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Introducing our new MyFitnessPal Premium feature: Calorie Goals by Meal. Mini-Goals Set You Up for Success. If you’re a Premium member, you can now break your daily calorie goal into smaller meal-sized chunks that you can focus on achieving one by one throughout the day. Distribute your calories in whatever way makes the most sense for your unique lifestyle and eating habits. If you haven’t already joined Premium, now is a great time so you have access to all of our new Premium features as soon as they’re released. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we can say that our Premium updates are designed to make it easier than ever to reach your health goals.

Start your Premium membership today by clicking here. 11. YOU’LL HELP MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS. When you’ve reached your goal weight and are ready to shift focus to maintenance, MyFitnessPal will suggest new calorie and nutrient goals to help you keep your weight steady. Sticking with your tracking habit will set you up for success during this new phase of your healthy journey.

Ner s to myfitnesspal the best calorie counter s of 2020 tracking your ros accurately calorie adjustment in my exercise diary pros cons of fitness Can I Customize My Nutritional Goals Myfitnesspal HelpWhat Is The Calorie Adjustment In My Exercise DiaryYour Calorie Goals Are Now Even Easier To Reach With Mfp S NewWeekly Digest Myfitnesspal [ ]. 1. ESTABLISH REALISTIC GOALS. Thinking you can undo years of habits in a week only leads to frustration.

Think SMART with a series of small, attainable goals to help you stay motivated and reach your bigger goal. 2. JOIN A PLAN. Go beyond logging and daily meal recommendations and join a MyFitnessPal Plan, which offers the coaching, actionable tips and education you need to achieve a.

Calorie Goals by Meal — Premium Feature Premium members can now break their daily calorie goal into smaller, meal-sized chunks. This makes it easier to stay on track throughout the day and ensure you have enough calories at the meals that matter most to you. Set your MFP weight-loss goal to.5 lb. per week for every 25 lbs. you need to lose. Enable negative calorie adjustments in your MFP diary settings. Follow your MFP calorie goal, eating back your Fitbit adjustments.

Bottom line: your Fitbit burn is your TDEE (aka your maintenance calories). It’s fast and easy to set up, and the free features are more than you’ll need to begin tracking your calories, food quality and weight. Once you download Lose It! and set up your free account, you’ll be able to enter your goal weight. Then, you can indicate how quickly you’d like to reach your goal (by losing 1/2 pound to 2 pounds weekly).

Sleep Tracker: Track your sleep habits and use the company’s proprietary algorithm to wake you up at your lightest stage of sleep — or in other words, make your morning wake-up call a little easier. Multi-Activity GPS: Track your running and cycling routes and even climbing, plus more. Note: Running the GPS in the background does wear down the battery time more quickly.

It depends quite a lot on the individual. In general, it isn’t beneficial to be under your calorie goal. Someone who is very tall and heavy with a lot of weight to lose who has their settings to 1lb a week(500calorie/day deficit) but can safely maintain a 2lb a week deficit (1000calorie/day deficit), could eat between those two deficits without an issue, sometimes losing more, sometimes losing.

List of related literature:

Not only did the real one show my actual calorie consumption, it had notes and messages in it as incentive for me to stay on track.

“Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain” by Portia de Rossi
from Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain
by Portia de Rossi
Atria Books, 2010

Not only did my eating habits change as a result of using MyFitnessPal but I also took advantage of the app’s ability to integrate with other health apps, like Striiv, which counts steps and adjusts calories.

“Health Communication: Theory, Method, and Application” by Nancy Grant Harrington
from Health Communication: Theory, Method, and Application
by Nancy Grant Harrington
Taylor & Francis, 2014

In this app, you can track your macros with percentages for free or with exact target numbers in grams for a monthly or yearly fee.

“Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes” by Suzanne Ryan
from Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes
by Suzanne Ryan
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

It was too easy to become obsessed with tracking my foods and counting calories.

“The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence” by Leanne Vogel
from The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence
by Leanne Vogel
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Especially at the beginning, most of us need to keep track of our servings, to see if we are really meeting the DASH diet guidelines.

“The DASH Diet Action Plan: Proven to Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Without Medication” by Marla Heller
from The DASH Diet Action Plan: Proven to Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Without Medication
by Marla Heller
Amidon Press, 2007

Check out the Number of Servings per Daily Activity Level chart on the opposite page.

