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READ MORE > 10 SMART WAYS DIETITIANS REBOUND WHEN THEY OVERINDULGE. TIPS FOR SLOWING DOWN. If you want to lose weight — or just hate chronic post-nosh heartburn and indigestion — Moore offers this advice: DELETE DISTRACTIONS. Explore katesanner’s board “Health, Wellness, Exercise, and Clean Eating”, followed by 940 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Exercise, Health, Clean eating.

May 1, 2019 Explore Aubrey Rudd’s board “Nutrition” on Pinterest. See more ideas about Nutrition, Diet, Healthy. 16 Dietitians Share How They Get Back on Track After Overeating.

Here, 16 registered dietitians explain the physical, mental, and nutritional moves you can make after you eat too much, based on what actually works for them. “We all overindulge from time to time. My number one rule is to hit the refresh button and start over no guilt, no. Nutritionists share their smart strategies for getting their diets back on track after vacation.

73% of African Americans said they did not have 10 Ways Your Diet. March 2010 Issue. TD 10 — Meet 10 Dedicated Dietitians Who Are Making a Difference By Maura Keller Today’s Dietitian Vol. 12 No. 3 P. 40.

When you think of successful dietitians, which of their professional skills and attributes come to mind?1. Enjoy Fast Food Weekly, but Make Smart Choices. This is one of my own favorite tips on how to live in the real world as a dietitian and mother and still aim for healthy eating most of the time. ABC 10News San Diego is committed to helping our community rebound and recover from the financial turmoil, loss of normalcy and the new pressures created by the Coronavirus.

Certified relationship coach and co-owner of Double Trust Dating Jonathan Bennett told INSIDER that a telltale sign of being in a rebound relationship is not being able to connect with someone emotionally. “If you’re just a rebound, the person you’re dating has no intention of keeping you around long-term,” he said. 10. Air-popped Popcorn: It’s filling and a good source of fiber—and when you add your favorite toppings, it becomes a delicious way to cheat without cheating. See our 23 ways to top your popcorn for under 150 calories.

5 Rules of Cheating When indulging in a splurge, follow these guidelines to make the most of the experience: Make it last.

List of related literature:

For example, if negative food behaviour is the primary coping strategy for the patient, presenting them with a perfect wholefood diet and expecting them to walk away and be cured is both unrealistic and insensitive.

“Clinical Naturopathic Medicine” by Leah Hechtman
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For example, if negative food behaviour is the primary coping strategy of your patient, presenting them with a perfect wholefood diet and expecting them to walk away and be cured is both unrealistic and insensitive.

“Clinical Naturopathic Medicine E-Book” by Leah Hechtman
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3) Hypophosphatemia can be prevented in at-risk patients by gradually increasing feeding to attain caloric requirements over several days and avoiding overfeeding with highcarbohydrate diets.

“Manual of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine” by Douglass K. Macintire, Kenneth J. Drobatz, Steven C. Haskins, William D. Saxon
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Some of these have proven to be quite effective; however, the challenge lies in teaching the patient how to transition from full meal replacements to partial meal replacements and ultimately to real food.

“Quality in Obesity Treatment” by John M. Morton, Stacy A. Brethauer, Eric J. DeMaria, Scott Kahan, Matthew M. Hutter
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In addition, midlife women should alter their diets to improve their overall health and should reduce health risks by decreasing fats, cholesterol, and salt; increasing fiber, calcium, and fluids; and attending to total caloric intake as metabolism slows with aging.

“Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider E-Book” by Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, Maren Stewart Mayhew
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Rapoport L. Integrating cognitive behavioural therapy into dietetic practice: a challenge for dietitians.

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
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Working as a registered dietitian in the weight-loss industry, I’ve never met someone capable of following a strict meal plan long term.

“Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Reffetto
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Most of these recommendations have come and gone, leaving in the wake a high degree of skepticism about the usefulness of dietary manipulations for the management of behavior problems.

“Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training, Procedures and Protocols” by Steven R. Lindsay
from Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training, Procedures and Protocols
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It is completely unrealistic to think that you can eliminate your favorite foods long term.

“The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good” by Judith S. Beck, Deborah Beck Busis
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As a second issue: a lot of dieters seem to think that once they have lost the weight with one diet or another, they can revert to their old habits and keep the weight off.

“A Guide To Flexible Dieting” by Lyle McDonald
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  • what did you say at 4:05? you didnt know how to calculate what?
    Also was it difficult to find a job after you did your internship?

  • not sure if you’ll see this since it’s been two years since you uploaded, but do you think that with the change of education requirements moving from a bachelor’s to a master’s degree, there will be an overall increase in average pay for registered dietitians?

  • Great video! I just completed my DI and passed my RD exam, and i can TOTALLY relate to what you’re saying about being brain-drained by the end of an internship day hah! best of luck to you and your future<3

  • I know I’m not your main demographic but I appreciate your content always. This one resonated with me deeply today because you reinforced the foundation of healthy living. I’m coming off quarantine (with the unwelcome 10# ) with the hopes of getting back to the gym but am scheduling a 2x mastectomy in the next few weeks, so I likely won’t see the inside of a gym for a long time. Your educated advice is reassuring to me that there are always options to make living healthy. Thank you Kara

  • Unfortunately, some people who suffer from eating disorders are in the nutrition/dietician field not singularly because they want to help others, but because they suffer from an addiction and obsession with food. If their own disordered eating and subsequent disordered mindset is not fixed (read: they are not in recovery) before they start working with clients, it can be a detrimental and toxic practitioner-client relationship.

