3 Healthy Super Bowl Appetizer Recipes


Ask the Expert: Healthy Super Bowl snacks

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Healthy Super Bowl snack recipes

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Healthy Super Bowl snacks

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Healthy Super Bowl Recipes: P. Allen Smith (Tailgating Ideas)

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3 Vegan Party Dip Recipes for Game Day // Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

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Heavy game-day fare like chicken wings and cheese dips seem to be the staple of Super Bowl Sunday. We’ve put together three of our favorite appetizer recipes to shake things up and stay healthy while watching the big game. Loaded Mediterranean Sweet Potato Skins. Sweet Potato Hummus Dip. Buffalo Cauliflower Bites with Avocado Blue Cheese Dressing.

Made-Over Game-Day Classics. Lighter Party Spread. Game-day recipes like Buffalo chicken dip, sliders and potato skins are lightened up just in time for kickoff. Lightened-Up Asian Turkey Sliders.

Sweet Potato Skins. Vegetarian Beans in Blankets. Lightened-Up Slow-Cooker Chicken Buffalo Dip. Dress up your appetizer collection with these healthy recipes that will keep football enthusiasts and foodies alike satisfied.

Go with classic game day food like Stuffed Jalapeño Bites and Glazed Cocktail Meatballs, or take it a step further with elegant recipes like Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs and Broiled Shrimp with Rémoulade. Super Bowl favorites like cheesy nachos and loaded baked potatoes are guaranteed party hits, but they aren’t exactly the healthiest snacks. Simple swaps, like air-frying or baking your own chips instead of buying store-bought ones, can help keep calories, fat, and sodium in check.

These healthier dips, spreads, soups, and treats are sure to satisfy your game day cravings. Baked Brie: Brie cheese round + pepper jelly + sliced fruit Method: Place wheel of Brie in a 350° oven for 5 to 10 minutes until warm and gooey.Top with pepper jelly and serve with sliced fruit. More Baked Brie: Crescent roll dough (or refrigerated pie crust) wrapped around a wheel of Brie cheese and brushed with egg.Baked until golden brown and serve with apples and crackers. 75+ Delish Super Bowl Appetizers The Whole Team Will Love.

Get more game-day ideas in our collection of Super Bowl party recipes. View Gallery 80 Photos Parker Feierbach. 1 of 80. 3 Healthy Appetizers for the Super Bowl January 27, 2015 / in Food, Health & Wellness / by hint water The Super Bowl is coming up and you know what that means!

The best Super Bowl appetizer recipes have to be simple for the cook to minimize time in the kitchen and fortunately healthy finger food recipes are my speciality. With three ingredients starting with pizza dough, my delicious Olive Parmesan Cheese Bites are. These healthy Super Bowl recipes make perfect appetizers for any game day or tailgate party, from delicious sliders and quesadillas to deviled eggs and chicken wings.

If you’re on a healthy kick this year, you might be feeling a little worried about all the fried, cheesy finger foods always served at Super Bowl parties. Fear not, because these healthy Super Bowl recipes have all the comfort food goodness you hope for in your Super Bowl appetizers.

List of related literature:

Mix salad ingredients: 2 cups cooked diced TURKEY, 1 cup sliced CELERY, /, cup JICAMA, diced.

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• Relishes—These appetizers, which consist of various raw vegetables with or without dressing and/or sweetener, vary widely in their energy content from such items as chopped sour pickles (only 3 Calories (kcal] per ounce (28 g) to cranberry-orange relish (51 Calories (kcal] per ounce).

“Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set” by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
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To really win points with the family, offer a wide variety of additional ingredients in small bowls (sunflower seeds, black beans, capers, and red onion slices for starters) so everyone can dress up their salads to their liking.

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These recipes would make a great Super Bowl party spread, or whip them up for any sports

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2 Add salad ingredients except tortilla chips to a large bowl and toss to combine.

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BoulestiN’s salAD Mix equal quantities of diced cold turkey or chicken, celery and unpeeled eating apples.

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The healthy appetizer recipes in this chapter can all be enjoyed with an entrée, and the snacks can complement meals.

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The variety of different salads that may be made is great and one or more of these may be had at all seasons of the year.

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Divide salad among individual plates, top with turkey mixture, and sprinkle with tomatoes, avocado, cheese, and tortilla chips.

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380 Recipe: Frisee, Grapefruit, Avocado and Cranberry Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette Like an olive, an avocado is a fruit that contains heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

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  • I put the artichoke / spinach dip on lavash bread (Trader Joe’s), folded it twice, spread Miykos butter on the outside and fried in pan until golden brown. OMG! Sarah, Thank you soo much for the great recipes!

