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4 Ways to “Winter-fy” Popular Summer Dishes 1. DRESS UP SALADS WITH SEASONAL STARS. Beets, parsnips, sunchokes, carrots and turnips — roast them to bring out their 2. TURN SUMMER SIDES INTO HEARTY WINTER DISHES. Ratatouille, a typical French summer dish, is often made from from ripe 3. BRING. Swap out the strawberry in your Strawberry and Rhubarb Bellini for tamarillo.

Add a squeeze of fresh orange juice to your Perfect Margarita to give it a winter feel with a kick of vitamin C. Swap out fresh peach slices for fresh grapefruit in your Peach and Berry Cider Sangria for added kick. 4. Dress to impress “Never forget the finishing touch to a salad – the dressing! Spices such as cumin, fennel and turmeric go great with yogurt to make earthy dressings for Winter based salads.”. 4 Ways to “Winter-fy” Popular Summer Dishes. by Bernadette Machard de Gramont January 6, 2018. When outside temperatures dip, it’s easy to eschew fresh vegetables and light dishes in favor of heartier, comforting fare.

The problem with winter classics like grilled cheese and. 4. Boozy Hot Chocolate. Photo Credit: Rose Trail Images. Hot chocolate is the ultimate cold weather drink, but pairing it with liquor will really get you in the holiday spirit. Prepare homemade hot chocolate by heating baking cocoa powder, sugar and milk, or save time and opt for the prepackaged version.

Wear all your clothes on top of all your other clothes. It’s the only way to survive the season. A blazer that you can use to winter-fy all your sleeveless work tops and dresses. 8. A. Winter-fy your denim heroes with these new-season style hacks.

1. A buttoned-up denim jacket makes for an unexpectedly cool middle layer. 2. For a nod to the selvedge trend, roll up a larger cuff and reveal the inside seam of your jeans. 3. Double denim can, and should, be embraced – break it up with a block-coloured leather belt. My hack? I winter-fy (yes, that’s a word) the Buddha bowl.

Buddha bowls are quick to make and leave you with no heavy gluten or dairy comas. How to build a winter Buddha bowl. Traditionally Buddha bowls are cold dishes. In winter, you can break these rules by keeping some elements like your grains, greens or proteins warm. Were it summer, I would wear this with a dainty white top, but winter often calls for darker colours.

So, I paired the skirt with a black top and a black bolero from Pinup Girl Clothing. Black shoes also helped to darken up the colour scheme of my outfit, again making it more winter friendly. I love wearing leather (read, pleather.

Jewel tones are experiencing a high in décor right now, but word on the street is that 2017 will be the ultimate the thrall of jewel tones trend. See more ideas about Decor, Interior, House interior.

List of related literature:

Try them good for your winter diet, side dishes, brunches or lunches.

“Cooking for Healthy Healing: The healing recipes. Book two” by Linda Page
from Cooking for Healthy Healing: The healing recipes. Book two
by Linda Page
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Chilled soups of all kinds make refreshing first courses or main dishes in the summer months; cold fruit soups make unusual desserts any time of year.

“Good Housekeeping Step-by-step Cookbook: More Than 1,000 Recipes, 1,800 Photographs, 500 Techniques” by Susan Westmoreland
from Good Housekeeping Step-by-step Cookbook: More Than 1,000 Recipes, 1,800 Photographs, 500 Techniques
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Blanch – To whiten poultry, vegetables, fruit, etc., by plunging them into boiling water for a short time, and afterwards plunging them into cold water, there to remain until they are cold.

“Mrs Beeton's Household Management” by Isabella Beeton, Mrs. Beeton (Isabella Mary)
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The recipes for many of the cold dishes that follow include hints on garnishes and gotogethers.

“Polish Heritage Cookery” by Robert Strybel, Maria Strybel
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But it’s a dish with too many possibilities to be shelved when the weather changes, which is why some form of pot-au-feu is made year-round, its concept remaining constant, the ingredients taking seasonal star turns: meat in fall and winter, fish (page 308) or vegetables in spring and summer.

“Around My French Table: More than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours” by Alan Richardson, Dorie Greenspan
from Around My French Table: More than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours
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Summer is not my favorite cooking season primarily because the challenge now is to stay simple.

“The Tra Vigne Cookbook: Seasons in the California Wine Country” by Michael Chiarello, Penelope Wisner, Karl Petzke
from The Tra Vigne Cookbook: Seasons in the California Wine Country
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For example, in hot weather, light, cold dishes are preferred; when the weather is cool, hearty, warm dishes are welcome.

