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Pizza, burgers, chili, buffalo chicken. It’s all here, and good for you! Satisfy your junk food cravings with these 5 healthy junk food recipe alternatives. Pizza, burgers, chili, buffalo chicken.

As delicious as eating healthy can be, we all still crave our favorite junk foods. So we pulled together these better-for-you swaps to satisfy both sweet and salty cravings, guilt-free. We have everything from Baked Parmesan Zucchini Curly Fries to Cinnamon-Sugar Dusted Apple Cider Donuts on this list (and don’t forget Kale Artichoke Dip!) Our recipes cut back on added. The post Healthy Snacks to Eat When Junk Food Cravings Hit appeared first on Taste of Home. This simple snack recipe is a fantastic way to satisfy your pizza cravings.

Let’s face it, we all get a craving for junk food. Every once in a while, it’s okay to give into these cravings. For the rest of the times when you’re trying to keep it healthy, I’ve made a list of the 5 Healthy Foods that I use to satisfy my junk cravings. I hope it can help you too! 1) Popcorn Tea: Yes you read that right.

There is a tea that exists that honestly tastes like a fresh. As students, we are constantly craving junk food. Whether it be from that Snapchat story your friend posted last night of their Mel’s milkshake or the boredom of midterm season; junk food is so easy to turn to, however, there are many healthy snacks which can satisfy those cravings instead. Method.

Preheat oven to 400°F (200°C). Bring water to a boil in a saucepan. Peel and roughly chop garlic.

Score the chicken, add to a bowl and combine with garlic, oil, salt, pepper and herbs. From ruining your progress to making you feel like a failure, food cravings aren’t your friend (no matter what they say). In this article, we break down the real reasons you can’t stop over-snacking, and explain how to combine smart behavioral strategies with healthy junk food alternatives—so you can finally conquer your cravings. The foods all fell into at least one (or more) of the “traditional” PMS food categories: potatoes, chocolate, salty, sweet, cheesy.

And lucky for women everywhere, EatingWell has healthy recipes to satisfy all those cravings. 20+ Healthy Recipes to Satisfy Your Junk Food Cravings While I am all about moderation and indulging every once in a while, I typically like to find healthier alternatives to my sweet and savory cravings. Keep aside your sugar-dipped jalebis, churros and gulab jamuns and try these healthy options for your never-ending sugar cravings.

1. Chia Seeds: Chia seeds are a good source of many important nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, which are believed to raise HDL cholesterol that protects against heart attack and stroke.

List of related literature:

Nuts add texture, flavor, fat, and nutrients to many of our dishes, such as Hazelnut Cookies → 354, Krumcake → 312, and SlowRoasted Carrots with Burnt Bread and Almond Milk → 224.

“Bar Tartine: Techniques & Recipes” by Nicolaus Balla, Cortney Burns, Jan Newberry, Chad Robertson
from Bar Tartine: Techniques & Recipes
by Nicolaus Balla, Cortney Burns, et. al.
Chronicle Books LLC, 2014

A few of these are popular from my blog and some are new, but they are all good go-to options for making mealtime easy for me and, of course, for you.

“The Vegan 8: 100 Simple, Delicious Recipes Made with 8 Ingredients Or Less” by Brandi Doming
from The Vegan 8: 100 Simple, Delicious Recipes Made with 8 Ingredients Or Less
by Brandi Doming
Time Incorporated Books, 2018

—Ricki Heller, PhD, RHN, author of Sweet Freedom: Desserts You’ll Love without Wheat, Eggs, Dairy, or Refined Sugar

“The Happy Herbivore Cookbook: Over 175 Delicious Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes” by Lindsay Nixon
from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook: Over 175 Delicious Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes
by Lindsay Nixon
BenBella Books, Incorporated, 2011

more.42 In essence, these foods are designed to keep you in a state of craving.

“Loving Yourself to Great Health” by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane
from Loving Yourself to Great Health
by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane
Hay House, 2014

But most of all, I wanted to provide delicious, nutritious recipes that can help you get into and stay in ketosis and improve your health.

“Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking: Meal Plans and Time Saving Paleo Recipes to Inspire Health and Shed Weight” by Maria Emmerich
from Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking: Meal Plans and Time Saving Paleo Recipes to Inspire Health and Shed Weight
by Maria Emmerich
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

There are enough recipes here to create a A* rotating six day menu, and there is even a recipe for yummy and relatively healthy snacks.

