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To me, this is a perfect example of an unhealthy relationship with food. An unhealthy relationship with food can be more subtle than Mary’s. What begins as an innocent, well-meaning intention to eat healthfully can get out of hand, leading to shame and guilt when we break. “When you break a rule, that can spiral into ‘I’m a bad person,'” Albers noted. “But food isn’t good or bad. There are 50 shades in between.

Rule-based eating doesn’t take hunger and cravings into. Having a healthy relationship with food takes effort but working towards feeling more at peace with eating is well worth it. Here’s what you can do in order to prevent unhealthy habits from.

4 steps to restore a healthy relationship with food and enjoy eating again. Having a healthy relationship with food has been a goal of mine the past few years. I’ve always been image-conscious, and therefore tend to view food as a means to attractiveness and to. Here’s what I did to break the rather unhealthy cycle I was in.

The below isn’t intended to be prescriptive, nor it is based on anything but a sample size of one (me). But since it worked for me maybe it will help others struggling with the relationship they have with food too. STEP 1: I stopped looking at food as a reward for exercise.

Habits can be hard to break, especially when they involve food. Many people get into comfortable routines, like eating dinner in front of the TV or having a bowl of ice cream every night. We need food to live.

When eating becomes a source of guilt, shame, or fear then this relationship has become unhealthy. Eating should be one of many activities in an individual’s life. When an individual is preoccupied with food, this relationship is unhealthy.

An unhealthy relationship with food takes many forms: Having rigid rules about food. Food & Cocktails. Entertaining The 7 Most Toxic Relationship Patterns—And How to Break Them For Good. You talked it out, sworn to change, but still follow the same destructive playbook. 4 Steps Towards a Healthier Relationship With Food by Deanna Schober NASM CPT · 3 Comments With an estimated 69% of Americans overweight, 34% of them obese, food has somehow become something new in our society, an addiction, a temporary solution for emotions and stress, or something to fear and avoid.

quicklist: 4 category: Signs Your Relationship With Food is Unhealthy title: You really, really want to be skinny url: text: A healthy relationship is honest. An unhealthy one is full of deception.

List of related literature:

In Step 5, you learn to resist and control the interactions between food and mood, the reasons we eat other than hunger.

“Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control” by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
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Overcoming overeating: How to break the diet/binge cycle and live a healthier, more satisfying life.

“The Addiction Treatment Planner: Includes DSM-5 Updates” by Robert R. Perkinson, Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr., Timothy J. Bruce
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Breaking their rules and re-introducing “bad foods” affords them the opportunity to tolerate the discomfort and realize they don’t have to binge and then purge.

“REBT with Diverse Client Problems and Populations” by Windy Dryden, Michael E. Bernard
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Furthermore, these overeating and/or binge episodes can intensify the guilt and shame that accompanies the eating patterns of those with food-addictive behaviors and can “reinforce the erroneous notion that restrictive eating is a solution” (Herrin, 2003, p. 156).

“Behavioral Addictions: Criteria, Evidence, and Treatment” by Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD, Laura Curtiss Feder, PsyD
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Difficult as it is, we escape our bondage to food only by reconnecting with our needs and feelings and by receiving care and comfort.

“Anatomy of a Food Addiction: The Brain Chemistry of Overeating” by Anne Katherine
from Anatomy of a Food Addiction: The Brain Chemistry of Overeating
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Step Three: Eat a healthy version of the food you crave.

“Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within” by Latham Thomas
from Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within
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Step 4: Shift the focus away from food Once you have decided what you will and will not eat and have articulated that decision, divert the conversation away from food differences as quickly and naturally as you can.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
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By making yourself dependent on food for emotional support, rather than your relationships or your soul, you abdicate your power to control your eating.

“YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
from YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management
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But this rule is going to help you change all that, by employing some very specific strategies that will help you feel less obsessed about the food on your plate, less attached to it, and more able to let it go somewhere else.

“Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting” by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
from Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting
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For example, an article entitled “How to Convert Your Kitchen for the New Age of Nutrition” (Prevention, February, 1975) tells the housewife how to make her kitchen a source of health for her family.

“Investigating Culture: An Experiential Introduction to Anthropology” by Carol Delaney, Deborah Kaspin
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I have just sat and cried throughout the whole of this. Yes. Yes. Yes. How so true. I have been so consumed by dieting. This has opened up my eyes in so many ways! I am so stealing the phrase at the end of this. Let’s count memories not calories. Thank you! Yes!

  • I have a bad addiction of healthy food i overeat vegetables and bland food
    I don’t know why can’t i stop eating them
    Whenever i try to stop eating them it make me irritating and angry

  • Few things im worried about: Body weight x 17,5 why is it a fixed number, this should be adjusted by at least age, height and its different for males and females as well.
    Isnt it questionable to consume fresh cucumber along with tomato? Or its debunked already? I would swap fresh cucumber with lacto fermented one (extra gut bacteria benefit).
    My breaking meal (supper): handful of steamed brocolli and steamed turkey breast, sprinkled with cinnamon, tumeric and pepper, and a little of grated ginger. NO salt. Eating it extremely slow, chewing everything super carefully. Then 1 cup of herb tea made of 1 teabag of mint, 1 teabag of nettle and 1 teabag of
    camomile. When cooled down, added splach of ACV and/or lemon juice. Felt zero problems, next time i’ll use fresh broccoli and add a shot of lacto fermented beetroot juice.

  • Ok so I’m vegan and really want to do very long water fast a month plus would drinking a mixed berry smoothie made with water not milk for the first 2 days then after those two days eating oatmeal be a good way to break a fast?

  • I’m a 25 year old male & I’m in a frustrating relationship with my girlfriend of 2 years & she hits me & disrespects me on a daily basis, we live together & I just want to run completely away from her but I love her family & I’m more afraid of losing the bond me & her brothers have formed than losing her HELP ME!!!

  • You have truly inspired me. I am going home smashing my scales and going to say screw it and start living my life! I met you at the event and I have to say you radiate grace and kindness. I will never forget how you have helped me.

