15 Vegetarian Choices to Order at Chain Restaurants



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40 CHAIN RESTAURANTS with VEGAN options! (on the menu!)

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We Tried Eating Vegan at Popular Restaurant Chains

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We Tried Eating Vegan at Popular Restaurant Chains

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We Tried to Find Vegan Options At Popular Restaurant Chains

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VEGAN Fast Food Choices! – McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Panera & more! Mind Over Munch

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Menus often include symbols indicating a meal is vegetarian-friendly, and servers are often trained to accommodate special diets. There are even entire apps dedicated to highlighting vegetarian-friendly restaurants. Check out these suggestions to find the healthiest, tastiest meatless options at some of the most popular chain restaurants!But when you don’t eat meat, it can be challenging to find a restaurant that you (and your dining partners) can agree on. That’s why we rounded up the best chain restaurants for vegetarians.

Our choices—handpicked by a vegetarian of over a decade—promise plenty of options. It’s 2019 and vegan options are everywhere you look: you can buy Beyond Meat and Impossible Burgers in your grocery store, order a drink with. Carl’s Jr. is another meat-heavy fast-food chain, but their “secret menu” actually provides a vegan option.

An easy hack: Order any burger and say “veg it,” and the meat patty will be removed. Fast food and vegan are two phrases we wouldn’t say go hand in hand. Not only do meat and cheese seem to rule the brown-bag, on-the-fly food game, but we also don’t always know what is being used. Panera is known for its healthier fast food options. That goes for vegan fans of the bread company as well.

Aside from endless salad options, Panera also offer vegan black bean soup and delicious broth bowls. Go ahead and order a French baguette for your side, because those are vegan too. There is even an app called Vegan Xpress that will help you find vegan options at national chains and fast-food restaurants. Perfect for the busy vegan on the go! Perfect for the busy vegan on the go!

Pizza chain Mellow Mushroom offers a vegan menu that includes tofu, tempeh, and Follow Your Heart cheese. Vegan sauces include red sauce, olive oil, sweet chili glaze, and jerk sauce. With the meat-free options, vegan cheeses, and all the veggie toppings you could ever want, this pizza joint definitely delivers.

It also offers hoagies (the. The Healthiest Vegetarian Options at 11 Fast-Food Chains The Healthiest Vegetarian Options at 11 Fast-Food Chains What to order: Use the You Pick Two option to your advantage by pairing a half Mediterranean Veggie sandwich with a salad. You can also check out our picks for the healthiest sandwich choices and healthiest soup choices. Vegan options include the Vegan TropiChop and Vegan Wrap, which come with seasoned Beyond Meat crumbles.

The chain’s black beans, French fries, white or brown rice, boiled or fried yuca, sweet plantains, balsamic tomatoes, and guacamole are vegan, too.

List of related literature:

Even some of the most traditional restaurants have responded by adding at least one or two vegetarian options to their menus.

“Living Vegetarian For Dummies” by Suzanne Havala Hobbs
from Living Vegetarian For Dummies
by Suzanne Havala Hobbs
Wiley, 2009

The fully continental menu includes lots of treats such as prawns, good steaks with sauces & sweet & sour chicken; vegetarians will love the vegetarian lasagne or fried noodles with vegetables & nuts.

“Nigeria: The Bradt Travel Guide” by Lizzie Williams
from Nigeria: The Bradt Travel Guide
by Lizzie Williams
Bradt Travel Guides, 2008

To cater to as many preferences as possible, I have provided both a vegan and omnivore menu.

“Meals that Heal Inflammation” by Julie Daniluk, RHN
from Meals that Heal Inflammation
by Julie Daniluk, RHN
Hay House, 2012

Vegetarian spots and vegetarian-friendly additions to menus are popping up everywhere.

“Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society” by A. Breeze Harper
from Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society
by A. Breeze Harper
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All these considerations had their effect on me, and I came across vegetarians of all these types in vegetarian restaurants.

“An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments With Truth” by M. K. Gandhi, Mahadev Desai
from An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments With Truth
by M. K. Gandhi, Mahadev Desai
Floating Press, 2009

The more requests restaurants receive, the more likely it is that vegan options will appear on their menus later on.

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
from Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition
by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
Book Publishing Company, 2014

To find the ones in your area, simply search online for “vegan restaurants” or “veg-friendly restaurants” and the name of your city or county.

“Straight Up Food: Delicious and Easy Plant-based Cooking without Salt, Oil or Sugar” by Cathy Fisher
from Straight Up Food: Delicious and Easy Plant-based Cooking without Salt, Oil or Sugar
by Cathy Fisher
Green Bite Publishing, 2016

Phase 1 and Phase 2 also have Flexi and Planner menu options for vegetarians.

“Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet” by Zoe Harcombe
from Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet
by Zoe Harcombe
Columbus Publishing Ltd,

Note: Places serving vegetarian food are frequently listed in the text.

“Explore Barbados” by Harry S. Pariser
from Explore Barbados
by Harry S. Pariser
Manatee Press, 2000

That’s because vegan and vegetarian restaurants are easier to find in this technological age, and several online gems allow you to find what you need.

“Living Vegan For Dummies” by Alexandra Jamieson
from Living Vegan For Dummies
by Alexandra Jamieson
Wiley, 2009

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  • stop melting pot was my absolute favorite, every birthday, every friends birthday, every special event…. I was so devastated thinking I would never go back. HOW DID I NOT KNOW

  • I really liked the vegan options at the Melting Pot except for the fondue itself �� The Disaronno Vegan Chocolate was delicious. I’ve never had fondue but it wasn’t that great. And my non vegan partner didn’t enjoy it either. I did LOVE the juicy tofu it came with. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  • I want to be best friends with these two ladies! Vegan food and laughs! How great would that be not to be the odd one ”vegan” who gets left out or ends up having to eat something not so vegan because there is nothing else (and getting called out for eating it ��)

  • The more I hear about Vegan and the corners ya’ll cut with the diet the less I feel like it’s really that healthy. You allow cooked food and seeds like potatoes & beans on the diet.

