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3 Ways to Enjoy a Healthier Grilled Cheese 1. LOAD ON (HEALTHY!) EXTRAS Yes, a grilled gooey, cheesy sandwich is delicious — especially when you layer in cheeses 2. PREP A WHOLE, GRILL A HALF Instead of eating an entire grilled cheese sandwich and calling it a meal, chop your sando 3. 5 secrets to make grilled cheese healthier 1. Pick the right cheese: When it comes to grilled cheese, not all cheese is created equal. Some people love American 2. Think beyond cheese for flavor: OK, so cheese is a necessary ingredient.

But you don’t have to have mounds of it to 3. Grilled cheese sandwiches are an American classic. They’re so popular, in fact, that according to a recent report published by the market research firm Datassential, 51 percent of consumers love. Liven up a simple grilled cheese with sambal oelek, a spicy chili paste that delivers Asian-inspired heat.

Trade out your heavy cheeses for a reduced fat sharp cheddar and low fat cream cheese. Topped with wilted kale, this is a sandwich that is packed with greens and protein, yet still tastes like an indulgent, grown-up take on a kids’ classic. Olive oil is also a rich source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, which are linked to lowered levels of bad LDL cholesterol in the body. To add the most flavor to your grilled cheese, make sure to use a high-quality olive oil (avoid extra-virgin, as the smoke point is too low). Chopped boiled eggs.

Chopped capsicum. Chopped green chilli. Chopped beetroot. Sliced tomatoes. Chopped coriander.

Cheese slices. Fish keema. Lemon.

But there are also much less conventional ways to make a grilled cheese sandwich amazing — you just have to think outside the box a little. Some of these clever folks have found truly genius. When it comes to comfort food, grilled cheese definitely meets the description.

As it gets colder, a late night run to Cheesie’s doesn’t seem so great. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Make your own gourmet grilled cheese sandwich with these simple add-ins.

Grab some bread and cheese. Donuts are the ultimate guilty pleasure and grilled cheeses are more comforting than the arms of your mother. So naturally, putting the two together seemed like a no-brainer to me. As I was scrolling through Instagram on National Donut Day, I came across the restaurant chain Tom + Chee, home of the donut grilled cheese. 5 Ways to Make Your Grilled Cheese Better Than Anyone Else’s.

September 26, 2014. By. Julie Ruggirello.

A few ways you can improve your grilled cheese game (Photo: Flickr/Kelly Bone) There’s more to grilled cheese than just bread and cheese.

List of related literature:

Fold melted cheese thoroughly into meat, divide mixture evenly among toasted rolls, and serve.

“The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes
by America’s Test Kitchen
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◗ 5 Ways to Vary Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

“How to Cook Everything The Basics: All You Need to Make Great Food-With 1,000 Photos” by Mark Bittman
from How to Cook Everything The Basics: All You Need to Make Great Food-With 1,000 Photos
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2 Add to the skillet 4 more tablespoons of the butter with the onion, celery, red bell pepper, and, if desired, the hot peppers.

“Cooking Basics For Dummies” by Bryan Miller, Marie Rama, Eve Adamson
from Cooking Basics For Dummies
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Add the cheese and onion; season to taste with salt and pepper.

“The Belly Fat Cure#” by Jorge Cruise
from The Belly Fat Cure#
by Jorge Cruise
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I like these three: (1) Use low-calorie or low-carb bread, (2) opt for reduced-fat cheddar cheese, (3) enjoy openfaced for double the bites so you feel like you’re getting more volume for the same amount of calories.

“From Junk Food to Joy Food: All the Foods You Love to Eat......Only Better” by Joy Bauer
from From Junk Food to Joy Food: All the Foods You Love to Eat……Only Better
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5 Don’t eat the browned or charred portions of cooked meats and cheeses.

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
from Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices
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Add the meat(s), veggie(s), cheese(s), and seasoning(s) of your choice, along with the salt, and stir to combine.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
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Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Use salt sparingly, since the cheese is fairly salty.

“The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook: 350 Essential Recipes for Inspired Everyday Eating” by Jack Bishop, Ann Stratton
from The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook: 350 Essential Recipes for Inspired Everyday Eating
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3 Meanwhile, combine the cheeses and butter in a small bowl, blending well.

“Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue: Barbecue Your Way to Greatness With 575 Lip-Smackin' Recipes from the Baron of Barbecue” by Paul Kirk, Bob Lyon
from Paul Kirk’s Championship Barbecue: Barbecue Your Way to Greatness With 575 Lip-Smackin’ Recipes from the Baron of Barbecue
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Add a pinch of the salt and pepper and, if desired, more of the cheese.

“One To Five: One Shortcut Recipe Transformed Into Five Easy Dishes” by Scott, Ryan
from One To Five: One Shortcut Recipe Transformed Into Five Easy Dishes
by Scott, Ryan
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  • Here is my recipe

    Then put cheese all around you want it to pour out its gonna get that delicious browning.
    Next feta cheese it improves it soo much adds some salty flavour and it scrumptious

    Try it with feta

  • I really should know better than to watch this in the middle of the night lol… It’s 11:30pm and I want to test the theory of the cheese crown! Good thing I’m tired, otherwise I’d be up in my kitchen right now. I’ll be making this soon though. Thanks Bobby!!! And Art ��

  • I used the dry toasting/mayo technique the other day from seeing it on another one of your videos, and it was sooooo much better than with butter! The crisp was there and it wasn’t soggy at all! (which is good cause I had 4 cheeses, pulled pork and mac and cheese on it!)

  • Level 1 is usually just to tell us what not to do.
    Level 2 tells us what is acceptable for us plebeians.
    Level 3 tells us what to expect if we go out to eat.
    And level 4 is just… for us to think we did not waste 10 mins on this.

  • I glad you also did that real bread and real cheese sandwich. The sliced wonder bread is loaded with sugar, that’s why it gets brown even black easily and that’s why it never gets any mold, not even after a month in a plastic bag. My home made bread spoils after 4-5 days. And the thin slices of so called cheese, are not even real cheese. I stopped buying them long time ago. I learned everything the hard way.

  • Fun video! I have to laugh though every time I hear the word Gouda [goo-da], as everybody in the US just pronounces that terribly wrong. It’s not even close. I know you listen to your Italian friends, we need to get some more Dutch people on here too ��… Go-dag or gow-dah would be much closer to how the city and cheese from said city in pronounced.
    Going to try this though, and as a Belgian and big fan of mayo, we always have that in the house.

  • Or you can grab two breads and a cheese… the first step is to grab the bread put cheese over it then put another bread on top. Then let it chill in the microwave for one whole year! SO SIMPLE!!! ����

  • I dont think this is good episode i have seen their other episodes which are better. If a person did not know anything about grilled cheese sandwiches watching this video would leave them confused.

  • Mayo made all the difference! It looked so great, but ate it immediately and didn’t take a photo. Thanks for having a video for every occasion!

  • The Food Scientist’s accent. I’m having trouble placing it. It’s so interesting. It sounds American, but also a little Caribbean maybe?

  • Oh my, oh my….poor baby Rose is looking at your toast as if she’s been starved for days……Love that hungry look she has in her eyes….Beautiful baby girl!

  • People knocking on mayo on the bread but my kid eats many grilled cheeses (some days, only grilled cheese) of all levels and is so picky and only likes it if it’s crispy on the outside, which mayo does for me when cooking. But, yeah, try not to burn it. Not sure about the blackberries, but my son would definitely not eat that.

  • Would love to see a video with clips of you and Rose and like the comic strip character Garfield, you add her thoughts to the different clips.

  • Hey Bobby, What cooktop burner is that?
    Or if anyone else knows could you please let me know.
    I’m in the market for something like that.

  • None of these three thought about adding bacon or tomatoes? Which are the two most common add-ons to grilled cheese. Adding an egg makes it a breakfast sandwich. Adding blackberries is not a thing.

