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Age can also bring with it some real weight struggles, like the stubborn middle-age spread and what feels like a sluggish metabolism. Meeting nutritional needs as you age may require an adjustment in lifestyle, including what you eat and how you exercise. Here are some things to keep in mind as you get closer to the golden years: 1. Quality nutrition is key for everyone. As we age though, our appetites change, so it becomes especially important.

Why do appetites change as we age? There are several reasons, including: Changes in metabolism: We move less and our metabolism slows. That reduces the energy our body spends, so we do not need as much “fuel” for our bodies.

Myth: Since my metabolism is slower, I need to eat less. Not necessarily, Farrell says. As you age, it may be harder for your body to take in and use vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12. The number of calories you need each day drops slightly as you age, yet most people keep eating the same amount of food.

The government’s dietary guidelines advise that you burn approximately 200 fewer daily calories after age 50. So, if you’re a 50-year-old who eats like a 40-year-old, you could gain more than a pound of body fat each month. Every week new so-called “health findings” are discovered and announced on the evening news, but many only serve the purpose of increasing ratings. You shouldn’t try to follow every new health trend, but there are several principles you should know. Here are 13 things that everyone needs to know about nutrition.

Nutrition and healthy eating is a multi-layered approach to wellness. Nourishment refers to the foods you eat to remain functioning. Nutrition, on the other hand, is the positive health benefits you get from the food you eat daily. 10 Things You Need to Know About Nutrition.

Fad diets. Superfoods. Cleanses. Read on to hear what our community of Dietitians wants you to know about nutrition to live your healthiest and happiest life.

Laura Ligos, MBA, helping you put the fun back in food and live your happiest and healthiest life at any age. If you find things need to be spiced up, try some olive oil, herbs like rosemary and thyme, garlic, onion, peppers, or mustard. Just stay away from the salt. Swipe to advance.

A diet built around depriving yourself of the things you love, will never last. If you love chocolate or chips or a steak, go ahead and indulge yourself. The key to a splurge is moderation. If you let yourself have a small treat every once in a while, you will be.

To make up for this shortfall, you must increase your intake of necessary nutrients, and cut down on your your calorie intake to avoid weight gain. 2. Manage your weight. Being overweight is a sign of improper nutrition – regardless of age.

In old age, it can be a serious health risk especially if you have a sedentary life style.

List of related literature:

List and describe the seven basic sections of the Nutrition Facts panel.

“Today's Medical Assistant E-Book: Clinical & Administrative Procedures” by Kathy Bonewit-West, Sue Hunt
from Today’s Medical Assistant E-Book: Clinical & Administrative Procedures
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Box 5-1 lists key questions to be answered in the development of nutritional genomics practices.

“Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book” by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
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During adolescence, physiological age is a better guide to nutritional needs than chronological age.

“Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing AUS Version E-Book” by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor, Clint Douglas, Geraldine Rebeiro
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✓ Diet and fluid restrictions: Include fact sheets that list foods to limit or restrict.

“All-In-One Care Planning Resource E-Book” by Pamela L. Swearingen
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These include the food guide pyramid, dietary guidelines, and food-labeling regulations.

“Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness: The Physical Best Teacher's Guide” by Physical Best (Program), Suzan F. Ayers, National Association for Sport and Physical Education, Mary Jo Sariscsany
from Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness: The Physical Best Teacher’s Guide
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In addition, we’ll see how nutritional needs change as we age, and we’ll consider feeding practices, meal planning, and obstacles to healthful eating for each age group.

“Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, Don Ross, Kimberley McMahon, Melissa Bernstein
from Nutrition
by Paul M. Insel, Don Ross, et. al.
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Special regulations apply to nutrition facts labeling on foods designed primarily for children or for foods that are insignificant sources of seven nutrients, in which simplified nutrition labels are acceptable.

“Handbook of Food-Drug Interactions” by Beverly McCabe-Sellers, Eric H. Frankel, Jonathan J. Wolfe
from Handbook of Food-Drug Interactions
by Beverly McCabe-Sellers, Eric H. Frankel, Jonathan J. Wolfe
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I will now focus on three main understandings: (1) a balanced diet contributes to physical and mental health; (2) the USDA food pyramid provides relative guidelines for nutrition; and (3) dietary requirements vary for individuals based on age, activity level, weight, and overall health.