  • 21:36 I have actually wondered about that information. I sometimes see that it shows may contain milk or whatever and I figured that’s what it meant but wouldn’t get the item because I had doubts still. So thank you for that. Also these videos help a lot I went to a local barbecue spot here in Las Vegas.. it was soooo embarrassing asking what they cook stuff in. The person had no knowledge and it just took too long asking all these questions and I have kids so at times I won’t even eat because I just doubt it and feed my kids non vegan food so they usually eat and I’ll be soooo hungry ������ so definitely helps

  • Wow this was so informative! I’m in Australia but when I go to the US one day I will have to rewatch this vid so I know where to go! Also I’ve never heard of Olive Garden before! Those breadsticks look delicious

  • In France it’s not so easy eating vegan. We dont have the veggie burger in Burger King. But some restaurants are agree cooking vegan if you ask before.

  • thats crazy, melting pot was my graduation dinner, 4 years later and now a new vegan ID LOVE TO GO BACK AGAIN!!!❤️ ty for doing this i dont have to feel so restricted when dining with friends and family!

  • In india the McDonald’s has a burgur cLled a mcaloo tikki burger which they make the patty with potato and the cheese can be veganed and no mayo

  • I have really enjoyed your videos! I’m new to vegan eating and you’ve really helped me. Are you from California? You talk really fast lol I love it thanks again

  • I just want to let you know but someone had said that they cook the impossible burger on the same grill that they cook the regular burger. I don’t know how true that is but I wanted to give you a heads up and if I’m wrong please let me know

  • I’m mainly a vegetarian I only eat meat occasionally. I’ve struggled with food and an eating disorder in my past and present but I do hope to incorporate vegan options more often I love your channel

  • During the first two years of being vegan I ate from a few of these places except McDonalds. Overtime these foods nearly killed me. Much of this food is processed. I had to go thru a healing process..these foods wrecked havoc on my gut. So, I am now preparing all my meals fresh from scratch. Research all ingredients in these processed foods and you would be blown away!

  • How can it be vegan when its been cooked on the same grill as the meat or fried in the same oil as meat products sorry but this is a fail.

  • I work at P.F. Chang’s and the Buddha’s feasts you guys got was not suppose to look like that, it’s a really good dish when made right

  • The 7 Layer Burrito at Taco Bell fresco, add potatoes, red sauce, onions with Diablo and Hot sauce. My favorite when I have to resort to fast food in a pinch.

  • I hope the two of you will go to IHOP because I called around in my area and none of them had vegan or �� based items. Thanks for sharing.

  • What is a good vegan burger you can make at home. I’m not vegan but beef and pork make me really sick. And the usual bean burger just doesn’t do it for me. Any suggestions?

  • Another thing w/ cheesecake factory is that you can put cauliflower in place of chicken/shrimp in some dishes (i.e. the pineapple chicken and shrimp, you can replace both w/ cauliflower, the orange chicken you can replace w/ cauliflower, the spicy cashew chicken, you can replace w/ cauliflower). And there are a few new menu items including impossible meat! The impossible taco salad is realllllly good (just get it w/o the cheese and ask your server for recommendations on dressings to put on it; modifications should be able to be made within the next couple of weeks, because the cooks really have to learn the new recipes and what not). There is also an impossible bolognese, which is vegetarian, but can be modified vegan with a different kind of sauce (I’m not 100% sure, but I think you can ask for the sauce to be made w/ olive oil instead of butter? Don’t quote me on that, your server would definitely be able to help you there).

    And you can put the impossible patty and vegan cheese on any of the burgers! Oh, and the veggie burger doesn’t come vegan by default. You can get the vegan bun they use for the impossible burger, or wrap it in lettuce, and if you want cheese, you can put the vegan cheese on it, but definitely take the garlic aioli off! Hope this helps w/ any future visits:)

  • It is weird seeing this now. With in last two years there are so much vegan and vegetarian options coming to fast food. From Taco Bell to Burger King. Even Panda Express is trying more plant based options. I’m excited to see what will change in a year from now.

  • I think it is a matter of location.
    In India, the McDonald’s there is divided into two sections: the vegan/vegetarian/plant based side and the meat (chicken) side.
    In Puerto Rico, Burger King sells 10 piece chicken with tostones.
    Over here where I live, Burger King sells veggie/vegan burgers. (Although the fries weren’t that good the burger was really good)

    Overall, the best way to find out wether or not is to go out there yourselves and find out.
    I was so so surprised when they had a veggie burger in Burger King it felt surreal

  • The Cheesecake Factory has their on line all the foods gluten free etc. i always look at every restaurant menu on line before I go!

  • Freddie’s and smashburger also offer vegan patties (black bean). Goodtimes in Colorado offers a Southwest veggie burger and the green chile is vegan (505 brand). Del taco is gearing up for their launch of vegan/vegetarian tacos on 4/25 (skip the cheese on the tacos).

  • So happy you made this video! My boyfriend and I are going on a 13 hour road trip in a few months and I’m an ethical vegan, but I like to stay healthy too.

  • Imagine how great this job is?! trying all the yummy vegan restaurants with gorgeous uplifting women! Great content and personalities <3

  • Panera now has a vegan filter on their website menu so you can see there are a couple soups, sandwiches and salads to choose from. A big improvement from before!

