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5 Reasons to Fuel With Small Meals. THE THREE-A-DAY STANDARD. Three meals is the traditional way of eating. While this is convenient and customary, these big meals can leave your ENERGY LEVELS.

DIGESTION. TIME. Let’s be real, in an ideal world we’d be able to shop for, prep, cook and sit down to. Eating several small meals provides your body with a consistent dose of energy throughout the day. Athletes especially benefit from this as carbohydrates generally make up a larger part of their intake.

When you eat carbs, your body turns them into glucose to provide usable energy. You’ve probably heard the advice that eating small meals throughout the day is how you win the battle of the bulge. fuel up on protein and high-fiber carbohydrates. Surprising Reasons. At Health Warrior, they understand very well how important it is to treat food as it is meant to be treated.

Their belief is that once you see food as fuel, and eat those fuel foods, your body can do amazing things. Chia, the powerfully nutrient dense food, is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, and many important minerals. 5 Reasons Why Eating Healthy, Regular Meals Is So Important For Your Body 05 Feb, 2018 Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle or simply live a healthier lifestyle, when it comes to eating food the rule stays the same eat regular, small meals!Think of it this way: If you ate six large meals a day, you’d be stuffed, and if you ate three small meals a day, you’d be starving.

One of her favorite “mini meals” is. Fuel Meals will attempt to re-deliver a new package at no cost to the client; however, if the courier delays the second package on a re-attempt Fuel Meals assumes no liability. Furthermore, Fuel Meals will not resend a third package. The client may than seek to file a claim with the courier.

My Love for Cooking — 5 Reasons Why. Incorporating fresh ingredients into your meals makes them healthier than having processed food. You can include more fresh fruits and veggies to your. By eating six small meals, you can curb your hunger and keep your blood sugar at a stable level, provided the food you are eating is nutritious.

Step 1 Eat a protein-rich breakfast that includes fiber as well as fruits and vegetables. Because you will be eating another small meal in the late morning, avoid overeating and keep your first meal of. 3. Add chicken. After about 5 minutes, add potato and gently boil about 15 minutes. 4. Add beans, chard, carrots, and celery, and simmer a few more minutes.

Don’t overcook. 5. Ladle soup into.

List of related literature:

Its use in snacks might help some people reduce their intake of fat and calories—and, perhaps, their body weight and certain chronic disease risk factors—but its effects on absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and phytochemicals might interfere with the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.

“Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health” by Marion Nestle
from Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health
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The results of these three studies collectively suggest that calorie restriction is more important than macronutrient distribution for weight loss; however, modification of macronutrient intake may be instrumental for targeting of cardiovascular risk factors such as elevated blood pressure, lipids, and lipoproteins.

“Preventive Cardiology: A Companion to Braunwald's Heart Disease E-Book” by Roger Blumenthal, JoAnne Foody, Nathan D. Wong
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Humans need these macronutrients and micronutrients to nourish their bodies.

“Nutrition Facts: The Truth About Food” by Karen Frazier
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Patients with HF often tolerate small, frequent meals better than larger, infrequent meals because the latter are more tiring to consume, can contribute to abdominal distention, and markedly increase oxygen consumption.

“Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Iranian Edition E-Book” by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
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The answer to the first question is formulated rather stiffly in our scientific age: a diet containing five 80-gram portions of fruit and vegetables each day reduces the risk of death from heart attacks, stroke and some cancers, especially those of the respiratory and digestive tracts.

“Oxygen: The molecule that made the world” by Nick Lane
from Oxygen: The molecule that made the world
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This is where the fallacy comes in stored food is used, and so the quantity of fuel is not less, whereas the bulk to be carried is less, and so the initial state of the spare diet process is very commonly accompanied by a feeling of well-being and lightness; they feel so much lighter, and get about so much more easily.

“Best of Burnett” by James Compton Burnett, H. L. Chitkara
from Best of Burnett
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Small meals require less energy for eating and digesting food.

“Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications E-Book: A Nursing Approach” by Michele Grodner, Sylvia Escott-Stump, Suzanne Dorner
from Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications E-Book: A Nursing Approach
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The following dietary changes are beneficial — eating six small meals each day; increasing the intake of complex carbohydrates, fibre and water; and decreasing caffeine, alcohol, sugar and animal fat consumption.

“Understanding Pathophysiology 3e Australia New Zealand” by Judy Craft, Christopher Gordon, Sue E. Huether, Kathryn L. McCance, Valentina L. Brashers
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As for the use of gas formers, such as legumes, cabbage, or fiber, blanket restriction seems unwarranted because food tolerances in any circumstances are highly individual.