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
from The Best Life Diet
by Bob Greene
Simon & Schuster, 2007

And they made it possible, even easy, to get all my carb calories from vegetables, thereby allowing me to gain the coveted points.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
from Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body
by T. J. Murphy
VeloPress, 2012

The numbers on my app had stayed the same for a while now; I’d been a bit lax about entering all my daily calories and I remembered I hadn’t even stepped on the scale that morning.

“It's Not You It's Him: An absolutely hilarious and feel good romantic comedy” by Sophie Ranald
from It’s Not You It’s Him: An absolutely hilarious and feel good romantic comedy
by Sophie Ranald
Bookouture, 2019

It’s certainly a great way to figure out your daily calorie average and an excellent way to start a lifestyle change.

“The Doctor Is In: 7 Easy, Positive Steps to Take Right Now to Transform Your Health” by Travis Stork M.D.
from The Doctor Is In: 7 Easy, Positive Steps to Take Right Now to Transform Your Health
by Travis Stork M.D.
Gallery Books, 2010

It now has ” + currentCalories + ” calories remaining.”);

“Essential ActionScript 3.0: ActionScript 3.0 Programming Fundamentals” by Colin Moock
from Essential ActionScript 3.0: ActionScript 3.0 Programming Fundamentals
by Colin Moock
O’Reilly Media, 2007

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  • You’re amazing!! Been loving your content on Instagram and your podcast and I’m so glad you made this as well. Your meals’ videos like this one are so inspiring and make eating healthy look easy, doable, and fun. Thank you for this ❤️❤️❤️

  • This video is so informative!!!! And honestly, every “weight loss”/”diet” book, blog, magazine or whatevs I’ve read has failed to explain me this….. THANK GOD FOR NATACHA <3

  • Every time I look at a calculator to lose weight it tells me to go down to around 1300 a day. I’ve tried that and didn’t lose anything but stayed the same. When I try increasing I pile weight on, even though I’m working hard 5/6 days a week ��

  • My understanding is just eat when hungry and don’t worry about calories, fats and protein, just count carbs? That is easy. Am I correct in my thinking? No Keto coffee?

  • All people are thinking cardio burns the most calories.. Would agree? I feel like, muscle building is much more effective for that. And also I feel like when I do both it’s to much for my body.

  • for the rest of my life will I not eat chips & pizza??? I look at it as the rest of my life will be the best half because I will be free of inflammation & pain for the rest of my life! And I will always be able to hike & bike and enjoy the things I love instead of have declining health!! I can make anything keto that I really want to eat.

  • !! You three are the “Dream Team”!! Love all three of your channels and love your collaboration. ❤️❤️ How lucky are all of us, your subscribers ❤️❤️ Thank you, Chelsea, for these bowl ideas. I can’t wait to try the noodle bowl idea. ��

  • Hi Casey. Loving all your videos. Sorry I missed this live today! How do you handle remaining on keto woe while on vacation? I am getting ready to go to Europe in a couple weeks and am kind of nervous that I am going to go crazy with my eating. We are renting a house so I will have access to a kitchen. Should I eat before we leave the house and then again when I get back and just fast the rest of the day? I hesitate at wanting to say anything to the people in restaurants or make special requests because I don’t want to be seen as one of “THOSE” Americans or be thought of as rude. Any tips or suggestions would be great. Thank you!

  • I’m only 14, am I allowed to weight train?? I used to have disordered eating habits (I’m not comfortable with self diagnosing but— I’m pretty sure that I was close to being anorexic) My weight dropped from 125 to 74 pounds in 4 months. My height was either 4’11/5’0 at that time btw. I was eating about 300-400 calories, paired with taekwondo (4 times a week) for about 2 hours and occasional home workouts when I’m not too tired (for the remaining 2 days when I’m not doing takewondo) Right now I have fully recovered, sadly regained most of my weight back— 123 pounds to be specific. I didn’t reverse diet tho, just ate what I wanted lmaoo. My height increased to 5’2. But I have a slight problem, I got back to exercising recently and everything was going fine— until I noticed how little I was still eating. I can maintain my weight uhh when eating 1200 calories when paired with 30 minutes of HIIT, 10 minutes of abs, and 8 minutes of extra arms every other day. Whenever IM NOT exercising and still eat 1200 cals, I do gain weight. I’m in a really tough spot rn and since we’re in quarantine I can’t go to the gym and lift weights AND my gym doesn’t promote weight training for us children and Instead do muay thai or boxing. I’ve considered changing gyms but Idk if my parents would allow me to�� PLEASE HELP ME NATACHA AKSHHSJD

