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5 Healthy Frozen Breakfasts to Buy at Trader Joe’s. by Danielle Omar, RD. March 19, 2020. No Comments.

Share it: The Trader Joe’s frozen aisle is a great place to find budget-friendly, nutritious snacks, lunches and ready-made breakfasts. These options can stand alone or serve as a side to classic scrambled eggs. The Trader Joe’s frozen aisle is a favorite for creative meals, snacks, desserts and more.

To save you from flipping over every package to find the nutrition facts, we’ve pulled together five frozen entree options packed with protein, fiber, whole grains and veggies so you can stash them at home or in the office freezer for your busiest days. Trader Joe’s is great for so many things — your future cheese board, a quick take-away lunch, and — of course — a prime selection of frozen foods. We love these surprisingly healthy.

Enjoy a faster recovery time from illness, better cognitive functioning and a more controlled appetite when you serve an Açaí Bowl for breakfast. You can snag Trader Joe’s frozen Açaí, which is priced a little under $5 and is easily combined with greens and fruit to make a nutritious breakfast that almost tastes like ice cream. That’s where Trader Joe’s healthy frozen meals come into play. Besides stocking stellar beauty products and plenty of wines for under $10, everyone’s favorite affordable grocer always seems to deliver when it comes to easy-to-make options that cater to.

These 5 healthy Trader Joe’s breakfasts require less than 5 ingredients Photo: Unsplash/Brenda Godinez 1. Homemade ACAI bowls. My major beef with premade acai bowls is that they’re way overpriced. French toast is also not something one would typically think of if they’re trying to have a healthy breakfast, but again Trader Joe’s doesn’t fail us – two slices have 260 calories and 5 grams of fat (plus has 10 grams of protein). It’s an easy way to satisfy your morning sweet tooth.

7. Gluten and Dairy-Free Pancakes Gracey Wallace. We love Trader Joe’s for so many reasons, but especially for their incredible selection of frozen foods. And while their frozen breakfast section isn’t the most robust, what they do offer should pique your interest.

Whether you’re looking for a savory or sweet start to your day, they have some fabulous — and affordable — items on hand. 5 Healthy Trader Joes Frozen Foods You Should Add to Your Weekly Shopping Trip Trust me, Trader Joe’s Frozen Mango is THE BEST there is out there. You could add it to your smoothies/acai base or just eat it as is. go to your local Trader Joe’s right now, buy yourself a pack, and make a cauliflower pizza with it. Bonus: Non-Dairy Ice. For the mornings you want a breakfast that’s totally indulgent, frozen chocolate croissants hit the mark every time.

Extra bonus points for the convenience factor as well. healthy home. Close. Shopping. breakfast. ingredients.

The 10 Things I Always Buy from Trader Joe’s for Breakfast. by Kelli Foster. published Jan 23, 2017.

List of related literature:

The product groups with the highest percentage of health claims were hot cereal, refrigerated and frozen beverages, seafood, snacks (granola bars and trail mixes), eggs and egg substitutes, and meat and meat substitutes (Legault et al., 2004).

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It’s bewildering, the sheer range of products on offer—not five choices of bread, but ten or twenty (rye, wheat, wholegrain, spelt, sourdough); vast coolers of yogurt; endless aisles of soft drinks, sodas, water, energy water; a million varieties of cereal.

“An Apple a Day: A Memoir of Love and Recovery from Anorexia” by Emma Woolf
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Fruits and vegetables (four to five servings per day), whole grains (three to four servings per day—including breakfast cereals), protein (poultry, seafood, and eggs or vegetarian equivalents—one to two servings per day), dairy products (low fat—one to two servings per day).

“The Anxiety Cure: A Proven Method for Dealing with Worry, Stress and Panic Attacks” by Archibald Hart
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Add hearty oatmeal and omega-3–rich walnuts, and these pancakes are a deliciously healthy way to start your day.