  • I’m here because my boyfriend of 4 years has just kicked me out of his car and told me to leave his home where I’ve been living for a year. I’m broken, in tears and so embarrassed. I look at him and I can tell he doesn’t love me the way I love him.. guys how do I stop from crying

  • Thank you…this was very helpful in providing insight. Your disposition is very caring and warm…plus you’re candor is refreshing and much appreciated.

  • I did intermittent fasting and started eating around 10 and stopped eating at 3 then i suddenly changed and started eating at 6 i almost died my stomach hurt so bad for 3 days

  • Love is awesome but smartness is much more important in a relationship. There’s a popular saying that “don’t trust too much because that too much might hurt you so much”. I discovered my husband was cheating on me through the help of an ethical hacker ( Cyberhackingsage )who helped cloned his cellphone and i was able to read his messages and uncover my husband’s infidelity without having to touch his phone. It was a sad experience for me but I’m glad i found out all his secrets and how he planned on using this Pandemic to get back at me. All i did was share my husband’s cell number with Cyberhackingsage and i got access to his Facebook, WhatsApp, GPS location, Call Logs and Text Messages (both deleted and incoming ones) with a remote link to a programmed Application on my phone. I’m here in Florida and able to access my husband’s phone…even while he was away in Canada cheating on me. Thanks to Cyberhackingsage, now i have enough evidence for my divorce. You can contact them Via Gmail ( [email protected] )Or Text and WhatsApp them on +15713758467…thank me later.

  • Ive been vegan now 6 months because of health issues, never felt better. I was addicted to junk food. 25lbs later gone and I am a new man.

  • Thank you, felt like you were speaking directly to my heart and your words bring such clarity and support to my situation. I appreciate this so much.

  • Hey Christine and everyone on the comment section, its my first time on your channel and i loved the video, I am married and have a two year old girl. My husband is manipulative and abuses me mentally he even tried to kill himself once i told him i was leaving and we where done, I am about to end the relationship i am tired exhausted and do not have the strength to go on anymore, Please pry for me and my baby girl.

  • I’m no expert, but you included foods (i.e., tofu) that are high in oxalates, which I was told to avoid in a different, evidently credible video.

  • 5 and a half years and it’s day four of leaving a toxic relationship. there was cheating, mental abuse, emotional abuse, alcohol abuse & then physical abuse. i’m starting to feel worthless but this video gave me STRENGTH. i plan on watching this any day i feel weak. WE CAN GET AWAY AND START TO LIVE A BETTER & HEALTHY LIFE! it’s day by day, ladies and guys. it’s hard and it WILL be hard. but count down the days and i promise you’ll start seeing development. i’m so excited for the future. this video was a godsend

  • I’m addicted to unhealthy food, and idk how to quit, when I’m stressed or have anxiety I eat way more then when I’m calm and feeling good. I’ve lost 50 pounds from cutting back, and now I’m back to where I started…

  • As a health professional I applaud this. BMI is outdated and over used. Shame on the GP. Set point is a fascinating perspective. Great inspiring talk. Is she barefoot?

  • This video is so incredibly Good! Thank you!
    But what if my answer to if i want to leave still is no i still Dont wanna lose him ugh

  • Unfortunately, the focus of the food industry is not to provide a healthy, quality food supply. The main focus is profit. And just like any drug dealer knows, addiction is the best way to maximize profits. It is pure economics.

  • I appreciate people who put this much effort into their research. Subscribed before ten minutes into this first video of yours I’ve looked at.

  • For the longest time these food companies have been systematically enslaving people to the unbreakable addiction of processed foods to keep their recurring revenue high.

  • Thank you so much for the video! Really informative, I’ve been following your regimen and have been doing weekly 60 hour fasts for the past month. I have been getting great results so far.

  • You are sooo kind to read lods of papers and make such great videos in order to answer our questions.
    It must be very much time and work. You earn my respect.
    And I thank u a million times!!

  • Oh, no idea eating disorders could be this dangerous. I semi recovered but figured I was a healthy weight so no longer had a problem. After watching this it was definatly the boot I needed. I want to recover properly now. Fed up with being a war in my own head, I resonate so much with this talk it is like my own train of thoughts. Those scales though �� my challenge for later. They are going! This has inspired me to get this sorted once and for all. Cheers TED!

  • Sending this to my friend, who is in an abusive relationship and doesn’t know how to get out of it and I don’t exactly know how to help her so I hope this (and some other stuff) will

  • Yes, preach! All great advice. After 17 years of marriage, 2 kids, and 3 years of therapy, I have healed from the sociopathic narcissistic man that I took back multiple times in the past. It does get better, all the things you suggest my therapist helped me implement too. Do not stay for the kids. It’s better for them to be from a broken home than live in one! Thank you and God bless ��

  • Man im so hurt�� he was always cheating on me and putting whores before me im emotionally numb he took everything out of me i don’t think ill ever get my confidence back and he was a sweet person in the beginning i didn’t know a man could hurt u so bad

  • I’ve been doing 1 meal a day keto, for 5 days, after I ate lunch (eggs) I was tempted and ate some chili and beer, it made me violently ill, and still feel like crap 6 hours after ��
    I think I’ll go back to a basic Whole Foods diet, but hey dropped 6 lbs��

  • Hey, not sure if anyone can help out, but I’m currently 7 days into a water fast, aiming to do 14 days (stop next Friday), however I have a family gathering the Saturday after and I was wondering when would it be safe to consume alcohol again? This video answered every other question I had (except for when I can eat burgers again, but I think you said it’s cool after day 3 as long as I control my sodium). A good point to mention is I have also been using an electrolyte formula over the week and I’m hoping when I break fast, it won’t hit me as hard. Again thank you for the video, really appreciate the time and research you’ve put into this. Take care

  • Can food be addicting?

    Or can going to toilet be addicting?

    Such things are basic needs of man and i think they shouldn’t be classified ‘addiction’ as they can only be controlled to some extent. For instance you could stop depending on foods for 7 days most. Or you could eat 7 days’ food in a day. Each has its harms.

    There should be a third way i think

  • As an ED Dr I am ashamed by what was told to this woman by the GP. What a remarkable journey. I hope this young lady continues to share her messege. I have seen so many patients who’s weight was healthy but mentally and physically worse than my severe underweight patients. This messege needs to be spread everywhere. Completely agree with set point to. Great ted talk. Great inspiration.