“Guerilla Film Makers Movie Blueprint” by Chris Jones, Jonathan Newman, Cara Williams
from Guerilla Film Makers Movie Blueprint
by Chris Jones, Jonathan Newman, Cara Williams
Bloomsbury Academic, 2003

To satisfy those urges, I created my own healthy alternative recipes for things like chocolate, hamburgers, pizza, and chips.

“The Earth Diet: Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth's Natural Ingredients” by Liana Werner-Gray
from The Earth Diet: Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth’s Natural Ingredients
by Liana Werner-Gray
Hay House, 2014

You’ll notice a few ingredients “missing” in a lot of these recipes, from nuts and dairy to sugar and gluten.

“Made Whole: More Than 145 Anti-lnflammatory Keto-Paleo Recipes to Nourish You from the Inside Out” by Cristina Curp
from Made Whole: More Than 145 Anti-lnflammatory Keto-Paleo Recipes to Nourish You from the Inside Out
by Cristina Curp
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

I’ve included a list of my ten favorite healthy snack options, which can all be enjoyed in addition to the options in the three-day plan.

“Crazy Sexy Juice: 100+ Simple Juice, Smoothie & Nut Milk Recipes to Supercharge Your Health” by Kris Carr
from Crazy Sexy Juice: 100+ Simple Juice, Smoothie & Nut Milk Recipes to Supercharge Your Health
by Kris Carr
Hay House, 2015

If you’re still on the fence, try this cravings challenge: For a week, anytime you crave a high-carb or high-sugar food, have a high-fat snack—an avocado, a spoonful of sunflower butter, a handful of macadamia nuts, or even a glob of coconut oil.

“The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence” by Leanne Vogel
from The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence
by Leanne Vogel
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

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  • If browing is what your after then dont listen to Gordon. Cut the chicken after its cooked as larger pieces brown better than smaller ones!

  • I really like and would appreciate her for the good work she is doing and providing so much nutritional good information and I really want to meet her one day to know more and meet such a amazing person who make alot of efforts to give world a healthy body and mind

  • I like how fast food policy meals have to take 10 mins at the longest yet he casually talks about meals that take about 15 mins atleast lol. (Just a joke)

  • I was and I’ve to admit still restricting what I eat; with your guidance, help I feel it becomes easier day by day to relieve from rhe guilt I’m feeling after eating. I came from a really restrictive eating… ground, I eat no more than 2x in a week like max. 300ish calories or less. What I meant to say thank you for the help. <3

  • Why do his catchphrases alwalys involve death? 100 recipes to stake your life on? To die for? Seems like theres always a guy behind the camera pointing a gun on him and if he fucks up… That would also explain why he always looks and acts so in a hurry. The constant fast movements, jumping up and down like he needs to pee. His whole existence is a life death situation and if he wants to see another day he has to stake his life on these sliders. Scary.

  • Made these today for my food truck…Full Bellies Breakfast Burgers and Fries….ate the first batch of course, soooooo good. my sauce was a little more chunky, but that didnt effect the taste….so good.

  • I’m in a predicament. I rediscovered my love for sugary foods in recovery. I eat what I want. I have been in recovery for 2 years now and my weight is stable at 90 kilos. In fact, I even lost a couple of kilos in the last month. I just discovered that my blood sugar levels are way off (in the 300s). It could be due to my father’s death last month. Now I’m scared to go to a doctor as they’d suggest restriction again. Please help. ��


  • WHERE’S THE LAMB SAUCE? I stopped eating my Fast Food (Burger King) spicy chicken sandwich half -way and felt fat becuz of “REAL” fast food

  • Gordon Ramsay is my biggest inspiration on why I cook and he makes me wanna get better and better I’ve differently learned to try new things

  • I like her Channel! Its full of knowledge and positive and absolutely motivating! Shes really looks positive; smart, calm and nourish, comforting. The way she talk and she looks. She even do not looks fake—like IG lifestyle to show body and just make us point out with body than the knowledge, she really Professional and charm and looks very smart������

  • You get on people ALL THE DAMN TIME about literally anything pre-made. If a single tomato ain’t grown and blessed by the pope himself you lose your shit, so why you using pre-made noodles?

  • This piece about “confusing thirst with hunger” always buffles me �� How can anyone confuse these two?!?
    [or am I the only one to be confused��?] Cheers!

