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Here are the top 10 things you need to know about dyes, as reported by Sheila Mulrooney Eldred in “The Truth About Artificial Food Colorings” (Experience Life, June 2014): 1. In the United States, the FDA has approved nine artificial food colors, mostly derived from petroleum. 2. Artificial food dyes are ubiquitous in today’s food system. Yellows No.

5 and 6 lend Kraft mac-and-cheese its golden hue, while Red No. 40 tints McDonald’s strawberry sundaes. A variety of sodas, crackers, candy, cereal, ice cream, and other processed foods sold in the U.S. also contain artificial colors. At best, the dyes are aesthetic. Food dyes are chemical substances that were developed to enhance the appearance of food by giving it artificial color.

People have added colorings to food for centuries, but the first artificial. These are chemical dyes. Unlike additives to fortify food or help preserve it, food dyes offer no nutritional benefit, or any other benefit for that matter. Food dyes. Food colorings are essentially any type of dye or pigment that offers color to any food or drink.

They come in the forms of liquids, powders, gels, and pastes and produced by a vast assortment of ingredients, including petroleum, seeds, and even dried bugs. Well, as it turns out, all those bright and fun colors are dangerous chemicals known as food dyes. Food dyes or additives, originally derived from coal tar, are complex chemicals now developed from petroleum. Research shows these dyes are not pure chemicals but rather contain a mixture of organic and inorganic compounds. Food Dye Exposed: 3 Things You Need to Know.

Wellness. Our lives are filled with celebrations – birthdays, holidays, and social gatherings – that call for festive food. However, present among the cheerful sprinkles or bright decorative icing lurks an overlooked and underestimated danger: artificial food dye. There’s even evidence to suggest that some dyes – Blue 1, Blue 2, Green 3, and Red 40 can cause cancer in animals. Major food dyes to look out for include Red 40, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6, which are the three most commonly used and known to be carcinogenic (contributing to the causes of cancer).

Man-made food dyes appear in ingredient lists as a name of a color with a number following it: Blue 1 and 2, Citrus Red 2, Green 3, Red 40, Yellow 5 and 6. Avoid these. 3. Seek out au naturel names. Check product ingredient lists for beet, carotenes, annatto or capsanthin (a paprika extract)—all are natural colorants.

In fact, if you look at food, drugs and cosmetics in total there are 91 different dyes that were once approved and are now no longer authorized or restricted for use. In the UK artificial dyes are allowed for use, but require a warning label stating, “May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.”.

List of related literature:

Dyes and various colors are added to foods for the following reasons: (a) to ensure uniform color; (b) to replace colors changed by preservatives, various processes, heat, light, and cold; and (c) to augment color of pale foods.

“Fisher's Contact Dermatitis” by Robert L. Rietschel, Joseph F. Fowler, Alexander A. Fisher
from Fisher’s Contact Dermatitis
by Robert L. Rietschel, Joseph F. Fowler, Alexander A. Fisher
BC Decker, 2008

Most dyes need not be specified on food labels, and instead they can be grouped under the heading “artificial coloring.”

“The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health” by Robert A. Ronzio
from The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health
by Robert A. Ronzio
Facts On File, 2003

You do not add dyes to food you make at home (at least I hope you don’t), and you should not eat them in foods you buy.

“Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health” by Andrew Weil
from Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health
by Andrew Weil
Houghton Mifflin, 2004

Analysis of food dyes

“Handbook of Food Analysis: Residues and other food component analysis” by Leo M. L. Nollet
from Handbook of Food Analysis: Residues and other food component analysis
by Leo M. L. Nollet
Taylor & Francis, 2004

The second group of natural dyes includes those that are food-related and can be bought in most grocery stores.

“Hawaii Dye Plants and Dye Recipes” by Val Krohn-Ching
from Hawaii Dye Plants and Dye Recipes
by Val Krohn-Ching
University Press of Hawaii, 1980

Many of the same dyes were used to color cloth and only the acute toxicity of these coloring agents was tested before they were used in foods.

“Introduction to Food Toxicology” by Takayuki Shibamoto, Leonard F. Bjeldanes
from Introduction to Food Toxicology
by Takayuki Shibamoto, Leonard F. Bjeldanes
Elsevier Science, 2009

An important example of a synthetic food colorant is the monazo dye Tartrazine, C. I.