“Understanding by Design” by Grant Wiggins, Grant P. Wiggins, Jay McTighe
from Understanding by Design
by Grant Wiggins, Grant P. Wiggins, Jay McTighe
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13 applies to all other health claims relating to food.

“International Food Law and Policy” by Gabriela Steier, Kiran K. Patel
from International Food Law and Policy
by Gabriela Steier, Kiran K. Patel
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Although some of the right nutrition information can be useful, too much of it can confuse, contradict, oven/vhelm, and lead to unintended feeding mistakes.

“Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School” by Jill Castle, Maryann Jacobsen
from Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School
by Jill Castle, Maryann Jacobsen
Wiley, 2013

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • i have a 13 yo. and i cant tell you how valuable this is. i am going to have him watch… thank you so much for taking the time to do it!!

  • All good if you are a person of means. Most Americans, including me, are not. Good advice, I am sure, but not happening on social security income.

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  • Impact theory is my favourite intellectual swimming pool for chilling! The best youtube channel, we can learn diverse knowledge! Thank you Tom Bilyeu! Your big fan from the mysterious and sacred land of Punt, the homeland of the pharaohs! You will maybe interview me with my pharaonic language still surviving! Ah Ah Ah!

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  • I love Mark Hyman, totally feel his vibe, and Tom your questions & just your interest in what he has t o say is inspirational
    Thankyou for this interview ��☀️����

  • Right now my entire body is in mutiny and everything is crashing. Like Dr. Hyman, I need to reverse engineer what is behind all my sudden issues. It’s like being a detective! I am determined to avoid Big Pharma. At this point, I don’t think I even have gut microbiome. Sigh. Wow, a tooth issue could lead to C.DIFF to colitis?! Ack! I’m not soy phobic, but I didn’t get my period for 15 years and the culprit turned out to be that I was eating EXCESSIVE isolated soy protein. I can attest that bread makes my blood sugar skyrocket worse than sugar. I’m a vegan and staying vegan. It annoyed a doctor I went to years ago that when he tested my body, it actually LIKED soy (in limited and more natural amounts), and coffee. LOL! Now, my body doesn’t like gluten, dairy, eggs, garlic, and tomatoes.

  • Good show, Dr. Mark is environmentally aware…all wealthier people are not successful or admirable unless their carbon footprint is negative because carbon emissions do hurt others’ lives, health, infrastructure and homes.

  • You muscle guys in the gym you don’t impress any of the women in there I promise you. We don’t like it and pay no attention to you, trust me women are secretly rolling their eyes. We’re in the gym to impress you when we go home, we’d rather not see you there.

  • his voice tone drops continuously, so difficult to listen. maybe it’s time for hearing aids. would hate to have him as a lecturer.

  • listen to, read the medical medium….. he connects the dots gets to the SOURCE… FROM the source Tells you WHAT is essential to DO. Saves a lot of time; unnecessarily drifting around the maze of ‘information’.
    Black rice!! It IS great! Why doesn’t everyone eat it….THE OBVIOUS choice!??
    Because it is STILL ‘forbidden’. I.e. Very hard to find even in Thailand where it grows
    Check out “Bodytalk” John Veltheim

    P.s. Soy has phyto estrogens.

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  • dam you can get paid for regurgitating old news? Where do i sign up. I can tell ya so much about the 1 meal a day lifestyle. Want to know more?

  • Hey bud, the links for the info on vitamins B-1 and B-5 are not good any more. Would it be possible to update them? I’m having a hard time finding the same good info you’ve provided for the others. Thanks a ton!

  • No problem with growing soy or creating seed (vegetable) oils. These are inflammatory. Don’t put these in my food. Asians have used soy as part of their diet, but didn’t eat all the time. In the US, soy is put in almost everything we eat. Check the labels.

  • Perfect PresentationIt naturally comes across as obvious. Simple facts/graphs and explanations. Point made; just like animals or cars, if you sit you rust, batteries drain and you seize up or… you use what you have wisely and stay moving, alive and healthier than you probably thought you could. Thank you Dr. Egan for this refreshing talk and simple message. This really helps support my beliefs and what I prescribe as a Coach!

  • Am I missing something?

    I stopped eating white bread, sugars and processed food.