  • Honestly feels so good to know I’m not alone.. my food addiction made me gain 100lbs.. I was able to lose it but still battle with it everyday and gained about 20 back it’s seriously an everyday battle..foods on my mind almost 24/7

  • It is very important, once I broke a 2 days fast with pasta. I needed to take a benzo to calm down. It was insane, never do this.

    Last week I made another 2 days fast but this time I broke with a small avocado a some hours later I ate some eggs… It was smooth Lessons learned

  • What a brilliant example you are! I work with teens and the focus on diets is unreal. Very eye opening. Delivered well despite a tech glitch and I have to say very inspiring and it actually made me emotional. Very very interesting talk. Your story is incredible. Thank you.

  • Simple solution After multiple extended fasts (up to 7 days), making a number of mistakes, and investigating this topic extensivelyI have found for me and a number of my friends, the easiest solution for everyday people is to consume home-made bone broth 2-3 times every 4-6 hours after an EF. Then, add in some lean protein. Works well for the majority of people. If you can’t make the broth at home, buy one from the refrigerated section of the supermarket, not the shelves.

  • I’m going through something similar. But I’m still in the relationship right now, was engaged, he cheated, got back together hoping for a difference in this man… just for the distance to create more resistance to him. I know people aren’t perfect but I must move on. It’s been 4 1/2 years we’ve been together. I deleted him off all social media and everything. But I have an line open for communication. He always slips back in. I’m starting to think he maybe a narcissist. I had a dream of him last night he was massaging someone else’s feet. I’m starting to realize how unhappy I am. Thank you so much for this video. ����������

  • What’s my dream “me”
    Eat pizza and work at gym all day �� that could be a dream

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way ☹️ �� ��

  • Alright. Just came out of a 30 days water fast. June 1st to 30th. Broke with some Water Melon slices. Though I still felt groggy and dizzy when I suddenly get up. Also, it felt as if I could feel nutrients being actually sucked into my body. I have always broken with water melons but in tiny chunks. I noticed other differences:
    1. Besides water melon, I notice I eat/feed about a tiny piece every 2 hours or so.
    2. The second day I mix up the fruits
    3. Thursday I introduce nuts etc.
    However I do these in tiny quantities. Everything I eat, I eat in tiny quantities.

    I’ll break my next fast your way. I’ll see if the side effects from. Feeding syndrome will be less stressful on the system.

  • i want to leave but i dont. its been so long hes helped me through so much but made me worse. i dont know what to do:/

    he has started to walk all over me because i love him… i feel like i have nothing he helped me out of my home and everything.

  • Zoe is am amazing young lady who I have seen go from a bubbly person to an introverted type A anorexic and a shadow of the person she was inside and out. Her journey has been such an eye opener for the family and her friends. The fact that she has had the guts to do something positive out of her journey is wonderful and I am sure she will make a huge difference to many people. Her talk is very inspiring and made such sense. Set Point theory needs putting out there and Zoe does it in a clear and concise manner which allows us all to have that light bulb moment. This is her first ever talk and I am sure it won’t be the last………………

  • Finally a decent TED talk on ED awareness. A-typical eating disorders is just as dangerous as any other ED. Shout this messege for the people at the back to hear. Great delivery and really passionate honest speaker spoke from the heart and with passion and professionalism. Set point is a good concept for all to hear too. Thank you.

  • This was a very good talk but I think he forgot to tackle one very important aspect. Although process food, junk food, fast food, high sugar foods are making us sick, the companies that produce them are rich. In a capitalist, profit-driven society, the consequence of altering process food recipes to make them more healthy will make those foods unpalatable for the millions of junk food addicts making those profit-driven companies lose a significant amount of money. Sadly, this will never happen. The only thing people can do is educate themselves by watching great videos such as this one and by making the necessary choices for themselves to stop buying those foods and stop making those greedy companies rich. As a result of this decision, they will gain their lives back. Yes, this is hard, but it can be done.

  • When a man physically or emotionally abuses you, that is not love. That is not any sense of the words “liking you.” Understand it’s your obligation to remove yourself from that situation because there is something wrong with him, not you.

  • After successfully practicing intermittent fasting for two weeks, this morning during my fasting window I ate a few kernels of popcorn (PlainLeft out from the evening before). Since I had started eating at that point I thought a piece of chocolate couldn’t hurt. Fast forward 6 hours to my eating window and I felt so sick, I could barely eat 1/3 of a chicken breast and a few pieces of broccoli before my stomach started cramping so bad and I got so nauseous I had to go lay down. Duh. Don’t eat chocolate to break your fasteven a little bit. Now I’m worried tomorrow I have to start those first 4 difficult days again. That’s what I’m on a mission to find out…

  • I was in a toxic relationship for like three years. It sucked but it’s been a long time and I know what to look out for now.

    How I left: Deep down I wanted to leave more than anything but stayed because I felt like without my help, this person would just crumble and probably threaten to hurt themselves again which I didn’t want and remained hopeful that someday they would get better but you can’t change people. One day they said they wanted to break up and I felt awful but also somewhat relieved. This person told me they were leaving me for someone they cheated on me with and I told them if that’s the route they wanted to take then I’m okay with their decision. It hurt for a long time and before this we’ve had many break ups but we would always run back and say we would do better. This time was different because I put effort into not texting back after they said they wanted me back countless times and apologizing so much over text and that they only cheated to make me jealous or something. I wasn’t going to put up with all the bullshit anymore and didn’t speak with them for a while until like after a month or so when I knew I wasn’t going to try and make up anymore although I was tempted to. We said our goodbyes and by now all my feelings for them are gone. I have a feeling the person isn’t fully over me though..