“Williams' Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E-Book” by Eleanor Schlenker, Joyce Ann Gilbert
from Williams’ Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E-Book
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Because insulin is stable on a ketogenic diet and the fuel we need (fat) is right on our bodies, appetite is reduced naturally.

“The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence” by Leanne Vogel
from The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence
by Leanne Vogel
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

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  • If you’re not rushing for competition or photoshoot. please don’t do this!
    You will lose 90% of your energy, your brain damage, your stomach acid imcrease, your sugar level drop very low till you can’t walk

  • Did anybody get the pun “fast” stat eh beginning in the video meaning a long period of time without willingly eating? Like if you noticed, comment if you didn’t. It’s also the origin of break-fast. Breaking, from fasting.

  • Great to have you back. ive implemented many things you have suggested and feel much better for it. You and Dr John Bergman are awesome and are very kind to give up your time to help others!

  • You can live without water for more then 3 days. I’ve done 72 hour dry fast and I’m fine. I also know of people who have gone 10 days without water.

  • Butcher Box is overpriced and overvalued. When I was subbed, the steaks I got were not even better than the meat I can go buy at Whole Foods. I can’t get cuts like pork belly, full chuck roasts, cow tongue, oxtail, liver, beef heart or brisket from Butcher Box. It’s utter crap. Seriously, just go buy from your local supermarket or butcher, instead.

  • Before you try One Meal A Day (OMAD), make sure you watch Dr. Sten Ekberg’s YouTube channel regarding intermittent fasting. It’s very informative and helpful. I am doing OMAD now. Feeling great about it.

  • I actually remember the day I saw you talking about intermittent fasting and boy did it make sense?! Of course it did God bless you ������

  • This MAN looks at his COMMENTS!!!
    On the last video I wrote something about how I have a cheat week and if I was really good 2 cheat weeks. Truth be told I binge on the first week and in the second week I try to go back to eating healthy, nourishing food to get back into the habit. I lost 21 pounds from it and it gets rid of any sweet craving. It’s nice to know there’s a science behind it and that I’m not crazy or doing it wrong.

  • Guys also remember that you need to get your important nutrients during this one meal and enough calories cause eating less than you need can slow down your metabolisn and eating foods that dont benefit you (as a meal, you can have dessert ofc. Its actually important for you to not be to restrictive) can lead to health problems

  • You supposed to use a healthy diet superfoods etc because they pack way more energy and try Fruit first wait 20 minutes then veggies then seeds a nut etc… You will feel much better…. The nuts at the end as they tend to digest slower giving a full effect longer like granola. Drink lemonade or the master cleans water afterwards or one or 2 through out the day to keep up energy while inducing calorie ��!!! Yeah i should make a video… But youll. See remarkable results doing it this way… Try it and get me a shoutout after u loose all that weight!!! I got more tweeks but this enough! ✌

  • Okay This i know is true..I get it I intermittent fast and love it..BUT! tell me this because it drives me crazy all my life I’ve believed that if you feel hungry for to long then your body goes into a fat storage mode.survival thing..Is this true.???

  • The “healthcare” community needs to make up their minds. One day the tell you one thing is good for you the next day it’s not, 1 day it’s 6 meals, the next day fasting is better. You guys have me running around like a chicken with it’s it’s head cut off.☹☹☹… I used to eat (super healthy, including eating the 7 superfoods you told us about) 5-6 times a day, work out and all that. I changed to fasting the past couple months and my whole body function better and have more energy. I don’t even fart stinky no mo’. I thought I was lactose intolerant but eat milk products fine now. Can you please explain this to us?

  • Really? You die after just 3 days without food and water? Have you ever heard about dry fasting?
    Your lack of energy is for depleting glucose from your liver, that’s why ketogenic diet is best if doing IF.
    If you do IF for just a month and then go back to your 3-meal a day, you’ll certainly gain back everything and some more. Human body doesn’t like losing weight, especially when done fast

  • been doing this for years because of my upbringing and its bad, do not try this. its the reason i failed everysport, every exam etc.

  • I wouldn’t do it at home cause my mom makes amazing food but if I was eating only food from school and none from home I’d be able to do it cause that food at school be DANK ������

  • I started omad yesterday on the 19th of august. I’ll do it till 30th of september. Im 5’8 172cm and started with 62.7 kg 138 pounds… lets go!! I’ll keep updated here

    aug 19 day 1: starting weight 62.7 kg
    aug 20 day 2: THIS IS HARD LOL 62 kg
    aug 21 day 3: still fasting, but morning weigh in is 61.4 kg
    aug 22 day 4: morning weigh in 60,8 kg

  • Dr.mike I’m a guy who fast for 14 hrs and don’t feel hungry till that time and I’m feeling great in those 14 hrs and i start eid protiens but I’m eating carbs at the end of the day.. ryt after my workout.. dose that mean I maybe burning my muscles as well? As I’m a skinny guy with fast metabolism and find hard to put on weight.. But anything I gain makes me more lean

  • I am following this diet plane for 15 days with alot of workout (cardio as well power work out)….let’s wait for result my initial weight is 72kg.