“Racing Weight Cookbook: Lean, Light Recipes for Athletes” by Matt Fitzgerald, Georgie Fear
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For breakfast I might have oatmeal with sucralose and cream and three eggs.

“The New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great” by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, Dr. Jeff S. Volek
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The convenience and longer shelf life of these items will allow you to quickly and easily prepare Paleo meals without having to run to the store every day.

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For a special breakfast that’salmost instant, pop vegan frozen wafflesinto the toaster.

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I also tried Smart One’s frozen diet meals.

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Refrigerated meatless breakfast alternatives 3.07% (up 0.7%).

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frozen individually for quick weekday breakfasts.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • yum! i am not a big cilantro gal either my guy loves it but i am not a fan at all. those pizza crust are amazing i always forget about them when I go to TJ’s but they are amazing and that pesto my favorite love that its dairy free:D

  • Can you do something/say something on how to sort out food when you’re shopping with Shipt or Instacart and such to avoid getting out to the store.

  • Did anyone catch the ingredient list at 2:40 for Shakshuka egg mix kit,,,it listed “calcium chloride “. I googled it…definitely not organic, it’s used in sports drinks etc, and foods to keep them from coming together and to thicken things as well. Definition said that it is extremely controlled, and it is very very salty…
    Just something to think about!

  • As much as I enjoy shopping at Trader Joe’s, I only wished they had more gluten free and dairy free offerings. Sadly, they’ve removed some of our favorites… Their (1&2) Frozen �� or Chocolate Coconut Milk, (3&4) Raspberry/chocolate Filled Tamales Wrapped In Corn Husks (amazing yummy desserts), and ooh Suggestion since they sell Coconut Amino Acids, it would be wonderful if they used that to make Gluten Free Fried Rice instead of soy sauce.

  • Great video! I’m trying to find some more information about frozen dinners for one because I’m visually impaired and I’m kind of stuck in a routine cuz I don’t know what else is there LOL I really like the spinach lasagna and the shells with brie and asparagus. I also love to get the Cod Dinner is hard to find fish frozen dinners like that with grilled fish rather than fried. I love the chicken tikka masala and I’m not a spicy fan so it’s perfect for me! Thanks for your ideas! I didn’t know about the low fat mac and cheese

  • Mac and cheese is easy to make fresh at home. Put real cheese, veggies, milk or cream, butter, garlic, spices, and I put leftover ham from one I roasted in it. Use what you have in the house. Make a lot of it in a big pot. TJs seems affordable but what they are doing is selling a lot of snacks that are cool. They’re still a good store, but it’s not being used to buy all the food groups. If something is too tedious to make, I buy.

  • Trader Joe’s is part of a German company and is run by one brother and Aldi is run by another. Many of the products from both stores are imported from Europe. Their chocolate is hands down the best from Austria and Belgium. The company is the largest grocery company in Europe. Those of us who have both Aldi and Trader Joe’s are truly fortunate.

  • Love the orange chicken, the spices, unsweetened green tea in the bottle, the black pepper asiago cheese sour dough bread to name a few.

  • TJ is tarded. Omg, some ppl can’t do fresh mac and cheese? I was expecting Philly Cheese steak or Red Lobster butter shrimp mat ball or something like that. $2.99 for mac n cheese!?

  • I love Trader Joe’s, I will have to try all of these suggestions, my favorite frozen foods are the Roasted Peppers and Onions mix for fajitas and the roasted potatoes mix with peppers and onions, both are great for easy meals. The Hatch Chili Mac and Cheese sounds so good! ��

  • I bought a package of 5 chocolate chip scone locally made and sold at Kalamazoo’s Trader Joe’s, that night after eating 1/4 of a scone my mouth felt numb, ate 1/4 piece of scone again 2 hours later; numbness intensified by next morning upper and lower lips swollen 3x the size. I returned the product the next day, guy at Trader Joe looked at my lip….returned my money w/no signed of empathy or apology. It was just another transaction. Haven’t returned since.

