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Snack on celery sticks—or other water-filled veggies like cucumber slices or cherry tomatoes—to help your body rehydrate. Their fiber also helps get the digestive tract running smoothly without the potential for additional bloating or gas that cruciferous veggies sometimes cause. Top celery sticks with peanut or nut butter for satiety. Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, kale, broccoli, onions, garlic, apples, pears, and high-fat foods could also cause bloating. Try eliminating these foods and see how you feel.

7 / 10. From pre-packaged to minimal-prep-required, these twelve snack picks — approved by the New York Times best-selling Zero Belly Diet — allow you to eat in your bathing suit and provide you with tons of healthful benefits: they banish bloat, boost your energy, and keep you hydrated. Try one of these flat-belly friendly picks when you’re in need of a little something while laying in the sand. Curb salt and sodium intake. When you eat sodium-rich food, you retain more water which can leave you looking and feeling bloated.

Foods like bananas, avocados, mangos, and papayas can help because they are high in potassium. Potassium acts as a natural diuretic, helping to. Again, this snack is best if your bloat is related to fluid retention, though it should also help with gas-related bloating. 5. A pear and 1 ounce of aged cheese.

Get rid of bloat with this nutritionist’s guide to anti-bloat foods. This 7-day meal plan includes easy recipes you can make at home to reduce belly bloat. Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of how to prevent uncomfortable bloating. Here are some popular low FODMAP foods that won’t cause bloating, gas, or abdominal pain, plus a. “Constipation is a common cause for bloating, so eating a diet high in fiber can help.

For snacks, I cut up a pile of fresh, crunchy vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, grape. 13 Foods That Cause Bloating (and What to Eat Instead) Written by Adda Bjarnadottir, MS, RDN (Ice) on June 4, 2017 Bloating is when your belly feels swollen or enlarged after eating. Bloating, it happens to most at one time or another. It is when one’s belly feels enlarged or swollen due to gas or digestive issues that can occur after eating.

Sixteen percent to 30 percent of people state they experience bloating regularly. There are many foods that cause bloating and removing.

List of related literature:

Measures that help with salt restriction include avoiding the addition of salt to food, cooking with herbs, using fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned, choosing fresh meats instead of deli or processed meats (e.g., bacon, sausage), and avoiding obviously salty foods (e.g., potato chips, pretzels, salted nuts).

“Primary Care E-Book: A Collaborative Practice” by Terry Mahan Buttaro, Patricia Polgar-Bailey, Joanne Sandberg-Cook, JoAnn Trybulski
from Primary Care E-Book: A Collaborative Practice
by Terry Mahan Buttaro, Patricia Polgar-Bailey, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Our list of foods that you can reach for when you’re hungry include any of the above foods as well as a handful of almonds, peanuts, or walnuts; bags of store-bought, prechopped fruits and veggies; dried fruit (apricots, cranberries); and edamame (soybeans —look for microwave bags in the frozen food section).

“YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
from YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management
by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
Scribner, 2010

One 20-ounce bag ofthese freeze-dried edamame snacks are 90 calories, 4 g of fat, 7 g of carbs and 8 g of protein.

“The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer
by Natasha Turner
Rodale Books, 2013

Low water–containing foods that are energy dense, such as potato chips, crackers, and fat-free cookies, are restricted.

“Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Iranian Edition E-Book” by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
from Krause’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Iranian Edition E-Book
by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
Elsevier Health Sciences UK, 2016

To change snacks from those that were primarily starch, sugar, or fat based to those that were primarily sugar-free, protein or nuts based, lightly salted, or unsalted.

“Global Perspectives on Childhood Obesity: Current Status, Consequences and Prevention” by Debasis Bagchi
from Global Perspectives on Childhood Obesity: Current Status, Consequences and Prevention
by Debasis Bagchi
Elsevier Science, 2010

Savor Whole Nutrient-Rich Foods: Get enough nutrient-dense, potassiumrich foods to help you balance your sodium intake (it’s impossible to not get salt in your daily diet), and this will help you stave off bloat.

“The Healing Powers of Vinegar (3rd edition)” by Cal Orey
from The Healing Powers of Vinegar (3rd edition)
by Cal Orey
Kensington Books, 2008

ingredients during cooking (e.g., fats and oils); avoiding overconsumption of high-calorie foods (both high-fat and high-carbohydrate foods); maintain adequate water intake; reducing portion sizes; and limiting alcohol consumption.

“Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications” by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
from Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications
by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
CRC Press, 2003

Sugar-free jello ½ cup Calorie-free, flavored seltzer water 12 ounces Snack (home 3:00 p.m.) Fresh blueberries ½ cup Light yogurt 6 ounces Dinner (home 6:00 p.m.) Salmon, broiled 4 ounces Quinoa, cooked 1 cup Broccoli Unlimited Salad, lettuce with tomatoes and carrots 1.25 cups Low-calorie raspberry vinaigrette 2 Tbsp.

“Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach” by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
from Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach
by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
Wiley, 2014

In addition, the guidelines focus on consumption of nutrientdense foods and sugar-free beverages that include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seafood, eggs, beans, unsalted nuts and seeds, lean meats, poultry, and fat-free and low-fat milk products (Kennedy et al., 2011; USDA and USDHHS, 2010).

“Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques E-Book” by Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia A. Potter, Wendy Ostendorf
from Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques E-Book
by Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia A. Potter, Wendy Ostendorf
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

One message says to reduce sodium from soup, bread, and frozen meals, but this list glaringly omits salty snacks, other sodium-laden processed foods, and restaurant foods.

“Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health” by Marion Nestle
from Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health
by Marion Nestle
University of California Press, 2013

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  • Thank you for being so transparent about bloating. I feel really self conscious about how my sticks out bc of it, so it helps to know Im not alone x

  • Hi chloe…
    I m also going through all the same problems you mentioned in some of your videos for last 2 year like ibs, bloating, fatigue, high pulse rate, anxiety, cramps etc… i feel So unhealthy and tired all the time… i m an visual artist and a very ambitious girl… i m trying my level best to figuring it out… still not sure y these things suddenly came into my life.. but if u get any solution then plz make a video… i will be very very grateful to you…
    thank you…
    Sending you of positive vibes..��

  • Great tips, Lauren!! I feature Full-Length At-Home workouts on my YT Channel feel free to check it out and share with your friends and clients. I hope you tune in.:) Just subbed your channel.

  • This happened to me after having surgery. I was so bloated and constipated afterwards with the anaesthetic, pain, lack of movement and all the pain killers I was taking. I was also nauseous all the time, it took me an hour to eat a sandwich with all the waves of nausea.