    Lunch and dinner: I only eat carbs in one of these meals (quinoa is my favourite), I measure the size of the protein with the palm of my hand (I love seitan, jack fruit, vegan burgers, tofu..) and eat salad on both meals (I like watercress with onion, tomato and olive oil dressing).

    At breakfast I eat Weetabix Protein with coconut unsweetened milk, banana and Shia seeds.

    In the middle of the morning I usually eat a tangerine.

    If I feel hungry late at night have rice crackers with avocado. I have a treat at the weekend. I do exercise (HIIT or full body free weights training) 3 times a week. I drink plenty of water (small sips during the day).

    Sometimes, between meals, I eat olives or unsalted dry fruits (pistachios, almonds) but not very often.

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  • Allopathic medical evidence-based recommendations

    AVOID: trans-fats, foods with sugar and fructose, salt, red meat, more than 1 alcoholic drink for women and 2 drinks for men, tobacco, marijuana during adolescence, sedentary lifestyle, social isolation, high risk behaviors (sex, driving/seatbelts, drugs, airborne infections)

    CONSUME: foods high in fiber and folate, fatty fish like salmon, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, olive oil, Mediterranean diet.

    PURSUE: regular exercise for general health, cardiovascular health, and cognitive ability; stay mentally active; life balance; stress management techniques, altruistic activities (e.g., donating blood, volunteering); non-drug measures to improve sleep and obtain 7.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep (1st step is to have set wake-up time + sleep hygiene).

    PREVENTIVE HEALTH: Obtain and follow USPSTF recommendations for cancer screening and health screenings – get individualized recommendations at this website: https://epss.ahrq.gov/ePSS/GetResults.do?method=search

    KNOW: blood pressure, cholesterol, risks and benefits of drugs (including supplements), diagnostic testing, and medical procedures. Get a second opinion when feasible.

    CAVEATS: “natural” does not equal “safe” (e.g., tobacco and opium); FDA criteria for drug efficacy and safety are high but FDA criteria for “supplements” are low; “clinically proven” and “clinically tested” are meaningless terms; scientific proof of effectiveness and safety requires randomized double-blind controlled trials; be realistic and skeptical about health claims that seem too good to be true. Medical knowledge is constantly evolving. “M.D.” doesn’t mean “minor deity.” Find a physician who is competent AND caring.

    “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”

    HL Mencken

  • Very interesting video…Also at the link below you can find important informations about main minerals needful for a good health and correct working of human body:

  • I spent 8/9 months and spent a fortune on vitamins……useless. don’t waste your time they are all made by pharmaceutical companies.

  • Needed to show the slides better. Only saw distance shots, would have liked to see them full screen so they would have been easier to read. He does a great job with the presentation but didn’t really talk about our diets which play a HUGE part regarding health.

  • Love Dr. Mark Hyman and his story on how he got into it…. but this ideal is now mainstream and everyone who’s into nutrition and health knows the body is all connected. I’m still left wondering why Western medicine won’t accept this and make the system easier to diagnose chronic conditions. It’s been 4 years now, and I still have unexplained changes which happened to my body and stopped my dance career. The only area which has actually helped is my Naturopath.

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  • Honestly, being in the gym is fun and I like training for long periods. Anyways, great video! I love that you do proper research and defend your arguments and etc with scientific facts and studies. Keep being great!

  • Absolutely loved this Tom, thank you so much for this episodes. LOVE your show. Such quality material that is changing my life in profound ways. You and your wife are so inspiriing and talented, and my favorite couple!

  • As to Dr. Hyman’s admonition to eat food that doesn’t cause harm to the animals, I’m quite confident the animals raised regeneratively would raise their voice in objection to the notion that killing them does not harm them, as Dr. Hyman seems to suggest.

  • This is funny because in the uk because football is a key sport and also a hobbie we pretty much already knew every thing you said at the age of 13 America will get it soon tho comes after generations do generations of passing down

  • I heard about Steven Gundry, Daniel Amen from Tom’s show. Now I got to know Mark Hyman.
    These are today’s medicine experts.

    Among all the moderators on Youtube, Tom is the best.

