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Vitamins are essential micronutrients your body uses to grow and function every day. While most people can get all of the vitamins they need from a healthy, nutrient-dense diet, some people such as vegetarians and vegans, pregnant women and people with chronic conditions may need to take supplements to fill gaps in nutrition. 41 Essential Nutrition Terms From A to Z. By ISG|Strength & Fitness January 7, 2020 Blog.

No Comments; 0; Whether you’re trying to shed pounds, eat healthier or build muscle, the world of nutrition can be confusing. If you’re wondering what blood sugar actually is, how to differentiate between “unhealthy” and “healthy” fats or what. Essential fatty acids are the fatty acids that the body cannot synthesise itself in sufficient quantities for physiological needs and must therefore be acquired from the diet. There are 2 essential fatty acids; linoleic acid which is an omega-6 and linolenic acid which is an omega-3 fat. Glossary of nutritional terms.

Calcium: Of all the essential minerals in the human body, calcium is the most abundant.Calcium helps the body form bones and teeth and is required for blood clotting, transmitting signals in nerve cells, and muscle contraction. Z: zinc www.myvocabulary.com offers more than 730 word lists. To see Nutrition, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Exercise word lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive worksheets, word puzzles and themed content with Latin roots that align with Common Core Standards.

2500 pages of free content are available only online. Essential for life, potassium helps maintain normal blood pressure and keeps your heart and kidneys working normally. Potassium is found in bananas, nuts, potatoes, dairy, and other foods.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) It helps your body turn food into energy. It’s also key for the structure of brain cells. Legumes, like black beans and lentils, and seeds are go-to sources. Find out which vitamins and supplements you should take and what each vitamin does for your body.

The study of poultry nutrition involves many terms not commonly used in daily communication. The following is a list of nutritional terms. A – B. Abscess: A collection of pus in any part of the body.

Absorption: The movement of nutrients or other substances from the digestive tract or through the skin into the blood and/or lymph system. Essential nutrients are compounds the body can’t make on its own, or in enough quantity. These nutrients must come from food, and they’re vital for disease prevention, growth, and good health.

List of related literature:

In this paper, four aspects of eVects of a long‐term vegetarian diet on health and on biomarkers (a term we use here to mean biochemical markers in body fluids or cells that reflect body status in terms of nutrition, antioxidant balance, physiological function, and pathological change) are presented and discussed.

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This book is divided into six parts which include historical nutrition landmarks, specific dietary components (e.g., macronutrients, minerals and vitamins), nutrition in biological systems, nutritional life-cycle requirements, prevention and management of disease, diets in population health, and regulatory information.

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These guidelines focus on three main components: balancing calories (portion control); eating a variety of nutritious foods from all the food groups (fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, low-fat milk products, seafood, lean meats, and poultry); and reducing the intake of saturated fat, added sugar, salt, and alcohol.

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  • Sir my name is Subu Ranka and I have something to share with u.
    I have been taking milk for like 6 years and I haven’t got any kind of severe illness for 6 years.
    What I like to suggest is that,drinking milk with salads for people who have blood type A+ is very beneficiall.
    The only illness I get is common cold which get cured easily if u take raw ginger with tea.
    Since i live alone i had to take care of myself.
    I don’t know how it will effect other blood types.
    But it works for me.

  • Look it up
    Even god told us the kind of meat to eat wether fish or red meat so stop using the Bible to atract people to eat just grass looser

  • Brilliant lecture with great simplistic easy to understand delivery. Answers so many skeptic questions.
    Dr Mills is a exceptional teacher. ��

  • Transition from warm to cold, dry to moist, activity to rest all put stress on innate immunity. Thirst is our first indication of weakened immunity.

  • I hear Melatonin is helpful any truth to this? I know there is soooo much misinformation but doesn’t seem like we really have any real answers as of now. Thanks for all your great videos. Keep us as informed as possible. Great job!!!

  • trans=transport
    transport= usually cars
    cars= gas released
    gas= carbon
    carbon= global warming
    global warming= bad } b
    trans fat= bad } d

  • We live in the Northeast…the family takes D3 and K2 daily, for years. I started taking D and K2 after getting breast cancer, started on Budwig protocol which recommended Omega 3(flaxseed oil) and taking D3 and K2….

  • Do a video on fat LOL, all you plant based folk are behind the ball. It’s all about fat, not protein. And you can’t get enough of the right fats on a plant based diet.

  • Excuse my french, U guys of the vegan world, my problem is that u never talk about crude veggies (non-cook veggies)
    which is the ultimate way of going but also the hardest way of going, tonight I have taken a position on going all crude witch is the hardest decision I will ever take in my entire life or anyone can take I am a smoker of 1pack of Canadian cigarette and 1 bottle or more of red wine every day I have known about food for a very long time like 40 something years and now it is time for me to take a drastic change for my health I have done it in the past for 7 days I was 23 years of age I could not smoke because it would burn my through like crazy to die for and its not easy, when I did it I went in to an appel diet, hmm don’t like to say diet but a drastic change just to try it what a blow it gave me, the first day was ok the second day was a little ruff, the third day was crazy and I was still smoking was not drinking then but the fourth day was supper crazy I could not smoke no more it was burning like crazy u know the pipes were the food or drinks gose down was burning to die for, it is now 10: 03 pm on Thurday 31/10/2019 I will give u more input in the next coming days thank you all

  • Umm, how about ketones to produce atp? And maybe excessive polyunsaturated fatty acids from plants are actually like a toxin bc our body don’t use them as much and they can’t be burned off without causing damage to the mitochondria. You’re very enjoyable Hank Green.