  • Wow. That’s horrible that you have to work without pay for a whole year. It’s a shame you can’t work during the last 2 years of school. That’s a really big financial set back because I’m sure the loans need to be paid as soon as you graduate. Thank you for your information and advice.

  • How do you remember so much? I’m am going to start my Food Management Practicum next week as a matter of fact and am quite nervous. Do you have any tips on how to proceed with my first practicum? Keep up the great work. Thank you. Oh and I’m just going for my Associates for now.

  • Thank you for this. I am school currently for a different profession but my heart is just not in it, and you convinced me. Even with the stress and possible anxiety, you made it look exactly how I want nutrition/dietetics to be. I’m so excited for this new chapter!

  • Good day, I am a registered nutritionist-dietitian here in the philippines may I ask if I can practiced my profession in Saskatchewan, Canada with a license from the Philippines? Thank you.

  • how can i become a nutritionist after studying btech mechanical engineering. and do not have a biology background in 12th standard

  • I find this very interesting. I have a friend who is a RD in Canada. I’m not sure if there are differences between the US and Canada when it comes to what you learn, but she focuses so much on calories in vs calories out, and says things like your body doesn’t know the difference between refined white sugar or corn syrup vs natural sugars like maple syrup or honey.

    So I guess I’m curious to hear how you found your path of plant based nutrition. I love your approach to nutrition and would love to incorporate more of it into my life!

  • I’m currently in high school and nutrition is something I’m really interested in. This makes me really nervous because I’m not sure if I’m capable to do it.

  • I’m am very interested in going to school for this but I’m starting out in community college. Do you believe that community college will give me as good of an education in this career path as say a state college or a nutrition institute?

  • Great video, thank you. I am 32 and have applied to go back to school. My passion is health and fitness. I want to be a RD but am so nervous about taking this HUGE step. And commitment!! Am I too old? Can you get financial aid while during your internship? I have three kids so that is a big concern as I know I won’t be able to work while doing the internship. I know this video is from last year but hope you see my comment. Thank you!!!

  • 12:38 I think your tip on experimenting with healthy options and slowly adding them into your diet before taking away ‘bad choices’ is great advice! It gives a no pressure to a diet mentality and I agree it will likely lead one to replace ‘bad’ options here and there with healthy ones since they’ll learn what healthy choices they actually like and thus can incorporate long term!

  • Ma’am I am in my final yr bsc food and nutritional sci..can I join in any medical as nutritionist after my bsc and continue my Pg in distance?

  • I just received my associates degree as a junior in high school, I’ve struggles with anorexia in the past. Because food saved my life, I’ve wanted to help food save other people as well. I just discovered your channel and i am in love! Thank you so much for your videos! They continue to help my passion for dietetics grow everyday. When I apply for university in the fall, I will not forget about you! Thank you so much! <3

  • Hello Ma’am
    Sabhi age group ko guid karna nutrition and diet ke liye and Gym fitness centers ke liye tho Mujhe konsa Course karna chahiye Q ki app ne jo bataya Un Main se konsa Right Honga PLEASE Answer this because I don’t have that much of Knowledge about this Course

  • Only halfway through and LOVING this video! I struggled for years with yo-yo dieting and never got the results I was hoping for. Decided to take it slow and made small changes (as you said) and have lost 11 lbs in 5 weeks all while keeping things in my diet like funfetti pancakes with my 6 yr old every morning and a delicious yasso Greek yogurt bar after dinner every night! I always talked about balance but literally never actually had it in my life until now. First time ever that I’m “dieting” and not completely miserable. Thanks for this video!

  • I have a question
    When you were in school did you always get A’s and keep your grades at around an A range?

    I’m currently taking the science classes needed to apply to the dietetics program, I’ll be able to apply this spring. My issue is that it seems I can’t get anything higher than an 80-88 on my exams
    I study and study, like I spend everyday studying and give myself a day or 2 to take a break.
    I talked to my advisor and she said it’d be best to keep at a 3.5 or above
    But I don’t know was it in your experience?

    I know it’s good to do volunteer work, which I’m trying to do but haven’t had any luck.
    But I’m still trying

  • After BHMS… How we can become registered dietician… which courses i hv to pursue… distance learning courses required.. please give me information

  • I would rather be a Nutritionist (I am sure there is a difference between them and dieticians) and I can only do an online degree and the AND site did not give me the information I am looking for. Do they have to be the ultimate source of what schools I can attend that will be recognized as accredited enough to be recognized for me to be able to take a registration exam? I am so confused about how to go about applying to the right school…especially because I have to resort to taking my school completely online. I wonder which choice to make primarily because I don’t want to “earn” a dud degree that no one will recognize or accept for when I take a state exam. Any advice?