  • In this 2-hour and 30 minute interview, we discuss…
    00:00:00 the early history of sulforaphane research, including key initial discoveries.
    00:00:37 the serendipitous unfolding of events that lead to the converging of the research on the NRF2 stress response pathway with the sulforaphane-related research going on at the same institute Johns Hopkins.
    00:05:06 why cruciferous vegetables bother to create isothiocyanates in the first place.
    00:07:26 the involvement of the heat shock proteins, in addition to the increased activity of Nrf2, as an additional cellular response mechanism that’s been observed in association with sulforaphane.
    00:08:11 how sulforaphane affects a diverse array of biochemical processes from glutathione synthesis to elimination of reactive oxygen species and detoxification of harmful compounds, including carcinogens.
    00:15:01 whether or not to cook your cruciferous vegetables.
    00:15:34 the epidemiological (associative) evidence that cruciferous vegetable consumption may help reduce the risk of cancer.
    00:18:30 the extremely unpredictable nature of endogenous conversion of glucoraphanin (the precursor) into sulforaphane between person to person.
    00:22:14 practical information surrounding supplementation of sulforaphane.
    00:27:05 the effect one particular french sulforaphane supplement had on the doubling rate of PSA, which is a marker for prostate cancer recurrence in prostate cancer patients.
    00:28:17 the role that the Cullman Chemoprotection Center at Johns Hopkins has played, in addition to fundamental research, in providing early, vital infrastructure enabling some of the efforts of the international research community in elucidating the effects of sulforaphane and related compounds and the underlying biological pathways.
    00:28:26 the incredible, almost geometric growth in new studies that has occurred since the advent of a few of the key discoveries about sulforaphane and its method of action.
    00:32:48 the practicality of probiotics as a way to improve endogenous myrosinase activity needed to convert the precursor to sulforaphane into the bioactive sulforaphane.
    00:33:26 the involvement of our gut bacteria in our ability to convert the precursor of sulforaphane into its active form.
    00:37:13 whether or not endogenous myrosinase activity improves as a function of repeated challenge with glucoraphanin (the precursor to sulforaphane).
    00:39:30 why probiotics may vary in their degree of efficacy.
    00:43:00 why consuming isothiocyanates to reduce the number of bacterial colonies of h. pylori, a risk factor for peptic ulcers and stomach cancer, may turn out to be a better intervention than complete eradication of the species with antibiotics.
    00:47:21 the bizarre relationship h. pylori has with childhood asthma, where it has been shown that having some h. pylori seems to reduce asthma incidence in childhood.
    00:52:28 the effect sulforaphane has on inflammation and why inflammation is often a great therapeutic target for many different diseases, including diseases of aging.
    00:54:05 the life extension properties broccoli has been shown to have in an insect model of aging.
    00:59:27 the underlying causes of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria and the promise sulforaphane may hold for this disease of rapid aging.
    01:09:00 the effects of sulforaphane or Nrf2 activation on diseases of the brain, such as autism (human evidence) and Alzheimer’s (animal evidence), possibly through anti-oxidative or anti-inflammatory effects.
    01:11:09 the so-called autistic fever response whereby autistic patients report a sudden reversal of symptoms during brief periods of fever.
    01:10:05 the role heat shock proteins might play more broadly in the prevention of certain neurological diseases.
    01:19:00 the challenges inherent in clinical trials where scientists may be extremely optimistic about the effects that might be observed, but still have to exercise caution and choose trial conditions that may be conservative, for the good of the people whose lives and hopes hang in the balance.
    01:27:01 the role of inflammation and depression and what some studies on animals have demonstrated in terms of sulforaphane’s potential as an antidepressant.
    01:42:30 a special isothiocyanate-containing plant known as Moringa or sometimes referred to as the drumstick tree or the horseradish tree.
    01:46:32 Dr. Fahey’s inadvertent foray into the consumption of exotic meats during a visit to Africa.
    01:51:15 a compound commonly associated with broccoli: indole-3-carbinol and its downstream product diindolylmethane (DIIM).
    01:57:00 the practicality of using mustard seed powder as an extra source of myrosinase, possibly for your cooked cruciferous vegetables.
    02:00:13 whether or not it makes sense to freeze broccoli sprouts in order to extend their shelf life, and possibly even increase sulforaphane within certain contexts.
    02:05:25 Dr. Fahey’s thoughts on where endogenous conversion of glucoraphanin occurs in the body, as well as how long it takes before sulforaphane metabolites hit the bloodstream after ingestion.
    02:07:25 Some general thoughts on frequency in terms of how often one might need to take sulforaphane to elicit its biological effects.
    02:12:16 why sulforaphane may one day be a component of sunscreen.
    02:12:31 what some of the upcoming trials involving sulforaphane are at the Cullman Chemoprotection Center.
    02:17:07 the incredible way in which a sulforaphane-rich broccoli sprout beverage was shown to dramatically enhance the detoxification of benzene through excretion: one study showed up to 61% starting immediately after supplementation.

  • It’s so frustrating bc I bloat when i eat raw veggies, avocados, and watermelon. Idk why but those 3 things make me bloat like crazy.

    Edited: like the specific veggie is Brocolli and cauliflower. Like I can eat carrots but that’s it. Sometimes I even get bloated from eggs.

  • if you fall over you will break your arm…… eat more woman. learn the consistency and use of the term mathematical average……. you see in these modern times we can pay around 20 uk pounds to have your blood analysed by lab. when you do you can learn what foods your gut wont tolerate based on your biological structure. thus we can eliminate foods that our gut wont tolerate due to gut health or allergies. thus creating an ideal environment to use cico by eliminating the food that may not provide all they store. even then your still working with averages. best to get that baseline by using marco info combined with weighing all foods to create this baseline then from that increase or decrease calories based on your numbers. this is a point to stat measuring progression, that is all…….

  • This makes so much sense….I never understood y I’m facing the same issue and this video is so helpful cuz after 7 years I understand how to take care of my stomach

  • Diet Plan known as Custokebon Secrets kept appearing here on different youtube and I thought they were scam. However after my cousin follow it, and finally lost tons of weight by using it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. You should not take my word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine.

  • So are the seeds better? Did she end up just doing seeds? That would be so much quicker, a quick blend and a quick bitter shot in the morning and your done.

  • hi chloe! I was just wondering if you’re bloated a lot, might you also pass gas a lot?? I actually pass a lot of gas from both top and bottom holes and I’m starting to think I might have some problem in my GI tract. I also get nauseous/burning stomach when I eat the certain foods ��

  • hey I know your’re probably not gonna see this chloe, but I really hope you could maybe make a vid and talk about how you discovered about the type and place of bacteria you have? I’m asking because I’m severally BLOATED and would really like to know more about the subject from someone experiencing something similar as me.
    Also I live is Israel, and I there are a lot of products people talk about online that I’m just not so sure we have here on the market, so..
    any ways thanks, love your content!:)))

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a search on google) We’ve noticed many awesome things about this popular fat burn methods.

