4 Veggie Burgers Rated, Based on RDs


Oil-Free Veggie Burgers with the Instant Pot!

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Veggie Buffalo Chickpea Burger by Chef Eddie Brik

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The BEST Veggie Burgers To Buy At The Grocery Store

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Merle’s Upgraded Veggie Burgers

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3 Healthy Veggie Burgers (Vegan Recipes) | Joanna Soh

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4 Veggie Burgers Ranked, According to RDs. by Cassie Shortsleeve. March 28, 2019. 1 Comment. Share it: Flimsy tofu dogs and dry veggie burgers aren’t the only options for. Black bean burgers are just the beginning.

These are the healthiest veggie burgers (and best veggie burger brands) you can buy, according to nutritionists. Best Frozen Veggie Burger Brands You Can According To Rds. Taste Test Which Frozen Veggie Burger Brand Is The Best Best bought veggie burger brands ranked thril bought veggie burger taste test ian debbie dishes 6 incredibly satisfying veggie burgers for your summer cookout best veggie burger bar with morningstar farms burgers jz eats how to.

What makes the impossible burger look and taste like real beef california veggie burgers abillionveg best bought veggie burger brands ranked thril best frozen veggie burger brands you can according to rds. Related. Post navigation.

Barbeque Sauce Burger King. Burger King Horror Nights 2019. Best Frozen Veggie Burger Brands You Can According To Rds. Best Veggie Burgers On The Market Taste Test. veggie burger celiac california veggie burgers kosher vegan dr praeger s sensible best bought veggie burger brands ranked thril amy s california veggie burgers review zer meal frenzy amy s black bean veggie burger meat subsutions foodtown.

The 10 Best Veggie Burgers, According to Nutritionists. Consider these patties an easy way to eat your veggies. Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we. There are too many veggie burgers out there for any single meatless-burger fan to try without devoting an inordinate amount of time and effort to discovering which un-meat burger reigns supreme. So we decided to eat as many of them as we could, and offer our recommendations.

Here are the results from our taste test of the first category: vegetable-based, or “garden-style,” veggie burgers. 12. Dr.

Praeger’s California Veggie Burgers. Nutritional info: 120 calories, 5g total fat This is why veggie burgers get a bad name. The ingredients are made of whole foods, which is good.

Fast food and sit-down restaurant chains have slowly started to introduce more meat-like veggie burgers from the plant-based meat alternative makers Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.. Unlike your traditional bean, grain, and mushroom-based veggie burger, the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger are specifically formulated to mimic a ground beef burger in taste and texture. The 10 Healthiest Ketchups You Can Buy In 2020, According To RDs.

These have way less sugar. By Lauren Puckett. Mar 30, 2020 Jason Speakman (even if you’re just having burgers.

List of related literature:

But Veggie burgers reached new fast food heights in 2002, when Burger King’s 8,500 restaurants across the United States began offering vegetablebased burgers called BK Veggie.

“Vegetarian America: A History” by Karen Iacobbo, [Anonymus AC05724234], Andrew Linzey, Michael Iacobbo
from Vegetarian America: A History
by Karen Iacobbo, [Anonymus AC05724234], et. al.
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Notice that in the case of FAT, where there are no ties (each hamburger has a unique fat content), the rankings are the whole numbers 1 to 5.

“Statistics Using SPSS: An Integrative Approach” by Sharon Lawner Weinberg, Sarah Knapp Abramowitz
from Statistics Using SPSS: An Integrative Approach
by Sharon Lawner Weinberg, Sarah Knapp Abramowitz
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(c) Veggie burger between buns with lettuce and tomatoes.

“History of Soybeans and Soyfoods in Canada (1831-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook” by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
from History of Soybeans and Soyfoods in Canada (1831-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook
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5 Place the burgers on the bottom halves of the buns and top with lettuce, tomato, onions, and lots of Colonel Bob’s salsa.

“Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue: Barbecue Your Way to Greatness With 575 Lip-Smackin' Recipes from the Baron of Barbecue” by Paul Kirk, Bob Lyon
from Paul Kirk’s Championship Barbecue: Barbecue Your Way to Greatness With 575 Lip-Smackin’ Recipes from the Baron of Barbecue
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They ranked fifteenth in commercial vegetable production as determined by weight.

“Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds” by George W. Hudler
from Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds
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For example, the basic five food groups recommended by the USDA are represented in the average fast-food cheeseburger, but not in the desirable proportions (i.e., only a small proportion from the fruit and vegetable group, but high proportions of salt and fat).

“Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk” by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Commission on Life Sciences, Committee on Diet and Health
from Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk
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When the leading fast food chain meals are compared for overall nutritional value, Subway® consistently gets the highest scores.88 In terms of french fries and cooking oils, In-N-Out® Burgers (West coast only) comes out on top.

“Brighton Baby: a Revolutionary Organic Approach to Having an Extraordinary Child: The Complete Guide to Preconception & Conception” by Roy Dittmann
from Brighton Baby: a Revolutionary Organic Approach to Having an Extraordinary Child: The Complete Guide to Preconception & Conception
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I have only been a vegetarian for a few years, but even I have seen an impressive increase in the quality and diversity of plant-based alternatives to meat that are Fig.11.12 The author bites into an Impossible Burger in South Beach, Miami, Florida (February 2018).

“Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat” by David Julian McClements
from Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat
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In this experiment, TPC for all brands of beef burgers was quite high but still in an acceptable range which was 1.5 x 104 to 3.2 x 104 per gram sample.

“Proceedings of the 3rd International Halal Conference (INHAC 2016)” by Nurhidayah Muhammad Hashim, Nur Nafhatun Md Shariff, Siti Fatahiah Mahamood, Hanifah Musa Fathullah Harun, Mohd Solahuddin Shahruddin, Azri Bhari
from Proceedings of the 3rd International Halal Conference (INHAC 2016)
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There are eight grades of beef, but the average consumer only has access to three: prime, choice, and select.

“The Good Housekeeping Cookbook” by Susan Westmoreland
from The Good Housekeeping Cookbook
by Susan Westmoreland
Hearst Books, 2004

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  • Joanna thanks for the recipe. I tried the chick pea one. However when shallow frying the chic pea do not stay together. They get disassembled. Did you use any other ingredient? Iam using boiled chick peas as you had shown.

  • Thank you for a Vegan/Vegetarian option!! I love Brad, but I get tired of just looking at raw meat every episode. Chris you rock!!!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you ������
    I have been meatless for about two months now and searching for different fun foods (for summer) and gonna try all 3 burgers they sound simple and easy for my little one to help. Thank you for sharing ������

  • A tip for anyone like mewho never finishes a bulb of garlic. Buy garlic infused oil, you get the garlic taste and it lasts much longer in the cupboard that a bulb of garlic (you can get it in Aldi and Tesco in Ireland and UK for about €3.95, probably other supermarkets also).

  • What a great idea to used dried beans in the instant pot. I always use rinsed canned beans for burgers but by retaining the starchy cook water it looks like you’ve developed a burger with a really nice firm consistency. (And now I don’t have to wonder if I’ve got the right canned beans on hand whenever a burger mood strikes me). I also love putting them on my salad instead of straight beans. Thanks for sharing!

  • i hate veggie burgers that are trying to taste like meat lmao. i just want like a dense patty on my burger/sandwich i don’t want it to taste like meat

  • I know you showed what you put in each burger pattie but that was way too fast and I wasn’t following what was added because the narrative, unrelated to each specific pattie/recipe, was ongoing. Take the time to go through each option or focus on 1 or 2. I would appreciate if you went through them and discuss what flavors are coming through the most with each pattie/burger. Otherwise this video isn’t worth watching.