  • Hi Megan, My name is student Annaliese, I am considering a career in dietetics. I was wondering if you have time to answer a few questions for me either over the phone or via email, as to what you do as a dietetic professional and how you got there. Respectfully, Annaliese Rhinehart

  • Thanks for the video! I recently graduated with a bachelor’s of science not in nutrition and dietetics, but now want to become an RD with interests in research, vegetarian/vegan nutrition, sports and private practice.

  • Totally agree! I changed from a Chemistry major to a DPD program, so the sciences weren’t quite as tricky but I did struggle with some of the bio classes as that wasn’t my strong suit. I look back now and just think if I had dedicated some more time I could have done even better in those few classes. However it is also important to be well-rounded and involved in things outside of class for most internships!

  • Thank you, because i didnt take math and chemistry seriously in high school. I am going to go to school (5 years later) and really give it my all. Thank you for the words of encouragement

  • I found this video helpful but I really wish you had gone into some strategies to deal with friends and family who sabotage your weight loss goals. I’m so tired of hearing other influencers being like “oh just surround yourself with healthy people.” We all know in reality that doesn’t happen, we have obligations and responsibilities that put us in difficult situations. For example, I live on a budget and do all the cooking and meal prep at my house. My elderly mother lives with me and is extremely picky and encourages poor eating. My fiance has night eating disorder and eats junk food. They are both feeders who want others to share in their poor choices. I have tried making myself separate meals and food prep. Did not go well and I only have so much money to spend on groceries. If I try to say hey y’all we are eating super healthy now. They are like eew diets are dumb no! If I buy a large amount of salad stuff and fresh fruit, I can only eat so much and the rest ends up in the trash. Also we only have a small fridge and freezer, so usually if I have containers in the fridge either he takes them to work or mom throws them out. Should I seek professional help? Like maybe I just need counseling on how to stand up for myself and not get called a high maintenance bitch, which is what mom says when I’m “dieting.” Do I really need to re educate my family about food or just keep trying to eat separate meals?

  • How can you do an internship if you already have a full time job? I won’t be able to fford to quit or take time off. I alrady have too many bills to even try putting money away. Any advice?

  • I am doing diploma in nutrition and health education from ignou which 10+2 diploma as mentioned criteria. Also, they have mentioned the diploma course is a professional training program, So am I eligible to apply registered deitician exam? Also, can I open my own clinic as a counselor?? Please do reply.

  • Hello mam, mai graduation kr rhi hu bsc general se… Toh kya mai msc nutrition se kr skti hu kya? Aur aage job scopes kya Hoge… Plzzz mam batado… Kyuki mai confuse hu ki ussk bd job k chances h ya nhi… Kyuki mera graduation general se ho rha h

  • I’m in my first year of my dietetic program and I’m loving the program! It’s definitely a lot of work though, I have to study 24/7, mainly cause of the memorization for anatomy and physiology. But Chemistry is essentially a regurgitation of grade 11/12 university level chem. They just add a couple of additional units, so if you did well in grade 11/12 you’ll be fine! If not just put in the work cause it’s never too late.

    Next semester I have food science, organic chem, anatomy and physiology (2nd part of the course since we learn the entire body), my 2nd nutrition course, and my elective. �� wish me luck!

  • Thank you so much for being so helpful! I do have a few questions.

    First, do you have any tips for the internship? I don’t have family support/assistance, so I just really cannot imagine how I’d be able to go to school for my BA full time and simultaneously work enough to save up enough to get me through an additional year of working at the internship. I worry that, since it seems very unlikely that I’d be financially able to do that, I may not be able to pursue this despite it being my dream. Any tips with this are appreciated.

    Also, how do you do your continuing education credits? 75 credits seems like quite a lot, even over 5 years. Do you just continuously go to college or do you earn those credits in different ways?

    And one more question! I’ve had a hard time finding schools in my area that offer this program, but I did find a Dietetic Tech program that would be possible for me. Would you be able to elaborate on how they’re different or what I could do for work? I’m definitely interested in the entrepreneurship opportunities, as well as the private practice ones. I’ve done some research on it myself but it seems that everything I’ve seen just groups RDs and Dietetic Techs together as one career when obviously they’re different, so I’m wondering if you can shed some light on that for me.

    Thanks so much!

  • This was very helpful. I couldn’t seem to find an answer to my question, which was what do I do if I already have an unrelated Bachelors of Science degree. I’m currently working in a formula lab/pharmacy as a Certified Pharmacy Technician. It’s a living wage but not quite as comfy as I’d like. The hospital I work at has tuition reiumbursement, so hopefully if I get this ball rolling there’s not much left for me to do in terms of courses. Hoping I don’t have to take any more chemistries. ������

  • Doesn’t it break patient confidentiality laws when you’re talking about the patient’s health? Please correct me if I’m wrong I just don’t want you to get in trouble.:)

  • Maam in nirmala niketan there is no physics nd maths in 11th nd 12th so can we do dat course for dietician? Plzzz reply maam i want to do onilne admissions plzzz

  • For the budget mindful, they may want to check out eBay. I heard from time to time people sell their used Jean Inman guides there.

  • What should we being doing as an undergraduate?? Is there something specific you joined or did that made your resume shine once you applied for internships?

