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Top 5 Reasons To Eat More Dark Chocolate

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5 Delicious Reasons To Eat Dark Chocolate More Often

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People Learn Facts About Chocolate While Eating Chocolate

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5 Reasons Athletes Should Eat Chocolate

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Health benefits of Chocolate

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6 Reasons You Should Eat Chocolate Every Day

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The Health Benefits of Chocolate

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If all that weren’t enough, research from the University of California, San Diego, suggested that healthy adults who eat chocolate more frequently tend to. Here are five good reasons to eat chocolate: 1. Portion (and weight) control When you buy individual bricks of dark chocolate, and eat just one for dessert after a meal, you’re less likely to overdo it than if you were scooping out ice cream or slicing into a cake. Sure, dark chocolate is delicious and healthy.

It’s full of antioxidants and other nutritious compounds. But it can actually improve your quality of life in ways that may surprise you. Here are 5 reasons to eat dark chocolate every day.

Yes, every day. So everyone keeps saying that dark chocolate does in fact come with a slew of health benefits. I had to dig a little deeper into that one for the sake of this blog post.

I mean, we should all eat chocolate for the reasons mentioned above but if it comes with a health benefit, well, all the better!5 Reasons To Eat More Chocolate Protect against sun damage – Yes eating chocolate may actually help protect you from the sun. Reduce cravings – It sounds odd, but chocolate can be used as an effective way to reduce your appetite. Protect your heart – Chocolate.

“I have to eat my chocolate: doctor’s orders.” There are plenty of reasons to make chocolate a part of your daily supplement regimen. (Remember, we’re talking about dark chocolate here, with at least 75% cacao content.) Supporting factors for ongoing chocolate bliss include: Better brain function. Flavanols are chemicals found in large quantities in cocoa and chocolate. 5. Chocolate holds the key to a long life. Containing the same anti-aging Prophenols as many fruits and veggies, chocolate helps to slow down the aging process. These Prophenols protect against cell damage which happens, gradually, as part of the aging process.

In fact, one study found that eating chocolate improved short-term memory retention in healthy adults, so there’s your excuse to grab a candy bar before that important meeting. 2. It can help you maintain a healthy weight. The soluble fiberthat dark chocolate contains, besides helping to control cholesterol levels, also benefits our intestine. 10% of its content is fiber, which also produces an almost immediate satiating effect.

Therefore, eating chocolate takes away the desire to eat. In case you needed another excuse to eat chocolate, we’ve got 17 for you. In case you needed another good reason to eat chocolate, we’re here to give you 17 reasons you should follow our lead and eat chocolate every single day.

1. Chocolate could be good for your heart. Robert Daly via Getty Images.

List of related literature:

These are all reasons—your reasons—for giving up chocolate.

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As discussed before, there are sensory, nutritional, and psychopharmacological reasons why eating chocolate should improve mood.

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(same as withstand) 3 You resist something when you don’t allow yourself to do or have what is tempting or attracting you: He just can’t resist chocolate, al have so far resisted the temptation to sack him.

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4 Most people can’t resist soft, sweet, fresh chocolate and they eat it quite regularly.

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Second, eating chocolate may actually make you healthier.

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3. increased chocolate intake.

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Several studies have shown that eating dark chocolate in moderation can lower blood pressure (probably due to the beneficial effects of its polyphenols on blood vessel elasticity and blood flow) and reduce levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) in the body, a powerful predictor of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

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1) Chocolate As discussed later in CHOCOLATE IS UNHEALTHY, chocolate has a pretty bad reputation in the health world.

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Eat (dark) chocolate for pleasure; no excuses needed!

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A causes cancer or that chocolate causes acne. third one was its non-vegetarian label.

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  • I found out that I’m allergic to coffee, and maybe chocolate, but since both help ward off Alzheimer’s (which you’re at risk of, if you have PTSD), I kept chocolate in my life. I just deal with the more frequent trips to the bathroom, ’cause I don’t want cognitive decline.

