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(Note: Do not use instant oats, which turn to mush or steel-cut oats, which need to be cooked.) If you want to guarantee a sweet note to your oats, add 1 tablespoon maple syrup or honey. Place the oat mixture in the fridge overnight and, when you get up in the morning, pull it out while you get ready for your day. Let it come to room temperature, then enjoy!Mix 1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats (I like Bob’s Red Mill) with 1 1/4 cups nut milk, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, and a pinch of salt. Use any milk you like: hemp, almond, coconut, or regular dairy.

But as simple as overnight oats are to whip up, we’ve also learned a few rules that are worth spelling out to both the veterans and mason-jar-oatmeal newbies. Scroll through our do’s and don’ts of overnight oats to perfect this trendy and healthy breakfast. RELATED: 100+ healthy breakfast ideas that help you lose weight and stay slim. Overnight oats are typically served chilled, straight from the refrigerator.

That makes them perfect for warmer months, but you can certainly enjoy overnight oats year-round. Overnight oats keep well in the refrigerator for up to five days. So, prepare your oats. Combine the oats, milk, yogurt, brown sugar and salt in a lidded jar or other 8-ounce container.

These overnight oats recipes call for delicious ingredients, like peanut butter, yogurt, and more. Bonus: you can prep ahead of time and easily enjoy all week long. rolled oats: rolled oats (or old fashioned oats) are the most common oat to use in overnight oats and become thick and creamy after soaking in liquid. quick-cooking oats: quick-cooking oats end up more like a cold porridge, but they’re still chewy and flavor super well.

The Best Way to Make Overnight Oats (No Recipe Required!) Once your oats are soaked and ready to go, open up that jar to add mix-ins and toppings. (You can also heat your oats first if you want warm oatmeal; just microwave in the jar-without the lid!-for about 30 seconds before topping.) First, stir in sweeteners, creamy agents and spices. Yes, with one caveat—overnight oats are inherently customizable, so if you fill your overnight oats with candy and lots of added sugar, it quickly turns from breakfast to dessert. Some of my overnight oats recipes below actually trend a bit more toward dessert-land, but that’s up. Overnight Oats are the best way to give your day a healthy and delicious start.

We have got for you not one but four overnight oats recipe. These overnight oats are super simple to prepare, meal-prep friendly, and requires no.

List of related literature:

For example, whole oats can be soaked overnight, then cooked in the morning.

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To make overnight oats, simply place about ½ cup rolled oats and other desired ingredients—about ½ to ¾ cup skim or almond milk; chopped fruit; spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla extract; and other mix-ins, including 1 to 2 teaspoons of chia seeds—in a mason jar or other container you can seal and refrigerate.

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For the oats, we started with the easy method from our Overnight Steel-Cut Oatmeal.

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One approach is to begin by rotating grains/starches by using wheat products on day one, then rice products on day two, then corn products on day three, with oats on day four.

“The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health” by Robert A. Ronzio
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Overnight oats are probably the quickest and easiest breakfast you can make.

“My Fussy Eater: from the UK’s number 1 food blog a real mum’s 100 easy everyday recipes for the whole family” by Ciara Attwell
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Wheaties and raw oats is an easy way to get two whole grains in one tasty bowl.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
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Cooking steel-cut oats takes some time, so what I like to do is make a big batch, then put it in the refrigerator to last the week.

“The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life” by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
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Overnight kefir oats is a real powerhouse, and it works in a variety of ways.

“The Kefir Solution: Natural Healing for IBS, Depression and Anxiety” by Shann Jones
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Sometimes in winter, I’ve boiled soaked whole oats at night, then left them warming on a trivet atop the damped-down woodstove.

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With oatmeal it is usual to mix for the first and even second nights a portion of pounded white sugar.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • When I first started watching I was sure these were going to be complicated or gross sounding but I was surprised to find they sound very yummy. I shall be making them soon.

