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The 12 Best Foods for Healthy Skin 1. Fatty fish. Fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel, and herring, are excellent foods for healthy skin. They’re rich 2. Avocados. Avocados are high in healthy fats.

Getting enough of these fats is essential to help keep skin 3. Walnuts. Walnuts have many. 15 Foods For Naturally Glowing Skin 1. Water. Drinking lots of water throughout the day will keep your system internally hydrated, which, in turn, directly 2. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables.

When it comes to skin health, dark leafy greens take the front seat. They are loaded 3. Turmeric. Curcumin. Researchers have found that fitting certain healthy foods into your daily routine can help fight back against your complexion woes by turning off inflammatory genes and providing your body with the proper tools to strengthen and build healthy tissues.

The 25 best foods for glowing skin. To build a diet for glowing skin, you’re going to have to. Eating any tomato-based foods such as sauce and tomato juice may help clear up acne. “Lycopene [the phytochemical that makes tomatoes red] may lower an acne-promoting hormone,” says Alan Logan, a naturopathic doctor and author of The Clear Skin Diet (Cumberland House).

Almonds, sunflower seeds, spinach, avocado, sweet potato, wheat germ, dark leafy greens, hazelnuts Vitamin E is another essential nutrient for healthy collagen production, as it works with vitamin C to stimulate its formation. Beta carotene, found in pumpkin, carrots and potatoes; and lutein found in kale, papaya and spinach are potent antioxidants, important for a healthy glow. Vitamin C is also a super antioxidant. “Inflammation is now known as the root cause of acne,” says Dr. Wu.

Packing your diet with these omega-3s (also found in salmon) can help keep your skin clear. Green tea Yuta Sekiguchi / EyeEm. Why You’ll Glow: Whole grain bread, pasta, and cereal are surprisingly high in antioxidants (whole wheat cereal, for example, contains a comparable amount to most fruits and vegetables), and eating. Below are the foods that you should include in your diet.

14 Best Foods for Healthy, Glowing Skin Fatty Fish. These are Omega 3 Fatty Acid rich fishes such as Salmon, Mackerel, Herring, and sardines. The acids reduce damage from ultraviolet (UV) radiation as well as reduce inflammatory symptoms, thus lower the risk of skin cancer. Moreover.

Avocados contain good amounts of vitamins A, D and E and omega-9 fatty acids ‘ one of the building blocks of healthy skin ‘ which is highly concentrated in the oil. All of these nutrients help to even out skin tone over time when added to your diet regularly.

List of related literature:

They need confirmation that vitamin C–rich fruits and vegetables help to absorb iron as well as provide a foundation for clear, glowing skin; a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter is a good reminder.

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
from Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition
by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
Book Publishing Company, 2014

The mostimportant foods to eat for clear, glowing skin are those richin:

“Clean Skin from Within: The Spa Doctor's Two-Week Program to Glowing, Naturally Youthful Skin” by Trevor Cates
from Clean Skin from Within: The Spa Doctor’s Two-Week Program to Glowing, Naturally Youthful Skin
by Trevor Cates
Fair Winds Press, 2017

The main beauty food claims are anti-ageing, sun protection, moisturising (dry skin), skin tanning and improved digestion which helps to improve impure skin and body composition.

“Food Fortification and Supplementation: Technological, Safety and Regulatory Aspects” by Peter Berry Ottaway
from Food Fortification and Supplementation: Technological, Safety and Regulatory Aspects
by Peter Berry Ottaway
Elsevier Science, 2008

Eating a diet high in water-laden fruits and vegetables is hydrating for the cells, keeping your skin radiant.

“Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within” by Latham Thomas
from Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within
by Latham Thomas
Hay House, 2017

Strive to include foods that are loaded with alpha-lipoic acid, beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids, resveratrol, sulforaphane, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These are essential substances for a bombastic immune system, and you can get them from the following food sources:

“Detox Diets For Dummies” by Gerald Don Wootan, Matthew Brittain Phillips
from Detox Diets For Dummies
by Gerald Don Wootan, Matthew Brittain Phillips
Wiley, 2010

The major dietary sources of retinol are dairy products, eggs and liver, while important sources of β-carotene are spinach and other dark-green leafy vegetables, deep orange fruits (apricots, cantaloupe) and vegetables (squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin).