  • How he left!!! I only concentrated on the few good things but “forgot” of all the bad things. My husband had verbally and physically abused me through out the whole marrige. He shoved an electronic barbeque lighter down my throat, punched me in public with the kids and his family, dragged me from my car to the house; choked me until I couldn’t breathe, tried to poke my eyes out and so much more. I went through this for years. I was 17 when we moved in together into this basement with nothing more than 16$ but we managed. I would hold on this this and the shame of being a divorcee but I learned throughout the years that my health wasn’t the best (physically and emotionally) and I had to act quick. I would go take walks at the park, watch videos as such and tried being positive until one day in a huge fight I stood my ground and faced him dearing him with fear to hit me and I can tell you he did not walk a single inch. That same second I pointed at his closet and told him to get out. He thought I was joking and laughed at me making me feel like shit and as soon as he walked out I packed all of his shit ALL OF HIS SHIT!!!!!!!!and left it at the door. I cried for months but I accomplished so much with out him. I lost 25 IBS and traveled different places. I hid money from him because I knew this day would come and it did. I did it so can you!

  • Thank u I enjoyed this…i really needed this…im in a 2 year toxic relationship and I am really need8to leave…fear is whats stopping me i guess and guilt if I leave him

  • I really wanted to fast 3-5 days or more but being alone n the I can’t ��the longest fasts I did was 52hrs only and I fast 24 every day.

  • My diet has changed drastically through COVID19 and for the better, but yesterday while I was driving I saw a lineup at McDonalds and wondered why?

  • I came across this video when searching “toxic relationships” and this is the first video I’ve seen of yours. When you said at the end that this was your first video on a relationship topic I was floored. Everything.. EVERYTHING you said is hitting so close to home right now girl. Your video helped me stop sobbing. Just wanted to say I extra appreciated this video.

  • I feel so tired and weak of being beat down from my toxic relationship. I want to leave so badly but I don’t know how. I feel like I have nobody else in my life to help me get through the breakup. He makes me feel like I’m the crazy one and always tells me my feelings aren’t valid

  • Excellent talk Zoe, makes so much sense and I am so disappointed on your behalf that the GP did not listen to you when you clearly needed help. Well done for having the courage to do the talk and for sharing your story x

  • I have been on YT for over 10 years. This is my first comment ever. Dude. You live up to your promises. I have been confused for the entire duration of my fast about how to break it, now I feel confident and ready for it. Thanks so much, keep up the good work, you got a new subscriber.

  • Dorian did you ever gain any weight back immediately when you refed? Or if you refeed probably did you continue to lose a little weight?

  • Man I can’t lose anything no matter how healthy I eat and workout I’m just about to eat vegetables and that’s it once a day this some bs

  • I thought it was going to be just another lecture on how to eat, but he had some very compelling research and really knows the struggle, good talk.

  • They will never take responsibility. As long as corn, wheat, and soy are subsidized in the US we will continue to have the problem of a toxic, addictive food environment.

  • I know whom you are referring to as Youtuber. I watch his videos regularly.
    What surprised me is that you too suggested/using Bone broth just like him.
    Isn’t there a Vegan option in place of bone broth?

  • Andrew keep doing what you are doing. Think of yourself as a front line warrior. Don’t think it’s a stretch to say all our obese family and friends are battling this addiction, and this will be a multi-generation war that will continue to claim millions of casualties. It’s time for more of us to make sure we are on the right side of history.

    I have just gone through a major transformation this past year lost 72 pounds (252-180). I am determined to keep it off, but I know I have food addiction issues. Going from weight loss mode to weight loss maintenance brings new challenges. First step is recognizing my food addictions are real, just like a drug addiction. Starting to deal with this through mindful eating practices and learning what my triggers are for unhealthy food cravings.

  • Nice presentation, Andrew! I really liked how you equated telling an overweight person to go on a diet/eat healthier on their own with telling someone who’s addicted to drugs or alcohol that they need to reduce their use. It just won’t work. I’ve never heard it stated that way before, but it makes a lot of sense and really puts food addiction into perspective as what it is an addiction.

  • Hi Dorian, you also mentioned amino acid. Im wondering if we should take in amino acids together with electrolytes during fasting. Some products such as AminoVital claims that taking BCAA does not break fasting while some said they do. Im confused.

    I asked becoz i tried juice fasting before and the lack of amino acids did cause me problems, most obvious of which is more hair turning silver than it would. Could you please help explain the situation with amino acids?

  • Thanks for this and your other videos…awesome video and info….I am on day 4 of a water fast…..also…the background music on this video is great….how can I get access to it???

  • I’ve done IF for years but I’m wondering if it’s causing depression for me. Anyone else feel like this? Wondering if I need that electrolyte mix to help with it?

  • Thank you for speaking out. So many of us suffer from EDs and disordered eating. I wish doctors had more education about EDs, especially in this day and age, and relied less (or not at all) on that useless BMI chart.

  • Mr. Becker,
    Thank you more than I can express for committing to providing people with I think information that is as important, pertinent and life saving as any AA program.
    The absolute irony that I encountered before this video was an ad for “Cinnamon Toast Crack”!!!.. uh…I mean Crunch… nope I mean CRACK.
    Keep spreading the info sir…please keep going.
    Thank you.
    LeAnn W

  • The presentation was good, but I think it’s a little naive to think that the solution to this issue is to have major corporations change the way they produce food. Corporations will change the way they produce food when WE will change our habits individually, so in that sense I think he has it upside down. I would have liked to see what kind of changes WE can make on a day to day basis to improve our eating habits, instead of just waiting for the food industry to change their ways of producing food by mere goodwill.

  • Your videos are, hands down, the best! I love your editing, your references, the fact that you section down your video. I am obsessing slightly. Well done.