  • I can’t eat 6 times a day. It’s not natural and i feel forced to it. 3 meals a day for me after my fast works perfectly and i have tons of energy.

  • You are not supposed to eat less calories when doing this… try eating as much as you’d have eaten in a normal day during the one meal will prevent most of the downsides that’s re mentioned

  • Maybe it’s a given because this guy sounds like the biggest square on the planet, but he obviously doesn’t know what “Netflix and chill” means.

  • Question: Does this apply to men in there 50’s as well? To be honest I’m scared of the possibility of gain any fat back during the week or two of increased calories. And I think I understand but for clarification should this increase be protein and good fats? My body loves carbs but I get fat from them. My body loves protein but I seem not to be able to handle what the recommended amount for my body is. I eat way less. If I eat more it doesn’t seem to digest well every us supplement to help,with digestion of proteins(as well as carbs and fat) I’m 260 with about 20-30 pound of fat to get rid of mainly in the mid section. Now that I’m back at the gym and working out hard for 4-5 days a week I carve pizza a lot and I’m not a pizza fan so that weird to me. I usual don’t eat breakfast and have been practicing for the last two3 years intermediate fasting. And got down to 235-240. I know that must of my increase of weight is mostly muscle cause My clothe sizes are smaller. I went from xxl to large and my pants from lg to medium. I eat organic mainly and grow a lot of my own vegetables. I’m heavier in Vegas in my diet and good fats, hemp, coconut, olive and some avocado oil. I go to bed at 10- 10:30 and wake up before my alarm at 4:00am to get ready to go to the gym. I am taking estrogen blockers and eat foods and taking supplements that increase testosterone. What do,I need to do to fine tune what I’m doing?

  • This can be unhealthy, but also can be beneficial cuz you’ll lose a lot of weight. I’ve tried this, and I’ve been SOOOOO weak; not enough neutrons in my body. Depends what you eat.

  • I think I’m gonna try this. I have my reasons since I want to weigh somewhere near my classmates, so I need to lose 30 kilos. Wish me luck in convincing my parents or hiding it from them!

  • Respect and honour journey soul beautiful beautiful beautiful one meal a day million diamond foods fasting is diamond and chewing foods32times in mouth million thanks beautiful beautiful beautiful journey soul prayer’s prayers prayers world light shining light love from Kenya

  • Been doing this for 4years but i have 1 reward day a week….. I ate what i crave and thats it for the whole day…. My weight dropped almost 30kg in 4yrs…. Slow progress but im happy with it….

  • Went to this butchers box website and it is NOT user friendly. They just want you to “pick a box” of meat but you have no idea what cuts you’re getting, what part of the chicken, nothing. I guess they just want you to take whatever they send you. No, thanks.

  • TD, your videos help me a lot. I have something for you. Write down everything on your mind before going to bed. (It has to be with a pen or pencil on paper. There is some kind of connection) If you’ve ever repeated a phone number over and over so you don’t forget it, you know how the brain works. The brain keeps you up all night trying to remember stuff you need for the next day. It’s the same in the morning if you remember a movie you were watching or a song you heard before bed. The brain can’t relax because it’s trying to remember everything for the next day (repeating it over and over all night long). If you write it down on paper your mind can let you relax and sleep. The brain knows it doesn’t need to remember your “to-do” list because you physically wrote it down. Make sure you read the list the next morning so your brain will trust you next time (lol). I hope you get a good nights rest.

  • i appreciated your message as there are so many “absolutes” proposed with the keto plan…a life time of rotating shifts makes an imprint for meal times that extends many years after retirement. a meal close to midnight keeps cravings and urges for unhealthy snacking at bay for me. there is no one single plan for me to follow…periodically i change things up…..all attempts at “resetting” circadian rhythm have not worked out. we all have to find what is the best for each of us. 76 and “holding”

  • “Which is better”. What is easier with your lifestyle is better for you? Informative. Lol.
    I thought this was going to be some one who tried both methods and actually speak on “which is better” for weight loss for them. Pretty sure we all know that what fits easier with our lifestyle / schedule is… well… easier for our lifestyle. It’s the weight loss part of “better” we could use insight about or at least find out how it works for others as examples.