  • Thats why in islam it is important to eat meat but not every day but at least once in 40 days and in islam it is said that eating less food brings good health.i wish people like you choose to be doctor and scientists not those business minded people who are in big numbers doing business on our health

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  • As far as ‘professionals’ are concerned,,,,,,the more letters in their title, the faster you should run away with hands over head screaming. Whenever I see anything FDA, WHO, ADA, CDC approved anything, I tend to subscribe to whatever the polar opposite opinion/advice/approval would be. It’s worked for me.

  • For me high fiber + high fat + berries = SIBO, indigestion, constipation and joint pain. So, yeah, I agree everyone is different. And food is at the root of the problem. Bio-individual nutrition is what we all need.

  • Only the Strong survive. Unless your on a cocktail of drugs to thin your blood and lower your cholesterol and kill the pain and stifle the inflammatory process and live in a first world country. Then you can survive for years with all sorts of grotesque chronic diseases! It might be better if only the strong could survive?

  • Wow. Please bring Dr. Hyman back on the show. I wonder what his outlook on fasting is.
    Cant wait to study more from him.
    side not, personally find the banner at the bottom of the screen distracting. Cheers

  • Nice to here this from an British Asian guy! got a surprise! I too am a ‘british born’ Asian! I assume maybe u might be a dr as u don’t rec’d supplements! most dr’s talk of it making expensive urine! though u might not be a dr! but u seem to know yr stuff which is good! I totally believe in doing same, as I just don’t know what supplemt is best, good, as so hard to find suitable!

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  • From this presentation, I understood that PRACTICING YOGA IS GOOD FOR EVERYONE….Because it’s basically working against your muscles to improve your muscles.

  • I like the car analogy.. unrelated but i, when I see someone in a flashy luxury car I go “yeah you drive a Ferrari, but I AM the Ferrari.”

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  • I am convinced I have found through almost a 1000 hours of study the key to longevity. My theory is well documented by many professionals.

  • If I just turn 18 and im starting to go pro. How do i join my first club to put down for experience in my cv if I haven’t been in a men’s club yet. I can’t join the first club if I don’t have any experience yet

  • If you know the details why wouldnt you share?
    If nutrionion is so important we need to know exactly what they do, why they do it and how.

  • Fear porn… running out of soil… stoopid statementthe earth replenishes itself from falling leaves that go back into the soil, just like lightening strikes put nitrogen back into the soil for nutrientsGods not stoopid, ya know… so I won’t watch end or beginning of this vid…

  • Such a great summary video of the most important things to know and understand Micronutrients without getting too complicated or sidetracked. I’ll use your video as a refference and support explanation for a presentation in nutrition I’ll give at a sports school. Great job!:)

  • powerlifters are stronger that everybody else and also very heavy, if you have enough muscle you can have a very active lifestyle and have that kind of lifestyle go into your old days with easy and fun. be strong be healthy.

  • Is there no app that can accurately give me my macro and Micro nutrients including sugar intake ect,cause most just give macros only(carbs protein fat).

  • How am I meant to train when I’m a goalkeeper and no one trains with me? I wish I had hard training every day like having different types of shots against me and doing passing drills but I have no one to do it with

  • this guy is all over the place with the data,not very scientific…
    For example.he says that young individuals can lose 5% of muscle mass in 10-14 days if they are lazy in comparison with adults that that Will lose 3,5% every decade no matter what,trying to leave the impression that this is a disastrous scenario.but he avoids saying how fast they can gain that 5% back when the adults cannot!

  • Hmmm…. just wondering if Dr. Hyman has watched animals being slaughtered in commercial slaughtering houses? Does he understand that animals are sentient beings who experience the same emotions we do? Horror, unbelievable pain; because of mechanical executioners, cows, calves, horses, colts, their legs are often cut off while they are still conscious? Hogs are dipped in boiling water to remove their bristles while they are still alive. Chickens are scalded alive. There is much more involved in eating meat then diet pluses. How does compassion and kindness with Buddhism explain this Madonna-Whore split within his practice and within his soul?

  • So that’s why white rice was better for my diet than bread! I did a sushi, salad, and uncooked finger food diet and lost 70 lbs. Everyone told me white rice was bad, but it was a great carb for me.

  • Instead of the health of the economy as a priority, Americans need to make us all accountable to make our food ecosystem a priority.

  • Question, since plants don’t actually use vitamins, are they really a good source for them? For example, a carrot does not produce vitamin A but rather beta carotene which, if eaten with fat we can convert to vitamin A but its not actually fully formed vitamin A. I had learned in college that it was animals which relied on eating “vitamins” while plants relied on minerals and various natural found chemicals.

