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The Trader Joe’s frozen aisle is a favorite for creative meals, snacks, desserts and more. To save you from flipping over every package to find the nutrition facts, we’ve pulled together five frozen entree options packed with protein, fiber, whole grains and veggies so you can stash them at home or in the office freezer for your busiest days. The Trader Joe’s frozen aisle is a great place to find budget-friendly, nutritious snacks, lunches and ready-made breakfasts.

These options can stand alone or serve as a side to classic scrambled eggs. Unlike many other frozen-food choices or fast-food options, these picks are all lower in sodium and added sugar. Trader Joe’s is great for so many things — your future cheese board, a quick take-away lunch, and — of course — a prime selection of frozen foods. We love these surprisingly healthy finds at.

Trader Joe’s frozen food aisle is reason enough to shop exclusively at the low-budget grocery store: Almost all of the meals cost less than $5, and you could eat lunch. Even though Trader Joe’s is known for its healthy options, there are still some Trader Joe’s frozen food staples that you need to give the cold shoulder.A cookie butter cheesecake may seem like an obvious red flag, but other products sneak under the radar with words like “organic,” “spinach,” or “chicken” when they’re secretly loaded with more sodium and fat than you want in one meal. There are a lot of amazing granola blends and boxed cereals available at Trader Joe’s for breakfast, and an equal amount of frozen items that you could enjoy first thing in the morning. But Vespa loves this frozen multigrain option because each serving is two whole waffles—a filling option at 230 calories and just 330mg of sodium, leaving you. The keywords here are reduced guilt.

Guacamole is one of our guilty pleasures, but at Trader Joe’s, we don’t have to feel bad about myself after indulging because it has 50% less fat and 40% fewer calories than most other guacamoles on the market. Besides avocados, TJ’s guac is filled with tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, garlic, fresh lime, jalapeño and the secret ingredient: Greek yogurt. 5 Healthy Frozen Lunches to Buy at Trader Joe’s | Nutrition | MyFitnessPal.

December 2019. These are healthy go-tos you can keep in the freezer at work or home. Healthy Frozen Meals Under 300 Calories Seafood Stew Greek Chicken Make Ahead Breakfast Trader Joes Food Menu Healthy. Best of all, Trader Joe’s store brand is the holy grail. TJ’s is full of kinds of awesome snacks, drinks and meals all under their own brand name.

Although all the aisles at Trader Joe’s are filled with a zillion great choices, their frozen aisles are especially abundant. WHAT TO BUY at TRADER JOE’S || Top 5 FROZEN Foods! Here is where I get ALL my cleaning products: https://www.grove.co/referrer/3136213/ Get Your Kids to List.

List of related literature:

Fresh or frozen lean meats Guacamole (chicken, ground beef, turkey) Marinades Frozen high-proteinburgers Salad dressings (chicken,lean ground beef, tuna,turkey, veggie, etc.) Shredded cheese (keep frozen, lasts longer) Hard-boiled eggs Soy sauce Tofu (reduced sodium)

“You Can Drop It!: How I Dropped 100 Pounds Enjoying Carbs, Cocktails & Chocolate–and You Can Too!” by Ilana Muhlstein
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from the bulk section, I make my way to the frozen food section, where I stock up on bags of frozen vegetables and fruits (with no other ingredients added), including peas, corn, mixed vegetables, strawberries, and blueberries.

“Straight Up Food: Delicious and Easy Plant-based Cooking without Salt, Oil or Sugar” by Cathy Fisher
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The product groups with the highest percentage of health claims were hot cereal, refrigerated and frozen beverages, seafood, snacks (granola bars and trail mixes), eggs and egg substitutes, and meat and meat substitutes (Legault et al., 2004).

“Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance” by Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Committee on Prevention of Obesity in Children and Youth, Jeffrey Koplan, Catharyn T. Liverman, Vivica I. Kraak, Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Board on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
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Frozen vegetables and fruits, dried pasta, beans, and rice are all good to buy in bulk.

“The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make” by America's Test Kitchen
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Frozen vegetables, frozen veggie burgers, frozen blueberries c.

“What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Frozen vegetables and fruit are super convenient and ensure you can have your favorites all year.