“Colour Chemistry” by R. M. Christie, Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain), Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain).
from Colour Chemistry
by R. M. Christie, Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain), Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain).
Royal Society of Chemistry, 2001

Most of these are not really dyes at all, but are non-ionic organic colouring matters.

“Histology” by P.R. Yadav
from Histology
by P.R. Yadav
Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Limited, 2003

Most color names listed with the dye recipes are descriptive and should be self-explanatory, e.g., light greenish yellow, dark brown, etc.

“Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing” by Rita J. Adrosko
from Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing
by Rita J. Adrosko
Dover Publications, 2012

Certified food colorants can be divided into dyes and lakes.

“Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set” by Y. H. Hui, Frank Sherkat
from Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set
by Y. H. Hui, Frank Sherkat
CRC Press, 2005

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  • As someone who has lived for a year in the usa… I can say American food tastes… if not better, ADDICTIVE. there are some things I used to buy at Castco I am still dreaming about eating again. But no thanks. I’ll keep my boring, healthy, mediterrean diet with prosuce my father grows.

  • So get rid of red #40 because your kid is dysfunctional and rotten. Maybe it’s you and your parenting. So ban it for the rest of us. Lol

  • Everything you said hit so hard because I have an eight-year-old who is going through the exact same thing and this is the exact reason why I have been researching the Internet all morning God bless you ����

  • Farmed salmon is NOT banned in Australia! Buy some online from our biggest supermarkets now. Farmed in norway, australia or new zealand and marketed as “responsible” (its sooo toxic). Why lie in your video and destroy your credibility? Please people, fact check everything, especially if the word “truth” is in a title…

  • I can’t eat red dye or else I’ll bounce off the walls. I can eat anything else with food coloring but for some reason red dye made me extremely hyper when I was a child. My mom use to make red koolaid with out sugar all the time and I still got hyper. I also couldn’t eat fruit roll ups that where red and other foods that contained red dye. The doctors suggest for me not to eat it. Now that I’m grown it doesn’t effect me as much.

  • False, false and false again. If you quote that certain countries don’t allow certain foods research it first because you are wrong about some countries / products. Anyone knows that natural is always best but let’s face it the reality is that we continue to create the demand for food with artificial and unhealthy ingredients.

  • Great information. Too bad this presenter is not eating a healthy diet. She should cut out the empty calories in her diet so she won’t end up with a typical American early hospital stay.

  • Olestra was a wonderful fat substitute that was wrongly discontinued due to unfounded boogey-man hysteria. Besides being a great substitute for fats in treat foods, Olestra is the only known positive treatment for chloracne. Yes, olestra did solute fat soluble vitamins and flush them out with the olestra but taking a vitamin supplement or eating your good fats at different servings than the olestra was an easy solution for that. And yes, since the fat in olestra was not absorbed by the body it did go out the poop shoot causing loose stools and sometimes some mild cramping. Who cares!, Olestra was the only substance of its kind and now that it is no longer available it is a damn shame. Olestra was largely used in potato chips so its not like it was incorporated into a major food group, As a treat food fat Olestra was wonderful discovery and then the hysteria assholes went and dissed it.

  • You do realize that bugs are used in almost everything and beaver anal glands aren’t that big of a deal right? The other stuff can be bad, sure, but bugs aren’t that big of a concern.

  • First ice cream sien it was broken and the next way and it was still broken answer the lot of still broken and then his soul a man when I scream and they broken and break the ice cream the ice cream what destroyed

  • I’m going to subscribe your channel! But would you mind making a video about “is it heathy to eat ice?” I’m talking about the very popular ice eating, I want to know whether eating ice for a long time makes us have any sickness. THANKS!

  • Warning do not beleive in this, because Richest never go and search out truth fact, the only one that his truth his about the intestin for the casing in Hot dog, a long time ago, but since it was very risky to get sick from hit, they change it to addable cylacone casing, not the same Cylacone that his used in brest inplant, if someone start a romor about hotdog casing his made with the same cylacone as bress inplant, do not beleive theme at all. Not all vanilla flavor comes from Bevors, and beside that his not more discus ting then drinking milk since Milk comes from the Cow, and that his also close to the Cows Anus, second the reason why they sometimes have to used vanilla from Bevor gland their his not enough vanilla bean in the entire world to make that kind of flavor, it does not matter where the vanilla flavor comes from, unless your vegan, because it his all the same chemical, even if it his artificially mix in a lab. You are made of chemical yourself, because they are no 100% way to avoid chemical, H20 that his just water, that his a chemical that comes from nature, Amino Acid his a chemical that comes from nature as well does are protein. Cirtic Acid his a natural chemical found in Citrus fruit. If you want to avoid anything with chemical you would have to avoid eating everything, and also avoid drinking water, which you will die from dehydration in this case, depending on how hot it gets in your area the faster you will dye from dehydration the hotter hit his in your area.