  • More GF and vegan options please! I’m allergic to gluten and it’s almost impossible for me to find restaurants with BOTH options. Please share places if you know of any, I miss eating out since finding out about all my allergies. TIA! <33

  • I’m still in high school and live with my parents so every time I try to go vegan or pescatarian they purposefully won’t buy things that work. I’m lactose intolerant and almost everything I eat makes me feel so sick. I was able to raw for three days and I felt amazing.

  • I’ve officially been vegan for one week! I’m so grateful for you guys because this is all so overwhelming and you make it seem less scary �� Thanks ��

  • PF Chang’s is just meh. Most things there are microwaved according to a friend who worked there.

    I understand the goal is to make vegan eating accessible. But I don’t know if it’s worth a second trip.

  • The apple pie at McDonald’s is vegan. Which goes great with coffee. Breakfast idea tip. But, their fries are not vegan. Other pies in the market that are vegan are Sara Lee’s frozen apple pie and Krispy Kremes cherry pie. Burger Kings fries is the only vegan food they have.

  • These “75” videos are so helpful especially to a new vegan like myself! Thank you for all of your hard work and effort putting them together!

  • I don’t think we have bareburger up here in Canada, but I want the coconut ice cream! Also P.F. Chang sounds delish too. We have Chipotle here and I LOVE their food. So easy to veganize here. This is a great resource, especially for new vegans feeling restricted, but now I can see there’s loads of options if you’re ready to veganize or order differently, but it’s all doable:)

  • Thanks so much for this definitely hitting up jamba juice next time I’m on an road trip I always get really nervous about eating out and i just end up eating a bunch of bananas which honestly isn’t a bad meal i love bananas but sometimes you want options

  • It’s a pity we don’t have so many of those chains here in Europe! The best vegan burger at a chain restaurant I ever had was at Max Burgers. It’s a Swedish burger restaurant chain.

  • Order supplements that boosts your immune system, supports healthy lung function, supports healthy skin and gums, supports healthy cholesterol, reduces oxidative stress, supports quality of life.


    Thanks for your support! ��❤️

  • Me being British thought the sound of guacamole and chips (pomme de frittes) sounded grim. Then realised there are countries that don’t speak proper English and they mean corn tortillas. ��������

  • Thank you for showing the melting pot, I honestly didn’t know it was a big chain, we have had one here in Cincinnati for a VERY long time and I thought it was a local thing before they started popping up everywhere. I never would have tried it tho, bc like you said I thought it was like all cheese. Now I will try, that looked great!!

  • Chili’s, Olive Garden and In-N-Out Burger. I remember they used to have a “veggie burger” that was just lettuce and tomato…. I hope they’ve improved since then.

  • I’m not vegan, but I’m trying to consume less meat and I have a milk intolerance (that just seems to be getting worse) so I have to be super careful with my dairy consumption. I don’t mind eating honey, so that wouldn’t be a problem for me, but dairy free things are so hard to find sometimes when you eat out in a small city.

  • Thanks for sharing! I am shocked about the Cheesecake Factory and the melting pot! Wow! I’ll have to look up if this is at all locations as I live in Atlanta

  • wow I’m s jealous of you guys! I live in Canada and there are not so many options in chain restaurant for vegans!!! You guys are blessed!

  • I cannot say thank you enough for this video, I struggle with thinking creatively when eating out and end up ordering the same thing.

  • The sad thing about the Melting Pot is that you cannot order the vegan cheese sauce unless the whole table wants the vegan option. So unless all of your friends are vegan, it’s a hard restaurant to go to with a group.

  • Have you tried all of these items? Just curios �� I don’t live in the US, but quite sure this might come in handy if ever go travelling once the world heals ������

  • thanks.
    P.S I came here cause I’m working on a mega video like this, but i will focus on “funner” foods (e.g. Subway’s new Beyond Meat 12 inch VEGGIE meatball sub) while mentioning how veggie protein is more healthy/environmental/humane/economical, and I’ll show famous people who agree n support that, etc.
    Click my sub n bell icons but be patient, I’m busy, so this long video can take around a year maybe.

  • Vegan fast food, challenge me…there is no vegan options in fast food, or takeaway…all cooked in meat fat…do you believe, think, they are going to cook vegan separately………’

  • I used to work at a Burger king and the french toast sticks and the hash browns were fried in the same oil as the sausage patties and the chicken patties, so yeah….. Not vegan at all.

  • I actually work at Dennys and I’m vegan and they cook the veggie patties on a different grill AND they use pam spray which is vegan ��

  • I always take a small container of veganaise when I go to restaurants, and that makes ALL the difference for me. It helps cause they usually always have a veggie burger option wherever you go, or I just omit the meat.

  • Burger King is now offering a morning star veggie burger at some locations, I’m vegetarian so I can’t remember if there was anything on it that wasn’t vegan, but I’d check before to be sure, Chickfila has a pretty great veggie wrap too, and I’m pretty sure its vegan, And if you’re ever in colorado springs theres a vegan place called santana’s vegan grill its a fast food place and it’s affordable and good, in and out has veggie burgers that can be made vegan w out the sauce (which is essentially just two buns w tomato lettuce and onion in it) but if youre in a hurry it works, taco bell has a variety of options that can be made vegan with substitutes

  • I’m not a vegan but I enjoy vegan food. I found with places like PF Chang’s, I’d rather go get a few dishes from Thai Express (I live in Canada not sure if you have it there) But pretty much all of their dishes can be made vegan. They have curries, soups, noodles, fried rice, lots of veggies and tofu options, along with cauliflower fried rice if you wanna switch it up. Its also great if you’re Gluten free like I am because the noodles are Rice noddles.