  • The 5 reasons are:

    1 Eating too frequently 1:00
    2 Not eating enough protein 2:33
    3 Fasting too much 5:13
    4 Not enough sleep 6:37
    5 Cheat meals done incorrectly 8:17

  • Having been coming out of keto IF world I am experiencing a big positive change by having small meals, never to feel too full. Thank you

  • Ok was 240 brought myself down to 170… I’d believe in you a lot more if you were not trying to sell something. Believe in yourself, share your own life experience. Don’t quote anyone or any institutions. Everyone is different, when it comes to weight and maintaining weight…. be real… drink 80 to 120 fl of water a day, stop eating any thing that’s man made. Eat real food. Count your Calories and carbs. It’s not rocket Science. Don’t over think it
    The mind is very strong you can do whatever you put your mind to.. thanks

  • Good thing I read the comments. I just finished his book on IF which I’ve been doing since the beginning of the year with good results. 6 meals a day seems like a contradiction but apparently that’s not what he’s saying. I’ll come back and watch this one later.

  • wait I am new and watch your older video’s. You say to eat almost keto? I am so confused!So I needed to watch all the videos. Nevermind

  • Hi Dr. Mike…
    I’m on OMAD since 3 weeks now.. COULD YOU PLEASE TALK ABOUT IT. It will be more informative and exciting to hear from you �� I had done 48 hours of fasting 2 times this month.
    Will you tell how to break fast?
    I had been in keto for 5 months.. but had to quit due to gut health problem arised due to keto I guess.
    If you bless us with all these knowledge it will be great.. and I missed you even more than. Anyone else ��

  • Will fasting longer than just intermittent fasting get you into Ketosis better? I mean, of course it gets you into Ketosis ‘faster’ but if you eat fats and veggies with low 3-6 oz of protein after say a 2 day water-only fast, your body will remain in ketosis correct?

  • I have fibromyalgia and I am on Lyrica. I have been trying to eat healthy for a little while but I mostly have depended on sugar as my energy source and have gained too much weight and lost a lot of muscle mass. I am making a life style change and I want to use your keto program and the HIIT! I have taken alot of tylenol as well as nsaids and done a lot of damage to my joints. I have rheumatoid arthritis as well. I wish so bad I could come to your clinic but not in the budget right now. Where do I start?

  • You are so right! I just recently figured this out when I discovered my BG was going up about 2 1/2 hours after eating (on a carb-based diet). That’s one of the many reasons I’m going to go back to keto that worked so well for me a few years ago!

  • I had my lowest weight when I used to skip dinner every day, once I stoped I started gaining weight again now I’ve lost 15 kg and I’m trying to get back to it to get back to that weight but it’s hard… Any advice?

  • Umm I am taking one meal a day which is only the breakfast for 2 days and after watching this video I will try to continue this for the much days I can

  • I’ve tried it for a week.. was 89kg.. now I’m at 79kg.. today is day 8.. I think I’ll just keep going for few months. The tip is.. eat a lot when you break fast.. but not junk food. This will help you not to feel hungr or, light headed.

  • Thanks for this video Dr.Mike, it’s good to see you re back!
    Do you think it’s possible that after 8 month on IF (but no keto diet) my body is still not adapted to use fat as a primary source when fasting?
    The stress you mention in this video would explain my huge muscle loss during IF

  • The most important thing is that you have energy to accomplish what you want in the day. I disagree that eating smaller meals more often slows you down, quite the opposite in my experience. I used to eat three big meals in one sitting and afternoon and early evening I’d always feel tired, find it difficult to get anything done, lose focus. Since I’ve been splitting my meals into smaller chunks rather than eating them all in one go my energy has increased five fold. I believe its because I’m keeping my blood sugar fairly steady which is the key. Losing weight isn’t the goal as I’m in shape anyway but I feel much much more in control since I’ve been eating smaller meals.

  • In fact just unsubscribed because of your click bait. The reason being is that there are many more folks whom only look at titles. Yes, we both know whom they are Michael. The fact that your title spreads false information to the most ignorant is preposterous.

  • Excellent video. Great job in covering the three legs of the stool: 1. Diet (what you eat [more protein 20% of calories are used just to digest it] and how you eat it [sporadic fasting and no snacking raises glucose and lowers metabolism])1a. Cheating (longer period of time like a long weekend or a full week like a “cheat vacation” to rev up metabolism)
    2. Exercise (in fasted state burns more fat)3. Sleep (fast after bad night sleep less impact on fat storage)

  • Thomas can you pump the brakes on the ads? I saw no lees than 4 ads in a 10 minute video that was sponsored by two companies…. yikes man I know you need to make money but dial it back a tad it’s annoying.

  • I appreciate this but ive been following your fasting for a year and it has had amazing benefits. I always tell people it just takes serious commitment in the beginning but after the 1st/2nd most hunger craving up till about 18 hours have gone away.

