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Food waste prevention: what’s packaging got to do with it?

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13 Delicious Ways to Reduce Food Waste. by Jessica Migala. February 29, 2020. No Comments. Share it: You know making meals at home is a good way to eat healthier and save money. Luckily, you can make water tastier and reduce your food waste impact at the same time.

One of the easiest ways to increase your water intake is to make it taste good. Use peels from citrus fruits. Whether you need inspiration for ways to use produce you’d usually throw away, tricks to make food last longer or ideas to cook every part of a vegetable, we’ve got you covered. Home » Cooking Techniques » 10 Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste. 10 Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste.

Published April 22, 2020. Last updated April 22, 2020 By Elizabeth Lindemann. Support restaurants and food shops that are responsible about fighting food waste. In Hong Kong, look out for businesses that have pledged to waste reduction causes such as donating excess food to charities, selling perishable products at discounted prices at the end of the day, and only supplying as much as there is demand. 11.

Donate to food. There are many ways people can reduce food waste, including properly storing food, freezing, pickling, and using food scraps in stocks and compost. Learn more. Food waste is becoming more and more of an issue as time goes by, especially in America.

According to the National Resources Defense Council (), not only do we throw away billions of dollars of food every year, but we also waste. 13. Repurpose leftovers etc. And both wilting fruits and veggies can be turned into delicious one study found that reducing portion sizes is an easy way to reduce food waste Reducing. (There’s probably a lot!) But many of those parts are either perfectly edible, or can be useful in some other way!

Today I’ll be sharing 9 types of food scraps and bits that you can either eat or save. Consider working these into your kitchen and cooking routines as a simple way to cut back on food waste! 9 Food.

Join F&W editor in chief Dana Cowin in the #loveuglyfood campaign to reduce food waste. From carrot tops to radish greens, here are seven ways to use ingredients that are usually thrown away.

List of related literature:

Since none of the existing methods is perfect, food waste quantification could be based in all three methods to gain a more coherent picture of household food waste.

“Food Waste Management: Solving the Wicked Problem” by Elina Närvänen, Nina Mesiranta, Malla Mattila, Anna Heikkinen
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To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with setting individual goals to reduce food waste, and it looks like widespread adoption of more efficient waste norms would have some modest positive results.

“The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics” by Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, Tyler Doggett
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Planning for the week also can effectively reduce food waste.

“Nutrition and Dietetics' 2007 Ed.2007 Edition” by Mcwilliams, Margaret
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This simple “choice edit” has reduced food waste by 30 percent on many campuses.

“State of the World 2013: Is Sustainability Still Possible?” by The Worldwatch Institute
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keep our Milk product without harmful ingredient or additives—keep it natural (9) (Agree) limited Federal dollars—eliminated waste—be conservative but suf. ficient—it can be done—I run my household that way—it can be done.

“The Future of U.S. Farm Policy: Formulation of the 2012 Farm Bill: Hearings Before the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives, One Hundred Twelfth Congress, Second Session” by United States. Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture
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Reducing food waste as an effective tool to lessen food insecurity is a simple option, yet overlooked.

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It’s hard—perhaps impossible—to eliminate all waste from a restaurant.

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Specifically, food waste mainly constitutes leftovers, fruit and vegetables, peel, and animal offal which cannot be used.

“Green Energy to Sustainability: Strategies for Global Industries” by Alain A. Vertes, Nasib Qureshi, Hans P. Blaschek, Hideaki Yukawa
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The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ 2010) has posted a useful document on the Internet that provides a number of valuable suggestions for reducing waste from food factories.

“Handbook of Food Factory Design” by Christopher G. J. Baker
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Reducing food waste requires behavioral changes, such as planning our shopping lists better, keeping our eyes on what’s in our fridges, and not preparing too much food at each meal.

“Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat” by David Julian McClements
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  • Happy Friday everyone! I am so happy you stopped by this video today and I just wanted to say thank you.
    I am so appreciative to have you here and I hope my videos bring you value.
    Enjoy the weekend and know that you are appreciated.

  • I don’t have the best resources to shop as package-free as I have in the past right now, but I have made the conscience effort to make sure it doesn’t go bad and that I’m only getting rid of the packaging and no wasted food. Even if every household made a more concerted effort in that way, it would make a huge difference.

