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In 1999, 276 grams (10 ounces) a day was average for Canadians. In 2011, the average for Americans was about 340 grams (12 ounces). Eating less meat will help reduce the risk of many degenerative diseases, including cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. The meat industry is being tenderized, if you will, by health and environmental advocates.

A 2017 survey by GlobalMeatNews found that cutbacks in meat consumption had the single biggest effect on the meat industry in 2016.. One initiative that’s grilling the meat industry in that regard is Meatless Monday.This campaign encourages meatless meals on Mondays at restaurants, schools, workplaces. Going meat-free even once a week can boost your health (and help the planet, too!).

These meatless Monday meals are anything but boring. Going meat-free even once a week can boost your health (and help the planet, too!). 75 Reasons to Get Behind Meatless Monday. Taste of Home Editors Updated: Aug. 19, 2019.

And if you need another reason to celebrate, enter the March Frozen Food Month $10,000 Sweepstakes and the supermarket Gift Card Giveaway. Whether it’s vegetarian or gluten-free options, exciting ethnic flavored meals or innovative, sustainable packaging, the freezer aisle is. These meatless recipes are healthy, cheap and flavorful. As you probably already know, meat is the most expensive part of the grocery bill so going meatless is an easy way to reduce food costs and improve your health. I have meatless meals at least.

This comfort food recipe couldn’t be easier! Just cook everything together in the crockpot for an easy one-pot meal. Makes a great freezer meal too! 13.

Shakshuka via The Healthy Maven This Middle Eastern dish is one of our favorite frugal meatless meals! It’s one of those recipes. Basically, there’s no reason not to include a few meatless recipes in your meal plan.

If you’re not sure where to find the speedy meatless dishes. Meatless doesn’t have to mean it isn’t full of flavor. If you want to incorporate meatless meals into your weeknight supper rotation, take a look at this fabulously delicious lineup. With recipes for tender veggie burgers, grilled kebabs, and even main-dish mac and cheese, your family will be begging for more meatless meals.

Most of these recipes. Here’s a list of 7 reasons why you should be committing to Meatless Mondays every single week. 1. You’ll naturally start to eat healthier (and feel better) When you begin to ditch meat one day a week, you’ll likely replace those meals with more veggie-dense, nutritious meals without even trying.

7 reasons to go meatless one day a week (+ a day of meal ideas to get you started) if every American skipped substituted vegetarian food for chicken for one meal.

List of related literature:

All of these reasons are valid, and vegetarian diets that include dairy and eggs can easily provide complete nutrition without any special

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 9th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
from Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care: 9th Edition
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Explaining that “an acre of cereals can produce five times more protein than an acre devoted to meat production; legumes can produce ten times more; leafy vegetables fifteen times more,” Lappe´ claimed that by adopting a more agriculturally efficient vegetarian diet, Americans could alleviate world hunger.

“Encyclopedia of American Social Movements” by Immanuel Ness
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All of these reasons are valid, and vegetarian diets that include dairy and eggs can easily provide complete nutrition without any special supplements.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care, 9th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, M.D.
from Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, 9th Edition
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The food chain achieves conversion of nitrogen and carbon to complex and essential nutrients by microorganisms, sea plankton and plant growth and storage organs and seeds.

“Principles of Human Nutrition” by M. A. Eastwood
from Principles of Human Nutrition
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Meatless diets are healthier, more economical, more humane, and less fattening.

“The Book of Tempeh” by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
from The Book of Tempeh
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The health benefits of a vegetarian diet are mainly a reduction in diabetes, coronary heart disease and certain types of cancer (Tilman and Clark, 2014).

“Principles of Cattle Production, 3rd Edition” by Clive J C Phillips
from Principles of Cattle Production, 3rd Edition
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Traditional vegetarian diets were poor sources of energy, protein of high biological value, vitamins D and B12, zinc, bioavailable iron, omega-3 fatty acids, choline, and sometimes iodine.

“Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition” by Elsevier Science
from Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition
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Many across the country have pledged to have a meatless meal once or twice a week.

“108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential” by Mimi Guarneri, M.D.
from 108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential
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Strict vegetarian diet improves the risk factors associated with metabolic diseases by modulating gut microbiota and reducing intestinal inflammation.

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
from Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition
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CSPI wants to lessen meat consumption because the center believes eating meat has been linked to numerous cancers, obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and a shortened life expectancy.

“Ferguson Career Resource Guide to Internships and Summer Jobs, 2-Volume Set” by Carol Turkington
from Ferguson Career Resource Guide to Internships and Summer Jobs, 2-Volume Set
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  • I also like the idea of the deconstructed stuffed peppers, much easier ����I make a sort of deconstructed “cabbage lasagna” just because it’s easier but tastes the same. We love it, but don’t eat it often because cabbage… lol

  • Dear NOTE FROM TED: Here is a statement from The Academy of Nutriiton and Dietetics (the largest group of nutritionists): “It is the position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that appropriately planned vegetarian, including vegan, diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases,” the group wrote in its announcement. “These diets are appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, older adulthood, and for athletes.” It is also the only diet proven to prevent, halt and reverse heart disease. I could go on…veganism is the polar opposite of what we need to be worried about. Animal agriculture is the source of some of the worst societal ills.

  • I’m vegetarian because there’s some animals that I consider friends and I feel like we aren’t designed to eat meat because we get sick by eating raw meat our intestines are long like herbivores our taste buds are like herbivores and we chew like herbivores and our premieres are grinding to grind plants and there’s 7.7 billion people in hate world we have healthy better plants so we should stop stealing all the food from lions or tigers

  • Ok, now i realized, or fully recoginzed and now am conveinced that veganism is here to stay, it will grow slowly, but it will grow, and that is why i like:D.

  • Made a cheese and mushroom quiche for dinner tonight with a sliced tomato on top. side of fried left over potatoes. Chicken pasta soup for lunch.

  • I have been vegan for almost a year and I love it.What The Health is such a great movie to watch and there are so many other movies just like that.They give so much information and tell you truth about everything.

  • All the recipes are amazing! And also (coming from an Indian), it’s really good that you didn’t cut to the chase and add curry powder in place of all the other spices i.e. garam masala, cumin powder, coriander powder, etc. Curry powder is never a traditional Indian ingredient and was created abroad subsequently when Indian cuisine became popular. It is never quite the same thing unless you use all the spices by themselves. So you did it right:D

  • I just went Vegan at the end of Apr 2020. I mostly changed my diet due to the pandemic, since Covid came from animals I decided I no longer wanted to eat meat. I was am super happy with my decision, and now I love animals even more. I want to purchase a home with a big back yard so I can adopt/save farm animals:)

  • I like where this is going! Some day there will be no animal product industry. It’s a dream, I know. Martin Luther King had also one. People just have to speak for the speachless!

  • I absolutely love your cooking (and personality)!!!! You remind me of the actress Kim Rhodes (from Suite Life of Zach and Cody as well as on Supernatural). Love your bubbly spirit!!! ����

  • I’m so into this! I’m trying to reduce the meat in my diet, and after going though scores of vegetarian lifestyle-type videos on youtube where the meals looked pretty but bland, not filling, or not practical, I was feeling frustrated. These meals look warm, filling, and delicious though. Thank you for making this video:)

  • Oh my goodness everything looks amazing! I’m vegetarian, never thought of sautéing chickpeas in BBQ sauce, can’t wait to try it! Tfs

  • I eat only free range green peppers. I’ve sworn off all caged green peppers. The way they treat caged peppers is horrendous. They get very little exercise, and then they load them up into trucks by the ton in these huge, ugly crates and they ship them off to packing houses where they are abused and tossed around on assembly lines and the bruised peppers and the ones with defects are just thrown into the trash. It’s awful.