  • This is more for people who are STARTING IF and keto right? Also what about human growth hormone spiking during a fast to preserve lean mass?

  • New to Keto, still struggling. My weight is all in my stomach area. I hear so many different things, never know if I am truly doing it right. I will get this one way or another. Have so much to loose wish it was easier.

  • Makes sense. But then, maybe the title of the video should be something like this: “6 Small Meals a Day is Critical For Energy if you’re on glucose!”

  • Hi again, love your videos. I have a really hard time cutting down on snacking. I haven’t been able to do more than 8 hrs without something. I need to get tips on starting fasting, any suggestions???

  • I just feel sad for the people which are still trapped in their bodies and dont want to believe in the benefits from keto and IF.. Im fasting every single day with small exeptions, litteraly I eat what I want! Dont have energy drops.. just walking proof.
    Glad to see you doc, and I cant wait to see your next videos

  • TBH I’m so shocked with this video! I was first introduced by your videos to intermittent fasting and the idea of NOT eating frequent small meals everyday, and you were convincing. Now you say totally the opposite!!! How come? What you said in this video I’m sorry didn’t convince me of changing from 8 hour window eating to 6 meals a day! Why? And what is the science behind it? Before I started intermittent fasting and eating probably 2-3 meals a day in an 8 hour window, I never managed to stick to any diet, and I was miserable, but now being on keto, I’m as happy as ever. Please explain!

  • I started this one meal a day diet yesterday. I am very excited about it I’m a little hungry today but I will make it through this. I plan to do it for 30 days

  • Thank you so much for the info. This video and the last video seem like they were meant for me. I was definitely fasting too long, and I have hit a wall, so the videos were right up my alley. ������

  • But if you are constantly eating, how do you ever burn fat? Surely long periods of famine (Intermittent fasting) is better for optimum health? Welcome back by the way.

  • I am not eating keto, but am intermittent fasting. I eat twice a day, in a 6 hour window, around noon and 6pm. I have more energy now than I have in a long time. pretty sure I am not in ketosis, as I eat things like rice, and sometimes potatoes and occasionally bread. even sugar/desserts sometimes! (just not often) and I have lost 22 pounds since halloween (yeah I started the day before halloween…and did not eat any halloween candy!)

  • What’s gonna happen? You’ll probably save some money, have a pretty significant feeling of hunger for the first week or so, and considering you’re consuming food just once a day: You’ll probably lose some weight. Hard to reach a maintenance level of calories with just one meal.

  • i have been doing this for a year now. my body is very much used to starvation, and it doesn’t that much about food, i get sleepy more often but whatever. it didn’t help me lose any weight at all, just gave me more strength to hunger endurance, but that’s about it.

  • I can say I go thru this every day, I start of with good intentions then when my blood sugars fall I run to the closest bun or bit of chocolate. How can I get thru this with out doing that? I need help.

  • The two seconds of induced stress, from the title, caused my body to store fat! ��

    Seriously, it’s phenomenal to see you’re back! In June of 2017, you were the channel which turned me to keto and IF; I have energy akin to a healthy child! ��

  • Question. Different people across the planet have different genetic predispositions towards certain foods. For example in the Caribbean carbohydrates are widely consumed compared to somewhere like Russia.

    Through passing generations each subsequent generation will be that much better at metabolising the foods indigenous to their respective regions. What sense does it make for someone that is genetically hardwired to consume carbs as a primary food source to switch to fats?

  • I’m not a fan of click bait, but it worked. I was about to prematurely leave a vulgar comment and unsubscribe. Good job fine sir!!!

  • Dr. Mike is saying that usually this is what the general population do, which he is against. If you have been following his video lectures, you would know that he strongly recommends intermittent fasting and a ketogenic lifestyle.

    Thanks Dr. Mike for all your informative videos, and hoping to see all your new ones in the future.

  • Hey Doc! I love the short videos, I also loved the long videos but these little onea give me a nice reminder to keep on track with why I am doing what im doing: fasting and eating healthy. So thankyou.
    Bit silly that people are not watching these short videos before commenting ����

    Keep doing what your doing. Im loving it! ��

  • I think people hitting the dislike either didn’t watch the whole video or missed the point he’s making. He’s recommending that you switch OUT of 6 meals a day but you need to do it CORRECTLY meaning that you need to eat less sugar so that your body knows what type of energy to use when you’re fasting (fat or ketones). This is why people that fast often struggle with it because they keep eating high sugar and experience really bad highs and lows (crashes)

  • Awesome video Thomas! 32 years old now and my most recent cut has been a nightmare the last 20 lbs have been sticking to me like glue, definitely been dieting too hard for too long, cycling off keto with some clean carbs and an some extra calories for 2 weeks to increase leptin makes so much sense. So simple and somewhat obvious yet such a simple over sight, Thanks bro!!