  • Thank you ���� �� so much for this video I’ve felt like I’ve lost my confidence in myself and felt Like everything I was going through I deserved I only stayed because I thought even if he’s done shit he’s always treated me good but now I see the way he was acting wasn’t right at all…. I’m just hoping I’ll be Strong enough to end the relationship ����

  • Thank you very much, the best video I watched about breaking the fast properly! Like you, I was kinda disappointed which guidlines other fasting youtubers were giving. Looking forward to your next video. ��

  • I want cheese and bacon and eggs and grilled chicken, coke ł, beer. Lots of more thing my tongue haven’t tasted anything good been 4 years. ��

  • I leave my boyfriend yesterday. But his like talk to me, i will not to this again, sorry blah blah and he used say this everytime when I’m about to leave him and somehow he always convinced me then again he do the samething. But now i can’t.i feel so trapped.he don’t want me to talk with someone even don’t look anyone(sometime mistakenly we observe someone).but he’s the one who always cheat on me.I know he loves me but i don’t feel it’s healthy. he makes me feel so special sometime. And then again same behavior.and he still texting me.i don’t know how to deal with it:(

  • Wow! A truly moving and inspiring talk from possibly the strongest and most beautiful woman I have ever seen! The scale smash was simply epic! Well done Zoe, you are indeed a barefoot legend! ��

  • Why do we only ever hear about “ARFID” when the overwhelmingly prevalent eating disorder is over eating (leading to obesity & far worse health outcomes)

  • I just can’t get over how absolutely GORGEOUS you are ���� This is the first video I am seeing from you, and honestly I can’t thank you enough for making this public. So many people do truly feel alone and stuck and helpless in toxic relationships, and they don’t have anyone to talk to or lean on, so it’s important to have people like you who share such honest and helpful advice!

  • I was with him because I didn’t want to feel alone, I need to learn to love myself and enjoy myself and I enjoyed his company, every time I felt like we were actually becoming more intimate and would bond he’d get mad and block me. Or become detached and make me question myself and thing I did something wrong. I’d speak on how I felt and it wouldn’t matter bc it wasn’t a big deal to him, we brought out each other’s worst side and I’m glad It’s over. Ended on super bad terms but I’ll get over it, I’m about to be 21 I need to focus on myself.

  • Thanks, Dorian. Your research is very impressive and comprehensive! I learned a lot. I just finished my 7 day water fast and I can’t find any videos that resonates to what I believe in until I watched yours. Thanks for confirming what I also believe in. I truly appreciate it. Be blessed!

  • I’m currently planning on leaving my wife. We’ve been married for three pure hell years. I’m miserable with this person and I don’t feel happy. My plan is to save money for a few months and get a apartment then tell her I’m done for good.

  • Working on leaving a 3 almost 4 year toxic relationship, first 1 was physically and mentally, then I left but came back and he stopped the physical but kept with the mental.. I’m not sure why I still stay I love him I think but I also hate him.. this will be my 3rd rime trying time leave this relationship..

  • I once broke a 5 day water fast with a big plate of hot wings and scarfed them down. The pain was indescribable. I felt like I was dying.

  • We have a son together. And I think I’m at my wits end trying to hold myself together. This man has killed my spirit, cheated and lied so many times and I keep going back every time he begs me and it just does not get any better and I know it won’t so I have to leave. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do… praying for strength and courage! I’ve got this��

  • It’s not only the ladies that are getting hurt. I’m a guy and I’m hurting a lot in this toxic relationship.
    I like it when you said “You don’t need closure”. I’ve continued to leave in this painful and unfulfilling relationship and somehow I felt I needed to figure out and understand why she is behaves in such a heartless manner and when out why I would be able to figure a solution so we can be happy together. The truth is when I’m able to get her to talk i get more confused and it gets even more painful..

  • What if a person was to fast for 2 days then refeed, I mean constantly. Instead of OMAD one meal every two days, would the same apply, I mean having to take electrolytes and thiamine on the fasting period and seeing as you only eat that once what would you eat in that meal?

  • Im looking for how to break a fast which is only 16-20 hours long tho i dont fast that long now i still dont know what applies to me

  • That was awesome, Zoe, and such an important message. Thoroughly impressed with your presentation, your strength (as if it needed stating) and especially the smashing of those scales! Could not be prouder to call you a friend… WELL BLOODY DONE!!

  • Hi, I am still confuse… for 16-8 intermittent fasting, what are the best food to break the fast? I’ve been following the YouTuber guide to consume lean protein during breaking fast and consuming apple cider vinegar to maintaining insulin low before & after meal.

  • Dude this is so unique, It’s amazing that you’re putting this out for free on youtube after taking so much time to do the research and present it. I have no idea why you don’t have like a couple million subscribers.

  • My friend is in a toxic relationship. He’s trying to leave the girl but her mom and his mom won’t allow him to break up with her. He doesn’t want to be in the relationship anymore but he is being forced to. He keeps asking me what he should do. Plz tell me what should he do?

  • I’ve been in a abusive relationship for the past 4 years I met him when I was 18 that was the problem he was 30 he had multiple other gfs and I never knew about any of them he felt like he had it made to the point that he posted all 3 of us on Facebook I’ve been trying to leave but the police have been called and everything but when u live in a small town where everyone know everyone doesn’t help u I knew I had no business but things got too deep this man has spit on me dragged me down the road in a moving car slap me punched me in my stomach and choked me i try to tell my family but nothing ever changes and to make matters worst I don’t even have my mama here to help me with this bc she passed away I pray all the time asking for strength but I feel like I’m just trapped under his control

  • I’ve been dating this man for about 3 1/2 years he’s always hiding his phone and he’s always blaming me and I was think he’s talking to some other woman said hard he leaves me home a lot he blocked my number and the sad part he does what he wants to be in if he’s not happy he drops be home a lot. There was a woman at a store asking for a sister but there was another door in the front he got mad at me and start telling me things about the neighbor and start telling me about that woman and his brother-in-law was involved. He sad I’m like women.He sent me home and I didn’t do anything wrong why can’t I stop thinking about him why does he make me feel bad all the time and I want to fix the problem and nothing has been fixed I need help please help me how to work this problem

  • Thank you for this video I’m ending my relationship I’ve been staying for the children for about six years it’s causing me health problems now and mental problems I’m in and out of psychologist offices! He happens to be a black man and he’s very mentally abusive and has tried to be physical at times and I just can’t handle it I have too much love for myself! I was bullied in school and abused by my own family so I think I attracted this relationship because it felt normal and I’m about to break the curse! You’re a beautiful girl inside and out

  • The best advice I ever got was from my friends dad and he said “as I tell my children, make your own money and be independent. When you get in a relationship you won’t need that person, but will enjoy their company”

  • Didn’t know for sure but I kept thinking you had to be careful when breaking a long fast. The way the body adjusts to things and then how it responds to carbs especially after not having any, figured there was some issue w insulin at the least. Great video.