  • I like real beef burgers very much but when iam making a veggie patty i see no reason to put it in a bun once it is done. Iam certainly not a very creative person with meatless meals tho so most of my vegetable patties always end up being either not really good or in the better case falafel like…. i love falafel dont get me wrong.. but falafel in a semi sweet dry bun isnt something that sounds very appetizing.

  • Being Indian and vegetarian, mainly because of caste, religion and stuff, I’ve never layed a hand on meat or eggs for that matter, in our Mc Donald’s vegetarian burgers are easily available as around 30% population is vegetarian and it serves this amazing burger called Mc aaloo tikki (translating to potato patty burger) they even got a naan and Mexican version of the same thing and dang they’re amazing, if you can get a hand on these you should definitely try them

  • Making these for a second time. Thanks for sharing this info with us. Keep up with the IP videos. I tried to do Zoats (with Steel Cut Oats) and it was a fail and I kept getting the “burn” warning. I would love to see a proper recipe for Zoats with steel cut oats for the IP. If you know of one, please make a video!!!

  • I fw veggie burgers as long as they aren’t super mushy. I’ve had some really great veggie burgers but also some horrible. That being said, same goes for burgers. Some have been amazing but others nasty. Don’t knock em until you try it

  • No salt when you boil lentils add a bay leaf instead. Add oats or and brown rice and flax meal to bind and saute the mushrooms to remove the moisture and add thyme. Add cumin and salt and pepper ��️ then cook in a cast iron pan.

  • The lentil patty can be done similar to how we make vadas in india….the south indian lentil based vadas…..made a little less crispier than how we eat them here…..would make an excellent patty for what Chris is trying to go for here…

  • The best veggie burger I’ve ever had is in Beirut, Lebanon ����in a vegan restaurant called Orenda. Literally the best thing I’ve ever had!

  • I am Indian and all vegan burger patte you find here are made of potato. You should try that:
    Boiled potato
    A little corn starch
    All spices you want and boom put buns Mayao ans done

  • I made an awesome veggie burger back when I was trying to be vegetarian (factoryfarm:( reasons). It was a gardenburger kind. Had to cook ths outside really well so inside would not be soft mushy and awful, but what made it so good was the sautéed red and yellow pepper and sweet onions slices then put the burger back in there and some bbq sauce, so it carmelizes for a few seconds with all of that, then scoop them on top and put some yummy melty cheese on there. *SO good*.

  • Did anybody else notice that the hands did not look like Merle’s I have been watching tasty for a looooong time and Merle’s hands look different

  • Veggie/ meat substitute burgers are garbage. Buy 100% grass fed ground beef it’s CHEAPER than beyond meat and more NUTRIENT DENSE than any of these plant products.

  • I love your videos. I have to be gluten free for dietary reasons, and have recently cut out meat, because it has been causing me issues. I was wondering, do I need to alter the flour recipe at all with gluten free flour or would it maintain the same measurement of ingredient? Thank you in advance and thank you for such wonderful and helpful videos. ��

  • Wow……I just stumbled upon this video…..I hate the veggie burger patties available in the market. Now I know I can make my own. Thanks for putting up this video…..

  • Come to India and have the McSpicy paneer burger from McDonald’s, it’s delicious. But it has dairy so it’s suitable for vegetarians not vegans.

  • A chewy patty is an essential part of a burger’s texture to me. I used wheat gluten as the base for my patties when I was vegan. Alternatively, I wonder if oat flour, rice flour, or meat glue could help the lentil patties have more structure.

  • Vegans should try plantain flower(flower of the banana tree). We use it in South Indian cooking to make “cutlets” and they’re delicious if you know how to cook them right. And they’re very nutritious. I almost find a meaty texture to these cutlets because they’re dense, but light on your stomach.
    I’m a non-vegetarian, btw.

  • We have a chain here in India where I live that makes brilliant vegetarian (not vegan) potato patty burgers that are smothered in a wonderful sauce that isn’t dry! Salivating thinking about it!