  • I have a quick question why do your husband lile the gluten free version of mac and cheese? Is it related to gluten intolerance? Or he just like it?

  • I wish we had a Trader Joe’s around here in Texas. Those meals look wonderful. Would love to see a video on air fryer tips or recipes!

  • My favs at trader Joe’s are the frozen tikka masala meal as well as the frozen whole grain frozen waffle. It tastes way better and less processed than eggo waffle

  • We love the garlic naan and I get the regular chicken drumlets nuggets for my kids every time I’m there… but i have one of the guilt free mac and cheese in my freezer now also:)

  • You just like my aunt is she always doctor up her pizzas and jalapenos and all that stuff and that’s super super nasty but I don’t see how she eat all those jalapenos and all those onions and bell peppers and cheese

  • The mac and cheese looked so yummy esp the spicy one�� We have similar Indian frozen dinners at Wegmans here in NY…they’re fab! There’s a version in a pouch in the international aisle by MRE or MRC something like that, and their paleek paneer is heaven�� Not too spicy at all and with spinach and cheese kids love it. Awesome GF pizza u found! They normally r much smaller (Amy’s) and very pricey. Super fun vid! Makes me want some chix nugs right now����

  • Hi Jennifer, we have 2 Trader Joe’s in Nebraska. Love! The closest is 90 minutes away, but we try to go when we can. Haven’t tried any of your Top 5, but plan too. Thank you for the ideas!

  • That spinach dip pasta looked delicious gonna pick that up next Trader Joe’s trip. Love Hutchy’s new “watch spot” or “hide from Chance spot” lol

  • I always look out for you at TJ! Thanks for the info it makes it so much easier to shop here. TJ has a lot of no no’s but a lot of Bobby approved also. I’ve cut out so much sugar and natural flavors.

  • I’m a Navajo from New Mexico and can’t live without my Hatch green chilies. I loaded my yeti cooler full of frozen green chilies when so had to move to Kentucky. I always purchase the New Mexico Pinion coffee from Trader Joe’s��

  • If you find curry too hot for the kids, keep some natural yoghurt and stir a little in. If the kids are struggling with the “afterburn” sensation, do NOT give them water, give them milk, a yoghurt or a milk/yoghurt iced lolly.

    The milk fats help to coat your mouth and throat, whereas water just washes the spice around further.

    When I first met my husband I did not like Indian food, turned out my college bf had taken me to a terrible (but popular Indian restaurant) and he’d ordered me something I had hated.

    Then I met my husband and he’s from Birmingham (UK) and to him & his friends a night out on a weekend is beers followed by a curry.

    So I prepared to dislike it, but figured I needed to at least be able to tolerate it. He took me to a tiny family run restaurant where they knew all of his crowd. He talked me through the menu.

    It was freaking AHHMAZING!!! I enjoyed it so much and became addicted to popadums & pickles.

    One of his friends is Indian, well his parents are, he was born a month after they moved here. It turned out it was their restaurant…

    Since then his mum has taught me so many Indian dishes, I even helped making food with all of the aunties for family events. They even took me clothes shopping and I actually now have 10 saris and I went to India for a month to revisit with his Awa (grandmother) she kept telling people in their town that she had adopted me.

    I learned even more about Indian food whilst there. I have to say Awa is very proud of my naan bread. Apparently I make it good enough to have been born to it.

    It’s weird how I went from zero spice to now even adding chillies to salads and a sandwich my have jalapeños on it… I now love my chillies, so much so that I now grow several varieties.

  • We love the orange chicken, as well. I usually fix Trader Joe’s fried rice from the freezer section. I Doctor it up a bit with soy sauce and a scrambled egg. Love your videos.

  • My favorite definitely has to be the Mandarin Orange Chicken. My husband as I actually had it for lunch today! We can’t leave without picking up at least one (usually two) bags.