“Classical Cooking The Modern Way: Methods and Techniques” by Philip Pauli
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Winter cooking is simplified by our stores of canned food.

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Soups and stews freeze very well and are great for batch cooking.

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To have viands served in perfection, the dishes should be made hot, either by setting them over hot water, or by putting some in them, and the instant the meats are laid in and garnished, put on a pewter dish cover.

“The Virginia House-wife” by Mary Randolph, Karen Hess
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  • So beautiful and colorful! I love pickled anything�� off topic but what brand of skirt do you wear? They look so comfortable. Thx!

  • I use my grandmother’s paring knife, I’ve had it for 40 years lol. I couldn’t run my kitchen without it lol. Your carrots looked wonderful. When canning I always pick out some pretty jars and can 6 for gifts. I then write down the recipe and attach it to the finished jar with a rubber band. I always have a tasty gift to share on various occasions.

  • Haha 3:18 I initially thought it was cinnamon rolls and then I watched the aftermath of making it I was like..��‍♀️ ofc it’s chocolate

  • Ariel all that look so yummy �� Mmmmmm
    I love about anything pickled. I’ve never eaten pickled carrots ��. Does pickling carrots�� highly change the taste?

  • All 3 of these were delicious! We were amazed! We didn’t have tamari but used a little miso paste and soy sauce and it worked really well. Don’t skip on the almonds in the cabbage and carrot slaw. The crunch added was perfect. The veggie fritters were actually our favorite. The two of us ate 2 each. Next time I’ll double the recipe so we have enough for 2 nights. Highly recommend all 3!

  • I love these recipes! Great plan for summer picnics and beach outings! I will try the veggie fritters with a flax egg and will get back to you! I’m actually dying to try all three of them!

  • I will try all. Thanks for the tip on spiralizer. I’ve been wanting one. Can i use almond flour? I know ur a big quinoa girl. Lol. But I love almond or coconut flours.

  • I love these recipes, and it reminds me that I have to dust off my zoodle maker. I have so many gadgets that sometimes I forget about them lol.

  • 9:28 those are stroopwaffles! They are a yummy Dutch snack and it isnt honey, its caramel! You might have used something different but oh well!

  • The bacon green bean twists are amazing! If you have scrap puff pastry: flatten it, sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on it, and pop it in the oven on 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes. It is AMAZING!

  • Can we have a rabbit recipe? They’re incredibly healthy and delicious. No cholesterol or fat is in rabbit. Healthy and delicious. ��

  • So happy you told us about the knives. I have one that was my mother’s many years ago. I didn’t quite know the name but when I saw yours, I knew it was the one. I ordered 2. Thank you and for all the work you put in your videos.

  • Working on 3 different dishes for 3+hours and destroying your kitchen
    And for what??

    “Dinner for two”
    That’s the saddest thing about cooking:(

  • Looks like you use quite a sharp knife. I wonder how often do you sharpen it in order to keep the sharpness. I can find the knife on your Amazon list but not a knife sharpner, BTW.

  • Never had just plain pickled carrots before my mom always pickled beets and as an Italian family we also made Giardiniera which was pickled cauliflower, carrots, celery and small onions. Eaten generally as a appetizer before meals.

  • Dear Ariel, I just want to let you know how happy I get every time I see you have released another video. I just know it’s something I will surely enjoy and be able to learn something from. You are a wonderful teacher and I appreciate you greatly. Blessings sweet girl!

  • I love seeing such an assortment of carrot varieties, thanks for showing us all the different flavors you can make also!!! To tell them apart, do you write the different flavors on the lid when they cool down?

  • The carrots look amazing! I have the vegetable peeler for about 30 years and use it a lot. After watching you, I bought 3 knives. Love them.

  • We would do the baby carrot pickles but this is fabulous! What an excellent way to use up and great nutrients throughout winter. ����������

  • We do one jar at a time here in Texas. Carrots don’t grow well for me. Maybe I should grow them in the cold-ish winter since yours do so well with the cold. And I wait for several months before I can tolerate the vinegar. I’m a sissy with that, but do much better with the spicy! I love how you season yours. That’s something I need to improve on.