  • My favorite dessert as of lately is a swirl of coconut whipped cream with a sprinkle of cacao, it’s honestly better than any chocolate mousse I’ve ever had and fulfills my late night sweets cravings.

  • Anyone have any tips on the noodles for the first dish? After leaving them in hot water for 15 mins they were still a little tough and some stuck together. ��

  • So, 20+ years later and Gordon cannot share his more advance skills with us. He still has to tell us it’s called a butterflying a chicken breast. Come on Gordon, I get it this is FREE cooking advice, but don’t you have enough cash to where you can share some of your better skills. Just tired of watching EVERY video (Not just yours) like it is the first time someone has seen such a thing. Where is the advance cooking, or even science, for us old F’ers, that have been watching crap like this for years and now need something more advanced.

  • when hes shopping for veg. he picks garlic that’s not from China. Can tell by the attached root stub at bottom, China cleans theirs smooth. GROWN in human shit. girdin going to actually be F-ked wgen he gets carpal tunnel or rotory cuff tears.

  • This is why I like Gordon Ramsay. Not only great content, but it’s clear and straightforward. Only essential useful information is given. Were so fortunate to have such a cooking-obsessed legend to stray us away from bad food habits.

  • They didn’t mention anis tea. That works 100% for menstrual cramps. I make it strong; I leave the seeds inside the tea and eat them. I want a natural headache relief.

  • Gordon should do a program on food safety in the kitchen. I noticed he’s working with raw meats on cutting boards. What’s the proper way to keep them clean? What types of cutting boards are better for food safety? Thanks.

  • Amazing.just wanna eat now! I film similar content so i know what you feel when you make it! Hope you see my channel my friends��

  • I have realized I do much better with portion if I pre-portion just a small handful of something into a pretty little rice bowl. I keep a few bowls especially for this and if I want a late-night snack I put them in this bowl and it’s much easier not to overeat.

  • Even for a Women in her 50’s? Maybe going through Menopause.?.������I believe in Green Tea. Homemade kind without sugar. Helps Cramps. I swear by it. Deained out isn’t the word…����If your Vegan…You can get Omega through Chia, Hemp Seeds. Meditate helps anything. And sleeping…☺️

  • I can’t control my late night snacks but more like dinner. I love rice. I am 43. I used to hate rice but after I crossed my 40… I am craving for rice.

  • try the bananna test! if you want to eat something and the idea of a bannana isn’t sasitfying then maybe you just want to eat out of bordeom but if the idea of bannaa sounds yummy, then you are probably actually hungry obviously, you don’t have to eat a banna

  • bruh how did they forget with ginger, its literally medically proven as one of the best anti-inflammatory and antibnauseants out there?? for all my period having people, peel a thumb of fresh ginger and boil it in some hot water, add some honey if you’d like ������

  • What if I’ve had disordered eating but it was never diagnosed. I don’t know exactly when it started. I think my earliest form of dieting was when I joined Weight Watchers to prepare for my friend’s wedding when I was her bridesmaid. I liked the effects and kind of yo-yo dieted. Would these recovery tips still apply to me even though I haven’t been diagnosed?

  • you talk in such a calm way, your eyes are smiling and the music makes it even more enjoyable to watch! thank you for the advice:3

  • I just started yesterday ;^; and dis trash, n docter said I was supposed to start last year but no I didnt (good thing im home schooled)

  • Doctor: eat healthy
    Me:do you know how old i am and how much money i make?
    Doctor: at least relax
    Me:i wake up at 6:00 and go to school at 7:45 then have 6 classes that are each stressful on there own and then homework from at least 4 of those classes and 3 projects due in the next week.
    Doctor:…….ok sorry it gets better����

  • I called the authorities after watching this gordon definitely has multiple personaility disorder… I am concerned for his kids

  • We have to go through birth we have to go through periods
    Then in the past we were put down called stupid and had to deal with sexism
    I feel this isn’t fair

  • Lol I eat minimum of 1 unhealthy food per day

    But I still eat very healthy food too like fruits more salads porridge nuts actually the is my main part of my diet

  • Yeah, I noticed big difference when I remove meat and dairy from my diet. Cramps are non-existent, and flow is normal/ not as heavy. When I start including meat and dairy in my diet, then my periods are pretty bad, I feel nauseous, tired, painful cramps, and the flow is heavier.
    But everyone’s body is different, so it’s up to everyone’s discretion:)