  • Hii, mam i did my certification from ACE.. Can i open my own clinic for nutrition.. Or it required diploma or degree in nutrition or dietics…

  • Going to be honest, this is great advice. I often find myself thinking in the All or Nothing mind set….it is a lot to deal with. I dont struggle with my weight but I have gained about 20lbs in the last year due to stress, losing a job among other things…it has been very difficult to stick to a diet and lose the weight. I find myself frustrated that clothes are fitting differently and I’ve had to buy bigger sizes lately (spending $$ I dont have etc) Then i watched your video and I have a much better perspective on how I can implement a weight loss program without being a diet nazi….
    My personality type is definitely All or nothing and changing this is a huge struggle. Constant fear of failure is never a way to live life the best I can.

    Thank you Kara!!! ❤❤

  • Thank you for this video! I’m a sophomore in highschool and earlier this year I visited a RD. She was so nice and I believed this would be the job for me! I really want to pursue this job in the future. Thanks Meghan for inspiring me! I may have about 3 years left till University, but I know this is the job I want.��

  • You are such an inspiration! I look up to you so much!!! Thank you for informing those that are working towards becoming a RD!!!

  • Amanda..just found your channel..I was so confused regarding my field…I am now choosing this field…although I do had interest:) you inspire me alot

  • I found this very informational, even though I not going to become an RD it was interesting learning how much hard work goes into it!

  • Hello mam, I have a question about I had done my graduation in Bsc.biotechnology…after that kya mein online diploma course kr skti hun in nutritionist?

  • I just found you and im so happy i did lol
    Im starting my second year of school for RD and this gives me a better idea of what a day is:) im so exited to catch up on all your videos!! Thank you

  • I love these tips I know I’m good at rationalizing my food choices at times and sometimes that really gets me of track very good tips overall.

  • The breath of relief that I find in this video is that a good portion of what is needed I have almost taken care of prior to the major change.

  • I would love to do this, but I feel like its a TON of education and money being spent for not a lot of money being paid. I mean 50/60k isn’t that much:(

  • Ma’am i wanna do masters in sports science and nutrition.this year i passed class12th and i cant find proper Info how to do it should i do bsc in nutrition 1st or any diploma courses please maam help

  • Hello I just found your channel and I’m so glad I did. I recently changed my major to nutrition in hopes of becoming a registered dietitian. I usually only see nursing vids so to see your videos about this area of the medical because I don’t know anyone with my major.

  • Thanks for this video! I’ve really been struggling with the wrong mindset. Lots of good tips for me to consider and implement. Also, I’m really enjoying the variety of content you provide on your channel.

  • Ma’am I am graduated in bsc hons biotechnology and I am doing pg diploma in nutrition and dietetics. After internship am I eligible for RDN exam to become a registered dietitian…. Please ans me

  • Thank you so much for being here and making honest videos about the dietetics field. I am currently working towards my DTR certification and have been feeling an increased anxiety and self doubt of being in the field. I begin my practicums next year and almost dread the thought of being thrown into the work setting.
    Just being able to hear from an RD, like yourself, about the dedication and self motivation necessary is definitely helping.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I’m thirteen and finding information on nutritionists or dietitian is difficult for me. If you have any websites that have more information please tell me. I took an interest in being a nutritionist and wanted to learn more about it this video was perfect, earned a new subscriber! -Abbey

  • Hi.. I have a MCom degree.. and very keen on doing a nutritionist course.. am I eligible?? Since I don’t have science background.. can I apply for this..

  • I love to see these videos popping up. I had no idea about the dietetic internship until undergrad and I know many of my colleagues were in the same boat. Thanks for spreading the word about our qualifications!

  • hii thank you so much for your dietician related videos I’m in high school and deciding to go into dietetics and you’re helping you so much with information on what i should be expecting. Thank you again please keep them up!!

  • my goodness! Thank you for making such a helpful and ORGANIZED video! you laid out all the facts wonderfully and you’re a great speaker. this helped me a lot:) thank you.

  • Thanks for the insight! I’m a little confused on some things just yet. so I’m looking into any online Bachelor programs for Nutrition/Dietetics. I see in the video you explain that the Bachelor’s program has to be accredited by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. I can’t however find a listing of accredited schools/programs on their website. I stumbled across Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, they have a listing of schools. So I guess my question is, can I just find an accredited online Bachelor’s program for nutrition? Thanks for any help people are willing to give me!:)

  • Mam m B.Sc. home science (honers) kar rahi hu es ke baad mujhe M.Sc bhi karni jaruri hogi kiya es par mujhe kuch or information plz provide kijeye

  • Hey Kim!! I would like to know how important are grades to employers? I’m in grad school finishing my first year, and yes I strive to do well in my classes but I also want focus on gaining as much experience as possible. Does experience outweigh grades in employer’s eyes?

  • Hi I’m from Delhi and I really liked your video.provided a great information. If I’m having an option of choosing bw bsc in nutrition and dietetics and bsc home science..which one is more preferred.please reply earnestly

  • Hey, I’m starting college this year and I want to become a RD. I’ve always wondered is there a lot of guys that become Dietitians?

  • As a dietetics student, I loved this video. Thanks for sharing. I know that I’ve personally struggled with eating disorders which is part of the reason why I’m seeking this route, but veganism is what led me here.

  • Have you ever thought about Physician Assistant School? Or are you primarily interested in medical school going the DO/MD or naturopathic route?