  • 1 thing that bugs me is these “professionals” tell us blanket statements like viruses spread more when you stay inside, but they don’t tell why they think that is. Why does the coronavirus spread better indoors rather outside? Is it simply because when you’re inside the virus is contained in that space? So if you’re alone inside your house does that standard apply even when you’re by yourself? Is it a numbers game?

  • Great video! I consider myself along with my husband a flexitarian, our children are a work in progress��, especially our daughter. We still consume eggs and fish (three times a month), but our diet is mostly plant based. I dropped 60lbs in the last year. We also workout 5 days a week.

  • Pssst… we made flashcards to help you review the content in this episode! Find them on the free Crash Course App!
    Download it here for Apple Devices: https://apple.co/3d4eyZo
    Download it here for Android Devices: https://bit.ly/2SrDulJ

  • I became a Vegan three years ago and have never felt more energetic and healthy. Also five years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease of the thyroid. My doctor wanted me to take pills and told me eventually it would attack my brain. I did my own research instead and went gluten free and in seven months I had no antibodies attacking my thyroid and today my thyroid is perfectly normal.

  • Wow the information here is totally amazing, I need to sit down and take notes, this man is absolutely brilliant. I am one of those with an MTHFR mutation and the currrent treatments aren’t up to scratch, I have here lots of information to work out a better treatment for myself. thank you so much for posting.

  • im in tanzania, my doctor refused to test my vitamin levels and told me to stop worrying abt covid19 since the president said no need for concern…im taking vitamin d (1000mg) once a day

  • This guy also is caliming to know what the bible calls manna…most scholars are still figuring out what exactly the bible was speaking about when it spoke of manna.. but this guy knows? Hmmm…the bible says manna spoiled with maggots after one day. Sounds line unrefrigerated meat or such to me. Reasearch yourselves people

  • This guy lies by omission a lot. Thiamine deficiency, and other b vitamin deficiences are common too, and lead to neurodegeneration diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinsons etc. Rice bran cereal is the number one food source of magnesium not leafy greens. Vitamin d deficiency is not corrected even with high dose vitamin d which means it is caused not by lack of sun shone but by another nutrient deficiency. B5 is involved in vitamin d metabolism so it might be that. And I think he is lying about the folic acid story. If it is true it was more likely to be thiamine,or b5 or some other b vitamins. He was just trying to give support to folic acid fortification in food.

  • Also the chemical protein of plants and animals differ in that the animal proteins have an extra carbon hydrogen nitrogen bond that cause free radicals in the body which makes the body acidic which causes inflammation and disease.

  • Feedback for the video. For god sake please slow down.

    Imagine taking cooking class…u did a fantastic at procuring the vegetables all the ingredients, u got the recipe by hearted in your mind..u got utensils….but u just rushed through everything….just so unbelievably fast that people only saw 20%of the action rest was in 4x speed….you may end up with a good dish but you could have done a lot better in teaching others how to cook.

  • Some years ago I had always flue 3-4 times per year, coff and sometimes troath pain. Since I regulary have natural ginger done with blender and bit of honey and lime juice, there are like last 4 years I have no flue at all and if I have a light one that lasts like 1-2 days. Before they lasted longer, were stronger and I had very often. Is also energizing to drink that in the morning, I love it. By the way I also do some green juices in the blender.

  • I don’t understand the acidosis conundrum. Dr Gereger released a video saying that animal protein does not cause bone loss, yet here Mills is saying it does.

  • I wish everyone would stop promoting vitamin D by showing milk consumption is the way to get it. Milk is so bad for the body because it contains hormones, antibiotics, pus, and Doesn’t have enough calcium or vitamin D to make it worth drinking. It’s a liquid that comes out of the tit of an animal And has been shown to cause or irritate acne breakouts, causes ovarian cancer and many other ailments.

  • I’ve been taking 5000 iu vitamin D for 6 months with the encouragement of my doctor. After 6 months my level id 56 ng/ml which the lab classes as normal. I have reduced my daily intake to 2000/3000 iu per day to maintain my levels above 50. Previously my levels were classed as too low at 25 ng/ml. I was always getting colds and flu. I haven’t had a cold since I have been supplementing. Also my joints are virtually pain free which my doctor told me was a common result for older people with good vitamin D levels.

  • Got my Nutrition Degree in 1984. Universities are still heavily funded by the food industry. I love that the truth is coming out. Very slowly, due to the incredible pressure to maintain the fake food pyramid lies.

  • Hypoxia differs from hypoxemia and anoxemia in that hypoxia refers to a state in which oxygen supply is insufficient, whereas hypoxemia and anoxemia refer specifically to states that have low or zero arterial oxygen supply.[3] Hypoxia in which there is complete deprivation of oxygen supply is referred to as anoxia.

    Generalized hypoxia occurs in healthy people when they ascend to high altitude, where it causes altitude sickness leading to potentially fatal complications: high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and high altitude cerebral edema (HACE).[4] Hypoxia also occurs in healthy individuals when breathing mixtures of gases with a low oxygen content, e.g. while diving underwater especially when using closed-circuit rebreather systems that control the amount of oxygen in the supplied air. Mild, non-damaging intermittent hypoxia is used intentionally during altitude training to develop an athletic performance adaptation at both the systemic and cellular level.[5]

    In acute or silent hypoxia, a person’s oxygen level in blood cells and tissue can drop without any initial warning, even though the individual’s chest x-ray shows diffuse pneumonia with an oxygen level below normal. Doctors report cases of silent hypoxia with COVID-19 patients who did not experience shortness of breath or coughing until their oxygen levels had plummeted to such a degree that the patients risked acute respiratory distress (ARDS) and organ failure.[6] In a New York Times opinion piece (April 20th, 2020), emergency room doctor Richard Levitan reports “a vast majority of Covid pneumonia patients I met had remarkably low oxygen saturations at triage — seemingly incompatible with life — but they were using their cellphones as we put them on monitors.”[6]