  • When I’m on my period, I become a different person with a completely different appetite. I try not to challenge this person because she tends to be almost superhuman. Whatever she wants, she gets! Then, when I’m not on my period, I spend the time repairing the damage she’s done. ����‍♀️��

  • Though i dont follow any of these
    I just love to watch ur videos…
    It gives me a positive energy…
    As u can see ur comment box
    I dnt think anyone can write bad about u
    Love from kerala��������

  • I quit smoking drinking and carbs on 28 December I said screw the car for two weeks but now that I have almost 3 weeks with no booze and cigarettes I’m still having sugar cravings damn gummy bears

  • I was diagnosed with orthorexia and I always see people talking about bulimia, anorexia and binge eating. It’s so nice to be able to relate to everything she’s talking about

  • Funny, I’ve never heard anyone tell me how to stabilise my blood sugar before. So this should ease up my cravings. I’m definitely going to test this for the next week. I feel like this makes a lot of sense.

  • They let the doctor in green and The doctor in black talk the majority of the time. I wanted to hear more from the doctor in red. Don’t believe medical science isn’t also socially constructed.

  • Becky, can you do a video piece on bacon. I am confused with the ingredients. I try to use as often clean meats. Anyhow, the label says: 0g carb, but several grams sugar. If it has sugar, how can there be no carb content? Thanks

  • I ate an entire day of sugary junk foods and I feel so proud of myself

    Literally I only ate sugar for the whole day eg:icecream, sweets,chocolate ect.

  • Very nice video. I thought the answer to my night time sweet cravings was going to be something difficult. But, no, I just need to plan for it with something other than candy bars. Easy! ♥️

  • Thanks for your comment about digestion. I have non-purging bulimia and was eating well and then I got out of the habit. My metabolism slowed and I started gaining too much weight on starvation calories. I barely move during the day as I am weak. As I had been told by a sports professional I need toe at at least 1400 calories and 1800 to maintain if I run more than 30 minutes or walk,. I got too busy too eat much and I started gaining. I panicked and began more extreme purging. I became sick with orthorexia. I felt revolted I ate 50g of sugar a day and then tried to eat foods that were whole grain with no sugar. I gained weight immediately after eating these foods. Not after a meal out or a processed dinner, I started bloating more when I tried to eat more of the high fibre food I gained a lot of weight. This made me not eat my maintenance and perpetuated the cycle. I cannot safety;y gain weight due to being overweight and I am comforted to realize it was likely this. I am going to tell my doctor that i am afraid of diabetes. They don’t think its a concern right now anyway.

  • How about exercise? I only ate so much during my binge meal aka OMAD type of meal because I took a lot of pedometer steps. I also lifted weights

  • Thank you sooo much for posting this video! I’m suffering from othorexia right now and literally don’t know what to do. This video really helps me build a healthy mindset to recover. Thanks for being so positive and kind!❤️

  • I needed this video so much, Thankyou ❤️ I’ve been so afraid of unhealthy food that it’s creating so many more problems with my eating and you are so right.

  • I am a huge Gordon fan. But as someone who is from Asia and quite familiar with fried rice noodles, this might be the first time I could say it proudly that if you follow Gordon’s way of cooking it, the rice noodles will be bland…

  • Wow, I’m male, I was in great shape, but eventually turned into an eating disorder where I fast for days, then would binge for one huge meal (could easily eat 12000 calories without issue and never feel full).

  • The worst trap for me is the afternoon snack. When there is candy at work, i will eat it. But i found a tea in the store now that also has cacao in it, and its very satisfying with like zero calories����

  • Whenever i go through a rough period in my life I start watching your videos and honestly i feel positive after seeing your positivity ❤️ thankyou so much sadia

  • I’ve been trying to recover for 4 months… eating all the junkfood that i crave but because of eating so much all the time i’ve gained alot of weight. I really want to recover but i hate how my body looks now.. i don’t know what to do!

  • This i really hard to me, but I willchallenge myself and eat some yougurtnuts today.But its to hard to my to eat choclate and other candy..so..

  • I made one of your overnight oats to save for breakfast tomorrow but got so hungry after eating a small dinner that I’m glad I gorged on that instead. You’re a night saver ��

  • thank you for making so many videos, you are an important part of my recovery <3
    and you look really beautiful in this video:) you are beautiful inside and out!