  • I hate how people are not even interested to know more about this fucking real issue. People around me just think its alright to waste food, for fk sake

  • I loved your tips, and I would add something that may help quite a lot of people: learn how to store food properly and you won’t have to throw it away just because it’s not edible anymore. Especially when I have to travel for a couple of days (I try and take what I can with meit obviously isn’t possible with everything) it’s nice to come back home and still have some almost fresh food at home:)

  • The Best Before Date label is more on food quality, yes, but it still poses some risk if you consume food products after said date. While it is just fine to trust your senses for a few weeks or even some months after the date, the longer you wait, the higher the risk of potentially getting food borne diseases. Be careful when it comes to your health and safety.

  • Great video. Some more tips: Make breadpudding out of left-over bread, although you usually need quite a bit for that. Also, cook larger batches and freeze them. Or blanche veggies and freeze them so they’re always on hand to use. Have meals with left overs, or try and find other ways to use left overs, there are lots of Youtube videos with great ideas.

  • I always get mad at myself for letting my food go bad, but the problem is, even if I try to save it for later, for example freezing, I end up never eating it and then throwing away anyways… I can’t force myself to eat my leftovers when I know I can go to the shop and buy fresh produce.:( I don’t know how to change this mindset

  • Growing up my aunt used to throw her food scraps out in her yard and under her plants. It was funny to walk around her yard because you would find egg shells and banana peals and apple cores all over the place

  • I’m not Vegan, so I buy meat in bulk, and I can the meat I don’t eat, and whatever scraps like bones, fat, and such get made into a broth.

  • 40% that’s crazy! Another banana related tip. If you grow roses, use banana skins around the base of the plant. As they decompose/compost the potassium feeds the plant resulting in lots more flowers! x

  • Love this! My local grocery sells overripe bananas cheap as heck which I buy for making banana bread. Never throw out a spotty banana! I always have a supply in my freezer. Consequently I’m known for my banana bread around here. ����

  • I have been a zero-waste minimalist for over 2 years now. I feel that at this point in my journey it has started becoming hard to find new tips and tricks here on youtube. Yesterday I found your channel and I LOVE IT!! I already learned so much! Thank you for spreading the knowledge!

  • Awesome tips, thanks Shelbi! I like to freeze cut up herbs like basil, thyme, and rosemary in ice cube trays with olive oil, and then used them to fry up veg in a pan, or even bake them in the oven. This is great, since you always buy a bunch of herbs bigger than the little bit you need in a recipe. You can pickle a lot of root vegetables like beets and carrots. I also used to have a coworker that would take the food scraps home from our kitchen at work to her pigs, so this might be an option for people living in rural areas.
    This might not reduce food waste exactly, but I have been thinking of joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) because it can reduce the impact of fossil fuels, packaging/transportation used in industrial agriculture, and you get local organic food. You basically buy a share of local farms (most of them organic, small, polyculture farms that are starting out) at the beginning of the growing season, and they make veggies boxes every one or two week for people to pick up. I live in Ontario, so I’m not sure if it’s called the same thing in the states, but it’s worth checking out!

  • Omg I love the regrowing tip! My mom and I do it all the time, my mom has a ton of veggies and a successful avocado tree, I was only successful with a pineapple

  • i tend to buy individual fruit and veg so i dont need to waste anything. and i f the veg is about to go bad, you can always make a soup with the left overs.

  • Freezing veg in ice cubes to go into your smoothies is such a good idea! As for the coffee grounds, you can also sprinkle them over the soil of house plants to naturally fend off flies. I think it makes the soil a little more acidic so it can’t be used for all plants though!

  • Pureeing fruit and freezing it in the ice cube trays is such a good idea!! I have a bunch of spinach that I use for smoothies that’s about to go bad, but now it won’t ^_^

  • Love this! I have been freezing my scraps and making my own stock for a few months now. It’s great and flavorful, I actually use it in place of oil in sautees. And I thought I was the only person in the world that made spinach ice cubes! ��

    My next door neighbor has a lemon tree and I am guilty of stealing a bunch of lemons, peeling them, blending them, and making lemon ice cubes. These are great for cooking, plus it’s nice to have one ice cube melted, diluted a bit with water, and added to my apple cider vinegar/water drink in the morning. I did keep the peels to make a cleaner, and I also dehydrated some in the toaster oven. I’m looking into making my own vitamin C face serum.

  • You can make fruit leather with excess fruit! Ela Gale has a video on making fruit leathers and how you’d do with with a regular oven.