“Dairy Chemistry and Biochemistry” by P. F. Fox, T. Uniacke-Lowe, P. L. H. McSweeney, J. A. O'Mahony
from Dairy Chemistry and Biochemistry
by P. F. Fox, T. Uniacke-Lowe, et. al.
Springer International Publishing, 2015

Foods rich in ‘beauty nutrients’ can make your skin clearer, smoother and more radiant.

“The 17 Day Diet” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet
by Dr Mike Moreno
Simon & Schuster UK, 2011

Stick to monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats for the most part (olive or rapeseed oils, fats from healthy foods like nuts and avocados) and omega­3 fatty acids (found in salmon, walnuts, and DHA­rich eggs).

“What to Expect: Before You're Expecting” by Sharon Mazel, Heidi Murkoff
from What to Expect: Before You’re Expecting
by Sharon Mazel, Heidi Murkoff
Simon & Schuster UK, 2010

10 SMOOTH SKIN Salmon, like oranges, is a great skin-nourishing food.

“The Healing Powers of Vinegar (3rd edition)” by Cal Orey
from The Healing Powers of Vinegar (3rd edition)
by Cal Orey
Kensington Books, 2008

A balanced diet is critical to glowing skin.

“Skin Talks: Secrets to glowing skin for men and women” by Jaishree Sharad
from Skin Talks: Secrets to glowing skin for men and women
by Jaishree Sharad
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2014

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Thanks for this vdo. Waiting for your on KALMEGHA. Please give the information about KALMEGHA. COMPARE KALMEGHA AND NEEM. WHICH ONE MORE BENEFICIAL FOR HEALTH.

  • Ham is pig people subconsciously don’t want to connect ham with the life of a beautiful peaceful pig or beef with a sweet beautiful cow this are flesh of a life that was taken away so humans can eat.
    Ham will never make you younger. What you taste is the spices the seasoning that covers the taste of life and blood it is simply flesh like human flesh try eating flesh alone.(i hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.”
    -Mahatma Gandhi )

  • I have always linked word ‘diet’ with starvation, until I discoverd website NextLevelDiet. With their diet plan, I am never hungry and I am still losing weight. Amazing!!!

  • I love tomatoes and end up eating one every day or more! For many many years now…. and I get compliments on my skin all the time ����������

  • Mam sometime my skin become glowy and just after anothertime it become dull and dark.. So what should I do to cure this?please reply m very depressed coz of this

  • Is there a better feeling than eating a pizza without a guilt knowing that it wouldn’t mess up your fitness plans? NextLevelDiet, thank you for everything!

  • why are people being so hateful towards dr. dray in the comments? ive watched her videos a ton recently, and she doesn’t have a “pro-ana agenda.” if she does have an eating disorder, im sure sure why anyone thinks they have the right to publicly shame her for it. additionally, you can’t just assume people that appear under or over weight have an eating disorder. some people have genetic dispositions, particular diets, and other contributing factors. she has never promoted anorexia directly or indirectly, and provides tons of reliable product reviews. anyway, thanks for the helpful video dr sam.

  • My salads just became more important and exciting! Thanks for this info �� I’d add fish to this along with whole grains (steel cut oats, quinoa, wild rice, etc.).

  • hey Farah!! Can u plz share more videos on how to get glowing skin and increase complexion? And also few tips to manage hair!! I love ur hair..<3

  • Hi Dr Sam i was wondering if you could answer my question. Two weeks ago i was rubbing my eyes alot throughout the week really hard due to itchy eyes. I was rubbing them quite hard. A week after constantly rubbing my eyes due go itchy eyes i noticed two deep horizontal wrinkle lines appear above both of my eyelids that were NEVER there before. It’s been over a week now and the lines above my eyelids have still not gone. Are these permanent now? I’m worried they will not go and its really stressing me out. I’d appreciate a reply so much and would be so thankful.