  • I really want to lose weight and tone my upper body and stomach but I’ve been eating in a caloric deficit for awhile now (around 1,330) cals a day but I haven’t been seeing any difference. Should I be increasing my calories because I feel like if I eat more I’m going to to increase my body fat %. I workout 5-6 times a week doing hiit and strength workouts from home because I don’t live close to a gym and I’m only 15. Would anyone be able to give me some advice?

  • Some people were obese because they had too much calorie intake and some were because they had too little / didn’t watch what they eat. The ideal is to control your calorie intake at an optimum level and eat healthy at the same time while keep up a regular workout schedule. Don’t try to starve yourself and laze around just to lose weight. When you eat less and you lose muscles your body automatically decreases your metabolic rate in order to store up energy (fats). Whatever you eat, no matter how little it is, therefore are transfered into glucose and stored as fats.

  • Hey my friends!! I hope you’re having an amazing weekend!

    I get this question a lot still so I hope it’s helpful (: Increasing my metabolism was one of the best things I did because it totally changed my relationship with food and myself, so let me know if you’re going for it and if you have any questions!

    Lots of love! xxx

  • Hey guys this video is a bit old but thought I’d leave a comment asking a question hoping either Natacha or someone who knows about all this stuff could answer! She recommends only doing 1 cardio session a week, but I absolutely love running and am currently training for my first marathon. Is it impossible to lose fat and gain muscle while doing a high amount of cardio? Or is that just her suggestion but not necessary, and is there a way for me to have both? Fat loss while still doing lots of cardio required for my training? I also do resistance training 3-5 times a week so I am still building muscle, for references

  • Omg. The bowl is huge! Love the colors of your recipes. I also add one tablespoon of oil free hummus to my Buddha bowls. Great recipes!

  • First week on the Keto already have the head ache but I am 57 and 80 lbs. over weight living in Quito Ecuador for a year now and trying to find the best tasting Stevia here it leaves a taste in my mouth all day yuk any suggestions for me

  • Hi, I’m new to your channel I came over from Kiki’s channel. It’s so good to find a Kiwi vegan youtuber �� Just curious do you buy organic produce or do you mix it up? �� I’m binge watching your videos ��

  • I don’t count calories because I’m trying to recover from Anorexia and other obsessive habits, I’m trying to eat intuitive. I’m at a healthy weight but I still gaining weight although I exercise and listen to what my body wants.

    My nutritionist recommended that I should take probiotics and it helped me very little, I keep bloating after eating or drinking and I still have constipation.

  • I have really been struggling getting rid of my big clothes. I thought long and hard why… what do they represent? Finally I realized that I was equating them with my professional success. Crazy! Out they went!!!!

  • Thank you for the three great recipes can’t wait to try them, love you three girls you give me the best ideas for cooking quick and easy

  • Great video and info. My feedback: you can still do 2 different camera angles, but mainly focus on the main 1st cam and swap angles when necessary. Other than that, great job and I look forward to your future videos brotha! ��

  • Isn’t it certain I’ll gain weight though? I’m technically underweight however at a point I want to maintain, but I’m too scared I’ll gain if I start increasing calories )):

  • Your lunches look so YUM! I’m definitely making that butternut soup as soon as they come in to season here! Thanks for the recipes! God Bless Chels ��

  • I am scared to death to take 2-3 weeks off of the gym! I have never done that for over five years (I played division one volleyball in college)! So I am in a tough position, gaining weight and working out a bunch I don’t understand!