  • Don’t I know it my son 15 years old no longer can have dyes it has affect his mood on top puberty and his intellectual disability/austim and a add in him wow did he change and people who don’t understand blame the parents. I can tell you yellow 5 is just as bad as red 40 ouch bad idea with any dyes. Thank goodness people have made foods without dyes but we were unprepared and our family in trouble from dyes, trauma and aggression it’s not something you can stop literally the rage is so scary you wonder what you can do I want doctors to test this out and have name for it and something that can flush that toxin out in a few hours. My sons can go for three days because he has severe axceity on top everything and I still remember him pleading with his dad because he couldn’t stop himself. At the time I had no idea yellow 5 and 6 were affecting my son until he ate luck charms he has before but the year he turned 15 it changed he became so aggressive he attacked me believe me safety for our family is of high importance but know one had given me answers until his therapist told me but not about them I researched them and was blown away I was not alone and where was warning for parents who children with disabilities. Medication has dyes in it as well, I tell my son if it doesn’t tell you don’t eat it literally even Carmel has hidden dyes watch out.

  • The moral of this story is that there is NO WAY TO AVOID this poison, like she suggested. We have to take our country back and stop them from culling us, on purpose. You all just need to wake the hell up and get mad.

  • Sand how most of you dopes dont know that GMO is a bio-weapon to decrease population, made by a bio-weapon company. The public refused to buy the lie that its better and would not voluntarily buy it so they lied and hid it in ALL your food.
    Read the back of your food box…. Canola oil, Sunflower oil, modified corn starch, high fructose, “Sugar”(GMO sugar beets), ‘vegetable’ oil, Natural flavors and so many more are ALL GMO. plus all the MSG and dyes. All carcinogenic.! No Escape!

  • Never buy or eat farm raised seafood of any kind.   There are no controls as to what is fed the seafood.   Corn should only be consumed as corn tortillas.  Otherwise your body will not absorb any of the nutrients.  Corn tortillas contain lime which breaks down the nutrients in the corn kernel allowing your body to utilize the nutrients.  When corn was first sent around the world to be raised, people consumed only corn and got sick with peligria   For many years it was thought that some virus infected the corn.  Mexicans never got sick and yet everyone else did.  Finally it was learned why the Mexicans did not get sick.   They ate corn as tortillas which contained lime which broke down the nutrients.  Never eat corn fed beef for the same reason.  Corn is not a natural feed for cattle and they must be force fed.   The beef will have very little nutrients.  Fat and crap yes.

  • All you vegans can go fuck yourselves! I’ll eat your fucking face off if I get hungry and I don’t care about your suffering! LMFAO!

  • This video is full of so much misinformation. I have a BS in biology. There is nothing inherently dangerous about GMO’s nor are GMO’s banned overall anywhere that I am aware of. Particular types of GMO crops are banned in some countries. Most of these are the herbicide resistant varieties. Meaning crops can be sprayed with herbicides instead of weeding them. These herbicides can accumulate in these plants at levels that would normally kill most plants. While these herbicides are targeted towards plants they can still likely have some negative effects in humans; I’m particularly concerned with the effects this could have in pregnant women. Now, that being said, mutation happen constantly in nature and we are only selecting the mutations or genes that have the trait or traits we desire. Clearly, being resistant to poison, exposed to high levels of a poison, and then being sold as a staple food supply is problematic. We also see the other side of this double edged sword in that selecting genes that lead to tripling of a tomatoes volume, or allowing wheat to be grow with half as much water, these are the kinds of things that may help us end world hunger. Don’t write off GMO’s overall because some of the stupid things people have done with them in the name of profit. Also organic arsenic is probably a terrible name. Covalent arsenic and ionic arsenic compounds are really the two categories they’re talking about. Heavy metal ions are toxic because they clog up ion channels meant for potassium, calcium, and sodium ions in the body, bearing the same charge that attracts them to the channel but being too large to pass through it. When they bare no charge and are covalently bonded to other atoms they are not nearly as toxic. This is also why thimerosal found in vaccines is actually not very toxic despite containing a mercury atom in is structure.