  • Nothing…I say NOTHING beats Jarlsberg cheese on a grilled cheese Sammy! However I will experiment with adding two of the other cheeses that you mention to my beloved jarlsberg cheese Sammy. ��������������

  • Ingredient list for you guys! I want you to try this one and tell me what you think!
    1 Loaf of Good Quality Pullman Loaf
    1/3 lb of Fontina Cheese
    1/3 lb of Aged Gruyere
    1/3 lb of Red Wax Gouda
    Hellman’s Mayo for cooking
    Tomato Soup Dip for dipping (recipe coming on Thursday’s video)

  • Love adding grainy mustard to grilled cheese. Unpopular opinion, but no more baby, please. It isn’t why we’re watching your channel.

  • I don’t know what y’all had as a kid but my grilled cheese was the burnt, (somehow) wet, and cheeseless shit you get from school. I once literally just got 2 pieces of bread, not toasted and no cheese, and they refused to give me another one or a refund. Those 2 pieces of bread was $3.

  • The editing is so on point on this channel. I’m a new subscriber and there is something so relaxing yet to the point about your videos that is so great! Just loved seeing the cheese melt and sink a little more with every flip. Literally an art. Thank you ����

  • The only cheese you should be eating is Non Homogenized raw cheese if it doesnt say Non Homogenized on the label anywhere dont buy it.

  • People are complaining about a grilled cheese with fruit in it but that actually sounds good, remember the scene in ratatouille where remy eats a strawberry and cheese together?

  • I’m studying for finals so feeling very peckish atm, so just made this (mayo and all) with the cheese I had at home (aged Canterbury cheddar, pecorino Romano & Parmesan). Holy shit, omg just heaven. Literally the best snack ever. Also took your advice and grated extra into a container for another few snacks in the coming week, and while it’s a treat it’s not unhealthy if you use quality cheese so it’s guilt free too. Love your content, please keep it up! Subscriber from NZ ��

  • I’ve been making grilled cheese for almost 50 years and I’ve NEVER heard of toasting using mayo….never. Butter rules. I use 1 slice of American for the gooey factor, 1 slice of cheddar for the taste and twang.

  • I love a little sauerkraut in my grill cheese or roasted pepper,
    BTW, Little Rose is soooooo adoreable! Thanks for all you and Art do, now I always keep your info in mind when shopping.

  • So I really like making grilled cheese and I usually do a mix of mayonnaise and mustard and it tastes great also I love using Muenster cheese it kind of lacks flavor but it is really stretchy

  • Does the outside cheese always look like that? I’ve been making inside out grilled cheese for a while using the FoodWishes recipe, and the outside cheese ends up looking a lot prettier than that. Granted it probably takes longer to cook that way.

  • Omg my mouth is watering watching this.!!! That crunchy-ness! Reminds me of when I used to eat tomato soup and dip grilled cheese in it. Now I need to make this epic grilled cheese.! Epic win

  • please don’t use the coffee grounds to hold down the pot! the taste of coffee taste horrible if you don’t store the coffee away from heat and light…. but this recipe looks delicious!

  • Ok, I’m gonna be that guy, please insult me.

    UM, actually, it’s not a grilled cheese if it has other stuff in it. Then it’s a melt.

  • my grilled cheese it 2 slices of bread toast em get a slice of colby jack cheese and put the cheese on one slice and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and put the other slice on

  • Something I noticed you didn’t do is add the cheese ontop of the butter and cook it like that its supreme cheese and its so delicious

  • This recipes is bullsht..
    I followed every step closely in the same order like shown in the video and Ive snapped my fingers like hundreds of time.. and it still uncooked!

  • The best grilled cheese? Nah you gotta make your own bread, your own cheese, your own pan, your own tongs, your own butter, your own plate, your own knife, your own ingredients for each of the things you need, your own table, your own house, the entire earth, the universe, space itself, GOD himself, and the final thing…. Your own Pizza Hut. THATS how you make the best grilled cheese.

  • With my grilled cheese recipe you need to only eat that all day. Nothing else. Eat nothing else for a week besides that because there is so much cheese that I have no idea how many calories there are. P

  • We’re not gonna mention how good his b-rolls are?? Like I usually skip b rolls, but the music he puts in, the editing, how dynamic everything is? Superb. I never skip his.

