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10 Light Beers That Are Actually Good BOULEVARD UNFILTERED WHEAT | KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI. Midwesterners will be happy to learn this beer made it just under SIXPOINT JAMMER | NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK. The most unusual beer on this list; it’s a gose, the sour beer type that has ANCHOR SMALL BEER. The 10 Best Light Beers to Drink in 2020.

Best Craft: Night Shift Brewery Nite Lite Craft Light Lager. Buy on drizly.com Buy on totalwine.com. You won’t be disappointed when you open a can Best Lager: Shiner Light Blonde Lager.

Best Ale: Southern Tier Swipe Light Lager. Best IPA: Dogfish Head. In fact, light beers called themselves “lite,” as if exchanging a “gh” for a “t” could act as some marketing slight of hand to distract you from what these beers actually were: weaker substitutes. I Drank My Weight in Low-Cal Libations to Find the 10 Best Light Beers 1. Miller Lite. Add a comment After waxing poetic about Yuengling Light, you might wonder how Miller Lite could 2. Yuengling Light Lager.

Add a comment Because I went to. This one feels a bit like dirty pool. Dos Equis, while delicious, isn’t a light beer. Mostly the calorie count here is too high at 130 (most light beers are in the 80-110 range).

For those transitioning over to light beers, then Bud Light is a good place to start. Of course it is never going to taste as good as the original, but the hints are there, and many even prefer. 10 Low-Calorie, Low-Carb Beers That Actually Taste Good Brent Furdyk. Updated.

Aged longer than the average light beer, Cracked Canoe is the pride of Canada’s oldest independent brewery. #8: Coors Light 102 calories, 5 g carbs, 4.2% ABV Among the two beers that tied for eighth place, Coors Light got dinged for being unmemorable. Our tasters seemed at a loss for anything to say. 10 low calorie beers and ciders you’ll actually want to drink One drink where liquid calories kill us is good ole cold beer.

The super light concoction offers both a cidery taste and the. And you’d still be below-average among those top 10 percenters. The top 10 percent of American drinkers 24 million adults over age 18 consume, on average, 74 alcoholic drinks per week.

List of related literature:

‘Five of the top 10 beers are light and those are the only ones

“The New Business Road Test: What entrepreneurs and investors should do before launching a lean start-up” by John Mullins
from The New Business Road Test: What entrepreneurs and investors should do before launching a lean start-up
by John Mullins
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Six craft beers (lagers; dark histograms) were compared to five industrial beers light found on the local markets.

“Beer in Health and Disease Prevention” by Victor R. Preedy
from Beer in Health and Disease Prevention
by Victor R. Preedy
Elsevier Science, 2011

If you can find them, try a Stella (either the light or premium) lager, or perhaps a Sakara Seven Stars lager.

“Cooking with the Bible: Biblical Food, Feasts, and Lore” by Anthony F. Chiffolo, Rayner W. Hesse
from Cooking with the Bible: Biblical Food, Feasts, and Lore
by Anthony F. Chiffolo, Rayner W. Hesse
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✓ Fall: These beers are good midrange ones, neither light nor especially dark, neither light-bodied nor heavy-duty.

“Beer For Dummies” by Marty Nachel, Steve Ettlinger
from Beer For Dummies
by Marty Nachel, Steve Ettlinger
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Dogfish Head makes the world’s strongest dark beer (World Wide Stout), the world’s strongest Belgian beer (Raison D’Extra), the world’s strongest fruit beer (Fort), and the world’s strongest bottle-conditioned beer (Olde School Barley Wine).

“Brewing Up a Business: Adventures in Entrepreneurship from the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery” by Sam Calagione
from Brewing Up a Business: Adventures in Entrepreneurship from the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
by Sam Calagione
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In a fascinating study conducted by the author (along with John Rossiter), beer drinkers were asked to taste and evaluate a number of beers ranging from lower-calorie Miller Lite to premium beers like Budweiser, all the way through malt liquors and Guinness Stout.

“Branding and Advertising” by Flemming Hansen, Lars Bech Christensen
from Branding and Advertising
by Flemming Hansen, Lars Bech Christensen
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In truth, light beers are low-carbohydrate beers.