  • Hey Casey, I am the dietician for a wellness center in SC and would love to introduce this to clients. I’ve started on it myself and recently orders the Keto sticks to start measuring. But I hoped you could direct me to some resources that will help me understand it better before I take it to my clients. Thanks so much and I really enjoy your broadcasts ��

  • Great advice there.
    Lot of people want to lose weight, but what they really should say is they want to lose fat. An extended calorie deficit leads also to losing muscle, one should definitely avoid that! It IS possible to reduce fat and at the same time build some muscle instead. So your weight can stay the same at some point, but you recompose your body. Seperating the two (like cutting + bulking techniques) might be more efficient in total, but nonetheless it works well.

    do weight training for muscle growth
    don’t undereat! Especially not on protein, as it gives you the building blocks for muscle growth (and the higher thermic effect).
    get enough sleep
    optionally you can do some cardio, but you don’t actually need to. Definitely stay active though (raising NEAT is a benefit there)

  • I’ve been watching high carb Hannah and plentiful Kiki, and am very excited to have found you I’m a kiwi too and it’s awesome to see meals being made with brands I already use and recognize! Thank you!

  • Omg thank you, ive lost 3 kg and just stayed there for some reason I didn’t drop any weight. So thank you for this vid finaly I can eat more haha

  • this method works for some i guess, complete bullshit for me, i drop weight fast, and gain it fast, to lose weight i just cut 1k calories and i get to where i wanna be quick without losing muscles, guess this is for girls tho

  • I would totally use that whole avocado because healthy plant fats feed your brain & are necessary in high amounts daily!

    Dietary fat does not cause body fat. Keto diets work because of the high fat content, not the no carb stipulation! Keto flu is detox!

    Whole food plant sourced dietary fats are the most nutrient dense foods that exist.

    Kissez! L♡R

  • What kind of exercise regimen did you have during the two years in which you lost weight? The meals look so delicious, can’t wait to try them all ��

  • 12/05/20 I’ve watched this previously but my disordered eating habits have slowly crept back and I’ve been restricting whilst over exercising but losing weight at painfully slow rates, even plateauing. I’m attempting to increase my metabolism at the moment but my body is so used to being “full” on less than 1000 calories and exercising anywhere from 400-900 (mainly cardio) �� here’s to a better future and healthy relationship with food and exercise ����

  • how can u start increasing ur calories if u don’t have a gym to do all these weights? can u do strength training like planks and weighted ground exercises?

  • Hey Natacha I have been watching your videos back to back. I think it was in the video you did about googling yourself where you mentioned that you had stopped doing HIIT videos on YouTube because you had them on Instagram. Though I still appreciated them when I am the gym however when I am home I find that the YouTube style is more motivating because I feel like I do with you also because of the 30 secs on and off edits encourage me to stay on the video because I feel like well I can’t just give up halfway on the video I don’t know if it makes sense but they really help! Thank you so much for your contribution to my health. I’m actually going to do one of the two videos on HIIT I have found

  • Dumb question but does all this apply to guys as well? I’m happy with my weight and don’t want to lose anymore but I still want to get rid of body fat and get leaner and more muscular

  • This is the video I have been looking for!! Been stuck not loosing any more weight for what feels like forever! Now looking to loose fat and build muscle and you awnsered all my questions on building back up my metabolism! Can’t wait to build it back up cause I love eating haha! Now to work on getting some gains!

  • Thank you for this very informative video! Well done. Some feedback: the audio keeps jumping around. Not sure what it is but it would be great to watch the levels a little ☺️

  • I used the calculator and said my goals were body recomposition, that my lifestyle was sedentary (because of quarantine) and that I do moderate exercise 45 mins 5 days a week and it told me I should be eating 1,400 calories…

  • When i was 12, i skip meals n undereat for a whole year cuz i was teased as i was 75kg, in the end i lose till 60kg. now im 15 n am around 55 but im struggling alot cuz i wan to lose more weight but what frustrates me is I exercise everyday and one day i lose weight the next day i regain it or maybe even more

  • Then how can we lose weight while increasing the calorie intake? Wont I just gain weight? Bc I am overweight and want to lose weight.

  • I downloaded this app that planned an excercise schedule and also gave me the right amount of calories to eat in a day in order to reach my goal… Well, I had to do cardio for 30 minutes on certain days and other days were focused on abs or legs, I was supposed to eat 1100 calories a day. Useless to say that I felt dizzy every single day, I was so tired that I only wanted to sleep. Yes, I dropped two kilos on 2 weeks but I felt shit. Now I am eating around 1800 calories a day and working out 30-70 minutes a day and i can see results. I really enjoy working out this way! Thank you for providing real information ��

  • I used to be 63 kgs ( I’m 170cm tall) and decided to lose weight dropped to 57-56 kgs with exercise and on a calorie deficit I think I was barely eating 1200 felt tired stressed cold all the time I decided to stop counting and exercising because I had some important exams and was really stressed
    Fast forward to now
    On September 2019 I decided to lose again weight with a calorie deficit 1300 and little exercise ( chloe ting’s programs) and lost again some weight now I’m 54-55 kgs nowhere close to my body goals
    And recently started going to the gym and I have been loving it but I don’t know what to do with my calories
    Because right now I’m skinny fat and I want to become lean strong and toned

  • this is so off-topic but damn, your eyes!!! you have THE most Beautiful eyes!! <3 gorgeous inside and out!! much love from the netherlands <3 <3

  • How did you did deal with stress and our traditional solutions to dealing with it via after work cocktails. I don’t want to botch up my carbs

  • Question I’m stuck on…if we want our body to burn it’s own fat, and we shouldn’t put it in our coffee or eat fat bombs, shouldn’t we cut the fat off our meats too? Is leaving it on what’s satiating us?

  • Ok so I wanted to put subtitles on bc my cat is purring so LOUDLY that I can’t hear a single word that Natacha is saying but there’s no subtitles. Guess I’ll watch it another day ��

  • Hi there, thanks so much for this video. I just have a question, I’ve been restricting my calories for about 2 months now, not eating more than 900 kcal a day. But I’m worried about myself because I think I’ve done damage to my body but I’m also absolutely terrified of gaining weight, I’m still overweight though. I’m also scared that I might loose my muscle mass as well. Do you have some advice?

  • I liked this a lot Casey.Just over 6 weeks in.I am now 21 lbs lost and I am not looking for it.Today I went from XL shirts and 40 pants to Large shirts and 38 pants.Please send a link to patreon page.I will subscribe.almost 60 Mike in upstate NY

  • Who else really wants to boost their metabolism but is scared of weight gain? I don’t mean being disappointed in gaining weight, I mean actually being terrified to the point where just the thought of gaining weight is enough to give you anxiety. Just me? Okay.

  • I lost weight before by running a lot and restricting myself to 1100 calories (not sure how much i ate before i restricted). Ive been convinced for some time that i was eating too little because I never fluctuated, I consistently lost weight every week without fail, plus i felt like i could never eat anything because my calorie allowance was so low and one meal would take up more than half. (I justified my calories being so much lower than everyone else because i’m shorter than a lot of people, 5’1”). I gained back the 15 i lost and then another 20. According to that calculator I have to eat 1610 calories to lose 1 lb a week. Im nervous to increase it but I really hope it works this time. Thank you!!

  • I usually peel the skin of a butternut squash before roasting it but it looks like it just blends right in! Keep the videos coming! Awesome job!!!

  • Watching this 2 years later. This makes so much sense. I was working out hard 5-6 days a week and eating about 1200 calories a day and could not lose weight!! I did shrink in clothes though but the weight just would not come off. I’m going to try your advice to see if it helps.

  • Really love how REAL you are in your videos. Thank you! Topic idea: Difficulties while doing keto, such as hair loss, muscle cramps, (eventually) loose skin, etc. and how to deal with them/avoid them. I’m really thriving on keto, and I wouldn’t want to discourage anyone, but I would have liked to know about the hair loss issue. LOL

  • Hope this doesn’t seem like a stupid Question, should I be drinking my bone broth only when feeling hungry or thirsty or should I try to get in two cups a day even if I’m not hungry/thirsty? Thanks

  • I follow Keto 100% and have for 6 months, I am not losing any weight, just maintaining an initial weight loss from a VSG gone wrong. I still have 70% of my stomach. I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Laurie

  • Dear Natacha, I just watched your video and I have a question, I REALLY hope you can answer: is it possible, to increase metabolism with homeworkouts? I do not have a chance to go to the gym.. My Situation: I eat around 1000 cals a day and excersise about 6 times a week. Still I dont lose weight and am hungry all the time.Your tips in the video would be awesome but i don’t go to the gym.. I Don hope to read from you
    with love from Switzerland

  • help.. so i bought a blood ketone meter, and it shows 0.2! why cant i get into ketosis? i AM doing low carb, and working on higher fat…should I fast for 24 hours? what is the issue… help…I have watched so many of your videos and other than you eting VERY little, I cant figure it out. I have 10 more pounds to go, and am stuck! What do you REALLY eat?