  • Ariel, Great video and wonderful mix of carrots and pickling styles. Two questions Because the women who raised me and taught me to can were kind of OCD about mixing types of pickling medium, how do you tell the difference in type once you’ve canned them up as you mixed them putting them in the canner? Second question Have you tried canning glazed carrots? If not let me leave you the recipe to try out for baby carrots. 2 cups water, 1 cup Orange juice, 2 cups brown sugar. Can as you would for carrots at your elevation. Glaze recipe makes about 4 6 pints. The canning process forces some of the sweetness into the carrot without making them mushy or overly sweet.
    You are correct about canning on a cold day. I freeze all of my berries and bring them out when it’s time to pick Rose hips and have a day of jam and jelly making makes for a perfectly heated house without boiling me out if I had done it in the summer.
    Enjoy all the goodies you have made the colors alone would perk me up on a grey day.

  • Beautiful, carrots are not my favourite vegetable but I do eat them. Never preserved them so will give this a try and they might just win me over. Thanks for sharing. ��

  • I’ve seen many places cut out tortillas with a cookie cutter. Does your supermarket not have mini tortillas maybe I’m privileged but like I don’t know why it’s necessary to ruin big tortillas cutting out circles from them.

  • Beyond outdated and disgusting. Why mess up sort of healthy fruit by adding cream to everything? And the background music causes permanent neurological damage

  • A question for you Ariel, it seems every year when my wife is canning she seems to have at least one of her quart jars break while in the big pot of hot water. Do you have the same issue or do you know something she doesn’t about the jars. It’s always a shame because the ingredients in the jar are wasted along with her hard work.

  • OMgoodness, I pulled carrots a few days ago, now I know what to do with some of them, thank you! I love these how-to vlogs. Have you tried fermenting? Blessings.

  • ooooo! These sound so luscious! It’s amazing to see you can in such a tiny house. I should complain! My carrot recipe is to lightly saute them in rice wine vinegar and water in a skillet. Tuck sprigs of lavender into jars and add carrots, and fill with the rice wine vinegar and water solution. Set in fridge for two weeks. I suppose you could process them, but they never keep for me; I’m always eating them!

  • Oh my word! Talk about multi tasking. Ariel, you are an excellent teacher. Question, if I don’t have a canning pot, is there another way to seal the jars?

  • Thumbs Up Ariel ������❤���������� God Bless and I hope you have a Blessed Comfortable Winter this year!
    You and I have something in Common we both love the
    Cold and Snow! The colder the better. Thank You again

  • Oh my goodness look at those beautiful colors. Ariel you are so talented. I enjoy watching your videos. Especially your cooking an your hiking with burley well all of them I should say. LOL!!! Have a good rest of your day!

  • I am the same as your other viewers, never knew there were other carrots besides orange ones. Looks great in your video. Thank you for your time and education!

  • Fabulous video!!! ❤️ I don’t use Bragg’s to pickle as it’s too expensive to buy up here in ���� and I find it too overpowering also, so I mostly do my brines with 5% vinegar, including carrots. A friend of mine just mixed all her different coloured carrots (same size) in one jar and made Mexican pickled carrots and won a blue ribbon at the county fair. As much as they looked pretty, I’m a wimp for spicey food also and those had jalapeños in them, so I never tried them but it’s just another way of pickling for those who like a lot of spice…

  • Hi Ariel! When I was little I was crazy for Bugs Bunny cartoons, so of course I had to eat as many carrots as possible. I literally started turning orange…! My mom had to stop buying carrots for a while after that.. Lol!
    Still love Carrots ( in moderation) and still love Bugs Bunny ��!

  • I didn’t know you could pickle carrots. I can’t believe the variety of carrots you have. Very interesting and informative. Thanks Ariel!

  • The master class instructions say root vegetables must be rinsed, peeled and rinsed again before processing. Do you have concerns in regards to botulinum toxins?

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  • I still have carrots in the garden, will be harvesting them SOON…will be doing canning of them…so awesome, I will be trying these different variations…thank you for the cool video…you are a very good instructor…although I have training, I still love your videos as I never really did canning much..now I do…I’m going to do this, and will also be trying my hand at sweet potatoes (not pickled)…..have a great day out there dear!:) Dawn @ Rich & Dawn in MN:)

  • Wow. Your home and environment is so beautiful!!! I’m from northern Pennsylvania and I thought our winters were horrible… lol. I watched your house tour and am so impressed with what a genuine, well spoken and badass lady you are!! Sending you some love, cant stop watching.