  • I’m vegetarian/Pescatarian and I think it’s so fucking stupid they have meat flavoring in the hash browns, just finding out about this… yeah I’m still gonna eat them tho cuz they’re like the only thing that gets me going in the morning:/ the burger king ones are too sweet UGH WHYY

  • Ministrone is an English loan word from Italian. Italian language courses teach the Standard Italian pronunciation in which almost all letters are vocalized except silent h. (So for example, “bella” is pronounced “bel la”, not “be la”.) So minestrone is pronounced “min eh stron ee” or “min eh stron eh”.
    However, many people in America pronounce it “ministrohn” (silent e), and this is also ok, as that’s how it’s pronounced in some Italian dialects. In fact, this type of pronunciation (dropping ending vowels, especially for foods) was popularized during the long running HBO series, “The Sopranos”. (See Why do The Sopranos leave off the last vowel in Italian words?)
    But those who insist that “ministrohn” is the only proper pronunciation don’t know what they’re talking about. From a linguistic perspective, neither pronunciation is “the one and only correct way” or “wrong”, they’re just different.

  • Video saved. ����. Very informative for whenever we go to US. I just love how each video of urs is very interesting to watch. And not to forget love your water reminders..����

  • Just be careful ordering curry out. I gave up meat for Lent and I had to call my favorite take out place and ask about it. Apparently they used animal based broth for the curry. I had always assumed it was vegetarian if you got tofu

  • I’m vegetarian, not vegan but I’ll order the salad and ask for no chicken, hamburger crumble, steak, etc. whatever meat is in the salad. They’ll usually knock down the price since I’m getting it with no meat. Some fast food places will knock off 25 cents, others will knock off $2.00. And they’ll usually give me more veggies instead.

  • This video makes no sense whatsoever. You’re either an ethical vegan or a health-based vegan and both of these are violated in the video. Just title your video “meatless fast food”

  • Taco Bell Power Bowl veggie HOLD: cheese, sour cream and avocado ranch but keep fresco and guacamole. I get this all the time and LOVE it. It’s my GO TO fast food plant based meal that’s FILLING. I always get 2.

  • Thanks for the video it was helpful. Hard to go out to dinner with my family without feeling like my choices are limited. They are not vegan and I don’t want to ruin their fun.It amazes me with all the different kinds of vegan food in the world the only thing these restaurants seem to be able to come up with is vegan burgers. Or a plate of vegetables. Some cultures eat only vegan and they’ve never had a burger in their life. Surely there’s other good foods that could be made. Most of the time when I go to restaurants I have to order the plate of zucchini and squash and broccoli which basically has no flavor whatsoever. I cook a lot at home seasoning is so important. Anyway gripe over.

  • Hello, my name is James Matthews and I am the admin of a new group page called Good Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes From All Over The Word. This is a group for those that are interested in a primarily plant-based diet and are looking for great healthy information related to whole-foods, plant-based diet and living. A whole-foods, plant-based diet is a way of eating that celebrates plant foods and cuts out unhealthy items like added sugars and refined grains. Plant-based diets have been linked to a number of health benefits, including reducing your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, diabetes and cognitive decline.

    I wanted to create a group page where people could get excited about plant-based food and a healthier lifestyle. A place where we can inspire one another to achieved goals and a group where we can share photos, recipes and information with other fellow plant-based people.

    This group will offer products, websites and services to help us live a healthier lifestyle. Feel free to share recipes, pictures, ask questions and more! I would like this page to stay on the topics of vegan, vegetarian and plant-based Whole Foods. Feel free to tweak recipes if you are gluten free, oil free, etc. and ENJOY!


  • I worked at Cheesecake Factory for a total of two weeks as a vegan lol, but in that time, I learned that Evelyn’s Pasta Salad is delicious and I thinkkkk it’s vegan by default, but definitely double check on that if you order it. I love PF Changs too, maybe try a different location if there’s one not too far

  • Starbursts now has vegan protein bowls! And apparently at select Southern Florida stores they will carry a vegan cupcake! That would be exciting if all their stores carry a larger variety of vegan treats:) https://www.clearlyveg.com/blog/2017/10/19/starbucks-debuts-vegan-cupcake-select-locations/

  • Buttttt cross contamination is a real thing. Rap with those chips and fries and stuff, it’s all fried in the same fryer as the meats are. Also things that have sugar in them like at pfchangs. Not all sugar is vegan.

  • I love you guys. I appreciate your moderate views where you know that you’re doing your part and allow for “cross-contamination.”
    My partner is an omnivore, he eats meat… I take it that he’s on his own journey. My mom is mostly vegetarian.
    I just try to offer an example of plant-based eating… doing my part as I’m able.

  • I’m not vegan but I am dairy-free because my husband is allergic to milk and I just started realizing that milk products are not healthy for me or good for the environment. I’m still working on eating more plant based and currently am plant based once a week. Little but little I’m getting there. I appreciate you guys for not being so hardcore about the vegan thing since everyone is on their own journey. It’s so difficult to find restaurants that don’t cross contaminant and my husband gets allergic reactions often so we try to just eat at home. I’m glad many big chains are starting to offer options and little by little I hope they will start cooking food on different appliances.

  • Have you two ever had the veggie burgers available at Aldi? I prefer Bocca chikn patties to theirs, but I haven’t gone the extra mile in my plant-based journey to go vegan, yet.
    Let me know what you think about the aldi’s vegan fare.

  • I am trying to be more plant based and it surprised me that McDonald’s uses beef flavoring in their hashbrowns….the main question is why????!