  • My favorite grilled cheese sandwich is honey oats bread with smoked cheddar cheese with grilled honey ham in the middle. My secret is grilling the bread with coconut oil instead of butter. But if you wanna get really crazy, toast an onion bagel and then spread some blueberry cream cheese on it and put ham in the middle. I can eat those until the ingredients run out in 6 hours.

  • Simple things done with care and attention are often the best things. Thanks for the mayo trick. I can’t wait to give it a try. Your channel rules! Keep it going please.

  • We have been messing around with different kind of grilled cheeses lately. My sister-in-Law told us to use mayo instead of butter. Works great. Now I’m gonna try it this way. Thanks man!

  • 1 slice of swiss and 2 slices of American processed cheese is how my family has always made grilled cheese on white bread. All my friends are blown away when they try it. So tasty

  • Would you consider a light layer of camera makeup? For professional reasons like shine and evening skin tone? I love seeing the production quality increasing with each episode!

  • the real babish would’ve grown your own oats and wheats to make your bread, milk turned butter cheese from your farm and a cow of your choosing, milked from your bare hands.

  • Timely for me. It got cold here in Houston and we’re doing grilled cheese/soup tonight. My wife makes them identical to this down to the mayo. They are awesome. Great video!!

  • I remember him giving a trick for a cheese pull but I don’t remember which vid….it was like he cut the bread in half before hand or something right? Can anyone please tell me….

  • Guys, stop judging the lv 2 chef for adding blackberries. Its his choice. Respect others opinions and choices. yalll make me sick!

  • Me: hey guys you want some grilled cheese
    Friends: sure!
    sees me putting my moms leftover mac and cheese in it
    Friends: never mind

  • Me: Nice i am hungry maybe i can cook it after watching the video.
    Me 8m later: I dont want to make my own Cheese, i just want a Sandwich:/

  • Mr Cusato,
    Real big mums here! now all i want is cheese.
    wished your truck had my hoods on route. You would have to add a blue cheese tart with pear and hazelnuts into the menu for a special client 😉

  • The ONLY time I would eat a grilled cheese with fruit in it is if Daniel himself served it to me. That boy’s face was sculpted by the Greek gods themselves. What a beautiful specimen.

  • Okay, we need to see what happens if we get a show with Babish, Josh from Mythical Kitchen, and Gordon Ramsay, like holy shit what kind of things could they make together?

  • I remember one time I made a grilled mac and cheese sandwich. I took one of those kraft easy mac cups made it up, buttered my bread and put a slice of american cheese on, a heaping spoonful of the mac and then the top bread. While it was probably the most unhealthy thing I made it still tasted pretty good XD

  • It’s like nobody in the comments has had a Monte cristo sandwich before

    (It’s a grilled ham and cheese that’s usually either served with jam, or has jam inside the sandwich. It can even be dusted with confectioners sugar! It’s surprisingly good, I recommend trying one.)

  • I chose mayo over butter. But I also sprinkle salt, garlic powder and shredded cheese on the outside to get brown. It just has way more flavor than being plain grilled in the pan. Cheeseception

  • Level 2 Chef: The searing point for mayo is higher so you get a nice crunch instead of that toasted blackness

    Proceeds to burn sandwich

  • Jaimie Oliver didn’t create that cheese thing at the end Bobby. We were doing that YEARS ago, Jaimie was probably a little boy…. and butter in the pan to fry….❤️❤️ But you rock it better than I ever do…
    Mad Love And ☮️ Oh my gosh when baby Rose was smacking her gums towards your sandwich was precious!!!!

  • Wow… A Grilled Cheese Sandwich is pure comfort food and you couldn’t be more right about having the Tomato Soup to dip it into. ��

  • Thank you Debbie!! I did not know how beneficial Sour Dough bread is, and I also love the idea of using the Baby Bell cheese for grilled cheese, or even for pizzas (to use like mozzarella like you said!!) I also like the cheese crouton idea!!

  • For people finding it difficult to find red waxed Gouda (it’s not that easy to find over here and we’re right next to The Netherlands; they’re really big on exporting it far and wide, instead of competing with the more locally established, Gouda varieties), French Comté cheese is kind of a premixed version of that with Swiss Gruyère. So substitute it in a pinch.