  • It has been found that children with isolated Vitamin A and iron deficiency..Visit  https://www.pediatriconcall.com/articles/nutrition/micronutrients/micronutrients#1854

  • Dr. you NEED to stretch your arms and back, I wish you’d let me help you, my body was just like yours, it can be fixed in just 2 weeks.

  • I think my phone was listening to me. I was just doing some body weight exercises with the family, and boom, this is in my YouTube. What is doctors prescribed exercised? What if children did body weight exercises as the last session of everyday?

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    I am now seeing the benefits of my changed attitude and hard work. My injury really woke me up to work harder!
    Don’t wait until it’s over or you get injured to give it 100%. Start now.
    If you achieve your dreams or not you won’t regret not giving it your all!

  • Watch Dr Doug McGuff YouTube videos on this subject(sarcopenia and weight training) and also look up Dr Simon Melov study on the reversing of aging cells through WEIGHT TRAINING… Weights is only anabolic form of exercise and at worst its neutral. Almost all other forms are catabolic

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you have to try not to fall victim to modern day fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your everyday nutritionary intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short period and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should search Custokebon Secrets on google since it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • How great that they said nothing about stuff like this to me in school. Awesome to find out later, when it is years ago that i was breaking bad!

  • Wow, this was freaking awesome, I learned so much, thanks! Also this video quality is so good, it looks like it was filmed in 2019.

  • You are your own Gym by Mark Lauren

    Ultimate body weight bible with progressions for beginners to experts.

    I love body weight and resistance training.

  • Im 13 and ive been playing soccer scince preschool. Im bad. I admit that and i want to get better. My coah said im very receptive to learning how to get better which is nice to hear. I want to get better. I love the sport and honestly that’s all i think is important. If i love it ill keep playing and ill train and ill get better.

  • Boosh! Haven’t tried black rice before looking forward to trying that in the future. Was surprised to hear him talk about Buddhism got me curious to do my own research on it

  • Whats thd easiest way for me to get all my essential minerals and vitamins daily? Ive tried looking into this but there are so many vitamins amd minerals it seems like you would have to eat alot of different foods. Are there any legit supplements that anyone can recommend? Or foods that have the most vitamins?

  • It was a wonderful lecture. Thank you for this holistic view on human body as a ecosystem. Simple fact that food is medicine is so well digested. Medical schools should use your syllabus to teach future doctors.

  • Age is a big factor for men in retaining muscle mass. The amount of muscle you had in high school and early 20s was probably healthy and sustainable for your body at the time while it was developing.

  • Omg I thought I was doing something wrong, this video Really really works. Thanks for making this vid. Keep doing what your doing ��

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  • I keep watching fitness videos, looking for that one special guru who is going to tell me I can eat pure junk and still be healthy and fit because I work out 6 days a week. Sadly this has been another letdown. Thanks for nothing! ��

  • Ever since I took up running, I have quite a bit more muscle mass, even in the upper body. It’s hard for me to see how one can lose muscle doing endurance sports (when compared to a non-exercising individual).

  • Thanks for a good interview, I have listened to Dr. Hyman a number of times and I really like his talks and thank you Tom for not using the F word [well once] but maybe you will try to stop it. You really have some talks on of people I like but I have in the past had to leave the talk because of your choice of words.

  • he’s saying too much and don’t make much sense, all you need is yourself to believe in yourself on being able to selfheal, and thats it plus the product that will cure your all gut related infections is kelp, kelp cooked and its juice is good too so don’t throw away put on your salad, since the first time you do this you feel the difference and by third day you can be cured. I am a living example I almost lost my life having a different parasite about every week and sick for two years of constant diarrhea and vomiting, I was cured immidiately and now two years later still feeling good my stomach relieves normal. to detox stomach put a cut in half lemon without squeezing until it turns yellow and drink water as hot as able to careful not burning throat. Once I ate the kelp I was able to eat anything right away, and didn’t have to rush to restroom as before I wouldn’t even finish food and would not even digest it well.

  • BS the Industrial farms of today have depleted the soils of the trace minerals and have killed the fungus in the soils that normally would extract the minerals from the rocks that the plants would then feed on. Farmer put sulfur on the soil as a fertilizer but that kills the good fungus in the soils! So if you are eating just regular food from the store which comes from modern farms you ARE NOT GETTING THE NEEDED MINERALS!