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Canned, packaged soups; canned fruit, vegetables, fish, meat; breakfast cereals; dried beans, peas, lentils, broad beans; tea, coffee; chocolates, other candies; butter, cheese, vegetable oil, vegetable ghee; fruit squash; nuts; all types of frozen foods.

“International Commerce” by United States. Bureau of International Business Operations, United States. Department of Commerce. Bureau of International Programs, United States. Bureau of International Commerce
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Three or four fresh or frozen fruits.

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fresh, frozen and dried fruits.

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Many people think they are eating “healthily” when they buy diet frozen dinners, fat-free ice cream or frozen yogurt, 100 percent natural fruit juice, low-fat cheese, energy bars, diet soda, blue-corn, organic, baked tortilla chips, hundred-calorie snack packs, and so on.

“The End of Illness” by David B. Agus
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • The TJ’s frozen green beans are the best. I buy 3 or 4 bags every time I go. I don’t know what it is, but it’s just better than other frozen brands!

  • Hi Jennifer!
    I was wondering if you could do a video on Summer break lunches & field trip lunches with all disposable things, but still fun. Also, for the Q & A…..1. How do you manage all the kids when you’re out shopping without your husband?
    2. How do you find YOU time & date night time?
    3. Discipline tips/tricks for a child who WILL NOT listen
    4. Are you & your husband planning to have anymore children?
    5. Stay at home Momma here……what are your favorite tips/tricks for a routine schedule for the summer, possibly tv free
    I’m really enjoying ALL of your videos! Sending love from Wisconsin ��

  • You’re absolutely awesome. Do you ever coupon for your groceries? What stores do you usually shop at? You should definitely do more in store grocery videos and show how you do your full shopping

  • omg i do agree with you with the peanut butter. i love peanut butter and raw peanuts but for some reason the truly natural PB i do not like. i eat JIF natural with the few extra ingredients, but still healthier than regular JIF!

  • I’m looking forward to watching, I’ve been eating really repetitively during quarantine and the routine has gotten old!! I hope you’re doing well Morgan ��

  • Yayyyy I love Trader Joe’s more than I should I think �� I would love to see quick & easy meal ideas for during the work week when one gets home late!

  • Hey Marie! My suggestion is a video about your fashion and how/where you shop now! I remember you spoke about your experience with a stylist and showed us your new wardrobe pieces several months ago, but I’d love to know how the shopping experience is for you now and what kinds of places/ brands you have the best success with!

  • We just discovered the Icelandic yogurt and it’s delicious! My hubby loves the wasabi seaweed snacks. I love the dried mango and the soft black licorice ❤️

  • For your Q&A If McKenzie and Lily where boys what would you call them and if Jackson and Griffin where girls what would you call them?

  • Pro tip: add siracha to the soy sauce and honey sauce and then stick it in the microwave for 10 seconds to melt it all together and its incredible!!!

  • I hate those “vegetable” pizza crusts. Trickery afoot!

    The only one I buy is Cali’flour, which has no carby fillers and comes in at 3 grams net carbs per crust.

  • They just came out with French onion soup bites for the holidays! It’s like little mini hand pie type of appetizers and they are so delicious! Also, try air frying the delicate squash. I cut the into rings with the skin in and air dry them for a faux onion ring/French fry and dip them in organic ketchup. Soooo amazing!

  • Those dumplings are sooooooooooooooooo good!!!! I love the T-shirt! TJ French onion is a favorite too! Thank you for sharing, please please please an apartment tour soon.

  • I eat the soup dumplings in china town in NY all the time and sadly the Trader Joe’s ones don’t quite compare to the real thing. But every now and again I still grab them when I have a craving. If you ever get a chance to have the real thing go for it! I wonder how similar the china town ones are to the actual Hong Kong ones Matt had.

  • This is SUCH a good idea, especially now. I don’t live alone but I know my mom has a hard time wanting to cook when it’s just for her so I’m definitely going to show her these for a lil inspo!

  • I always love your cooking videos!! I’d love to see you try to recreate your favorite dishes you always get when you order in or go out to eat in LA! could be a fun quarantine activity:)

  • Coconut chips are one of my favourite snacks too! �� Those circular fruit and nut things look interesting, are they chewy/gummy or is it a paste like a nut butter? The flavours sound delicious.