  • Spectacular… love this channel and so happy I found it:) Been vegan for 10 years now so thank you for all that you do!!! Love our instant pot… going WFPB changed our lives along with the pot. What kind of bun do you use for your burgers?

  • What kind of sauce is going on the cauliflower chick pea burger? I need more details in the video… and a link to the recipes would be SUPER helpful.

  • ugh!!! If i hear “vegans don’t get enough protein!” one more time, gonna burn everything to hell! it’s getting unbearably annoying!!!

  • Love you so much Merle! Everything you say and all your reasons you are vegan I seriously am doing the same thing for the same reasons. Love all your videos and what you have to say! ♥️

  • I love veggie burgers. It’s sooo delicious. I also tried the new vegan burger from McDonald’s and it was like super dry since there was like no sauce somewhere and the toppings were not a good choice in any way. I really liked the idea from McDonald’s but the way they try to make it, is bad. So I keep making veggie burgers myself.

  • I would love to see a spicy chickpea veggie burger. There is a local restaurant near me that makes an incredible chickpea spicy veggie burger with avocado, sprouts, pickles on it. Sometimes it’s nice to have a veggie burger that doesn’t have a ton of texture so you can add a bunch of toppings for texture.

  • Hey do you know that you can use the flower of bananas and make a curry and they taste almost exactly like a chicken curry. Being an Indian, I STRONGLY recommend it.

  • I suggest lentils especially chanaa daal should be used for veg patties, bun kebabs, a street food sold in southeast Asia especially in Pakistan has them and its yummy. Haven’t seen that in USA yet.

  • I never thought of the yogurt sauce! I usually do a traditional burger sauce with mine. I’ll have to give it a go my next party. Cheers Chris! Also thanks for keeping it real with the lentil burgers. NO FILLERS NEEDED!

  • i vote to make the french horn chris Morocco’s official instrument to be played every time he walks around grumpily (or in gourmet makes when he says something Claire doesn’t want to hear)

  • Looks yummy! Did U cook the grains with the pinto beans as it wasn’t clear unless I missed that? Great idea if h did. Saved so much faffing, do I have a cooked grain or cooked beans or both lol. THANK U

  • when using a flour (of any kind) to bind up a wet mix, shouldn’t you let it set up for a while, in the fridge etc? to allow the flour to absorb and all to blend better??

  • I tried this recipe and it’s really good! Had to go for the oat flour for the binding, of course. I wouldn’t call it Monday-nightable, though…

  • Chris is our family’s favorite celebrity of all time… no seriously, we’ve never seen someone so on point in his nerd game and relatable more Morocco!!

  • As a meat eater making veggie burgers has saved me lots of money, and as a student they have been an awesome way to eat healthy on a budget!!

  • I feel like you could do this with a flax egg or regular egg depending on preference too to help bind? Would probably still need a bit of flour to be fair. Fun to see one of the BA chefs showing a recipe that’s not totally polished yet!

  • I completely agree with his notion of veggies trying to be meat vs. veggies just being veggies. Stop trying to fool me and just make it delicious!

  • I’ve been pescetarian for 11 years and this video has been immensely helpful! First off, I’ve always made lentils like I was making rice with little water and secondly I always thought making my own veggie burgers was too hard! Gotta try this

  • I love veggie burgers. So very nutritious, especially black been, if added healthy fats eg. Walnuts. I like also beet or sweet potato and beens burgers, you must try! I often make your black bean burger. Delicious! But unhealthy sauces are killers.

  • I wonder about rolled oats that have been partially turned into flour but have some larger bits in them. Oat flour can be a bit gluey. The mixture will need more moisture though. A bit of nut milk maybe? And give the mixture time to hydrate and chill before forming patties. Ah now you have me wanting to experiment, Chris!