  • Portuguese fan here! Tell me please, what is the name of the portuguese dish that you really like and tastes like the sardine cake? Sending lots of love <3

  • I’m pretty sure I don’t have fat issues, but BLOATING issues! I always thought I was fat but now I see is actually bloating, THANK GOD…what now?

  • I can’t burp either! I swear so many people who have IBS or SIBO or general stomach issues cant burp and have reflux. There must be a correlation, but I only know of one doctor in the UK who even has started to look into it ��

  • I am so happy that I found your channel, I feel you… I’m fructose, sorbit, histamine, lactose and gluten intolerante and finding food that tastes good, doesn’t hurt me and has the nutritions my body needs is challenging! I’m doing your workouts and will start changing my diet a bit as well (I‘m just trying to get stronger and keep my back problems at bay), so thaaaank you for all your hard work ��

  • When you said you can’t even burp, I felt that. I am the same and I wish I could burp on command because then I can get rid of the gas that’s making me bloat and causing me pain!

  • My Daily Routine:
    Breakfast: 10 am
    5 cheeses (my grandma makes them herself with the milk from a cow so it’s healthy and full of protein!)
    2 boiled eggs or omlette
    5 olives
    2 cups or water

    I don’t have lunch ��

    3 hours after the breakfast I workout! I am following your program!

    After the workout I eat some fruits to get the vitamins and other stuffs my body needs

    Dinner: 7 am
    Meat or Veggies with salad
    (whatever my mom cooks lol)

    Then my IF diet starts at 8 pm and it ends in the next morning around 10!

    In Fridays I can cheat once without overdosing so I can be more motivated!

  • I have ibs lol so I have to avoid certain food, so it’s gluten for me otherwise I’ll bloat, vomit, have morning sickness, gag, have tension headaches, bad mood swings, puke in my mouth. It’s awful

  • I’ve always struggled with constipation and digestion problems and bloating because of blockage with gas and not having regular bowel movements. I’ve tried so many different fibers in food, cutting out dairy, drinking coffee as a laxative, but nothing has worked to well. I’ve always refused strong laxatives because of how harmful they are and how easy your body will become dependent on them but starting this i feel a lot more clean, refreshed and not heavy with blockage. THANK YOOOOU <3

  • Me thinks the good doctor is having trouble averting thine eyes. In his defense her chest is absolutely magnificent………………….

  • https://www.ebay.com/itm/Prostaphane-Active-Sulforaphane-90-capsules-New-in-box/274339960481?hash=item3fdfef96a1:g:tKMAAOSwf4lemea4

  • does anyone else bloat the most from water??? genuinely so confused like i feel sick drinking water and i turn into a pufferfish lol

  • Has anyone found a solution? I tried diets, food diaries, cutting out maybe intolerant foods, exercised, probiotics and prebiotics, digestive enzymes, but nothing worked. I’m so skinny but bloat after literally anything I eat or drink. My stomach doesn’t hurt but it’s hard. Like when I tap it, it sounds hollow and trapped gas. Yet I fart a lot tho.

  • Omg I suffer from bloating as long as I could remember, but watching your videos and taking your advise help me so much!!!! So thank-you! I feel like I have a normal life now, and I have still doing your workout cause still I just feel good every time!❤️And I hope you feel better with your bloating too.

  • I added a teaspoonful of broccoli seeds to my smoothie. It made me sicker than hell. I vomited about 10 times in a row. The seeds were certified pathogen-free. I suspect that the dosage of sulforaphane was either too high, or my tolerance too low.

  • Everyone I watch for like dieting or face mask just skin and body care use turmeric for almost everything and I tried it once and got a bad oracle migraine and threw up everywhere I put it in my eggs because I was told it’s good for you and they eggs tasted good but different and I got sick a hour later I don’t know if it was the seasoning but I’m scared to try it now

  • Totally late to the party but this hit home. I’m so frustrated with the bloating idk if I’m allergic to something or what it is but I feel you sister��

  • From what I understand sulforaphane activates NRF2 and deactivates AMPK. some NRF2 activations is good but too much is bad right? so if too much NRF2 is a bad thing. and I already to intermittent fasting 20/4 typically. presumable activating NRF2 and AMPK. should I not break my fast with high sulforaphane broccoli sprouts? it seems like that my keep NRF2 high all the time? Perhaps I should eat the sprouts as the last thing before starting a fast?

    will sulforaphane work in tangent with a fast or will it counteract the benefits of a fast? I have read that sulforaphane actually downregulates APMK.