  • I don’t get it. I’ve been doing the ketogenic diet for 5 weeks now, and have reduced my belly fat somewhat, ( lost 16Lbs), but I’m kind of skinny fat, and the problem is that I’ve also lost ‘weight’ or definition around my neck ( which is long and slim anyway), and my face, and my appearance is ‘scrawny’ which I don’t want. I must be doing something wrong or getting my macros incorrect. BTW, when I tested my blood one day into keto, my glucose level was 126 ( pre-diabetic) now it’s 86.

  • I love the idea of using a timer. I’m only about 2 weeks into this and I’m definitely eating out of habit at this point. I’m going to try that trick.

  • Good video. You’re so inspirational. Have been doing this for a few days and my energy level is way up….my brain has had fog lifted….I’m in a good mood!! Thanks! Patricia

  • I’m so glad I came across your channel so fun!!! I love your style and my son loves your accent!!! We’re in Indiana,USA!! Sending love!!!!!!! Subscribed!!!

  • Hi Natacha, I know this is an older video but I hope you see this. Is there any way to properly increase our metabolism without using the gym? Thank you!

  • hi Casey, can you comment on how the keto sticks work, what should i be looking for and can it tell me if i am fat adapted without using the blood strip. Like you said a lot of people think they are useless and i don’t want to invest in a meter.

  • This video was very informative but I think the only problem is that we can’t all go to the gym and lift weights. We can’t all afford it or we have a very different schedule or whatever other reasons people could have. Point is, I’m not sure if you made a video about exercises using body weights instead, but it could be a good idea.

  • Hi Casey. You had mentioned you’ll be going on a cruise in May. What will be your game plan for eating on the ship? I love cruising, but there’s carbs to the left and carbs to the right. I’d like to stay the course on my next cruise. (How’s this for a topic of discussion?) Thanks, Star

  • Very informative thank you. Multi-angle camera was a little distracting and unnecessary. Watch out for backlit backgrounds as well. Thanks for sharing this info.

  • This looks so good �� Will definitely try it out. By the way, just found your channel because High Carb Hannah recommended it. Looked at a couple of your videos����, and started subscribing ��

  • Found you through HCH and I’m loving your channel. You make me want to have butternut squash. For real. I’m not a big fan of it and always have to add heaps of seasoning to it but I am deteremined to lose weight and eat more veg. I actually can’t wait to try to the soup. I’m trying all of these recipes. You are so inspiring.

  • I fined eating a healthy small lunch and dinner, some times light breakfast like oatmeal, no snacks in between, I lose a few pounds. It work’s cause it worked in the past

  • The tortilla chip question triggered a realization for me. With this way of eating, my state of mind has improved and, at 67, I never expected anything to improve. I am still obese (just last week achieved my first goal of moving the large weight on our balance beam scale from 250 to 200); but I can move more easily, experience less pain, and recently realized that I have come out from under a low, persistent buzz of depression. I am doing more each day, even with slow incremental weight loss. I can still look forward to a meal, a rich meal that will satisfy me and not leave me in a state of self loathing and ever increasing inflammation. So, all that said, why would I want a tortilla chip or a piece of cake or chocolate pie or mashed potatoes, etc., etc., etc.? I look at this way of life as if I were an addict (I was sugar, potatoes, bread, rice, dumplings) who has discovered that removing the drug will not be painful, but joyful. Like a drug, food can be poison or medicine. With this way of life, I feel as if I am pushing in the right direction on the heavy door of a dark, lonely room and seeing sunlight and fresh air begin to flood in through the opening. It may take a while, but there is a chance now that I can walk out of that awful room. What tortilla chip?

  • Thanks so much Chelsea… I’ve been meaning to ask you about Veg stock. I’m in Australia and it’s been very difficult to find ones that don’t have oil. I used to use the same Veg Vegeta a lot, but noticed it has oil and msg. They do have another version which is oil free in a green tin but it’s hard to find. Also the Massel has oil in it. Have you ever found one we can buy which is oil free? Appreciate all your fabulous recipes, looking forward to seeing more. ����

  • Just found you. I am 2.5 years in and 115 pounds down 20 to go. It’s nice to find someone closer to my age.
    I completely agree with what you are teaching, keep up the great job!