  • I found a hanging basket with soil on someone’s trash on my way to work recently. I planted some green onion roots after I cooked with the tops. They are now growing nicely on my porch. Free pot, free soil, free onions! I’m excited to try growing celery and romaine.

  • This video was really helpful I can’t wait to grow my own herbs, how do u make the vegetable stock is it just the case of adding water and blending all the veg together? Xx

  • I feed a lot of unused fruits and veggies to my dogs before they go bad. Obviously I check if they’re safe for dogs first. In the summer, I freeze them overnight so my dogs have cold treats the next day:)

  • A good thing for bread (and it may sound gross but I swear it’s not) is to dip old bread in hot chocolate (or coffee if that’s your thing)it’s a French thing but I know other countries have dipping cake specifically for this so maybe they do the same thing with bread. You can do it with pastries as well. It’s honestly the best:) I always leave ends on the bread board and then dip them in hot chocolate the next day. Also, just remember the majority of food waste happens before it gets to your house so try to go to the farmers market and see if you can get a deal on old veg, they’re also more likely the sell the ‘ugly’ veg that supermarkets don’t. and, of course, go vegan because a lot of food waste is feeding it to animals that we then eat, so a lot of lost calories on the journey.

  • I love your videos you have totally inspired me to try and reduce my waste. We have a big family and i always feel so bad baout how much stuff we waste.

  • I’m 17 and am trying to get my parents into zero waste. I’ve made an all purpose cleaner which I use in my bedroom and my parents asked what it was so I told them and now they are starting to use it around the house. We also have a coffee compost bucket and use the coffee grinds as a scrub in the shower.

  • I reduce some of my food waste with putting food in a container next to the trash can. I know it sounds wasteful, but it actually reduces my food waste because if I know something will be thrown because it will go bad before I have a chance to eat it. Poor people who go through trash always take it.
    Also, whenever I have bread that has gone hard (like the crusty end of a baguette), I cut it in small cubes and freeze it in a box, and add end of the next baguette and to the ame boy and so on. When I have pureed vegetable soups, I take that stale bread from freezer and make croutons from frozen bread.

  • Ground up eggshells and coffee grounds sprinkled around your plant help discourage slugs. You can also steep a lot of old grounds and then poor it over your soil.

  • Um, sorry, I pick out bad lettuce leaves or brown broccoli florets.  That usually means bacteria is breaking them down.  I think the key is to NOT buy them on sale (bulk)…especially being a single person.  I like the don’t peel part, but that doesn’t create as much waste as throwing away all those veggies that turned brown.  I am thinking I will just buy individual meals, from restaurants that serve good veggie options, with myself making my own meals 3 x a week.  I just have not mastered the cooking for one thing yet, and went on to youtube looking for it…no luck yet.

  • I’m 15 so I live with my parents but I want to go vegetarian so I worked out something with my mom. She said if u cook on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I can make whatever I want. I am making Vegetarian meals on these days and it is great.

  • Peeling with a spoon:o You just blew my mind! I’m going to try it next time I use ginger in my food. Thankyou for sharing your tips:) Knowledge is power!

  • I just ordered a compost bin yesterday! I realised just how much of the waste in my bin is purely food waste (from ends of foods and peels etc) and I could be doing so much more. Super excited to start!

  • hahahahaha Madison sounds so mad about the couscous. I’ve found that my crispers in my fridge work insanely well. I can keep carrots and apples for months! I totally started doing your veggie stock tip last month, and I AM. IN. LOVE. Actually eating some vegan chicken soup that I used my homemade stock in. It’s divine. I’ve been able to regrow scallions putting them in water in my window. It’s pretty awesome! Ugh. This video is great! I love all of these tips! I also use any super overripe bananas for banana bread or I’ll freeze them to make nice cream down the road.

  • Do you use the skin of the ginger that you’ve peeled with the spoon in any particular way? Or is this just essentially compost at this point? Thx!:)

  • You can freeze almost everything. Fruit, vegetables, bread, cake, soup. We have a huge freezer and honestly I think I could barely live without one.

  • I’ve tried to make stock from scraps twice, and both times it ended up inedibly bitter. After the first time, i read that broccoli, brussels sprouts and cauliflower can make stock bitter, so i didn’t use any the 2nd time, but it was still no good. Anyone have any useful tips?