  • Bobby, you’re doing a great service for both consumers and food producers here by showing them the way to eat and what to buy!
    That said, your videos of late have been pre-package & snack heavy. While that’s exactly what busy families are looking for, it ignores what’s ultimately best for the planet. A move towards buying bulk (minus packaging,) making your own, and growing your own (if at all possible,) is really the best way to go. Buying prepackaged/premade foods (including drinks of all things,) is a move away from where we should be going. Showing kids how things grow from the ground up and how to cook and how to choose ingredients is empowering and good for the planet. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

  • Geez…is there any normal veggie burger recipe on YouTube?

    Why do they all need to be so “special”? Teach me how to make a solid, plain-jane, veggie burger. Tasty on its own.

  • chris morocco! i was watching this and thinking that you and i are similar. i googled your name and wikipedia tells me you’re a pisces!!! i didn’t think i would find that out but hey my birthday is three days before yours! neato.

  • Glass jars are way better than plastic once for many reasons. Next step is skipping tap water. Buy a Brita filter for food preparation.

  • Could y’all put your vegetarian/vegan content into a playlist sometime? I would love to be able to find those videos more easily, BA always puts out such good recipes for us veggies/vegans (when they actually do them haha).

  • There is this burger I tried, it’s vegetarian all clean except the cane sugar. The one problem is that I can’t remember the name of the brand, it’s another company that makes vegan/vegetarian stuff, like I said pretty clean all except the cane sugar. I can’t remember the brand name bc my mother recycled the packaging (I’m glad she recycled the packaging but not the fact that I can’t remember the packaging bc it gone.)

  • you keep saying to make these burgers with “extra virgin” olive oil.. its not neccessary, when you cook extra virgin olive doesnt it break down anyway, making 2nd or 3rd press olive oil just as acceptable as the almighty “extra virgin”?..

  • Yeah, definitely rinse and inspect beans. Its only happened to me 3 or 4 times over 45 years but biting down on a stone that was bagged with the beans is painful and damaging to your teeth!

  • Garbanzo girl Love, Love your videos. So glad to have found you. I’m getting ready to stop eating meats and your recipes are fabulous! what kind of bread do you recommend?

  • Highly effective video recording! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to discover these kind of content. We create Travel & Food films too, world-wide, and so we are continually interested in inspirations and concepts. Thank You.

  • my supermarket only had boca and dr preigar, I bought the preigar and was pleasantly surprised, my first veg burger and it was pretty darn good, thanks to you, I;m looking at the ingredients, expeller oil who knew to look for that.

  • can you please do a video regarding high protein soy meat/ tofu “met alternatives” form trader joes
    please discuss what you should look for when an item claims its “high protein” what to avoid and
    maybe a video on ‘grain free’ products such as “purely Elizabeth grain free granola” vs. the normal Elizabeth granola

  • I haven’t found anything at Thrive Market that is cheaper than my local stores. I really don’t see the advantage to paying a fee to shop online and then paying higher prices.

  • Hi Bobby. I live in Chicago NW suburbs Schaumburg. I love your videos. They are very informative and extremely useful. Thanks for doing that. We really appreciate.
    I request you to please make video on Best Bone Broth in the market to buy. Thanks again

  • I have made my bean veggi burger with liquid smoke for tons of meat eaters (even some hard core ones) and until now, everyone has liked it

  • Someone at Dr. Praeger’s is listening to you. Today, I purchased 2 of their products at Sprouts. They have avocado oil listed on their ingredients instead of expeller pressed canola oil. So awesome!