  • Hello Dr. Mike and Welcome back to You tube chanel! ��
    How can I improve my metabolism in order to use fat as energy source? For now I succedeed to have 2 meals/day in 8 hours interval + 2 training sessions per week.
    Many many thanks!

  • I got a challenge comment for the Youtube community that has nothing to do with what all the other criticism of Mike is in the comments (which I think are unfair). Dr. Mike’s videos on things like Intermittent Fasting and High Intensity Interval Training are gems. Dr. Mike practices what he says and demonstrates success. He could probably create the #1 weight loss center in America if he played his cards right. Obesity is a health problem this country has in spades. Even Trump looks obese since he’s been on the job for a year. He’s getting so fat he looks fat in a black suit. We’re so fat anymore in this country, bollocks with the “shame” and the “shaming”! Our collective weight problem may be the biggest under the table killer of them all because it opens the door to so many diseases. It ticks me off that my countrymen are needlessly driving up the costs of health care like they don’t even care.

    Fat, sugar and animal protein are everywhere in the West and just look at these people today! Go look at old pictures of Woodstock and how every hippie alive was slim and trim. Well those days are long gone. I’ve never seen such a gathering of so many skinny girls and guys. Paradise. However…

    The practice of ketosis doesn’t confer with Dr. Esselstyn, Barnard, Campbell, Kempner, Ornish, McDougall, Greger et al. They seem to be in consensus with the “NO OIL!” message whereas the ketos prescribe large daily quantities of coconut oil, MCT oil, olive oil, fish oil, butter, pork chops and so on. One contradiction in this message I’ve never understood is that ketones are the body’s preferred energy to burn, yet when carbs are always present ketones are never utilized. Both can’t be true. Carbs must be the preferred energy. Fat is stored in reserve, that’s why we wear it when we don’t burn it. Sure if we force our bodies to burn fat they will. But I will need to see the studies that people who are forced into ketosis can’t burn fat because their bodies don’t know how. That their brains freak out. That they need to be trained to learn how to burn it. Cutting off carbs is like cutting off coffee like Dr. Mike said. We don’t do well right away because we’re not used to it and must adapt to the change. If we impose this change upon ourselves. I think there are applications for ketogenic diet that are helpful (athletes wanting to burn off their reserves and acquire a leaner body, or obese people needing that extra thrust in metabolic rate to blast off the pounds, or cancer patients wishing to starve their cells of sugar). But as a permanent solution for everyone? I don’t believe it. These oils especially in excess will cause tremendous cardiovascular damage. There’s a billion trim Asians who aren’t on ketogenic diets or otherwise micromanaging their macronutrients. They’re just eating proper diets (very un-American diets) and they’re living long and disease-free lives. It should be apparent that humans can live without weight problems without monkeying around with the calories. I’m going to go with the studies and the largest healthy populations of human beings on earth. There’s always counter-arguments to this that Dr. Mike could filet me with. The spikes in BDNF for one. However I think we should tread lightly when it comes to getting massive benefits in record-breaking time. Solely focusing on the benefits while ignoring the costs is peril imo.

    Compared to the full spectrum of whole foods, supplements suck, and so do isolates like oil. Yeah, coconuts are healthy. Extracting the fat from the coconut and throwing everything else good about the coconut in the trash can…that’s probably not the best practice to replicate in how we approach our food.

    Cholesterol is also a concern. These diets are super-high cholesterol. Lauric acid makes serum cholesterol skyrocket and that’s 47% of coconut oil. I know that cholesterol is vital and we shouldn’t punch our liver in the face every day with drugs like it doesn’t know what it’s doing. But what if our bodies produced all the cholesterol they need without blowing up the total numbers with diet? Yes cholesterol is good but how much? And how much is too much? “High cholesterol” is strongly correlated to mortality so for people to make the argument that cholesterol of 300 can be healthier than 150, that’s going to be an uphill climb. I understand correlation. It might not be causation. But it might. I haven’t heard the definitive argument to settle this debate yet. Even if it might, that’s enough to give me caution.

    Whoever unsubscribed over this video though… Really? You should do yourselves some favors and resubscribe.