  • Hello Dani. I’m looking for your recipe for shredded potatoes in muffin tin with meat and vegs and cheese on top and baked in the oven. I’m really looking forward to making this tomorrow morning. But I can’t find your recipe video, can you help me please.

    Thank you Charmaine

  • I already tried some of your smoothie recipes and I could show imagines these overnight oat taste. Im going to do my best to memorize all of them. TBH, they’re not that expensive if you buy them one at a time and the fresh fruits can be bought last and by the end you’ll have a recipe. It’s simple.

  • I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but oatmeal is a starch food and will raise your blood glucose level. People on a keto diet or who are diabetic should avoid oatmeal.

  • What a fantastic recipe video. I’m definitely trying them and I shared this with a friend of mine. Please keep the recipe coming��

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  • Looks so delicious. I’m more and more attracted by plants based diets, and this video really makes me want to change the way I’m approaching food. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi, I tried making the red overnight oats and it turned bitter the next day. Could I know actually how does it suppose to taste?

    Has the oat turned bad if it’s bitter?

  • People complaining about ingredients prize. Why don’t you use adaptations? Honestly, If you keep this way you Will never be able to eat well! Your life Is gonna be hard and miserable because everything you see is lack and not abundance.

  • I need to try these! So far I’ve liked all of your recipes that I’ve tried, and my toddler and I love watching your videos. Everything looks so appealing!

  • Never ever mix yogurt and milk. Also fruits and milk products are a big no no. I would rather have them separately.There are some food combinations that we should always avoid. Yogurt and Milk is one such pairing. While the individual consumption of these two does not cause many problems, combining these two can cause some headaches. According to studies, the combination of yogurt and milk can result in improper digestion.

  • Milk should not be mixed with lemon or curd or berries as they all are sour. Not good for health. You can google it out if you want.

  • Respect respect respect respect respect respect respect respect respect respect respect respect respect respect respect respect for sharing from Kenya

  • I made a cherry overnight oats recipe based off of this video! You can make this vegan, too. If you wan’t to try it here it is:

    Anna’s Cherry-Chia Overnight Oats <3

    Spatula/Wooden spoon
    Jar with lid or any other container
    Mixing bowl

    1/4 cup Chia Pudding (Any recipe that works for you!)
    1/2 cup Milk (use your favorite milk alternative if your vegan)
    1/2 cup Rolled Oats
    5 Cherries, each cut into fourths with the pit taken out
    1 1/2 teaspoons Honey (optional, use your favorite sweetener if you’re vegan)

    Combine the milk and rolled oats in your mixing bowl, and stir with the wooden spoon. Add the chia pudding and stir until well combined. The milk might not completely bond with the other ingredients, but after you leave it in the fridge overnight it settles together. Then, you add the cherries and stir very well. You can mash them up if you would like more flavor in the base ingredients, but I like to keep them as larger chunks. Transfer the mixture to your jar of container and seal with lid. In the morning, stir it up and add honey or sweetener. Enjoy!!!
    (ps pls don’t steal this recipe I took I really long time typing this and also making it. plus, I might make a video on it on my channel. if you tried to make this I genuinely hope it went really well and you liked it. Bye! <3)

  • But fr i tried the first one it is so good and i f*cking hate outmeal so idk why i like it but i do. And its really easy so yeah 10/10

  • Hello!
    Loved the video. Just one question: how many calories it contains? Really looking forward to have more healthy meals to include into my diet. Thanks in advance:)

  • I tried the 1st one “Blueberry Muffin” and it was yummy. Although, it tasted more like cinnamon altogether, but that’s bc I left out the graham crackers. Already it’s 654 calories w/out it. I think I’ll make a low calorie alternative to this recipe. I’d probably eat Tasty’s version once a week ��

  • Forget the kids…. I don’t have any. I made this for myself, it was a lot! I could barely eat it all, I know a kid wouldn’t. I had done the peach pie and chocolate chip banana, definitely Tasty!