  • As someone who fasts for health benefits, I would recommend not fasting to the point where you may seriously damage your health. Rather than a 5 day continuous fast with the associated issues of electrolyte depletion and subsequent possibility of refeed syndrome; why not enjoy 5 x 24 hour fasts spread over a couple of weeks.

  • Bro you put in so much effort in to these videos, it’s so awesome seeing someone using real studies to formulate opinions and videos to deliver substantial and scientifically based conclusions. Thank you, you deserve all the subs!

  • Excellent presentation. I think that your summary of the current body of research and scope of the problem help shape the call to action. Definitely an important up and coming issue in our society.

  • I used to journal all the time. It has always been my trusted solace. But once he started going through them I haven’t had that sacred space, and it’s killing me.

  • So proud of my incredible friend. Please share. Love this family so much, and this could happen to any of us. To turn a desperate low point into a way of helping others is instinctive for these guys. Keep pushing your message Zoe you are doing amazing work.

  • I have completely failed to leave my toxic boyfriend, he is so abusive in words and actions, he keeps asking me to leave but whenever i want to, is throw curses at me, and starts asking me to forgive him, am so confuse

  • Thank you so much for all your kind comments, blown away x please feel free to follow me on twitter and Instagram all things ED related, recovery tips and vids and lots of body positivity posts.
    @RebelBarefoot (twitter)
    Barefootrebel1 (insta)


  • So in a nutshell: we should break our fast with some kind of protein ( fish, red/ white meat, tofu) with some low ig vegetables ( cucumber, letters…)
    I’m on an 14 days water fast this is how I will break it + I will consume bone broth too

  • Addiction is painful whether it be food or drugs. The following information won’t heal your food addiction but it will help you to better deal with it. The advice given will help you reach and maintain your goal.
    Give this a try and see how you feel. It helps me live anxiety free around the issues of my many addictions. Peace.

    I wrote this paper to help people with goal achievement. A way of training your brain. Be forewarned, I’m a psychic who works with spirit doctors. This information comes directly from them.

    [When it comes to a decent diet and weight loss, you must first own it.]


    What does it mean to own success? In my mind owning success is when you’ve internalized faith in a definition of success and by doing so, manufactured the internal belief necessary for it’s mental spiritual and physical manifestation. Internalizing goals can be long and complicated, until now. I’d like to share an exercise that will instantaneously internalize your chosen goals and new beliefs.

    It’s great to have goals but they really mean very little until we put action behind them. The greatest intent to do something does not in itself put any food in the stomach of a starving child. If we want to make a difference we must put action behind our words. But it seems so hard to fight for the things we really want. Why is that?

    My spirit doctors say the answer to that question is found in the question itself. It’s hard to fight for what we want because fighting for it is the problem in the first place. We should never fight for our goals. The goals we find ourselves fighting for are found outside of our physical selves, out in our surrounding aura. The fact we must fight for them shows we’ve not yet internalized them fully.

    Think about it. Think of a goal you want but have not yet achieved. Notice how it feels to exist outside of your physical self? Now compare it to a goal you had in the past that you already achieved. Notice how that goal feels like it exists inside of you. We must internalize our goals to effortlessly achieve them. How to internalize your goals and new beliefs is the subject of this weeks spirit teaching.

    There are many ways to internalize goals but this one is totally original and highly effective. By following the recipe you’ll experience results right now. Spirit taught me the importance of juicing everyday. I’m not talking my vegetables, I’m talking visuals. Play along. Follow the spirit given recipe and decide for yourself. Once a goal is internalized the friction for achieving it will be gone meaning you won’t have to fight for it’s manifestation. Your decision to have it will be enough.

    STEP #1] Take out a piece of paper and write down a goal. Describe your goal in as much detail as possible. This piece of paper becomes your goal blueprint.
    [In this case your goal is a fit and healthy body.]

    STEP #2] Now read your blueprint and visualize the goal. See yourself as having already obtained that which you want the most. [Mental visuals are the language of the subconscious.]

    STEP #3] Imagine a juicing machine in front of you. Take your goal blueprint with both words and visuals, roll it up and imagine yourself pushing the goal blueprint through the juicer. Make the zzzzzzzzzzzzz sound as you juice your blueprint with all the mental visuals you just created. Now in your imagination your left with a full glass of goal juice. Use your coffee cup or a glass of water if trying this at home. The liquid in your cup is your goal blueprint in a spiritually potent liquefied state.

    STEP #4] Now hold your imagined glass of juice [or a physical glass of water] with both hands, raise the glass above your head giving sincere thanks for it’s certain fulfillment. See bolts of lightning energizing the glass. Lower it to your mouth and drink down the liquid version of your goal blueprint. Tilt your head back as you swallow the liquid goal all the way down to the base of your spine. Don’t just take a little sip, drink the full glass all at once. Gulp it. Physically swallow your chosen goal. Go through all the motions in your mind if your just using your imagination.

    Notice how your goal blueprint no longer feels outside of your physical body? You have just internalized that which is most important to you. Your now relaxed state around even the thought of this goal helps to naturally manifest it’s physical reality. Because it’s internalized your decision to have it will be enough.

    Keep in mind that juicing visuals is like taking spiritual medicine. You need to keep taking your medicine every day until your self chosen goal is well on it’s way to being achieved. I juice the same thing up to five times a day, until I get it.

    Once practiced a juicing session takes only seconds. Juice whatever you need. A relaxed self before your speaking event, your vision of true self healing, the Bentley or Mercedes you saw last week. Build and juice the true definition of your higher self. You’ll instantaneously become one with what you juice. Here’s a way to sample this, just for fun juice your significant other. It feels weird but cool.

    Repetition is required. What you juice will slip away if not reinforced. Build your new reality by drinking ever better crystal clear visuals. Spirit has taught the physical structure for belief and visualization is one part of that four part recipe. The more you practice visualizing the stronger visuals become. The stronger the visuals the more potent the juice. Your belief manifest reality. This is real magic!

    When we internalize our goals we eliminate natural friction and no longer struggle to attain them. When we juice a needed healing or physical goal we will immediately become spiritually attuned / attracted to it. We won’t have to fight for it, or with it. Our goals will become alive with just a simple decision to own them.