  • Olive Garden + Red Robin are trash chains and terrible ab allergies, cross-contamination && equally important customer service. Love the vegan vibes videos regardless! Please continue to try to better the earth

  • These two narrators are clearly new-Vegans. Why on earth would a Vegan want to eat at these trash-food restaurants?? Junk food is nasty.

  • Not my experience with PF Chang’s at all. Buddha’s Feast always comes chuck full of tofu. I get it steamed and mix it with an order of their spicy string beans. The have a wicked-good eggplant dish too.

  • Great video but luckily there have been some updates to a lot of chains menus. A lot of restaurants have since started making vegan and vegetarian options like Burger King, Carl’s Junior, Del Taco and Chick Fil A.
    All have decent vegetarian options. I find as far as eating vegetarian goes sticking with Mexican restaurants usually allows me to get a lot of flavor, nutrition and variety while still sticking to the eating requirements I have.

  • I went to The Cheesecake Factory and had their wellness salad which happens to be vegan! You should try it next time it was soooo good!

  • You guys need to see if there’s a noodles & company near you! Another place with zoodles. They have tofu as well and can make meals vegan easily

  • Thank ya so much for this video. My daughter is 14 and has been vegan �� for 2 yrs. its hard when we go out. I feel bad. This gives us more options!!��✅

  • here’s another fast food vegan option! i work at domino’s pizza(ironically), and our crunchy thin crust is vegan! you can get that with regular pizza sauce in any size expect XL(ask for no cheese). the sauce has such a nice flavour you won’t even miss the cheese, load it with veggies and you’re good to go!

  • When I go to Olive Garden I like to get a side of sautéed mushrooms to put on my pasta to give it more texture. I also like to ask for garlic, oregano, and olive oil and I pour a little on my pasta, salad, and breadsticks to give more flavor.

  • Enjoyed this video, it did make me hungry though lol! A few years ago I went to a Cracker Barrel on a road trip and that was the least vegan friendly chain I’ve ever been to��

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  • Thank you for making this! We have been vegan for about two months and we are still trying to learn and figure out options at different restaurants! -Kay

  • Cheesecake makes the best impossible burgers. So bomb. Love the eggplant at pf changs. Haven’t finished the video so don’t know what you’re getting there but it’s bomb!

  • I just kicked off 2020 as a Vegan so I truly appreciate this! Would love to see more videos of you two eating Vegan at chain restaurants:)

  • When I was a vegetarian, I used to go to the melting pot all of the time. I haven’t been there in years! It’s nice to know that they have vegan options now!

  • Do you think there’s a way to eat both vegan and non-vegan at the melting pot? Like if you went with a group of people and you’re the only vegan?

  • You KILLED me when you mentioned Qdoba! It was my family restaurant, we always went there, and then ours closed. I miss it so much!

  • See I’m too anxious when I go out to eat with my non•veg friends that I just don’t eat (like I could be fucking starving, but I refuse to be hated by the staff that I just won’t eat) and at this point my friends just think I’m a picky eater who has a low appetite (but im like shoving food in my face when I finally get home) am��

  • Tech helps a lot but I think that since waitstaff are sales people they should know their product and help their customers. The staff should be able to accurately answer those questions. I’ve been vegetarian since 1993 and thank goodness for the smart phones since many waitstaff don’t know the difference between gluten free, kosher, vegetarian, and vegan.

  • I used to work at OG. We would get a lot of vegan/vegetarian people come through my spot. They use margarine spread and garlic salt on the breadsticks. I was always happy they were vegan! I’d dip it in the marinara sauce and theres my dinner lol

  • Qdoba has impossible vegan protein for a fajita bowl and for the build your own option. I had the build your own burrito and got the impossible vegan “meat” and it was IMPRESSIVE!!! I was even questioning if it was vegan it tasted so good! ����

  • I’m sure someone already said it, but the cinnamon raisin bagel at Sbux is also vegan! And some stores use a syrup base to make frapachinos so if you get a mocha, chai, green tea, strawberries and cream just change the milk!!

  • Dr. Preggers sucks, my sister and I found a huge blue plastic in a patty once… �� I still can’t eat a vegan patty from anywhere ��

  • But when you have to be gluten free cuz you’re celiac and you’re also vegan, it’s good that a lot of people combine them because a lot of times we’re stuck with salad..

  • New note: they’ve added starbucks peanut butter packs with no added sugar and one is NOT honey so it is vegan. It’s not super sweet, but I’ll sprinkle a little raw sugar or stevia on it.

  • I am not vegan BUT I love watching you guys LOL… you guys are so genuine and humble. My boyfriend and I cut all refined sugars artificial sweeteners including stevia and also hybridized wheat we use only einkorn flour for breads and sweets. I was looking for a DIY on vegetables broth/stalk and was hooked when I watched your vegetable stock video. Have been watching since this weekend. You guys are great and I love everything I’m learning watching you both.

  • I love you guys together, I just sat and watched this almost 30 minute video after being exhausted from work with ease XD you both remind me of Mr. Kate which I love, but anyway the point is I’m glad I’m subscribed and the talking over each other still doesn’t bother me one bit. Keep up the awesome videos and I will keep enjoying, you both make me want to actually cook things. Plus next time you come down my way we need to visit Homegrown Smoker together I swear you will love it!!!! It’s in St. John’s Oregon (North of Portland) so you won’t have to drive as far <3 =^_^=

  • Thank you for all the effort you put into these! I’ve slowly been switching to vegan and recently found your channel and I’ve found it very helpful!