  • Im not a big meat eatwr. Never have been. I eat like this all the time!!�� people think im a weirdo! Lol but i make such great food without the meat! My son is 17 and he gets a lil miffed cuz he loves meat so i gotta make him a steak or hamburger sometimes lol. Glad to see somebody else eats like i do�� love your food it looks great!

  • Well the heart attack is not from the meat but rather how he consumed them. Many people fry their meat and eat the fat and skin of the meat…your not supposed to.

  • Started 2017. Started slowly….Decided to give up meat and just eat dairy and become a Vegetarian. Then gave up dairy and became a Vegan. Also I cut back a lot on sugar. I feel SOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER. It’s wonderful to eat as much as I want and know that I’m doing something great for my body while not harming any animals.

  • These people look like they are dying it is an eating disorder all of them look tired like they have no energy and are about to pass out they also the deathly with their sunken eyes

  • Thank you I’m trying to learn how to cook meatless and it been so difficult because I have little ones that it’s driving me crazy to come up with ideas and stay in a buget. Looking forward to see more easy and enexpensive recipes. Thank you:-)

  • I am not going to eat a bowl with a Pyle of chickpeas in it. I just made a curry last night with red lentils onions garlic tomatoes coconut milk and spinach. I used my own curry paste and cauliflower. It made enough for me to eat half the week and I’m going to freeze some. But no bowl of chickpeas for me. I’ve eaten chickpeas around the world and cook them from dry and they still have almost a crunch to them and that is why I do not like them.

  • He acts like this is what he eats every single day. If he didn’t eat that much fast food in that big of a proportion, going vegan would be easier for him. He’s going to kill himself with all that fast food and going vegan for MORE THAN TWO DAYS would have helped him stay healthier. Honestly

  • I make a bowl of rice with salsa. If I add some peppers, tomatoes, olives, etc. and top with cheese and it’s a real treat! I also love your Mexican recipes. A Christian friend of mine commented that we are far too well-fed that we have the luxury of worrying so much about what we eat.

  • My mother-in-law taught me how to use left over oatmeal. Stir in some cinnamon. Pour it into a greased breadloaf pan. Pat down to make the top smooth and remove air bubbles. Place into the refrigerator overnight. When ready to use. Heat a skillet with lil butter and oil. Turn out the oatmeal onto a plate(should resemble a bread loaf). Slice it at least a half inch thick. fry slices in the skillet until its golden brown on each side. Serve with maple syrup or fruit or powdered sugar. I usually serve it with a boiled egg on the side. It tastes really close to french toast. My kids love it.

  • Omg my dad always ate onion sandwiches! and my mother was dirt poor from Kentucky you were lucky to get that mayo sandwhich!she came from 10 children in there family!my mother lived to be 90 she went to work when she was 14 just to be able to help put food on the table!my mother was never a big eater and we never had huge meals either!good meals don’t get me wrong but servings weren’t huge!who can eat all the servings some people do?makes me sick to pile my plate!meatless meals we like is Mexican and soups and macaroni with tomatoes and cheese sprinkled on top ��

  • Why to be a Vegan or Vegeterian?
    1)You care for planet Earth and other animals.
    2)It’s a healthy choice: This diet help you in many different ways from cholesterol to amazing metabolism to thousands of other factor.
    3) Spiritual reason: This is idea belived in Hinduism in this world everything has three kind of quality a)Satvik (The quality of truth and light) b)Rajsik (King like quality ) c)Tamsik ( Evil,dark and bad like quality).
    So,you have heard about raising conciousness level or raising conciousness this is where this qualities comes in to picture
    Satvik food,thought,people and emotion = Higher Conciousness or Vibration.
    Foods which are Satvik are Fresh fruits and vegetables,pulses milk not from tortured animal.

    2)Tamsik is lower conciousness food = Animal products,(Milk is not Tamsik),food which have hot quality.
    In India Rishis,Yogis an others family have to follow strict Vegeterian diet.
    Some familes you are allowed once in a year or moths and that too,not allowed to cook inside the house..

    Anyways vegetarian seems to be a healthy choice.

  • I agree that clothes don’t need fur and that the meat industry does use GMO grains to feed the animals and treat the animals with extreme cruelty. I eat mostly keto 7-10 cups raw organic plants and very little fruit. I do eat pasture fed organic eggs no grains, organic 100% grass fed red meat and fish. I rarely eat grains and legumes and beans and dairy (sensitivity) I use enzymes when I eat dairy. There is a vegan keto version. Keto version does not require a lot of meat and that is why I choose it

  • everything vegan for almost a year was drying in the beginning but now I’m going to strong call myself with mega �� ���� P.S. with a help of my girlfriend the vegetarian for over 15 years does help a lot! thank you!

  • great video its about good nutrition! we love using aldi tortalini, zucchini, green beans, and asparagus if we have it an make a white sauce, i toss in italian cheese if i have it and a few spoon fullsof pesto sauce. add some garlic bread if i have it and its one of my husband and families favorites! my husbands family owns a cattle ranch and he’s a manly guy. we are avid hunters and fisherman, we literally have freezers full of meat and fish this is still a fav! my hubby had never even eaten a meal without meat, in fact, his mom served two meats at every meal! vegetarian lasagna with a white sauce is also yummy one!

  • The message here is so clear. We can eat what we like for dinner. We don’t have to keep up with others who think we need all the big special dinners. I made a pot of pea soup this week. I ate from that most of the week. I love my yogurt with berries for any meal. I do a beef soup in my instant pot with just a small amount of beef, I load it with veggies. Last night I had pasta with just butter pepper and salt. Life is good.

  • So if you’re losing weight, than why are you stopping?? It’s working isn’t it?? ����‍♂️ go back to being vegan or you’re gonna DIE YOUNG ��

  • This really made me think. Thank you! I’ve been also thinking about if “organic” food really is all that good or just a way for them to make money off of us. Can you recommend some reading or a video (maybe you made one before?) about organic not being so good?
    My meatless meal is scrambled eggs, sourdough bread with it. Jummy!

  • Any good fish replacements out there? I was vegan for 2 years back in 2017-2018 but there was hardly any fish replacements and the ones i found i really disliked. Im in the UK, would be great to find out.

    After this week (im not at home atm im doing a petsitting job and already bought meals) im gunna stop meat (not fish until i find a good replacement), quit eggs and swap my milk. I rarely eat any other dairy x

  • Everything in moderation. A well-balanced diet is the key to healthy living. Through millions of years of evolution humans have become omnivores. To say stuff like meat is the new cigarette is a ridiculous close minded statement and dangerous propaganda. There is a pretty strong movement of vegans going back to an omnivore diet because they’re suffering from malnutrition.

  • honestly ive never had a problem with eating meat because i’ve always thought like oh it’s the food chain. but at this point i cant support the meat industry / how they produce meat products for us anymore. never again!!

  • Traditionally we don’t use coconut milk or bell peppers while cooking chole(chickpeas). But we do use a cup of black tea in the gravy to get a darker color!xx

  • It’s a bit disingenuous to lump “meat eaters” in with the SAD statistics. The pre WW2 Okinawans ate small servings of fatty meat a few times a week along with bone and fish broths and they statistically outlived vegans. The bulk of their diet was plants. However, when asked these old Okinawans contributed their long lives to the supplemental addition of meat and broths to their diet as well as their cultural practice of moderation.
    In addition if you’re a vegetarian, you may as well be a meat eater because it’s the exact same industry. That cow that made your cheese was impregnated, separated from its baby, milked, and eventually slaughtered for meat. The offspring of the cow will suffer a similar existence.

  • Please don,t call farmers cruel for taking a calf from its mother when all of you know your dogs were taken from their mothers as puppies!