  • This video in nutshell…

    *Drink as much water as u can
    *Have meal on time
    * Don’t use chemical products cuz it make ur skin sensitive and won’t tolerate sun rays etc etc
    * Start ur day with fresh juice, could be anything. Even one teaspoon of honey would do justice to your skin
    *Proper 7-8 hours of sleep
    (Last two points have been added by me from my experience )
    And ya if u have got time, u can do some yoga in morning

  • 10. Avocado�� Juice
    9. Berries ��
    8. Carrots ��
    7. Citrus fruits ����
    6. Garlic
    5. Olive Oil ����️
    4. Tomatoes ��
    3. Oily fish ��
    2. Tumeric
    1. Jamon Ibericho Ham
    •Dark chocolate �� 75% cocoa
    •Potatoes and lemon mask
    •Aloe vera
    •Baking Soda with olive oil
    1tbs BS and 1 tbs natural yogurt

  • Nice! I wish blue berries were not so expensive, but if you’ve ever picked them yourself, you can understand why harvesting is expensive. Also, I do find that those who are the most spiteful about Americans are those who do not associate with professionals or read academic papers. Prior to Brexit, every time I switched the television on, someone appeared to be telling me that all Americans were working class and all British people were Stephen Fry. That illusion does seem to be somewhat more difficult to sustain currently.

  • Lots & lots of home curried veges! The olive oil & turmeric you cook them with makes a difference too & as an added bonus the chilli & turmeric assist weight loss!��

  • Hi have you ever listened to Dr Rhonda Patrick’s podcast? She has been featured on Joe Rogan and interviews many health related scientists to discuss current research.
    This video is an excellent source of cross over knowledge.

  • I just watched Dr. Dray’s review of your sunscreen and I have to admit that I’m turned off the product. I don’t know if she was paid to do the review, but I get the impression that she was. I watched some of her “day in the life” videos after that. I really can’t get behind marketing that includes a review from someone who is not only visibly ill, but also promotes the lifestyle behind that illness. It appears that she uses veganism to restrict her diet and maintain a calorie deficit akin to starvation. If this is the direction your channel and business is going on, meaning unscrupulous promotion by someone like Dr. Dray who has a large YouTube following, but unhealthy motivation for it, I’m not on board. There are numerous other great sunscreens available that i can choose to use.

  • Thanks for this Dr Sam, great to know what I should be introducing to my diet. I have one question what is best to use to get rid of a layer of dead skin on the face?

  • 1) Avocado ��
    2) berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and grapes ��).
    3. Carrots ��beta carotene
    4. Citrus �� Fruits ��lemon juice �� on an empty stomach
    5. Garlic
    6. Olive Oilapply fee drops before bed ��
    7. Tomatoes �� lycopene (rub tomato juice on your face)
    8. Oily Fish ��omega 3 fatty acids
    9. Turmeric
    10. Jamon Iberico Hamcontains a lot of sodium
    11. Dark chocolate �� with at least 75 percent cocoa
    12. Potato ��apply potato mask every day for 15 minutes
    13. Lemon �� juice
    14. Aloe Vera
    15. Cucumber ��
    16. Baking soda
    17. Honey ��
    18. Coconut �� Oil
    19. Vitamin E
    20. Rosehip oil
    21. Sugar

  • I believe there would be some justified backlash within the Irish/European medical community, and thereafter within consumers, if one were to align oneself in any further way with Dr Dray. There may be a desirable increase in viewership numbers and, what may seem like cost-free exposure to an American consumer audience, all of which would be financially profitable. Initially. But then would there be boycotts, would there be inquiries, would there be loss of credibility, loss of respect? Would there be young girls (and boys) who had starved and exercised themselves to death via Dr Dray’s channel’s long term pro-ana/ED subtext…now leaving Dr Sam Bunting’s Flawless range on their dressers? Would even one avoidable death or ED relapse have been worth it? ED is the most lethal MH illness. By far. It kills more young people in certain groups than even road traffic accidents in Ireland. Please look into it. Thank you.

  • My background educatiin is pharmacy. So happy to wacthed your video suggested people to use natural ingredients to maintenance our skin. ❤❤

  • I kind of like your videos but that woman is sick and should not be given her license back until she gets treated. No doctor should work ir their mentally ill. If no one helps her she will not get better

  • I have subtitles on so I can watch while eating chips and it said you were hanging out with dr dre as in the rapper I laughed so hard, I know she means dr dray but funny to imagine the alternate scenario. Even rappers need skincare help sometimes.