  • Clears throat

    The Thing is… It’s food, we can eat a lot of stuff from the nature as humans, snouts, bugs, bone marrow etc. Sure, not a lot of us see these on the table in our homes right infront of us but its definetly had a spot on there at times for both poor and rich people. And if we kill an aninal to eat it, why not use the whole animal so more people can get a use of it.

    and be honest, u still eating that candy, dont you?

  • I hate the blue M&Ms. It might just be in my mind but they taste bitter compared to the other colours. I really don’t like overly unnaturally coloured food.

  • Me: eating cheeto puffs
    Video: *cheetos are made of that stuff that makes ur car go vroom vroom
    lol am watching this for the second time last time i watched it was 2 yearz ago

  • Hey Sarah, great meeting you today. Your channel is awesome. Very useful to me personally. I can definitely learn a lot from you. You know I will be watching. I’ll be in touch. Eric

  • Much of this is bogus and just used for convenience. Countries like Australia and NZ ban imports of beef and dairy to protect their own industry. Nothing to do with the products actually being dangerous. Russia bans American products in retaliation for the sanctions imposed by the US. The EU just ignores science entirely when making their decisions, public opinion drives their regulations.

  • Europe AND Norway? Wow, did not know Norway was a continent on its own. But I can see that issue as people from the US usually refer to their country as “America” instead of the “United States”.

  • The tobacco one was probably an accidental creation because the ingredients sounds like someone was trying to make some kind of poison to kill some one

  • Nice video content! Sorry for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you researched Millawdon Enemy Foods Trick (probably on Google)? It is a great one off product for learning how to detox the body from toxins without the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my friend Sam finally got great success with it.

  • We have Kinder eggs in the US. just go to walmart, they have a HUGE mid-isle box thing. but i’ve heard their different than normal ones. we also have Wonder Balls, which contain stickers and choking hazard candies.

  • What are the statistics that the FDA are ignoring with poultry that they don’t ignore in other foods? Is the FDA a hypocrisy, because they have a history of critical breakthroughs and no one here says we don’t need the FDA, but they’ve been inadequate and incompetent since the ‘80s. Furthermore, does the CDC and FDA contradict each other because CDC reports the cancer from the arsenic the FDA says is not a problem? This agency is designed to protect nearly 400 million people of the world? Answer don’t ask the FDA, ask a doctor or better consult New England Journal of Medicine and be your own “FDA”! But, wait before you’ve asked anything, your children have been eating that chicken regularly for 5 years! Incompetence is The same USA that produces the FDA produces University scientists and medical professionals they’re not actually listening to, but we all know they’ve all the facts.

  • Thank you for going the distance here, both for your son and others that suffer from reactions to dye. We are so far away from real and whole food in this country. Every birthday party my kids ever went to they had pizza, soda and cake. I would feel sick to my stomach. I am glad your son is doing well now loved seeing him at the end.

  • So basically our bodies have super powers for eating and digesting pretty much any chemical? So much for quitting smoking or dieting cuz we’re going to get the same chemicals somewhere or another

  • The FDA is owned by Satanist who obviously want ���� under mind control and slowly kill us while taking our �� for the medical care needed after eating poison. ��

  • RBGH Should be Banned. My good friend drank 2 Gallons of Milk a week for many years developed Thyroid Cancer then still drank his Milk and died a very painful death. I don’t drink MILK!

  • I gave up about halfway, I am not hearing any actual science about these colors.
    It wouldnt suprise me if some have negative effects, but maybe not, learning about the molecules and specific affects in the body would be more useful.
    And they arent all petroleum products, some are natural extracts but natural doesnt always mean safe and lab made doesnt always mean dangerous

  • My kids don’t seem to react with behavior issues to dye, but they do react in other ways. We removed dyes and eczema is completely gone in 3 kids. They get some dye again, and back comes the scratching. A Yellow 5 &/or 6 binge also caused an asthma attack in a child that previously had never had an asthma attack. Since removing dyes eczema is gone, runny noses that we thought were ‘seasonal allergies’ gone, and more. Thanks for sharing.

  • In all sincerity, would anyone be able to send me some scholarly, peer-reviewed sources for her claims? I am truly interested in looking into the claims she made and the studies she mentioned.

  • Such a great video!! My son has the same issues… I removed all food with dyes today and I want to see if it helps. Thank you so much for this. When her little boy came out at the end I lost my sh*t and bawled my eyes out. What a good, smart, amazing caring person.