“The Bar and Beverage Book” by Costas Katsigris, Chris Thomas
from The Bar and Beverage Book
by Costas Katsigris, Chris Thomas
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German Light Lagers aren’t low-calorie beers; they’re just pale-colored.

“Homebrewing For Dummies” by Marty Nachel
from Homebrewing For Dummies
by Marty Nachel
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In the United States, most low-calorie beers contain about 100 cal/12 oz, although superpremium low-calorie beers may be higher.

“Handbook of Brewing” by William Hardwick
from Handbook of Brewing
by William Hardwick
CRC Press, 1994

craft brands of beer.7 These include a variety of styles: Budweiser (American lager), Coors Light (American light lager), Corona (imported lager, Mexico), Guinness (imported stout, Ireland), Heineken (imported lager, Netherlands), Samuel Adams (domestic craft), and Sierra Nevada (domestic craft).

“The Economics of Beer” by Johan F. M. Swinnen
from The Economics of Beer
by Johan F. M. Swinnen
OUP Oxford, 2011

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  • There are a few beers I really like, one being Worlf Creek Desperado. Wolf Creek is a local brewing company in Valenca, CA and they make some really good beers. A beer I tried recently is from Belching Beaver Brewery and its Peanut Butter Milk Stout. Its sweet and creamy, it would taste great in a beer float but was really good by itself. I also like Picture City Porter from Ladyface Ail House in Agoura. Its got a really good fresh taste.

  • You can tell this is american, your comparing white ales to a larger ��‍♂️��‍♂️��‍♂️ as an english man whom has grow up in pubs, this makes me sad.

  • 6 beers should drink…….drinking with a woman ya like? Otherwise beer meaningless garbage no matter number types beer might well be hollywood trash….don’t think any amount types beer alcohol surplant ultra shitty company around…. alcohol meaningless rainbow hollywood ruins alcohol, drink alcohol when actual reason drink alcohol numbers types beer irrelevant…. basically all beer alcohol worthless Hollywood culture, don’t think any beer alcohol any value with Hollywood around, beer used be great but now ruined from hollywood trash, don’t worry any innovation alcohol industry be killed hollywood hates improvement, narcism town

  • drink what you like but the quality of american beers has wavered over the last several years the brewers seem to think by you being focused on their different containers and packaging they can sell more beer lately more ppl are getting wise to this ploy of theirs the micro brew industry is growing by leaps n bounds an they offer more variety for the con sumer

  • In their next video: “Why Heineken Isn’t as Bad as you May Expect”… (what they won’t tell you is that if Heineken gave them money, their beer would be in the “do drink” category).

  • Folks buy Budwesier, Bud Light, Coor’s Light and other brands in that category because it’s cheap. KeyStone and KeyStone Light, “Natty Daddy” also. These may have been the first beers a lot of these folks tried and so they don’t like (want to know) anything else (I know, I have worked alongside and been in retail with these people on the other side of the register buying it, calling this a, “Man’s Beer”). Craft isn’t just for hipsters, it’s also about small to medium breweries coming back into the picture in america as wel las imports. Some argue about Pabst, or Schlitz, or heck in the northeast there was Yuengling (yeen-guh-ling) lagers, about how they are in the same category. Here’s the difference for the 3 latter and the many former: they were working class beers BEFORE the 60’s, & 70’s and they were part of the building of America, especially Schlitz. Now there’s plenty out there to debate and if you like Coor’s Light or Budwesier, well, that’s your tastebuds however, there’s just better, for about the same price.

  • @ 6:05 this isn’t true, it is imported but they have breweries all over the world. and just saying ”it doesn’t taste good” is just a matter of opinion

  • Here’s some advice: drink whatever tf you want. Always try different things at a bar to discover new drinks, then get a pack of whatever was your favourite. They hated on both Heineken and Blue Moon in this video, and I happen to enjoy both.