  • Reminds me of that one time I got a chick-Fil-a salad, and they forgot to not include the bacon… and I ate most of it before I noticed…

  • Panera Bread, Einstein’s Bagels, Applebees, Chilis, IHOP, Blaze Pizza, Red Robin (not sure if you have already gone to any of these)

  • Thanks for the heads up on the vegan optionswe travel from San Diego to Arizona almost every year and even though I like to pack my own vegan snacks, it’s nice to know I don’t have to take ten minutes now to hunt down fast food vegan options!
    Be well, stay kind and blessings to all

    If you can’t handle spice very well, ask for the Thai Harvest Curry WITHOUT the fresno peppers…I accidentally ate one and it was way hotter than a jalapeño and it was awful.

  • It’s too much headache trying to restrict yourself from eating damn near everything on the menu just to stick to your vegan ideals YOLO

  • Thank you both! The melting pot looked interesting I’ve never seen anything quite like that.:->
    Also extra vegans present would let you try more food i think, even non vegans who would try the vegan food that would be a great idea for the future.
    I can’t imagine someone digging through your food looking for Tofu any normal restaurant would have replace it with one with more Tofu, right?

  • This was an interesting commercial for these restaurants. P. F. Chang’s and Cheesecake Factory are owned by the same parent company too btw.

  • I’m gluten free & dairy free (celiac), can’t eat soy products… and I don’t eat meat. Sooooo, you pack a cooler full of things you’ve prepared when you go on vacation. As for travelling to other cities, I’m taking my chances. The best places to shop when I was abroad were grocery stores. Health food stores didn’t even have much. I pretty much forget eating out.

  • Why would you give your money to them? Go to all vegan restaurants, there’s bunch of them in major cities. Also both of you pronounced minestrone wrong.

  • Loving these food videos! Although I’m not 100% vegan, it’s really great to know that there are vegan options at these popular restaurants.

  • I LOVE Denny’s the fit fare breakfast scramble, hold the eggs, add avocado.. get some dry toast and make your own avocado toast and have a huge plate of great veggies.. LOVE it, and they’re everywhere.. gotta love that!

  • french fries are “FRIED”, not exactly “HEALTHY”!!
    BTW You are “ADORABLE” as you are “INFORMABLE”, which is why I subscribes to your channel!!!

  • YESSSS P.F. Chang’s for the win!!! Not going to lie—it’s yummy as inauthentic as their meals are �� the food actually looked delicious!

  • Is not stupid to charge more for non dairy milk at starbucks because non dairy milk is more expensive than normal milk…. just saying not trying to criticise

  • While I acknowledge that PETA is a great resource for people who want to eliminate/reduce animal products in their lives, fuck PETA. They kill so many pets because they think they’re better off dead than owned. They could easily just relocate them to healthy homes and just discourage future pet ownership and breeding instead of killing them

  • the fact she asks “is the ten vegetable soup vegan” can’t she clearly see that its a vegetable soup and not only that there is a fat V for VEGAN next to it on the menu board SMH

  • Yeah. Cheesecake F. in my area does accommodate vegans and folks with food allergies. I agree with u that PF Chang’s is blah for the expense. Also, imo, for the money and time spent, The Melting Pot is just not worth it. I feel like I should not have to pay that much money to cook my own food.�� Years ago, I bought a fondue pot at a William Sonoma outlet store (not sure if u have one up in the PNW), but it is so much cheaper, easier and better to do fondue at home (so 1970’s, right?!) You can chop up what foods you want to dip and what cheeses, broths and dessert chocolates YOU want to use. (Don’t forget pretzels dipped in chocolate. Hell yeah!
    With that in mind, a fondue Mukbang or taste test with your friends with different cheeses, broths, chocolates would be great! Thx for doing what you do and being so awesome! XO

  • This was an eye opening video. I never would have suspected these places especially the Melting Pot! would have so many vegan options. Thanks for doing the detective work for us!

  • If you are vegan and eat processed oils, it is easier to find stuff on menus, such as French fries, hash browns, oily sauces for pasta and deep fried veggies. Keeping the oil out of a vegan program is a real challenge. I am on a whole plant food based diet, (no oils, no butter) and have resorted to Chinese buffets or places that offer potatoes and vegetables, or pasta with non-oily toppings. Sometimes we can only get to 95%-99% of what we need in our diet.

  • Great video. Not a vegan but really interested in the lifestyle. In the military its pretty difficult to become vegan but after researching a lot I’m probably going to try it whenever it’s practical.

  • In the 90s, Dennys use to have a great veggie sandwich. It had avocado, cucumber, sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. I use to order that all the time and it disappeared from the menu in the early 2000s. I’ve tried to order it in the few rare times I’ve been, but they no longer have sprouts or the wheat bread. I’ve gotten that skillet once and I agree, very oily.

  • I’ve been vegan for almost ten years now, and what my experience has taught me is to always carry a healthy snack in your purse. Take a pre made meal with you if you’re going out with friends or family. There’s not a lot of fast food that’s healthy, and you can’t always trust the ingredients list. So be prepared to always eat traces of animal products that may or may not be in your food. That’s the world for you. Nothing is pure. Get over it. I hate that veganism is a trend, because I see all these people that don’t know what the fuck they’re doing and they over complicate things when the solution is simple. Don’t eat out. Relax and always have something to eat with you. Stop expecting everyone to cater to your needs, the world doesn’t owe you anything. You made the choice of eating this way. Be responsible for your own food.