  • I watch this video and imagine I have someone to cook for. But since in reality I don’t, I’m never gonna cook these. Grilled cheese is fancy enough for my single ass.

  • Hi Ariel ��.
    I hope you remember the story of the women that lived in the shoe. I remember part of that story book. She had lots of kids. You remind me of a mythical and lovable women like the women that lived in a shoe. If me and you had alot of kids are life’s would be like a story book. I think you would always be smiling and keeping busy just like in the story of the woman that lived in a shoe. Love you
    Ariel ❤️ Joey ⚓
    ☕ ☕�� ������

  • Literally non of those were new recipes. You just took old videos and put new music over it didn’t even change the table setting scenes just lazy

  • I have dehydrated many vegetables including carrots, but because I have a glass top stove, I have done no canning. Is there a good book that shows what things are safe to water bath can?

  • Just making it to a point; if you guys are wondering why Tasty doesn’t say the actual name of the brand sometimes; like Oreos; it’s because there are more than just one brand of cookies that are like that. An example from my country are Creamo’s, which are like Oreos. Basically what they (Tasty) are trying to say is that you can use any brand as long as you are following the recipe.

  • Ariel, Since finding your videos a few years ago I have learn quit a bit of useful information from them. Also thanks for taking the time and research to put up the information about the products that you use. I always make sure that when I get something from Amazon, I go through the Fy Nyth store.

  • This is scams there’s no seeds in the iced water melon u bought watermelon ice cream from the shop instead and stooped it so you literally just skipped the part where you took it out you just put ice cream in that watermelon

  • Beautiful! Guess what I bought to can this past weekend? Door county cherries! I have to get a steam canner next… thank you for the inspiration and information ��

  • Time stamps:
    Oreo Ice Cream: 0:07
    Brownie Caramel Ice Cream; 0:37
    Rolled Ice Cream: 1:03
    Ice Cream Sandwich Cake: 1:43
    Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches: 2:47
    Ice Cream Cake Pops: 3:58
    Choco Taco: 5:23
    Ice Cream Swirl Sandwiches: 7:31

  • Love your videos. I live in hot and humid South Florida but approaching a bit cooler weather. My carrots are sprouting as well as my kale. ✌

  • My family usually wrapped bacon around some asparagus (similar to the bacon-bean action going on in the video) and baked it and it was niiiceee, it was a win-win because they didnt have to put much effort (just like 2 ingredients) and it was so amazing!

  • Dang it, we already burned through all the pickling puns on the pickling pickles video! Oh well, at least it’s entertaining to think of the poor rodents trying to eat your carrots that turned just out of reach above the grating in your garden beds �� Actually they probably trimmed off the finer roots for you.
    As usual, I have a more lazy/on-grid/city/bachelor version of what you’re doing.. every workday I’ll chip a carrot directly onto a lunch salad, going through a 2lb bag in a month or so. They seem to keep forever in the fridge.. and nobody cares how much water I use at work so I’ll rinse and re-moisturize them one at a time.
    You’re training us just fine.. I don’t need you here to make me food, actually there’s food and 999 other things I will thankfully not mention at this time. Until they perfect cloning and can copy you 29.3 thousand times I guess the instructional videos will have to do.

  • y’ll no one use foil to cover something and put it in the fridge or freezer cause foil will reacts with the food and you will get poisoned

  • I love pickled carrots but really love fermented carrot sticks so much more… always have a pint in the fridge and a pint fermenting

  • these aren’t made for eating… they are made for other people to make while your watching getting hungrier and hungrier……….

  • Well, You have been telling us that you have enough room for all your canning foods???? Where does poor Burly sleep? Poor guy!! If you run out of room, You can send me A care package!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love home made jam!!!! Hint, Hint With all this canning, how do you ever keep so trim??

  • i know those icecream roles fake. like who can even hold icecream with their hand for more than 1 sec without it melting? sorry if i’m trippin but, i don’t quite believe it.

  • Nice
    Those who are seeing like it
    Let’s see, how many likes my comment get..
    It will prove that how many people see comments…. And the 5 min crafts video…

  • Whoever reading this may you stay blessed always ❤.. I just want to share something to you, when i was kid it was my wish to become a famous chef �� i dont know why but yes… When i get young i tried but I didnt get any plateform then 2 years ago i made my this village cooking channel, i almost posted 125 videos uptil today ��, now i am hoping my wish may come true, but my journey is not over yet, i dont know i can make it or not but i am just going ��
    Have a happy life ❤