    Hypoxia is a common complication of preterm birth in newborn infants. Because the lungs develop late in pregnancy, premature infants frequently possess underdeveloped lungs. To improve lung function, doctors frequently place infants at risk of hypoxia inside incubators (also known as humidicribs) that provide warmth, humidity, and oxygen. More serious cases are treated with continuous positive airway pressure.[7]

    The 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to William G. Kaelin Jr., Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe, and Gregg L. Semenza in recognition of their discovery of cellular mechanisms to sense and adapt to different oxygen concentrations, establishing a basis for how oxygen levels affect physiological function.[8][9]

    Generalized hypoxia Edit

    The symptoms of generalized hypoxia depend on its severity and acceleration of onset.

    In the case of altitude sickness, where hypoxia develops gradually, the symptoms include fatigue, numbness / tingling of extremities, nausea, and cerebral anoxia.[10] These symptoms are often difficult to identify, but early detection of symptoms can be critical.[11][additional citation(s) needed]

    In severe hypoxia, or hypoxia of very rapid onset, ataxia, confusion / disorientation / hallucinations / behavioral change, severe headaches / reduced level of consciousness, papilloedema, breathlessness,[10] pallor,[12] tachycardia, and pulmonary hypertension eventually leading to the late signs cyanosis, slow heart rate / cor pulmonale, and low blood pressure followed by heart failure eventually leading to shock and death.[13][14]

    Because hemoglobin is a darker red when it is not bound to oxygen (deoxyhemoglobin), as opposed to the rich red color that it has when bound to oxygen (oxyhemoglobin), when seen through the skin it has an increased tendency to reflect blue light back to the eye.[15] In cases where the oxygen is displaced by another molecule, such as carbon monoxide, the skin may appear ‘cherry red’ instead of cyanotic.[16] Hypoxia can cause premature birth, and injure the liver, among other deleterious effects.


  • As I suggest to all… grow a garden. Windows turn modern houses into greenhouses. I have over 80 edible plants indoors in a small home. I grow outside also, but my winter fresh food is wonderful.

    AND AT YOUR AGE OF 66 YEARS YOUNG!!!!!!��������������

  • Thank you for this lecture. I enjoyed every bit of information and the presentation was outstanding. I want to get my entire family and sit them in front of this lecture.

  • And l lisine zinc and vit c traditionally naturopaths (me) usesthatr mixture to any virus.. I am researching sanguisorba oficinnalis. But main herbs are mangoo leaf tiro lemon and honey as a tea. To get rid of long term symptoms. Or a juice prepared if parsley lemon pepper turmeric lemon and gobey. I yse ginko biloba Slsi for the hipoxia and cranberry juice to take oxalates out.well is a protocol indeed. Star anise is mother rockstar. But again is important to know the state of the blood (a blood panel Knowing your hematocrit is sou much a life changing. Think as this virus as the HIV virus and SIDA. Like yes there’s people who have HIV BUT AIDS HASNT BEEN DEVELOPE. That’s the type of virus we are dealing. More info on my page as a molecular biologist on IG as @maxnaturopatica.y intention is to share my knowledge with other
    Doctors on the field. And yes I do tarot cause people judge on that but I try to keep both energies apart. ����

  • Just take D. Most people are low, you aren’t going to be hurt with 4000 iu during this insanity. Good grief… get your blood tested.. this is all BS to make Dr’s feel important. They kill more people than covid… deaths are DOWN because people aren’t going to the Dr. Look it up.

  • So, I’ve been around and about finding resources for my BioChem Class and youtube brought me here. Best four and a half minute of my day tbh.

  • man you figure if you can understand so many parts of the body you would evolve to have functioning eyes that dont require every one of your infographics to proudly sport glasses on the cartoon character. way to normalize blindness while promoting health & evolution. Maybe we were better off when we didnt understand ourselves and actually were manly. Now thats some food for thought! Life is short, you learned too much, and now you are a wet noodle.

  • Im woundering if anyone can show me the case study for the food pyramid that seems to dictate good food nutrition standard for the rest of us….still havent seen or heard of the study. Does it exist or just blind trust I wonder. I think doctors are most likely accomplices in this food war on people…but what do i know, im just a meat eating carnivore, that thinks and researches for her self..nevermind that i used to be a nutritionist for 15 years. As an ex vegetarian i can say that ive had many problems and various prognosis from doctors…all gone once I’ve changed my diet which was quite opposite from my usual vegan ways. I believe people are natural carnivores that are used to eating a various number of things other than meat….when meat is scarce that is and times are hard. We humans are made to survive rough times, but we have been taught otherwise…please stop doing crazy things, because crazy people with a degree(piece of paper,..and i got one too) tell you to do so. Do your own research and investigating on any subjuct that deals with your physical or mental well being. Dont trust No one with Your personal health. We all can educate and research for ourselves on any subject. It is more convenient to trust the so called professionals though,.. since they have the so called education on your health. Good luck peope and God Bless

  • It is the best channel I’ve ever seen! I’m saying,,thank you” very loudly. Sooo many interesting topics (physiology, history, economics, art, o my God!) explaned in a beautiful and easy-to-understand way…It is a dream. Thank you, thank you!