  • I liked and subscribed to your channel today. I love the healthy and filling breakfast options. Thanks for the easy to follow directions.

  • What happens if you dont use Chia seeds? I’ve never seen them in any grocery store I’ve ever been to but all the best recipes seem to have them

  • I love the way you do your overnight oats, but I’m not a fan of cold foods, I find this unappetising.I love the way you present and make your foods,

  • This recipe is so good! I always hate eat oats bcause of its plain taste but after trying your recipe it turn out really delicious ���� Thanks you so much for the recipe, may god bless you

  • Since eating oats my skin looks healthier. I feel satisfied and realise I eat less junk food through out day after having oats. Thanks!

  • Have GOT to try the carrot cake oats. That being said I find when I add peanut butter to overnight oats they mix better if you give them a short nuke. The melted peanut butter then mixes easier with the other ingredients.

  • I love your videos I first found you on Instagram and have probably followed you for at least a year and I’m not sure why I never put it together you had a YouTube channel. So I’ve legit been binge watching your video for hours, my son and fiancé are asleep and I’m trying to be quiet. So this is what I’m doing I guess ����‍♀️

  • Silly question I know, but are you suppose to eat the oats cold the next day or heat them up? I usually only eat oats warm, but these seem the kind that you are suppose to eat cold? If someone can be nice enough to answer me genuinely I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Can you try a easy cherry jam tutorial..I am too lazy to watch other videos, Tasty videos are short and easy to understand….soooo pleeeaaasseeeeee…I have so cherry in my garden and i am done with drinking juice

  • Hello there. Just made 3 for myself my husband and our daughter. Apples and cinnamon with a splash of vanilla extract. Didn’t have the protein. ❤️❤️❤️.

  • So would i just buy a bigger oz mason jar if i want to add the toppings at the same time? Or is it not a good idea to add toppings before hand?

  • am I the only one who gets a weird taste if the oats aren’t cooked? why is it?? I’d like to do them overnight but they end up tasting like crap and the texture isn’t nice either:(

  • I am new to the cooking world, so you don’t need to cook rolled oats beforehand? Then what’s the difference between rolled and instant oats?

  • Love your videos, you always do a thorough job and make things look very interesting and easy.

    Quick question for you I love the little ramekins you used with the gold trim any chance you can send me the link where you bought them from?
    I also love the gold silverware that you use. Are you having any problems with the gold coming off? As I’m already through my second set in a year as the gold comes off?any recommendations?

  • I highly recommend trying this with Apple and cinnamon with some roasted walnuts or hazelnuts. It is like Apple Pie for breakfast! I really love it during the winter months!
    If you heat it up, you have warm apple pie oats for breakfast <3

  • Your adding way too much sugary ingredients to this. Completely ruins the health benefits. As a nurse practitioner I took an extra year of nutrition so I am qualified to say this. Make it plain overnight and then add in the stuff afterwords if you really can’t have it plain for some reason.

  • I love my mango overnight oats! Will definitely try these other ones out too �� Does anyone know how long these usually keep? Would be great to make enough for a week and store them for ease

  • Is it okay to mix fresh lime juice with milk and curd? Milk seperates into whey and solids when mixed with lemon. Also curdling begins when fresh milk is added to curd. I know individually they’re great ingredients but not sure how they work in combination to aid weight reduction. Please clarify.

  • I am definitely one of those people who are not on board with the overnight oats… yet! These flavours definitely make me want to try them and I might heat it up because I prefer a warm breakfast in the morning. Remember to add black pepper and/or fats to the turmeric oats so your body can absorb the curcumin for its healthy benefits!