  • Hi Jen and the rest of the family fudge! My questions for the Q&A are how and when did you become interested in making cute lunches? And What is your favorite thing to do with your family when you aren’t making videos? I’m a huge fan of your channel and I think your lunches are awesome! ������

  • Hello! I am here from your post about the Q&A! I would like to ask, do you have any pet peeves? Also, I love this channel so much because it has inspired me to be focused, creative, and to make my lunches the night before(which helps!) Please tell your kids I said “Hi!” and that I think they’re so cute! Xoxo (They have an amazing mom for sure!)

  • Nicole, I love your channel but please stop calling your viewers health nuts and stop calling Matt Mr. Matt. Just his name is fine. I’m honestly not saying this to be offensive, I love your videos but these 2 things are sooo annoying.

  • Frozen vegetables are Flash frozen. That means they’re picked, to the factory and processed within 24 hours. Fresh vegetables can take a week to get to grocery store, sit there a week and a week in your refrigerator. No wonder they don’t last.

  • How did you pick the kids names and if they were if opposite gender what would their name of been? Are you guys wanting anymore kids if so what gender?

  • Hey ma’am! I watched earlier today but came back for the Q&A. How do you find time to do your hair and makeup everyday? I’m also a stay at home/work from home Moma. Most days, it’s a pony and no makeup for me. I know my husband would probably rather I do more. (Although he wouldn’t say it! Ha!)

  • Love your channel & have been watching for a long time. Just a random question, you have a wonderful husband, I just wondered if he helps you with your channel or if he has a job outside the home, if he does what type of work does he do? He seems to be such a quiet, sweet person.

  • I miss Kachapurri on sundays from my local restaurant. Can you come up with a Keto version that is GOOD? I’ve tried three other recipes and they just don’t get it there. Ya know? Or maybe I”m just doomed to never eat it again. Insert Breaking Heart noise here……

  • It says they’re taste testing frozen meals. These items were, for the most part not complete meals, which is unfair to TJ’s because they carry a ton of really excellent frozen meals. If you conduct any future taste tests, try to find some tasters who’s mothers don’t still cut their meat for them.

  • Dark chocolate almonds with sea salt and turbinado sugar and my guilty pleasure is the peanut butter filled pretzels they are probably not very good for you but they are so addicting

  • #1 I wish we had an Aldi here, #2 would be a TJs…#3 might be Costco, but I am okay with Sam’s Club. But I know Costco is better lol. But seriously, Aldi needs to happen.

  • Thats my trader joes! And i know its not technically frozen but the freeze dried broccoli has no business being as tasty as it is! Have you tried it?

  • I live in Michigan & the nearest Trader Joe’s is about 70 miles away so we don’t get there too often. I have a friend though who needs to follow a Low sodium diet & that’s the only place where he’s been able to find low sodium canned tuna fish. The pumpkin flavored cream cheese sounds really good. It would be great to dip apple slices or banana chunks. It would be a great snack. Also when you showed the TJ reusable bag it reminded me of some cool trivia about my husband’s family. His great grandfather wrote the lyrics to the state song for MI. About a year ago TJ’s had the lyrics printed on their reuseable bag. Pretty cool thing for our family!!

  • What’s everybody getting in the Trader Joe’s Frozen Section?? Or just at the store in general??!

    BTW, here is the research about frozen foods…

  • Get the garlic spread dip! My new fave. The carrot ginger miso salad dressing is also good! And the super sweet cut corn in the frozen section is my favorite frozen corn ever!

  • Frozen pre cut vegetables are a staple in my house, mixed veggie bags are even better because I make so many stir fries and its so easy.

  • Their chocolate candy bars are good. they let my husband and I open up a new candy bar, try it and after we liked it we paid for it but I’m sure he wouldn’t have charged us for the sample despite a whole candy bar being wasted.

  • our favorites from trader Joes are: Jojos, love those!!!! there juices, and we love the semi-sweet coconut strips. Yummy! I know these aren’t the healthiest but they sure are yummy!!!!

  • With summer coming up would love a vlog about suggestions on how to start a cut (for lifestyle ppl) after eating maintenance macros over the winter. Such as easy food swaps, how to change macros, how to add cardio in that kinda thing. Have you tried the coconut almond whole fat yogurt at traders?? Macros aren’t super great but it’s a 10/10 in my books. As always love your vlogs your so honest and real which I really appreciate. ������ @kaitykat26

  • hey i understand about the peanut butter. however, i loveeee trader joe’s salted natural peanut butter. (prob b/c there is more salt to replace the sugar) anyways, if u haven’t tried it, i recommend it!