  • It’s Soo hard finding naturally foods for my children in the U.S, my middle son (now 7) has been diagnosed with an sensory processing disorder,and is also on the spectrum. I Really want to cut out naturally dyed food we don’t eat healthy at all as a single mother after work we just grab frequently grabb fast food because it’s easier and less work. ��

  • 1 million kids…. We totally get it… But the behaviors do not all go away on there own. Once learned you may need to do behavioral therapy. But that said… you will still see a huge difference.

  • it’s videos narrated with that personality tone from the writer that remind you, there’s actually people out there who promote waste of animal livestock lmao. if you can eat it, and you’re not allergic to it, and it’s prepared correctly, why Not eat it? otherwise they’ll have to breed and slaughter more livestock Just to keep people fed. And if you don’t like processed food, lookup local butcher shops and start a garden and get some chickens. if you’re not able to, move to where you can or just get used to the convenience of buying packaged and be aware of what your eating. key is balance.

  • https://www.ecowatch.com/fda-cancer-food-additives-2630633950.html
    well the FDA will ban cancer causing products in food from this year (2020). so they probably have learned their lessons lol. still tons of food in america is pure garbage

  • I read an article on the paper about life expectancy reaching 150 quite soon. but for what? To consume shit food and poisonous air?If scientists want a good impact, they really should do something about the food industry, not just medicine. bad food, get bad health, cure, bad food, get bad health, cure…what’s the point in this cycle? Yeah, money?

  • McDonald’s manager (roi): I’m genuinely pleased that our food succeeded your expectations kind lady

    The kind lady(roi again): ay ang galing who made this!!?

  • I have found out children can grow out it but like my own teen he started at 15 and his feelings are strong when on dyes. He cants have cheese anymore tell your kids there not alone it’s not easy for them. The easy way to change is change a lot with your child I’m finding if you eat healthy with him things will be better

  • Why not ask people with adhd what they need?

    Also adhd isn’t just meltdowns and hyperactivity. There is adhd that’s primarily inattentive and physically calm, zoned out. There’s also executive dysfunction, sensory processing issues, rejection sensitive disphoria, etc. There’s people you can talk to for evaluation.

    Checking for sensitivities or allergies is fine, but don’t think it’s a cure-all for some things.

  • I’m sure there’s facts to this and dyes aren’t good for us but it sounds like this kid has issues other than just dyes. It’s normal for kids to act like kids and it seems kind of weird to feed them whatever food makes them behave in a way that best suites yourself. Not trying to be rude but based on this mother’s body type it seems as if this mother prefers her kids to require herself the least amount of physical activity as possible. I feel like people with degrees in psychology like to think they know what’s going through my head better than myself, almost like they are the psychic or tarot card reader of the Dr. Community. What if the kid was just having a bad day and just happened to eat some yellow stuff? I think this experiment would be more valid if the kid was unaware of the removal of dyes. It’s almost as if accidentally eating some dye gives him an excuse to act out.

  • You really got to the root cause of the problem. I stumbled into this video and I’m lucky to have seen this. Everyone needs to see this

  • This is extremely underated information. It should have WAY MORE views. Ive thumbed up it 3 times already and the Thumb Up still isnt sticking, if that tells you anything.

  • Thank you for this! I struggle with our nine year old so often. I had removed red but now I realize we need to go completely dye free.

  • Appreciate video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Millawdon Enemy Foods Trick (do a search on google)? It is a good exclusive guide for learning how to detox the body from toxins without the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend Sam finally got great results with it.

  • I addore roi how he is pretending his anti or mom it is like my anti too how my anti used taglish the diction is just same to you roi xD

  • I want to buy in but I would have liked if she touched on the scientific proof. What are the chemical interactions with biology. It feels a little like a conspiracy theory. Would someone point me to research or give me some insight to the neurochemical interaction that I can’t seem to grasp?

  • My sister sent this to me two weeks ago.

    Thank you, I have a daughter and I only knew about Red dye. We have now removed all dyes and she is a “new” child. She is still the spunky, crazy, spontaneous child everyone loves. However, I am no longer saying “for the love of God, stop” she is listing, focused and no longer being mean. I can not thank you enough.

