’m more of an early bird person. After I send the kids off to school, I like to go out for a jog. It’s part of my early morning routine.

  • Dr Mike: Cinnamon has 0 calories and has lots of antioxidants
    My brain: So would doing the cinnamon challenge technically be healthy?

  • Can you post a video how to substitute sweets in a diet and have energy?, Sweets keeps me from losing weight and living a busy life is another

  • Hello! Thank you.Very delicious recipe!

    I am your subscriber! I would be glad if you subscribe to my channel;) I wish you success in all your endeavors with all my heart!

  • Alex I tend to sweat a lot even if I run a bit this way I tend to smell!! Can u plz make a video on this problem! Others plz hit like if u need this video to be made!

  • A big thank-you. Since childhood I have a problem with food. I swallow it up. I have time but I don’t like food. So I do not make long recipes and eat pretty much the same ingredients. I subscribe to a French site of keto recipes ultra simple. The midday meal is the same as the previous day. Only 1 day out of 2 the evening meal changes. Simple, simple. Your video reassures me Dr. Berg! Google translation

  • Good Morning, Dr.Berg Thank so much for sharing this information with everyone, I needed to hear this one, God bless you all!
    Date 4/14/2019

  • Can you pretty much freeze anything for your smoothie/smoothie bowl? I never really thought about doing that to save time, but it totally makes sense. Were these pre-made by you or a store bought? Do you put everything in the freezer and just add your liquid at the time your making your smoothie?

  • 1:30 as a bengali(i am from west Bengal,India) i am like well if fish makes everyone smarter then why am i not einstein by now?
    ps:just a joke
    bengali have a reputation a fish loving people ��������

  • Sardines are very addictive. And you put fish on avocado and the worst kind of carbs? Yea go back to eat rice cakes from Walmart. Zero nutrition sardines. Good for calming psych patients though

  • I’m considering starting to make smoothies a part of our morning routine what would you recommend besides frozen fruit, fresh spinach hemp seeds (which I have never eaten)! Thanks

  • concerns some might have
    1= maybe not for average and definitely not for thin people since people will lose weight.
    2,3,4= lack nutrients when you limit yourself since most do not have everything like magnesium potassium. So stock up on nutrients on other ways? Also boring since many live to eat not eat to live.
    Show up your serving size and total amount of nutrients which I assume many will try that exact diet. Or exactly what you do in an average day how active how much you drink. etc.
    5= caffeine? not so good and plenty of people dont like it despite its the #1 addicting drug of choice. also that is consuming calories which starts your digestion which stops your intermittent fasting right?

  • I quickly steam a mix of collards, kale, dandilion greens and chard, bag it up and put in freezer. Breakfast every day is greens, bacon, 3 eggs. Works for me. Greens and a protein for my second meal.

  • Man, the second that sardine can came out I swear I could smell it all the way from here. Good for you? Yes. But, my god the smell. Blech

  • Watching what we eat is so important to stay healthy! If we don’t, we could be putting toxins and unnecessary food items into our bodies.

  • I can improve on my evening routine, but my morning routine always includes stretching & a full cup of water before I leave the house.

  • Such a great and useful video. Would you please talk about ways to get rid of bad thoughts and also the detrimental impacts of perfectionism?
    Thanks in advance. Wish you a lovely week.

  • Alex eu te acompanho a uns tres meses e nao fazia ideia que vc era brasileiro, quando vc disse i came from brazil eu n acreditei, ai eu pesquisei e vi um video seu falando em portugues e estou em choque ate agora kkkk, vc é uma grande inspiracao e referência para mim, congratulations, it makes me realy happy to see a man from my country grow in all life aspects like you did

  • This advice made me sad. Eating keto, and eating healthy does NOT mean relegating food to a a substance that is shoved in your mouth like paste so you can do something else in your life. Food is a sensual pleasure, it should be enjoyed or shared with others. I’m busy, I’ve been keto and health conscious for over 2 years, but I also enjoy delicious foods lovingly prepared. This is important to our well being. The thought of someone eating nothing but a bowl of lettuce and hunk of meat day in and day out is tragic in my mind. Occasionally? Perhaps. But as a lifestyle? God forbid!