  • OH MY GOSH!!! I am going to try each and every one of these meals, they all look so delicious! Thank you for sharing them with us! ������������

  • Hi Morgan! If you’re into chives, def try putting them into your scrambled eggs(salt, pepper, garlic powder ofc) and it goes perfectly w some steamed brown rice!!!!

  • So glad you are back! Hopefully you bring back a few workout videos! I am 7 months post par-tum getting back into the gym has been a struggle I listen to some of your older videos on the way to the gym and during cardio to get my mind right!

  • I LOVE those French Onion Soups! I actually remember seeing you buying it one of your past videos and thinking that it looked delicious. After I watched that video, I tried looking it up on their website, which said you can’t buy it in Canada however I found it at Costco in Vancouver! Mine came in a pack of 6 and although I don’t have oven safe bowls, I followed the microwave directions, which sort of disperses the cheese/bread throughout instead of how it traditionally is in French Onion Soup but it was still delicious!

  • A tip to edit in shots of the meals as closeups, slightly louder background music, and making the edits a bit closer to fill in the dead noise.

  • Since we can post questions here, mine is; how would you react of one of your kids joined the LGBTQ+ community one day? I know it’s kinda of big, but I’d really love to hear your thoughts.

  • I always grab the frozen cauliflower and/or sweet potato pizza crust. Just yesterday I baked the sweet potato crust and ate it spread with guacamole.

  • ❤️��, can I have shout ��, more ���� ��. disney vids i like how your lunch videos are good But also healthy. ❤������❤������❤������❤������❤��������❤❤��❤������

  • I am 47 and JUST went into our TJ for my first time and I have to say I was impressed, I found a lot for good prices and I didn’t expect that at all, love your videos.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I really like your videos, however, the amount of packaged foods in this and other hauls is shocking to me. There’s so much plastic and for some of these things, such as the squash or kale you could easily get it unpackaged and cut it up yourself, don’t you think? I’m not trying to offend you but maybe just take this into consideration whe you go grocery shopping the next time. I mean afterall you do sell reusable storage bags in your shop so I assume you somewhat care about the environment. Anyways looking forward to your next haul, whic hopefully won’t be so heavy on the packaged foods, have a lovely day!

  • Do you shop anywhere else? The closest Trader Joe’s to me is 2 hours away so when I get the chance to go I STOCK UP…..like legit I come out with 6 different nut butters:)

    p.s.: I let my husband try my PEScience pb vegan protein and he ate it all……help.

  • may-LAHNJ If you pronounce French words like mélange (= mixture) just as you would pronounce their Italian equivalents (without the final vowel) you’ll be much closer to the correct pronunciation than you would be using English sounds.That’s because the two languages are siblings and many of their vowels and consonants sound the same.

    Examples: Italian campagna = French campagne (exactly the same, but don’t pronounce the final vowel) Try to pronounce the following French words as an Italian would: bibliothèque, libre, morte, gastronomie, rivière, tout, fantastique. Perfetissimo! Bravo!

    Give it a try — it can’t possibly hurt! ������������

  • I feel the same way about minute rice but the Trader Joe’s microwaveable rice is IT. I like cooking but honestly find the process of cooking rice very annoying and long. These packs are done in 3 minutes and taste like actual cooked rice you just made. I will say, I HATE the pumpkin cream cheese! Something about it just does not taste right to me. But I’m not a giant pumpkin fan anyway!

  • I’m surprised you didn’t pick up the cauliflower gnocchi,, it’s so good and a favorite of mine, I’ll pick it over potato gnocchi everytime

  • Omg I can not rave MORE about the quinoa cowboy burgers they are soooo delicious. The flavor is amazing, I add it to my salads for some subsistence! Haha

  • I really enjoyed ur video especially grocery hauls or some sort. Although If I tried to buy all the stuffs you bought here in my country, I’d go penniless within second. Seriously. A shredded mozzarella 500g pack cost around $20 or smtg. A carton of 1 Liter fresh milk could cost me $5. I wish we have everything in here in cheaper prices like it did in the US