  • shxt, the first minute and a half was so strong! Thank you at Thomas DeLauer for not recommending oleic acid in your keto videos <3

  • I wish I could try Butcher Box but it’s literally 100+ degrees every day where I live. Dont want to risk the meat spoiling, even if the box is insulated I don’t think it would be enough. The heat in unreal here lol

  • I have fasted many times over the last few years. I have lost 35 lbs at least twice. Great results the first year.The weight did not come back like it does now. I can typically lose around 3lbs per day. Unfortunately, my metabolism is so slow that any dinner ads back around 2 lbs per day. I have gone months eating medium to heavy and then restarted my fasting with no effect. I recently tried alternate day fasting. I typically fast Mon, Wed & Friday since easier to do when working. After 5 weeks I was close to where I started. It may be that I’m at a plateau point. Open to any advice.

  • Point number 1 doesn’t make any sense. The Objective of the study is this

    In type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and progressive β-cell failure require treatment with high insulin doses, leading to weight gain. Our aim was to study whether a three-meal diet (3Mdiet) with a carbohydrate-rich breakfast may upregulate clock gene expression and, as a result, allow dose reduction of insulin, leading to weight loss and better glycemic control compared with an isocaloric six-meal diet (6Mdiet).

    Therefore, the study is conducted on obesity caused by insulin use in diabetics and thus, have no influence on people with an healthy insulin response. The weight gain they are trying to prevent are caused by the high insulin dose, and this is not a problem in healthy individuals.

  • Been doing this for 4years but i have 1 reward day a week….. I ate what i crave and thats it for the whole day…. My weight dropped almost 40kgs in 4yrs…. Slow progress but im happy with it….

  • Definitely helps. Id be interested to find out what the right protein intake for me would be. How do I determine that? Also, as an athlete, Ive been taking NutraBio multi-sport men’s vitamins. Seems like they’re a pure brand and came highly recommended by my trainer. Any personal opinion on them?

  • What I will never get is the eating whatever-we-like on the OMD. I would have thought it was just as necessary to keep it very nutritious, just like any other kind of eating because adding poisons can’t be right with any diet. At least you’re eating less of them I guess. I’m talking about transfats, GMO foods in packaged meals, drinking tap water. Anyway, I fell in love with Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It’s so beautiful.

  • The videos usually do a good job dramatizing the uncertainty doctors face during diagnosis and the process by which they narrow down the illness… but when I look at gas station nachos, I see nothing more than a massive botulism risk. Like that really should’ve been their first thought, despite how rare botulism is in the population. If you’re going to get it, you’re probably going to get it from hot cheese in a dirty container ill maintained by underpaid employees.

  • Remember, in regards to this video, some of the food amounts, etc, that he refers to may change if you are doing Keto Diet, but the concepts of what you need to practice, that he explains here in the video, apply to Keto Diets as well, but “adjusted” accordingly.

  • Ive had 2 weekends within a month where i was at a party and I ate more food than I was eating while dieting and half way through the week following each party i lost more weight and now i know why. I spiked my calorie intake and put my body back into calorie burning mode.

  • Thomas, you’ve spoken a lot about working out in a fasted state and how it’s often desired. Since you don’t fast every day, do your non-training days also tend to fall on your non-fasting days?

  • Just subscribed. Great info. I went from 200 lbs to 170 lbs on a plant-based diet. Then hit a plateau. Started Keto 2 weeks ago and now down to 163lbs. I did go through Keto flu as I had not seen Dr. Mike. Wish I had known about Ketone supplements.

    Workouts I would like to see a video on your core workout rountines. thanks.

  • Heres what ive been doing with good results.

    10 am 3 scoops protein powder.

    1 pm 1 bag of cashews or almonds, no salt added

    5pm a meat and mixed vegetables and 2 beers/2 vofka and seltzer. No bread,rice,etc since im having alcohol.

    Hits my macros perfectly……….

    Now i only do it three days a week as i get used to it, but i dont get hungry until about 9:30 am

  • Hey Thomas!

    I think a lot of us, your subscribers, would be interested in a more in-depth video on CHEAT DAYS & MEALS!!

    Some questions I have:

    How OFTEN & for HOW LONG can we cheat without doing too much damage
    What foods can we eat
    Should we still do intermittent fasting during a cheat day
    How to recover after

    And by cheating I don’t mean higher calories quality food, i mean just poor quality food and sweets.

    Thank you for all your help! We value you and this channel.

  • Just subscribed! very informative and accurate info. I have type 1 diabetes and didn’t realize what the spikes in blood sugar really meant in regards to weight loss. Thanks so much!

  • Am I ok to fast everyday as long as I make sure to hit my maintenance calories during my feeding window? Eating 2500 kcal in 4 hours is very easy for me.

  • One video tells me to eat one time a day and the other tells me to eat 5 times a day and what’s funny is that both videos are from the same channel


  • Some of us do feast days to increase our calories.. Perfect time to get in those sweet potatoes, white potatoes and extra keto treats ��

    Isn’t it true that over 600 G of sugar/glycogen is stored between our muscles and liver? Would that not be enough to get you through a day, let alone a few hours? Why then is there a need of eating 6 times a day?