  • ”Exact role of Vitamin C is not known”, I suggest it is known from a Biochemical perspective, because the chemistry is well known. I guess as a ‘Doctor you remain clueless, especially about how the chemical processes work ‘ on the immune system! This is exactly why as a ‘Doctor’ general med personnel are only interested in pharmaceutical treatments and not aiding the body to actually do the job it was designed to do!

  • In cancer pyruvate is not properly converted into acetyl co a which means krebs cycle can’t run to make ATP, and also lactate builds up. Pyruvate dehydrogenase which is supposed to convert pyruvate into acetyl co enzyme a relies on thiamine b1, FAD b2, NAD b3, and then co enzyme a needs b5 to be made. Cancer might just be multiple b vitamin deficiencies resulting in the warburg effect.

  • Normally I need to put 1.25 or 1.5 or even 1.75 speed in videos where people explain things because they speak so slow but here 0.75 seems reasonable

  • im curious of calories and what our bodies pick up of it. is there some difference in our digestive systems that doesnt absorb all of the available glucose? so example two people eat a 300 cal burger, could one of us have a less effecient system that let it out in our feces so that i would be consuming 200 cal but my friend with a better digestive system gets the whole 300?
    im particulary thinking of corn how it has a tendency to skip through our digestive system.. food doesnt always seem 100% digested… ie. i didnt absorb all of the calories that i ate.
    now could this affect how people are more skinny while eating more? is there some scientific papers on this topic?

  • I WISH THIS WAS MY SCIENCE TEACHER! He makes science much more interesting and has amazing communication skills while staying relevant to what he is talking about. God Bless you!

  • My doctor takes 5000 IU per day, and from what I read, that’s not unusual. Since it can take a few months to bring levels to normal if you were low, I take 7000 per day, since I’m overweight at this time.

  • Natto is incredibly cheap. Normally found in the fridge of yr local Japanese store. Takes some getting used to!! But it will help keep you alive, so, clearly well worth the effort!!

  • 1 steps for losing weight and fats if you are lazy to exercise,

    Drink water everyday and don’t eat food 3 times a day (once times a day)

  • Two things that were not mentioned: vitamin C from foods do not cause toxicity no matter how much one gets. The other thing everyone avoids to mention is that vitamin D is in high abundance in pork fat, some fishes, and in one particular type of mushroom. The other thing: ascorbic acid (C supplement) isn’t really vitamin C. Vitamin C from orange? Come on, we know that vitamin C doesn’t work with sugar that’s what’s in the GMO oranges. One large bell pepper has all the C needed for the day. It has been proven long ago that small doses of vitamin C (70-100) don’t do nothing. However, high doses (over 500) will do the job.

  • My professor is using this for our nutrition course because our classes are online now due to COVID-19. It’s really cool! He built a quiz into it and everything!

  • Thanks for the videos Doc. Im new to your channel and so far I like what I see!
    I usually take elderberry syrup whenever I have cold or flu symptoms and it seems to work pretty good. How do you think elderberry will do against Coronavirus?

  • So theoretically we can live forever if we let these processes play out without adding to it via fasting for a significant amount of time?

  • Here’s some chemistry for you. On a vegan diet you’re missing the amino acids Creatine, Carnitine, Carnosine, Taurine and Glycine. You also can’t get vitamins A, B6, B12, D3, F, K2. You also can’t get Heme-iron, CoQ10, CLA, Hyaluronic acid. Not to mention the improper Omega 3 to 6 ratio. You can only absorb 30% of protein from plants due to not having a front fermenting gut and an extremely short colon. You are a religious criminal and should be locked in a cage for this disinformation.

  • This is why I love CrashCourse. Always straight to the point, VERY informational and made easy to understand with pictures and animations. I love it when I get curious on something, search it up and find CrashCourse videos on it. First found CrashCourse trying to get a better understanding of Economics and it helped me significantly in my college course. Didn’t even need to read the textbook, just find what the chapters are about and head on to CrashCourse to explain it in details and elaborate; coming out with better grades and exam scores than others who actually reads the textbook. Definitely one of the best channel made on YouTube. Educational, yet made fun and engaging.

  • anyone please, can i take vitamin d3 and after take other vitamin c, is it good for me or is it bad…. kind advise appreciated, thanks a many

  • anybody notice that when he was explaining the percentages of the body, he basically the body is full of 101% of stuff (64+16+16+4+1=101)

  • The narrator’s voice would sound so bad if there wasn’t a cute little character talking to you, and the regular narrator’s voice coming out of the little cute character would sound bad!

  • Greetings. The machine mentioned at 53 minutes,being installed in Chinese hospitals, who is the contact for these or the name of the company please!

  • I saw the comment below on protein. Good talk but protein poisoning issues? I doubt anyone could overeat protein due to satiety signalling. Talk to Jason Fung and see what he says. Apparently no one has every killed off their liver kidneys from too much protein. More unscientific lore from medical practitioners.

  • His message hasn’t changed in the last nearly 2 years… this needs to be shared! A LOT! We need to end the production of high fructose corn syrup and either tax or ban the use of added sugars. We are letting the food industry literally poison and kill people and also lower quality of life while those victims still live:(

  • Greetings, if anyone worry about B12 deficiency or other reasons please check out Dr. Neal Barnard PCRM website https://www.pcrm.org/good-nutrition there are plenty of information pretty much agree with Dr. Milton Mills and many others MDs. Short version copy from PCRM article: “… You can easily meet your vitamin B12 needs with a daily supplement or fortified foods, such as vitamin B12-fortified breakfast cereals, plant milks, and nutritional yeast…” 15+ years being planted base diet/vegan (no any form of medication intake since become vegan) and am 58 years old and still doing yoga, walking, biking better than 20+ years old animal products consumers. There was a new doc fill “The Game Changers” is available through Netflex. Very informative.