  • I love your videos!
    I’ve been recovering for 1 year and 3 months. In the beginning, I craved sugar a lot. I wanted to eat chocolate, cookies and such every day. But with time, my cravings naturally decreased, because I allowed myself to eat it if I wanted it. I still eat it whenever I want, which is usually once or twice a week nowadays, but now I want a variety a food.:)

  • Watching this on my period whilst eating a big @ss chocolate brownie, after eating some lamb samosa & bbq wings. But I’ve taken my supplements though ��

  • I know what you mean when I ear certain things avacardo or a nice crunchy Salad things of that sort I do feel much better grazie dr b ciao

  • Sadia you’re so prettyyy �� and great tips, especially the one with being thirsty instead of hungry!! I struggle with knowing when i am thirsty a lot

  • Hi, Dr. Becky,
    I have been watching your videos for few day.n decided to loss wait by keto diet, I am on this plan and lost 3 pounds in two weeks, but now it seems I am stop lost it,pls tell me what’s wrong with it, an other thing that I am not taking no sugar as well as no carb.. Pls help me.. God Bless You

  • I really love Pick up Limes. This is what have inspired me to start my own channel. I put interesting content every day. Please check it out. If you life this then HIT the SUBSCRIBE button.


  • Thank you Dr Becky. Over the holiday’s, I thought it would be nice to have a few cheat treats and so at one get-together, I had a calzone and a few brownies for dessert. Well after being on a very low carb/keto diet for over a year, I found that my stomach immediately bloated up, and I felt so uncomfortable with some nausea and the beginnings of heart burn (that pretty much had gone away completely since changing my diet) So I think that you are right when you talk about “self-talk” -What I have found helpful is to remind myself of the discomfort I felt after eating the cheat foods, and insert that into my head whenever I feel the desire to cheat. In this way, instead of associating cheating with pleasure, I associate it with the discomfort. So in order to make the decision to cheat, the desire has to be really very strong to overcome the “pay-back” of discomfort that comes after cheating. Most times, it’s just not worth it.

  • Not sure how reliable the book is you quoted from that says we only need 4-5% of our diet from amino acids/protein. This would vary greatly depending on activity level, type of exercise and gender. For example male bodybuilders or weightlifters would have much higher protein turnover and hence amino acid requirements than a sedentary anorexic girl. Is most of your advice tailored towards females similar to yourself? I love many of your videos (and am a recovering male anorexic but with a higher exercise component than usually seen in most ‘typical’ female anorexics) and can identify with much of what you’re saying, but often wonder how applicable the science is that you explain to males, particularly due to hormonal differences that affect body composition and the ability of the male body to regenerate lean tissue compared to females. I have looked at many studies that show that a higher percentage protein diet during recovery resulted in a slightly increased percentage of lean mass regained after anorexia compared to lower protein diets. Not sure what your thoughts are on this or if you have any advice for me?

  • Enjoy watching your videos Dr. Becky, but I have a question. I know that I am addicted to sugar and it’s a constant battle but will eating more fat bother someone who does not have a gallbladder? Thank you.

  • Been Ketogenic for 7 months, I dont crave carbs in any way at all. I crave cheese! And if there is cheese in the house I cannot leave it alone, its worse than any carb craving i ever had. If i have to buy it and i dont immediately use it then i have to bin it or eat it. Help!!

  • P��‍♀️roblem: I want my feedin��g window ������������to close at 7:00pm ��w/o lowering my calorie in take so I don’t slowdown my metabolism. But I’m still full from lunch �� so I’m only eating around 700 calories a day. I do get hungry by 10pm but I don’t want to eat that late��. What to do?��‍♀️

  • Most foodsins are no threat to tempt me anymore, I’m on aip, I can’t have bakerygoods, fast food, potatoships, cheap chocolade or other things like that. My binging concernes plantainchips, raw chocolate, applechips or nuts and none of these are empty calories. Or I stuff my face with bananas, apples or pears when to lazy to make myself something “real”.They get me to high on omega 6 or fructose, but it is still an ok level that I can balance out

  • Initially I lost 5kg on keto, I believe this is the water weight. I have not lost any weight within the last 4 weeks. Yesterday night I was so frustrated, I ate 3 chocolate cookies and a piece of bread.