  • I love that you show gluten free options! My son is gluten free and it can be so hard to find good gluten free options! I also love your lunch series! My daughter will be starting kindergarten this coming school year and your lunch series has given me so many great ideas for her lunches!! ❤️

  • Hi Jennifer Can you do some air fryer recipes?? I just bought one and need some ideas! Also gluten free recipes ♥️ AND TJ’s tikka masala is my allllltime fave, you should try the mushroom risotto SO CREAMY AND BUTTERY AND DELISH

  • I love Trader Joe’s although I haven’t been there in a while. My mother-in-law has an air fryer I think I’m going to have to invest in one because they do a really good job on the food.����

  • Wonderful meal ideas Lauren! And look at that Hutchie hanging out above the cabinets �� my Fern does the same LOL
    Please send him my usual hugs ��

  • I love your food and your videos but, honestly, you shouldn’t be filming people. I know you don’t mean to but it’s an invasion of privacy. You should be AT LEAST blocking out the faces of the other customers. It’s a very helpful video, but think about how your filming affects others.

  • Love it. I’m a single working mom. I know Trader Joe’s has good quality food. I choose organic products and produce. When I’m at the cashier register checking out I’m always pleased by my bill for goods..Thanks Trader Joes:) Thanks to the individuals who cover products by Trader Joe’s and meals as well

  • They’re literally promoting trader Joe’s! Why on Earth would they try to kick them out!?!? It’s FREE ADVERTISING!!! Stupidity on a whole new level!


  • Love your videos, but it would be really helpful if you also included the sodium values. A lot of wonderful TJ’s offerings we’ve had to put back because the sodium levels of some of them were off the charts.

  • Does anyone know the instant coffee that Bobby mentioned two weeks ago..he said you wouldn’t think it was instant..I missed where he said to get it….thank you in advanced for any help you can give me…

  • Try their frozen latkes. It’s something that’s too time consuming to make. I have those with apple sauce and sour cream. Very easy to prepare and good.

  • My favorites: Turkey Bolognese sauce. Serve over your favorite pasta. Very interesting flavor. The best thing in the store, IMO is the tart in the pizza section with mushrooms and Ementhal cheese-it has a French name like Chamagnia or something.

  • Hey y’all! I know one of my voiceovers is noticeably lower in volume and I’m so sorry about that! That’s what I get for trying to make voiceovers on my boyfriends gaming headphones, LOL! I hope you can still find a fun new recipe to try! Thanks for watching ❤️��

  • This is the first video I’ve watched on your channel and I thought it was very informative and quite witty. Thank you for sticking your neck out to make such a well reviewed and honest video. New subscriber here:)

  • Your my go to guy when I want to buy something from Trader Joe’s, Costco or Whole Foods!
    Sometimes I’ve run out of ideas what to get, I’m tired of the regular things I always buy at these stores. Thanks for giving me new ideas ����
    Oh and can you do a sprouts review also… I go there a lot! ����

  • Trader Joe’s are popular with morons… It’s just a small grocery store which is full of hash taggers who think the food is different than every other grocery store. 90 percent of the food is low grade shit… Hence the low costs. Is your family full of people with celiac disease btw??

  • You get so frustrated when they kick you out but for what?? As someone who doesn’t want to be inadvertently filmed in a YouTube video that will be seen by a ton of people while I am out getting groceries I understand the policy. I shouldn’t have to be filmed buying groceries. Buy the stuff and go home or just make a list and discuss.

  • I just cut my own sweet potatoes and throw them in the air fryer, it is definitely the cheapest option and most healthy for me lol

  • I absolutely love Trader Joe’s and need to get there more often! I always pick up tater tots there. It’s so hard to pick a favorite frozen item because they are all so good.