    We can have A*N*Y*T*H*I*N*G once we know how to get it. Anything! If you want it, juice it! Follow the simple recipe and self manufacture a new choice personal reality.


  • I’ve only just realized my relationship is toxic. I always thought bad relationships involved physical violence and name calling and stuff, but there’s a lot of mental factors. He made me feel like certain things were normal or fine, but they actually weren’t. I let him tell me how to feel and act and I forgave him for unacceptable things that I really shouldn’t have let slide. I wish I could have ended things during one of the moments he did something unforgivable, but somehow I’m still here. I want to leave, but I’m scared that I’ll never find anyone else for me. And I’m also afraid that if I try to leave, he’ll convince me that my feelings aren’t real and I’ll be manipulated into staying. That’s already happened once before and I didn’t realize he gaslighted me until now.

  • This video is JUST AS CONFUSING as any other video ������ LOL!! Just drink your electrolytes EVERY DAY DURING any fast and have a few ounces of lean protein or bone broth 90 minutes before the refeed meal. But I appreciate this EXCELLENT EFFORT! I will view again and TAKE NOTES ON IT. FODMAP…. �� UHHHH….

  • I have watched a lot of videos on breaking from toxic relationships. This one has really helpedreally. Love your direct yet caring approach. Thank you.

  • I needed to hear this today! thank you for explaining set point in a way i understand I have had a few HCP trying to explain it to me but I have never understood. This is such an eye opener and has really made me think. Great talk!

  • Food addiction is actually a new concept to me. I have battled and quit drinking and smoking cigarettes cold turkey with a few relapses of course but this addiction has honestly been the hardest to face and hardest to even recognize. Anyway I’m going to battle this addiction and win because I know I’m stronger than my appetite and I’m more motivated to change this pattern than I ever have been since my cigarette addiction has been beat. This was a great video and I appreciate what you said and how you said it.


  • Dear Dorian! I love your channel. But, I need some advice. I’m an experienced faster, I can easily go 48 h without food, but I didn’t exercise at the time I was building up my willpower and adjusting my body. I started going to the gym 6 days a week, doing cardio and weights. Problem is I get sluggish and tired even when I’m sitting on the cough fasting, so I’m kinda scared to hit the gym after I fasted for more then 20 hours. I have about 15 pounds of stubborn body fat (I’m around 27% BF) so it’s moving pretty slow and I’m frustrated.
    I would like your opinion on a 20 day regime I came up with: gym 6 days/week + doing OMAD with only whey+casein+lecithin 0,5 L shakes. If the OMAD part doesn’t work, I would try to stretch that double dosage of shake through 5-6 hours.
    I hope to get your honest opinion:D Also, I’m pretty athletic, I have a lot of muscle, so I am fine with never being bone-skinny. I just want to lower the fat percentage as much as possible.
    Thank you and keep up the great work:D

  • I’ve been dating this guy for 2 months. He is my first relationship after my divorce. He was so sweet in the beginning but very blunt. Over time that bluntness turned into blatantly not giving a crap about how I feel. I can’t ask questions or critique in ANY way without him blowing up. He talks behind my back to our friends and sometimes even right in front of my face. His friends make jokes about him liking my best friend. He constantly tells me I’m not adventurous enough sexually and will comment to other girls telling them to coach me to be “better”. He will flirt with others right in front of me. He the only time he compliments me is if it’s in a sexual way. He will make plans with me but change it last minute to go hang with other friends ( that’s recent). It’s gotten to the point where I’m so paranoid that he’s doing something and he makes me feel like I’m not enough but yet keeps me around? I know I need to leave but for whatever reason… it’s very hard.I have had a gut feeling about this guy for a while.

  • I’m 21 I’ve been working and saving for a couple of months now I’ve been with this 26 year old boy since I was 17 it had been hell mental abuse, sometime physical, controlling. Hell I can barely go to work everyday I do it’s paragraphs of abusive name calling texts, he’s a liar cheater and very controlling, I cannot wait to ghost him. I WILL be staying in hotels rooms by choice I have my car and the day I get it fixed I will be ghosting him I can’t wait to never look back I already know he will try to manipulate me to come back but it won’t work this time I will live my life like a young 21 year old girl and have fun stack pray and stay out the way ����

  • What if I feel numb? Like I can’t cry even though I want to, I feel sadness and I feel like I lost something and something is missing but I cant just sit there and cry it’s hard

  • I had a friend also who suffer of anorexia. Like you, she recovered from it. She’s another person now, very positive and active. So sweet and helpful. I am happy for her and for you.

  • I feel like, as the amount of people who care about their healthy diet increase, then the worlds unhealthy food companies will decrease, or vice versa, if People stopped producing junk food or processed food, we would all have no other choice but to eat healthy, thus we could all be models!!

  • I have also always had that feeling of needing to know why…. but the truth is all it did was make me feel worse. You are so right.

  • me and my friend have been together for 3 years and i didn’t notice that my relationship with her is really toxic! she always comment about the way i look or my face and it’s really hurtful and i told her about this thing before 3 weeks but i don’t want to be with her anymore she literally made me hate myself even more

  • I’ve gone back to my baby daddy so many times even after he kicked me out while being pregnant and so many other horrible things he keeps telling me I’m gonna change i swear this time I’m pregnant again and he has not changed our baby will be here in less than two months and I’m scared to give him a chance again no matter how much he swears he will change. He has such a bad attitude and threatens to take my baby from me and can’t control his anger i really want to leave him but i love him so much ��

  • This makes so much sense to me. I have done every diet possible for years and each time my weight goes back up unless I spend hours in fitness suites and all my time counting calories. This lassy is so right. I love the example of the chocolates you hear it all the time. So true Such a relatable talk. Really touches the heart. Definatly had a tear at the scales bit and at the end. Brave woman sharing her process.

  • Zoe has always done so much for others; she has abseiled down Lincoln Cathedral and jumped out of a plane on a sponsored sky-dive, despite a fear of heights and flying, all for charity. She has been a caring daughter, a loving wife, a wonderful aunt to her beloved “Jellybeans” and the most devoted friend anyone could ask for! Her story has been far from a fairy-tale, yet she has fought tirelessly through it all, not simply for her own benefit, but for the well-being of others. Her passion and drive to help others is without limited as anyone can see watching this powerful, insightful and deeply personal journey through recovery from a-typical anorexia. I cannot find the words for just how proud and honoured I feel to call Zoe my best friend! Please support this truly amazing and inspiring young lady to spread awareness of a-typical anorexia and the importance of set point theory by getting the message out there!