  • You ARE supposed to eat animals. You are fed the lie. If Kevin had a heart attack, he was eating the wrong type of meat and or eating the wrong type of meat WITH carbs. I love animals as well. I tried going at least vegetarian…and I could not keep it up for more than 2 months. I want to eat whole natural foods and plant based “fakes” are not whole foods. Do you really think that cavemen ate this way??? Ask Keto eaters about their health…they lose weight and their blood work is fine. I think the combination of certain foods is the issue with the problems mentioned in this video. Also, these celebrities have the money to have people cook for them. I also don’t believe there was a SOUTH Korean dog farm. My husband was there for a year and the only dogs he saw was the ones their owners were walking and adoring on a daily basis. I watched a documentary a few years ago and it horrified me. It would horrify anyone. But if the animals that are supposed to be sent to the slaughter, then they should be done so humanely and that is not being done. Animals do not have a long life. I believe this is why they were put on Earth. DO Vegans feed their cats and dogs plants???? That is cruel. These animals are natural carnivores. Ask Jordan Peterson and his daughter about their health issues. They eventually had to go all the way carnivore in order for their issues to go away. Look it up on YouTube. Entirely plant based or entirely protein based are fine but when you combine these foods willy nilly, you get the issues. You have to know how the body works. SO many vegans spout the good but don’t know how its working in your body. If Kevin would have chosen lean protein and took away the fried foods which is full of man made oils. This is what causes high cholesterol. Your body makes all the cholesterol it needs. If you eat anything with natural cholesterol like shrimp the body walks back and make less. So, high cholesterol is a result of eating a combination of bad foods not by eating meats alone.

  • Aah i thought it was a video about people who went vegan but became normal again. But then at 1:42 you just say that people get hart attacks from meat, so yeah…. ������ not even propaganda.

  • I eat very little meat. For my daughter and I, and some meals for my son and grandchildren who come to visit, this month I bought 2 kilos oh chicken breasts, two kilos of hamburguer and one kilo of fish. About 4 doz. eggs., they were on sale. Today I made a big pot of whatever vegetables I had left with one medium piece of chicken. I make fritatas out of left over rice with vegetables. I make lasagna with one grated big zucchini and two carrotsin the tomato sauce gor my grandkids, I swear they have never mentioned the lack of meat. It is a matter of thinking and getting good ideas.

  • Bravo Dr. Kong, my children influenced me to become a vegan at 65. Now at 68 my health is better than 10 years ago. I feel fantastic. My diabetes is gone and so is my arthritic pain in my hands.

  • People get in a dither about pancakes but you don’t HAVE to drown them in syrup. I spread them with a little peanut butter and a thin layer of honey. My family can eat these for around $2 for the whole family. In the Summer when these are cheap, I feed my family sliced tomatoes, cornbread, sautéed onions and green beans for $4 for the entire family.

  • Grains and sugar industries are richest and damaging out there…also she looks she could use some steak.. give Sv3rige this stage…he’s out there to save humanity

  • Apple pie, hot from the oven, in a soup plate, cooled off with cold milk which soaks into the crust.
    Warm rice pudding by the soup bowl.
    Bread (custard) pudding.
    I have a cookbook that was copyrighted the year I was born that had sweet potato pie in the Lenten food section which mention that it could also be used as a dessert.
    My maternal grandmother’s potato soup was water, sliced potatoes, chopped onions, celery, and salt. If you did not have celery, you add even more salt to give it some taste (no dairy products). Her “poor man soup” was her dutch oven pot, filled with potato soup with a pound of hot dogs sliced into it. (Fried bologna and grape jelly sandwiches.)
    Tomato sandwiches-only works with fresh from the garden, still warm from the sun tomatoes, salt, black pepper, and mayonnaise on white bread so the flavor of the tomatoes stands out.
    Eggs poached in cream of chicken soup and served on toast.
    Scrambled rice and eggs for breakfast (fried rice without the soy sauce). I don’t know how to make Lo Mein pasta but should be similar.

  • I have a Shaker of go veggie Parmesan cheese. Not real cheese but tastes just like it! My stuffed pepper soup recipe has been published over 10 times with my permission.

  • Can we try to make vegan food without mushrooms maybe or is they like a must…..�� do 10 vegan recipes for mushrooms haters and I will go vegan for 24/30 days

  • I totally STOPPED making big suppers eith a lot of sides. Not 1 meal i made last week cost more than 2 dollars a person, for 3 adults. We ate like kings. I save the big cooking for sunday dinners

  • Thanks ladies! A couple of my favorite meatless meals are Greek yogurt with berries, stevia, & granola or toast, cheese quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, microwaved veggie omelet with toast, & curried lentil soup with rice

  • I became vegan after my daughter showed me the movie what the health. She did it not only because she cares about animals and wildlife, she also did it because she loves and cares about me. When I use to go into the supermarket, I use to skip pass the produce section and go to the meat section. Now I spend more time with all those beautiful fruit andvegetables. So many dishes can be made and enjoyed without harming your body. I am vegan and I am loving it.

  • This was a torture to watch… coz it made me so hungryyyy!! Everything looked absolutely divine. As I write this, I am salivating.. you are killing it Sarahlynn. Love you and your videos.

  • It is surprising to see this note from TED as if all the other videos posted were based on sufficient scientific evidence.There are more and more studies on veganism that consider it a very healthy diet provided that vitamin B12 is integrated (and my omnivorous grandma has to take it too) as well as more and more studies that consider meat, especially red meat dangerous for health.

  • I come from a totally different culinary culture (morocco), but am in love with everything you make.. keep it up girl lots of love

  • LOL, I actually am vegetarian. This would have helped me out a lot when I was still married (a long time ago) Don’t judge, I love Kraft mac and cheese. One of my friends made a mayo sandwich, and her dad got mad at her, but I tried it and liked it. I will never fall for Hello Fresh. First of all, I’m never home to get the package, and I live in an apartment.

  • Thanks Sarah always appreciate that you offer vegetarian/instead of ingredient choices.

    I would recommend crushing some of the chickpeas for a more authentic texture to the stew otherwise,
    the sauce is perfectly spiced!

  • I don’t eat fast food much anymore. Maybe once or twice a month. But anytime I crave it, I watch his videos and immediately want to eat healthy

  • yum!  Im Indian and this chickpea masala is a bit different than how I make it but your version looks so good. hope to try it soon!!

  • You ladies are right. We do stress way too much over food.  I prefer to eat meatless meals. I am not a vegetarian but I feel so much better and less tired.  It takes a lot of energy for our stomach to digest meat (sometimes days).  Many respectable doctors are saying that intermittent fasting will increase your longevity. A town in California called Loma Linda is considered a Blue Zone (highest number of residents over 100 years old) and these people are mostly if not all vegetarians.

  • to be honest, I was the person who listen to this kind of talk and still not convince. That was how stubborn I am. But thing has changed when I had my first heart stroke, going full power house into plant based eating. I wish I have listen and apply this sooner

  • My meatless meals i lke are vegetarian or vegan lasagna, pizza, burrito bowls, vegan mud cake, smoothies, soups and chili, stir fry, curry, salads, oatmeal, vegan chocolate pudding, hummus and veggie and crackers, fried potatoes with onions, vegan potato salad, chocolate covered fruit, fruit salad, bean shepherds pie, basically i like cooked plant food and raw plant foods. But what listed is the meals i go to, but i always try to find new stuff to try, but i want to work on keeping it simple, cause some raw plant dishes seem like a lot of work, yet i did do raw plant foods for 30 days and somehow made it work. So its not all time consuming it just depends on your recipe i guess. I go for cooked and raw now, cause of money and taste and comfort, sometimes i like a wram meal.

  • Thanks for the meatless meal ideas and please consider doing more videos like this in the future. My daughter and I are about 99% vegetarian and my son and husband are carnivores so it’s hard to strike that balance. So appreciate you Jill, Tawra, Mike & family for for all you do! Every single recipe I’ve cooked of yours has been a hit with my picky eaters and I’m not just saying that! ��

  • you got it all wrongYou always add coriander at the last and you never blend the mixture. The proper way is to chop the vegetables into small pieces and cook it. Additional: you don’t add capsicum to chana curry.