  • This is why Florida is the new epicenter for the Coronavirus!! Everybody ran from New York and spread the disease. The heat don’t stop the coronavirus! Stop telling people that!!!!

  • Herbs have been around for thousands of years and have healed and helped millions throughout history. I find it strange there haven’t been “enough studies”, don’t you? I think we all know why. We might be able to help ourselves and cut back on big phama profits and serving a poison to the body that harms many. Look at the ads with their warning of what the drugs will do. You don’t have that type of harm with herbs with most all with exception of few.
    Just saying, herbs are natural and growing for our use. That is always left out of choices for healing and NOT covered by Medical Insurance, WHY? Nor is Naturpathic doctors, WHY? Checking with ama? The only ans you get from them is that they don’t know. That too is being left out of their education to heal.

  • If people will just stop eating meats and animal products, hemodialysis centers would cease to exist. But then again, it’s business. Most doctors wont educated you with this because it will take them out and they stop making money. It’s all about business!

  • Zinc have help me with cold so Idk about the studies. People have to take your own body before you fully believe anything a study or research say

  • The sunlight also kills viruses in addition to making D the sunlight itself kills viruses. So everyone needs to stand in the sunlight for a few minutes after being around others to kill viruses on their clothes etc.. this can be done on a sunny winter day.

  • this is your metabolism. laughs all around. Bruce snaps his head to check the screen, thats what should be up there and its no joke, huh why are they laughing, begins to speak.

    Thats the serious Dr. Bruce Ames I remeber working with for his Juevenon products line. I still to this day take his products, 7 years later

  • I found out that Vitamin C (as sodium L-ascorbate) as the best form to take vs ascorbic acid. I was taking daily dosages of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) from my doctor and my open wounds wouldn’t heal. I found out from the internet about sodium L-ascorbate vitamin C and started taking it on my own. My wounds started healing at an accelerated rate and shocked my doctor.

  • I’m surprised that this fellow, who seems so knowledgeable, is referring to folic acid, which is a synthetic substitute for folate, the natural vitamin. Folic acid is supposed to create problems in the liver.

  • In college 30 years ago, I attended a lecture given by Nobel Prize winning chemist, Dr. Linus Pauling. He was a big promoter of vitamin C (at much higher doses than the RDA), and he clued us in that taking zinc in conjunction with vitamin C at the earliest onset of cold symptoms may help boost the immune system to fend off the viral infection. It is impossible to know how many colds I have avoided over the years doing this, taking vitamin C with zinc at the first suspected twinge of a sore throat. On those occasions when I did develop a cold, it was always due to waiting until after I had a pronounced sore throat to take the vitamin C and zinc. Now, after watching Dr. Hansen’s video, I see the need for daily vitamin D as well.

  • Interesting, “75% of diabetics are in remission”. Does it matter how long they have been a diabetic for? For someone that have been a diabetic for 40 years compared to 5 years, does the ketogenic diet work for both?

  • Can i take ashwagandha 500mg and vitamin d3 5000iu at the same time daily?? My vitamin d3 result is 10.52 insufficiency. Please let me know thank you.

  • I haven’t taken any vitamins except D recently in 30 years, and have not had the flu in 30 years….just luck I guess. Got sick one time for 3 days with mild fever; it was not the flu though.

  • I’m one of his new subscribers and Nathaniel Jordan-minister of (I’m going to have to look it up so this will be edited).Minister of Wellness; You Tube video called Genocide by Junk Food! Both of these men are outstanding and I appreciate them. I’ve got to mention Milton Mills on his site.

  • And here’s somerhing else VERY IMPORTANT
    memo from the Minnesota Department of Health advising physicians on how to complete a death certificate. They were coached to indicate COVID-19 as a cause of death even if it was actually the third or fourth diagnosis. The same goes for COVID-19 comorbidity, or when the disease is suspected but not tested along with another condition.

    If a patient is dying due to congestive heart disease or emphysema at the ICU, they may test positive for COVID-19 a week before they die. The cause of death will then be listed as COVID.

    That’s been standard policy since March of this year. It doesn’t end there. There are also financial incentives for inflated COVID-19 numbers, revealed Jensen. He shared that Medicare will automatically pay $4,600 to $5,000 for a diagnosis of pneumonia.

    Hospital administrators might receive $13,000 for COVID-19 pneumonia, but the amount skyrockets to $39,000 if the same COVID-19 pneumonia patient requires a ventilator. This suggests that physicians in hospitals are incentivized to diagnose as many COVID-19 cases as possible.

  • Read the studies that show the effectiveness of D and infections, including Covid. You need an absolute minimum of 30 ng/ml and the top safe level is 100 ng/ml, although D toxicity is not a big concern. Go by the Endocrine Society’s recommendation, not the outdated AMA info which is not based on scientific studies. If you don’t have a deficiency and you’re not in a high risk group, you can take just 1000 2000 IU/day. Obese people need 3 times the dose. Dark skinned people and elderly people have trouble getting enough sun to make it in their skin. To raise a low level to a sufficient level, it may mean taking higher doses for a while. Of course, the best way is the natural way get unprotected sun half the duration that it would take to burn. No one is saying to get sunburn. There are D receptors on all cells and it does many things. Very important to have enough OVER 30 ng/ml.

  • Yes, take Zinc, Vit C and D. I am 66, just had the Coronavirus. Made it through without going to the hospital. It was tough, but I made it! Lost 8 lbs.I credit these vitamins, 15 min in sunshine, build immune system ahead of virus, lots of water & rest.