  • Ok Bobby we know what we can’t eat since they have tainted all of our food unfortunately. Please focus more on the foods we can actually eat. Thank you and much appreciated❣

  • Oh my goodness…the spinach dip as a sauce..:I would never have thought of that! Looks so good, I will definitely be trying that! ♥️♥️♥️

  • My friends and I use to get kicked out of biker bars and Bobby and Art get kicked out of Trader Joes. Bobby is gangsta. There is no stopping him. I wonder if they recognize him when he comes in the store. Oh, no, there is Bobby again with his camera.

  • My son likes the Mac n cheese balls. The cauliflower rice is always a staple. Their fish nuggets are good too. If you like mango, the Mango and Cream bars are delicious! Not frozen, but I always get their caramelized onions cheese block ��

  • prox 1 yr ago, i bought the orange chicken. it was uneatable. i tossed it, it was that bad, i am surprised they r still selling it.

  • I like tp buy at Trader Joes I live in st louis I buy thr frozen Jasmine rice it is real good you get 4 in pkg it also help upset stomach need to try it

  • Beef Burritos are GROSS……the Coconut shrimp is GROSSS…..the meat is awful dont even waste ur time…..Just go get a pizza, their OK

  • Very good information..
    Being an Indian we don’t really eat any frozen foods.. But yes the Indian diet has a lot of Carbs from Lentils, beans, rice and Bread( Roti)������

  • Omg love these quick and easy meals from TJs please keep them coming. Busy momma over here love anything that is a good dump and go!

  • Finally watched this video after seeing your IG post…..LOVE these ideas!! I need to make a trip to TJs now…..my SO loves gyoza so I may try that meal on him. ��
    EDIT I love extra sauce on my pizza like Morgan….twinning!

  • i don’t know why stores have an issue with it and i mean it can make sales go up for products there and pretty sure most of them watch youtube and would like to know more info for their diets as well, there is so much junk out there making us sick etc, info is well needed, thank you for all you do

  • All of these recipes look great! I’m going to have try some this week. It sounds like you’re able to breathe a little better, too since you’re surgery. Good for you! ��

  • Seriously going to make all of this! So good. Loving the house it is looking SO cute. I wanted to recommend for chance and his digging (we have a husky shepherd who digs her way to china), this is gonna sound gross but if you bury their poop where they dig they will typically leave it alone. It worked for us so wanted to share ��‍♀️

  • All of this looks amazing! FYI we r in the new house! It’s amazing and beautiful. We closed yesterday but didn’t get the keys till 4pm. Everything is in but not put away. My boyfriend accidentally broke off a key in the lock so that is great �� the seller gave us a bag of like 20 keys (none labeled) and our recycling bin full (it won’t b picked up again till the 3rd week in July). Other than that it’s great lol.

  • So many different kinds of Mac & Cheese.  Everything looks delicious.  Absolutely love Trader Joe’s, but just go once a year for a treat since I cannot afford it.  I get a gift card every year so far to Trader Joe’s and I so much enjoy using it.  I bet that cauliflower pizza is really delish.

  • All of these look so good! I’m excited to try the spinach and artichoke dip pasta. And I’ve tried the TJ jalapeño chicken sausage but now I need to try that andouille chicken sausage ��

  • Thanks for the favorites! So many gems are hidden in plain sight at TJ’s so it’s nice to see what others love there. I’ve recently tried the frozen Scallion pancakes and I make one for bfast with scrambled eggs for something different. The chicken tamales are awesome and super quick to microwave. I usually make one with a salad on the side. Also I like to prep TJ frozen risotto then mix it with cauliflower rice. As a serving I mix 2/3 cup cf rice with 1/3 cup risotto and it’s sooo good as a side and really cuts the calories/pts.

  • I could hear you fine!
    I LOVE using dips for different things. My favorite was cranberrysjalapeno on an Ole with my turkey. Soooo delish.