  • I am vegetarian
    Meh:sees what’s in milkshake while drinking a milkshake



  • Me:eating ice cream

    Me:read title

    Title:10 things, you’ll not buy once u know it

    Me:sees picture

    Me:oh nawh man me luv ice creammm>:(

    Srry about title������

  • Our daughter was the same way. In 2nd grade the defiance and manic behaviors were sometimes out of control, sometimes nonexistent. I experimented differently though. I got rid of all foods with dyes in the house, quietly one night. All I told my kids’ teachers was that they could only eat food from home, if treats were going to be given out, let me know and I’ll provide another option for my kids. The difference in both my 8th grade son and my 2nd grade daughter was nothing short of miraculous! She could get though a day without a major meltdown! She was her bubbly happy self again! My son’s math teacher said that he had aways been that kid that didn’t raise his hand with the answer, if she called on him anyway, he didn’t even know the question. After only a wee dyes free, he was raising his hand with the correct answer! Neither knew until I told them about the experiment. Now, she is a bubbly, happy 13 year old who reads labels and knows when she’s eaten something wrong, but that’s rare. My son is almost 19 and decided a few years ago that food dyes don’t affect him. Yet he went to the doctor himself about a year ago and told the doctor that he has ADHD. At the doctor was more than willing to put him on Methylphenidate. He struggles with concentration and initiative but denies any correlation to food dyes.

  • Look it up. Here are some common foods with food coloring:
    Salad dressing
    Canned fruits
    Peanut butter
    Pepperoni jerky hotdogs sausage bologna
    Ice cream
    Apple sauce gravy
    Sodas and juices
    The list goes on and on…..

  • Shot in the dark but perhaps when you removed all those foods with dyes aka food with high sugar/caffeine and trans fats kinda had those withdrawals. It’s fact that sugar and soda with caffeine behave like drugs. Weight gain is also common with a whole food diet especially if it’s high in starch. Also maybe your child developed a placebo affect with the dyes????

  • Personal experiences always cause people to stop being objective. We need to blame something, or someone. We can’t accept that we may never know why we should be so burdened. And yes, she is highly educated, but it appears like she’s checking her credentials at the door and taking on the role of “mom doing her research on the internet”. Her story is sad, but so is the way she’s come to her conclusions.

  • These videos just kind of assume you’re american. 5:39 why can’t they just say “The food Americans consume on a regular basis.” Instead of “the food YOU consume” Like oh yeah hi America, you’re not the only country here! There’s another 7 billion people!

  • Real sausages should be packed in animal intestines, not in plastic.
    I also don’t have a problem with the red color from bugs (which are plant suckers). Nothing gross about that.
    And the gelatine made from animal skin and bones don’t bother me either. Better than throw away half of the animal.

  • Way too many factors unaddressed with child’s diet following+before dye removal.
    I am definitely against questionable dye usage by companies and overindulgence/ indulgence overall by the people,but this should be a paper and not a speech.
    Good intro to the topic though I suppose.

  • Pork is banned in many countries. It is made entirely out of chemicals, 100% of it. It’s also bad for your soul or something cuz religion. As crazy as this sounds it’s a lot less stupid than this video.

  • I’m extremely allergic to blue dyes! It started off only food dyes but now I can’t even use some eye makeup or self tanning products since they have blue dye in them! I’ve been medicated for ADHD but I’ve been taken off them since I’ve cut out food dyes from my diet! Every chance I get I tell people to avoid ALL artificial dyes not even just in our foods but all products we put on our skin/ hair!!

  • More proof that the US/FDA cares more about profits than people. Corporations have too much power and we need to start taking that power back like other countries do. Thank you Ronald Reagan!

  • I consume alot of blue food colouring because I enjoy it and it never did me any harm. I put a teaspoon of food colouring in my glass then I add sprite, grape soda, aloe Vera juice, orange, pineapple, the blue food colouring makes it taste wonderful

  • Thank you for sharing your story and alerting us about a potential problem for our families.

    How much time between consumption of the food dye and the reaction? Minutes? Hours? Days?

  • I had a teacher that thought mom was just being difficult and used to threaten me with punishment if i didnt eat the gummies she gave me. Ive been fighting with any allergy to red 40 for nearly 30 years. I’m nearly 30, so all my life, basically.

  • Fucking sickening they’re poisoning our children all of us in America! Were doomed I tell ya…. but I’m just a crazy conspiracy theorist though rite smmfh #WakeUpPlease!

  • Turn on captions. At 0:10 “…..Americans consume plenty of products you’d never be able to get in the *U.S.*….”
    Welcome to Costco, I love you. It’s got electrolytes….it’s what plants crave.