  • Great video, a real inspiration for a food youtuber like myself, (if thats an even word). Great filming as well man, awesome stuff!!

  • i really, really wanna try that apple brie grilled cheese, it looks so god damn delicious, im not really into cooking but i think im gonna give that one a shot

  • A ghetto grilled cheese sandwich is better than anything in this video. All you need is some wonder bread, American cheese singles, a brown paper bag, and an iron without the steam setting. You can even use the hot plate on a coffee maker in a motel room if you dont have an iron. Ghetto food tricks!

  • At 3:09 you can see the Pepperidge Farm bread is 15 Grain, not 1. I use it to fry in butter and cover with maple syrup, like a pancake. 3g fiber and 6g protein per slice.

  • I worked in a sandwich shop, when people got off duty they’d make grilled cheese cause it was a nice thing. my personal grilled cheese was garlic in melted butter, gently spray your bread, add some oregano; melt some mild cheddar and toast bread, add bacon and shaved fresh mozzarella and retoast it, add more bacon as discretion; wrap in foil and say cheers to your coworkers.

  • Bobby I know this is probably a stretch, but can you do video on hospital food. Is this food usually organic, pasture raised, non-gmo ingredients and all those good things you talk about. Or should we take home foods to the hospital for our loved ones.??

  • Dude thank you for using mayo on your grilled cheese! I like both butter and mayo on mine but I prefer mayo cause I think it’s the sourness that it gives the sandwich that I love so much….. Holy run on sentence. I’m making my dairy free cheese version video tomorrow should be fun

  • The organic valley cheddar cheese isn’t technically raw because its heat treated above the maximum temp required for it to actually be considered raw. I think america needs stricter regulations on what can and can’t be called “raw”. (Still a great cheese though)

  • Little Rose so MESMERIZED by the Crowned grilled cheese! If the little chilpayate(toddler in náhuatl)could talk she’d say: “I HAVE THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD ALONGSIDE THE PRETTIEST MOMMA!”:)

  • You should try smoked Gouda, it’s a whole other taste. I used to always butter both sides of the bread and when one side was toasted, flip it over add the cheese and top with the other slice of bread, toasted side down. Another option I came up with was between the two layers of cheese I would sprinkle either cayenne or red pepper flakes, not for heat but for just a bit of flavor. Always enjoy your videos.

  • thank you! I am a big grilled cheese fan. I like how you made it. Do not go putting tomatoes, bacon or other stuff on it! I will try it with the seasoning.

  • How do you as a chef stay fit and healthy? Any recipes you can share for people into fitness or just trying to eat healthy?
    Love your content man.. have learnt so so much from your show!��

  • I thought the basic purpose of grilled cheese sandwich was ” ease ” and ” cheese “. Im not going to fuss about what ” type ” of bread or what else i need to put in with my cheese ������

  • Dude you look like someone with a drug (methamphetamines or heroine) problem in this video. You look unhealthy and the way you scratch you body raises the question. It is all just disconcerting.

  • LOVE the tips, so many of which I had no idea of! Salting the oil, weight on the bread. So cool.

    Any suggestions for a clean dairy free cheese, Bobby?

  • Love your videos. U haven’t been able to watch many lately because they are so long. I teach and get up early. Hour long videos are to much.

  • I went to this one place in Cincinnati and they made a grilled cheese sandwich but instead of using bread, they used donuts. It was really good, if you go there try it

  • I confound you: try tomato paste (double concentrated from a tube, I use Cento) and creme fraiche on the inside of your grilled cheese. White cheddar and torn whole milk fresh mozzarella were my cheese’s of choice but that’s obviously subjective. Need to experiment with different breads

  • Ive been putting Basil on my Grilled Cheese and its ���� but thinking i might need to make basil butter though because there is a flavor missing that i want but cant place �� awesome channel btw really makes me think about food in a different way