  • I’m a single mom and meat is soooo expensive. So any kind of pasta and sauce is not only cheap but quick as well. Sometimes I make spaghetti noodles or elbow mac and top w/butter and grated parmesan cheese. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Mini pizzas on english muffins w/sauce & cheese. My kids love making cheese quesadillas. And I make a mean broccoli and cheese soup as well. During summer I go to an inexpensive farmers market and get fresh corn and tomatoes, then grill the corn and make fried green tomatoes. I can’t wait till July when the corn comes in!

  • As per ayurveda, root cause of every disease is in stomach And basically if a human eats flesh it doesn’t get digested but it get rots as our digestive system is not capable of digesting meat.( Don’t agree, try eating raw meat.)
    To all meat eatersif u don’t care of innocent animals atleast care for your own health and become vegetarian/vegan.
    We don’t have any right to kill innocent animals for their flesh, let them live their lives.

  • This is vegan propaganda. Be careful with cutting healthy organic meat, fish, cheese and eggs from your diet. Many people become malnourished and lose their teeth after a long period on vegan diet (6+ months). Vegan diets are especially dangerous for children. Some people might be able to survive on vegan diet, but not everyone. Eat something animal-based at least once a week to avoid vit B12 deficiency. Eat red meat at least once a month to avoid i4on deficiency. Eat fish weekly to keep low inflammation levels.

  • I just got to see this video. My mom used to make what she called corn pudding. She would just open a can of cream or whole corn, put it on top of bread, ta da, it was done. Add salt and pepper if we wanted.

  • https://bookerystore.com/downloads/plants-only-kitchen-over-70-delicious-super-simple-powerful-and-protein-packed-recipes-for-busy-people/

  • Plant based farming is equally destroying the earths resources.. esp grains pulses etc
    They have destroyed enormous vast areas of land fertile lands forest lands and brought tall trees in thick jungles down to their feet killing them for the mere sake
    of paddy & rice cultivation.
    We should know and agree that a tall tree is home to trillions of insects microbes microorganisms birds insects ;
    Killing animals or frying a baby of tree which is a seed are both crimes against earth life. What’s the food of man continues to be a question

  • I have relatives who never saw fresh fruits and vegetables for seven months of the year. Four lived past 103. Others lived well into their 90s. You don’t need all those fruits and vegetables and all the variety.

  • It’s just water weight:��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������☕☕����������������

  • I’m going to keep eating the meats. You should question even your diet. Me… Well I’ve spent 100’s of hours researching both sides of the story and I’m not going to change. Ask yourself why do vegans have to supplement if the diet Is so complete?

    Not everyone thrives on a vegan diet.

  • Red beans and white rice and fried plantains. Super easy. Keep those items in your pantry all the time and have a quick nutritious meal anytime. Inexpensive too.

  • I love being vegan. It has helped my health so much. I have never had so much energy. I hate when people say that vegans don’t get enough nutrition. That is a lie. I’m a dancer and a vegan and I always have enough energy and calories to be able to get through my dance classes.

  • My favorite Meatless Meal, is Spaghetti!! of Course without the Meat, but with Mushrooms, Olives, Water Chestnuts in the Sauce… OH.. I could eat Noodles all day long.. Any Noodle Dish… oh.. and Spanish Rice!! With your Enchiladas.. So perfect

  • I will never buy Hello Fresh. I too think it’s ridiculous. My ex and I were poor, I didn’t even know our budget, he never showed it to me. We could have saved so much money on groceries, and we could have gone to a pantry. Gregg’s Kitchen taco/burrito (I don’t think there’s a difference. Gregg’s Kitchen is a YouTube channel. I make it all the time. Basically it’s two cans of kidney beans, tomato paste, sweet chili sauce, and barbecue sauce, and half a pack of taco seasonings, and then whatever toppings you want. Oh, cook it on a skillet.

  • so I asked my boyfriend what is his favorite food that I make and he said he loves my potato tacos. I take a tortilla warm it up then i fill it with mexican cheese and mash potatoes fold it then fry it in a pan with oil and it is delish. Must try and Its the cheapest thing I make. 1 large potato can probably feed 4 people. serve it with rice and your good.

  • Growing up we ate peanut butter and jelly all the time, also corn flakes, and just cheese sandwiches. Now I can’t eat a lot of bread, I get thin sandwich rounds, put tomatoe and miracle whip, yum

  • Love these quesadillas flour tortillas, Monterey Jack Cheese, melt then add chopped tomato, chopped avocado and sliced sweet pickles (must be sweet or doesn’t taste right). I don’t know if your counting tuna as meatless but I make a salad add mayo, pickles, cheese, egg sometimes and a can of tuna. My hubby loves this and requested it this week super cheap! I also just love rice with beans, tomatoes, onion, cheese and a little salsa.

  • Tomato sandwich with mayonnaise and if you have it onion or lettuce etc. Really you can have onion with mayonnaise or lettuce with mayonnaise, mustard whatever you have on hand. I grew up going without food my dad was an alcoholic and before him and my mom separated it was lean times as long as my belly is full I’m happy. I have ate less and lowered amount of meals with meat I have lost weight. I found this channel a few months ago or so I’m glad I found this channel.

  • Hes literally copying trisha paytas when she pretended to be vegan. Its not funny or cute. The animals, planet and your body are all suffering and you’re laughing to the bank.

  • Old Irish Recipe: “Savory Porridge.” Set oatmeal to cook. Fry up whatever leftover veggies happen to be on hand (cabbage makes frequent appearances) along with an onion. Mix it with some grated cheese (or cottage cheese, or some combo). Mix the veggies into some cooked oatmeal. Slap on butter, salt, and pepper. Voila a savory high-nutrition meal in under 15 minutes. OR Colcannon fry up cabbage and onions with leftover vegetables and mix it into leftover potatoes. Add whatever cheese and bits of meat are at hand (the last lone breakfast sausage patty crumbled up is a good addition). Grandma Depression-era cooking at its finest.

  • We ate tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches all summer for lunch. My dad grew a huge garden. Also leftover biscuits or cornbread crumbled in milk. Mom made pudding with squash and carrots and bread pudding and rice pudding with leftovers

  • I see so many comments linking eating plant-based to being a full-on vegan for everything else as well. 
    Why hassle people who might try the diet to also adopt this mindset??? Let them make their own journey!!!
    I am not eating plant-based because I am an animal activist, and I don’t plan on becoming one. I did it for health reasons and I am never going back:) 
    I do love animals but I don’t believe in the black and white image some extremist vegans are trying to sell.
    Slowly but surely our societies evolve, as we challenge inherited misconceptions, such as “you need meat if you want to be strong”, or as having milk, butter and cheese as pantry staples without knowing why. And going plant-based is already a steep first step to take in many countries, so please cut people some slack <3

  • I think these problems mostly occur in places where meat is the primary food with surrounding vegetables
    Indian and vegetarian diets do have meat but not every meal or every day.
    I have chicken 3 times a week and i make sure to not buy packaged processed kind but rather fresh from the shop

  • Beans and rice cooked in veggie broth with steamed veggies is a favorite around our house. I cook it in the instant pot and it all gets infused with flavor.

  • I love his videos. And I’m hate that people bring him down �� my favorite thing is that he says it’s water weight I say that to my friend ������

  • How many times do we complain that we can’t change the way the world works? Now here is a way to make a difference for us,for our fellow humans, the environment and the animals win win all round. In future you might enjoy but in -joy because there is so much happiness recovered from every vegan meal.
    If it doesn’t taste nice don’t blame the veggies,maybe you are not yet a great cook but the internet is overflowing with tips so you will get there,promise����������������

  • I buy lots of greens, onions, peppers. Keep lots of herbs on hand. I eat at least one big salad every day. It’s good for you and much much cheaper than meat. I haven’t eaten any meat, dairy, etc. in over a year and I spend way less.