  • Thank you Dr. Becky… With your guidance and advice from your program, I have totally lost cravings for sweets… My sweetener of choice was honey… I used honey in everything, even my coffee… I have totally eliminated the sweet part of my diet and I do check labels and if sugar is one of the top 3 ingredients, it goes back on the shelf… Sugar was definitely a drug for me, cause I went thru withdrawals when coming off… Now that I am, I DO NOT want to get back on that wagon… My problem now is nuts… When I get started on nuts as a snack, I just can’t seem to quit… Should I measure out a certain amount? I get my walnuts at Sam’s, so it’s a lot of nuts… Maybe I should just stop eating them… I know they’re a good fat, but too many can’t be good… I’m 65 and I’ve lost 12 lbs. since starting your program but I’m not burning fat in the mid section like I thought I would… Any advice? Thanks again… On the up side, I’ve gained a lot more energy… I love this program… Judy in Tennessee

  • I do not crave sweets so much as bread, I am on the 21 day challenge and have broken twice and ate bread and butter, how do I get out of this kind of craving?

  • Mmm, you made mini burgers, not sliders! Sliders are steamed with the bun and will never have lettuce in them, only tomatoes or steamed onions and pickles. Otherwise, Nice video and very appezing stuff, nevertheless.

  • A couple of months back a doctor told me not to eat even fruit in the evenings because of the carbohydrates in them, because insulin works over night. Does this make any sense? Eating proteins in the evening makes me feel bad during night, I get nightmares. And if I am hungry I can’t fall asleep. I feel like there is no win in this situation

  • I used to have a long list of foods I thought were unhealthy. The list grew longer with each passing year. I was predjudiced against sugar when I was a teenager. I read a book called “Sugar Blues”. Most other nutrition books, including those I studied to qualify as a nutritionist continued to build on that predjudice. The more foods I restricted, the more foods became difficult for my body to tolerate. I did not know I was malnourished. I became more so, gradually, as I restricted more and more foods. I have only become well physically and mentally by beginning to eat, first, sugar, again. Elisa is correct to put “unhealthy” in quotation marks. Nothing that makes you well can be unhealthy. If restricting food makes you unhealthy, then everything you’ve been restricting is healthy. Food contains nutrients. These nutrients include glucose, fructose, starch. Junk food is a misnomer. There is nothing wrong and everything right for our bodies, to include these foods in our diets. Calories are good for us. We need as many as our bodies tell us we need. When we “want” foods we think of as “junk”, it is only because our bodies are telling us we need them. If we need them they are healthy. Elisa is a wise woman!

  • 200 quid for a balsamic vinegar, translates to about 260 USD, for something that i 100% guarantee, once you add in you 20 other ingredients, you wouldnt be able to tell if they used a $260 balsamic or a $5 balsamic.

  • So I hate washing my dishes.. I live by my self and i have been watching all your videos and has helped me washed all my dishes ������ I just wanted to say thank you for the company and all the amazing tips! ������☀️����

  • I simply keep those foods at the store
    I know my trigger foods so i wont buy them! If i see them at a party and ive been good for 6 months and at or near my goal weight or may a little below if Im in maintainice. I would have some then i will then fast for half the day after the party. I plan to live at IF PLAN 16/8. WHICH IS WHAT IM DOING NOW ANYWAY. SO I NO LONGER STRESS IT i just realized i had the capps on.(sorry not really yelling at you but i dont feel like retyping this)lol

  • I don’t crave carbs anymore… However, when I got the keto rash and the candida died off? Craved the carbs… Not anymore.. No cravings whatsoever.

  • Do you know much about over the counter keto inducing preparations? I am waiting for a trial pack of Keto Weight Loss Plus to arrive at an introductory price. I actually went through a Keto diet process with a GP many years ago along with acupuncture. It was relatively successful and from that I know how to induce ketosis.
    My plan was to give a quick start for a week or so with the tablets and then continue by myself.
    My main eating problem is not sugars or sweet snacks, I’m a savoury girl and love potato chips, the hot kind and the packaged ones.

  • Great post! I struggled a lot with cravings on my weight loss journey until I found this product,check it out http://www.lnk123.com/SH10V5

  • Fat is the key.. I found that replacing carbs with fat totally stopped my cravings for all carbs.. It even reduced my alcohol consumption. Stabilize your blood sugar and the cravings will go away.