  • I really love these lifestyle/wellness videos. I could definitely use the inspiration. Sleep is always the toughest routine for me because my schedule varies so much for work. I have a hard time making myself go to bed! (hence watching this at 12am ��)

  • Thanks for the video! One thing I wanted to mention is the misinformation surrounding omega-3s. Here’s a quote from my book Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled on polyunsaturated fatty acids: “Interestingly, the most unsaturated of all dietary fats – omega-3 and omega-6 – are the ones that health ‘authorities’ (and corporations selling them) claim are essential.  In 1981, researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center discovered that by not feeding mice any ‘essential’ fatty acids, autoimmune disease was prevented and their lifespans were increased.  Looking at the immune system, we find that unsaturated fats inhibit anti-cancer immunity and saturated fats promote anti-cancer immunity.”

  • If seafood makes people smarter, than how do you explain away the trump supporters I know that consume lots of seafood? Sorry! You’re just not accurate with this one, doc!

  • We keep an ice cube tray full of frozen smoothies in the fridge. We just add a little bit of milk to them in a blender, and it’s just like having a fresh smoothie

  • I only buy that peanut butter from Prozis because is biologic, and I do my own bread and jam because I put more fruit and less sugar and had less salt to the bread and more types of flour and some linhaça

  • Hey I have a question so I wanna work out but I have other goals like for ex better grades I’m a 90%/A kid I think that’s what it is for you Americans out there and I wanna know if I should hit da gym or focus on other stuff when I’m only 14 like maybe it’ll effect me in da future or something

  • Hey thanks so much for these great tips! Quick question: what platform do you use for your online calendar? Is it through Google?


  • Who just have long time or at night watch this for being the best work in the most lazy way me I am 10 years my profile pic is 6 years with my brother my back round is me

  • I do eat granola with yogurt sometimes my case I used a biologic cherry yogurt and chocolate granola, I usually eat it as a dessert when I am too tired or too lazy to bake something else

  • Thank you, this is great! Question the jars and silicone bags you link are always from the US amazon. It’s so much more on the Canadian site. Do you actually buy your stuff from the US site? If not, can you share where you got them from? And link the Canadian places you buy from? Thanks so much! I really love your work and you give me so many tips and recipes!

  • I don’t do OMAD… but I do IF…SO I Cook less now before keto omg! I go crazy of thinking what to cook the next day, what for lunch at work etc. Now no more worries as long as I have eggs and salad in the fridge��

  • You were recommended to me by a cousin that’s been on Keto and lost over 50 lbs in less than 5 months (a male cousin w a high metabolism ��). I have lost 19 lbs and some inches since February. I love Keto and all of your videos. I listen every night or early morning. The IF works! In the beginning I was eating too much. I am beyond 50 ����☺️ and needed to do the IF. I am making my smoothies tonight for the week. Thank you Dr. Berg. You have changed my eating lifestyle. I started buying grass fed meats and all organic when I can. Nuts are my weakness although I only eat walnuts mostly and cashews; some peanuts. Working on eating less. I’m a cruncher.. �� Thank you for sharing. God bless you and your wife and family….����❤️��������‍♀️����‍��

  • Hello Alex i am ur follower from india and a veggie. So i think now a days eating ur vegetables is more healthier than having a pork or any meat. As u might be well aware of the Netflix video The game changer of Arnold Schwarzenegger saying veggie is good over non vegetarian.

  • Perfect timing of this video! This motivation was especially needed as the weather is starting to get cooler, and the morning laziness stronger.:P

  • Guys pls don’t say anything to the channel it’s a very great channel a person needs time to think they make videos and show the old hacks but they add something new in every video that don’t fully show the new hack they just show some new hacks and other hacks are old pls thanks them for this much great video

  • Fun fact, my uncle works at a sabra factory and I get free Sabra all the time:D

    Another fun fact, Sabra has this amazing dark chocolate spread that’s actually healthy.