  • Here is my revised formula:

    lose muscle mass (sarcopenia) = lose strength + power + balance + coordination + reflex = disease related

  • These vid is perfect cause im 13. I played in a pro academy for club Tijuana youth team and I’m still grinding cause I’m on a soccer team and a futsal team and on Friday I go to the park and get my own training session.

  • Medicare provides medical care for people in the USA that are 66 years old and older. For a healthy person in their late 60s it cost about $500 per month. And costs increase as a person gets older. Plus there are additional costs for people that have a big drug bill.  Some people can not afford to buy their prescription drugs.

    A person can drop out of Medicare and get Medicare Advantage but they still have to pay Medicare about $200 per month.  And with Medicare Advantage they may die due to lack of proper medical care.  And they may suffer due to lack of proper medical care.

  • Spot reduction through exercise is minuscule. There is research out the that shows certain hormones are link to fat deposits on the body. Which means food and supplement manipulation can spot reduce.

  • I am just staring to develop and all of my hard work running training eight my team and my other high level team are realizing my development and the first time I practiced with the ECNL coach he wanted me to play on his team but I rejected because he played favorites and I didn’t want to get 15 minutes on the pitch because that happend to my sister and and my coach said give it one more year then go to ECNL and I am sad because I querintine I teaming for 3 months and I have lost a little motivation so I talked to my neighbor who also was a pro and he said put it aside for a little bit then come back to it so know that’s what I am doing the most one I could relate to is all of them but one which get frustrated and now I now to be calm thank you

  • I had some serious gut issues……..I highly recommend anyone with the same problem to start with one simple thing. Start your day with oatmeal. Not pre packaged. 1/2 cup whole steelcut oats……..cooked….add lots of cinnamon. Top with Walnuts…..pumpkin seeds and 1/4 cup of berries. The gut looooves this stuff. Eventually start adding some brown or wild rice…….Just a 1/2 cup per meal……..slowly add in some black beans or lentils…just a bit at a time.
    Just eat real food!!! Meats and plants.

  • I like to rotate which muscle group I work out first each day but I work them all to failure. Simply because I get tired and can do less as the workout goes on thus I give my chest the best I have one day legs ect. I use to go strait to the lat pulldowns but this made me struggle by the time I got to my back as I beat up my triceps before I got to my back. Basically I rotate which muscle group gets priority each day in order to hit each group while I am fresh each week.

  • When i was ten I was a LW and then I became a center back. And I was better at that position than at LW. Then my choach put me at LM. And then he put me back to CB

  • Due to activity levels and metabolism i need at least 3000 calories a day just to maintain a bodyweight of 160lbs… So no grains really isn’t going to cut it:S

  • LOL same as me! I got super sick, almost healed now. 15 years of nothing but reading studies, listening to experts, digging, and then putting it all together! It drives me crazy how simple it really can be if you know what you are looking for. Most important thing I can tell people, first step remove bad gut biome.. ALWAYS! Then intake good nutrition and depending upon what is wrong with you will determine your intake. It all starts in gut and inflammation is the one constant in every disease.

  • I just gave your video 10 likes ��. You gave the real important information so simply and free from unnecessay details. Very good job! I’ve been looking for this information since months. Thank you very much!

  • Idk how many times I’ve heard about the microbiome and sibo. I think most of us are microbiome specialists at this point. Give us something new. Go deep into the science. Tell us what to specifically eat. Lol

  • im sorry but i dont find 12 weeks of training for 3% increase in muscle mass to be worth it? maybe i misheard him or something but this is not convincing at all

  • Igor, I have a rotator cuff injury and a lingering injury on my lower right back. Been considering getting surgery. Feels bad going to the gym and feeling like you are half assing your training. What would it take for you to consider surgery. Video about this would be great and I’m certain it would help a lot of bros who are going through injury depression like myself.

  • Can you please make a video about what is D1 and the rankings and how to get into the world cup?
    Sorry, I know it’s a lot but it would be really cool if you did something at least explaining D1 because I am still learning about soccer. I also know that I will get better if I know more about the game so I need to learn as much as I can.

    Great video as always!