  • because of my lifestyle [i dance(yeaaaaa, alot of us are pressured into a stereotypical dancer body, lean + v toned)] i always get hungry easily, i tried to eat “healthy” snacks [ no dairy [ bc im intolerant], low sugar, etc] but it didnt really keep me full.:( i validated my eating habits of eating no dairy/ low sugar / less process, that it would make me feel better and my skin would look good. i see chocolate and i can feel how good it would feel to eat it and then im reminded of the consequences afterwards [ feeling sick, acne, bloating, etc]. but honestly in real life its not that bad. i dont regret eating “bad” foods as i did a year ago:). i see so many people online talking about “eating healthy”, and how they’ve glowed up by eating clean. But to be honest we probably cant eat “healthily” like them because most of us have obsessive tendencies that automatically make you look at the nutrition information on the back of the box. I thought healthy eating was about less processed, low sugar but i took it too far tbh. i think whenever i try eating “healthy ” i relaspe. but eating whatever is scary bc i think too much about what people see [ and how i see myself]. i used to eat freely, with little thought of “is this bad” but mostly just “i feel like eating this”. eating whatever is honestly scary but 100% worth it. i actually did it a few times but bc i felt the need to be “better ” [newyear, new me you knoww..]. i NEED to focus this time [and eat!!] to not let my ED control me again.

    tip: its OKAY to get a lil bit hungry in between meals, you dont NEED to be satiated 24/7[if u know what i mean?] (i lot of “normal eaters get lil bit hungry and they look forward to meals:)
    _if you feel like eating that honestly, go for it:) you will not die _

  • So eat the salad, then I still have no control over the sweets, even though I am not hungry. This time last year I was doing keto, did great from after Christmas till mid April. We went away for weekend and did great, came home and been constant struggle since… I just don’t know..am 62 and know better lol

  • Very educating. Thank you so much for imparting this valuable information to us. Thumbs up for fat and fiber, healthy food choices, encouraging internal dialogue and last but not least take notice on how your food choices are making you feel. Thank you for reminding me to live more consciously and to make choices that will contribute to a good life.

  • for me the “shame” was the worst thing ever. my family would just smile and nod after I fell off the wagon. The HUGE change has been the addition of “fat” to my diet, fatty chicken broth, fatty stewed meat, slather on the homemade mayo, add a chunk of butter…cravings become nonexistent. I’ve also heard, getting away from artificial sweetners helps too. Have you had that experience? I still use stevia in my coffee

  • I was looking for guidance, in fact u are a true nutritionist, omg right? start watching the video, later ended up hearing nothing just looking at you! U are amazing! Such calm, sweet, big heart, always smiling and really comforting! ♥️

  • Drink water!! �� that hit the nail on the head for me. I’m terrible at keeping hydrated, and end up snacking instead of drinking water ��. Keep the lovely videos coming!

  • Maybe you already have this video and I just have not stumbled on it yet, but if not I would love a video about late night snacking prep. I have a 12 year old that loves to binge eat at nigh as well on occasion do my husband and I. I would love to have some snack boxes in advance made up of options for us to each grab. Maybe make 5 night time snacking boxes that are all a bit different and have items that are good for us but also satisfying and appetite filling. Thank you!

  • When i really crave something, i usually want something sweet. I have a bunch of pink lady apples in my kitchen so i will grab one of those and if i still want something else after that, i will but i will have a small portion of what i crave.
    Apple gave nutrition and took away a bit of the hunger/craving and makes me eat less of the unhealthy food, while keeping sane.

  • I crave fruit. I don’t crave candy or junkfood. After I was put on lifetime coumadin, I was told to eat a lot of fruit, instead of green vegetables. I was diagnosed with diabetes a year later. I’m giving low carb a try, and so far I’m doing good. I actually weaned off the fruit, having only a very small amount of berries last week. None so far this week. But, I can’t have tons of leafy greens, and eating just protein and fats isn’t a lot of fun.

  • When your lactose or vegan you know the struggle of calcium �� (I’m lactose) milk or daily messes with me especially during periods

  • Hi Chef. I’m a culinary student at a local community college in Spokane Washington. Your videos and TV shows are an inspiration to me and I absolutely love watching them. I have made a couple of your dishes while in school and had impressed not only my classmates but also my instructors. As my favorite celebrity Chef I was wondering if I could ask you 5 or 6 questions on what it’s like to work as a celebrity Chef?

  • I just had a few strips of bacon and dipped them in some sour cream so good ill be all set till dinner if i find im not hungry i just wouldn’t eat which is something that usually happens on low carb high fat.