  • Look forward to trying these in my new IP Mini (finally they offered it for 230V! ����)❣️���� They look like the most tempting non-seitan/soy/quorn burgers I have seen, looks meaty with no bean mush! �� ��☺️

    Please don’t release the pressure with your hands, people! Doing so, is risky business, you risk burning yourself if you aren’t quick enough to remove your hand from the valve! Use a pair of (barbeque) tongs, so easy and keeps you on a safe distance! BTW, I just saw that you can get a silicone thingie to put on top of the valve. You can turn it, so it leads the steam away from e.g your kitchen cabinets. Saw it on aliexpress dot com for a dollar or two, shipping included. Can’t wait to try it! Oh well, I’ll get off my soap box now! ☺️ Or, maybe not, felt like sharing this: I have one tool I LOVE❣️ for making vegan burgers, a hamburger press. I have tried several types. The nicest one, made of metal, I hate. The cheap plastic one is real good, but a plastic/metal one with a spring and «plunger» (?) on top that you press, is simply SUPER❣️ Found it on ali too (cheapest place, but you may find it on ebay). I measure the burger dough (for identical size) in a measuring cup (I use 1/2 metric cup, a bit more than 1/2 US cup, 250ml vs 237ml). I then put it on the silpat mat, and press the burger patty directly there. That design burger press goes on top of the dough, the dough does not lie inside a part of the press, and that saves you so much work and mess❣️ I love such good tools, a great help when you’re making a big batch for the freezer, especially if you have joint problems, it saves you lots of work❣️❣️❣️��

  • Never understand why People in the US go super crazy trying to come up with Veggie patties.. Just use Potato. It binds well and have a fairly mild flavour. McDonalds and all major franchises use that in India and they are fairly successful

  • I just found your channel.

    Love it! I’m already hooked! Great job!! Yes as a vegan, I love using my Insta pot. Best thing ever happened!!!

  • Bobby, if you have not done so, maybe you can check out the veggie burgers and other foods at the Dollar Tree. Just a thought. Many people shop there.

  • How am I just now finding your channel!! I wish I found this year’s ago….not because I don’t know about foods but to prove to all my friends constantly buying into all these fake health food advertisment

  • Hi! I’m so glad I’m find your channel I’m a new subbie also a Chicagoian your videos are so helpful because I’m Pescatarian vegetarian and sometimes vegan��������

  • Loving these videos Bobby! Thanks for keeping us up to date and on our toes! I love veggie burgers Dr. Praeger’s and the beyond burgers. Yum! ��

  • I’m going to try making this burger. My husband just bought me an Insta Pot, this may be the first recipe I cook in it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Bobby! New to your channel and I’m really enjoying everything you discover for this community. I was wondering if there’s a Sams Club near you? I don’t have a Cosco where I live just Sams.
    Thank you!

  • I substituted one of our meals every month with veggie alternatives. And I get our veggie burgers from aldi’s because of the wide variety they have.

  • Hey Bobby! Just got put on to your channel last month and use it as a guide now that I’m grocery shopping more often.

    I just wanted to ask, what are your thoughts on Morning Star Chipotle Veggie bean burgers?

  • wow, this looks good…. is there the recipe so I can try this at home? Or is it just for promoting a restaurant and getting views?

  • Hey guys! Thank goodness there are better options then Boca burgers, because I was not always happy with the flavor! Mad love guys! ��
    Kisses to baby cheeks Rose!

  • I like your channel. I just found it, and immediately ran out to buy kale:) And I dig that shirt. Where did you get that? Also, I don’t have an insta pot but I have a crock pot. Hoping you’ll make some nice fall and winter recipes using that.

  • Omg….your my go to for shopping. I’m about to order your book to help me out. Maybe then I can figure out why you said natural flavor is something you don’t like. Forgive me I’m new to eating healthy. I’ve been studying for a year and I still feel food stupid ������

  • ORGANIC SUNSHINE BURGERS have great products including the Garden Burgers which ingredients are Organic cooked brown rice, organic ground raw sunflower seeds, organic carrots, organic chives, sea salt.