  • A good tip I found was to save fruit scraps (incl citrus peels) and make some iced tea. Just set a bag in the refridgerator for them and once you have enough, cover them with boiling water, wait till it’s cold and add what you’d normally add to your iced tea ice cubes, spices, etc. I have not tried this before, but I might at some point, cause it sounds very yummy:9

  • How do you keep bugs from getting to your plants? I had spinach, cilantro, squash and carrots and bugs kept getting to them and they are now dying. I do keep mine outside. Any tips or ideas how to keep them strong an beautiful?

  • When I have fruit that is about to go bad I cut it up and put it into my freezer for smoothies. Also when onions are about to go bad I chop them up and put them into the freezer and add them to recipes that call for chopped onion.

  • How about Time Waste? Do you know how much time we waste daily? Hom much energy it takes to waste a day? All those TED videos alone that i`ve watched. If only i`d go help somebody oa that time, or start a company, or… endless possibilities.

  • Here in Scotland everyone has a compost bin from the council and the government provides biodegradable bags to use in the compost bins all free of charge!

  • Bea Johnson recently mentioned on her Instagram how to make cheese out of milk that went bad sooooo that’s also a thing:)…and I can’t think of anything I do myself that hasn’t already been said… except that I’d recommend letting the avacado seed to dry before planting it because I let my dog play with one for a week and a little green root or whatever came out of it. I didn’t try planting it tho because it was winter so I can’t say it it works for sure but it did look promising. I also freeze fresh bread(from the bakery) once I ate a few slices so that I keep it’s freshness and that i also don’t need to worry about it going bad (slice it before you freeze it so you only take the slices out you need). But some times I do this with bread that I bought for a discount because it’s about to expire. The freezer is my best friend when it comes to food waste, and like the fridge it’s always good not to over fill it so you know what you have and you can use it up.

  • Check if there are CSA (community supported agriculture) programs in your area. I get a box from imperfect produce, which distributes “undesirable” produce that’s misshapen, discolored, an abnormal size, or surplus. This is a way to keep that food from waste and get produce without visiting a store. Most of it is also local and seasonal.

  • Hey Shelby!! First of all, I love this video! One thing I personally have done to reduce my own food waste is learning how to pickle and ferment veggies that I buy too much of or can’t eat in time. I have pickled radish and jalapeños in my fridge and am currently fermenting cabbage in my pantry. It gives my veggies a longer shelf life. Fermented foods are also great for your gut health!

  • In South Wales, the Counties provide Food Waste bins and they collect usually every two weeks and turn that into things like power. They do encourage the residents to cut “Love Food and Hate Waste” yet as we all know food waste happens in general due to for example fruit and vegetables having skins.

  • I just really love your content. Living in city is a little bit complicated as you know and these tips are the most accurate ones.

  • I love the ginger tip! I freeze all my scraps to make stock. I use my citrus peel to make a vinegar cleaner. Fresh scraps either go to our rabbit or worms and any cooked food scraps go to our chickens. Fantastic video!

  • More recommended for you videos ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������I almost didn’t see this, Jimmy Kimmel videos take over sometimes. My husband and I give our veggies and fruit scraps to the desert animals. I have tried in the past to compost in the desert but have failed, yes I’ve watered the compost. We regrow green onions. We also, reduce food waste, we buy ugly fruit. We have a local grocery store called Morongo Fruit Market, they have a discount section and we buy from there weekly. ��������������������������������������������������we also buy discount fruit and veggies from Clark’s. We take our grey water from our trailer and attached a hose to water our tree in our yard. ������

  • Do you know any other methods to reduce food waste and save money? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends! ��

  • Another suggestion to save money while food shoppingbefore you go, take pictures of your refrigerator and pantry, so that you don’t buy something that you don’t need, because you already have it.

  • Thank you for this video! I really enjoyed it and this makes me so happy that I have been doing it right. The tips that you suggested are the ones I live by.

  • Shelbi, I think you would enjoy the film DIVE!, it is about 1.5 hours and on this topic, following a man who is mainly Freegan, and who tries reaching out to various companies and get them to donate food when it is getting old rather than throwing the food away once past the Sell By date, even if it is still good. He even talks about meats and dairy, and does the math factoring in costs to raise the animals and their foods.