  • If I make all of these on Monday will they stay fresh till its time 2 eat number 6? �������������� �� I’d put low or fat free lemon yogurt & walnuts on top the carrots cake 1 �� that was my favourite ��

  • Love your recipes, your personality, your tone of voice and knowledge, you are so genuine… I just made a large bowl of one of your recipes, already had some of it during making. can’t wait to wake up in the morning and try it…❤️

  • Do you think that if you replaced the blackberries with blueberries, it would be ok? Or if you used soy, or another nut milk this would still work? I’m thinking of making a couple of these for my sister with some dietary restrictions

  • I like oat milk because I’m lactose intolerant. I have never tried overnight oats but want to try. Can I use oat milk to do so or would that be just TOO oaty? (Not a joke question, genuinely curious.)

  • If you want to vegan-ize it tou can add non-dairy milk instead of milk and I make cashew cream instead of yoghurt. You could get vegan yoghurt but they are processed foods 😉

  • I live in isreal
    and I would NEVER eat coscos on my breakfast!
    It’s soo filling and we eat it mostly at lunch
    Soo good with veggies soup

  • I thought this video was going to show me 3 different WAYS to make overnight oats,as I have never made/seen them before….when actually this is 3 different types and flavours of overnight oats…just a little bit misleading..good video though ��

  • Can someone give me some examples of portions (measurements) for the ingredients. I ended up putting to much in the first part (milk oats and yogurt).

  • I love oats, but never eaten cold oats, it will taste raw to me and upset my tummy. I would microwave it without the fruits and add it later.

  • Could someone please explain how the hell you can make “plant base milk”

    Ok do get oat milk almond milk BUT plant base milk?

    Thats tooo much dont you think ��

  • Brought all the ingredients in this video! Yes it was a bit costly but most of the ingredients I brought in bulk so will last for ageees so in the long run it’s worth it. And if you don’t want to use fresh fruits, you can always use frozen which is cheaper. Anyways I made some of these in one go to eat the next few mornings. Had the fat burner this morning and it was suprisingly delicious! Think I will stick to overnight oats for breakfast from now on. Thanks for the video ��

  • I’m honestly someone who has tried minimum of plant based foods and didn’t really like the ones I’ve had before.
    This makes me scared to try new plant based recipes just in case they aren’t really tasty according to me and I wont end up finishing it wasting the food.
    And also I don’t really try non dairy foods because of my false mindset of them always tasting bad and not edible because I can’t be vegan or vegetarian as I love my meat and my dairy. I need to change my mindset and be more brave.
    I’ve been following pick up limes for so long (years) and truly appreciate the work to make foods taste better for people who at times can struggle to find tasty food according to the diet they follow. Hopefully I can follow through with most of them for the better of the environment.
    Thank you

  • Hi Sadia, being gluten intolerant, my doctor says the avenine in oats is provoking the same effects as gluten. Any idea of what I could replace it with? I am also intolerant to quinoa… Thanks in advance.

  • If I make all these Sunday night so I can grab them in the morning will they be good throughout the week. My concern is the fruits going bad.

  • I went to buy some of the jars, that you put the oats in, but do not see them. Could you link where you got them, with the white and gold bowls, that you put each thing in, while making these? One last thing, the wood thing that you used to smash the fruit, could you link that also? Thanks:)

  • Hey Tasty, I was just wondering if you could make a video on mashed potatoes because I’m in love with them, but I can’t find any simple recipes so it would be amazing if you made one!

  • I kinda want a bit more flavor.. So instead of greek, maybe some low-calorie vanilla yogurt. And for the oats, a packet of apple cinnamon instant oats (soaked in almond milk to make it less stale). Top it with strawberries and bananas. and a hint of chocolate shavings. I kinda have a sweet tooth.

  • Hi!!! Nice to see u again!! I love that matcha overnight oatmeal!! Matcha flavour taste great!! Taste so delicious and yummy drink!! Mmmmm…. Thats awesome!!! Great cooking and see u anytime!!

  • Hi, i read up on some page where they say we should not eat both milk and yogurt together. Then how a bout most overnight oat recipes? does it have the same side effect?

  • why is the comment section on this video so damn rude???? someone took time out of their life to make this video and put it on the internet so maybe someone somewhere could enjoy it, so maybe some of you should just shut the fuck up and appreciate their work. damn.