  • So….if a person has already been diagnosed with uncurable stomach cancer…. would eating lots of these sprouts be of any help to fight the cancer?

  • I have been eating broccoli seeds for quite a while. Actually I find them quite tasty. The reason is figure 7 in this paper:
    Actually I came across this in some other video on this channel.

  • I’m really struggling with bloating atm. I workout constantly and eat the bare minimum but nothing stops the bloating:( I really need help

  • Weird question but do you guyses stool is not brown or dark brown as it supposed to? Bc mine isn’t and have been having this problem including bloating, burping too much, so much gas in forever. Burping and gas goes away from time to time though, but comes back after months or so.

  • Just seeing this video, and when you said “I can’t burp” I was like SAME! I’ve never been able to burp. I bloat so easily and my stomach feels hard and swollen and sore after eating certain foods. So it’s really comforting to hear you talk about topics like this, especially sharing personal experiences. Thank you

  • Dear Dr. Rohnda, thank you so much for your podca5with Dr. Fahee…. I have been crushing mustard seed, broccoli seed and kayle seeds and drinking it down with coconut water and it has been amazing. Thank you so much. NO MORE SPROUTING. YA!!!!

  • Thank you Rhonda and Jed for your amazing and very important work!

    I wonder if lacto fermenting the seeds/sprouts will convert glucoraphanin to a shelf stable form and ready to eat sulforaphane.. maybe even more bio available,
    but maybe instead of lacto fermenting a specific species of bacteria starter should be used, a Myrosinase producing bacteria which would pre-digest for people that don’t have enough.
    Also, the fermenting environment should have this main bacteria and other harmful ones hopefully don’t survive, like e.coli from unclean sprouting

    I would love to hear Rhonda’s thoughts on this

    I just saw on Mercola’s website fermented broccoli sprouts,
    They write “…And because we use fermented broccoli sprouts, the conversion to sulforaphane happens before you even take it!..” I wish I could find more information on this

    And this patent: https://patents.google.com/patent/US20160279090

  • This is my diet:
    Morning-Fruits &veggies, Oatmeal, Water
    Lunch-Fruits & veggies, Sandwich, Water
    Dinner-Filipino food, Water
    Then when I workout I use your abs workout!

  • Love your channel I could watch it all day! Thanks, dearie, you’ve got me hooked! I am a young 72 because like you, I’ve always been into vitamines, exercise and good cooking, but, you’ve inspired me to make some of your recipe ideas, but, lately I have had a lot of blooting too, lots of gas and in general, I thought I was alone in this struggle! I enjoy your videos and they encourage me to get back on track!! Thanks, keep up the good work!

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    Look up ” thereturn.org ” National & Global Day of Prayer & Repentance on Sept 26. God will heal our land if we Repent & Pray. Believe and trust in the bl o o d that was shed by J e s u s C h r i s t for your sins; being born again/saved. Humble yourself before the LORD and S A V I O U R J e s u s C h r i s t and pray. Pray by lying prostrate on the floor with your face to the ground. The ultimate humility before Jesus Christ is you on your face. Read 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

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    You can make a difference! We can’t lose with J e s u s C h r i s t. Give Him your heart today!

  • Hypothyroid? Then be careful with moringa leaf. See Tahiliani and Kar “Role of Moringa oleifera leaf extract in the regulation of thyroid hormone status in adult male and female rats”. Moringa reduced peripheral T4 to T3 conversion in female, but not male, rats.
    See also Mondal & Chandra “Goitrogenic/antithyroidal potential of moringa leaves (Moringa oleifera) and spinach (Spinacia oleracea) of Indian origin on thyroid status in male albino rats”, Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2019. “The serum T3 and T4 levels were significantly (P<0.05) decreased in animals after supplementation of moringa leaves and spinach as compared to respective controls." Moringa was far worse than spinach in reducing thyroid hormone levels.

  • An ex-girlfriend of mine was diabetic, and one evening we went out for ice cream and she ordered the sugar-alcohol kind. I thought I’d show support so I ordered it for my cone as well. Cut to 1 hour later when we’re in the middle of “super happy fun time” and I felt the most painful bloating ever. I had to stop what we were doing and run to the bathroom, but I first asked her to please cover her ears for the next 5 minutes because this was gonna sound like the 4th of July turned up to 11. Thank goodness she had matches in the bathroom, although I did pause for a second before lighting as I thought the gas might explode. And that is why I now only eat ice cream with real sugar, and also why I’m her “ex” boyfriend. Say no to sorbitol, kids.