  • I like busch, miller light, budlight about the same. Been taking a liking to budwieser but sometimes she’s over the budget. Don’t care for rolling rock ( at least the batch i had), coor’s tastes watered down, Corona tastes and smells like an ol snatch but a lime takes her a long way. Yuengling is alright if your in the mood for a strong flavored beer but they fill the stomach quicker. I used to drink king cobra’s back in the day lol. That was like drinking fermented shit water with a hint of hops.

  • When I was 14 my friends mom bought us our first pack of beer. I had never tried beer before. She bought us bud light. needless to say I hated it. I thought I hated beer in general for the longest time but then I realized bud light is SHITTY.

    I love beer, especially pacifico. thats all.

  • 1: all the beer you said we should drink costs a good amount of money and obviously y’all being paid to advertise
    2: check your facts, most if not all Heineken US beer is brewed in White Plains, New York.
    3: no beer tastes ABSOLUTELY AMAZING like your advertised beer you say it sooooo much better, there’s a reason why it’s called cheap beer, the fact is most Americans don’t want a more expensive beer when they can get a 30 pack of Buds at a convention store for maybe $20 or so.

  • Hell ya that’s why coors outsells all the bs same with Budweiser. Do your research craft breweries don’t have to follow the same cleaning guidelines. These big beer companies have to clean their taps after every batch. microbreweries clean them every 30

  • I drink a majority of three beers Bud light is always available and its kind of a staple in louisiana Its also inexpensive Next up is Shiner Bock A delicious Texas beer that is a dark amber color and just has a comforting light hopped beer But the best beer Isnt a beer…..its a BIER The name of it is Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock German Crafted to perfection And has a delicious smokey taste Im sure theres a better beer or bier out there But so far This is the best I truely wish it would catch on Its one of those beers you can enjoy one by one sip by sip

  • any light beer is for the girls and fruity type. go with the originals, budweiser, coors banquet, miller, stop drinking watery garbage. best quote “Its not too hoppy”…. the hoppier the better. thats what beer is about. If you like to drink water, get it from the fountain.

  • Busch Light aka the Busch latte aka the Nector of the Gods is the best beer in the world. All you craft beer drinkers are weird as fuck

  • My go-to is PBR because I’m a hipster. I’ve always wanted to try some of the really cheap ones I’ve seen (Keystone, Icehouse, Natty, etc.) I don’t drink Yuengling Light, but regular Yuengling is my shit.

  • I discovered what I feel is an awesome beer. It is Kentucky Burbon Barrel Ale an it has a taste like an extra smooth bourbon without the bite or burn.

  • Natty all day! No one is crushing craft beers at the beach or at the bond fire. Im going to just do my own video on this! Blasphemy!

  • Try a sour. Very refreshing and light. IPA’s are a good winter brew. Bud light is a perfectly fine beer. If you drink the same beer the others do not taste well. Open your taste buds and try a new beer!

  • my fav is busch lite, i dont have only one favorate beer that i drink all the time..ill drink any brand of beer, but budweiser is the beer i drink mostly,i switch it up,just last saturday night i bought moosehead lager from liquor store.im not scared to try other brands of beer

  • Amstel Light blows them 4 away! Amstel Light is the best light beer on the market. Water, Barley, Hops, and Yeast. NO adjuncts. I guess everyone loves drinking BSB!

  • Coors is my light beer of choice. I just started drinking so I’m in the light beer section I ushually drink about six but I’ll slowly be graduating to more harder stuff. I just drink to get a light buzz feeling thou and I’m happy:)

  • What’s the point of drinking any beer with less than 4% alc, I don’t get it, if someone is drinking a beer that weak to not get even a little intoxicated then why drink beer at all, drink some juice, water or soda, lol.
    Most of my favorite craft beers are between 6% 9% alc, I usually drink 2-4 of those type of beers and I’m good, I get the desired effects of beer without having to drink 4-8 light beers and get all bloated just to get that same desired effect (intoxication).
    Of course I do totally understand someone drinking a light 4% 5% beer because they want to enjoy a couple of beers & a light buzz but they can’t or don’t want to get too intoxicated that day or night… but beers under 4% are pointless in my opinion… why are you even drinking that weak beer if it’s obvious you’re avoiding drinking a “regular” beer because you don’t want to get even a little intoxicated?!
    Like why does O’Doul’s even exits, what kind of weirdo drinks that stuff??!!:D