  • Please think about your health!!! but if you still wanna eat all this food eat smaller portions and workout or just do keto please you are literally making your life shorter by doing this

  • My nother used to say she had macaroni and tomatoes stewed together, white northern beans and biscuits for meals (she is 89) her dad died when she was 12, and her mother had a small farm and worked with her father on his farm raised tobacco, gardens, etc.

  • Im currently about 8 days in on living vegan, at the moment i struggle with hunger and a not fully satisfied feeling, but i do have more energy

  • I make minestrone soup using left over spaghetti sauce in place of tomato sauce and your spices are already in the sauce. I put in leftover vegetables and a can of garbanzo beans. Cooks up in 30 minutes.

  • The earth has been through a lot of worse things than us, it has been earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, continental drift, solar flares, and hundreds of thousands of years of bombardment asteroid and meteors, and worldwide fires and constantly appearing ice ages, and we think some animals? are gonna make some differences?

  • You know it’s a big change when a oriental goes plant based vegan, when they come from eating anything that moves from rats, bats, dogs, cats, etc and giving that up. Now that’s a life defining moment

  • P.S �� I love veggie patties, could you share a good recipe with me? I’ve never made it before ��. Even better maybe you could do a video. If you have time, do you have any vegetable croquette recipes?
    I went shopping and I thought I bought Chia on special, found out I actually bought Quinoa…3 bags full. Do you know of any Quinoa recipes too? Thank you ladies. ��‍♀️

  • I tried but my diet was not balanced so I ended up having iron deficiency and as a woman that was tough. Now I am easing myself into it. Slowly and steadily focusing on maintaining my health. It really is a lifestyle change

  • Slow cooker bean stew: throw in onions, carrots and celery, some lentils or broth grain mix, a couple of cans of beans, a can of tomatoes, some stock and herbs. I also add a couple of handfuls of macaroni about 30mins before dishing up dinner, and grate a little cheese on top.
    Kimmy (She’s in her apron) also has a great taco soup recipe I’ve used both with and without the mince.

  • I like the recipes from Dr Neal Barnard’s book ‘Food For Life’. They are easy and delicious! Simple method does work fruits, veg, whole grains, beans / lentils…. and repeat. I found the fat was causing me many problems, that included too many plant oils and fats.

  • I must thank this woman deeply for such a beautiful way of explaining one of the most difficult subjects at stake today. Even if we needed animal protein—which we don’t—we should change to plant based food and the protein in it. PERIOD. This subject is more difficult than any other subjects—politics or religion and similar—because people tend to come up immediately with “what they know” and they start giving the most out of date explanations like the shape of the canine teeth in our mouths. Please, try to eat any animal—after you keel it—by biting with those “canine teeth” any part of it.

    It is not attractive at all, is it?

    Of course it is not!

    If you have not changed, CHANGE TODAY. Just do it!

  • Macaroni and cheese, vegetable lasagna, egg salad sandwiches, macaroni salad with vegetables, vegetable soup, cheesy potatoes,
    loaded baked potatoes (butter, sour cream, grilled onions, bell peppers, shredded cheese, mushrooms, etc.)
    Rice pudding, rice pilaf, fried rice,

  • Beans/lentils are the cheapest and most nutrition packed food you can have. You should look into them. A pound or more bag of beans is like $2 and it can last almost a month. It’s how my family ate and saved money to invest in their business and became successful. You can eat extremely healthy and cheaply if you look to foods not common in the typical western diet. Expand your thinking.

  • George Burns smoked cigars like crazy to his 100’s, but that doesn’t mean you can. But Dr. Mc Dougals starch based diet works great because those are cheap staples

  • Bullshit propaganda, this is so classic,using celebrities to promote shitty food.. as if these people are an example to the population. I honestly think that people are waking up more and more…only the idiots follow these stupid trends.

  • I am pregnant and may have an enlarged heart (echo to confirm next week). I researched all this heart healthy eating stuff and while I’m not ready to throw it out the window (cutting back on salt and red meat/cheese) I was surprised with what the ob said-avoid caffeine and stress! She didn’t mention diet at all. Thanks for the great advice!

  • Spaghetti. We never eat meat in our spaghetti. I usually make a simple baked spaghetti. Noodles, sauce & melt cheese on top. I’ve done this for years now & it’s my families favorite.

  • I’m not vegan but I’d easily eat one of your vegetarian/vegan dishes over any meaty meal thank you so much for all these amazing recipe videos

  • Sadly, we have gone from ‘eating to live’, now we ‘live to eat’.
    Some of my favorite meatless meals are boiling some pasta and near the end of the boiling time throw in some frozen veggies.
    Breakfast for dinner is so easy. Also, we love wraps that you can throw pretty much anything in.
    Cottage cheese and fruit or veggies is good. Sometimes I mix cottage cheese and yogurt for a different texture.

  • Ladies thank you!
    How refreshing to hear that it is ok to eat cereal for dinner. It isn’t right to make a parent feel guilty for not making a huge dinner. Not everyone can afford to cook a 3 course dinner. It creates unnecessary stress on people. I don’t feel guilty when we have night’s when it is breakfast for dinner. My family enjoys it, because it is different.
    I so enjoy this kind of talk. It is validation for parents to teach their children how to live within their means. ��

  • Amazingly put together! Dr. Kong managed to justify why going vegan makes 100% sense while looking at it through the 3 sides: health, environment and animal abuse.

  • All I see in the comment section is people debating whether meat based diet is better than plant-based which is pointless because your diet will depend of your genetics and metabolism. What’s good for one person might be dangerous for someone else. Find the diet that is best for you given your values and your current health status. Both diets have pros and cons.

  • Reads the title
    Me:diabetes diabetes diabetes diabetes diabetes diabetes
    Nick:I’m on a diet
    Also me:u on a what now
    Also me:we ain’t gonna be surprised when u have high cholesterol and diabetes and highblood pressure

  • how many of you who clapped so hard at the end..quit non vegan food? she should educate ppl of her origin who are eating bats and mice n snakes and hv doomed this planet

  • I realized one day that I didn’t have anything on hand that appealed to me for lunch, so I sat down with a cookbook and discovered eggplant casserole. I had all of the main ingredients in my garden; eggplant, onions and tomatoes. I added bread crumbs and butter, and baked it. Thirty-five years later, it remains one of my favorite side dishes. Also love corn casserole, tomato soup with grilled cheese, broccoli cheese soup, French toast…the list goes on.:)


  • I’m trying to become a complete vegan because I’m trying to improve my health. It’s hard because I don’t prepare my meals due to my physical disability.

  • I can’t be the only one who really feels bad for him…he has a fast food addiction and he’ll end up in the grave if he doesn’t stop…

  • I haven’t had meat since 1988/89 and went Vegan after watching Forks over Knives in 2016. I am thriving, run marathons and have never had a medication yet. Have been able to maintain 125 lbs until menopause then it shot up 8 lbs seemingly overnight, but I’m slowly losing that by eating even cleaner. My only wish is that I went vegan sooner. The only reason I find this interesting is that for celebrities, their bodies and their looks are their identity and how they make money. Clearly you can also lose weight on other programs, but wait until you are older than 35. If you don’t eat for nutrition as well as for lean-ness, you will end up looking like a grey prune with a small waist but high cholesterol.