  • Amanda, I’d love your opinion. My nephew, who is two years old, is really struggling. He is allergic to dairy and soy and they suspect that he has celiac. I went with my sister to see a pediatric dietitian and she literally said his diet should consist of red meat and chips. As in lays potato chips. I was beyond confused. I’m WFPB but my sister (his mom) is not and doesn’t know anything about nutrition, so she believes anything the doctors tell her.

    Do you have any opinion on what a toddler should be eating with all of his allergies?

  • Yes, it is difficult but very much do-able.
    My first two years were hard because of the material being covered; (Alot of chemistry, alot of anatomy and physiology) which was mostly new information that I had to memorize and regurgitate all at once. Ensuring that you start studying from week one, completing or attempting alllllll your tutorials and keep revising each week will help you do your best.

    The last two years were hard because of the amount of work you have to do. You start your core courses in these years so the material should be understandable to you, but its given to you in the tons. Keeping on top of things I found was the best way for me to survive those years. The minute assignments were given, a game plan was made for its completion.

    Study groups and friends also make the journey bearable and fun. #NewGraduate

  • Hi Kim! I am studying nutrition and dietetics and I am currently trying to decide between two universities. One requires a lot more chemistry, organic chemistry, and biology. While the other school does not. Im tempted to choose the school that does not require as much science only because I’ve been in school for so long and I’m ready to start my career. But how will my taking or not taking those extra classes affect how well I work as a dietitian? Both are great schools but are those extra science classes necessary?

  • Hi there amanda, thank you for making these videos. I am an incoming nutrition and dietetics student, what can you advice for someone like me? Like some topics to familiarize with, what subject is the hardest (for you), and something like that ☺️☺️����

  • I love your channel. I wish I would have taken this route. I love anything that has to do with health. Good luck with everything! You deserve way more than 20k subscribers!

  • Hi first of of I luv your channel and how much detail and effort you’ve put in pls keep up the vlog
    And I’ll try to follow a stable early sleep wake routine, though I love my bed!!!������������❤��

    !!!*** nevertheless long story short I’m considering to study medical school mainly to help myself and to help others who has similar medical issues as I’m facing, I have PKU and I’ve been struggling my life for prevent lots of foods and seizures epilepsy symptoms, and I’m considering going study for neurology ( brain), registered dietitian, or naturopathic (3 out of 1, since I knew they’re all important to PKU illness patient, I’m aware this might be out of your territory and you can only speak for what you known and learned but please if you can ask your others professors, doctors, or friends ***note:I was wondering if you can suggest as a friend and someone who has been in medical school please there’s no pressure or responsible for this I only ask cause I’m very confused and frustrated, and I need someone to guide me, I’m very lost and I need help, ★★★★★★
    If anyone who know which major suit or suggest others idea please feel free to comment and let me know thx ��

  • wow, i remember when Kara just had 2000 subs and the last time I was here before things went south for me, she had 50k. Now I’m trying to pick up the habits I had when I had a healthier happier life (including Kara’s vids) and she’s got squillions of subs.

  • Hey Girl I am a new subbie!!! I am about to start my masters in nutrition/dietetics in the fall. I just have to get a few pre reqs out the way. my end goal is to get my RDN credential.

  • Hlo ma’am, i’m doing BSC(honours) in human development with specialization so after graduation can i do msc in food and nutrition or can i do pg DDPHN from delhi university, if yes so how and what are the eligibility criteria for pg DDPHN or msc

  • Mam.mai bsc botany honours last year student hu.Mai registered dietician banna chahti hu.mai aage ky kru.ky ignou se msc in dietician and nutritionist KR skti hu..agar ha to uske liye kaise apply kru aur kb.plz help me.thank u

  • This may be WAY out of your scope of advice you’re willing to give, haha but I was wondering if you ever had any doubts about becoming a dietician?
    I’m currently working on my prerequisites to enter into a dietetic program in the spring and I’ve had a lot of people say that it’s not worth the money and work for the salary and the way doctors and other professionals treat you etc.
    It really has made me doubt my decision a little. I initially wanted to go through nursing, but my love for nutrition caused me to flip to dietetics.
    Do you have any advice for people struggling on whether or not to pursue being a registered dietician?

    Thanks ❤️

  • Amazing!!! I’m currently leading a challenge at my church that teaches people how to be more consistent with healthy habits. This is almost word for word what I’ve been sharing with them. Sharing this video with them. Your easier on the eyes than I am.

  • I am currently enrolled at a Canadian school of Natural nutrition and after the almost 2 year program upon completing and passing final exam I will get a designation of an RHN or Registered Holistic Nutritionist.I understand that so many dieticians see holistic nutrition as a bogeyman stuff or look down on anyone without a bachelor degree in science but I am still loving what I do and will be doing and I would personally never bash Dieticians.I believe there is a room for both as long as you did some studies at a certified school.

  • Love this video! Thank you for always putting out top quality content! You and Jason make the channel feel like it’s just friends sitting down to talk.

  • I only discovered your channel today. I’m from the Philippines and I graduated already. Now I’m preparing for my board exam to get my license. This video gave me a lot of information on how a dietitian works there in your country.