  • As a Mexican i still don’t understand we people associate Corona with Mexican food or the culture. We don’t really drink that lol We drink more Modelo, Tecate, or Pacifico if anything:)

  • Im not even going to watch the vid just thought i will comment dont drink any commercial beer i mean any. Brew your own being a bloke that drinks alot more than average joe i love my beer i like to experiment cherry ipa stouts lager ale pilsner session ale amber ale the lot only beer ill buy is of course a Guinness every now and then please people dont buy commercial beer experiment its amazing and so easy to do why give big companys big dollar for fucking trash im planning on starting my own micro brewery one day

  • Best is probobly Coors. It’s a bit watered down but has that great after breath
    Never tried Amstel
    bud light is for Ppl that give in to advertising and or don’t like the taste of beer. Way to watery no beer flavor

  • Just because beer is cheap doesn’t mean it is bad. There are so many beers out there that are palatable but not 3 times the price….in taiwan ‘craft’ beer is so expensive that everyone I know actually bares a grudge against it as opposed to ‘loving it’.. I don’t care how good something is if you charge three times the price I refuse to buy it.

  • I have been to the yuengling brewery. It’s a hour and half’s drive from me in NJ. I use to date a girl that was a town over from there. It’s really good beer

  • As far as taste, Amstel light is the best. But if im buyin light beer…im not payin that price.To be honest, Hamms special light is the way to go! Yuengling light would be second. Dont get your praise on michelob ultra…..that is way too watery! JMHO

  • Does anyone still drink Michelob Light? It has way more taste than Ultra. It may have more calories and carbs though if you’re into that stuff.

  • Funny how the must drink ones were all crafts and IPAs and almost every one of the don’t drinks were American lagers. There’s a time for lagers and a time for IPAs. And everyone has a different taste.

    I personally hate IPAs. If you want to try a good beer, go to Wisconsin and try spotted cow. Also give Leinenkugel’s summer shandy a try. Much better than shock top.

  • At the beginning of the video im yelling at my phone, “No Dan! Dont do it!” Best part of the video is Lizzy holding a tallboy in each hand. Pure Murica

  • Miller Lite is my preference but if I’m hosting party I’ll throw in pack of Keystone for some variety, basically the same as Coors but cheaper and tastes the same.

  • I think michelob light is better than ultra because it has more hop presence and it’s less carbonated

    ultra is more commonly available

    I’ve only bought Mich light in 75cent single beers

  • wow no mention of natty light
    i was suprised and liked it i thought it had more flavor than bud light or busch light
    but miller lite was the only other lite beer i enjoyed,

    busch seemed too flat and watery Michelob was too expensive for diluted beer maybe it tastes better after a few bottles and the flavor sinks in, and bud light has a real weird rice funk.

    also coors light tastes like corn freezer burn to me.

    never had bud select but i have had miller 64 and it was one of the worst beers it was basicly a near beer with alcohol.

    i would love to see a blind head to head free for all (Since most head to heads are just head to head 2 beers but there are a lot of light beers and you gotta try them all at the same time to see if you can even tell them apart.

  • Oh man I remember when I was 21-24 when I was at a airport and I had time to kill I tried all three of them and never drank them ever again since I turn 25 I only drink quality craft beer and the casual domestic beer like Corona, Heineken, Yingling

  • Brad keselowski would be proud that miller lite would have more taste that is why I might try miller lite when I finally turn 21 in 2019 of October!

  • I don’t understand where was Budweiser,Busch,natural light, or my faviorte Steel Reserve. The beers that I just mentioned deserve to be top tier. Video disliked

  • When he said Michelob ultra taste like water I was like ��, then he goes to say bud light was a 9 ��, then he goes and spits out Miller lite! ����‍♂️ I then knew this guy dosnt know a good light beer if it smacked him.