  • I’m such an early bird! My fav healthy morning (and evening) habit it snuggling my kiddies and trying to take in as much of them as I can! Nothing makes me happier

  • My new healthy habit is for my mind. I downloaded the Headspace App. Its a guided meditation app. It’s set on my phone as a reminder every morning at the time I set (7am) its a quick 5 minute mediation and its a great way to start my day. I’m a mom of two, ages 6 and 4, mornings are really hectic for me so I can at least dedicate 5 minutes to step away from the craziness and meditate. I feel so much calmer and in control of my day.

  • “I ain’t no Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen
    But I do know a thing or two about nutrition”

    Top 10 rappers Eminem was too afraid to diss

  • I don’t understand this concept cut out or reduce carbohydrates but increase saturated fat like butter. We have always been told saturated fat clogs the arteries.

  • I need VARIETY.. that’s what keeps me motivated. I get how people eat the same thing day in day out but for someone who loves cooking/ preparing / and eating food variety is a MUST for me… U make the time… So u can make the sacrifices. It’s all about prioritizing.

  • ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️⚡

  • If I have one meal a day does it matter what time of the day I eat? per my work schedule I’m more comfortable to eat once at 8pm does affects me not get the better result for loosing weight?

  • Did you know, that greek yogurt is actually a Bulgarian yogurt �� This is a Bulgarian invention and heritage that dates back in many centuries. It contains a bacteria called Lactobacillus bulgaricus. This bacteria lives only in the territory of Bulgaria and many people who have tasted yogurt from countries all over the world always find that none of them tastes anything like the Bulgarian. We call it kiselo mlyako(кисело мляко) or sour milk(or sour yogurt) ☺️����

  • This whole time I thought a “PBandJ” was an American movie thing, who knew it was an actual thing �� (well maybe Americans did….)

  • When I’m in a hurry it’s 2 whoppers from Burger King.

    Order with no cheese, mayo, or ketchup (no soy & no MSG once those are skipped)

    Toss the bun

    Put the onion, pickle, tomato in between the 2 patties

    Eat a salad sandwich with hamburger patties as bun. One of the few Soy & MSG free fast foods that is still high fat and low carb.

  • Oh for goodness sake. The keto shake meal replacement is $70 including s/h. That’s a lot of cash. Only 28 servings. Too much money for too few servings. Have learned so much from Dr Berg videos and books and blogs. His info is my top one of three people I look to for Keto information.

  • i was prepping strawberries �� exactly when you showed a clip cutting strawberries! TIP: freeze them flat on a tray so they are not touching each other. After an overnight you can move them into a freezer bag and they won’t clump into a massive berry ball

  • How do you save money intermittent fasting? Are you implying that you cut calories every day? You’re not saving money if you compact the amount of calories your body needs into, say, a 4-hour feeding window; you’re just not stretching it out over the entire day. It’s the same amount of food.

  • This is super helpful! Since I started school the last couple weeks and I have been super duper buzzy. I have been going crazy. But 3 days ago I started saving about 20-15 minutes of my day for exercising. Everyone needs some time for themselves.sure gonna put some of these on my morningnight habits! 1 healthy thing I do is drink a liter of water daily before going to sleep and when waking up! Thanks

  • Me too
    I always see this channel but never tries…My father always tells that why u see this channel and not make any thing…….
    Then also does much more work of home in this lockdowns……..
    Kneading dough
    Making tea


    And many more

    I love this channel very much

    …………… amazing channel




  • Been loving your videos for a long time now, thanks for all the tips. I had a question about smoothies. I heard that smoothies take away from some of the nutrients from the fruits and veggies. Just wondering if that was true, or if you could tell me more about great smoothies.

  • What happens if there’s like a emergency phone call and u don’t hear the phone. I suggest setting it on do not disturb and there’s a setting that if the same person calls twice within 30 seconds it goes thru. It helped me a lot

  • I wake up at 6:00am on school days and once I turn my alarm off I spend 5 minutes without screen. After 5 minutes past I usually get up and make my bed right away than head to restroom. Once I get into restroom I usually get dress and do my thing and once I’m all done I put shoes on grab my bag and head downstairs for healthy breakfast 😉

  • Eating the same thing every day is more pratical, but unless you have a great integration with various supplements ( speaking also of nutritional test, etc.) your body would probably miss important nutrients.

  • hey Nikole, I have the daily 5 minute journal too! I often struggle with I am affirmations though, always writing the same thing. Tips?