  • I really like this:)! this was really cool & helped me better understand what to expect in a DI. Thank you:)!
    I had a Q
    You said you usually 4 reports a day just cuz you’re still learning and stuff. I’m guessing it took you a bit longer at first, did they ever say anything about speeding up at first? Or are they pretty patient with you?

  • Hello!

    I am currently a Dietetic major student, currently enrolled in Chem 1B. I’m struggling big time with that class. This has lead me to reconsider my major to just food and nutrition instead of dietetic for the reason of how heavy the science work load is. At any point of your life did you feel that the have the RD credential gave you more flexible with job. The only thing i’m worried if i do switch to food and nutrition is that I won’t have much job opportunities or salary will be lower. Please help, any recommendations?

  • Hello! I am currently a nursing student but I find myself leaning more towards dietetics, would you recommend this move? I love that it is still in the medical field and I love the fact that with dietics I would still be able to clinically help people. I guess my question would be, do you think it is worth it? to switch from Nursing to Dietics? I know it depends on the person but I don’t feel like my heart is set on nursing but I would love to help people as my career. Thank you for any input this receives!

  • Hello maam, I’m doing my B. Sc in human development with having food and nutrition as a pass subject. So can i go for a msc in food and nutrition in future?

  • hello
    my name is angelsa
    i am a student at wake tech and i have an assignement at school to found out some infornation about my dream job which is nutritionist.
    i have some questions that i need to ask you about the job:1. Why did you choose this career?
    2. What do you like the most about this career? The least?
    3. What is the potential for advancement in this career?
    4. What advice would you give someone just starting out in this career?

  • Great video as usual! I can attest to everything you’ve discussed here as a Nutrition Undergrad. I am currently taking Organic Chemistry this summer and I find myself constantly juggling my personal life (hanging out, going to functions, etc) with the time that I put in reviewing notes, reading my textbook, practicing questions, and even looking at Youtube videos for more clarity on concepts. As you said, it’s not about how “smart” you are, it’s about how much time you invest in an effort to absorb the information and structurally break it down into a language that you can understand for yourself. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL:)

  • can you travel being a registered dietitian? i mean… could you work online? is it eady to travel places and find work there as a dietitian?

  • Hi I have completed my masters in Foods and Nutrition in India and planing to migrate to Canada. I would like to know what are other procedures to get a job as a dietitian there. Could you please throw some light on it dear

  • Hello my lil apples! thanks for being here and watching and for being YOU. as much as i love sharing this content with you, I won’t be able to make any more videos like this because…… IM FINISHED WITH MY INTERNSHIP AND AM GRADUATING NEXT WEEK!!! Don’t forget to like the vid and join the apples fam cause we would love to have you❤️

  • Amanda I love your videos! ❤️ I’m also studying dietetics and I’m vegan ���� and Congratulations on graduating soon. I have a year and a half to finish but I’m getting there! Thanks for the info and the motivational videos! ����

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  • not anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, im taking a nutritionist degree ( acredited) doctors go to school for i dont know how long; and what do they know? nothing!!!

  • My husband and I are going back to school after our daughter is born. I only need 8 classes to finish at community college and transferring to UNLV into their dietitian program since I live in Las Vegas. Thank you for the video love.

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  • Wow! I’m very thankful I came across this video. I’m majoring in dietetics and nutrition. I’m taking some of my difficult classes this semester at the community college I’m attending. And lately I have been feeling at little discourage with all the work. Watching this made me feel a bit more motivated! Thanks! Subscribed! ��✔️

  • You’re so right that motivation is the key. Before I got serious, I hated and failed chemistry and thought that I wasn’t smart enough and that I would never be able to get through my dpd program. Once I changed my perspective, and actually put in the time, I thrived and got A’s in all my chem and dpd classes. I actually really love chemistry now (esp. biochem), haha!

  • So glad i found your channel!
    I’m currently a dental assistant and i am interested in furthering my education to become a Registered Dietician.
    Thanks for the video! (:

  • Hi Amanda! I am Yanny from Philippines and I am a Grade 12 student, I am planning to take BSND in college. Any advice? Thankyou ��

  • I just want to help obese people lose weight like I did, showing them the correct way to eat and exercise, would I need to get the RD degree or can I just be a nutritionist and get my personal trainer certification, I would like to be able to have the option of starting my own practice or working for a hospital/state/government

  • I have done my masters in Biotechnology and want to become a registered dietician, can you suggest me a short course I can start and can do in 6 months to start my clinic

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  • Mam I’m doing MSC in nutrition from IT college Lucknow.. could you please suggest me which hospital would be best for 6 months internship in lucknow??

  • Amanda, when you were talking about your two year old patient, I was getting a little teary. Thank you so much for taking care of other human beings. For helping them fight for a better life!!! God bless you.

  • Eugh yes, I’m a dietetic student in the U.K. and internships/placements are so tiring! You see and learn sooo much it’s so tiring on the brain to take it all in!

  • I am very interested in this career but the only thing that is a little discouraging is the income dietitians bring in. Would you say that this career pays very well? I know it depends on certain factors such as the area one may live in, but in general what is your take?