  • I experienced this the last two days. I babysat an eight year old boy that is normally active but not hyper. He likes to read and discuss various topics, he’s very curious. The last two days he consumed large amounts of yellow Powerade. He was extremely hyper, couldn’t keep his hands off his brother and destroyed the entire house both nights via temper tantrums. This is not like him so I researched every ingredient in the Powerade and found Yellow 5 to be problematic. He’s off that dye to see if he goes back to his normal self. He has had tantrums before but never noticed what he had consumed.

  • Children aren’t the only ones sensitive to food dyes…I feel much better mentally and physically when I leave them out of my diet

  • Even if they don’t exhibit behavioral changes I would worry about putting something artificial that could cause cancer or other diseases

  • Dr. Bevans, thanks for sharing your story and the education. I am glad you found the cause and made the changes. There certainly is something in the environment and our food hurting many people. Education is awareness. Thanks again.

  • The kid wasn’t suicidal. Plenty of kids tell their parents they want to die, kill themselves, starve themselves, run away, etc, when they don’t get their way. They’re especially likely to repeat that tool if they find that their parents actually believe them. My siblings did exactly the same thing when they were young, almost exactly as she described, even tearing at their clothes/skin. It’s called a temper tantrum. My mom didn’t withhold dyes from their diet, but the mood swings proved to be a phase that they grew out of soon enough (Each lasted a few months to a year or so).
    Fatigue, calcium cravings…that sounds exactly like Vitamin D deficiency. That’s been linked to anxiety and depression, as well. Concentration problems are a HUGE part of that problem, too. Was he ever tested? I experienced the worst mood swings of my life when I became deficient. Perhaps it was a coincidence that the symptoms showed themselves with the diet change? What kind of food did she switch him onto?
    I don’t find this talk particularly insightful. One person’s experience can hardly be the basis for such a claim. Obviously, there’s some evidence that food dyes are a source of aggravation for behavioral disorders. But ADHD rates are similar in parts of Europe where food dyes are actually illegal. I would have a hard time believing that this woman’s experience could even help the 1% she claimed.

  • I’m allergic to red dye 40 i was sick for a one year it did not affect me by hyper activity I see things, hear thing, get sick and violently Shake
    Took them very long to find this out and they still give me medicine with red dye.

  • Cheers for the Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you thought about Millawdon Enemy Foods Trick (search on google)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for learning how to detox the body from toxins without the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my close friend Aubrey at very last got excellent results with it.

  • There are a few things to consider before panicking:) These are unhealthy foods because they are not nutrient-dense and do not offer anything to your body. It is not recommended. BUT that doesn’t mean you are eating hair or the anus of a beaver. Companies always work by exact calculations regarding to the profit.
    The main thing you should understand is that no one cares about your personal health, that is up to you! Also, it’s not a tragedy if you consume some of these things occasionally. It is a serious health issue if it becomes a routine. Companies use chemicals, because it’s cost-effective and easier. The institution which is responsible for verifying food products allow them, even if it’s not the case, because they get a part of the profit or they are involved in some agreements. The whole world works this way, but this shocks us more because it’s not a car or clothes, it is something we put in our mouth! But business doesn’t care if it is food or other. Business is business. So it’s our responsibility to not support these companies and put our health first. Even in lack of time. Even if healthy is more expensive. Our life and health is the most precious and irreplaceable thing! Don’t blame business. That is cruel as always. It’s YOUR job to take care of yourself ❤️ don’t buy these. Make a change.:)

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    The person that wrote this script thinking it doesn’t sound cringey at all:

  • We indians are saved then…as we neither eat hot dogs….or use red food colouring…we use red chilli Powder to color our food….also we make food at home..like french fries….������

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  • Ok everyon i knows that you think that gummy bears are not made of piggs put they actually are you guys can check on Google or YouTube

  • Dear Americans please stop confusing Europe and the EU. All banned food ingredients and products banned in the EU are banned by all 27 EU states who cannot negotiate their own trade treaties. The rest of Europe excluding the EEA members like Norway and switzerland, are on their own and do not have to adopt EU standards. Europe is not one country or one bloc/trade area

  • And one problem food dies and artificial additives also have connections to autism. GMO’s also cause intestinal problems and organ damage I should know because I had to have surgery to repair a lot of the damage but yet I also lost part or whole organs. And the labs saw part of it was related to GMO’s.

    This is another reason why I try to buy Organic as much as possible.