  • Some of these I’ve been doing as lazy and quick meals.
    Instead of jelly on the pb and j toast I’ll through fresh fruit on top.
    Love cutting up tomatoes to go with the cottage cheese as well (something I picked up from a vegetarian friend years ago).

    Thanks for sharing. Love sardines, but hadn’t thought to combo them with guacamole before. Usually eat straight from the tin. Will have to give it a whirl.:)

  • Hey! I’m a morning person and in the past few months I tried to take on some healthy habits, because I realized they really help me with focusing more on what I do every day. So, two things that I try to keep in mind every day are to drink at least 6-7 glasses of water (I used to drink very little water every day), and eat at least 3-4 fruits or vegetables a day.

  • Hey Alex i am from the North Eastern part of India and i tell you we Northeasterners love pork. Its actually the most favoured meat in this part of India. Anyway keep making these very helpful videos bro.

  • I like the idea of Omad and even eating the same thing…BUT how would you get all the essential nutrients needed without eating a variety of things? And taking a vitamin complex is not the answer because now studies have come out that they don’t do that much for you. Personally I take what vitamins I’m lacking from either Dr BergS website or Standard Process.

  • i plan one meal at a time, it can be a little more complex, but since I am the only one doing IF / Keto/ AIP, it will last me 3-4 days….so just have to plan maybe two meals a week and eat the left overs and cook the veggies to go with the main dish…

  • Thank you for the very helpful video. Just please, can you do something about the audio? There is a buzzing sound in the background, like the AC or something? It was a struggle to finish the video. And are you using an auxiliary mic or just the camera?

  • I’ve Been doing this since I started keto last year oct. Good to know I’ve been on the right track, because I see and feel the benifits. Thank Dr.Berge for doing the research for us as always��


  • I remember some time back you made a video on meals to bring to work and it looked like you worked in an office. In this video you stated you work from home. Can you please make a video elaborating more on this? I’m sorry if its a bit too personal but I’m interested and would like your input. Plus you look like you have a pretty awesome life lol. Again, i hope you don’t mind. Please & thank You!

  • Before bed I always Tidy the living room so I don’t have to worry about it in the morning and I also do my nightly skincare regime which I find relaxing and then read some if my book before going to sleep:) cool upload Nicole!!

  • I did not realize all of the products that you have Dr.Berg. I think this software s really neat. can you give me a demo before purchasing?

  • Great hacks Nicole!! You’ve helped me a lot during the process of changing my routines and eating habits.. Thank you!! I feel much better now ��

  • You know he is Slavic when he has no issues with Sardines Cottage Cheese Crisp breads Cucumbers Cheese and Cold cuts all that was missing was the Dill and Pickles

  • Organic avacado with a 6 to 8 oz Angus steak, or salmon, cooked in avacado oil, olive or coconut oil Call it a day, no more wheat, sugar,, keep carbs under 40, your heart will love you. 4 oZ organic Blueberries for desert.

  • When I was in college and university, peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and banana sandwiches were my lifesaver as a breakfast to have on the go (for most of those years, I either had to commute for 3-4 hours per day, meaning I’d often have to pack 2 or 3 meals per day in my backpack OR had to switch my whole meal schedule because I’d leave my appartment super early and come home super late, for I’d work an 8 hour-shift after my morning lecture and come home only at 10 pm at the earliest.) (I’d sometimes pack also a can of tuna with crackers as a dinner to have at school before catching the last train home.) Super cheap cost-wise, fullfilling, yummy and easy to pack.

  • tip for everyone whos tired of them repeating hacks: dont watch this channel for a year and forget about all the hacks they did so all the old hacks seem “new”

  • Most dogs are lactose intolerant and should not be eating yogurt or much yogurt. Usually they can tolerate some every once in a while but its not a great snack for them and can cause them to become ill. You may want to mention something about that to your followers. Thx! Link to AKC article about it. https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/nutrition/can-dogs-eat-yogurt/#::text=Yes%2C%20dogs%20can%20eat%20yogurt,will%20have%20trouble%20digesting%20it.