  • Can I lose all the weight I need to by just weight training? Cardio is cancerous but I’ll do it if I have to, hmu if anyone read this at some point lol. I’ll respond if and when. Cheers.

  • Big ups on number 6. Tactical emphasis of the game is highly ignored. Knowing how to press and create goals by out playing the opponent is highly effective

  • The most healthy looking, physically fit, health conscious people can drop dead instantly from horrible stuff going on inside them that they are unaware of! To much Expert information of health, leads to mass confusion. Take for instance what Dr. Gundry recommends or Dr. Natasha Champbell, Charlotte Gerson, and the many Functional medicine doctors I’ve tried to follow the last 6-8 years, including Dr Hyman. I feel like a yoyo and don’t enjoy cooking or eating food much anymore, which in the past were passions of mine.

  • The biggest lie in the fitness industry is saying that fat loss is ONLY a calories in and calories out model. The reason why a calorie deficit works in the short term is because of a hormone called insulin.

    Weight loss is multi-factorial. You can lose weight eating nothing but trinky’s in a calorie deficit however you’re probably going to lose a lot of muscle and you will gain all the weight back because you didn’t lose weight healthily.

    Before a bunch of people comment about the law of thermodynamics just know that our body has energy flowing in and out of it all the time (ie. eating and passing stool). Calories are important but that aren’t the most important.

  • When I was 9-10 I got scouted by a pretty good club in Germany… And I rejected it ���� I’m so dumb. If I would have the chance now (5 years later) I would freak out

  • He’s way better than Gundry that dude creates more issues and is pushing a brand and tactic about lechtins. People barely eat healthy as it is. The whole what to eat debate is overwhelming especially when you are trying to heal chronic issues no thanks to the terribly useless medical community. I am healing myself with anti inflammatory diet, eft, reiki, supplements, and faith.

  • “A Potato Does Not Have Much Use For Muscle.” -Moderator undertones undermine the use of Starch as a driver of energy for the body.

    “…and with age comes chronic disease.” -Moderator continues to make subject hypotheses’ based on what could only be explained as, ‘Dated Health Science Information’.

    Yes, his information is dated as evidenced by his list of diseases @ 3:00 that…ARE ALL ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CURABLE…hopefully at any age ; )

  • 80 % of all agricultural areas are used to grow crops to feed animals. Stop eating animals => save the world.
    The optimal diet is establishedjust look at the newest by the Canadian authorities on your plate, have 50% plants, 25 % whole grain, 25% protein. Just drink water and avoid saturated fats (which mostly comes from animal products). Its actually super easy to loose weight following that my own experience.
    Single “experts” cant throw that over. https://food-guide.canada.ca/en/

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    Meanwhile there’s THIS dude, who knows ten times as much as Will and is just as hilarious.
    I mean seriously hilarious. I’m sitting here losing my shit.

    This man needs to go viral.

  • Man show some respect by the way you are carrying yourself, wear a decent shirt a shows, align yourself with your interlocutor. You are not a teen

  • What a very interesting interview. Maybe we should all look to the pur man in India. I’m a German, 76 bear young women, and have leaned a lot from India about food. Simple it was before western lifestyle enternd the country. Less good food, every day sweating, and try not to be greedy. Stay healthy.
    Greetings from����

  • You look exactly the same in the first picture in the last what muscle gains are you talking about even now sitting in that black shirt you look like never been in the gym one day

  • I feel the part where you have to learn the positions I play everywhere on the field but in the goal. ��

    Edit: my favorite position is center mid though ��

  • After seeing an assortment of specialists who couldn’t come up with any clear diagnosis (and in fact simply suggested therapy,) I began researching my symptoms & complaints myself. Every single issue pointed directly to two things: gluten & sugar. I went cold turkey from each and within a week all my issues & complaints either lessened or disappeared. Within 3 months the rest disappeared, and my research had only begun. It’s empowering to come to this understanding by yourself. My journey started more than 15 years ago. It’s so comforting that others can find it now readily available from doctors and health practictioners willing to go against long held & outdated belief!

  • I disagree with you on supplements, maybe not everyone needs them but I need protein powder cuz food wasn’t enough for me. I was lifting every day and running and I was eating good but I was weak and soar, sleeping too much. When I started taking protein powder in addition to my food my energy levels went back up and I wasn’t as soar after work outs

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