  • Low cholesterol is found in people who die young because cholesterol in the body is what it uses to protect and heal, the only cholesterol that is bad is vldl and that is converted Processed sugars and processed wheat based products, ive got all the same results and more going keto than when I did vegan, now I’m healthier feel far much better, I’m cured from diabetes, I’ve stopped eating greens which has eliminated all my gut issues, my cholesterol levels are perfect, my triglycerides are amazing 43, it was higher on vegan diet, my arthritis disappeared, my cancer tumor is completely gone, I’ve lost weight, my mind is %300 percent clearer and calm… its amazing how much better I am after going vegan to the correct human species diet of veg, some fruit and fresh cut meats… vegan kept me diabetic and keto cured everything

  • What I like to do is a Kale Stir-fry. What I do is use some olive oil and garlic in a pan, heat it up, add the kale; white rice, black beans, broccoli and cauliflower. And a little salt & pepper & top with a fried egg. I got the base recipe from Health Nut Nutrition and modified to my liking. The good thing about this recipe is that you can modify based on dietary needs and preferences.

  • When you try to think of the Animal Suffering ( in slaughter houses) and if in case you can’t think of what level of suffering they go through….just imagine this someone kidnapped you and kept you in dark, unhygienic, totally painful, merciless place and conditions.
    Did not care about your physical and mental health, did not care about your hunger, thirst and kept you in your own excreta and urine with other kidnapped humans and on top of that you are innocent, you have been kidnapped just because someone likes your meat and you will be slaughtered in a very cruel way after keeping you in such unimaginable conditions after days, weeks or even months of continued torture…
    You will be hanged upside down with iron hook in your one leg, your hands tied, you are kicked, punched, electricuted, and all this is happening when you are still alive and finally your throat slit opened and your life ended mercilessly just to eat you.
    This is what these animals are going through every single day, till the time they die…..just to come in your plate.

    Your hunger can vanish even with carrot, cucumber, spinach, wheat, rice, sprouts etc…
    then why to give so much pain to someone innocent just like our pet at home.
    We get angry and agitated if someone bothers stray cats or dogs..or our pets we start fight fir their safety ( then why the safety of this animal is necessary and not of animals in slaughter houses?)
    Please think deeply on this and your compassion will arise….be aware of the taste trap it’s just another addiction you can easily overcome.

    Love Animals…. Don’t Eat Them

  • I love listening to you ladies. Everything that u say is so true.When I was raising my four children we were dirt poor, would put Bologna on pizza for pepperoni and sliced American cheese.

  • I agree with almost all of her speech. But in the third world countries, it is very difficult to meet daily nutrition recommendation. Eggs and milk are still essentials there. I think the same applies to low income families in The US

  • Veggie fried rice, smothered potato soft tacos, cheese or potato enchilada, fry or bake up some tortilla chips then crack and beat an egg pour on top of chips and cook till egg is done. Brown any type of pasta in enough oil to coat the bottom of a pan, once browned, add some tomato sauce and enough water to cover pasta, bring to boil, cover and simmer until tender, you can add chicken bouillon in place of salt for flavor. Bean and cheese tostadas. Boil some spaghetti noodles, drain, and in sauté pan grill some onion and garlic add in the cooked pasta, and some soy sauce to taste, toss till flavors are combined and enjoy. Don’t forget baked potatoes topped with butter, cream cheese, chili, ect. Biscuits with gravy or with grits or with eggs.

  • I make macaroni andcheese (from scratch) and that is our protein/meatwithvegetables.Its hard when husbands have toeat meat. Isometimes just fix me a vegetable plate but still haveto cookmeat for him.

  • Lentil soup, veggie lasagna, Southwest quinoa casserole (quinoa, enchilada sauce, corn, black beans, cheddar, green chilies, cumin, chili powder all baked together topped with avocado, cilantro and tomato. Yum!

  • really great looking food. years back before and after my son was born, we went vegan. it was great but we discovered he had a lot of allergies and had to go back to eating meat so he had adequate protein. seriously thinking about doing it again for me.

  • My new favorite is to melt some muenster on 1/2 a flour tortilla, then add diced onion, tons of cilantro with lots of fresh lime juice.

  • For the masala chickpeas We usually lightly toast the spices before the rest of the ingredients… Brings out more of the aroma and flavors

  • Chili mac tomato soup or meat flavored pasta sauce, chili powder, cooked macaroni and sprinkle moz.cheese on top delicious…

  • Haven’t thought about creamed boiled eggs on toasts in forever! Was a childhood meal for us-supper. Mother was a ‘depression’ era child and knew lots of frugal tricks. One food item we never had was beans-unless canned. Why on earth not? Maybe because she lived with her Swedish grandparents and beans weren’t available or commonly cooked here ‘up north’ in Mn. Would’ve made a world of difference in our family. Thanks ladies and here’s to a simpler lifestyle!

  • It’s really sad about the animals & what’s even worse is abortion, to think a doctor would kill a baby that’s 9 months in the womb. I bet no one could turn around at that procedure

  • No thanks. I’d rather have a well balanced diet instead of choosing one or the other. I incorporate lots of greens in my diet but at the same time i make sure to have some meat.

  • Good video Tawra and Jill!At times i have had a bowl of porridge for dinner or make toasted sandwiches. Pasta is good for quick cheap and easy!
    And i agree about the fat! Fat helps keep away the hunger!

  • I want your Cookbook! I designed 3 Family Cookbooks and published them for my Cousins, aunts, sister, etc…. Of course I kept a couple of each book for myself.. then my home caught fire.. Lost everything.. Now I live in a 28′ Travel Trailer.. But I”d love to have you Cookbook… Can’t Afford it… But you got it… Recipes are the heart of every kitchen, I’m 61 years old, and my Granddaughters want to learn to cook by me (Grandma).. Dang.. Wish I had either my Memory back or my Cookbooks back… LOL

  • Besides innumerable health benefits…saving the environment and saving the animals from cruelty are essential reasons for plant based diets!��

  • We took from Tawra & Jill’s meal designing ideas and created a series of meals we can add what we have on hand (whatever happens to be on sale) to in order to create our meals:

    Chili: any sort of bean/lentils, chili powder, tomato in some form (pasta sauce, marinara, canned tomato, fresh tomato, tomato paste, in a pinch we have even used ketchup or salsa).  To this base you can add in odds and ends from your kitchen: chopped vegetables (including items you might not want to eat on their own like broccoli stems, kale stems, cauliflower stems & leaves, etc.  You can’t tell what’s in there once it’s cooked down, it’s just bulk), dried TVP (this adds an amazing meaty texture to any dish, is dirt cheap when bought in bulk for us, doubles to triples in volume when rehydrated, and a little goes a long way… we usually add about 1/4 of a cup after it’s been rehydrated to a pot of chili), any grains you have leftover can go in here too.  This can be served with any grains, baked potato (sweet or regular), bread, chips, tortillas… the options are endless.

    Pizza: We make homemade bread every week with big family homestead’s recipe (I think there’s a video of Tawra making this too) and we save some dough to make the crust, add on tomato sauce or bbq sauce and any veggies you have (great to use up remaining odds and ends), if you add cheese sprinkle a little on top of everything instead of beneath the toppings (this gives the illusion that there’s a lot of it when there isn’t (we’re dairy free due to allergies so we will sprinkle Trader Joe’s shredded non-dairy cheese on ours) & you don’t really need the cheese for the bbq version.

    Curry: There are two ways to make this, the cheap way and the dirt cheap way.  The cheap way is can of curry paste, water, can of coconut milk, any veggies, lentils or chickpeas and/or potato.  The dirt cheap way is to replace the curry paste and coconut milk for a bit of nut butter (any kind but peanut butter tends to be the cheapest) and some curry powder this gives you the illusion of the creaminess without the more expensive items (also makes this easier to make when you live in an area with fewer food options).  We typically serve this with rice (but any grain will do in a pinch) or homemade roti (really just flour, water & baking powder mixed into a dough & fried on the stovetop with a bit of oil).