  • Great video! I’m going modified keto, basically reducing carbs, slowly adding fats, GI issues. Anyway love nuts. Almonds. Walnuts, Pistachios! However working to rid self of nail fungus, so also trying to follow that diet. Nuts feed fungus I’m reading? Any ideas on what I can substitute?? 63 here. Working full time. Need lunch ideas???

  • I had miscarriage last month I don’t know because I was doing IF and keto I feel bad since that do you think keto bad for someone pregnant

  • Alex I really need you help! I want to maintain a healthy diet i am 17 y/o and want to loose extra fat and make my body leaner! BUT DUE TO MY RELIGION I CANT EAT MEAT, CHICKEN, FISH ETC!! Do you have some ideas?!

  • I am actually looking into getting a new mattress & planned on going to MattressFirmn as they are close to were I live & have a large selection & price range. My healthy habit I do everyday is stay hydrated I’ve also started drinking SleepyTime tea at night:)

  • The taste of dr bergs chocolate meal replacement is yummy but waaaay to sweet for my taste. Especially after weaning myself off of sugar.

  • Nice video your share about 5 healthy habit hacks,I like to hear,because healthy very important to myself I so much take care myself healthy,if I know all people have different styles stay healthy,����

  • Hey Dr Berg, i have a question please am doing Keto diet but i really miss drinking cappuccino can you please suggest a keto friendly recipe for cappuccino?

  • Oh my meds school friends and crushes all look like models and geez those smiles and faces. So sad once people enter into clerkships, nothing more important anymore. Everybody including professors and admin is your parents. They all can beat you up and you cannot say anything. Why do I only want to marry a doctor? Yea the irony

  • Love you Dr Berg! You give the best advice! I’m new to Keto but have been intermittent fasting for a few months 16/8 why can’t I have a snack in between my 2 meals I feel hungry!

  • I don’t understand people who can do OMAD. Why would someone have to tell you to do that and that it saves time and money and only then do it. Why eat if you aren’t hungry? If you can ignore your hunger, then why did you get over weight to begin with?

  • My go to yogurt recipe is fresh fruit (peaches are my favorite), fresh mint leaves, granola, and Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt. Siggi’s has the least amount of added sugar of any yogurt brand I know of.

  • No matter where I am in the world or what’s on my schedule, I begin each day by reading an inspirational book and then meditating and praying. I adopted this healthy habit many years ago to ensure that my first thoughts of the day were positive: Doreen Virtue

  • Sounds like Jeff Cavalier from Athletean X, eat the same thing everyday, save time, easy preparation. They should be great buddies LOL

  • Simple Green Earth is an online market for organic foods, supplements, clothing and other eco-friendly products.  We offer convenient delivery of green products to suit your busy lifestyle by shipping throughout North America. Here is the website if intrested http://www.simplegreenearth.com

  • Since going Keto I like my food much more plain but if I fancy a change add herbs,,Schwartz seasoning even sour cream or Greek yoghurt,,,Keto’s an easily sustainable lifestyle,,, Thanx for a great vid,,

  • Simple Green Earth is an online market for organic foods, supplements, clothing and other eco-friendly products.  We offer convenient delivery of green products to suit your busy lifestyle by shipping throughout North America. Here is the website if intrested http://www.simplegreenearth.com

  • Can you do a video on how to cheat the insulin to keep the fasting for longer? For example, a coffee keeps your body from getting hungry for an hour. What else can we do to get from 12 to 18 hours IF? Thanks!

  • Hey five minute crafts what is magic of your show when I see your show I like to sleeping and I sleep will I show you show what is magic of your show

  • The only point I would disagree with is the first one about meal timing. I think you are operating on very outdated research; intermittent fasting has proven to be an effective way to restrict calories, improve focus and sleep, and has proven to have little to no impact on muscle loss when protein is kept at 1g/lb bodyweight. I think eating super frequently can help rack up calories for bulking potentially but for cutting and maintenance, skipping breakfast and eating in a restricted window works for a lot of busy individuals. The idea of eating a lot of meals to boost metabolism is a total myth and debunked consistently in the scientific literature.

  • Thank for the info, doctor. But I have read that it’s natural for human not to enjoy eating the samething everyday to make sure we’re not missing out on nutrients and minerals.

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