  • I love milk chocolate yum �������� but these last few days I haven’t touched any milk chocolate or any other sugary sweet treats because I’m trying to see if I can leave sugary sweet treats alone for 3 months

  • Thank you Dr Sam, I eat everything on the list pretty much everyday other than watermelon & apple…will add now and again. Just like to add that your new SPF product is the BEST I’ve ever used, I’m used to Elta MD and other elegant brands but I have to say yours is simply brilliant, thank you. Please make a Vitamin c serum next ��

  • Hello Dr. How can I get a fermented cabbage. Kindly let me know how I can make fermented cabbage. Thank you. Appreciate all your efforts & top of the range advice

  • Hello, Regularly I eat Carrots and it’s Juices, my question, I eats Raw Beats, which is better, raw or boiled? Please reply. Thanks.Zz.

  • To make that already great diet even better, add liver and sardines. (Organ meats, cold water fatty fish, for retinol the bioavailable vitamin A and good omega 3, respectively). Nutritionists confirming what grandmothers have taught. I agree these are not very easy to eat; what makes it easier for me is eating it with a food I consider a treat, like pasta with the best tasting spaghetti sauce. Oh, don’t forget about egg yolks!!

  • Natto, miso, kefir, avocado, cooked tomato rather than raw, sweet potato, kakadu plum, cold pressed safflower oil and extra virgin olive oil, organic blueberries and if not plant-based, eggs, salmon or sardines.

  • Hello sir., I’m shilpi, I follow all yours remedies, tips. I have a simple question about turmeric, may I take raw or kachaa turmeric at early morning in empty stomach? It’s helpful or not.
    2nd one is I’m vegan, I don’t have taken any kind of milk product, and milk also, then any other substitute for glowing skin, or, healthy hair.
    Please suggest sir.

  • Funny she mentions dr Dray in this video. Andrea is a huge fan of these diets. She probably eats every one of these foods. One of them every day of the week. Monday: 1 carrot. Tuesday: 1 tomato.

  • There are many others as Well? Correct? I eat lots of red bell peppers, spinach, kale, walnuts. Are these also good for skin health. I also eat oats, sprouted grain breads. Many of the others you’ve already mentioned. The grains help me recover from excessive exercise. It’s my job. I’m fitness instructor, need to heel. One question about proteins? I eat lots of lean chicken breast plain greek yougurts and also eggs. I use to only eat the whites of the eggs. Now been adding in a yolk a day. Is this better? I’ve read that most of the good stuff for skin and health is actually in the yolk?
    Thank you��

  • Aw doctor that a Proper teaching. Those foods don’t make you look Old. It will nourish your metabolism. Then it will make you look so younger. I like your teaching on those �� great foods to eats. I think at night if i feel hungry i will just chew Plenty Almond then drink tumeric water as my drink. Grapes is good to eat at night to make your mouth sweet and watering. Brave advice Doctor.

  • I have been drinking carrot juice in the empty stomach from past 30 days.
    The results are amazing. My skin is glowing.
    Thanks alot doctor.
    I am planning to continue.what do you suggest doctor?

  • I’ve been on a diet for 4 weeks eating nothing but tuna, salmon, apples, avocados, garlic and olive oil, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, pistachios, brown rice and sweet potatoes and I’ve lost over 12 pounds with very little exercise. My coworkers have all told me I look 5 years younger. Food is medicine!

  • Dr. Sam, thank you so much for this video!! For some reason dermatologists here in Portugal still believe that what you eat has no real effect on your skin’s health.

  • hi your video us too good.i m having tomatoes in my morning juice including carrot keera n beetroot this juice gives glowing skin n hair also��

  • cutting out all added sugar has massively helped my skin. i still eat potatoes and pasta occasionally, but just the fact that I dont eat so much pure glucose/fructose every day has made a huge difference.

  • Mam i have fair skin in childhood but at the age 7 years old i have dark skin now i am 16 years old my skin is dark how i regain fair tone back?