  • I would love to see a video of your top favorite entrepreneurial books and your take on spirituality and law of attraction (if you’re into it!) ����

  • I like Trader Joe’s frozen roasted asparagus, and the haricots vert (thin green beans). They also have frozen chunks of fresh coconut meat. I haven’t checked the label on those since starting keto, but they should be pretty good for keto. Might be seasonal though. (Hopefully not discontinued, just not as popular in winter so moved out to make room for the frozen holiday baking supplies. ��)

  • If you’re afraid of microwaving the plastic bags the pre-cooked rice comes in you can just pour the rice out into a bowl and microwave ityou don’t need to steam it in the bag, I never do but I still microwave it, just out of the bag and only the amount I want to eat, not the whole bag. It’s a super awesome fast option!

  • What is something that you wish you did more often than you do? Mine would be reading! Also, have you ever worked outside of the home, if so what did you do? Thanks!

  • Cowboy Quinoa burgers have been my favorite item from Trader Joes since I first tried them a few years ago. They just have a different taste/texture from any other veggie burgers I’ve tried.

  • I had actually got the spinach & kale dip this last week and I eat really healthy but it was a miss for me unfortunately. If anything I will just try to make my own version. Don’t think it is worth the money. I was hoping for it to be better but let me know what you think:)

  • Try topping avocado toast with some arugula lightly coated with Trader Joe’s garlic olive oil and a dash of sea salt. I also use this on sandwiches and avocado halves that I marinate in lime juice with salt and pepper, pizza you name it!

  • I love you babe. I love the other dishes you made. I was so excited for part 2. I made your chili from the last video and it was a hit at my house! I can’t wait to make these Brussel sprouts!��

  • I wish I would have had your videos when my kids were little! I enjoy seeing the lunch ideas and grocery hauls! I also love it when the kids recite the rules before going in a store! It always makes me laugh! “No falling over” “No being weird” LOL

  • Im wondering if you ever run into problems at the border for bringing food back into Canada? I would very much like to do the same. Thanks!

  • I don’t eat cheese but only during the holidays Trader Joe’s sells the Gorgonzola cheese round spread topped with cranberries and walnuts. They quickly sell out all the time so I make sure to grab one if I see it and freeze it if I have to to serve or bring to a party.

  • My question is who is your inspiration..for creating a YouTube channel..and I am your huge fan..I really like your videos..and I always comment and I never get a chance for a shout out.. hope this time..you are amazing ����✨��

  • I love trader Joe’s but sometimes I avoid it bc if not I will over spend on snack and convienent foods. So i actually use it as a treat. If I finish grocery shopping under budget then I head to trader Joe’s and pick up snacks ��

  • Can I have a shout-out in your next bunches of lunches plz. By the way I am subscribed. Love you ����������
    Yay Family of fudge ❤️❤️❤️ my comment.������

  • I love all of these ideas and how many of them are meatless:) Lol I was facetiming my best friend on Monday while I was unpacking my trader joe’s grociers. We were talking about how Morgan hadn’t posted a video recently and that we needed to try the soy chorizo. Here she is! Reading our minds! <3

  • Heyyy I’m from Buffalo, NY. I recently moved to Chicago for med school though. Everyone was so excited for Trader Joe’s to come to Buffalo and now Whole Foods is there too!

  • I’m actually at work and laughed so hard when you said failing at English, because you were reading Japanese words. So you weren’t failing at English you were failing at Japanese. I just thought that was funny. I love watching your hauls and I absolutely love Trader Joe’s, so this video was a winning combination!����������

  • Have you tried their gluten free chicken nuggets? One of my favorites. White meat and super crunchy exterior. ���� Also I love the veggie burgers you got.

  • The Cowboy veggie burgers are soo good!! I love them with a fried egg for breakfast!! �� They do crumble easily, so I tend not to eat them as an actual burger, but like I said, they’re fantastic with a fried egg!

  • You should do a cooking/baking video with trader joe ingredients! I love getting ideas to pack for work or for quick weeknight dinners!

  • Their turkey burgers that are frozen, are a staple in my house. Easy to cook up and you can just make one. I also buy some of their salads, throw away the dressing, and put lemon juice and EVOO. They also have a cauliflower rice that is stirfry style. Doctor it up with sesame oil, liquid aminos, and perhaps a few more veggies, and serve it with frozen shrimp also stir-fried in some sesame oil, red pepper flakes. Quick, easy and by BF loves this more than when I cook a meal for hours!