  • Corporate Factory Farming is a disaster. Their bottom line is money, at the expense of our health,. Ppl eat too much because we do not get the nutrients we need, which causes diseases. Big pharma is here to give a false sense of hope while they finish us off.
    There is big money in body bags also. (Dead ppl)

  • By the way, the vitamin D didn’t work for me. I was taking a capsule daily and I was having a severe pain in the back of my leg. It was a tendon from my buttock down to the back of my knee. The pain was persistent and I could feel it was tense, while the other side was more relaxed. I was unable to relate to anything. But I decided I should stop taking those vitamins and did so. During the first week of stopping taking the vitamins the wain went away and never came back again.

  • every single word was an ocean itself… no connection with science just came to know about nutrition.. it was awesome and satisfying

  • Everyone should be taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc and ALL the vitamins and minerals every day, not just to prevent coronavirus but to prevent dozens, if not hundreds of other diseases.

  • I mix soil into my houseplant mixture because sterilized potting mix is not healthy. Dust will fix it, but I add a tablespoon of soil for the trillions of bacteria and other soil life.

  • The common seasonal flu has been around for centuries. Covid-19 is nothing more than the flu.

    Sunlight is good yet we are being told to stay at home and not to go out.

    Vitamins and minerals are very important.

  • I really appreciated this video and learned from it. But I question the Nature Made Vit D recommendation. I like the price, but it contains gelatin and soybean oil. I am not vegetarian but many people are, thus the gellatin won’t work for them and it’s a cheap filler. Also soy, another cheap filler, soy is always genetically modified unless it’s organic. There are better options out there than most supplements.


  • Start taking your Vitamin C and Zinc if possible. It could help to a certain extent. This being said start wearing mask. COVID-19 can be deadly and it’s still better to be safe than sorry.

  • Good video. Actually the isolation of alpha tocopherol from wheat germ oil was probably the biggest mistake in nutritional history. The following video describes this mistake in detail as well as why it failed as an antioxidant. https://youtu.be/V9zHfSIPdSo

  • Dr Milton mills that introduction was beautiful and special uncovering all the powers of nature and plants that we are surrounded by in our world!

  • Thank you TED ED. Start changing my diet with lot of olive oil and reducing saturated fats from other source. Feeling fuller and happier.

  • 5:02 proteins made by plants

    9:00 protein quality

    10:35 plants proteins

    11:35 protein functions


    13:00 how much proteins you need

    14:45 expensive pee and protein shakes

    15:10 Tumor, cancers, animal proteins


    20:55 Our body cannot store protein

    21:40 animal protein = weak bones

    22:52 protein recommendations

    24:30 you do not need extra proteins if you work out

    25:00 you already have extra proteine in your body


    29:10 Cannibalism


    30:05 Animal protein and Disease

    32:23 Methionine


    34:34 Plants vs animals proteins

    36:00 Tor genes functions

    37:40 Animal proteins = Too much Leucine = cancer ( eggs, fish, meat, dairy )

    41:10 Soy protein increase Igf level

    41:50 Methionine = cancer

    42:25 Pea protein

    51:50 Plant protein and Fiber

    52:20 Animal, dairy = host of toxic compound, mood, depression

    57:50 Protein and kidneys

    1:0:00 Branched Chain Amino Acids (, eggs, meat, dairy ), type 2 diabetes


    1:08:00 Plant Protein Sources

    1:08:53 What about fish? no

  • I think Linus Paiuling would disagree with your evaluation of vitamin C He and his wife lived into their nineties and he is the only person to win TWO noble prizes!

  • Thanks a lot Doctor! But at the end of the day do those vegans always line longer than those who eat everything?
    And let’s looking at the top 10 oldest folk in the world today, are they vegetarians, certainly no! So what about
    sport people, do they out-lived those other normal folk because of sport? What about this Man who Smoke and Drink and
    so are so many other over 90yrs, but they live longer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXyfCGDnuWs

  • Wow geuss we were miss informed on zinc. Sounds like what I’ve been told about vit c has been wrong. I’ve just been wasting my money. I’ve been told take vit c and zinc where hubby has been told no due to kidneys. But sounds like vit D3 is better then D2? The docs where we live do not like it when u ask for a specific test and won’t due it. My question is what really is best to increase immunity. I’m still confused. But I do like your videos. Sometimes I replay them.thank u

  • I absoultely LOVE your videos, but while I love that you can speak this fast, and you clearly love yourself for speaking this fast, I geniunely have a headache so I put you on.80x speed and you almost talk normally. Now I typically put videos on 1.5x speed because they are boring and share next to zero information, but you can’t possibly expect anyone to follow a biology lecture at 1.5x speed just because you sound cool and have the capacity to speak this fastly. Fun fact, the reason we love using chalk and black board still in pure maths lectures is because it’s still the best way to digest information. The speed it takes you write something down is almost around the speed it takes the brain to process that new information, so slinding like a maniac through slides and speaking as if at gunpoint, is kind of against the purpose of education here, isn’t it?!

  • Vit c doesnt cause kidney stone as shown in large studies(Patients Handbook by Dr Jonathan Wright and Dr Alan Gaby ) unless you are genetically prone to stone formation.
    G.I upset simply states bowel tolerance and dose can be adjusted as saving life with high dose of vit c is certainly more significant than a mere G.I upset..
    Moderate to severe cases are already successful with vit c dosing (Dr Richard Cheng ).
    Sepsis is currently being treated successfully with vit c (Dr Paul Marik -Marik’s Protocol).
    Kindly please do more research on the subject matter.