  • Can’t hate for an opinion but bud light is literally the equivalent to Michelob ultra they’re both beer flavored water and natural light and Busch light are basically the same but Busch is better for the price and the flavor coor’s is ok and Miller is better than natural light and coors in my opinion

  • pretty much all of these taste the same just some are slightly slighty better than others like bud light over hamms although Miller is very unique wheaty taste

  • I’m usually a miller lite guy, but the capped cans taste different than the bottles to me. Michelob is great but it’s hard to compare to the “footballs Sunday” beer because of the large difference lol. Honestly I’ve never had a beer that I haven’t liked… other than blue moon orange peel lol yuck

  • I would try bud light when I finally become 21 in october 6th 2019 so that i can drink bud light eat wings and watch the patriots game at b dubs.

  • City of neenah has an ordinance where if a place sells gasoline they cannot sell any alchol. You also have to have the alchol in a seperate cooler. You can get alchol at any grocery store,walmart liquor store or some walgreens. It sucks

  • Please subscribe to our new up and coming craft beer lifestyle brand!!! The Brewskii Broskiis https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ0RcieW-kvl5ITMu8QhTPg

  • Imo, high life light is the best because it’s tasty and brewed in WISCO. Busch light is my cheating on da home state beer. Hamms is ok but it’s cheap as he’ll so that makes up for it

  • Budweiser is made from rice in place of barley, so technically it’s not even beer.

    Hamm’s would be my #1 out of the bunch. Never had the light version though.

  • These people don’t realize that the big beer companies don’t give a damn about quality or the passion. To me yuengling and many lagers in the us are worthy of praise.

  • I’ve always wondered what other people are tasting when it comes to beer. I’ve tried almost every beer and I have to spit it out immediately because of the God awfull taste.

  • A wise man once said, “Hey! How about you get your own damn bottle?” And “Like I said, drinking has its benefits” Rest In Peace Chris Farley

  • Beer snobs are just assholes in general who think they are better than everyone just because they know beer. Never met a beer connoisseur I liked. Phony cock suckers.

  • A bunch of elitist snobs talk crap about real beer that real actual people drink, and complain for a while. All of these people are the worst.

  • 6:44 WTH does a great fishing & Golf beer mean!??? What must a beer have to constitute it as a great beer for golf and/or fishing?? ��

  • So sad for any “beer expert” to criticize the hell out of a beer. For anyone that really knows and respects beer, there are so many different styles that if these people in the review are truly “Beer Experts” then perhaps light beer or American beer is not their beer of choice. Doesn’t mean it’s bad and to talk badly about it, just need to keep an open mind when drinking beer. If you cannot do that, then to me you are not a beer expert.

  • You need to get a professional sommelier for this sort of test. They’re professionals. They know how to blind test, they know their tasting notes, and they know how to properly rate something within its appropriate category. It’s not, oh I don’t like it so it’s bad.

  • On a hot day, a cold bud is very pleasant to drink. Light beers are great depending on the situation. In a more swanky establishment, I’d go for a more flavoursome and crafty beer

  • i hate beer snobs almost as much as wine snobs. beer used to be a drink for poor people now they add some extra “hoppiness” and all of a sudden people are putting their beer advocate accounts on their resumes. just drink the fuckin beer

  • Kind of people you offer a beer to and they turn it down because it’s not a double IPA craft wizard beer made in the mountains of Vermont.. obnoxious and no fun to hang out with..drink a piss beer and enjoy it ya panzies

  • That’s the expensive beer! Keystone, Milwaukee’s best, and natural light are some cheap beers. This is the high class beer I drink after I get a fat check.

  • I am not normally a fan of Budweiser but when I visited the brewery and had it fresh it was actually quite good. I don’t know what happens after it leaves the brewery but not a fan.

  • American beers used to taste good. The companies have been taken over by other companies and
    they have changed the original recipes. Now they dont taste right. IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT!

  • Hard to believe we as, ok? North Americans? Could drink that stuff, and looked upon it as ‘Beer’ for as long as we did. It wasn’t completely with out some caveats but? We drank it. We drink it now. I love European and American fine ales and lagers best for years now that I’ve known the difference for Soo long? But at certain occasions, and on days where laying down $15 for one 25oz great beer isn’t gonna be a reality? We revert to the better of the cheap stuff we can muster.