    Pasta: We always include veggies & some sort of protein (beans, lentils or TVP… usually TVP because we love it so much and you only need a little).  For the sauce, we use tomato sauce, hummus or a bit of oil/margarine (we sprinkle it with a bit of nutritional yeast because we’re dairy free).  If you aren’t dairy free like us you can water down some cream cheese or sour cream or ricotta or cottage cheese as a makeshift white sauce (don’t forget to add salt).

    Veggie Burgers: Main ingredients here are beans/lentils, spices and a bit of flour to bind.  To this, you can add in minced veggies, ketchup, bbq sauce, oats (or leftover oatmeal), cooked grains.  We typically serve this with roasted mixed veggies, fried potatoes, or a side salad (Pro tip: Dandelion greens are free right now and make a great salad!  Just pick from an area that isn’t sprayed with weed killer rinse & chop (you can use the dandelion heads and roots as filler veggies too!) (Another pro tip: dressing shouldn’t be costing you $4 a container, but something under $1 or make it yourself for dirt cheap.  All you need is fat, sour, salt, and sweet to make an amazing dressing.  For example, a great creamy dressing is nut/seed butter, lemon juice, sugar, salt or olive oil, vinegar, sugar, salt.  You can add any spices you want for variety too.)

    Fried Rice: The base is day old rice, any veggies chopped up, soy sauce, and a tiny bit of sugar.  You can also add TVP or tofu to this for more protein and a bit of hot sauce, cayenne pepper, or hot peppers to taste for heat.

    Tacos/Burritos: Base for this is tortillas (in a pinch you can make these easily with just flour and water) or taco shells topped with stir-fried veggies of any kind and a bit of salsa or chopped tomato and lettuce/greens if you have them.  You can also add rice or any other grains to this. Think outside the box with this.  Once it’s in a tortilla with salsa on top you really can’t tell what’s in there.  Last night we had leftover zucchini, radishes, and mushrooms We fried these up with paprika, cayenne pepper and nutritional yeast (once you add seasoning to it and fry it up you really can’t tell what’s in there — it’s all just filler).  We threw this on a tortilla with mayo (adds creaminess without the expense of sour cream or cheese) and hot sauce. You can also deconstruct this into a burrito bowl if you don’t have tortillas, taco shells or flour. Just use rice as the base and add your toppings to the bowl.

    Oatmeal: Rolled oats cooked with water & topped with 1 tbsp nuts/seeds/nut butter (great with baked seeds from pumpkins or squash we cook) & 1 cup fruit (if nothing is on sale we soak raisins for 20 minutes to make them plumper & fill us up more).  We typically have this for breakfast or toast with peanut butter.

    All of these are VERY easy and fast to make and there are 7 meals here that can be changed up an endless number of ways to keep it interesting.

    Just a note: I often see people using canned beans, but I rarely see these at a low enough price to be worth it. I’ll keep a few on hand for an emergency (or an emergency of laziness) but generally, I find that soaking some beans overnight and throwing them in a crockpot in the morning is easier and yields more beans for your buck. To be lazy you can cook a huge pot of them for the week and throw them in the freezer or fridge. If you want to do the math you can usually get 2-3 times the weight of dried beans once they are cooked.

  • I cried when she was describing what pigs go thru:( so sad, glad i went VEGAN this year, and will continue to be regardless of what’s going on in the world

  • Honestly, it is really hurting to add “the Kim” in this video, because you help her spreading bullshirt: as your video states, she had health conditions… and still has them, so what is she even doing here? Nobody cares about believing snob, super rich and ridiculous “sea moss smoothies” eaters! (Is it even a trend outside of California even? jeez!). 
    A role model shouldn’t be about the number of instagram followers:/
    I went plant based for health reasons, and believe me i can attest of true complete results on my conditions, and reverse effects as soon as I make a slip. So I really wish BADLY that more people would get such benefits by trying going vegan, and I don’t believe showing some ridiculous extremists that use veganism to justify unhealthy slimming diets will do.
    My diet has become more delicious now that I eat plant based, and YES that includes fries, chocolate spreads and sauté noodles… pleasure is key!
    So please don’t scare some people away from trying a diet that might be a total game changer, and do be mindful of the role models you pick in your videos! Thanks xo

  • Im a new vegan here ��
    I still eat meat maybe 3x a week coz it’s sooooo haaaarrrrrrd!!!!! Hahahahah been a carnivore as long as i can remember

  • I have a very muscular friend that increased IQ score and earned his first million bucks only after switching to a vegan diet, common sense healthy habits and micro dosing. However some might need their probiotics to adapt after abusing our gut with processed foods etc before switching to a total vegan diet

  • Meat is not new tobacco. meat has complete nutrition. any sideloped theory will cause problem in long term. A balanced diet (include meat, vegetable, fruits, seeds, nuts and bean etc) gives your body the nutrients it needs to function correctly, but not process food.

  • I was vegan for 3.5 years until I saw my health decline. Now, on the carnivore diet I have my health back, I have my focus back & am studying Holistic Management for Ecosystem regeneration & reversing desertification. Ruminants have roamed the earth for 100.000 years and were hunted by they predator in a herd-predator relationship. Grasslands are the quickest at sequestering carbon from the atmosfere, but at the same time very dependant on herding animals and their impact on the land. So, were is the ecosystem regeneration aspect of veganism? Beyond Burger or impossible meat are highly dependant on monoculture pesticides dependant fossil fuel addicted industrial agriculture. On the other habd, White Oak Pastures are carbon negative & ecosystem regenerating. It’s not he Cow, it’s the HOW, brothers. Much Love

  • Kim Kardashian is NOT Vegan. She says she is Vegan for the publicity but she has been seen eating fish and chicken.
    I applaud everyone else for coming over to the compassionate side, but I can’t trust a Kardashian to tell the truth.

  • My son has been on a plant based diet for over 10 yrs. I have just had half my Thyroid removed due to a cancerous growth, my son put out the challenge to try plant based eating, I have been on it now for 3 weeks, I haven’t felt so good in all my life, my energy levels are fantastic, my work load at the gym is off the chart, and have dropped in center meters off the waste line, and my wife of 32 yrs said she’s hasn’t seen me this happy and positive in three decades. I’m staying on this train.

  • Thankyou for this. I’m a Vegetarian and we eat things such as lentil dhal, potato curry, chickpea and peach curry, vegetable crumble, chickpea enchiladas, mixed bean chilli etc. There is loads of budget meat free meals. With regards the healthy foods points, I agree it’s easy to become obsessed and I’m guilty of it myself, becoming anxious that I’m not eating as healthy as I could but then I tell myself to calm down ha as eating healthy is easier than you think and it’s more about balance than anything

  • We made the Veggie Stuffed Pepper Casserole yesterday and it was amazing! My boyfriend usually hates our weekly veggie day but he loved this one! Gonna try the chickpea masala this week:D

  • GREAT VIDEO SPEECH!! Thank you Joanne Kong, ANOTHER great video for further persuasion away from meat is “THE GAME CHANGERS” it changed my outlook on meat and I now work harder than ever at being VEGAN not just vegetarian….. it’s not like giving up meat is going to cost extra money….. it’s not easy, but industry has recognized the VEGAN market and every day more great, and great tasting, alternatives to MEAT are becoming readily available. Work at it….one meal at a time and remember that you are not only saving the pigs and cows and chickens……you are saving yourself!!! Just Do IT!!

  • Crockpot BBQ lentils:
    1 pound lentils
    1 bottle of BBQ sauce
    6 cups of water
    1 onion, chopped (optional)
    Mix it all in a crockpot and cook on low for 6-7 hours.

  • Here are some more hard-core vegans. Dang! they look healthier that meat eaters, don’t they?