  • Comment on this video at http://sixpackabs.com/how-eating-every-2-hours-is-wrong/

    Remeber that time someone told you that eating every 2 hours is necessary to condition your metabolism? To help you burn belly fat? To build muscle better? Well, I’m glad you’re here today because I’m going to debunk this myth for you and break down eating frequency with some science.

    If you want to see videos in advance, we will be releasing them 1 day BEFORE we have it on the channel on the SixPackAbs.com website. So if you liked this video, make sure to bookmark SixPackAbs.com to ensure you get the new videos first.

    We’ve permanently closed comments on YouTube, so please don’t leave a comment on this video. Leave us a FACEBOOK comment on SixPackAbs.com though, and our trainers will be glad to help you out with any questions that you have. We have a great troll-free community there, and we’d love to have you as a part of it.


  • I find your last point very interesting. I’m gaining weight anyway and it’s mostly belly fat, so maybe I need to increase my calories for several days and then go back to a low calorie diet. Hope I don’t sabotage myself, but I need to change something up. In July it will be three years since I lost my good chunk of weight. I am almost scared as I see my weight inching up again. I hope I’ll remember how to get totally keto again ��

  • Yes, i liked this video, it’s not as confusing and easily can be understood �� most of us don’t know how to fast and eat correctly to not get plateaued. Funny thing is that I loose weight but sometimes belly gets either more or stays the same when I fast and stay low carb.

  • I want to recommend capers, they are great in salads and are an anti-oxident + new studies show they help to metabolize fats. yay!

  • I would love more videos like this please. I’m kinda in a no move atm after losing 44lbs
    What kind of food would you suggest for a cheat meal or just up the calories in general. I wondered if just up the protein and fats and keep carbs low or so we up the carbs too?

  • I thought u were going to show your before and after pictures and talk about what you did! The pictures were min blowing considering that’s what’s we look like and that’s how we want to look. Consider doing a video like that. U don’t even have to speak..you LOOK healthy. Share the wealth! Blessings to you

  • Looking forward for more life changing video’s by you dr.mike.. i take ur advice seriously and tried all the stuff you have told in the past video’s. My life has never been better. Thank you so much i love you

  • Thanks TDL. I know you’ve posted videos on this but I can’t seem to get the timing of when to do my cardio vs weight training while IF. I tested it outcardio fasted, weight training fasted can’t find the balance of fat loss + muscle gain. And like you, having been very heavy, I just can’t lose love handles.

  • A tip for you is too see the changes of those who did the things youve told us to, like testing with then the changes and showing us, thats a thing really powerful

  • What about carbs sensitivity and gluten intolerance that led to tiredness and diarrhea? How can we cope and overcome this issue knowing that fat adsorption is also almost impossible?

  • Thank you for the tips. Am plateaued for more than 4 months, am on keto. belly size changes very slowly, though rest of body lose fat easily especially face and upper body. I appreciate more tips related to plateau On keto and increasing leptin levels, I gain weight and lose same weight when I do 2 weeks low and two weeks high on calories…. leading me to stay in the suite spot…very stubborn…..I must be doing something wrong….. thank you once again for all your support

  • Ei @Thomasdelauer what you think of this shreds stack?
    Coffe ☕, Green the ��, and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
    It may be a very powerful stack component for serious fat loss?

  • Thank you, Chubby Emu for some of the most medically descriptive horror stories I have ever seen.

    A med student would be both terrified and proud.

  • Atleast he was able to get better and return to normal. I was so concerned he was going to be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Hopefuly he got a big big big settlement check

  • Thank’s a lot!
    I’ve problem with love Handles, and I think I’ve surplus of skin in the midsection. Please help!!!
    What do you think about this body fat calculator?
    Thank’s for answering!
    Have a lovely day

  • I’m starting to see a theme here with all the gas stations… Gas station sushi (that was pulled out of the trash after it expired) and now gas station nachos? I’m paying by tap from now on. I don’t trust the food enough to walk into the door.

  • Dude, I rarely in my life have eating actual food from a gas station but back in 2008 I lived in FL and had a long drive to make after work. Halfway I stopped at a gas station. I bought a tuna sandwich. You know those sandwiches you can buy in the little packs. I was super sick from food poisoning for a couple of days. It was the fucking worst!!!

  • What I do if my main problem that I am always hunger, I can’t stop eating more than one hour. Had gastric sleeve 5 years ago did work well the. Now can’t stop the hunger again

  • He should make some positive videos like “A man drank a healthy amount of water for three years, this is what happened to his entire body”