  • I have been loving making a healthy muffin, eggs or a bar for breakfast, a gf turkey sandwich for lunch and usually some sort of mexican inspired for dinner. I looove making sriracha honey turkey meatballs! You can find the recipe on pintrest and they are great for meal prep. A super easy hack is 90 second rice and put whatever protein you want on there with some veg and sauce super quick and easy meal. They also have quonia pouches as well 😉

  • never eaten an entire bag of shaved brussel sprouts IN MY LIFE…..until last night when I made those looool I added some sriracha and grated parm and it was AMAZING!!!

  • How about the fish burger patties…I think they are mahi-mahi? They are super delicious. I make a spicy mayo and top the burger with a cabbage slaw tossed with lime juice, rice vinegar, sesame oil, coconut aminos, and green onion. Also add avocado and it’s is fabulous!

  • I have eaten the TJ’s Mahi Mahi burgers.
    1 total carb / 0f fiber/ 110 calories/. I just noticed it has potato extract and tapioca dextrin waaaay down in the ingredientsdo they kick it out of KETO given the carbs?? Thoughts??

  • Hiii love all your videos! But FYI mexican food never contains cheddar cheese lol come to Mexico City! Great foodie place to visit ��

  • I think you should post a “day date” of you and drew! A vlog of a day of you guys trying a new place out for a date and maybe ending with a new Q&A about relationships and the tough aspects of them!

  • Try all the stuff before you talk about the items.. Then you can give us your valued opinion. But yeah,so many things go over looked when you shop at TJ’s.��✌��

  • OMG you guys were cracking me up! I haven’t had most of the things you’ve tried, the items I get in the frozen section are really good but I usually get the fettuccine alfredo or the cheese enchiladas are good. The chicken burrito bowl is good and I have really good Indian dinners. I also love the veggie fried rice and I pair it with the frozen spinach cooking that on top. So definitely don’t just take those meals to be the only style we have. Great job so I loved it!

  • Because I am dealing with hypothyroidism I would love to hear how you are fairing with it now. You seem to be doing great and I hope that is so:)

  • I love the trader joe hauls! I always write down your staples and take it with me to the store. Your videos make me so happy because of your cute animals and your radiance of positivity. More lifestyle videos or work out videos would be cool. You just keep doing you girl ��

  • Hii, I’m here for the Q&A and I would like to know:
    1Why you moved to Japan and why you came back to the US?
    2Do you go to church regularly?
    3Are you planning on having any more kids??
    I love your channel, disney vlogs and bunches of lunches specially

  • you’re hilarious with the pb. totally agree, natural tastes like ass hahahaha. you make me want to do more grocery hauls.. love your content! XO

  • The dumplings are called xiao long bao! Never tried the frozen version but it’s usually good at Chinese restaurants. Let me know if you like it. ��

  • I’m interested in trying to replicate many of your super-cute lunches for my kids. However, I can’t help but wonder: How do you store all the supplies that you use for those lunches? (Fancy picks, sandwich cutters, egg designers, theme specific napkins, etc)

  • A few next video ideas would be healthier meal ideas, healthy alternative swaps (totally with you on the no all natural PB lol), full day of eating, or a weekly video of all your workouts! Love your videos!!

  • I love Trader Joes so much, when I go home from college to NJ, I pack two coolers and a bag of the non-frozen goodies and take them back to school in WV for me! So sad one isn’t by me at school, but I found a way lol.

  • u should try smoothie bowls!! basically just a thicker smoothie (I use various nut butters for thickness) with some granola and berries on top 10/10 recommend

  • What are the club’s the kids do and what are the club’s about (what do they do in the club’s)?
    I’m late (as I live in the UK and when you post it is quite late) so you probably wont read this but oh well

  • They actually make kale gnocchi at Trader Joes (similar to the cauliflower one) that would be amazing in the pesto for some added greens! Love your vids Morgan!

  • You are so awesome Joe! Thanks for mentioning the macros of each product, the per serving in grams and the ingredients ������ very detailed. Keep up the good work:))

  • Hey Morgan!! You should check out Shelby church because you guys have similar set ups and I would love for you guys to make a video together. ������

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