  • Love you….thank you for making the planets beautiful, with beautiful people like you, who are helping in change, to bring back, the right life style humans should live for the compassion and kindness towards animals and self health, the health of the Earth!!!!!

  • My italian side of me makes escarole and beans, with italuan bread. The armenian side of me makes falafel, with cucumber, dill and yogart salad, with some hummus

  • Food isn’t ideological, but trhe elite have brainwashed you in order to weaken your DNA so they stay in their position. The rich socialist elite want slaves and vegan/GMO food will be your diet!

  • “the speaker makes strong assertions about a specific diet that lacks sufficient scientific evidence for general prescription”
    Seriously, TEDx? More like “this healthcare professional with a doctoral degree makes reasonable assertions about a diet that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics deems healthful and nutritionally adequate for all stages of life. The preponderance of scientific research and literature in support of this diet is overwhelming.”
    But of course, you don’t have any such disclaimer on speakers advocating a keto diet, which is clinically proven to be detrimental.

  • Veganism is another scam pushed on mostly white people to make you sterile. And all you eat it up like turkey on Thanksgiving. It makes women stop their period, ages you faster, your hair falls off, makes your brain not think clearly……… veganism is not for human consumption long term.

  • I  don’t know these  pigs she speaks of,  Ihave raised pigs and many times had sows turn around and eat their babies as fast as they were born.  that crate she lives in is to protect piglets.  Something about a vegan diet makes you compulsively tell others your vegan.

  • I don’t care whether someone wants to eat plants or meat but seriously, I really could care less what actors eat. Just saying….

  • if they’re doing it for themselves and not animals they are plant based. not vegan. vegan is a movement to stop the cruelty of animals. if you’re doing it for the animal, you’d never stop, and that makes you vegan.

  • If you eat well, you get killed by water contamination, if you survive that you die of cancer or some hereditary factors.
    Death is a certainty, but vegan diet is so expensive and it’s hard to sustain especially in this world where farming practices are seriously shady.

  • I went vegan a year ago for all three reasons. At first, admittedly, it’s tough to find what you will eat from now on because u are used to the same things. However, after a couple weeks I found my routine and it is now just as easy, convenient, and cheap as an omnivorous diet.

    I wanted to do it for a while but I was afraid people would think im a hippie or tree hugger ���� I would advise anyone out there to consider what is in their own best interest and not concern themselves with the stereotypes.

  • Could you do some recipes that don’t include onion, spring onion or leek?? All of your recipes look so good, but I’m super allergic to the things above and would love some help finding recipes that are yummy without them!!:)

  • Any advice for somebody making the change i want todo it the healthiest way possible making sure im getting all nutrients, any bookel recommnedations?

  • For vegans the first recipe you can use vegan butter, second recipe you can use follow your heart Parmesan cheese, and third recipe you can marinated tofu or vegan mozzarella, and the fourth recipe looks FREAKING DELICIOUS! Love this channel ❤️

  • My wife and I went on a vegetarian diet for about 14 months, I got weaker and weaker and it ruined my guts. Now I eat only meat and am much better at 67.

  • Hello am a vegetarian for 14 years since I was 13 old�� life have been awesome and influenced my family to become vegetarian as well ❤️ Less hate more love ��

  • 4th year as vegan. I can’t tell you enough how transformative it has been in my vegan journey. Thanks for the video! It’s a practical pathway EACH of US CAN do to change the world ��

  • I love how the comment says that she is making assertions about a specific diet that “lacks sufficient scientific evidence for general prescription.” Oh Im sorry…what?

  • Why I’m A Vegan? It’s because I do not onto others what I do not want to be done to myself when I understood I have a choice not to.

  • wow the end clip, when he said his teeth hit the bone and his mind said “dead bird” very powerful, shows how desensitized we all are. for me, it was seeing the veins in chicken lol

  • vegetarian diet gave me psoriasis. The carbohydrates I had eaten gave me insulin resistance and all complications that derive from it. Now on Keto I got rid of all ailments. I’m not saying to eat meat but dairy, seafood and eggs are a must. Veganism is a diet of deficiency so one must take a lot of supplements that shows that is not beneficial for humans. I need no supplements on Keto and that says it all. It also lacks bio availability and the right amounts of: 1) Pre-formed Omega-3 Fatty Acids DHA and EPA

    2) Vitamin B12

    3) Vitamin D3

    4) Vitamin A/Retinol

    5) Zinc

    6) Choline

    7) Calcium

    8) Iron

    9) Iodine

    10) Selenium

    11) Cholesterol

    12) Carnitine

    13) Carnosine

    14) Glycine

    15) Amino Acids

    16) Creatine

    18) Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine

    19) Vitamin B2/Riboflavin

    20) Vitamin B3/Niacin

  • I’m going to be honest, I’ve watched your videos on and off for years. Initially, the way you “come on strong” turned me off. However the content, especially as of late with this series, has put me in a whole new mindset. I need and want a more simple life, and I believe that’s what you are teaching here. Simple, healthy, less stress. Isn’t that what we all need in life? I have your cookbook and everything that I have made from it has been great. Thank you both for what you are doing here.

  • Love your attitudes. I thought about getting hello fresh but then looking at the prices and what youget, it is cheaper to go to the store and make up your own meals from what you get. I love breakfast for dinner meals. Maybe I will have pancakes tonight with syrup a friend made.

  • Hey there, I have a few theories I wanted to share about the healthy foods and Hello Fresh and similar foods [please read my comment before deciding to delete, I’ll try to keep it short:) ]

    Hello Fresh is a subscription box service. Subscription boxes became a trend a few years ago with the rise of Loot Crate and you can get almost anything in a sub box. They are mostly marketed at young adults since they advertise a lot on Youtube using bigger youtubers. A lot of young adults never learned to cook for whatever reason, and Hello Fresh and similars kind of gave them the push to.
    I 100% agree that it’s completely uneccesary and I’m sure many people quit after a few months, but it did help some people learn to cook so it’s not all bad.

    As for the sickness/healthy foods, it’s got to be the fact that plate sizes are bigger than they were in the 50’s (they used to be about 8 inches now they are about 10-11). More food equals more nutrition and too much of even a good thing is bad and thus health problems.

    Have a great day and thank you so much for making all these great videos!

  • I’ve been watching you for quite some time now and just recently ordered your classic cookbook. It should be delivered soon. But something you said in this video makes me question whether or not I’ll continue watching. You’ve hired someone to “delete”. Does that mean you only want to hear from people who agree with you.

  • I make stuffed pepper soup but now instead of hamburger I use TVP. People have made it my way and they have made it with hamburger and everyone loves it exclamation points so easy to make and tastes just like stuffed peppers.

  • Have been a vegetarian all my life. In our family we don’t bring dead bodies in kitchen (not even of animals). I have never been hospitalized as far as I remember. We have thousands of dishes. Like I won’t repeat any dish for years if I wanted to. In india a large population is vegetarian. We have vegetarian wrestlers, sportspersons, scientists…what’s the big deal about being vegetarian? And why do vegetarians in west look to be struggling or sad?

  • I’m trying to be more adventurous with cooking, but I haven’t been able to make myself like mushrooms, peppers, or tomatoes. (But tomato sauce is fine.) Do you have any substitution recommendations for picky eaters?

  • I just can’t get it when those hypocritical sob zionists like Simone Cowell care about animals and i the same time support mass murders in Palestine. ������������

  • A study published in Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Ethics examined incidental death of field animals that occurred as a result of growing and harvesting crops in the United States, and the estimate is that 7.3 BILLION animals die annually. Approximately only 40 million cows were harvested in the same time period. This could even be improved if ALL cows were pasture raised and never fed grains. But you cannot make crop harvesting any less deadly. Proof that vegans are cruel to animals and don’t care about animal welfare. Who are vegans to judge which animal life counts more than the life of other animals?? If you care about the animals of this planet in general eat carnivore.