  • This is… really bad science. You admit that there’s nothing inherently bad about food dyes, but concede that its harm is limited only to very specific people who have a particular (and rare) sensitivity to them, but… that’s true for anything. Anyone can be sensitive or allergic to just about anything, so there’s nothing unique about food dyes in that regard. But then talk about how there’s no harm in removing them, but then assert you remove any possible harm too. Wah? This video doesn’t really address the question posed in the title, which is “Are food dyes bad for you” and the answer is no. But the video spends way too much time talking about rather pointless “limiting of food dyes” for mostly irrational reasons.

  • I’m sure the pharmaceutical companies are aware of the effects of these dyes. I’m also certain that these dyes showing up in the medications prescribed for disorders caused by the dyes was intentional. They are so clever. Protect your children. No one else will.

  • Hi so is it mean that food dyes are not unhealthy? (I’m not allergic to it) please reply cause I’m going to make things with food dyes later and I hope it’s not unhealthy ��❤️❤️❤️������������

  • humans are attracted to these lovely colours, however in fresh fruits, legumes, vegtables and starches. that’s what our body needs. anyhing man made is poision to the human body and dairy is a killer.

  • We have been dye free for about a year now but something you said caught my ear. Dyes in shampoo and body wash. I never thought about that. Have you seen that be a huge factor?

  • Seriously? Incredibly irresponsible to use fear-mongering to try and make a point. Just because something is not allowed in another country does not mean it is a bad thing.

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  • American food is mostly Processed and causes Obesity…

    No wonder Americans look fit in their 20’s and suddenly Buldge in their 30’s like a Tank…

  • The FDA is mainly concerned with maintaining profit levels, Nothing else! If a substance boosts profits? Who cares about health risks!

  • They put red 40 in a lot of “healthy” body fit supplements. For example it’s in my pre-workout I had just bought..but hey atleast I’m getting my anger out after I drink it lol

  • Well good thing i hate cereals i don’t like the taste so weird and i don’t drink juices

    And nuuuu
    I love chetos i don’t like Doritos but i like chetos they are my most favorite chips;-;

  • It’s not the governments fault if your to lazy to read the product label, if you want to eat garbage that’s your prerogative, just don’t blame the government for your stupidity blame yourself…

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  • I have daughters who are sensitive to dyes and other additives. For people interested on finding out if they or their child may be affected by them recommend diefooddye.com. There are personal stories and also they have links to studies that have been done. My one daughters behavior is severely affected by dyes amung other things but dyes where the biggest issue. If anyone suspects dye is causing their child to have behavior issues I strongly suggest doing your own research and following your instincts.

  • Something I’ve study on and ik know what’s in it is eh yenno McDonald’s you know the one fast food store that just has the best burgers hate to break it too you those paddy’s are 100% natural BUT not from the animal you think it’s actually from dead baby’s that go to foster homes or kids the get kidnapped. If you don’t believe then we’ll ur loss of the truth because those burgers arn’t as real and healthy as you think there are, and if you think I’m crazy then think that I’m just warning you that there human so that’s ur warning ⚠️!

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  • Solid points; I especially thought your points on what food dyes are were thought provoking, never really explicitly thought of them in that way.

    I feel like I’d rather there be a push for less risky dyes (even though the 9 approved by the FDA are generally safe), just because I think we ought to have a zero tolerance mindset whenever we can. If we can have a dye with near zero risk or zero risk, why wouldn’t we have that instead?

    More than all that, I appreciate what you’re doing with this channelit’s great that you’re giving your advice as a dietitian for everyone and making it generally available.

  • Wow, this was enlightening!

    What led me here was the thought that my recent headaches might be caused by lozenges containing red 40. I cut them out and haven’t had headaches since; so I’m thinking it was the artificial dye.

    I am going to try a dye free diet.
    Curious about my dye free baseline.

  • OMG! The nanny government hasn’t banned something. Animals are given chemicals to control disease, so we MUST seek out animals that don’t get these antibiotics. GMO’s? They are horrible…although ZERO PROOF of any actual harm ever caused by them. NONE. ZIP.. NEGATIVE EFFECT. Of course, that never deters a rabid “protectionist”.

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  • Those ingredients should be illegal in the US. People shouldn’t have to do all the work to not not slowly die. The law should do it for them.

  • What does she mean by a difference in behavior her claims are very vague? Although her argument sounds convincing it is not supported by any real scientific study.

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