  • My process is quite different. I found oil (I use avocado) makes it more cwispy than both mayo and butter, and it’s healthier. One may argue butter is required on a grilled cheese but I think it’s what’s on the inside that counts. I oil up my sourdough. On the other side I put mayo, not to toast it, but I found it mixed with the cheese very nicely and gives it more flavor. I use your old classic find at Aldi’s Mexican style shredded cheese. Whatever is in that. I then shred up a bit of andouille sausage onto it, not raw of course. Just yesterday I cooked up some maple bacon and found that added to it greatly. The texture of the bacon mixed with it and the flavor of it. Then I got the pan on medium high, because the cheese melts pretty fast, faster than the bread is toasted sometimes, then just give it some time. When putting the sandwich on there if I spill any cheese I put it onto the cheese and it gives it a little taste. I like to press it down a little and get some of the mayo outta the holes. So you still get a bit of mayo on the outside. Pressing it down also gives it a really unique texture because the bread is flatter. so yeah cook that and flip it until it gets a few black parts. Not too much but it definitely doesn’t hurt it. You could of course season it further but, I think it’s really nice and simple. Mayo with some mexican four cheese blend with andouille sausage and maple bacon on oiled toast instead of butter or mayo. It’s great.

  • Two slices American cheese, two slices buttered bread a thin slice of tomato with a sprinkle of Italian seasoning in between those cheese slices, a touch of salt and pepper! A side of tomato soup and you are all set!

  • Why is eveyone hating on him for putting berries on his grilled cheese??? I’ve seen plenty of recipes like that. Granted with different cheeses though. I wanna try it! Maybe one with sugar on the berries and one without. Sugar is the only thing throwing me

  • The bread has too many carbs for me �� I’ll use mine. Love most of your recipes & you have a beautiful family. Keep on cooking ����

  • I just recently learned about using mayo instead of butter, I thought it was heresy until I tried it and holy shit I will never go back. Stoked for Thursday’s episode!

  • The guy on the left… you swing??? Hmmm nice to know.. always though you didnt mind the company of a man. Know you got a woman. But nice to know you got FLARE men on the side��

  • Rose is looking at you like “why do they keep bringing me in here & not feeding me!?” ��

    Definitely am going to try the cheese crown next time I make a grilled cheese sandwich!

  • All those grilled cheese sandwiches are awful! Try my grilled cheese sandwich with grilled ham or bacon and you will have a full mouth orgasm.

  • I found you on reddit, as I was watching your video I was thinking to myself that if you produced this video yourself you have some serious skills other than just cooking and I was going to be hugely impressed by your not only being a good cook but also some serious production skills. In regards to the sandwich, it certainly looks like something with trying and I will be looking out for the tomato soup. You got yourself a new sub.

  • the mayo hype is due to the subliminal inception hellman’s mayo imparted on humanity with their crafty marketing tactics. Not because its actually good. I think it tastes like french toast. due to mayo having eggs in it.

  • I make the best grill cheese because it’s the best I’ve had. Also food snobs are the worst. I know plenty of well off people who still eat things they grew up on. I make chili cheese burritos, hash brown breakfast and other basic shit.weekend(F,S,SU) is for cooking, smoking or going fishing to have a fresh fish fry

  • Rose is always ready for food, just like she was at the Starbucks reserve. She really wanted that chicken dish. Lol can you do an ultimate dairy free grilled cheese recipe

  • Certain fruits with certain cheeses make a lovely combination, so I won’t attack him for his addition of blackberry.. but the mayonnaise was frightening. He specifically said the purpose of using it instead of butter was because it didn’t burn while proceeding to completely burn it. I’m mortified.

  • Extra virgin olive oil is not for cooking. It oxidizes and creates nasties. Regular, not first press, olive oil is not as bad, but avocado oil is the best.

  • I’m lactose intolerant and I’m looking at all of these Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with tears in my eyes…I’m about to risk it all y’all

  • What about the 2D grilled cheese sandwich.
    You take a well seasoned cast iron skillet no butter on the top yet. You put a cast iron pan with 2 cast iron pans in it for weight until it is browned. Butter the side that is the top before flipping. Put all the weight back on it until the other side is brown.
    Remember they will be larger that they were before you smashed them. I’m skipping steps I’d expect @Joshua Weissman & anyone to have watched this episode all the way through.