  • i just got a fitbit, my BMR is 1,250 and i have around 45 active minutes per day.. it only comes out to around 1500 cals a day that my body burns, so i feel kinda stuck

  • Yay another WFPB guru to follow�� I’m 40 days in and loving it!!!! Kiki and Hannah sent me, thankful for all you ladies ❤️��������������������������������

  • thank you so so much!! been loving your podcast, you are so real, and its great to see another mama living and thriving this way!! much love sister mama!

  • Hi can you you use your advice from this video if your currently recovering from an ED? How would you recommend approaching this? Thanks xx

  • your resting metabolic rate doesn’t go down that much at all it pretty much stays almost the same it won’t go down no more than 150 kcal even if you lose 40 pounds or more.

  • I haven’t got my periods in three months I starting to eat more but can I still do full body workout I stead of cardio to gain muscle and loose fat

  • I’m using the body fat calculator here:
    And I’m getting different results upwards to 3% from the link you guys have. Which one is more accurate?

  • Natacha, thank you so much for promoting a healthy relationship between exercise + eating. So many times I’ve felt like I shouldn’t be eating too much if I want to live a healthier lifestyle, but this video has really opened my eyes.
    Sending love and appreciation your way ��

  • I just had a thought. Have you seen the vegan view? You three should get tothether and make videos together talking about health. Because the vegan view eats loads of junk just a thought lol

  • I grew up in France and I’m the same generation as you. We don’t have much of a “grain lobby” or grain production for that matter. No political influence there. Widespread wisdom for weight loss in France, one of the 1st thing they used to tell us before the nation fell in love with American fast foods and cuisine was “cut starches and grains, drink water, steak and salad is good, no fries, no dessert, no snacking”.

  • I get the concept of increasing one’s calories, but is it really possible for everyone to be on a 2000+ diet while maintaining/not gaining weight every day? Because I did increase my calories quite slowly and came to about 1600, but just could not NOT gain weight every day. I couldn’t go further.

  • Got here from Plantiful Kiki. Love these recipes! Now on to High Carb Hannah. I am subscribed to all 3 of you. BTW, I look forward to your podcast each week. I listen while I am walking. Great podcast!

  • I’ve realised recently that I can actually eat A LOT and still maintain/lose. I have a large amount of muscle mass and have also lost around 55 kg, 7kg this year alone without even realising it. I haven’t been calorie counting like I used to, if I want to eat extra snacks I do, I probably eat about 2000 calorie a day now. When I was eating like 1500-1700 while doing 2 hours of intense lifting and cardio my body would constantly be exhausted and I’d have days where I’d binge like crazy or couldn’t seem to satisfy my hunger no matter how much I ate. If you feel hungry, if your body is tired, if you feel lethargic, DO NOT starve yourself, your body is telling you it needs more food.

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  • Started last week in April.  Began leaving off the carbs, bread, pasta, beans, rice, with no ill effects at all. No cravings at all. I don’t feel the need to EAT every 2 hours.  COMPLETE REVELATION! Then I began not being hungry in the morning. Coffee w/ 2tbsp cream and I eat in the late afternoon. My tracking app starting to chide me because I was not meeting the original calorie ##’s.  Ha Ha!  It’s all good.  Food prep and grocery shopping are sooo easy.  When you put quality ingredients into your body, you don’t need or miss the junk. Keep up the good positive informative talks.  No hype just solid advice.  Oh and I’m 54 years young! Boo Yeah!

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  • Every since COVID I stopped buying fresh veggies, since so many hands touch them. How do you clean your veggies to keep them free from virus?
    Thank you. I really want to try whole food plant based.

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  • As a newbie to Keto, I can honestly say, there’s a part of me that even though I’m seeing the results first hand, still thinks maybe I’ve fallen for a “fad” diet, like eating nothing but grapefruit. I’ve done a lot of research on the micronutrients to make sure. Then I did it all again.. because it just seems so horribly unbelievable that we’ve essentially been deliberately lied to. That so many millions have died from diabetes and heart disease, so many millions more are eternally addicted to drugs like insulin and high blood pressure meds that are slowly killing them while their quality of life slips slowly down the drain. It seems so VAST a conspiracy, ok, sure the sugar lobby, the grain lobby, even the politicians who’ve been bought..but ALL the politicians?? The AMA?? It’s so much to take in, so huge and overarching and awful. Not that it’s overly bizarre, or’s beautifully and heinously simple. They are killing us for profit, literally. We are not more use to them dead; we’re more use to them dying.