  • hes doing an amazing job at not making eye contact with her boobs. A man of pure genius. im sorry but Dr Rhonda Patrick is an A++++

  • He destroy his credibility by making political comments. One cannot trust people’s judgments when they have a political bias. One cannot trust an establishment that has a fascist anti-democratic viewpoint thinking they should be able to dictate what people believe rather than having universal education and letting people make their own decisions.

  • I feel so bad for you hope this problem never comes back and you stay happy and healthy �� and currently I am on CHLOE TING 2 WEEKS SHRED!! SUPER EXCITED I AM LIKE 3 DAYS LEFT AND I ALREADY SEE THE RESULT NOT HUGE DIFFERENCE BUT YES IT HAS DEFINITELY MOTIVATED ME TO MOVE AHEAD �� THANK YOU GIRL LOVE FORM INDIA ������

  • I’m so glad I’ve discovered your workout videos that lead me to this video. I also suffer from bloating like I have it everyday but without the cramps. It was not like this until I developed gallstones like four years ago. Which I had my gall bladder removed 2 years ago. But still I suffer from bloating. I have managed to live with it as if it is normal for me. But there are certain days like I feel my tummy is about to explode from too much bloating. Seeing your video makes me realize that I should see a doctor to help me with this problem. Thanks Chloe! ♥️

  • I’m 53 and have eaten a lot of sugar over the years and about 30 pounds overweight and as a programmer use my brain non-stop all week. So over years the brain fog has built up and just a couple weeks into getting lots of sulforaphane I can tell a huge difference in brain clarity. This substance may not help a young person much but if you are older I would sure recommend it!

  • I’ve been working out for a month now and i cant see progress so far tho im eating somehow clean�� until i watched your video about bloated tummy, so i think im may have bloated tummy, because i look like pregnant and I fart that smells so bad. I think its stressing me too. Pls help������

  • Wow! From this I took that I can grind broccoli and mustard seeds (about a tablespoon each) put it in my smoothies and sprinkle fresh ground seeds on my cooling cooked foods.
    I’m interested in any further studies on the effects of the seeds on cell activity. Any hints?
    Thank you for your well thought out information! It’s so refreshing and enheartening for me personally to see professionals disbursing this information freely. It’s helping me to change my attitude to everyone with a ‘Dr.’ before their name!

  • Thank you! I was making a presentation on sulforaphane, NRF2 and a paper about it relieving doxorubicin induced heart attacks. This video was a great help as some of the papers I cited were by Dr. Fahey

  • Hello guys, I was able to find prostaphane https://www.ebay.com/itm/Prostaphane-Active-Sulforaphane-90-capsules-New-in-box/274339960481?hash=item3fdfef96a1:g:tKMAAOSwf4lemea4
    You can do your research just as I did.

  • Reasons to switch to Paleo diet: https://healthprowess.wordpress.com/workouts-and-nutrition/5-reasons-to-switch-to-paleo-diet-for-weight-loss-in-2020/

  • Myrosinase is destroyed by heating, but the precursor is not correct? Meaning you could lightly toast the broccoli seeds and mix in some brown mustard seed powder after its cooked (which has high myrosinase activity) and theoretically get an alternative quicker to make.

  • What a great interview and what a nice guy, really down-to-earth and dedicated to his work with the ultimate purpose of doing good for people. Thanks Rhonda for what you’re doing, now back to eating those sprouts.

  • We have Moringa oleifera in Puerto Rico. I’ve seen the trees here and there, usually growing along fences. I’m going see if I can find some & see how it tastes. Apparently, from Wikipedia, many parts of the plant are eaten.

  • I need some opinions: So I absolutely LOVE sweet breakfasts, I really try to keep it as healthy as possible, like lots of fruits and a sweetened Greek Skyr Joghurt. I also love to sweeten my fruits with lots of honey.. Though I really don’t know if this is as healthy as I think it is ���� Should I keep up with this habit, or should I rather change for better results? If yes, what do you recommend should I eat in the mornings?

  • I love a scientist who will say “we don’t know”. I have noticed a huge difference personally in the past couple weeks from sulforaphane.