  • Hey Dr.Sam! I myself have noticed that taking a probiotic for women has pretty much stopped my breakouts! I’m not complaining… but FYI flax seed actually isnt a great source of omega 3 because the omega 3 in it is called alpha linoleic acid (ALA) and our bodies have to convert it to DHA and EPA (DHA the most important). I think only around 8% of the ALA gets converted to EPA and 0-4% gets converted to DHA. I still think chia seeds and flaxseed are very good for you, but the best source of omega 3 is from grass fed beef and fish. Hope this helps!

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  • Why is it when we get in our 30s that’s when. We. Start freaking out on our looks we gotta do this we gotta do that to prevent wrinkles & to look younger as women we panic but we don’t think about all this stuff when were young teenagers

  • One more proof that no matter how well-educated or talented doctors are, most of them are illiterate when it comes to nutrition. Carrots but not liver, tomatoes but not again, not fresh liver (although it been proven that the body doesn’t need much vitamin C in the absence of carbs), avocado but not fatty fish or cod liver or pastured eggs or bone broth. And if you’re having any sort of digesting issues or autoimmune issues good luck with all those fibers or plant toxins such as lectins, solanine, phytic acids, oxalates. Dr Sam should stick to dermatology and leave nutrition to Weston Price.

  • hi glamrs team, I have been following ur channel for quiet some time and I absolutely love it. Ur simple makeup and fashion tips are helpful for amateurs like me!!! I really want you guys to make a tutorial on dhoti style saree. As diwali is just around the corner and I wanna look totally different from my friends. Pls pls pls try to make a tutorial asap.Thnx ;-):-)
    Loads of love and best wishes <3 <3

  • 1. Pizzas
    2. Burgers
    3. 4 hours sleep
    4. Cigarettes
    5. Dehydration
    6. Massive sun exposure
    7. Get a stressful job
    8. Marry 3 times atleast
    9. Fight with people often
    10. Sugar and loads of it

  • Sam, can you please make a video on Post inflammatory erythema? I’ve had this problem for a long time and its causing severe depression. There’s not enough info about this on the internet. Please.

  • Cheers for the Video! Apologies for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you researched Dinanlinson Natural Beauty Approach (do a search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive product for learning what to eat to look younger without the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my m8 after many years got great results with it.

  • Thank you Doctor, I have been looking for a straightforward answer for so long and have finally got it from you, will definitely eat these foods everyday, but can we eat dried blueberries instead, if yes, how much. Thanks in advance.

  • Dr. Sam, I am from Southern California and your skin advice has saved my skin all the way over here. When I first watched your videos I was having really inflamed cystic acne on the sides of my cheeks, forehead, and chin. I was starting to scar. I literally started a whole new skin care regime with your recommendations both in products and steps. It’s been a little over a year now and my skin is now balanced, has great texture, and glowing. I just have occasional hormonal breakouts monthly.

    Thank you for sharing your professional knowledge with the world!

  • No way!!! I just called a clinic for a dermatologist appointment & this video pops up?? Is YouTube that much high on artificial intelligence����

  • Skin is very important part of the body whether you
    are white, black or tan. Is there anyone who doesn’t like to get it? Everybody
    either men or women we want shining and glowing skin. Click here https://healthindexpro.blogspot.com/2020/05/the-3-days-glowing-skin-diet-easy-to.html
    an easy-to-follow guidebook to get you back to
    beautiful and glowing healthy skin.

  • Dr. Sam, I love your channel and your no-nonsense approach. I would like to try your sunscreen, but I am personally boycotting all companies who sponsor or do deals with Dr. Dray. I think it’s so unethical to support someone who is clearly very mentally ill. What’s worse is the impact she is having on young viewers. Many people have politely asked her to remove her triggering content, but she does not care. Pro-ana sites have found her and credit her for her “recipes.” Like Dr. Dray says: stop the madness!