  • How are you going to make this video and not even mention that a portion of non fair trade cocoa beans are harvested through slavery?

  • Even high cocoa levels doesn’t necessarily guarantee it’s healthy. Look for only a few ingredients like cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter.

  • I haven’t eaten chocolate since 7th September and I used to be addicted. If you are watching this video to make yourself feel better for being fat, then realise what seems impossible to you right now is possible. I get cravings every now and then but apart from that it’s pretty easy. You should all give it a try.

  • me:
    learns facts about chocolate while eating chocolate and watching a video about people learning facts about chocolate while eating chocolate

  • This is terrible, if you follow this advice you’re going to get diabetes, who the F posts this shit? It should be taken down. Raw, unprocessed, fermented Cacoa beans offer all the benefits she’s talking about, not processed cocoa used in chocolate bars or gourmet chocolate with milk, sugar and other chemicals added… big difference.

  • I read & reread the title over and I kept on reading people learn facts about cockroaches while eating chocolates and I was extremely confused

  • I’m eating a Hersey bar while watching this. I know it’s bad and it’s the dark chocolate that’s good, but still I’m hoping I get some benefits. Lol

  • Am I the only surprised how they managed to eat a couple squares? After 2 or so squares, I can’t eat any more milk chocolate because it’s too rich. And no water? Maybe they drank water off camera though. But I’m also not a big chocolate person so that might be why:)

  • *Buzzfeed*: “Ruth Wakefield invented chocolate chip cookies in the 1930’s”

    *Asia*: “There were no cookies in 1930! Not any cookies worth consuming.”

    *Nabisco*: “Oreo Sandwich Cookies were invented in 1912.”

  • Climate Changes all the time. Actually a warmer planet could mean more chocolate.

    Grapes were cultivated by the Romans in the cold U.K. the U.K was once hot enough to grow grapes. Who knew?

  • A missed opportunity to share that chocolate and slavery go hand in hand. Ethically sourced chocolate is pretty expensive, but the workers aren’t risking life and limb to survive.

  • For fact number one, one of the woman says “ I’m not surprised it was a woman” but it was a boy to discover chocolate and make chocolate

  • Thanks, One question: I read many articles that ‘saturated fat’ is bad cholesterol, whereas dark-chocolate has 18% ‘saturated fat’ (70+ % cocoa ).. it is contradicting the statement on cholesterol? Please clarify. Thanks.

  • What the hell gives you the right to tell people such propaganda,it only encourages people who have DIABETES to consume what Doctors and Nutritionist tell them to avoid.Yes a very small amount and I emphasising SMALL is perhaps OK, but suggest consulting with your Doctor first,your channel is most probably financed by companies who have vested interest.The authorities should vet all the advertising of health information.There are people who will risk taking your advice and may risk or damage their health.Rene

  • FUN FACT. I’m mildly allergic to chocolate so I can only consume it in small quantities… Okay I’m only SUPPOSED to consume it in small quantities. I’m an adult I do what I want


  • This doesn’t benefit the obesity epidemic, and it certainly doesn’t decrease child labour on the Ivory coast, Ghana and Coomera, so, no, I won’t listen to good news about bad habits.

  • I hate it when people diss white chocolate. It’s made from Cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids. it’s not just sugar milk like some people think it’s got a delicious amount of cocoa fat in it and it’s amazing.

  • If I’d have to give away every junk food for chocolate I would

    It’s my favourite “unhealthy” food and is always my happy food and lucky I don’t eat alot I eat a few cubes and leave it.

  • Raw Chocolate is poison, It gives you inflammation it’s toxic for your body, only pharmaceutical companies will like you to eats chocolate to increase revenue.

  • Scroll fast…..

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    Like if you saw purple

  • Blah blah blah!!! JUST DO WHATS BEST FOR YOU! Don’t feel chocolates good for you?-it’s not! Think it’s good for you? IT IS!!! Geesh��