  • Olive Garden is probably my favorite restaurant. I love the fact that you can get all you can eat soup, salad, and breadsticks for a small price. You can ask for no dressing, and order lemon juice instead

  • There is NO shame in bringing your OWN vegan condiments to a restaurant or to your home/family/friend dinner (i.e…vegan sour cream….vegan mayo…vegan cashew butter…your favorite vegan Goddess Dressing…vegan cheese….etc.) in a little container and/or adding it to a restaurant meal to really make it taste great for you. This ALSO allows you the freedom to enjoy a family gathering that may not Support or Understand your dietary needs/beliefs/etc… all the way (i.e….we heard you are vegan so we STEAMED this broccoli? Merry Christmas:)……..Give this Woman a Break! She is 80 has has raised a zillion kiddos!!!!). This will STILL allow you to make cool memories with your Loved Ones and Community while not sacrificing delicious vegan food or the ability to connect with others who have different tastes. XOX

  • I used to joke saying that the beef was so fresh at Wendy’s that the cow was slauthered in back of the restaurant. That is before I became vegan, then even the fries cooked in the same oil, gave me nightmares. The salad was all I could have without any problems. A costly adventure. If there is a shortage of food, maybe they will go vegan instead of closing all together. One prayer at a time!

  • Impossible burger is not vegan it is plant-based && if you continuously showcase how much you don’t care about cross-contamination that is also considered plant-based. Please get facts right

  • I’m pretty sure the Panera Black Bean Soup is NOT vegan. It is dairy free though. Their 10 Vegetable soup IS Vegan though. Here’s their current list: https://www.panerabread.com/en-us/articles/eating-vegan.html

  • Hey guys as someone who works at McDonald’s ask for the cooks to change their gloves because most the time they don’t change it and the fried onions are cooked in the same vat as the meat. So be warned.

  • Don’t go vegan for the earth if you aren’t going to be considerate with your plastic usage. Also keep in mind that barely any of these products are ethically sourced.

  • I used to love PF Changs! I usually get mapo tofu, but the last time I got the buddha’s feast and I wasn’t impressed! There was plenty of tofu, but the sauce wasn’t great.

  • I wonder if you can get a vegan version of their peanut butter chocolate fondue? Unless the PB they use has honey in it, it should be vegan and I imagine it would taste just as good with dark chocolate as milk chocolate.

  • Didn’t know so many restaurants had vegan options! A moment of silence for the vegan breadsticks at Olive Garden ���� Thanks for all this useful info! ����

  • This video is so dangerous. A lot of these I have not heard of which is probably a good thing. ha ha And ssssshhhhh do not tell my daughter about the bread sticks at Olive Garden. ha ha

  • Ok i have a question, not to hate but i’m just curious. If you order something to eat and it has animal product in it like eggs or meat would you still eat it or would you tell them to throw it out? And if you do tell them to throw it out would it make sense tho? Because the animal died for it and now you just throwing it out so it just died for no reason just to be thrown out???

  • Thank you guys SOOO much for making these videos! I’m learning so much and am overjoyed with how many vegan options are available at popular restaurants

  • OMG, you’ve trained me, I totally take a drink of water whenever I start playing one of your videos lol!! And, wow, what great info, thanks for doing all this research and making it easy for people to figure out where and how to eat vegan meals on the go:)

  • I can’t believe the hash browns aren’t vegan… I’m vegetarian (going to make the switch to vegan soon), but I can’t believe that’s not vegetarian.. I’ve been getting them on the way to school in the morning occasionally… makes me sad

  • subway heads up! at least where i’m from, the 9 grain wheat bread CONTAINS HONEY. so if you’re religiously vegan (☺️) you may want to avoid that! however the Italian, Hearty Italian, Roasted Garlic, Sourdough, and Wraps are actually vegan

  • I used to work at bk and they pre mix the ice coffee in the morning and it sits in a jug all day and all u do is put ice in a cup and poor it in however the managers always mixed it so I honestly have no idea what was in it

  • For other vegan restaurant and fast food options: http://www.happycow.net
    They let you specify your location and include full vegan restaurants and regular ones with vegan options.

  • I’d love to be vegan but there’s no enough options where I live and I can’t afford to be vegan. Btw if you wanna be vegan, do you have to always eat organic? Tbh I’d rather go organic than vegan.

  • There is no such thing as a “vegan” fast food restaurant. In FACT, any restaurant that serves anything but NON-organic plant based food is not vegan. This comes from my 15 years of working in kitchens. Eventually, EVERYTHING gets cross contaminated in some way with meat and/or dairy products. Guaranteed. So if a restaurant serves meat it cannot be vegan, vegetarian options perhaps at best, but not vegan. i don’t care what dieticians or doctors say. They want to make money from your illness and obesity, i don’t give a fuck if you wanna kill yourself with fried chicken like a moron. i’m just giving you all the straight facts. There’s always a “Johnny” on the line. And Johnny doesn’t give a fuck which spatula he uses during a Friday night dinner rush or that he just repositioned a steak on one plate then prepared your side salad by reaching into an insert with his meat juice covered fingers. Get the picture? Not vegan.

  • The whole time, y’all had the “I could do this better at home” face on.
    Omg… I can’t believe that the server dug around in your food.