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  • Hola Megan! I got caught up from one of your videos and now I am watching more and more! You are a sweet, beautiful inside and out person. It is very interesting to learn about your career. I am here just to learn more and make some delicious and healthy meals for my family, also I will mixed the recipes with my Mexican recipes and ingredients, Mexican =) Hugs from Tijuana, México….Abrazos, Ferla

  • Wow Kara. All I can say is wonderful video. Thank you so much for all these tips. They are all so helpful. Also, thank you SO MUCH for encouraging people who struggle with food and body image to seek the help of a dietitian or a psychiatrist! An educated professional. As someone who is going into the mental health field, I really appreciate it when people in the fitness and nutrition realm advocate for this as a potential option for people. When talking about overall health and well-being, we need more people saying it’s okay to go to a counselor/psychologist/psychiatrist! Fitness and mental health are so closely related and I wish more people in the fitness industry would talk more about it to break down that stigma ❤️

  • Hi Kim. I started watching your videos yesterday and believe me, I’m in love with them. I’m currently reading BSc. Dietetics and it’s going on very well. I would be so glad if you could put a biography of you on Google because I think you would be a very great inspiration to a lot of students out there. Can I have you email so that I ask you some questions? Thanks. love you Kim!!

  • This video is the reason why I love your channel and you! Sustainable is the key word and you explain it perfectly. I was one of those good vs bad food people. It took years for me to switch my mindset, and the help of a therapist. I got caught up on the very liw carb, no fruit bandwagon 15 years ago. It took years to switch my mindset. Now I eat everything in moderation. Definitely make better choices 80 percent of the time. Love your knowledge Kara! And I love the flat tire analogy, never heard that one!

  • I’m currently an associate of science major trying to transfer into a Dietetics program at my local university! This video has been more helpful then a lot of other videos in regards to a day to day look into a clinical Dietitions job! Its hard finding good (non food) advice from active Dietitions so thank you!

  • People please do not trust RDs. RDs are forced to follow corrupted guidelines from the academy of foods and nutrition which is funded by Coca Cola, wendy’s, wringley’s, etc. RDs also have to follow government rules which is also corrupted. RDs knowledge is outdated. They still think eating fat is bad, yet they think eating sugar is ok. be careful with RDs.

  • I just graduated with my biology degree and had my first week of work as a lab analyst for a company that works with sponsors to develop better treatments for rare/chronic diseases. It is so hard to work 8 hours when you are learning at the same time! So much information overload. My training totally exhausts my mind by the end of the day.

  • Can you please talk about what Registered Dietitians do. In addition Dietitians that has there Masters degree, Dietitians that also has there PhD what exactly do they do and or what they can do. Thank You Kim I love your videos btw ‼️

  • Sorry for the late video guys i know I missed a week, but I have been having connectivity issues with my internet since last week. Forgive me?? Nonetheless, here is the video. Enjoy x Comment x Subscribe!

  • I was halfway through when I just couldn’t do it anymore because tuition was so expensive and I had found out that the internship was up to $60k and it is not secure that I was going to even get matched. I was doing so well, but it is a very competitive field and only very very VERY few will become RDs. And even then you’re not secured of finding a job. Often RDs end up doing something else anyway. I still love food and nutrition but not as crazy as the girls I used to go to university with. They were really obsessed and unhealthy.

  • I’m a medical coder for the internal med department at a hospital and felt special because I understood everything you were talking about at your internship LOL. I see the notes you guys make in patient charts. Love your vids! I’m vegan too:)

  • i know this is an older video but I hope you see my comment, im about to go to fsu for dietetics and exercise physiology and would love to talk more with you about becoming an rd!

  • I live in California and I’m applying to schools soon and the core classes are
    Inorganic chem
    Stats, business calculus
    I wouldn’t say easy! You gotta really be committed to the field.

  • Hi! I plan on transferring soon and I was wondering, what kind of experiences did you put on your resume that was relevant to your internship? One of my biggest regrets was not doing more relevant volunteering so I’d really like to know what to look with my upcoming spring break

  • I’m studying dietetics too! You really inspire me to be a better student and just more well rounded all together! Enjoy your graduation day ❤️

  • Awesome job girl! You’ll be so happy when you make it through and get that credential! The internship felt like forever for me… but it makes you so much stronger ����

  • I’m going to be a senior next year and applying to schools that have Nutrition ( I think 9/14 schools have Nutrition or Dietetics). Thank you for posting this video, it was super helpful. I’ll also be applying to Loma Linda as well!

  • I m doing bsc honours in food and nutrition.so after completing it can I apply for Registered dietician xm or its compulsory to do MSC?? Mam plzz reply!

  • Was there any moment when you doubted your career choice? Did you struggle during your journey? I’m new to your channel so if you talked about these things excuse me

  • First of all you’re super adorable and just really real in front of the camera. love it. Second of all, I’m looking at dietetic internships to apply to this Spring! I am basically that girl that said she wants to work with malnutrition and roam/travel to other countries. Could you name some of those programs you know of that do that? I haven’t been able to find any yet searching on my own (and i’ve looked at sooo many websites).