  • Love the short videos! It would be really great if you can also you add tasting to the recommendations. Maybe not all, but more. ��

  • It figures you would mention the only meatless burger I’ve ever tried! That’s right it’s the ultimate meatless burger by Gardien! I like the taste and the only reason I eat them occasionally is to get away from real beef because I already have heart disease partly thanks to dear old dad’s gene pool! So it’s not healthy to bad for me!��

  • i love the ideas of all these videos but will you please do an equivalent of the best TASTING options that have healthy ingredients? I dont want to buy the best ingredients if it tastes like cardboard LOL

  • Hi I’m new to your channel and I’m loving the recipes. Can I still use healthy oils in moderation? Also what type of bread did you use for the burger bun?
    I’m trying to eat as clean as possible and also doing intermitent fasting. thanks for sharing!!!

  • I definitely want to make these! Looks like an awesome recipe and will compliment some sweets I make in a similar shape.

    One question though: is it possible to add some lentils to the mix? Either as a substitute or an addition? If you were going to sub them for another ingredient, which would you do without and would you sub 1-for-1? Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  • Remember that vegetarian friend you had growing up you had to buy fake meat for. And dog bacon tasted better than what they thought was good.

  • Hi Bobby,
    I am a new subscriber to your channel. I really enjoy watching your videos. They are very educational and I have learned a lot from them. Now I know what to really look for when reading labels. I was wondering if you could please do a video on the best healthy protein bars. I am hoping to find some that taste good and are actually good for you without all the extra junk in them.

  • Y’all, I usually hate veggie burgers, but I went to nasa not too long ago and had the best one ive had in my life. Idk wtf nasa did, but they knew what they were doing. So if you go, please for the love of neptune go try it.

  • I’m a meatatarian. However, if eating vegan was as cheap as eating meat, I’d switch not because it’s healthier (that’s debatable) but because I’m hating more and more thinking about the animals suffering. Cows, pigs, dogs, cats, birds: they are no different than humans in any way other than they lack opposable thumbs, and they lack the vocal cords to communicate the way humans can (which in times increases brain size).

  • Veggie burgers are banging I had one once which was a onion bhaji pattie with lettuce, mango mayonnaise, yogurt and mint dressing and crushed poppadoms, it had garlic butter spread on the bun too it was insane!!!

  • I’m gonna be honest, I’m a lover of all veggie burgers. I love when it goes all out with the unique blend of ingredients, quinoa, black beans, brown rice, etc. But I tried the shroom burger from Shake Shack and I legit hated it. Like the texture of the portabella is just off putting, and frying it doesn’t really do anything, just makes it messier.

  • How come you always avoid the engine 2 products? You skipped their granola, burgers, and hummus. All great products without any oil!

  • Delish Joanna! I’d recommend putting the mixture for these in the fridge for an hour, as they can be prone to fall apart when cooking.

  • i don’t want to be an asshole (though i am one)
    but if you’re getting cheese on a burger it might
    as well be meat, when you consider how both
    the meat and dairy industries are intertwined……

  • I don’t like hamburgers but these I’m going try w/homemade potato salad on side & a few different spices namely perhaps cayenne & dill (that goes great with Dijon on top).

    Will you be developing a playlist of Instant Pot recipes. I really like how you laid out this vlog…very easy to follow & you made it clear to follow as you showed each ingredient..

  • So we just found this channel….as my husband and I really need to lose some weight and eat healthier (we got blood testing back; high cholesterol, inflammation, low vitamin D). I bought some stuff I thought was healthier the first week of the new year….just looked at the ingredients…full of *natural flavor, sucralos, and more. I know feel like I failed-wasted money. Do people toss all their food once they watch this channel? Ugh, so much money…anyway I am going to focus on the good, my win, lucked into buying Bobby approved Avocado mayo. Woohoo.

  • Best thing to do is make your own it’s really easy and so delicious. My coworker used to make a really easy delicious black bean burger. I’d throw it on some Ezekiel bread!

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    I want to share with you an addition to your Instant Pot, pick up a 1″ PVC elbow and or a 3 way connection from the hardware store. When doing a quick release, place this on the black knob and turn, it directs the steam wherever you point it or it divides the steam. Be careful the steam is hot.

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