  • Regarding Vitamin C high dose intake… consider reading the studies of Dr. Linus Pauling (a Nobel price awardee)… I take 8000mg daily the last 20years and Im good. And yes Vitamin C (non acidic formula sodium ascorbate) helps fight a cold, flu and even Covid19 with Zinc. Works with me and my family and friends.

  • Jesus! I think he needs to catch a bus that’s why talks so fast:D it would be amazing video, but way too fast to translate and understand at the same time:D

  • why not just say these are essential vitamins and minerals we get plenty of with a varied diet and sunshine? the english where called limes because merchants used them to stop scurvy. Vit d stops rickets. zinc if i recall correctly is the active ingredient to reduce acid build up in the stomach after a night out?

  • Anyone know if I can take colloidal silver while pregnant? I work in the medical field and always try to protect myself so I can help the sick heal.

  • I believe there’s one other thing that influences in promoting the influenza/flu. That is the daily intake of the raw/fresh water. Because the fresh water contains large amounts of positive and negative ions, and ions in the water are acting in a similar manner as the micro floral bacteria (good and bad bacterias) or otherwise probiotics, therefore these ions in excess amounts can actually harm our respiratory system. How? Well the ions in the water are stimulants just as those probiotics, they tend to conflict with each other, because they are of the opposite characteristics. Positive and negative values are constantly fighting with each other, for the purpose of boosting or stimulating our system. But when we are drinking plenty of water, most of those ions get trapped in our upper respiratory system and causing inflammation in the tissues of our respiratory system, because of their constant activities. Like they say, normal amount of those ions will cure you, too much of them will kill you. During the winter season, we are inhaling the cool air which already provides us with amount of water/moisture we need to replenish our system. The additional water can be a bit too much for our system. Therefore I believe it would be a viable idea to balance the intake of the daily water by half liter of fresh water during the day, and half a little of a boiled water at room temperature during the evening/night. So when the water is boiled it kills those ions and they become ineffective. This theory is just to balance the amount of the ions we intake with the water. Boiled water is also good to flush your system as well as you’ll lose weight too. We drink the water because we believe is good for our health. But it equally can harm our health as well. 

    On my personal experience, I have been following this method for several years and haven’t gotten any flu or common cold at all. Before that I was getting those things annually. tooo tooo, tooo, knock on the wood! ��
    What do you think Doc? Can those ions actually be the elements that makes us sick during the colder seasons but not during the warmer seasons?

  • What do you know about the COVID-19 vaccine? I’ve heard not so nice things. One, it gives people who don’t have the virus, the virus. Second, I’ve read where it may contain a digital chip so people can be tracked. Please do a video on the TRUTH of the vaccine. Also, the claim that masks activate the virus.

  • Zinc CAN affect (stop reproduction) of most (all?) viruses if it can get into the cells. This is where hydroxychloroquine comes in. HCQ is an ionophore for zinc, ushering zinc into the cells. So IF GIVEN AT EARLY SYMPTOMS TIME, with adequate zinc present, can definitely blunt the reproduction of the virus long enough for the immune system to do it’s thing. Vitamin D is a down regulator of the immune system so that one does not get a cytokine storm, which is typically what does the killing. Which is why most of the people who die from CV are low in vitamin D. By the way, HCQ also provides that function in some way, ie it can depress the immune system. I have seen videos saying this is a negative for HCQ. No, it is not a negative, it is a positive. And, people of color (skin wise) are twice as likely to be deficient in vitamin D, which to me is a primary reason why they are the ones most likely to die from CV.

    Of course Big Pharma does not want to advertise these cheap solutions. They and THEIR AMA have a HUGE FINANCIAL STAKE in pushing vaccines (where they have absolutely no liability, ie you cannot sue them if they main or kill you with their vaccines in the US). An effective anti-viral is anathema to them. So, THEIR NIGHTLY NEWS MEDIA poo poo things like HCQ vociferously and often. The people who own Big Pharma, own the media, and for good measure advertise their medicine wares a lot on these programs.

  • I can’t still believe that i got cured from Genital Herpes through herbal treatment from Dr Ozuka who I met through the internet, I actually couldn’t believe it at first because it sounded impossible to me knowing how far I have gone just to get rid of it. Dr Ozuka sent me his medicine through UPS delivery service which I took as instructed and here I am living a happy life once again, a big thanks to Dr Ozuka, i really appreciate what Dr.ozuka did for me, contact this herbal doctor via: [email protected] com or whatsApp +2348132172660 him today to get your cure..

  • Well, I guess this summer has proven that humidity (low in AZ, high in Florida) doesn’t seem to make much difference. It’s hotter than Hades down south, so people are congregating INDOORS, which you stated as a risk factor.

  • I got a weird thought I just had that I want to entertain while laying here looking at the muscle on my legs and thinking about how he mentioned cannibalism. If I were to cut meat from my body and eat it immediately, would the saturated fat and cholesterol clog my arteries? Since I’m taking a portion of the lipid particles that were circulating through my system, would it either just replenish the lost particles and up the particle count back to where it was, or would consuming it become a hazard, promoting inflammation, damaging endothelial cells creating a pathway for atherosclerosis, would eating my own cholesterol and sat fat raise my cholesterol level? I mention eating my tissue immediately because I assume if I waited for my body to reproduce the cholesterol, the cholesterol levels would go back to where it was previously and then eating the flesh with the lipids would then add extra exogenous cholesterol to the system.

    Very interesting thought I think, odd, but still interesting.

  • I would love to have doctor Milton Mills and doctor Neil DEGrasse Tyson talk about human life and nutrition on Earth. Just the of talking and answering questions. Imagine those millions of black kids inspired.