  • Also for little kids are as well. You could make a vegan grilled cheese for the cheese the use on the burger. So cute!!! I love all these options amazing

  • Great video, Marina! Love how you broke down all the chains and their vegan options. Learned something new about Olive Garden and their breadsticks. Good to know! Very informative video. I enjoyed it!:)

  • At taco Bell you can make any menu item vegan by subbing whatever meat 2 beans rice potatoes or black beans and also asking for it fresco style with me to replace all dairy options with pico de gallo so like nacho cheese sour cream are sauces all of that can be replaced with pico de gallo when both of these are of no charge

  • This is one of reasons I rarely eat out, especially fast food. I’m not going to order a naked baked potato, a plain side salad and then be charged $5.00 +. Not gonna happen! I can have all that at home and still have a far more delicious meal for a fraction of the cost. I don’t trust fast food restaurants to be truthful. I have boycotted McDonald’s for 20 years bc they lied to vegan customers about what oil their french fries were cooked in. They SAID it was vegetable oil when in fact, it was lard! YUCK!!! Boo on you McD’s! And BTW, McDonald’s said their French fries are no longer made using lard, which they withheld that info from vegans. They are STILL lying! The fries are made using vegetable oil but, the seasoning they use on them has an animal based ingredient. You can do whatever you like…..I’m boycotting McD’s for the rest of my life. I don’t care if they have menu items that are vegan. When a company bald-face lies that their fries are vegan when they aren’t, how can I trust that they are now telling the “truth”? I can’t, because they are STILL LYING!!!!!

  • You can literally walk into any restaurant and ask him what their vegan options are it is not this hard please stop making it like it’s that complicated.

  • You Rock! This video is wonderful!!!!
    Thank you for taking the time to inform the public!
    Also Yall Look Out For Palm Oil (Not Vegan Friendly)!!!

  • “Tequila is Vegan”
    No it isnt, neither is agave syrup. Agave Farmers intentionally wipe out entire caves of Vampire Bats, because they’re pollinators. It’s less vegan than honey.

  • If you are a proper vegan….get a chemistry food test kit, it’s expensive, but samples…if foods you are told are meat free…you will be horrendously fucked….there’s no fast food vegan…

  • Now I’m going to need to convince my family to go to Cheesecake Factory to try the different options, that’s so awesome. I definitely agree with your assessment of the Melting Pot. The experience is fun but the cost is not worth the amount you get.

  • I work at Olive Garden, we cover the breadsticks in butter and then sprinkle garlic salt on them. Without the butter they would be vegan, but it’s not oil and garlic we cover them in, like you said Jasmine. I hope you told them no butter on them! ��❤️ new vegan. Btw, love your channel

  • I once went to Olive Garden & informed them I have a milk allergy (before I was meat free). The waiter had no clue what to do & grabbed the manager. The manager told me that the only two things dairy free was the build your own pasta & breadsticks (they didn’t mention the minestrone). Can’t believe everything has cheese & they didn’t have more options!

  • I don’t blame or shame vegans when they bite into an order that has meat, it isn’t their fault someone messed up the order for them. Glad it wasn’t bacon.

  • u oughta also check out what oils they fry the things in, idk if burger king does it but i know mcdonalds fries their foods in animal based oils rather than plants because its cheaper

  • Believe it or not that’s what Ive been looking for plant based fast food joints. But she pretty much subbed up everything in her first minute answering all my curiosity.

  • Why are you guys vegan? Cuz of the suffering of animals? Or meat is bad? Or???
    And side note, the broccoli the tastes toxic. Cuz of the plastic it Comes in. I can’t stand it. I took some home once and soaked it…. tasted better.
    Get veggie burgers with those fried onions. Yum

  • Thanks for this! I always assumed that those restaurants had no vegan options, especially the melting pot. I just usually stay away from chain restaurants but I see that they are finally getting a clue that veganism is here to stay and will only become more popular.

  • That buddah’s feast was disappointing. It’s a great dish when made well. It should have at least 10 ingredients, and I’ve never seen it as mostly broccoli. (Also called Buddah’s delight) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddha%27s_delight

  • Unless you order the breadsticks to be made vegan, they’re brushed in butter. And posdibly have honey in them. Says so right in their website.

  • I had their veg burger for my birthday [free] I thought it was delicious! I loved the veg in there. Different than impossible or beyond [which I love] are the sweet potato fries vegan?! I didn’t know that about the buns either. ��

  • I won’t eat Red Robin. I’m vegetarian not vegan, but get sick every time I eat a veggie burger there. Which was only twice, but cross contamination makes me sick:/

  • I was going to say the same, drink option haha our iHop was always cold and terrible service. Maybe we will have to check out Denny’s now that they have some options!

  • It’s funny that she mentions sugar so much but never mentions fat. Like that peanut butter spread. Jeez. Remember fat is the most energy dense macromolecule at 9cal/g making it more than twice the cal/g than protein and carbohydrates. That’s really what you want to be weary of.

  • Good to know there are some road-trip options available. I’m really surprised about the French Toast at Burger King, I still feel conflicted about giving any burger-based restaurant my money even though I’m ordering vegan… I feel like I’m complicit in their animal cruelty. Anyway, thanks for the info!

  • I started my first day of vegan meals and I did forget and had a chocolate croissant but I’m still calling it a successful day! All the rest of my meals have been vegan.

  • yay, i suggested PF Changs, so glad you went..wish it would have been a better experience for you, everyone else that has ever went, seemed to have a good experience….I need to go to the melting pot asap!

  • Not all of the fries are actually vegan,they often make them with animal grease,thats why they actually taste so good and make you addicted.☺️

  • the burger king french toast sticks are cooked in the same fryers as the chicken and supposedly a bunch of chicken juice and fats go into the oil so the french toast sticks absorb it i’m so angry i can’t eat them anymore >:(

  • Thank you so much for doing all these 75+ videos. I truly appreciate them.Keep making them I watch all of them thank you thank you thank you

  • Also in some starbucks locations, their new Frapp base contains milk which sucks but you can always ask for their creme base instead

  • Probably not going to watch anymore tonight but if you haven’t tried it already, tbell can do a 7layer burrito w/o cheese n sour cream, I usually add extra rice or potatoes but apparently they also have black beans too, just haven’t tried them yet.