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  • Quick tip
    Use Frozen fruit. It is a lot cheaper and works really well, just as nice a fresh! It also prevents the fruit going mushy!

  • Psssst: if you want, you can also heat up the oats on the stove or in the microwave for just a couple minutes if you’d prefer it warm.

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  • guys just wanted to say that quick oats will work PERFECTLY with this recipe, if anything they give it a thicker and smoother texture!!!

  • Incredible video footage! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we love to check out this style of content. We produce Travel & Food video as well, around the world, and also we are often looking for inspirations and perhaps concepts. Thank You.

  • Live blessed on earth from Kenya beautiful beautiful beautiful soul love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love from Kenya god health wealth and happiness prayers prayers soul thanks again

  • Can someone explain to me the overnight oats phenomenon and how it is better than just taking the same amount of time to add hot water or milk and microwave the oats in the morning and have oatmeal? Like, does it have some sort of amazing texture being in the fridge overnight or something?

  • I LOVE overnight oats!

    I have to be honest, I’ve never been a big breakfast person. BUT, if I were to have breakfast, this would be the way I would go!

  • Thank ypu for your tutorial on how to make breakfast oats. I made a blueberry one yesterday. I had reservstions at first if l would eat it or not. I ate it and o my goodness very delicious. I will make another tonight.

  • Seriously, kids these days, have to treat them like royalty, when I was a kid, we had to fight for a wooden stick and that person would be crown king

  • Great to make and take to the boat on the weekends. Any variation of the original recipes work. Milk yogurt fruit…use what you have on hand. NOT expensive!! Thanks.

  • Hey Dani! Just letting you know you forgot to add the coconut in the recipe for the matcha one so I was wondering, do the nutrition facts for the matcha oats incorporate the coconut as well? Thanks! Will deff be giving these recipes a try!

  • Dani, I love your recipes, but when going to make them, I realized I missed ingredients, so I went with what was available. I used the same amount of large oats, tbsp natural peanut butter, tbsp shaved unsweetened coconut, a packet of stevia, a scoop of strawberry protein powder, cinnamon, and about 5 frozen cherries. It turned out pretty good!

  • Dani, I made the oatmeal cups a few weeks ago and my family loves them. Thank you for making your recipes simple and easy to follow:)

  • Pls include your handsome husband in the next video. Even if he just stands at the back. I have this feeling this lady has a handsome husband.

  • This has changed my life. For mornings when I go to work and usually don’t have time to make something to eat this SAVED me. I love it so much I make this even if I don’t work. First one I tried and still LOVEE is the mango! Btw I always hated peanut butter but this made me fall in love with almond butter

  • Hey all you small brains there making oats in flavors That kids would like Thats Why they say kid friendly Only big brain people understand

  • I don’t think I will try the matcha one, my son is into matcha, I will share your recipes with him, I eat lots of oatmeal with chia seeds and fruit, great video!:D

  • Does anyone find their overnight oats bitter or it’s just me? I followed the recipe here for kiwi-strawberry overnight oats step by step so I don’t know where I went wrong… googled it but haven’t found an exact answer for the problem. HELP! ��

  • I’m going to use the oats now I are very creative thank you so much for your time and consideration ���� London Lawrence Simon Anne Marie

  • I’ve tried to make overnight oats twice and both times they didn’t come out ):
    Will definitely give this a go though! I never thought of putting matcha and oats together.

  • I had the chocolate peanut butter one with some strawberries and walnuts. VERY GOOD! Next I’ll be making one with cinnamon and apples

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  • chop a banana and add to oats that were steeped in a large cup with a lid in semi-skimmed milk overnight top with fresh raspberries Simples!!

  • Hello my friends! Today I have 4 more recipes for over night oats! I use the same base for all four recipes and then change up the flavors by adding different mix-ins. I hope you enjoy these combos. xo Dani