  • Namaste doctor I guess Sauerkraut is not that popular in India…. so in stead of that can we consume cabbage as an alternative and for probiotic can we we have curd and gajar ki Kanji and our very popular Achar as an alternative?? Thanks in advance

  • Great video, thank you for sharing with us. I’ve been following you and try to incorporate your knowledge and expertise of better skin care into my life. It’s hard to ask all these questions in my dermatologist’s office so the time you take is so beneficial to me. I was so excited to see you and Dr Dray in my area. I’m an hour away in beautiful Virginia, where apple orchards are plenty and the mountains are a retreat from the busy life!

  • Dr. Joshi, I would like to asking you about a skin that looks like “chicken skin” pores very big. Especially neck skin.
    What can we do? Thank you!

  • Mam I am looking so aged as I am 36. My chest has gone down. how to bring it as its original position. any specific yoga is there. My husband says I am looking as transgen kindly suggest me what to do

  • These vegetables and fish and all that, are very good BUT they do have calories and to get all the benefit 100% from each of these healthy foods that your body needs, you have to eat huge amounts. For example: to get the required amount of potassium for your body, (100%) Do you know how many bananas you would have to eat? Ready??? 15 bananas �� to get 100% of potassium your body needs. shocking, isn’t??? And who can eat 15 bananas when you need to eat the other foods??? your fruits, your veggies, your protein, your “healthy carbohydrates, etc. Impossible! Do research you’ll see what I am saying or ask a nutritionist. And then since all these good and healthy foods have calories, you will have another problem: weight gain.. I learned that the hard way and now I have to lose all the weight I gained, unfortunately! And I do walk daily from 1 to 2 hours fast without stopping.

    Having said that, simply put GENES IS WHAT COUNTS! If you have good genes, consider yourself lucky you won’t age faster and you will live a long life. Happy trails….

  • Mam…that was wonderful! Just loved it and was veey helpful…. Anyone seeing my comment pls say a natural remedy to close large open pores.. Pls

  • But you forgot dark chocolate higher than 75%. Researches showed that people who eat it daily have their natural sun protection increased by 50% after just 12 weeks. Also red grapes are known for huge antioxidant amounts.

  • I love Faarah Di. She is so beautiful and look so cute while se talk and her sound is very pretty like Anushka Sharma.i just wanna say a thing that is I love you Di ������

  • what do you mean by tomatoes are processed? just do juice by using mixer juicer or first cooked n then make juice of it?
    thanks for reply

  • Ma’am how long can I use faceclin gel.. it’s working… I’m on second month using it.. I asking this question because of nicotinamide..?.. Plss reply

  • hello mam…u always been telling us sm tips fr reducing fat…wud u plx do some videos fr gaining sm weight in a healthier way……fr too skinny grls

  • hey i want to know do these really workes and if it really works in how much time do these things affect and secondly r u eating dark choclate
    please tell because i also want to try

  • Right cause looking younger will solve or make up for how some people acted….your not a pretty girl….well you ain’t a nice person either

  • I remember reading a book by Nicholas Perricone when I was about 14 (I wasn’t a normal teenager), which is essentially a diet for good skin. He was also a big proponent of oily fish for omega 3/6/9 and of herbs like coriander and parsley, for being incredibly nutrient-dense. He advised adding them amongst your ordinary salad leaves ��

  • hex farah ur so preety look like a barbie doll�� i hv requst for u to do a show that based on the food through which i can easily get chubby cheeks….waitng for ur ans…love u

  • Hi..i’m 24years old and on the face, there r some small dots exactly don’t know what it called but it looks like whitish black mole near to the eye surface… So can u please suggest me what should I do for it..?

  • Hi Dr Sam. Thanks for your informative videos. I have a small request. Can you please do a video with respect to teenage girls must have skin products starting from 11 years to 17 years.

  • I love how this guy gets right to the point and information. So many videos have the person babble on for 15 minutes first or after listening for a half hour, you have to buy something in order to get help. Thank you sir!

  • But mangoes have high calories compared to other fruits and so eating too many mangoes will increase weight and also mangoes if consumed too much can increase the heat of the body. In short, too much of anything is bad for health.