  • The clip you played on the “safety section” was a video on a short, intermediate fast. 16-18 hours. With a different goal in mind with what you’re discussing. While there’s great indoor for longer term fasting, each fast & their goals have different strategies.

  • Wonderful presentation up until the very end, when he said that the solution to addiction is to have better food to eat. Food addiction is real, just as alcohol addiction is real. The solution to alcoholism is not to remove booze from the market place so that it is not easy to get. The answer for the alcoholic is not moderation, but total abstinence. The answer for the food addict is no less critical. His closing remark was that we do not have to abstain from these foods, but just eat them in moderation don’t eat cake every day, but only once in a while. You would not tell an alcoholic to only drink once in a while. He did such a balanced presentation of the true nature of food addiction as a real addiction, then gave a solution that does not actually deal with the addiction. I agree that it would be nice if the food supply was “cleaned up”, but that will not help those already addicted. Speaking as a carbohydrate addict myself, abstinence is the only answer. The addict needs knowledge and a support system.

  • What a good talk, I had obesity issues (I will forever actually because I could slip back), took me what feels like a lifetime to bring it under control and it really is training the brain. Good talk good research, very important Andrew thanks.

  • I’m breaking a 7 day fast now. I’ve eaten yogurt, couage cheese, bone broth, chicken noodle soup, and carrots & dip(which was a mistake). I didn’t do electrolytes but have been taking vitamins since day 4 of my fast. I don’t feel like my stomach and intestines are moving enough, any sugestions? I’m on day 3 of eating.

  • I am a man, and she told me I would never find a girl that loves me as much as her�� I am mentally not able to leave her, any help

  • Like any addiction, food addiction is both physical and emotional and it has been my lifelong struggle. However, what helped immensely combat my food addiction was first significantly reducing my sugar consumption. I am more into savory food than sweets but for some time I had been consuming lots of processed sugar and my body was asking for more and more. I had very challenging withdrawal symptoms for the first 2+ weeks but later it became easier. If I did not make a sacred oath, I do not think I would had enough will power to restrain myself.

    I did not eliminate sugar completely but have reduced my consumption by 90%. To indulge my sweet tooth, I eat fresh and baked fruits, figs, prunes, and some other dried fruits but in small quantities. I use pure vanilla extract, cinnamon, date paste/sugar, and occasionally honey to sweeten my low sugar desserts or lemonade. I do not use artificial sweeteners. Very rarely I would also eat a regular dessert. That alone was not enough but made my transition to the next phase smoother.

    After I normalized my sugar cravings, I shifted my diet to eating 90% of time unprocessed foods mostly vegetables (fresh, baked, cooked, fermented), tubers, mushrooms, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, fresh fruits, some dry fruits, homemade yogurt, occasionally some wild fish and grass-fed meat and cheese. Different kinds of bread and pastry are my weakest point so I try to eat them only occasionally and/or in small quantities. I also do intermittent fasting (12-21 hours, usually 16hours daily) and during my refeeding periods I have 2-3 defined meals and do not have any food or caloric drinks in between. When I do eat, I take my time to finish my meal to give my brain sufficient time to register the fact I am satiated rather than eating fast and therefore, possibly overeating. I usually chew my food and rarely drink smoothies. I usually finish my last meal at around 6-7PM, but occasionally later, too. I did not prohibit myself from ever eating some processed foods but it will be more an exception rather than a rule. I try to set and stick to optimal times and foods but do not stress if I divert occasionally from them when I find it appropriate.

    What is interesting is that I eat significantly less now yet feel much more satiated. I do not count calories. I eat until I am satiated. It does not take much power of will or the constant struggle to make healthy food choices or not to overeat, it just comes much more naturally now. I do not have to resort to making a sacred oath to restrain myself or do much restraining at all! My cravings have changed as well. While I would still definitely enjoy some cake etc. now I find myself craving more some real and unprocessed foods. Even during times of stress and emotional upheavals, my appetite does not increase as much. I used to feel as if I were a bottomless pit.

    It is not totally effortless to make good food choices especially when living in different food culture, however, it has become significantly easier and more natural even only after just 2 months of such diet.

    My relationship with food has changed for the better and it is not a relationship of a struggle anymore but of symbiosis. I used to feel that food was in control of me. It was such a devastating feeling to feel weaker than a piece of bread that cannot move, speak or point a gun at you and yet, do its bidding. In all areas of my life I felt very strong except when facing a piece of food. I was in a vicious circle. Now I feel more in control and without a lot of effort on my side. I realized now I was not weak or without character, I was eating the wrong foods which made my body and brain demand more bad foods and perpetuate the vicious circle.

    This is what has been helping me. Please share your revelations. I wish all people find their way to breaking out of their vicious circle and as importantly, never return to it. If you tried to break out of it and did not succeed or you did but the vortex sucked you in again time and time again, do not lose the confidence, do not comfort yourself with more wrong foods, embrace it as a learning experience, do not be too hard on yourself, understand that you are not your addiction and not every bad choice you made was always and really entirely just yours or what you really wanted. Do not beat yourself, be understanding to yourself but do not pity yourself. Pick yourself up and help your body help you make choices that are really yours not of your addiction which rides on dopamine, insulin and leptin resistance, bad sugar-craving bacteria in your gut and all psycho-emotional struggles that precede and/or follow the food addiction. Have faith in yourself. A great fighter is not just the one who always wins effortlessly but also the one who falls down but gathers the strength to get up and continue fighting.

    The curve of progress does not have to be linear, in fact, it more often varies between constant rise and fall, but as far as you are learning from those falls and continuing to fight, in the long run the curve will show an upward trend. Knowledge, power, self-love, good luck and health to all of us!

  • He cheated me two times and after i know that he cheated on me i sayed to leave me but he sayed that i will leave that girl and he leave her but should i trust him again ��