  • Definitely going to be using these tips! Food waste makes me so sad! You save so much money too when your food doesn’t go to waste! ��

  • I give the hard parts of greens and wilted berries to my house bunny. Anything she can’t eat goes into the compost or the freezer for stocks. Bunny poop is excellent compost itself! �� ��
    Also I batch cook dried beans in the slow cooker, then freeze half of it for later in the week.
    Thanks for another great video!

  • I like your ideas but one thing is that it’s not a good idea to put citrus peels in a garbage disposal, they done break down all the way and it could break it.

  • If u have omnivorous pets feed your scraps to them. I used to work at a bakery and we threw out alot of stuff, but one of my coworkers brought home alot of it to feed her chickens

  • I never throw my ginger or onion skin…i make tea of those peels..i use it for drinking and also apply some on my face… it helped cure my acne…

  • Whenever I buy fruits and veggies and they’re about to go bad, or I cant use all of it before it goes bad, I’ll chop them up and pop it in the freezer to use little bits at a time later. I do this a lot with big bunches of carrots and things like strawberries and berries that go bad so quickly.

  • I didn’t realise people threw away the green bits of spring onions! Love the stock idea for scraps. Having given up marmite (gives me spots and it’s processed junk) as a flavouring for noodles (yes, really) I’ve been looking for new flavours. Thanks for the tip! ��

  • When I have veggies that are about to go bad, I just cut them up and freeze them. Then I just throw the frozen veggies in a pan to cook with when the time comes. Just like buying bagged frozen veggies. Freeze, freeze, freeze!! I also took your tip for the citrus cleaners awhile back and am loving it! So great to mop with, especially with a 4 yr old. No harsh chemicals either <3

  • I always get excited when I find something else to get rid of. Thanks for the tip about vegetable peels, the peeler is now in the giveaway box:)

  • Here in India we are lucky enough to have a farmer’s market on every lane and especially in Bengal, there is literally no need for a fridge bcuz it is almost a tradition to go shopping for vegetables����,etc; every morning at 6-8 a.m. which is really great for conserving electricity! Plus almost all containers, even for local coffee are made of clay!��

  • do you have any tips for composting when your home (city life) doesn’t support that kind of waste? my flat building doesn’t even have a recycling option

  • Also don’t throw away the tomato peels when making tomato sauce. You can spread them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven on low heat to dry out. You can use those to spice up your dishes:)

  • Thank you for sharing this really informative video!!! I have always thrown the scraps away. Now I know I can use them for soup! I will be watching this video over and over again because I can’t remember everything you said all at once! Great �� video! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️����������������������������������������

  • Great video! I agree with all of your tips.
    My tip is to go shopping with a shopping list and only once a week. This way you have to think about what you want to eat that week and won’t buy things that will be left untouched. Also, by shopping from your list you will be less tempted to buy other items.

  • OMG thank you for sharing the spinach tip! That is my largest waste a month, I want to be healthy but it is difficult for me to eat a whole bag of spinach before it goes bad in like the two days it does for some reason.

  • Thanks for a great vid! Feels like a kick in the pants; using scraps to make broth has been on my list of practices to try for some time, and you’ve inspired me to finally give it a go. It’s extra zero waste because then I won’t have to buy the stock in a package. Wondering what you think about connecting this lifestyle to systemic change? I just posted my first vlog on the topic here: https://youtu.be/a638jxeRARA

  • Great tips! I need to start making vegetable stock before I compost my scraps.

    I soak my citrus peels in vinegar to make a yummy smelling cleaner!

  • Just wanted to say late last year I watched your video on diamond mining and it inspired me to write my 10 page essay and 20 minute presentation for college prep which I did extremely well on. AAAND ya girl wrote an essay including that topic and received a $20,000 scholarship!! So thank you for all the inspiration I love watching your videos and vlogs:’)

  • The only thing I can say about compostable bags is be super careful with what they’re made of, our local area supplies compostable bags for food waste but they’re toxic to dogs and god knows what wildlife. My friends dog almost died after stealing one out of her bin thing cause duh it smells like food scraps.

  • My dad is currently growing like three avocado plants and a mango plant. The mango has been going for like around two years now and the avocados are doing pretty well too!

  • 2:55 how about a leftovers soup recipe and a leftovers casserole recipe for those of us who aren’t good cooks
    Or a food waste recipes you tube channel giving people ideas

  • Is it possible to use some of the animation for own video, how is that possible doing it right and fair? We are making a app to prevent food waste, and need good animation for the pitch. Hope you can help, best regards, cph