  • looking for a college fr bsc in homescience food nd nutrition in pune?? any idea
    nd evn wanted to knw if i do my bachelors in food and nutrition and masters in dieticts den will i be called a dietician after clearing d exam

  • Hey Amanda! I’m hoping to start school to become an RD very soon! There are no Coordinated programs near me at all unfortunately…so I’ll have to go the Didactic route. I was curious of internships are paid, or if there’s a stipend or anything!

  • Megan!! I’m an RD and I absolutely LOVE your explanation of the difference between a nutritionist and an RD! I am called a nutritionist every.single.day!!! I always correct them and say “oh, i’m actually a registered dietitian”.We have worked WAY too hard for people to know us as anything else:)
    Also, I wanted to mention that there is another option than internships that most RDs do! I went to a coordinated program where my internships were included in my 4 years of undergrad schooling! So by the time I graduated with my degree in nutrition, I had already obtained my 1200 hours and I was all set to sit for boards:)
    Those programs are much less popular but they are an amazing option for those who want to get this process done quickly!!!

    You’re awesome Megan!:)


  • I am currently in a junior college working toward a degree in nutrition this awesome that site you listed on your page was so helpful thank you

  • Thanks for doing this video! I’m a senior in high school and I still don’t know what to study, but nutrition interests me a lot and this has helped me understand better of what RDs do. Thank you (:

  • Hlo ma’am now I completed my bsc nutrition nd I want to do MSC clinical nutrition nd dietetics.so is it good ma’am? After this we have any government jobs ma’am? Plz reply ma’am?

  • Do you drink that entire drink at night? How often do you have to get up to pee or are you a super human!? I mean, of course you’re a super human!!

  • The reactions that people give to me are sometimes astounding when they ask what is a Registered Dietitian…I never heard of it..lol. (I am up to my last semester in a undergrad program)….I usually tell them if you continue to eat fast food and drink sugary drinks…when you develop a health problem related to those “foods” then the doctor may refer you to an RD.

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    I have done BCA and MCA. Working as Software Engineer.
    But wanted to become Nutritionist. is there any certification for become Nutritionist. Or can you suggest better way for me

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  • I’m passionate about nutrition and health but I can’t decide between majoring in nutrition, public health, or elementary education. How did you decide?

  • I don’t trust RDs anymore. One RD got me to count calories religiously which is not good according to Eating disorder shrinks. RDs have to follow the ADA guidelines which is corrupted and they also have to follow government guidelines (the most corrupted thing in the world).

  • Hi, i’m a graduate in biotechnology
    Planning to join certification course in vlcc institute
    Can you help me with how well the course is accredited?

  • I love this video, so much great info. I grew up during the Atkins Diet phase and it took me a really long time to stop demonizing carbs. I wasn’t really aware of this type of thinking when I started my fitness journey, but now I’m so much more cognizant and try really hard to respect my cravings. Now my cravings tend to be more healthy anyway, which makes it so much easier. We are such an instant gratification society it’s so hard to take things slow and create a life style rather than follow a trend.

  • Hey Amanda! Just found your channel. Did you get paid for the internship? Do you know how to get a paid internship? Would love some advice and thanks again!

  • Does your school specifically offer the internship during your senior year or is this something you had to request? I know for some schools, the internship is usually once you graduate. Also, did you have an option to do a clinical internship or was it something you had to do? Just asking as another dietetic student:)

  • Well, you gave us information about rd examination. It’s quite informative. But I wanna know that, Is there any particular book for registered dietitian examination? Or can we do 6 months intership in any hospital?

  • Hey girl I just got my BSN (bachelor’s in nursing) a few weeks ago and I’m studying for my NCLEX now. I totalllly feel you on the 90% charting, 10% patient interaction aspect. I hateeeee charting so much. T_T

  • Hey there is something I have been curious about for a while now, and I had to think about that when you said “don’t think of it as good or bad”. But there is one thing that seems very bad to me no matter how you look at it and that is developing a micronutriënt deficiency. We see this in fruitarians who adopt such a onesided diet they develop all kinds of debilitating conditions over time.

    But I want to talk about that in relation to losing weight. For that to happen you need to be in a caloriedeficit, which in turn causes you metabolism to slow down and as you keep on dieting you eat less and less. But while the calorie requirements might drop that is not the case for micronutrients, so wouldn’t you say that the longer someone is on a diet, the more important it becomes to eat nutrientdense food and the less leeway there is where it comes to caloriedense food (and as such junkfood, candy etc.)? Up tot the point even where you can say you should not be eating it anymore (or start a reverse diet).

    If so, is there a point where a diet can be sustainable in terms of calorie intake, but not sustainable in terms of micronutrient intake? I feel like this is one of the main reasons people fail in their diet because it stands to reason our bodies would object to such treatment.

  • Yes!! I’m a current nutrition student & nothing is easy at all lol. Statistics is kicking my butt. My fav class so far is Nutrition Assessment (maybe called different at other schools)

  • THank you for this video Kim! I have two questions and I was wondering if you can give me some advice on them. I am highly intrigued in Dietetics but I am also interested in another professional field i would like to get my masters in Dietetics/Nutrition just to have the knowledge but I would be in another profession is that ok to do?

  • How do you drink so much before bed without waking up 73929 times to go to the bathroom �� so jealous lol, when I drink regularly throughout the day I need to use the bathroom like every 30 minutes to an hour. Drives me insaaane