  • Hi Chloe, If you’re having bloating/intestinal gas issues. You most likely also have liver problem BC the liver makes bile for digestion. Most of the time it’s not detected by doctors yet. Make sure to eat “Raw” ginger instead of powdered ones which will be more beneficial to killing parasites and bad bacterias in the gut. You can minced some raw ginger and ferment that with a cup of apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup of water in a glass jar for 5 days first and then take a table spoon of that twice a day. Drink a glass of water after taking that table spoon. Also incorporate flex seeds and chia seeds into your diet which will help the cells in your body to release the toxins and help the body to heal itself. Eat more raw veggies like spinach and kale.
    I hope this helps. From a Oriental medicine student.

  • I buy organic Moringa powder and put a teaspoon on my food once in a while. I also use organic Astragalus powder in my coffee 2 or 3 times a day along with Reishi mushroom powder. I also eat Fo-Ti root powder with Chaga mushroom once a day I mix it with avocado or peanut butter. I work out 3 times a week and i am 61 years old and feel like I am 30 I could say honestly that i feel like i am getting younger and i see my grey hair turning back to it’s original color and wrinkles are diminishing. I also don’t have a gallbladder so my stomach bile is limited.

  • Dr
     Patrick, so i can grind broccoli seeds and add them to my smoothies and i would be getting the most
     out of them and i don’t have to grow the sprouts?

  • Sulforaphane-Loaded Ultradeformable Vesicles as A Potential Natural Nanomedicine for the Treatment of Skin Cancer Diseases.

  • So can you just chew the seeds @foundmyfitness? Lots of people would like to know. Thanks for all your hard work, A gift to humanity.

  • The great majority of American scientists need to take some elocution lessons so that they may learn to respect the pronunciation of scientific terms.

  • Broccoli or Sulforaphane: Is It the Source or Dose That Matters?
    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6804255/ Published online 2019 Oct 6. Jed W. Fahey…

  • Sulforaphane: Its “Coming of Age” as a Clinically Relevant Nutraceutical in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Disease

  • thank you this is super helpful, I’ve been having similar problems but I didn’t know why, I wasn’t explaining it right to the doctors I don’t think:\ and they didn’t get it. But lately it’s been getting super bad and waking me up in the middle of the night and is so painful the only thing I can focus on is trying to breathe through it and omg so.much.gas

  • Why not just use a few sublingual drops of beano before your meal ����‍♂️ that’s how I helped my body adjust to a vegetarian diet.

  • It’s really interesting that many people have digestive issues and bloating ruins many lives, even yours:( I have not found anything useful yet but your recipes look great thanks <3 best wishes!:)

  • Differing studies say SFN both depleted glutathione and increased levels of glutathione. Very confusing. Does SFN damage mitochondria or not?

  • Best way to reduce bloating? Stop eating the foods that give you gas and bloat — aka ‘fibrous’ plant matter that you can’t digest.

    If you want to look pudgy and bloated, by all means follow a plant based diet.

  • Thank you for the work that you do in editing these videos. The time stamps for the topics are nice but I imagine you did that as a way to maximize your own understanding of the information shared with you during this very rare encounter ;). Also, overlaying the commentary with the relevant data really puts into context what he’s bringing up and helps in grasping what he’s discussing. It helps too, that he talks in a very understandable manner.

  • dose,dose,done, then lay off then a wham superdose may be the key to getting the effect sort of like throwing a race car into 4th gear, just a thought which in either poppycock or has some metrit.

  • Do you know what portion of nutrients are lost when steaming/cooking veggies? I prefer cooked veggies, but I have been eating them raw because I heard that cooking them removes the majority of the benefits. Seems to be so much conflicting info out there, and, really, I just want to do what’s best for my body.

  • Thank you Dr. Fahey! One brave doctor among millions! Most of the GI docs I deal with still say that nutrition has nothing to do with disease conditions. Amazing. I understand they are protecting their practice, but they are QUITE pathetic doctors who actually think that mouth to anus and what you put in it is inconsequential to health. They are not healers.

  • Yes the Boca Raton Community garden at the library in Florida zip code 33432, zone 9 grows a Moringa tree. As well as cocoplumb with the Womens Junior League. They donate 10% of produce to Helping Hands, a food pantry. You can just go pick some organic moringa pods. They are shaped like snap peas but jelly or guava texture inside. I think bitter.

  • Okay please someone help even though nobody’s going to see this. I feel dumb writing this; whatever. I’ve been eating 800 calories but ate like crap so I started gaining fat. I wanted to be healthier and lose that fat so I started eating more and healthier. Now that I’m eating super clean and fresh, and eating 1200 calories I’m gaining fat in my stomach still, faster then before!