  • I’ve been vegan for over 10 years… have a masters in biology… but WOW I have never had the picture painted like this. Amazing!

  • So much information in this video.. I think I retained about 1/4 of it.. but it’s a start. I always wondered what metabolism actually was.

  • Looking good doc!! I need info on B12 though since according to my research the only place you get it from is meat and dairy which I don’t eat. Or vitamin supplements but then there are three different types of B12 vitamin supplement categories p. So which one is best?

  • I have a question about digestionon vegan. From other videos Ive seen some vegans develop issues. And to be fair over heard about the leaky gut from heavy meat eaters as well. Its 2 different issues. Starting to think the word strict in any diet is not good. I am or was a heavy meat eater. But diving head first with a goal of reducing meat intake to 10 to 20percent of diet. Baby steps. One of my nick names is Meat man for God’s sakes. Lol.

  • New York Times article “The Coronavirus Unleashed Along the Amazon River” shows virus spread like wildfire in areas of high humidity (eg Manaus average humidity is 88% in March, 83% in June)

  • Live this vídeos but this guy talks way to fast for all that information. I wish this video had a slow down feature like the audio books �� other than that I think is great!

  • What a wonderful presentation. And I agree, an engaging and stirling gentleman! The triage hypothesis is fascinating.

    I wonder however… of course a nutrient bar is much-much better than no nutrients, and I understand the purpose in supporting the health and nutrition of the poor who cannot afford nutrient dense food. But to what extent would someone miss out on the ‘interaction effect’ I.e. the notion that nutrients are more potent/more beneficial when whole foods are ingested because perhaps yet undiscovered (or indeed, known) nutrients play a symbiotic role?

  • Now they want to harm all of the plants and soil with GMOs. Just to find ways to keep us in their hospitals and make money off of us.

  • I like how they skipped over the question “should people with kidney disease intake more protein?” These healers and scholars always skip over the kidneys

  • Just for fun: below, to put things in context, is a list of the first 54 elements from H to Xe… the ones we need: in bold; round brackets: probable / possible; square brackets: probably not. That makes for a minimum of 20 required elements (i.e. the count of elements in bold).
    >> + H [He]
    >> + (Li?) [Be] + (B?), C, N, O [F Ne]
    >> + Na, Mg [Al] + (Si), P, S, Cl [Ar]
    >> + K, Ca [Sc Ti] + (V?), Cr, Mn, Fe, Co [Ni] + “Cu, Zn” [Ga Ge] + (As?), Se, (Br?) [Kr]
    >> + (Rb?), (Sr?) [Y Zr Nb] + Mo [Tc Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd In Sn Sb Te] + I [Xe]

  • Extremely dated and disingenuous news. I started listening to Dr Eli Wallach 40 years ago and he should be given credit here. He was nominated for the Nobel prize and he should get it. Take your Beyond Tangy Tangerine.

  • The reason cases are on the increase and the pandemic continues to kill is because people are wearing masks instead of face shields, If an infected person coughs and one minute later a masked person walks by the microscopic particles floating in the air enter one’s eyes and coats their face from which they transfer it when they touch their face etc. For complete protection wear a shield and NOT an ineffective mask.

  • Dr. Hansen, thank you for such an amazing break down, just started following u and even turned on the Bell and saw so many of yr videos all of them are amazing.
    Be safe and keep this vids coming.

  • I appreciate the data. My experience is my own. At start of symptoms, I take zinc, echinacea, c, D,, magnesium, an oil, a lightly fermented honey/garlic/vinegar mix, and of course, elderberry. Ive found Symptoms gone in hours, dozens of times. Maybe just luck, but feels evidentiary for me. Real sinus. Real throat. Real cough. Gone. I long for the science to explain this outcome, but until it does -if it ever does I’’ll use what works. For me.. Will keep watching. Yemp & humidity info feels right on. Thanks! Happy moving –

  • Dr. Mills, keep making videos. We need beautiful people like you. Eating raw cauliflower with a vegan sauce I made, after having all day an abundance of fruits, salads and waiting from my asparagus and mushrooms to grill. Top vegan athlete here! My team does not want me to come forward, as we have many vegans, and are always winning, we don’t want the opponent teams to get that edge, those meatheads are so slow and always get injured. Gladiators were plant-based.

  • Not hating I really like these videos. They help a lot. Thank you! However, did anyone notice that the percentage of the composition of the percentage of our bodies. 64%+ 16%+16%+4% +1%= 101%
    Which does not make sense. Please correct this or explain the reasoning behind it! Thank you

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  • Well, I hope this is less expensive than the “Essential 90” from Longevity.  So far it looks good.  I wonder where and when this was recorded.  Anyone know?

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m an outsider looking in, but I’m wondering how you build or maintain, or even affect your metabolism? I’ve noticed mine is pretty effective and I wanted to know why. I was just a simple soul looking in on things I didn’t understand.

  • Absolutely.!!! COVID, like the AIDS Virus, breaks down your Immune system causing you to Life-threatening sickness, Pneumonia, and other deadly lung diseases that Kills you. Corona Virus does NOT Kill.!!! Low Immune levels KILL.!

  • my mom has Olive Oil and she NEVER explains that kind of stuff, all she says is this….”Olive Oil is good for you” and i was like…..”goody” and when i came to this video i will blab all of this to my mom and she will go bonkers all over my diet and weight and fats

  • This guy doesn’t mention vitamin C which is much more important when it comes to dealing with a virus…. It doesn’t matter you’re somewhat disinformation out there

  • Please note that the references I made to epilepsy are from studies on children with “congenital” forms of the disease and these results do not necessarily translate to adults. DH