  • If you don’t like mangos there is this other type of mango i us3d to eat them alot in PR they are yellow way better i never even new that green mangos existed until i moved to MA

  • My grandpa always says me to drink milk with some turmericpowder and i saw the results was powerfull.. i used real turmeric powder. My grandma and granpa have planted lot of things (but they are not farmes)and one of them is turmeric so i used real turmeric powder.. dont use turmeric powder which you brought from outside it may contain chemicals

  • Good afternoon Doctor, could you please let me know what is more nutritious in case of carrots and cabbage. Is it to eat them row or cooked because some Doctors suggest that it’s better to cook the carrots. Thank you very much for your dedication to reach the world about health remedies.

  • Thank you for your knowledge!! Could you please make a video on how to remove blackheads definitively? I used physical esfoliation everyday (I know, big mistake!) And it destroyed my skin… huge pores all over and blackheads on cheeks now, how to recover from that??? I’ve started used your serums and sunscreen but what more can I do?

  • Thanks Dr.Sam, literally food for thought. I’ve just made overnight oats with blueberries and Apple and will make more of a conscious effort to include the other foods you mentioned also. Thanks for taking your time to help us with advice and tips, much appreciated! ��

  • Just got done eating my overnight oats with a half cup of strawberries, 1/3 c oats, 2tbs. Of chia seeds, half of a banana, 1 c. Almond milk, and al little almonds. So delicious!!
    I haven’t eaten meat for 30 years. I really think it’s played a part in my healthy skin. I’ve recently given up dairy as well. I only drink water, no soda or sugary drinks, or juices. One cup of coffee a day.

  • Hello, Dr. Vibek Joshi, Thanks for your helpful reply, related question is Why Beets boil is good why not raw, I like to know the difference. I was eating raw. Please reply. Thanks �� Zz

  • I’ve always wondered why Greek people have very good skin (generally) despite often smoking and not using very much sun protection. I guess its because this is essentially our diet lol

  • Please make a video on how to lighten our knuckles and dark area right below the nails on our hands. Basically just to even out with the rest of the hand. Please thanks

  • Dear Glamrs, Thanks for the informative video. I was born in 1950 and have started a YT channel to address the aging woman. Please check me out and subscribe. Thank you!
    Palm Springs Cindy

  • Love this info and thankfully eating all of those on a daily basis. Yeah! Could you do a vid on polyhydroxy acids and if they can be used with adapelene? Thanks!

  • I had to pause the video after I spit out my coffee when she pronounced ‘Jamon Iberico’. Then I had to rewind to make sure I wasn’t tripping…

  • https://letssecrettalk.blogspot.com/2020/07/best-skin-care-tips.html

    This blog has many face care tips and recipies about face masks.

    check this soon to solve skin problems using all home remedies

  • Having struggled with an ED myself, I recently found myself looking at dr Dray and liking how she looked. Thankfully, others have opened my eyes and see the reality of a disturbed woman who is unhealthy and uses fillers not to look emaciated. It’s sad to see her deteriorate like that. We are about the same age, I could have easily ended up like her.
    She exposes her pro ana life style to a young youtube audience. Which is harmfull! I would have loved her 10 years ago. Now I hate her for trying to pull me into her lifestyle

  • Hey! Guess what A-holes? Every. Single. Thing. On this list is ketogenic (within reason, whole oranges grapefruits are out). People ALWAYS whine to me that I’m wrong for going keto, and claim there’s nothing healthy to eat.

    Not ONE of these options was even high in carbohydrates at all. Most superfoods aren’t.

  • I GOT SIX PACK IN ONE MONTH!!! I took diet plan from *Next Level Diet*. With their diet plan and tips, transformation is guaranteed, trust me. They also provide you with training plan and healthy recipes.

  • Sir pls make a vdo on the food what to est for gouts patients, pls explain what to eat n what to avoid, protein less food
    For gouts patients thanks

  • Please do not align yourself with Dr. Dray! She has no scruples or ethics as a doctor (she doesn’t even practice anymore). Her main agenda is being a pro-Ana channel with her eating disorder, in addition to as many sponsorships and money making links as possible.

  • Thanks for this Dr Sam! So useful. I’m thrilled to see my favourite foods are so skin friendly. I eat watermelon and blueberries daily as a treat and had no idea they were so good for the skin. I’ve been cutting olive oil and avocados out of my diet as I’m trying to lose weight, I will definitely be putting them back in. I eat a lot of fish, probably too much salmon. I may have the flaxseed from now on and cut down on the fish oils.

