Nutrition Services

Grocery Store Tour $25 per person.Grocery-Store-Alexia

Meet at the grocery store where you make your food decisions and walk the aisles with your coach/nutritionist where you have a chance to ask questions, review multiple foods, and walk away knowing exactly which foods fit your heart-health goals the best. For local clients only. Minimum 3 participants. Date/Time TBD for each group.

Nutrition Review $97.

This requires you to keep a food journal using the Lose It or My Fitness Pal for five days. You then get a written Nutrition Review Report via email giving you feedback on your current nutrition choices so you can see exactly how your choices line up with the applicable recommendations for heart health, diabetes management, weight loss, or general good health – plus you get specific recommendations to improve the healthfulness of your nutrition and food choices.

Nutrition Review + Coaching $197.

In addition to receiving your Nutrition Review Report (above), you also get two 30-minute phone/video coaching sessions to go more in depth into your report and to help you make realistic changes to your nutrition choices. Coaching sessions are conversations focused on the changes you wish to make including how-to set yourself up to be successful with the changes and these sessions can cover:

  • Finding new recipes or working through your tried-and-true recipes to make them more nutrition-rich and healthy
  • Meal planning and preparation strategies to set yourself up for success during your busy times
  • Cooking methods that are the best choices for your health concerns
  • Eating out at restaurants, fast-casual eateries, or choosing grab-and-go foods from the grocery store
  • Increasing or decreasing specific foods or nutrients (like salt or sugar!) without feeling deprived or like you are eating cardboard
  • Whatever it is you struggle with in your nutrition game-plan and need help to overcome!

Meal Planning Package $297.chickpea-salad

Get ready to find a meal plan and strategy that works for you and your family. Package is designed to be completed within 2-3 weeks.

  • Review health and nutrition goals, food and meal timing preferences, cooking skills, and food tracking or planning preferences
  • Build a basic meal plan with your coach
  • Find recipes that fit your meal plan guidelines & learn how to adjust recipes when needed
  • Learn to decipher food packaging to determine how foods fit into your goals
  • One follow-up session after implementing meal plan to assess progress, adjust plan, and ask questions


One-Month “Get Started” Package: $297.00

  • Initial + 2 follow-up sessions
  • Goal Setting & Informational Resources
  • Email and Voxer access to coach in-between coaching sessions
  • $50 Medical Nutrition Therapy Surcharge when required by state law**

Three Month “Focused Goal” Package: $497.00

  • Initial + 4 follow-up sessions
  • Goal Setting & Informational Resources
  • Email and Voxer access to coach in-between coaching sessions
  • PICK ONE: Kitchen walk-through, Personal grocery tour, additional coaching session
  • $75 MNT Surcharge when required by state law**

Six Month “Lifestyle Change” Package: $997.00

  • Initial + 6 follow-up sessions
  • Goal Setting & Informational Resources
  • Email and Voxer access to coach in-between coaching sessions
  • PICK TWO: Kitchen walk-through; Personal grocery tour; additional coaching sessions
  • $100 MNT Surcharge when required by state law**

** Registered/Licensed Dietitians are required by Florida law to work with their client’s medical providers when providing Medical Nutrition Therapy. The surcharge is to account for time and documentation required to communicate with your medical provider. If your services will be considered Medical Nutrition Therapy will be determined prior to coaching services beginning – no surprises! Medical Nutrition Therapy is only available to clients in Florida; Nutrition Coaching is available to all clients regardless of location.

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