  • Aww I can’t eat soy or nuts, this is useless for me:c
    I really wish that vegan dips and dressings weren’t so incredibly often soy/ nut based.

  • these all look sooo good omg. french onion and spinach dip were my favorite things growing up before going vegan. gonna try these asap:)

  • I made a garbanzo dip and everyone loved it!! Vegan Mayo Sriracha salt chopped bell pepper onion and tomato smoked paparika lemon pepper it was so so good! Thanks for these ideas I can’t wait to make them all. Also I cannot get use to the taste of nutritional yeast it’s so bad to me what am I doing wrong ����

  • you still in Colorado? hMmHmM? nudge nudge wink wink I see you Sarah!! happy for you:’) �� btw, the buffalo ranch chikn dip looked amazing!

  • If you love jackfruit you should try this dish of ours in Malaysia where we cook it in coconut gravy we call it “Gulai Nangka”. Nangka means jackfruit which we cook wit some bird eye chili, shallots, turmeric and the coconut milk. It is completely vegan! Serve wit rice.

  • Girl! You had me at french onion dip. That was my go to soup and dip pre-vegan days. I need to really take some time and not cut those corners and caramelize some onions.

  • I think chopping up the defrosted spinach before putting it into the artichoke-dip-mixture would make the final product a bit easier to handle 😉

  • OMG these look mouth wateringly amazing. Thank you for these! I always get so jealous when people get to eat buffalo chicken dip because I LOVE buffalo sauce and creamy dips, but don’t eat chicken. For some reason the thing that’s bugging me is I really wish you would’ve paired the chips with the onion dip and the bread with the spinach artichoke dip hahah. But that’s just my own neurosis. 😉

  • I’m not sure what you mean by “buffalo sauce”. I used to make buffalo sauce which was just Frank’s Hot Sauce and melted butter. Did you make a vegan version or buy it. If so, can please mention what brand?

  • 2:58 for that Shun knife action.  I’m kinda lazy so I’ll probably make some guac and buy some salsa and hummus.  I loved the fact that you did oil free caramelized onions.  They look so good.  Also that nut free sour cream would probably be super helpful to people with allergies.

  • hello wonderful vegan people! i’m trying to grow my vegan youtube account and would love if a few people here could see if you like what i have to offer �� thank you!

  • Awesome vid as usual
    Would love to see some workout vids or yoga
    Lol just saying
    Peace and love from a rookie vegan here in Houston texas

  • You are from Bay Area right? I’m going to Oakland for a wedding in March, are there any local vegan places you would recommend checking out while I’m in town?

  • I casted your video to my TV like I do normally and my 3 year old happened to be watching. He said “Momma, she beautiful.” He also would like you to know though that he thinks the chips look yummy, but not the dip lol. I disagree. Great vid as always. ❤❤❤

  • Yasssss! �� totally thinking these would be great meal prep spreads for sandwiches for lunch! Definitely wanting to try that onion dip, it’s been a minute since I’ve been vegan where I’ve had onion dip but I think that is soon to be changed! ��

  • My prayers have been answered. Vegan buffalo chicken dip!!! Thank you!!! Just wish I had jackfruit near me. But imma make it work. ��

  • I’m going to make the buffalo chicken dip today for a bunch of non vegans ��, does it need to be warm to taste it’s best or can I make it early and serve it at room temperature?

  • This made me so hungry. I need to make these. They all looked amazing, but I definitely want to try the buffalo chik’n dip! Yum! Also, I’ve never made my own vegan sour cream, but I think I might give it a try. It looks easy enough. ��

  • Omg I already know that caramelized onion dip is going to be my fav! I only found you a few days ago and have been binge watching your videos. I have the same taste as you have and can relate to you a lot. Also, I literally just finished eating a coconut-miso soup inspired by your red curry-coconut soup from a ‘what I eat in a week’ video. So delicious!! Thank you for sharing all of your amazing creations. I’m a new vegan so they are much appreciated. Greetings from The Netherlands! xx

  • i like that video but they should’ve been have more super bowl snacks like Nachos and so on so this Sunday watched Super Bowl on CBS and by the way the performers by gladys knight Marnoon 5 or whatever his name is Big boi and lastly Travis Scott so make sure to tune it but before you going to watch super bowl i wanna ask you who’s going to win the super bowl this year Patriots or Rams???????

  • Not just for the superbowl…these are delicious anytime….and I have the Miyoko mozzarella in my fridge…I just used the smoked one and made a vegan version of the Keto Fathead Pizza with it…so good…thinking about what to do with the regular one…I’ll come up with something������
    Awesome video…amazing channel…you rock��������
    Check out my Instagram for the pizza…Cheffin_with_Shibby