  • i eat a 110% full dinner (to me thats probably a 8.5/10 on the scale of fullness) thats a good mix of carbs, protein, fats etc. Maybe thats overeating to some people, but it helps me to keep full from 7 to 1030pm when I sleep, sometimes I even sleep at 12pm. Slowly it becomes a habit. The first few days or weeks are always the hardest when it comes to changing anything!

  • This YouTuber is actually my favorite videos.because is share what you have to eat when period as well.so don’t forget like my comment

  • I’ve been keto for over a year. Lost 60 lbs. I have cravings all the time. I’ve found keto friendly hacks to satisfy those cravings. I do not crave fast food since I started keto.

  • Cant imagine how much i suffer in my periods…like no meds work for me..but…Ginger tea (any time)and turmaric mixed in red tea on empty stomach teally work for me..like magic

  • Your voice is so calming! I like to just sit in bath and listen to your vlogs. I’m from Slovakia and I love your English, it’s so easy to understand, love your recipes! ��

  • Also something that helped me: put it away. If there’s a bag of chips at the front of your pantry, put it in the back and put healthier foods and/or foods you don’t like as much in front.

  • Another reason for hunger after eating is you might not have eaten enough healthy fats and protein in the meal you had.
    Increasing the ratio and perhaps quantity of your healthy fat content will fill you up and reduce cravings. Don’t eat lots of carb for dinner. The sugar in carbs, will raise your insulin and most likely cause you to crave more carbs which equates to sugars. ✌��

  • Another reason for hunger after eating is you might not have eaten enough healthy fats and protein in the meal you had.
    Increasing the ratio and perhaps quantity of your healthy fat content will fill you up and reduce cravings. Don’t eat lots of carb for dinner. The sugar in carbs, will raise your insulin and most likely cause you to crave more carbs which equates to sugars. ✌��

  • Hi Becky. April of 2018 I had a bio marker test done. I had insulin resistance and high inflammation. I went on a low carb diet. I had a recheck of the bio marker test December 2018. The insulin resistance is gone as long as the inflammation, but, it is showing that I am functional hypoglycemic. Do you have any thoughts on that you can share with me? Is that a bad thing to have?

  • I really love your videos! I have been able to lose 15 pounds and keep it off successfully! I listen to your videos for continued inspiration!

  • I’m about to go to bed, but my stomach is begging me to go to the fridge and make a sandwich…. edit: I don’t see myself getting a girlfriend anytime soon so I think I might go for it.

  • Hi there! I had a quick question if you have any advice. My mom has UC (ulcerative colitis) which is a stomach condition and she loves to snack at night sometimes too. Often times the snack she eats makes her sick or irritates her stomach when she wakes up. Do you recommend any healthy snacks she could eat that may not cause a flare up for her? TIA

  • I saw a youtube comment I had to repeat here.

    If you want food, ask yourself, “Do I want a salad?” If you say no, get out of the kitchen. ����

  • My temptations: We have some magnificent fruit trees in the back yard. The peaches are looking soooo delicious and smell fantastic. Plus, they taste infinitely nicer than the “fresh” (ie 6 months in cold storage) fruit in the shops!

  • Fab video! This is one of my biggest issues I find a big mug of herbal tea, with a little honey, can really curb the hunger or craving! Or Pukka do the most amazing lattes, and they are like a treat in a mug with some oat milk!

  • London Fog! That really looked good. Things you learn when you’re trying to give up excess eating.lol. Very nice presentation and good suggestions. Thank you.

  • Ya veo como se corta la pechuga de pollo en trocitos, seguro que mas tierna y melosa que como yo la corto ☺️. Gracias Gordon Ramsey ��

  • also is it okay to eat a banana after dinner? sometimes I do that, and its a habit.. I often do not crave it but my mind does want it.

  • Made a vegan chili for supper but got hungry a couple of hours later, so made some tea and went to bed…..But couldn’t sleep as I got hungrier. I experience this kind of craving sometimes. Trying to cope with it though…

  • Thanks for sharing. Th question is would it be applied as well for bulimia sufferers where most binges come from very unhealthy foods? I understand from a perspective of restriction but it is a bit confusing from a bulimic/ binge eating perspective. Again, thanks for your help. ��

  • The London Fog wouldn’t work for me as the caffeine in the tea would keep me up at night. I find I only get cravings at night if I have skipped meals or let myself get too hungry at any time during the day…blood sugar imbalance. Interesting how what I do all day long effects me at night.