  • Hey I love watching your videos they are great! I am only a few months into being vegan (initially just for weight loss as I’ve tried everything else) but I feel good so I am continuing. I want to try veganism for my almost 13 year old for some skin issues (acne and random rashes) just want to know how I should feed him on top of meals like this as he doesn’t need to lose weight. Like nuts and seeds between meals? And as much as he needs at meals? Any help would be awesome thank you!

  • Dear Casey, 92 today and on Keto one year 4 months. Down to 117 lbs, healthy and happy. Pacemaker NO ACTIVITY, imagine that. No more ” prediabetic,” imagine that. no cane, no
    walker and doing Dynamic Exercise. Keto is the healthy way to live. Marie (Walter’s mother)

  • Those look so good! I am really obsessed with soups for the fall!! Will have to give this a try. My husband actually just made an Eat More Weigh Less video on my channel too. He made pasta with garlic chickpea bread. We basically eat this way all the time just as our regular diet. And it’s really so easy to stick to. Glad to see so many other people doing it too!:)

  • Is it possible that I’m under eating? I excercise 3-4 times a week for 1 and a half hour approximately and most of the time I forget to eat, lol
    I feel sleepy and my blood pressure decreases normally but I feel like I can keep doing what I do because it’s challenging enough but it doesn’t feel like it’s impossible

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  • i’m 17 lost 3.5kg in 20 days with 1200 calories diet WITHOUT exercising (used to be 68.2 kg and 168cm ) so i’m 64.7 kg now… i didn’t lose anymore weight for a week.. is this consider a plateau? and does it mean my metabolism adapt faster then others bz i’ve read that it take at least 3 months for the body to adapt to low or high calories but mine adapted in only 20 days… i’m still trying to lose 5 more kg.. and if i do the reverse diet will i gain weight and can i fix my metabolism in one week “rest week” maybe increase 70 calories/day so i get to 1900 calories plz help

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  • This girl is talking about eating 1,400 calories as if it were low….I’ve been eating 400-500 calories for months trying to lose weight and now I’m struggling soooo hard to restore my metabolism and fix my physique again ����

  • I always eat until I’m satiated and try to not eat when I’m not hungry. I don’t have cravings, i Don’t binge. I eat less then 1000 calories per day sometimes. I used to eat around 2000 but i was gaining weight on that level. I workout everyday, usually just 20 min morning run. What should I do if I’m just not feeling hungry. I don’t feel tired all the time and all.

  • Hey Chelsea Mae,I was wondering if you have heard of this weight loss program before? It looks like a great program to help people lose weight.I was just looking for some options before I made my decision.By the way,Ilove the content you have been posting lately!

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  • All these meals look amazing! I bought myself a sistema microwave steamer after seeing you use it in your videos and it’s been a life saver for helping me get more veggies in with little effort. You, Hannah and Kiki have been a great help to me on my vegan journey. Sharing great tips and nutritional information, it’s very much appreciated xx

  • I really want to try to boost my metabolism however I’m scared of it not working and me being left with a bunch of unwanted weight gain and with little progress to building up my metabolism

  • If it just stops, you are doing it wrong. Most likely you aren’t tracking well enough. If that’s not the case, just do a re-feed for a week or two and then do another month of cutting. It’s not hard.

  • Hi Casey, I have been enjoying all of you videos!!! I am 62 prediabetic and I have been doing research and I have purchased a couple of books but I am still confused ��‍♀️. I am not a huge eater I weigh 165 5′ 5″ I need to lose about 25 to 30 lbs but how do I track calories and macros and I don’t know much about grams other than tracking them taking the time to look every thing up, can’t I just do a certain amounts of protein and vegetables and fats example like 2 tablespoons of fats or 1/2 avocado etc. just don’t want to gain weight just very confused. I have been cutting out sugars for a while now just trying to get the carbs down, I eat a slice of sourdough bread and a banana as far as carbs today. I only eat two meals a day. Breakfast is 2 eggs 2 slices of bacon and that takes me to dinner, I had a cup of homemade chicken soup 1 slice of butter toasted bread and a banana with a small handful of macadamia nuts and that is how I eat not necessarily a huge eater. So how do I start from here HELP!!!!!