  • hello dr Sam! I am new here because my quest brings me to a lot of dermatological YouTube channels. A question: can you tell me more about eczema? especially constitutional eczema. I am struggling with severe hand eczema. so severe i don’t have any fingerprints anymore. no fingerprints? yes, my hands are open wounds. I cant even open a bottle of water or squeeze out a cleaning cloth. (hell, I can’t even clean stuff sometimes. because open sores are killi g me if accidentally cleaning product spills on my hands)I am seeing a dermatologist for years now and I think i have tried everything under the sun to tackle this monstrous decease! changing my diet, bathing in different kinds of stuff like sea salts and herbal things. all the hormone things and homeopathic stuff. I had allergy test (only thing that surfaced was allergie to nickel, which I already knew) my skin is a disaster all around by the way. I also have rocacea. I have never used make up, even though I am a woman. I dont use perfumes. I have one (big) skinno no. I smoke. but even when I quit nothing cleared up. the only thing that worked is pills. with retinol in it. the brandname is Toctino. but I had to stop with those because you are not supposed to use them for more than 6 months, and I used them for 3 years.
    Is there anything you can tell about eczema I maybe don’t know? hope you can do a video about this debilitating decease.

  • Wow! I just found website Next Level Diet and read their fitness tips and recipes. I can’t wait to get my diet and training plan from that site and transform my body. Summer body, here I come!

  • Carolina Garcia, yes too much sweets can cause pimples i am a living proof. Eat only dark chocolates but still in moderation. My pimples heals faster after eat 2oranges everyday, 1 tomato a day, i cup of oolong tea which help to achieve great skin, 2cups of lemon wt honey a day and more water. Aside from that i also take vit.E iu400 and vit.C. ��

  • Get muscles like me, I got 7kg of lean muscle mass in two months only. I visited website called NextLevelDiet, they provided me with 30 days diet meal plan and training plan. Their tips helped me to gain muscles as well.

  • Dr. plz tell me is there any natural way to improve baby( girl 1.6yrs)skin colour many suggest athimathuram, aavarampoo, sandalwood etc. plz reply don ignore sir I highly need d answer plz sir

  • Mam I applied my mother pack when I was of 10 years old
    And naturally my complexion is fair but from that day it turns into dark
    Plz suggest me something
    Which help me to return my complexion

  • Hi Dr. Thanks for sharing wonderful knowledge via video. One issue which is disturbing my family, my son who is 7 years old was diagnosed for vitiligo. We try everything there no cure. Can help us, is there any cure or reduce. We waiting for you precious reply. Thanks Ravi

  • I am upset to see the nasty comments expressed against Dr Dray on this channel. I have watched many of her videos and she never advocates limiting calories or excessive exercising. I watch her channel for her excellent skincare advice and her reviews of moderately priced skincare, which I find very useful, and this seems to be her main mission on YouTube. I do admit she looks underweight though. Still love her.

  • I visited Alaska one summer and I was so impressed with the diet of this small town by the sea my friends ate wild salmon practically every day and they ate wild blueberries on fun hikes. The moist air never became too hot. In general, there was not any city skin to be seen.

  • no sugar no caffeine 5 to 6 litre water don’t drink anything except water be happy it will make you glow scrub 3 times a week clean your face twice a day u ll have glass skin soon

  • As a registered dietitian and nutritionist I have to say I’m really disappointed in this video �� Of course a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg is important for our health, including our skin, but to suggest that specific foods are ‘vital’ to be healthy (such as expensive blueberries) is disingenuous and, dare I say it, slightly elitist. Please think about using your platform and expertise responsibly ascribing moral value to food (e.g. calling things ‘naughty’) runs the risk of promoting a disordered relationship with food and “nutraceuticals” are for the most part simply quackery I’m afraid.

  • Sir, Can you give some remedies for dark lips? I do not smoke or do not use lipsticks, but have dark lips. I use lip balms only(maybelline or nivea). Even my mother n most other ladies in our family have dark lips. Is it hereditary? Please help with remedies.