  • LOVE all these recipes! I also love Morgan appearing in your vlogs now, he’s such a sweetie! He reminds me so much of my cousin, even sounds like him. ��. Funny you say that about green beans because I think I have them most nights too and like them cooked that way also. Lol. Those pizza crusts are amazing! I love those! That’s so awesome you are running, proud of you! ��. Your hair looks so pretty! ����‍♀️

  • Thank you for the great ideas! I’m actually making a trip to Trader Joe’s next weekend and you’ve given me a lot of new recipe ideas to try! I’m especially excited to try the andouille sausage with the rice!

  • Hi.Louise.good.morning☕☕☕��

  • Mandarin Orange Chicken is my all time fave! Another thing I really love is their Marcona almonds with rosemary and sea salt. Perfect to put out when having cocktails. The only one in my area is a 30 min. drive from my house, so I don’t get there as often as I would like. I was spoiled when I lived in Boston, where I could walk to it in 10 minutes.

  • I love Trader Joe’s frozen foods. Although the frozen foods are delish seasoned with sea salt, the foods are very high in sodium. I notice you rarely, if ever, mention the sodium content. Many health conscious people are cautious of their daily sodium intake levels. I’m currently preparing Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchis. A single serving has 460mg of sodium and the package has 1110mg of sodium. That’s far too much.

  • I must have the tj Kung pap chicken!!!!!
    The first time I had this dish was in the 80’s at a Chinese restaurant in the village. Since then I’ve tried many versions at different restaurants. This Trader Joe’s frozen meal tastes exactly like the restaurant version!!! It is insane. I bought three bags on my last visit. I cook have some for dinner and bring the rest for lunch

  • Try the Indian Frozen Meals with Trader Joe’s Frozen Naan Bread �� it’s a delicious combo, no fork needed just scoop up w/ naan bread!

  • To bad we don’t have a TJ here:( but cristeenolley I would like if u can make a video on your exercise machine routines. What kind of exercise you do?:)

  • My favorites from TJ’s are the Everything But the Bagel seasoning! OMG this is so good on avocado toast or toast with whipped cream cheese. GAME CHANGER! I also like their masala veggie burgers, orange chicken, miso glazed cod, cauliflower rice, and frozen brown rice. My husband also loves their cornbread (although it’s not really WW friendly) and their blondies.

  • Crissahnts? No. No. No! Kwa-sohn. Nokey?!? Oh good grief, NO. Nyawk-kee.   I love your vids, Mashed, but PLEASE learn to pronounce the food properly.  Please!!  You Tube and Google translate can help you check for the proper pronunciation of foods which come from languages other than English.

  • I’ve only been to trader joes like 5 times but I could easily pick out something better than what’s in this video do you guys even shop there?

    1) the pot pies
    2) there is some kind of sorbet or ice cream that for example if it is mango flavor it is in half of the mango skin…. you scoop it out…you’ll have to find it it’s amazing
    3! The little box of ground chicken patties comes in I believe box of 4. Cooks in about 6 minutes on the frying pan, ground chicken and spices.
    4) go look for yourself I’m not going to tell you every single one…

  • I love Trader Joe’s 5 Cheese Greek Spiral, especially with some cranberry chutney. They have good frozen vegetarian dumplings too.

  • 1.) Almond croissant: Nah.
    2.) Light Ice Cream? Weird…
    3.) Broccoli and Kale Pizza Crust??? NO. (Its the cheese folks.)
    4.) Cauliflower Gnocchi? No.
    5.) TJ’s Mango Spring Roll whatevers… Meh.
    6.) Mandarin Orange Chicken: Ok, I’m curious…

  • Trader Joe’s products r either really good or really bad. Nothing in the middle. The frozen products r actually sum of the worst products in the store. High in fat, high in salt. My favorite products r the ice cream chocolate chip sandwiches. Delicious! & organic mustard. Very high quality.

  • Loving the channel! About to check some of your other uploads. I think you should google smzeus!! It’s the fastest way to grow your YouTube channel!!!