    Even if someone does see this they probably won’t know. But if someone does please let me know. I’m breaking down and just thinking about giving up.

    I’m 16F, 100lb and 5’6. Please for the love of god someone help me

  • In reference to the sugar alcohols thing, what is your opinion on gum with xyliltol instead of sugar? Will chewing gum break your fast and raise insulin? Also, does Stevia break a fast?

  • I’m trying to add more veggies, kale in smoothies, broccoli and zuccini with salmon, trying to lose weight… So my question is, how do I incorporate these healthy veggies without my tummy getting so gassy?

  • Very helpful. When I first went vegetarian, I did have a problem with bloating, but it seemed to get better as my body adjusted to what I was eating, and what I was no longer eating. Would love to hear about intuitive eating!

  • YOUR INTRO… your tired of saying it! We can all tell by your face Haha. U should do what most youtubers do and record a separate intro once and use that at the beginning of each video.

  • I usually get bloated too but then I started boiling fresh ginger tea and drank a bit of the tea diluted with water and it really helped me. Be careful not to drink to much concentrated tea because it’ll give you heartburn!

  • Will your body learn to adjust and digest raw veggies?? I love my salads but definitely notice bloatings! Tips to reduce bloating AND still enjoy salads?

  • Thanks for the advice! I eat a lot of raw veggies so I take a daily dose of probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes as a precaution. That really works well for me. Cheers!

  • It’s cool how now everyone can speculate together and comment and share to grasp these overly complicated systems into manageable and hopefully useful ways. Thats crazy about the fever study. I just assumed “fevers” were a reaction to pesticide on processed and store bought food but to truely understand how all these compounds interact and commune is really cool. I normally don’t like scientist and doctors but I like these two curious and smart people. They are sticking their necks out even making these videos

  • I’m desperately trying to lose weight and reduce bloating, but nothing seems to work. I’m considering ordering Burn or something, but am gonna work out too. The sad thing is that I can’t eat that much fruit anymore

  • I eat red beans and black beans with cauliflower weekly. As well as raw veggies (kale) in my smoothies. Thank you for the info. I was wondering why my stomach is looking bloated. ��

  • I really enjoy your channel and have learned so much. I have a very complex medical history including RA and SEVERE food allergies. Consequently, I eat a plant-based, gluten-free diet. As medications have caused me to put on weight, I tried several times to see a nutritionist where I live, but when a nutritionist asks a person keeping to a plant-based diet, “How do you get your protein” it ruins your confidence in them. I keep to whole foods, low gycemic index foods, high fiber foods, lots of plant-based protein and VERY RARELY eat processed foods, as I generally prepare all of my own foods (even gardening and preserving my own organic fruits and veggies). I am as active as possible with my symptoms. I feel that the things I learn from your channel help me target my nutritional needs even better. Thank you for all of the great education you provide.

  • 1:42
    1. Beans + Chickpeas
    2. Grains
    3. High Lactose Dairy Products
    4. Sugar Alcohols (Xylitol, Mannitol, Erythritol, -ol)
    5. Raw Vegetables

  • There is a simple way to avoid all bloating, no farts (and that once a week when you do it smells nothing) and overall incredibly good digestion. It is not vegan, though.

  • Idc what anyone says bloating is uncomfortable and hurts really bad it hurts more than ppl think I takes me so nasea like ur gonna vomt

  • Hi Loren!! Great content and so helpful. At the end of the video you state that bloating will go away in most cases. How long to wait for it?? Looking forward to more vids��

  • I would like to know how to get rid of gas and bloating in the vegan diet.
    I can’t do the vegan diet because of gas and bloating
    Watermelon, corn, avocado, soy milk, beans, apple, cauliflower, persimmon, oats, peas, peaches, kale, peanuts, all of this gets bloated

    Greetings I’m from Brazil…

  • Very clear and helpuf. I started plant based diet 10 days ago and I am experiencing bloating. I also have IBS and unfortunately some kind if veg and fruit are very challenging for me to digest. I hope the situation will be managable in a while.
    Ps. I like your voice and your English is extremely easy for me to understand, even if it is not my first language. Tnx��

  • New fav account, love how you keep everything in your videos straight to the point and you don’t go off topic, it saves me time ��

  • I never watch a 2 hr video on YouTube but this was well worth time spent. Thank you both for this valuable insight. Please do more videos on broccoli sprout SEEDS.

  • Raw nuts and seeds often have enzyme inhibitors on the outside which is only removed by soaking and rinsing at which point you are on the road to sprouting having germinated the seed.

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